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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 1, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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education employees in new york city have a shot. >> neil: got it bryan llenas, thank you very much. more than a few things developing this hour. we hope you join us tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. eastern time. you might have a better idea live weekend show about where we stand not only with teachers and those worried about mandatory vaccinations but what's happening on -- ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with dagen mcdowell, richard fowler, kennedy and dan bongino. 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> jesse: president biden on capitol hill moments ago trying to savage $3.5 trillion socialist agenda. the president not sounding too confident after stepping out of the meeting. >> i'm tell you we're going to get this done. [shouting] >> it doesn't matter when.
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it doesn't matter whether it's in six minutes, six days, or six weeks. we're going to get it done. [shouting questions] >> come on, man. 50/50 i got it. >> jesse: biden forced to step in because the democrat dumpster fire burning all week and shows no signs of simmering down. the party can't stop bickering how far left this plan should go. >> senator joe manchin said $1.5 trillion is his number. is that sufficient to the both of you? >> [laughter] who taking the money from? that is my question. he does not need any of the resource was we are talking about. >> i don't want to suggest that the progressives are wrong. they haven't been legislators most of them for a very long period of time. a lot of them have been activists and tried to get things in other ways. i have been a legislator for 44 years. my car is older than quite a few
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of the progressives. >> jesse: that's a pretty good line. dan, jacqui heinrich one of our reporters on capitol hill spoke to a democrat source told her biden's visit right now nothing burger. >> dan: that's the chicken guy. a character that guy. here is the problem, obviously, this is a cesspool of government waste. government as i said yesterday and i will say again to do nothing right, nobody -- everybody they touch they burn to the ground. it's assess pool. you are better off taking your money and burning it than giving it to the government because everything they give it to they destroy. so this is kind of like sadly, you know, a win for republican politics but a loss for the country either way. if it passes, biden destroys the country, inflation goes crazy. he decimates home healthcare everything else the government introduce it's disgusting tentacles into. if it doesn't pass, legislation goes down in flames. richard, you are looking at me. show me one area where government does anything right. okay, that's cool. i will disagree with you strongly.
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but, the one thing before i jet on this because it's really important. whenever you ask a democrat this question never give an answer i asked on my show "unfiltered" shameless plug. what's the questions into de facto bankruptcy. i don't know and you don't know either. brey yeah, that's my point. don't you think we should probably take it a little slow now that we have no idea when the de facto bankruptcy comes? because it happened in are a general teen that and venezuela and elsewhere. it's not like this is unprecedented. they keep spending and it's an insult to drunken sailors everywhere. >> jesse: we have a drunken sailor right here. richard fowler please respond to dan bongino's assessment that it's just worthless to spend 3.5 trillion while we can't even keep track of the money that's still gone out? >> richard: number one, i don't think the final bill will end up being $3.5 trillion a far smaller amount. number two, i think what biden did in meeting that we just saw there was let some air out of the room so the actual
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legislators in the ways and means committee get down and figure out how they come to semblance of a framework that allows all the democrats to come together and vote on this. i think it's worth pointing out both in the bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed the senate with 17 republican votes as well as what will be this reconciliation bill, what you are going to find is programs that will actually reinvest in america. right? we are the world's. >> jesse: reinvest. >> richard: wait a minute now we are the world's largest economy there are things we need to do that other economies have us beat. we are the only developed country doesn't have high speed rail. >> dan: thank god. >> richard: why could you say that. >> dan: it's a boon dog. >> richard: california and europe have high speed rail. >> jesse: those are tiny countries we would rather fly it's cheaper. >> dan: airplanes do it better. >> richard: crumbling bridges airports outdated and falling apart. we can go on. >> jesse: we can fix the bridge for less than 3.5 trillion.
