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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 1, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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from. they behave in a way that defies physics, apparently, and they are constantly buzzing the military installation. it's huge. without shame, we will stay on it for months to come. that's it for us tonight, have the best we can with the ones you love. we will see you monday. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" this friday night, a lot of breaking news coming up tonight. shocking new video showingig the horrific shooting of a wisconsin police officer. thankfully, the officer survived, it's a harrowing tape and we will show it to you in full. scary times. first, sad countdown continues. >> americans held hostage, day 48. >> sean: day 48, the single
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most preventable foreign policy event joe biden abandoning thousands of allies, their families, green card holders their families, left by joe to wither on the line in a country ruled by terrorists. joe biden's abandonment iswi nothing but a repulsive disgrace, one-off, if not the biggest foreign policy debacle in the history of the great country and the republic. joe biden doesn't care, doesn't care if they live or die doesn't care if theydo suffer, d he hasn't uttered a single word about the people he is a banded in over one month. if 32 days to be exact. joe biden it's much more worried about the sinking poll numbers as "the new york post" editorial report put it, it's time to shoot straight with you, the american people. it's not just one debacle, eight months and, joe biden's presidency is collapsing. it's collapsing on every front. this has gone so bad, so fast
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that i can't believe it. now, i did predict in my book last year, first book i written in ten years because i thought the moment needed it, this is the beyond the brink of part that i was wrote about. border crisis, it's a disaster. jobs crisis, that's a disaster. inflation crisis, the highest in 30 years. yep, a disaster. the abandonment of americans and afghanistan, crisis and the washington swamp as the fellow socialist democrats are in the full on civil war. and he limped over to the capital and begged lawmakers to pass the insane $3.5 trillion bill the back batter socialist spending insanity proposal that will bankrupt your kids grandkids, and even your great grandkids. what could go wrong? pretty much everything joe biden touches turns out, just great.
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this is a piece of legislation that allocates billions of dollars even for illegal immigrants. billions more for government housing, billions more for a government paid family leave government paid family care government health care obamacare worked out so well government jobs for young climate worriers out there. government, government government.ou joe thinks this big government socialist spending extravaganza bill will be a historic political win for him. he doesn't care that it will cause massive inflation on top of his historic inflation that we are now experiencing. i explained it to you last night, what is inflation? you pay more for everything that's called a tax in another way. he doesn't care about your grocery bill, that's going to get more expensive, doesn't care that the energy bills are rising. it about $50 or more at the pump. it doesn't care about the
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quality of life, joe biden cares about joe biden and democrats they want to control the country. they think they can run everything. the same people that did a horrific job and bankrupted social security andnd medicare they can't keep cities safe and secure, they don't believe even law and order, they described the public school system and we spend more per capitac than any country in the world with the worst results. the same people who said keep your doctor plan and you'll save money. none of that came true. so of course, mr. unity joe biden doesn't give a flying rip about getting one republican on board. controlling the house, the senate, white house democrats are attempting toe ram through this middle of the night with no republican support. republicans in the senate went along with raising the debt ceiling is beyond any copper hedge and i have. it shows republican weakness. the only problem this bill is so radical they can't even get
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democrats on board. here to explain, let's go to the white house chief propagandist circle back jen psaki. >> look, he was in the senate for 36 years. he's making it clear that they partner together, if we work together, we can get this done for the american people. going into their caucus meeting something by the way he did in the senate, it's not unheard of something presidents have done in the past is a way for him to go. >> sean: circle back jen psaki would later blame republicans for refusing to rubber-stamp the socialist agenda. you control the house, the white house, that's up to you and that's onda you. but then you want to put it on our children and grandchildren that's on you. when the policies fail, you will be blamed rightly so. do you think the american people are that stupid, john? do you think the republican party's just going to sign off
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on $3.5 trillion in their so-called human infrastructure socialist spending bill?ci bernie-biden manifesto, new green deal socialism of aoc. maybe you're living in an alternate reality, i'm not. according to jen psaki, illegal immigrants do not need to be tested for covid because they are not going to be here very long. that would be called a lie. according to jen psaki, the border is closed and that too would be alive. according to jen psaki, there is no inflation. that's a huge lie. according to jen psaki, joe's $3.5 trillion bill back better plan cost $0, won't cost us a penny. according to jen psaki, the afghan withdrawal of abandoning americans was a success. and she be the most dishonest indignant press secretary in american history, but she's just following her boss. to her credit, joe biden doesn't make it easy, does it?
