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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 1, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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so you never ever miss an episode and we will have a lot of news next week as well as the democrats are killing each other. let not your hearts be troubled, have a great weekend. laura ingraham is up next. we will see you on monday. enjoy the weekend. college football. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. the pandemic of the unvaccinated narrative gets a reality check. my medicine cabinet is here and they will expose why cases are surging and highly vaccinated areas and it's not just texas. arizona now is under a massive strain from illegals crossing the border there appear dramatic report from yuma. and nancy pelosi becomes a dancing queen and james bond gets a makeover from the woke left.
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say it ain't so. raymond arroyo is here for friday folly. first, last night special counsel john durham dropped his second bombshell in two weeks. he issued subpoenas to one of the most politically connected law firms in the country. in 2016, that law firm represented the dnc and the clinton campaign, who then of course use the firm to funnel money to former british by christopher steele. christopher steele in turn use the funds to fund his phony dossier on donald trump. this comes just two weeks after the federal grand jury indicted former lawyer michael sussman for lying to the fbi during the 2016 meeting that help prompt the trump russia probe. we are not sure why it's taken him so long to do this but we may finally, finally be close to learning just how for the
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clintons and their ally went in their efforts to destroy president trump, his campaign and his presidency. and when the truth comes out we will finally see how invested the deep state was. their goal was to frustrate the trump agenda and put him on the defensive from day one. and as we all remember, the main fillings here were aided and abetted by a corrupt left-wing media complex that fanned the fraudulent russia collusion for years. by the way, none of those meeting folks decided to resign after this. as far as i can tell, there has been no accountability. sound familiar? sounds like just what was happening at the biden pentagon. and when the durum subpoena news did break, hillary's collaborators in the press, the kind of just decided to downplay it or just ignore it entirely. last night, abc and cbs fond
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over biden's moves to save his mega spending bill and keep his borders wide open and the durham probe didn't make "nbc nightly news" either but they did find time to do a very important feature on the lineup for the super bowl halftime show. but come on, it's understandable. snoop dogg over here, eminem versus boring old -- over here. maybe it is time to strike the word "news" from "nbc nightly news" at this point. more like nbc nightly distraction. of course, and bc spend years dining out on the twisted russian conspiracy. >> donald trump was trying to do business with russia and six months later russia is trying to help the trump campaign. it's not very complicated. >> this is not how presidents behave. it's a dark moment in american history. >> "the new york times" calls washington, 48 hours later the
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trump domain vanishes from the internet. >> one thing, the alpha side of it disappears. they call trump and the alpha side of it disappears. >> laura: surely cnn gave the durham developments of their due? >> seems like they're not delivering the big fish that president trump and bill barr promised. >> after two and a half years or so there have only been two indictments and they have really been thin. >> laura: what is man is their credibility and objectivity. it is nonexistent. wolf blitzer, one of the slimiest guys in the ongoing drama. former fbi director andrew mccabe. speak of the action of the special counsel after two years of investigating has found essentially not must, at least not yet? >> that is absolutely right. there is really very little here relevant to what he supposedly was hired to investigate.