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>> richard: there is multiple bridges. >> jesse: do it for far less than 3.5. >> richard: transportation is 1.5 trillion. trump supported that as well but i digress. >> jesse: 1.5. >> dagen: if the roads and bridges need fixing then why can't far left regressives get on board and vote infrastructure package then if this is such a need. this is as you pointed out a bipartisan package. so they should get. >> richard: i agree with that. >> dagen: i love watching a good catfight. kennedy knows that but this is like watching some chicks pulling each other's hair out in the parking lot while the was sips getting robbed behind you and the entire neighborhood is getting robbed. really the entire country. that's what this looks like. nancy pelosi is most concerned with how this is going to look a few weeks from now. keeping the house in session overnight so today is still thursday in case they vote on the infrastructure or saturday is going to be thursday. in the meantime, how about we --
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this never happens. that's the win. this country does not need any of this build back better reconciliation spending at all. people are talking about $1.5 trillion from joe manchin in his letter that he sent over the summer as some paltry amount. brian riedel at the manhattan institute went through the numbers based on everything that joe manchin has voted for this year, it's actually $5 trillion in spending. 1.5 trillion was the last tax cut that we passed. and if you go through joe biden's idea that the left hates so much, it's raising corporate taxes, raising the top rate back to about 40%. raising capital gains tax rates and that destroys the economy. it doesn't help it grow. it hurts small businesses that are struggling mightily to recover from the pandemic. just one more thing, bernie sanders in that tweet two senators cannot be allowed to defeat what 48 senators and 210
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house members want? it's 52, comrade. not 2. it's 52 senators versus 4. 8.fundamental misunderstandingf sanders in civics and math. that's who wants to spend your money, dan. >> jesse: bernie made pelosi look pretty dumb yesterday. basically pulled the rug out from under her. said they were going to have the vote. bernie told the far left squad don't do it. >> absolutely do not vote infrastructure has to be tied to the 3.5 trillion which is a starting number. that's the floor. that's not the ceiling. joe manchin didn't build this house. >> jesse: do the rest of the show like that, please? >> kennedy: i know it's a big turn on for a lot of people. richard, the thing i take issue with is this idea, this obsession with things like high speed rail because other countries have it? do you know what other countries have? they have unfunded debt that they can't pay off. and then they enter into areas
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of austerity and they have to cut social spending and ends up hurting the people that they claim they are going to help. to dagen's point when you raise the corporate tax rate, when you raise the tax rate for the top income earners, you disincentivize economic growth. and when you do that, you have less capital, that means fewer businesses can invest in the economy. and that means fewer people are going to get jobs. so, when you contract the economy by overspending, with no way of paying for it you know who gets hurt the most? the people you purportedly are trying to help with massive pieces of social legislation like this and this is a bill, this legislation, series of programs that can never be unrung. so if we enter into another pandemic or war, or if there is an act of terrorism that we can't respond to, because we don't have any more economic flexibility? what are the progressives going to do about that? >> richard: i think it's worth
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pointing out. >> kennedy: do you want to build high speed rail like china uyghurs come over here and concentration camps and build high speed rail? >> richard: allow me to respond. earlier this week jerome powell federal chairman sat down with other federal chairmans around europe and talking about inflation. what he said have clearly the world is in inflation is supply chain problem bottlenecks at many of our ports in the united states this transportation bill the 1.5 trillion will spend well needed money to update ports including the ports in miami virginia beach here in new york city. updating the ports. [talking at the same time] >> richard: talking about how we move goods and services all across the country. >> dagen: powell want to keep his job in february he is going to parrot everything coming out of the white house. richard richard but it's also