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between between his cognitiveve decline which is so obvious. he's a mess the many naps he takes, the weeks in delaware i'm sure the jobs not easy. make no mistake, joe biden is fast becoming the single worst president by far in american history, if not the history of the great republic. but today, on the hill joe biden is all smiles. i wonder if he knew it was friday? until he doesn't. take a look. >> if i had a whistle on a cord. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. a thousand different questions.o i'm telling you, we are to get this done. it doesn't matter when.te it doesn't matter whether it's 6 minutes, six days, or six weeks. we are going to get it done.
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>> [indistinct] >> come on, man. 50/50, i got it. >> sean: we even got a come on, man, you use cocaine? come on come on man, you a junkie? we've missed them. whatever happens on capitol hill, will not end well for the country. radical socialists are in charge of the democratichi party. joe biden, nancy pelosi, they take orders from them. these radical socialists, they want to destroy what makes this country great. it's called liberty and freedom our constitution and capitalism. they want control of your means of production, they want to take away your property rights. they want to abolish the concept of borders, theyrs want full and complete redistribution as well. they want to literally turn the united states of america into
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their little communist communal wasteland. believe it or not, you have the power to stop them. it starts at the ballot box with voter integrity measures, voter i.d., simple stuff, nothing really complicated. signature verification, chain of custody controls, updated voter rolls. the laws that allow for partisan observers to watch the vote counts start to p finish up clo. not 100 feet away like in 2020. vote like your country depends on it, because it does. here are the reaction, you have the ability to get into the weeds because this is what you do every day. if you look at $1.50 more for gas, everythingg costs more to heat. if inflation, that adds to the cost of everything is well. because that means our paychecks actually buy lettuce, prices
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increase, we are paying more on that front. then they keep telling us that if you make more than $40,000 a year, you won't pay a penny. corporations don't pay taxes they pass the cost onto we, the people. >> that's all true. you raise a corporate tax, 70% of that will be paid by the blue-collar middle class. by the way, don't take my word for it. the government are saying it the congressional budget office tax committee, inflation -- look, part of this is pandemic shortages.ti i get that. but i think, sean, a growing parts and this is where the inflation may be picking up steam, not calming down. there's too much government spending, and the federal reserve is buying all these government bonds to fund these spendings. buying like 60% of all the bonds. they l are creating massive
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amounts of new money. >> sean: i want to slow you down though, because were talking about quantitative. that means were going to print dollars. if the government will buy back those dollars. but that causes inflation, that means the money you make, the amount of moneyy you're taking home, if it stays where it is you're taking home less. your dollars arere worth less tn they are. prices will go up. >> wallets and pocketbooks, it gets smaller. that's when inflation does because the prices go up. now the fed should stop printine new money. the government should stop printing new spending. somebody should tell president biden that the united states has oil and natural gas. we don't have to go begging to saudi arabia and russia. we have plenty right here at home.
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the trouble is, the green new deal and a lot of that in the budget would stop production. we haven't moved above 11 million barrels a day. we are capable a a couple years ago with trump 13.5 million barrels. that difference is the rise in price in gasoline because gasoline is driven by the world oil. why go to these saudis? somebody tell president biden we have plenty of oil. >> sean: it's right here! donald trump handed him energy independence. we did not import a single barrel of oil in the final months of the trump presidency. he achieved energy independence for the first time in 75 years. if we went back to the trump energy plan and became energy independent, now we are not -- we are now artificially lowering the supply of energy in the world. okay. if supply and demand crisscrossed dictates the price lower supply, that means demand remain constant.