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the subpoenas really hold the fbi more in the position of victim rather than the subject of an investigation. >> laura: the spin never ends. remember and he is always going to play the victim, though. the fbi, intel agencies, media and dishonest democrats, they did incalculable harm to the presidency and the people's faith in these institutions and none of the guilty parties and the saga, not the press or the intel community, have learned anything over the last two years. since we discovered to be russia probe was a fraud from the outset, it went on to targeting innocent americans while dismissing biden's conflicts of interest on china and his general incompetence at managing the affairs of our nation. it's a complete and ongoing disservice to the hardworking people of america who deserve to know the truth about the lengths to which our own government and media will go to take and keep
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power. joining me now is mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist" and former white house press secretary, both fox news contributor's. this attempt to gloss over the durham news, as of the first thing they're going to announces that they have jim comey or somehow it had andrew mccabe is going to be marched out in handcuffs. that is not how investigations of her work because of the thing about this conspiracy is that it was complicated and difficult to unravel. there are three different sets of bad actors. the clinton campaign and their law firm, who made up the hoax, invented it. there are the corrupt intelligence officials who weaponized is, and then there are the completely reprehensible media who uncritically regurgitated it. there is some accountability that can be had for the corrupt fbi officials and clinton campaign but the media are believe the bad actors. they are the ones who reported this day in and day out for
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years, undermining administration affecting the 2016 election, 2018 election and 2020 election and because of the laws of our land there is not much they can do even though they probably knowingly lied about all of this but one thing that can be done is that conservatives and republicans who were victims of this need to hold them accountable. here is one way you don't hold them accountable. chuck todd, at a different network, lied about the russia collusion for years. he brutally attacked republicans who tried to fight back, defended deep state actors as they lied. he hosted their gubernatorial debate where he allowed that to happen where their candidate debated with him monitoring. there is no reason a conspiracy theorist and liar at that level should have any access to republicans and republicans need to have greater self-respect for themselves that they don't allow these people to continue to act like nothing happened. what happened to this country was evil and wrong and they need to be held accountable.
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>> laura: do you agree? it seems like republicans are so quick to forgive what are frankly unforgivable moves by supposedly independent media. they are essentially a con shop of the democratic party so why shouldn't they be treated as such? >> i'm not willing to forgive or move beyond. i'm actually writing a book about it and how much of the media has left america down but let's reset the table here. first and foremost the democrats and much of the media never accepted the results of the 2016 presidential election which donald trump won begin, and they did everything to undermine the win and make the claimant was somehow legitimate that he is not the duly elected president, that the only reason he won is because of russian interference in the election. and they perpetrated that myth and became the dominant theme of the early years of the trump
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era. everything donald trump did seem to be tainted by the press falling over themselves to make it lead the evening news, front page coverage, websites everywhere about donald trump and russia. and so what do you have now with what happened last night in the revelation about subpoenas? a total media hypocritical approach. every time a subpoena was issued by bob mueller and his investigation of donald trump, it was hysteria in the media about this and where it could lead. and now in the case of a subpoena issued to the clinton law firm, "the new york times" buried it. one paragraph in each of those papers. they pooh-poohed it, made it out like it was nothing. total hypocrisy by those who said the election was stolen by donald trump. >> laura: moving onto another issue which i think is really hurting biden is that the ap is
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reporting that the administration announced new rules that allowed them to only pursue migrants recently crossed into the country on november 1st, or they are deemed a threat to public safety. what message does that sound to the 60,000 patients plus who are making their way to our southern border? >> it tends the same message that biden administration has sent before in office. encouraging people to illegally cross the border, tore down all of the rules and restrictions we had put in place, the patchwork we had in place in other countries and our country to ensure that some of the trafficking that we have seen would be controlled. it's a crisis of its own making. he chose this, he wants this, so it's very difficult, even as
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most of the countries having to deal with the consequences. >> laura: on capitol hill, congress was meant to strike back against states that are putting abortion restrictions in place and a lot of people didn't believe what they were seeing. watch. >> black lives matter should be very much at the forefront of every policy we do in this country. >> abortion bands like this are rooted in patriarchy, white supremacy and perpetuate systemic racism. >> i know firsthand that abortion saves lives. abortion is a blessing, abortion is an act of love, abortion is freedom. >> laura: does that help the working class democrats, a lot of catholic voters and others. they basically told their abortion stories and others,
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it's an act of love now. is that going to happen? what happened to safe, legal and rare under clinton? >> ? >> and hispanic voters too, that is another reason they are erosion in the hispanic community. but that type of language never works on either time and that is why i tried to carve out treating people with respect, understanding both sides of a position, but you don't vilify and demonize the other side. and on a host of issues that is all they have left, demonize and vilify and that is whether or not getting credit for anything on capitol hill these days. >> laura: does that work, the abortion tactic they took? >> it's extreme and mostly just sad to hear people talk this way about the ending of human life and it's a reminder that everybody needs to care for the women in their midst in the children that they bear but this language is so extreme and it doesn't match with what we know