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european bank, central bank leaders. global central bank leaders and you are saying they are all wrong? you are an economist. >> dagen: we need to spend money to tame inflation. that is idiocy personified. >> richard: we modify -- goods and services to people. >> jesse: we do have to go. i want to point out that the democrat at the table is citing european central bankers. >> richard: no, i'm citing global central bankers. >> jesse: as authority on economic growth. >> dan: this is nonsense. i told you are not the only guy saying that. >> jesse: take the. will. ahead new liberal crime insanity tell you where cops are telling people not to call 911. ♪ ♪
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♪ gsh ♪ ♪ >> dan: liberals doubling down on awful, horrendous anti-police policy. they're terrible. that's what they do. after historic surge in violent crime. in austin, texas, if your life isn't in immediate danger or a crime no longer in progress residents are being told to no longer call 911. they are being told to call 311. >> we are experiencing staffing shortages. many times people do have to wait on hold when they're calling 311. and we are just going to be working the best that we can, given the circumstances that we have regarding staffing. >> dan: this is crazy. crime new york city de blasio
2:17 pm
precincts request around the table dagen customer service. crime stopping i thought was number one. apparently now they are focused on other things like christmas greeters and stuff. >> dagen: these are more tales from the left wing universe down in texas the people's republic of austin. people of texas would be happy if they strapped air balloons to that city and hope it floated somewhere to the northeast. then there is new york city the big apple or as we refer to it hell on earth. this is all related to liberal policies of coddling the criminals of vilifying the cops and then the victims, what victims? they are just tossed away like garbage. just question if your car is carjacked, you are standing on the side of the road, do you call 11 or 911? anybody living in a liberal city is having the family
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conversation of if i get attacked what do i do? if i see somebody in the street getting attacked, what do i do? because there is nobody there to -- that has your back. like i'm thinking about carrying a hockey stick down the street just so i have. >> dan: yeah. >> dagen: i'm not joking. every day i see dangerous mentally ill people in the street chasing people every day. >> dan: i pretend i'm mentally ill myself. people generally lee me alone some liberals say i am. richard, i find the real systemic racism being that i was a cop in overwhelmingly minority community the real systemic racism is divorcing them from policing where they get preyed on by lunatics and animals and come out and tap me on the shoulder beg us to do something please don't say anything. i think that's the real systemic racism. liberalism itself is systemically racist your thoughts as a liberal? >> richard: i think that's a very loaded question.
2:19 pm
let's actually have a conversation around how we make policing better in country, right? that's where we are trying to start with in table. >> dan: i agree. >> richard: we saw democrats and republicans try to come together and get the better policing act done. had black lives matter at the table and making progress. wasn'tly we know those otalks fell apart. police union came out and felt the talks were very productive. these bills are going to give us more money' and give us the ability to reform our police department. they were going to give us the ability to create a universal standard on how we do policing around the country, unfortunately tim scott walked away from that and that's really sad because we could have actually gotten something done for this country that would make crime go down and also make people trust police more because the problem we have in black communities to your point don. >> dan: dan. >> richard: my bad. i'm sorry. >> the problem we have break down in trust and break down in communication between police in communities of color so, yes.
2:20 pm
community of colors want police to be there to stop crime they don't trust police at 90 and find way to bridge that divide. this bill was a step in the right direction to do it. >> jesse: richard, you wanted to have a conversation about improving policing. we did have that conversation last year and you guys decided to dedepend the police. >> no we didn't. >> jesse: that's what they did in austin, texas. they defunded the police to the tune of. >> richard: let me be clear. >> jesse: $150 million was slashed out of the police budget. biggest defunding of any city in the country. they are short 400 officers. that's why there is a crime surge. that's why they have 60 murders so far in austin. that's why it's a 60 year high in austin, texas. that's why last year a 911 call averaged seven minutes and this year it averages 9 minutes. a lot can happen in two minutes. you should know that. so when you talk about oh, you are not going to do anything except defund the police and when you have your house broken into they steal the safe and they jack your car you are going to call someone?