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joe biden goes back to the trump energy independence plan, secure the border and not offer everything free to illegal immigrants, that would save the american taxpayers. you cap taxesam at the level thy are at, what would that do for the economy? what would those three things to? >> the economy would boom. that would have been the single best policy that congress can do. encourage all form of energy production. so we can supply as much fuel to power the economypl as businesss and consumers want to. it's real simple. don't get in the way. the trouble with the biden group is they believe in government they believe in big government socialism, and they do not believe in the private free
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enterprise capitalist system that trump touted and unleashed. sure, let's let nature take its course. the only thing he forgot in the opening i want to raise this is they've now nominated this woman from the ussr who got her college degree from moscow state university on a so-called light in scholarship, i thought everything was free, she's going to be the comptroller of the currency, and she wants to take over the entire banking system. look what you've got. they want to nationalize energy they want to nationalize health care, and they want to nationalize the banking system. this is crazy stuff. it is doomed to fail, and by the way, sean, i'm glad joe machin and kyrsten sinema is fighting back. blue dog democrats. they are not perfect, not like us, but at least somebody is stepping in front of the train. >> sean: larry kudlow, good
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advice. with more reaction, former white house white house chief of staff, reince priebus jason chaffetz. starting with you, ryan. the trump policies on energy it's a huge accomplishment energy independence.e the lowest number of illegal immigration and immigrants coming into the country in 25 years. we will get to this later predicting as many as 4,000 plus in the month of october alone. it provides almost everything for free to illegal immigrants. we've got the borders of cure energy independence, covid under control, and everything is now a disaster and then you can see the democratic infighting. how does it end? >> look at what's happening to joe biden. his numbers with independence or cratering, 37%. that's because the base of the democrats party is not convinced that he's nuts enough for them.
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the pendants think that's what's happening is nuts so they don't like what they are seeing. what's happening here, sean, is what you hit on big time in your monologue. it's pure evil. if for the 80 years, the democrats have been purposefully enslaving americans with the idea of giving away government programs that make it much easier to target those orders. this is elective politics. when you give away almost $1 trillion for pre-k kindergarten, about half a trillion dollars for free college, obviously you mention amnesty for illegal immigrants all of that number one never going to go away. all those people as are going to be targeted, they'll all be targeted by the democrats, are targeting all these people on three government program, the
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welfare state, playing with the constitution, and you're right. when you pour of all thisns exta money back into the economy best way i can describe inflation is you pour in a lot more money chasing the same amount of product. a lot more money chasing the same amount of money, the prices go up. gas, groceries go t up, your restaurant bill goes up. they're going to pay the price. there will be a price to pay number one. but 2022 is coming. >> sean: it's prime for republicans to take the house. look, we need election integrity measures, it simple as i said. it border i.d., signature verification, updated voterd. rolls, chain of custody control partisan observers as the law provides for, watch the count start to finish. i would start there. every state legislature needs to put that in place. that's key. but now we've got good candidates. not only do we have a shot at
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the house, jason chaffetz, we've got florida, you've got georgia north and south carolina, you've got pennsylvania, you've got new hampshire, wisconsin, you've got ohio, you've got arizona. if that is not a bellwether swing state, i don't know what is. >> republicans have a golden opportunity because i think every democratic seat is vulnerable at this point. the democrats are overreaching they have a commander in chief who can't communicate. one of the worst, if not the worst vice president in the historyot of the nation, the economy will not be going in the direction that itat should be going or it could be going.. open borders, people understand that law enforcement's going the absolute wrong direction. if republicans can't put together a winning campaign and a winning message in this atmosphere, you probably won't be able to do it because the american people i think are fed up with it. and the other thing that will happen, sean, with all the