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about americans, which is that they in general would like to see some restrictions on abortion and that we have the most radical policies relevant to any country on earth, so not wise on their part. >> laura: great to see you. on capitol hill, my next guest, twisting the science on covid, watch. >> do you want to apologize to the 100 million americans who suffered through covid, survived, have immunity and yet you want to hold him down and vaccinate them? you want to apologize for calling those people flat-earthers? >> we follow the science, we use the expertise of the medical professionals and scientists to make decisions. it's a team effort and we rely on what is on the ground showing us results. the ego except for the dozens and dozens of studies -- in fact, most if not all of the studies show robust immunity from getting the disease
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naturally. you are selectively doing this because you want us to submit to your will. >> laura: joining us now, i had so many friends send me that exchange. sent it to me last night, it is stunning the bureaucracy, uninformed, ignorant, certainly no medical background. what's going to happen here? dianne feinstein has introduced legislation to stop the unvaccinated, prevent them from traveling domestically on an airplane. >> the truth is actually the opposite. for those of us who have had the disease and survived we are more at risk being around only vaccinated people. these people are hysterical about the unvaccinated. it's actually the opposite of the truth. the riskiest people to catch up from our people who are vaccinated versus people who have had the disease. there are some people who haven't had the disease and i do recommend they voluntarily get the vaccine. but the thing is think of all the doctors, think of all the lawyers, the orderlies in the
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hospital who work for a year and a half to save lives without any vaccine at all, god covid, they survived, they now have immunity in the hospitals are just sayine are getting rid of you unless you submit to a vaccine but it doesn't go with the science. the science actually shows curator immunity if you had the disease the end if you have just simply been vaccinated. >> laura: the court is ultimately going to have to settle this one. they're not going to change their view on that but back to my point about this radical legislation seeking to isolate and punish unvaccinated americans to prevent them from flying domestically. dianne feinstein, we haven't seen her much lately but she apparently introduced legislation to do just that. your reaction, senator? >> the ever present dr. fauci agrees with her. he wants to ban people from flying as well, it totally goes against the science. ignoring the 100 million people who got immunity naturally. it's a terrible idea and it goes
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against the very basic idea of a free society. i said yesterday one of the most incredible primary medical rights we have is to decide what goes into our body, what kind of injections we get, whether we have surgery or don't have surgery. so everything they are doing is against the science but also really against the foundation of the freedom that our country was founded upon. >> laura: yesterday on a separate issue, senator, treasury secretary janet yellen, she addressed just how bad our national debt is. >> relative to gdp, it is around 105%. >> do you believe there is a level of debt that is unsustainable in our economy? >> interest rates are zero and negative in real terms. certainly, we could have a substantially higher burden. >> laura: i guess there is no end to the debt we can rack up.
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that is terrifying. real quick. >> the other way to look at is that we are approaching the same percentage of debt that greece had when greece declared bankruptcy. so yes, great nations can declare bankruptcy. the checks will all go out but the question is will the checks buy anything? inflation is coming back in a big way and the whole bait and switch of democrats offering you free stuff, you will ultimately pay for it with higher prices. don't be fooled, nothing in life is really free. >> laura: incredible exchange yesterday. thanks for joining us. and you heard it repeated ad nauseam, covid is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. biden said that, fauci said that. we are giving that narrative our own "the ingraham angle" reality check. my medicine cabinet is next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: now just as predicted by anyone who has studied viruses, the delta variant looks to have run its course in the south. daily caseloads have fallen precipitously in cases like tennessee, florida, georgia, texas and south carolina. meanwhile it looks like covid hasn't migrated northward towards more heavily vaccinated states. maine has seen a jaw-dropping
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34% increase over the last 14 days. vermont's caseload jumped 29% and even new york, the land of vaccine mandates, has seen a surge. let's bring in my medicine cabinet, stephen smith, stanford professor, university professor of medicine. doctor, what should we take away from this trend from south to north. is it related to the strict mandates, the controls, or is there something else going on? >> there is an illusion of control we somehow have over the virus, that if we lock down hard enough, we just obey enough we can stop the virus from spreading but in fact the virus spreads on a seasonal, regional basis. it's very, very difficult to stop a virus like this one from spreading. it's an unfortunate fact. that is why it is so important to protect the vulnerable with
7:24 pm
the vaccine and whatnot but it's also important to realize these measures we take have an enormous harm. we have to acknowledge that and basically get away from it. >> laura: dr. smith, the other thing that is going on as it has been reported is that the vaccines over time did begin to wane in their effectiveness. so after five months or so you start to see waning antibodies. is that also what's going on? because they went early all in on the vaccines in these states. >> of course and i agree with jay, one of my favorite experts on tv. we don't know what the virus does or why it does, but we do know a few things and one of the things, is we know that the vaccine-induced immunity or protection against infection and disease. more importantly, disease. it wanes over time and that is not unexpected at all, we just didn't know what time frame and we couldn't know which time frame in which posts.
