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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i could not do it. i get scared when i walk up the stairs. "justice with judge jeanine" is next and remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. you like venezuela? do you like venezuela? ever been there? ever wanted to vacation there? no? get ready. because the progressive dems have their way, socialism will be as alive and well here as it is in venezuela. a place once sitting on more oil
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than any other country in thed world which after years of government spending and welfare programs and open borders is an example of how socialism can ruin a nation. right now in america there are forces dug in, organized and well funded to do whatever is necessary to make socialism happen. in 2016 bernie sab ders ran as a democrat socialist. we all went no. but we found ourselves a country inyou be dated with das and prosecutors, george soros types more concerned with the criminal than the victims. human infrastructure bill to
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emotionally tie you in and hide the fact that not all the money is going for roads and bridges. this build back better bill when added to the trillions spent on the pandemic will literally put us at the highest level of debt america ever reached. joe biden says it will cost zero. >> we talk about price tags. it's zero price tag on the debt. judge jeanine: i wouldn't rely on joe biden's math for anything. but joe biden says there is nothing radical in this bill. >> there is nothing in this legislation that's radical or unreasonable. judge jeanine: for the first time biden is telling the truth. it's not radical because in any socialist mind these are key items of the socialist cosmos.
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joe biden who ran as a moderate is really a socialist. the bill includes free community college for illegal immigrants. so in addition to medication, housing, healthcare and education in grades k-12, illegals will have a free 2-year college education. $79 billion for enhanced irs enforcement to conduct more audits. biden argued it will close the tax gap for uncollected revenues and raise fund for the white house's sweeping funding plans. this should make hunter biden and
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socialists have been winning
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elections defeating long term incumbents since 2016. a growing number of adults in the united states hold a negative view of capitalism. two years ago 58% of young adults had a positive view of capitalism. socialism is not only accepted, socialism once whispered about is being promoted from the highest levels of our government. so back to venezuela. you probably won't like it there. for those of you who need reminding be socialism doesn't work. the crushing poverty and violence in venezuela is the latest example. people go through garbage bags through the rush i shall to take
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whatever they can and try to sell the empty bags. we don't need women giving birth in the streets or dying because the hospitals are overcrowd or nonexistent. we work hard, pay taxes and believe in capitalism. none of us is planning to move to a socialist state. if you are thinking of socialism and you want to visit vend, be aware the risk of mug, kidnapping, and torture is commonplace. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter #judgejeanine. joining me congressman mike waltz and mark green, both afghanistan veterans. you both fought for america in afghanistan, and you are fighting for america right now in the halls of congress. what we are seeing now is we have the highest inflation in 30
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years. we have left wing radicals holding up the improvement of our roads and bridges and waterways and ports because of the so-called $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill which is anything but infrastructure. what's your take on this? >> you know, judge, i can't almost die for this country twice to have my children growing up in a country led by socialists or a world led by chinese communists. but that's the road we are on right now. what we'll see play out the next month is they will go for the policies. they know if they can get the programs in place. ronald reagan said the tastest way to eternal life on earth is through a government program. that free everything may ends in
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2025 and that will allow them to take the price tag down. but if they get the programs in place and re-define the country. the child tax care credit in this bill. it no longer mass to be your child. they tripled it. then it can be any child anybody taking care of. what could go wrong with that. at the end of the day is the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money. margaret thatcher famously said that. judge jeanine: congressman green. what are we going to do to get the infrastructure package and what we need? do we have to indebt our children for the next 100 years sow we can get niece socialist programs going? >> that's what nancy pelosi wants. she wants to concentrate power into the hands of fewer and
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fewer people in washington. that's what socialism is all about until you get like nicolas maduro. that's what they want. they want a socialist country. they will tie all of this together and attempt to create that socialist country. but i have the unique fortune to interview saddam hussein the night we caught him. when you concentrate power into the hands of too few people, you get tyranny. an average of 24 pounds lost by each venezuelan. they had a decrease in agricultural production. 33% of the population has basically fled the country. but that's what pelosi and aoc and bernie sanders want. >> what is going to map? the radical left it seems,
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congressman waltz. the radical left is controlling. who is in charge? >> just to add to what representative green was saying on venezuela. there are more refugees fleeing venezuela and fleeing socialism man there are fleeing isis and the assad regime in syria. that's how desperate these people are to get away from this devastating program. at the end of the day, in order to take from one group of people to give to another. the bureaucrats and dictators are making all the calls on winners and losers. but the progressives are in charge, judge. the president is a trojan horse. kamala harris is the most liberal senator in the senate. left of bernie that's standing right behind him calling the shots along with nancy pelosi and the progressive caucus.