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government, regulators, more regulators. $80 billion going to the irs. regulation out of control. >> sean: thank you both. straight-ahead tonight, friday night, breaking news, disturbing report how many migrants, the white house fears may cross the southern border this month. an all-time record. sara carter an exclusive report from the border and dana loesch weighs in as well. later, this will shock you. we've got it on tape, a police officer shot at point-blank range shot multiple times. we will show you the entire footage. viewer warning alert. straight ahead. ♪ ♪ de me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i matt in los angeles. the president by then heading to capitol hill to salvage the economic agenda, progressives >> progressive democrats were deposited bills together while moderate opposed a hefty price tag. observation is closing to mark for since the deadliest mass shooting in modern us history. the names are being wrecked by the victims were attending a music festival october 1st, 201 at las vegas trips when a gunma opened fire from his 32nd for suite at the mandalay bay hotel ashley now back to unity for your headlines
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>> sean: joe biden open borders super-spreader event ate our southern border is worsening by the hour tonight. failed dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas is asking whether the department is prepared for the worst-case scenario. he now saying a whopping 400,000 plus illegal immigrants could cross the border illegally in the month of october alone. that would shatter the recordll that he already set this summer. by the way, the by then and insurgents making it clear that many of the illegal immigrants will be released into the interior of the country with no certainty they will ever show up for their court proceedings. they are not requiring people to show up, the only request that if you have time, pretty, pretty please with sugar on top, will you show up? where's their vaccine passport? where's they are proof of a negative covid test? the biggest surge on the border
11:26 pm
in decades in the middle of a pandemic and now they're predicting it's going to get worse? they are not sending anybodyhe home, they just process and then they disperse into the rest of the country. all caused because of joe biden's policies and his border neglect. a high rate of covid to positivity, it's impossible to calculate how many americans will get covid as a result of joe's super-spreader event. now, remember, he said it might be as high as one in five illegal immigrants that have covid positivity. if we do not test them, there is no vaccine mandate, they h get preferential treatment over american citizens. of how many americans might catch covid from these illegal immigrants they are dispersing without a test or vaccine over the country? how many might die? some americans are losing their jobs for not getting the mandated vaccine, illegal immigrants in the country, no
11:27 pm
vaccine mandate to them. no proof of a negative test they get preferential treatment as we told you last night border agents are being told get the vaccine by november 1st or you will be fired. they don't test the people they are dealing with every day, that makes a lot of sense. preferential treatment to illegal immigrants. t it's chaos and insanity, and it's caused by joe biden. here with the latest on the ground at the border in south texas, fox newss investigative sara carter. i can't believe that this is their ultimatum. i can't believe -- by the way he doesn't admit this publicly. this was done behind closed doors. we may have as many as 4,000 plus in october alone. >> yeah, sean, we're looking at possibly 800,000 within the next few months which is what they're looking at. 400,000 lowballing it, i'm
11:28 pm
hearing that in texas,s, right behind me, you can see the overboard and wall just before he came on with you, at least 12 people ran through that opening. if they made their way out into the field. you can see behind me, no border patrol, why? because the majority of the agents have been reassigned to del rio and other parts to handle the 15,000 that came in crossing through the del rio. we have about 85,000 haitians in panama, colombia as well making their way here towards the united states. with the 400,000 that are expected to cross this month the situation is dire. i spoke earlier today to retire. to border control sector chief head of the border patrol agent and rio grande. here's what he had to say. >> right now, we're looking at the possibility of 4,000 more people coming in if title 42 goes away.