7:25 pm
older people of course lose it quicker. without having time and with time, experience and israel has shown us that it does wane and relatively quickly, especially people that don't have perfect immune systems, who are elderly or otherwise immunocompromised. >> laura: doctor, president biden chimed in on the percentage that would need to be vaccinated, not taking into account any natural immunity but percentage that would need to be vaccinated to kind of be done with this. watch. report of my company need to be vaccinated for us to get back to normal? >> vax majority like is going on in some industries, the schools, 97%, 98%. a quarter of the country can't go unvaccinated. >> laura: doctor, the phrase vast majority now means 97%,
7:26 pm
that is kind of almost 100%. but he is not taking into account, neither is b6 or any of the other public health experts, the fact that million and millions of people have been infected with this virus, correct? >> it doesn't make sense. that number is pulled out of, i don't know where. >> laura: what is that? >> i don't know what he's doing with this number. to get to 97% i think what he is envisioning his mandates. it will tear the country apart. we are seeing a new york tens of thousands of people working in hospitals threatening to quit their jobs, getting fired from their jobs because they don't want the vaccine. we are going to have shortages of people, for hospitals and beds, because of this. we are going to have all kinds of problems caused by this goal of 97% in the goal is that even after we get to 97% the virus will still spread.
7:27 pm
heavily vaccinated israel and iceland have seen enormous surges in cases. using this vaccine is not a strategy that will work. the right strategy, protect the vulnerable with the vaccine. if you are older -- >> laura: but that has already been done. that has already been done. overwhelming percentage of those who are vulnerable have gotten at least one shot them both have gotten both shots. that has happened already. >> you are right, there's still some left and those who are left, please get it here but to force it on working class people who many of whom are already protected because they recovered from covid makes no sense and it is a goal it is almost tailor-made, designed to tear society apart. >> laura: dr. smith, i want to get your thoughts on some therapeutics. a topic you and i have talked about a lot over the last year and a half and this is published
7:28 pm
in kind of an unusual place. published in a journal on cardiology, i believe. but it was a study of about 10,000 patients, and the conclusion was that the treatment with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin was associated with lower risk of death independently of age, sex and epidemic record. early treatment of covid-19 with these drugs was associated with very low mortality in the drug had improved survival compared to other regimen. dr. smith come the median age was about 45, which may seem low but when they looked at it for the older patients, it was the same deal. what does this tell us? >> that is remarkable. i think the only two changes they made to the regimen, which they published on march 23rd,
7:29 pm
2020. the same basic regimen. hydroxychloroquine, 600 milligrams, one per day for ten days and basically azithromycin mother first and 250 milligrams , days two through five. they didn't change that. they did add a prophylactic anticoagulation. they also added the sink. but the data are unbelievable. no matter how you slice it the data are stunning. >> laura: the critics will say, these were outpatients. this is delivered in an outpatient setting but does that matter? because you have said all along it should be given early. that is what you've said all along. >> if these data hold up. something about the genetics of southern france, i don't know, but these data are overwhelmingly amazing and i will take those data. now you have other data, their
7:30 pm
data, of course in our data which shows it works and even very sick patients which really surprised me. >> laura: this is a tool in the toolbox. you stay with sick patients, you used it early on. an early proponent of this. it got trashed, we are taking ourselves back now 18, 19 months is how long we have been talking about this but thank you both for your perspective on all this breaking news on the covid friend. thank you. coming up, woke james bond, inclusive x-men and nancy pelosi unmasked. friday follies with raymond arroyo's next.