2:21 pm
who is coming? a guy like you in a suit going to come and write something down. what else did they take? make people feel safe, richard, don't you want to feel safe? i want you to feel safe. >> richard: to be clear i'm not for defunding police i'm for defunding bad police officers. >> kennedy: i don't disagree with that make it easier to get rid of the bad cops who are oftentimes protected by police unions. 9% ever the police officers out there who wear the badge and do the job, they are good people who want to protect citizens and make life better. they want to apprehend bad guys and do a good job. the bad ones give the good ones a really bad name and that is one of the issues that i have and i think that's a conversation we can have in terms of criminal justice reform. this is breaking news, dan. texas has voted to. >> jesse: don. >> kennedy: kick austin out of the state. no longer part of texas. >> jesse: who do we give austin
2:22 pm
to mexico? contend it's its own state. they will figure out. >> dan: in closing real quick the reason distrust in the back community precisely of black lives matter telling people police are hunting black men. i have been in those rooms. no one is hunting black men. trust me. >> dagen: guess who those communities to voted for new york city mayor a black police officer. dap dan up next surge at the border be damned. what the biden administration is doing that will turn the crisis into a catastrophe. ♪ once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein
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2:27 pm
being in the country illegally should not be the sole basis of being sent home. the bases for 400,000. republicans are calling the president out. >> we have a border crisis. there has been over 1.5 million illegal border crossings so far under president biden. small towns at our southern border are overwhelmed by migrants. >> march was the largest record for illegally crossings until april. april was the largest month until may. june until july when 200,000 illegal migrants on our border this is a complete disaster and all at the feet of joe biden and his administration. >> richard: now, dagen, this new role zero tolerance when it comes to how ice deports folks was created under the trump administration and it's got a lot of folks caught up one in particular 7 year army vet served this country who was deported. there is reason for some people to say this is a good rule or
2:28 pm
bad rule. but oftentimes people get caught up in the melee that served this country like this particular individual who was here who served for seven years and got deported back to mexico and now trying to get his way back in our country for serving in our armed forces. how do we bridge the gap between yes and no because the answer is some place in the middle? >> dagen: this directive is beyond just one individual. and it includes -- here it says it argues against deporting an illegal immigrant who has committed a crime. hey, if you are of tender age or advanced age, it goes on. if you are in this country illegally by that very word you have broken the law, number one, and there is great pressure now being put on the biden administration from the far left because they actually deported some of the haitians that came into this country and now they are upset, people camping out in front of alejandro mayorkas' house with anyone being deported. let's say okay, how about let's
2:29 pm
start caring about the fentanyl that's crossing the border. our resources are being sucked up by hundreds of thousands of people coming into the country and you have got what we talked about it yesterday 93,000 people died from fentanyl poisonings. how about the left starts caring about the loved ones and the families and the dead because our border isn't being protected. and just one more thing on this. this will only and, jesse, everybody can weigh in. this will only make this crisis worse when they're planning on 400,000 hitting the border this month. richard richard jesse, your take? >> jesse: i think you and i are going to agree on something, richard. >> dan: whoa, the cameras are rolling. >> jesse: you can't disagree with this. if you know in june the panamaians tipped sleepy we have 10,000 haitians coming up through central america into your country and they didn't do anything about it, and then in
2:30 pm
october, late september, they tell you, you know what? it's going to go 400,000 strong caravan coming up? now, we are a sophisticated country richard, we have satellite tech no, station chiefs all over that region, we have diplomats, how long do you think it takes to get from colombia all the way to the rio grande couple months, right? >> richard: five months. >> jesse: seeing it happen in realtime. joe has several months warning. 400,000 migrants? okay. do you think joe biden could do anything, anything at all, richard, to stop or even slow down 400,000 migrants coming from south america to north america? do you think he has anything, you know, in his tool chest to figure that out? >> richard: no, i agree with you. >> jesse: you agree. now, my next question, do you think he will do anything about that? >> richard: i think he should. >> jesse: you think he said, i
2:31 pm