11:29 pm
>> it's not going to be pretty. think there is 95,000 or so in panama right now, they're waiting to come. this will be a bloww horn saying now is the time. >> that's it. >> what happens to the agents? >> they are stock until there is a policy change in washington, d.c. from what i say, the person in charge of his border security is nowhere to be found. the president said we are going to get control of the border his definition unfortunately of controls were going to catch and release as soon as possible so you don't fly a drawing and see we've got 15,000 people in inhumane additions under a bridge. >> sean, title 42 was a covid restriction put in place in march 2020 by a president trump. now the fear is that it's going to be gone by next week possibly thursday if the court lifts that mandate. that's what they're worried about, the reason why border patrol agents and officials believe more than 400,000 people could come across the border
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illegally this october. if they are telling me is that they do not have the resources or the manpower to stop it. it's going to be a dire national security as well as humanitarian crisis, >> sean: greatl work for us down on the floor, thank you. hear what the reaction syndicated radio talk show host with us. look at this, dana, mayorkas is saying 400,000 in the month of october alone. okay. house democrats, they just voted and nobody seems to pay attention to this, they rejected an amendment to mandate a covid tests for illegal immigrants. they are giving a deadline on november 1st to border agents either you take the shot or you're going to get fired. but they do not test the illegal immigrants and don't demand a vaccine for the illegal immigrants. i don't know. dana, that doesn't make sense to me giving preferential treatment to people not respecting the laws, the borders, the sovereignty. >> i agree, sean.
11:31 pm
it's pure insanity. but for one second let's remove the variable. the origin, the country of origin for these people who are illegally crossing the border. let's remove whether or not they are citizens or not and lets put out there on the table that you have 400,000 saying of data 800,000 in the next couple months, people crossing the border who do not have -- aren't being tested and do not have to show any kind of vaccine passport who do not haveve to sw a negative coronavirus test to get in the country or go anywhere else.t if this was any other group, if all these people were conservatives or if they're all wearing trump had scum of the media in this administration would be going insane right nows they'd be screaming from the rooftops about more mandates. but that apparently this doesn't concern them. they are concerned about the pandemic and mitigating all of this -- it's a joke. it's absolutely a joke. the fact that they would say it and give an ultimatum to border patrol agents who they couldn't
11:32 pm
even convince, they can't convince enough people to go out and patrol the border. they don't have the backs of the border patrol agents. gan the agents are completely overwhelmed because of the lawlessness of the federal a government. to make a bad situation worse by putting even more restrictions on them and saying we're just going to go -- you have to get tested or you're going to get fired, we have fewer agents at the border, i am stunned by all of this.nt it is stunning to me. >> sean: dana, thank you, i appreciate. when we come back, a terrifying video of a police officer you will see being shot multiple times including point-blank range.ol we have the whole video. democrats, they continue the demonize these poor police officers. next. w ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sea ♪ ♪ a >> sean: also breaking tonight, police in greenfield wisconsin, this is a suburb of milwaukee, they released a video from a shocking incident, this took place back in august in which one of the officers was nearly killed. it's a stark reminder that every one of our police officers put their lives on the line every single solitary day to protect us and there is no such thing as a typical stop with a police officer or interaction with a police officer. by the way, viewer warning, this video is very graphic. you will see a police officer get shot multiple times. look at this. [sirens]
11:38 pm
>> show me your hands! stay in the car! >> show me your hands! >> don't move, don't move! >> show me your hands! >> put your [bleep] hands on the car! get out of the vehicle now! put your hands up! >> back up! >> put your hands up now! >> shots fired, shots fired shots fired, shots fired! >> i'm hit! i'm hit! >> show me your hands! >> he is running!
11:39 pm
>> sean: you can hear the injured officer literally begging his fellow officer to save his life. this is heartbreaking. take a look. >> no, i'm hit. >> [bleep], he is hit! >> just don't let me die, okay? i need a hand.>> hit in the leg. you got me. i'm having trouble breathing. please don't let me die. i'm begging you. i believe in you. >> i got you, i got >> one in the leg, one in the chest, and one in the finger. >> sean: please don't let me die.