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and we are block and tackling the best we can. fortunately as manchin well said, we can't even afford the programs as they stand. social social security, medicare, medicaid are going insome vernlt the next few years and thank god somebody is coming to their senses to put a stop to this. judge jeanine: we also have got illegals, 1.6 million, that doesn't absolute runaways and the bridge in del rio and the 60,000 coming up from panama. how do we stop this? >> absolutely. it's tied together. it's all about the democrats staying in power and concern draw iting power. people coming across the southern border. they will come to america and
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have children who will vote democrat. when it was cubans rioting in july and they said no queue bans coming. what we have to stop these guys. of course, that means pushing back, winning elections, we'll take the house back in 2022. nancy pelosi will not be the speaker in the next congress. here you have got manchin and sinema pushing back. the bill is so crazy right now, there are moderate democrats that aren't joining with the proas pro -- with the progressives. judge jeanine: this week we had the hearing with austin, milley and mckenzie. but what we are seeing is when the president lies, people die. when he lied, congressman waltz,
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whether it was at the airport in kabul, our servicemen or the over the horizon capability where he killed 7 children. the lies end up in deaths of people. >> here is the biggest lie. when it comes to american citizens. tony blinken keeps using this number of 100 left behind. but then he puts in a quick caveat, that wanted to leave. should they be cat gorized as not want to go leave? there was a plane that landed in chicago yesterday. thank god for these veterans that went in and got them out that had 116 american green cardholders and permanent residents. we got another 7 across the border in -- into kajikistan
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yesterday. judge jeanine: is the biden administration pushing you out of any say in your child's education in the outrageous k comments the education secretary made this week that you need to hear. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling.
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>> do you think parents should be in charge of their children's education as the primary stakeholder. >> i think educators have a role in determining educational programming. judge jeanine: that was the education secretary sidestepping the question whether parents should be in control of their
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child's education. who should be? the government? so kid can learn to come home and tell their parents how racist they are? lara, what do you think about that statement? >> they are not trying to hide what they are doing anymore. it's absurd. to hear this from the education secretary. they are not hiding it. your children are part of their new world order. their plan is to socialize america whether you like it or not. and if the collateral damage is take any patriotism out of our children's lives, making sure they hate one another, if you want to socialize a country, you don't want your student to be proficient in reading and math. you want to indoctrinate them with critical race theory.
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you don't want them to have tools when they leave school because then they will be reliant on the government. judge jeanine: for a while it was keep it on the down low. but when you hear the education secretary actually say that. and we have with terry mcauliffe and youngkin, it was mcauliffe who said i am not going to let parents tell the schools what to teach. what is going on? i never heard of this. >> leftists throughout history have always sought to destroy the bond between a parent and child. we saw this in the cultural revolution in china where they employed children to turn in their parents. we saw this in the soviet union. the expression mother russia was
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intentionally employed to make the nation to be more important than the mother. this is something that has a disturbing pattern with the totalitarian governments we have seen before. the left and members of our government are saying, the parents. their goal is to destroy western civilization as we know it and the last firewall is the american family, and their comments are revealing. judge jeanine: lara, the whole idea, we elect people to the board of education. and you go to the board of education and talk about what should or shouldn't be taught. we are hearing about kids learning about sex education in first grade. then we have all this stuff on
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critical race theory. when parents go in all over the country, they are like the board is condescending like who are you to tell us. what is going on and how do we stop it. >> how many parents have you seen get kicked out of these school board meetings. they don't want you to come in and say anything other than sunshine, locally pops and rainbows. you guys are doing a good job indoctrinating our children with hate. you need to run for your local school board. you have to stay on top of this. and i think it's the reason we have seen so many parents turn to home schooling. i think that's going to be on the rise. because at least you know what's happening in your children's education. we have to get more involved as parents across america. that's the only way we fight
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back. >> just this last week the national school board association is asking the biden white house to spy on parents because they are saying they are potential domestic terrorists for questioning them. this should make parents livid. judge jeanine: i would like to get a copy of that, charlie. that's shocking. coming up, as the manhunt continues for brian laundrie, shocking body footage is revealed. lenny paul and dr. michael baden are next.
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jackie: welcome to fox news live. the women's march reaching the steps of the supreme court. the march is part of nationwide protests demanding continued access to abortion. it come days before the start of the new day of the supreme court. police say they found a body
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believed to be a missing florida college student. she disappeared a week ago. she vanished on the same day a maintenance man improperly used a key to enter her apartment. he was found dead an apparent suicide. she had reportedly rebuffed advanced by the man. judge jeanine: as the brian laundrie manhunt continues, police released new body cam video of the confrontation between the two. >> people said he hit you.