think he should and i don't think he will. that's why the president is in over his head. he will not do anything about this. >> richard: let me ask you a question i will give you that will you then say we have 11 trillion country in this folk living in the shadows. >> jesse: probably 20 million there were 11 million is since i was in diapers. >> richard: should we dough port all of them? >> jesse: i would take out the criminals as best i could the hard core ones. and very difficult to get the ones that haven't committed a crime. >> we have difficult. i would get everybody else out. >> richard: then what we should do? >> jesse: i would get the nasty ones out. >> richard: what do we do with the other ones? >> jesse: what should i do with the other ones i don't think i would put them on a fast track. i actually. >> kennedy: i think citizenship is sacred. i don't think we have proper legal means to deal with people here who are working hard, paying taxes, and raising families. and as for the people who made their way from colombia through panama, there is a 65-mile
2:32 pm
stretch called the darian gap, which is so incredibly treacherous go through it there are black panthers, there are vipers, there are scorpions, there are massive swaths of jungles. if people are going to put themselves in death's clutches to get to the united states, probably going to be some pretty bad ass people. we need to have better means of figuring out good people from bad people. the federal government to your point at the top of the show has been really, really bad at doing that every administration, republican, democrat, they don't want to deal with immigration. congress doesn't want to deal with immigration. they don't want to figure out the laws that are stupid and redundant from the ones that might be helpful getting people in who want to work hard and make this country better. i'm sure we all have people in our country who came here from a different place with a big fat dream. i still think there are a lot of people like that. i think the government has failed them utterly every step of the way, especially this administration and shame on them
2:33 pm
for not actually doing something about it when they have a majority in congress as well. >> richard: dan? >> dan: this is only one of those conversations happens amongst liberals generally clueless nonsensical this is a serious conversation present company excluded. should being in the country illegally be the only people we deport people for being in the country illegally. change the topic to make this make sense to liberals. because they are eligiblely dunces. should we arrest people for crack the only reason arrest them for crack because they smoke crack? this is a crime. do you understand like you want to deport people for illegal immigration and you are wondering if that's the only reason to deport them? am i crazy? >> richard: coming up, coming up. >> dan: can't deport people for illegal immigration. >> richard: does the government know how to best do education? well a top biden official thinks he does.
2:34 pm
we will talk about it next. ♪ ♪ ♪ as i observe investors balance risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. your strategic advantage.
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keg san diego president biden's education secretary attempted to done the question when asked if parents should play a major role
2:39 pm
in their kids' schooling. >> do you think parents should be in charge of their child's education as the primary stockholder? >> i believe parents are important stakeholders but i also believe -- primary. >> educators have a role in determining educational programming. >> dagen: of course, after causing controversy, secretary cardona tried clean up that situation. kennedy, if somebody tells you who they are, believe them the first time. >> absolutely. and this is something that i have long suspected since the first time i tried to help my daughter with math in 3rd grade when common core had really taken hold in public schoolsdifp parents from helping kids. i had a suspicion long time it was happening. it was sort of like a poorly kept dirty little secret and now it's out in the open because the teachers unions have grown so
2:40 pm
powerful but there is so much uberous because they really overstepped their marked during the pandemic and we got to realize how powerful they were and it wasn't about learning. they have not talked about students. they have not talked about learning. they have not talked about suicide rates and mental health. they have just talked about safety and abundance of caution. and $180 billion that doesn't even get dolled out public schools for the next five years i didn't, they money money power and control. they want parents out because they know parent will demand accountability. >> dagen: power hungry science deniers hate our children is how i refer to the teachers unions. they're afraid of the teachers unions. a ro frayed to say out loud parents should have a big say so in the education of their kids. that boggles the mind. are. >> i love teachers i mean that. they changed my life. i am where i am because of great
2:41 pm
teachers. teachers unions hate your kids. i'm sorry -- actually i'm not sorry. they legit hate your kids. if that offends you wake up. they can't stand your kids. everything they do is anti-kid, anti-parent. teachers are great. again, the organized interest representing them about one thing. that's teacher dues who they take from good teachers and then screw the teachers and the kids. but cardona you said it right. trust them when they tell you who they are. reminds me of dennis green. they are who we thought they are. remember the coach thing? when the democrats tell you they are in charge and you aren't as a parent. they are not kidding. hillary clinton wrote a book about it. it takes a village no. it doesn't it takes too good parents. village is cute and nice great to have friends and cousins and uncles and buds on the corner. but it takes two good parents. if democrats would recognize that and get -- they don't want competition with the government. that's why the unions and big government hate parents and they hate anything that's competition for them. >> dagen: richard, after this week terry mcauliffe and