11:40 pm
sadly, this is not a unique situation. on this program, we have shown you countless examples of officers in danger. we scroll the names of the officers that we've lost on the line of duty so far this year. how many do you know the names of the over 200 police officers that have been killed in action? of 45 of them have been shot dead.av but democrats, they want you to believe police are the dangerous ones. here's a reminder. >> because of smartphones, so many americans have now seen the racial injustice that black americans have known for generations. >> the last thing you need is a humvee coming in the military invading. they don't anybody, they become the enemy. >> this model of saying not only do we need to defund it but dismantle and start aun new, it allows us to really reimagine what public safety should look like. >> i can't begin to approximateh the number of black lives that
11:41 pm
have been lynched, brutalized murdered, surveyed, profiled from 1999 to now. >> sean: democrats, they claim to have such an interest in investigating riots january 6th, january 6th january 6th, we condemned the riots on january 6th, that can't happen. we can't have the institutions have riots and destruction of property and what happened there. but nor can we have the over 500 plus riots in the summer of 2020? where is that committee? where is cheney asking for the committee? where's nancy pelosi asking for the committee? investigating kamala harris promoting a bell fun k for peope caught rioting. you know, when they took over city streets and burned a police precinct to ground. the ones that killed thousands of americans and thousands of police officers pelted with bricks and rocks, and bottles
11:42 pm
and molotov cocktails, and democrats never talked about it and never wanted to identify as riots. by the way, theot wisconsin officer in that video, thank god is out of the hospital. here were the reaction fox & friends weekend pete hegseth and fox newsct contributor leo 2.0 terrell. i hear january 6th all the time and i condemned january 6th that can happen in our country. the 534 riots where thousands of americans died, thousands of police officers injury to arson, looting, madness, mayhem. we have no committee to investigate that? who's going to investigate these shootings? who knows the names of the 200 cops that have been killed so far this year in the line of duty?he >> we know, and on fox news we knew what because you scroll the names. if you're not going to get any
11:43 pm
investigation into those criminals because those criminals represent the democratic base. i want to be clear about this. black lives matter, the biden administration, the squad should be in a straight jacket and room and watch this horrific video. that thug was on a suicide mission to kill. 18 times, they told him put his hands up, and you have a police officer begging for his life. there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. if this is what the squad to come up black lives matter refused to acknowledge. what you shot they are or best e haand the brightest of law enforcement protecting us 24/7. it's an outright shame that what happened on the left is to ignore the 98, 99 police officers who protect us 24/7. >> sean: pete, you are actually in d.c. and maybe elsewhere too, you were out in the middle of the rioting in 2020.
11:44 pm
he keeps showing the video. you see the power and the force a pistol marksman since i was 11 years old. this guy got hit, hit multiple times, then the guy got out of the car and shot him at point-blank range. he's lucky he is alive today. >> he sure is, yet you keep his head about him and relying on his partner who will be there with him no matter what. you're right, i've never been a police officer. but i did hold a riot shield for a few nights in washington, d.c., during those riots, getting a tiny bit of a glimpse of what police officer is not just experienced last summer, to which no one was held for account, buter what they fae every single day because you sed in that clip and emboldening criminals. you see criminals who believe they will not be held to account, who believe democratic politicians ultimately will bail them out or not hold them for account and beti on their side even if they had every opportunity to put their hands in the air and surrender peacefully. i
11:45 pm
when you tolerate a culture of criminality, you get more criminality. just seeing that one glimpse of what it means to stand on the thin line with other men and women of all races and backgrounds, with a shield, you realize how precarious and dangerous that role is. they do it every night, and we should do nothing but thank them and pin awards on their chest and will honor them. but we put them in more vulnerable situations because the messages are politicians send criminals in this country. >> sean: defund and dismantle that's the mantra, right? >> it's embarrassing and you know it's bothersome, the old bogeyman, the white police department, black, white, brown yellow, the democratic party still attacks the police department. i'm so sick of the term because
11:46 pm
a lie that the continue to propaganda throughout the entire country. >> sean: that's unbelievable. pete, we will give you the last word. t t >> leo's right, the most vile words i heard spoken were against black law enforcement officers and black members of the national guard who were standing that line. it's not about systemic racism it's about tearing down the country, out by the roots, it's nothing about systemic racism. it is antifa, black lives matter marxist organizations who hate the country. >> sean: will be watching tomorrow morning, leo 2.0 terrell. when we come back, straight ahead, flip-flop fauci's facing scrutiny and asked if you would step aside. should he? absolutely. we will get clay travis is taken he joins us next. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: ♪ ♪ >> sean: dr. doom, dr. gloom flip-flop fauci is seeing suggestions that college football stadiums would lead to mass covid infections failed to materialize so far. he's the guy at the baseball game with on a mask last year. ask yourself, haseb fauci actuay ever admitted how many things he's gotten wrong?g? has he, anybody at the nih, cdc did name admitted to the flipping, flopping, flailing fauci was asked about all of this by a friend of the show radio host. here's what he take a look. >> i've lost confidence in the cdc and the fda. i actually believe a lot of americans and a significant part of america lost confidence in you, dr. fauci.