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♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, i'm kevin corke in washington. congressional democrats need more time to pass a trillion dollar infrastructure bill and potential $3.5 trillion resolution to be passed by wave budget reconciliation.
7:36 pm
that from house speaker nancy pelosi and a dear colleague letter tonight which reads in part, our chairs are still working for clarity, consensus. clearly the bipartisan infrastructure bill will pass once we have agreement on the reconciliation bill. pelosi delivering that letter after the president spoke with the house democratic caucus. he later tried to tamp down timing expectations, telling report as it doesn't matter whether it is 6 minutes, six days, or six weeks, we are going to get it done. this has been a fox news alert. i'm kevin corke in washington. now back to more of "the ingraham angle." >> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for friday follies. add for that we are joined by raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. raymond, in the latest james bond movie, it's not just the bad guys, but an army of
7:37 pm
literary majors and feminists, is that right? >> the new bond film intentionally tuners 007. here's what james bond use. fico you're one of the most beautiful girls i've ever seen. >> thank you but i think my mouth is too big. >> now, it's the right size. for me, that is. ♪ ♪ >> but now, director says that a better version of bond was a rapist, an integrated mail trope, some of the newest movie, "no time to die" seduction scenes are traded for this. in one scene, bond asked a female agent to turn around before shaking hands with her in a scene of mutual respect and
7:38 pm
understanding. daniel craig who plays bond is okay with this new touchy-feely submissive 007. maybe they should have called it "no time to cry." laura, they created this character in 1952. it was a was male escapism. it was about an archetype for men and it is escapism. nobody thought this was true or real. >> laura: raymond, i have never been a huge james bond fan but i'm definitely not a fan of this new james bond. okay? >> women don't go to james bond movies. they go because someone takes them. it would be like us insisting we take rom coms and insert marketing here the audience may very well live and james bond made i. >> laura: it is not the only franchise getting a makeover.
7:39 pm
i guessed x-men, anything with men and it is apparently on the chopping block. i don't think we can call them men anymore. >> not if you want to be inclusive. the new marvel president victoria alonso in 2019 suggested dropping the men from x-men, calling that outdated. the same year they flipped this into a movie. listen. >> i can't remember the last time you were risking something. and by the way, the men are always saving the men around here. you might want to change the name to "ex-women." >> maybe x folks might be a better name. maybe spider person, iron being, or antx, if you can have latinx. i know kids will come at all because people will get a
7:40 pm
totally different idea. to be what i don't go to any of these movies, it is all green screen, i'm sorry, not my cup of tea, none of it. i hate it all. >> moving from one confusion to another i am complexed by these covid rules come he's vaccinated but he wears a mask when he goes out to press conferences. but here he is at the congressional basic stomach baseball game hugging and kissing nancy pelosi, shaking hands with players. a massive crowd of people, why aren't fauci and friend screaming at him? this could be a super spreader event, i bet it was. >> laura: november the first pitch fauci did in 2020? i don't remember at this point but you can't say he throws like a girl anymore. raymond knows i have a pretty good arm so it wouldn't apply to me, but anyway.
7:41 pm
nancy pelosi had a rough time at the ballpark because instead of peanuts and cracker jacks it was yelling and gesticulating. >> laura, i couldn't tell if she was cheering or having a seizure. i don't know what that is. she kind of just quakes and quivers. i don't know what was happening but i hope there was a medic on hand. >> laura: she was doing it for the children. the children, the children. >> what is interesting, we saw a very different nancy pelosi in the next scene. you can tell she's really into this game. listen to this commentary. speak of the speaker no doubt happy about that play but she is known as a big sports fan and often after dealing with a lot of really difficult questions related to what's going on in congress on the hill, she will
7:42 pm
banter with reporters about what's going on in various sports. >> laura: i thought she was calling the dugout. bring in the reliever. >> laura, she looks furious. i can translate, i can read lips really well. if they put that back up i will tell you what she saying here. alexander, you vote for the infrastructure plan or will introduce you to my green new heel. that is with happening, she is about that vote. >> laura: she and ilhan omar aren't texting each other in a friendly manner. doesn't look like she's calling the bullpen? get them warmed up -- falling faster. it's falling faster out there. thanks. we have all seen how bad the migrant surge is in texas but next we will take you to the arizona border were even more
7:43 pm
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♪ ♪ >> laura: understandably, our border focus has mostly been on texas given the massive surge and then release of thousands and thousands of migrants into the united states.