2:42 pm
gubernatorial debate in virginia made the slip-up what i call the basket of key plocials moment of i'm not going to let parents come into schools and make their own decisions. tale take books out. i stopped the bill and i don't think parents should be telling parents what they should teach. that kind of crosses party lines in terms of a foul up. >> richard: i think what cardona said there was clearly inaccurate. parents are clearly the primary stockholder when it comes to public education. i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for great teachers to dan's point. what teachers do on a regular basis is allow teachers to have a voice when teachers have a voice they make change in the classroom. case in point for a very long time for decades teachers have talked about how horrific standardized testing is for students. when teachers unions and the governor of florida agree on something, you know we are making progress because for a long time republicans like jeb bush that said test something great. testing helps our students. testing is the reason why we had
2:43 pm
common core, kennedy. testing is the reason changed math problems. teachers against testing the whole time what testing does is causes us not to teach actual mathematics and instead teaching towards the test. >> kennedy: ahead the utla says math doesn't matter anymore. doesn't matter about math matters because kids know what an insurrection is. that is exactly. that is what she said. >> richard: what she is talking about. >> kennedy: our babies don't know their times tables but they know who is -- >> richard: she was talking about learning loss. that's a different conversation. you are mixing apples and oranges. >> dagen: i need to get jesse in here governor hair cut has mandated vaccines k through 12 private and public school. zess jess so you are saying he is not mandating the teachers unions get vaccinated. >> richard: no, hey has already mandated that. >> jesse: we will check that. >> richard: last time we checked. >> dan: last time we checked during the break it didn't work out that well. i watched that show.
2:44 pm
>> dagen: take the ball. >> jesse: you can't do that have the kidman dated to be vaxxed tan dan not yet require california teachers and staff get vaccine. wrong again. >> jesse: live fact check. >> richard: in los angeles teachers are mandated to take the vaccine as well as in chicago and new york city. as well as in new york city teachers are mandated to take the vaccine. >> dagen: jesse, you have the floor. >> jesse: i will be quick because i know we have orun. no one has seen the failures failure of the education system more than i have "watters' world." went out in the street where did columbus land? la. stuff like that. it wasn't just one person. it was pretty much 50% of the country feels like that. >> kennedy: can i make a very quick point? >> jesse: please. >> kennedy: i know you are talking about great teachers. great teachers change lives. do you want to hear about bad teachers sit kids down and ask them about bad teachers who have committed so much destruction in their lives. they will give you honest answers not the unions. >> dagen: here is an honest
2:45 pm
answer, 27 urban school districts chicago, los angeles, not a single one say a majority of black eighth graders in their care are proficient in math or reading. fan mail friday next. ♪ i'm going out on the highway ♪ big truck of mine be ♪ ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ subway® has so much new, it didn't fit in their last ad. like the new turkey footlong with bacon.
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♪ shining star ♪ no matter who you are ♪ shining bright to see >> kennedy: hey, it is fan mail friday and we are answering your questions. here we go. this is a facebook questions from billy d. i will ask you this question. first, how do you pass the time while stuck in traffic jesse watters? >> jesse: i listen to howard. howard 100, howard 101 and that's all i listen. to say sometimes the grateful dead. >> kennedy: that was my first concert. dagen? >> dagen: i sing. doesn't matter what i sing worst voice on planet earth so i don't subject anyone else. >> dan: definitely don't listen to howard. did i in the. after joe rogan?
2:50 pm
>> jesse: i can put that aside. >> dan: aba anyone but howard. >> jesse: i will stale watch the eagles. >> dan: not after you sell he out. nfl, howard you are out. >> richard: good r and b music. >> kennedy: i'm can dagen. i sing, i used to play drums. but i got in a fender bender. >> dan: playing car drums? >> kennedy: actually not safe. facebook question from what's up, bobby? did you have a nickname growing up, richard? >> richard: yeah, j.r., i'm junior to my father. >> kennedy: that's sweet. adorable. dan? >> dan: no. i had no nickname at all. how do you nickname dan? i read one time don. richard just gave me a nickname. did i see one time on twitter top ten names of jerks one of them was dan like number two. i felt kind of bad after i heard
2:51 pm
that. >> kennedy: jesse? >> jesse: dirty waters. tan dan why is that? >> jesse: not enough time. not on live tv. >> dagen: mary dagen my real name. didn't have a good name in high school. i can't say it on air. it's daga blank. >> dan: your real name is mary dagen? >> dagen: gahanna gagan blank i was full of blank. >> kennedy: short hair and it stuck. instagram question from -- what childhood fear still haunts you today, richard. quick? >> richard: pass. >> kennedy: jesse? >> jesse: rats, mice, vermont. >> kennedy: dagen? >> dagen: eating liver any kind of liver, chicken, cat,.