11:52 pm
is there a point where you say i do more harm than good because people do not listen to me anymore and step aside? >> no. absolutely, unequivocally no. sorry. >> sean: here with reaction okay founder and cohost, clay travis. what are you in, look a motorized vehicle, what is that? blank wall? a [laughs] i'm just giving you a hard time. >> tuscaloosa, getting ready. you know what? i don't think they're going to cover 14 and a half points. we've been on the road all day long and fauci said of a cup it's going toau feast on the college football fanss because f no masks, the full stadium, he's 100% wrong, sean.
11:53 pm
cases plummeted all over the south and down percent in florida. nobody's talking about it. fauci was wrong again. i've got to tell you, people are living their best lives. there's a packed every other street corner right now in tuscaloosa and never but he gets ready for the biggest game in the college football week. >> sean: the famous barbecue place. >> dreamland! dreamland! we are going there for dinner later. >> sean: why do you get two pieces of white bread or wonder bread? that's the only part i don't understand. what do you want do with this? >> you've got to mop up the barbecue sauce. you don't want to waste it. >> sean: give me credit, i've been there. flip-flop fauci is what he is but he created vaccine hesitancy. joe biden never mention monoclonal antibodies until two weeks ago.
11:54 pm
he wants to rush in it but we do not have a shortage of it. that means governors like ron desantis have to buy their own. we are playing politicso with oe therapeutic that doctors are saying and ask your own doctor is most effective? >> i think it's a great point sean, recognize how politics ari creating weird bedfellows. all the nba, players are coming out and realizing they've got a libertarian tendency and they do not think anybody should have the covid vaccine mandate. california mandating it going forward for kids and all of this is madness and its antiscience and fauci continues to be wrong. and you know what should happen he should resigngn because we nd a new person to be the star of covid in the white house with biden and it shouldn't be fauci. he's a disaster and he knows it. i'm glad he's getting called on it and i encourage everybody out there in the nfl stadiums college stadiums, burn the masks, football fans are leading
11:55 pm
us back to sanity. >> sean: i want to know. why would you ever bet against nick saban? one of the greatest college -- >> 14 and a half is too many. lane kiffin has to get ready. they couldn't stop him. i think thein tying wins. a ticket to the bank! >> sean: i will take you $400. i'll go with nick saban. >> virtual handshake. 14.5. >> sean: when you're with fox for six months, you'll get a real background. i think i can work out. >> they got the prison backdrop for me, it's important. >> sean: tell my buddy buck i said hello, too. clay travis. >> for sure, going to be awesome. >> sean: more "hannity" straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> that is all the time we have left this evening, set your dvr so you never miss an episode. we have a lot of news next week, democrats killing each other. let not your heart be troubled. have a great weekend. laura ingraham up next. enjoy your weekend. rich: this is the ingraham a go from washington. the pandemic of the unvaccinated narrative gets a reality check. my cabinet will expose why cases are surging in highly vaccinated areas. it is not just texas. arizona is under a massive strain from illegals crossing the border. we bring a dramatic report from yuma.