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we want to know the truth, if he actually hit you. where did he hit you? don't worry. joining me with reaction to the latest developments in this case is former u.s. marshal and host of "manhunters" and pathologist dr. michael baden. lenny, the question everyone wants to know, where is bribe laundry? is he dead or alive? >> law enforcement right now, they are chasing a ghost. he's gone dark, he's off grid. he's not communicating. but they are tearing the trusted
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circle of friends upside down. i think he's still alive. i think he's local. maybe somebody has him held up somewhere. but he will make a mistake, judge. judge jeanine: you were with the u.s. marshal and you have a storied career. is the fbi asking the u.s. marshals to assist them in this investigation? >> i don't want to confirm or deny that, but they should be. judge jeanine: i producer said they haven't asked them. >> i don't believe they have been asked. judge jeanine: the fbi, they are pretty good. you look at epstein and nassar, you have got to wonder. one of the things that's very interesting. and i will get to you dr. baden in just a second. the parents. what do you know about the
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parents? you get the sense they are involved at least after the fact in working to hide him from law enforcement? lenny? >> i'm sorry, judge? judge jeanine: what you know about the parents, you get the sense the parents are working to hide him from law enforcement after the fact. >> i believe so, judge. look at the timeline and the way they have been dancing throughout this investigation. the first thing i do when i q and a a parent, i will say if you knew where your mom was would you tell me? nine times out of 10 they will say no. one they know where the son is. but he had plenty of time coming across country. when he left in that white van
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going back to florida, how was he communicating? the fugitive investigators, they are tearing that world upside down. jenna: -- dr. baden we heard coming into this segment described brian laundrie cut her face. she said her cheek burned. anyone who has been slapped knows your cheek will burn. apparently things got more vie length and escalated as time went on. >> if she dies presumably 10 or 12 days later. one might not see anything at that point. but it's not helpful to ask the
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victim if she is a victim. this is one of the per pet fuel problems with domestic violence. the victim, especially a woman, will deny to the police what everybody saw and reported. i think for that reason -- judge jeanine: there is no question about that. i'm going to talk about that in a minute. why is the autopsy report not public yet. is the toxicology in? >> everything is done. the only thing is the fbi is in charge. the fbi doesn't do many homicides. 1% of homicides are done federally. i think the perpetrator knows what happened. sometimes you don't release information and you don't want to alert the perpetrator. but the only people who don't
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know are the crowd sources who helped so much. judge jeanine: i wrote an article for what the law is in utah and what the police should have done. domestic violence is totally different. a victim often takes responsibility. if they know anything about domestic violence i believe an arrest should have been made. new york city mayor bill deblasio continues his war on law enforcement with a shooing comment all americans need to hear. leo terrell and tomi lahren are here with reaction.
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judge jeanine: customer service. that's what new york city mayor bill deblasio says should be the role of law enforcement in this so many people trying to exercise their rights to get
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information or file a concern or complaint. find out what's happening with a case, they were treated in a way that doesn't have anything to do with customer service or respect. that won't build the bond we need. even the fact that we are talking about customer service is revolutionary to begin with. judge jeanine: tomi, hit it. >> customer service. customer service. these are law enforcement officers, not walmart greeters. the fact that he believes the good people of new york city, the law abiding decent people of new york city need their law enforcement officers to provide better customer service to felons and thugs. this mayor, what a bozo. i hope they have learned their lesson. the last thing i will say about
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this. he brought up customer service. exercising the rights of the people of new york city, they have to show a vaccine verification to get a slice of pizza. it's just too much. judge jeanine: kids are being gunned down in new york city. there is a picture of a bicycle earlier in the news. one shot in the head and died yesterday. what's this guy thinking? >> i agree with tomi 100%. they are not selling refrigerators or appliances. he has no clue. he's ignoring what's happening in new york. crime. the criminals are trying to hurt victims and police officers. this guy is trying to ignore what is going on in new york. crime waves goings-on ever since
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the summer of 2020. and what he is doing is basically ignoring the arguments and the problems that law enforcement have in new york. the crime wave in new york. they are so emboldened that people are committing crimes in broad daylight. shootings, murders, rapes assault. give criminals customer service? they need to be behind bars, ends much story. judge jeanine: let's go to another story i found interesting. britney alding is wearing t-shirt, everyone went ballistic. jason said that's too bad. my kids can wear whatever they want to wear and i won't apologize for my kid. apparently this stuff is being
6:43 pm
sold at a website. and the post shows the kids memphis three wearing shirts called hidin from biden. >> there are a lot of country music fans proud and excited to see this. they are seeing an entertainer saying we are not going to bow to the cancel culture mob. this is what more artists and entertainers need to be doing. stand up and saying the left is not going to. we love america, we are sick of joe biden returning this country. thank god for the aldeen family for standing up.