2:52 pm
>> dan: brady bunch. the spider ensociety brady bunch. >> kennedy: in hawaii. mine was that my belly rut ton was going to unravel. i still don't like anyone going going near my belly button. >> jesse: come here, kennedy. >> kennedy: one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ summer has come and passed ♪ the innocent can never last ♪ wake me up when september ends ♪
2:53 pm
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2:56 pm
♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. so, next week fox is going to be celebrating 25 years. so, on sunday, at 10:00 p.m. eastern time, we're going to run a little special where a bunch of fox hosts reflect on these 25 years or however many years they have been here at the channel. and here's a short clip of me.
2:57 pm
>> jesse: there is a camaraderie behind the schemes at fox that's very special. it's like being a super bowl champion. everybody is involved and everybody feels like they are a part of something that's new and special and winning. and we win every single night. >> jesse: yes, we do every single night. and "watters' world" will be on at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we have senator ted cruz. a blockbuster show so tune in for that as well. dan bongino? >> dan: and when you are done with jesse's probably excellent show, as it always is, right? you probably want to stay tuned for my show, which is on at 10:00 p.m. there it is unfiltered with me, amazing they finally got dan bongino to host a show who looks like me but please check that out. a great line-up this week. check it out a drone filming a crocodile or something and the crocodile like ate the damn thing. and somebody found the footage like imagine, lucky that drone -- we have a lot of crocs
2:58 pm
in florida. when we asked this story obviously the crocodile story. you know. florida. >> kennedy: salty. >> jesse: all right, dagen. >> dagen: october is adopt a shelter dog month and here is why you should adopt a shelter dog. >> kennedy: boys. >> dan: how you cannot love dog. database. >> dagen: there is sound. i didn't know you weren't going to play sound sorry. charlie the fluffy one. his name is chaz azamat tazhayakov or chaz mass e. 5000. dale from georgia. charlie was a surrender here in new york and here is ramon. charlie is 13. dale is 2 and a half. ramon is from puerto rico and he is 18. they are my if you are babies. get to a shelter, change your life. >> jesse: very cute.
2:59 pm
kennedy? >> kennedy: well, greg is not here but animals are great aren't they? go to oklahoma city, shall we? there was a miss chiefous little squirrel who was ring a ding dinging on a doorbell. sat there for quite a while nest ham got curious reaching up ringing the door. didn't bring nothing. stole amazon package. i love that guy. >> jesse: that is cute. go englewood california. sophie stadium. sofi stadium. it's 2020 super bowl and halftime performers have been announced and what a line-up it is kendrick lamar. elm and elm snoop dogg and don't forget dr. dre, halftime show going to be epic. all stars of hip hop. you don't want to miss it pretty dope. kennedy, will you be watching? >> kennedy: i will be watching with all four of my eyeballs. >> dan: they should bring will farrell out snoop.
3:00 pm
maybe they can. [laughter] >> dan: old school. >> richard: collectively these artists have 43 grammys and 22 number one albums on the billboards. >> jesse: i have the number one "new york times" best seller. i don't think they do, richard. >> richard: only you have that jesse. see you back here on monday, have a great weekend, everybody. >> mike: good evening welcome to washington i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. tonight chaos new england democrats here in the nation's capitol. biden's massive tax and spend being held up tonight not by the republican opposition but by members of his own party who cannot seem to get out of their own way. the president made a late afternoon house call going to the capitol and urging lawmakers to get behind his program. we have fox team coverage. the panel will be along in just a few minutes with their take on the situation. jacqui heinrich at the white house with what the president and his team are doing. good evening, jacqui.


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