7:48 pm
but that does not mean there are not huge problems brewing on another part of our southern border, arizona. >> here we are in the yuma sector of the arizona border with mexico and we have behind me approximately 75 illegal immigrants from brazil and honduras. it is evidence of a failed border policy. it is evidence that the biden and harris administration are feeling us as americans and it was on his on the front line of this border crisis. >> you seeing it now, they can smuggling whatever they don't want at another location. >> so the contraband and the drugs will come over as they have now got the agents now tied up taking care of the people. >> exactly. for the administration, did not secure the border your enabling the criminal element to further
7:49 pm
exploit the weakness in our border right now, in the system. >> laura: joining me now is the woman you saw that video, candidate for governor of arizona. karen, everyone is texas, texas, texas and it makes sense given the enormity of the problem
7:50 pm
there, but why isn't the arizona border issue given what you found any reported on getting such attention? >> laura, first, thank you for having me on and to answer your question, i don't know why but what is happening on the arizona border just like in texas is a full-scale invasion. we literally went to the border to a spot that is very popular with the crossers and you saw a portion of it in the video, a tourist bus literally shows up, drops off the illegal immigrants, they come across the border. we are standing there like the welcoming committee as they came by waving at us, thumbs up, walking straight to the border patrol agents to be sent into the united states. >> laura: i want people to understand the scope of this because the yuma sector of the border has seen these migrant apprehensions surge over 1000% from august 2020 to august 2021
7:51 pm
and that is only the people they caught. you have to think of all the people that are just flipping past are thinned out border security and who knows how many there really are. >> that is correct. just last week alone give her the sheriff say they were experiencing six to 700 a day. that number is already up to 1,000 and what happens when you saw the 75 immigrants that came from honduras and from brazil. what happens is they then aggregate all of the border patrol resources, managing those people and then it opens up a wide swath of the border for all the contraband, the drugs and the people who don't want to do good things in the united states to come across. to your point we have no idea how many others are coming across the border. these numbers that we are seeing are just reflecting the apprehensions we have. >> laura: texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee has a different view, which might not
7:52 pm
surprise you, about the border situation. watch. >> let me pronounce to my friend, both sovereign and secure. it is obviously subjected to bias and unfair narratives for political purposes. >> laura: karen, are you using the border and you are reporting of the border for political expediency purposes? >> absolutely not. the american people need to understand what is going on. the cartels in mexico are organized and sophisticated hand people need to know that they are literally delivering people to the border into her buses. people are walking across the border into the welcoming arms of the united states. >> laura: should you get the nomination and win, as governor, what would you do about it that is not being done now?
7:53 pm
>> the first thing we need to do is finish the wall, i will provide our sheriffs and local law enforcement along the board of the resources they need. >> laura: this is just such a disturbing site and we have done more reporting from the arizona border than a lot of reporters lately so thank you for that video and best of luck to you, we will check back soon, thank you so much. up next we reveal this month's freedom matters charity.
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>> laura: it's fall. do you have the right freedom for the season. look, it's october, right? so we have a new charity to announce and it's the dominican house of studies in washington, d.c. it's a great, great group dedicated to the dominican fry yars in the catholic community. get your great shirts, your great mugs made in the usa and
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your favorite and my kids' favorite, the cam mow hat. get the trucker hat. a lot of good stuff on this be side as well. set your dvr so you always stay connected with us. thanks for watching. remember, it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it from here. have a great weekend. >> greg: it's friday and our last show in nashville. then back to new york city. i wish i could express how i


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