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judge jeanine: the stars on the right are willing to do this. on the left they are happy to do it. president trump didn't get a day without incoming from every angle. it's sad what's going on. but i'm happy for aldeen. >> britney and jason. if you are listening. i want to wear one of those shirts. they have the right to express themselves as americans. look at what the bind administration is doing be they are trying to vam critical race theory down every child in america. they have the right as americans to express themselves. look at afghanistan. look at our southern border. all they are doing is telling the truth and expressing their
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right to tell the truth with a t-shirt. britney, jason, give me one of those t-shirts. i want to wear it proudly with you. judge jeanine: we all love jason aldean. a new movie hitting the screens featuring yours truly. that's next. (vo) at t-mobile for business, unconventional thinking means we see things differently, so you can focus on what matters most. whether it's ensuring food arrives as fresh as when it departs. being first on the scene, when every second counts. or teaching biology without a lab. we are the leader in 5g. #1 in customer satisfaction. and a partner who includes 5g in every plan, so you get it all. without trade-offs.
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unconventional thinking. it's better for business.
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judge jeanine: your freedoms as parents do not supersede your children's rights. your beliefs do not exempt you from the law. if your children do not show up at school a greek monday you will be find a thousand dollars a day for the first two weeks. after that you will be charged with contempt of court, meaning you will be incarcerated. during which time the court will appoint temporary custody of your children to someone who will bide by the court's
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decision. so ordered. judge jeanine: that was a sneak peak of "we the people" coming to the big screen. it prompts audiences to ask the compelling questions, if your individual liberties were threatened, what would you do? the star of that movie a.r. white joins me. >> nice to see you, judge. >> being ornery on the bench is what i did for a long time. we are talking about home schooling. parents trying to protect their kids. we see it in the headlines. why don't you tell the viewers what you tried to do here. >> our church has a home schooling co-op. we get visited by the county and told if we don't 100% comply to
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the regulations of their educational standards we'll be fined every week until we do. so we head to washington, d.c. to fight for these freedoms. they want to pull god out of the education. >> obviously you take it all the way. we have a little sounds of you. maybe we can pull that up now. >> what did you plan to accomplish? to defend the rights of parents to educate their children as they see fit and have congress promise they will never threaten those rights again. >> sir, that is not going to happen. we'll go back in there and we'll take a quick straw vote that will find in favor of the expert's recommendations and we'll push this through just like we planned. judge jeanine: even on this show we talk about what schools are teaching our kids, and they are
6:52 pm
basically saying parents are not stakeholders. the state decides what your children are going to learn. that the essence of the movie out on october 4 and 6. >> ultimately how far can the government reach into our lives, ban at what point do we stop that? in this movie, it's about being up conversations of god. where it started in the universities and the high schools and the communities. here we are. we want to bring it up in washington, d.c. and basically talk about how much are we going to -- the government works for the people, we the people. are we going to allow them -- how much can they come into our lives and tell us what we can and cannot do? >> the amazing part of it is when the state can call in case workers and supervise what's
6:53 pm
being taught at home is even more outrageous. when parents want to decide to home school, they come in and say you are not home schooling the way we think you should be home schooling. now whether it's critical race theory or any one of the issues that are so controversial today. they even want to come into the home. >> it's insanity in a way. i didn't know that much about home schooling until last year. if you had kids you learned about home schooling. but kids need to be taught in different ways. the other thing i learned in this movie, it's not just christians home schooling. it's people of different faiths that are home schooling. but it's about freedom. ronald reagan as a quote at the beginning of this movie saying don't forget about the sacrifice that was paid for our freedom.
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when that gets erased, they never see that freedom again. judge jeanine: we are in trouble and freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. david, the franchise is a wonderful franchise. i feel honored not movie. i thank you very much. antonio banderas was in the movie as well. i look forward to seeing you soon when it come out october 4-6 in movie theaters near you. >> thank you very much. judge. you are wonderful. judge jeanine: an exciting opportunity for all our amazing viewers. details in a moment. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best.
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when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling.
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thanks so much for watching, i am jeanine pirro, advocating for truth justice and the american way and i'll see you next saturday night. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ dan: hello, welcome to "unfiltered". about these garbage vaccine mandates, the vaccine mandates are supposed to improve public health, why don't they improve public health? maybe think of something i use often on my radio show, the movie money, have you seen it? recruiting good hitters that they asked for some question, if he's a good hitter, why didn't he hit good? >> he's got a beautiful swing,


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