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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  October 3, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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paul the second. that's the first step on the path to sainthood. that's it for today. have a great week. and we'll see you next fox news sunday. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo. let it be clear, the socialists are in charge. nancy pelosi jetting off to itly i'm told to meet with the pope after friday's massive failure in washington with no deal done and progressives able to blow up a bipartisan infrastructure plan while pushing $5 trillion tax, spend and green plan that most of them have not even read. >> this is their bill.
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2,500 pages. if you take a look at $3.5 trillion price tag, and you do the math, that's $1,400,000,000 for every page of this bill. and they want to pass it this week. how many democrats do you think have read this? do you think nancy pelosi's read it? do you think chuck schumer read it? do you think joe biden who is desperately begging democrats to pass it, do you think he's read it? do you think knows what's in it. maria: coming up, tennessee senator marsha blackburn on where the agenda goes now, with pelosi slipping on who is really calling the shots on bernie's budget. >> we had a number of things on this, lift the debt ceiling, keep government open, we have to
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do those imminently, more imminently even to address the obama agenda of building back better, so that's where we are. maria: but she's not getting the obama agenda just yet. just ahead, gop whip steve ,scalise on the economic agenda, the vaccine mandates and the 400,000 new migrants making their way to the southern border right now. then, the chinese communist party bullying is on display as the ccp flies an additional 60 military jets into taiwan's air defense space this weekend, capitalizing on america asleep at the wheel. former pentagon chief of staff kash patel connects the dots on the big lie of russian collusion and how those who abused power hoare now in power. will special counsel john durham
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reel in any big fish in the coming weeks. plus, the culture wars. >> i find myself in awe and startled by these revelations. maria: comedian russell brand and nicki minaj react to dirty tricks on the power grab. is the left finally waking up to the abuses and the failed policies of the democrat machine? christian walker and conservative publisher louise burke a on cancel culture on the left and corruption in washington. all that right here, right now on sunday morning futures. ♪ maria: and first this morning, bowing to the socialists, bernie sanders said no infrastructure without tax and spend and so it goes. nancy pelosi failing in her bid to spend 5 plus trillion dollars on new social programs and put the american people on the hook to pay for it with higher taxes. the speaker now targeting the
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end of october to get a vote on her massive spending plans after pulling the bipartisan infrastructure vote friday because progressives refused to vote for it without the massive tax and spent plan tied to it. joining me right nownd to walk s through it all, and to address also the 400,000 migrants making their way to the southern border right now, louisiana congressman, house minority whip, steve scalise. congressman, thanks very much for being here. >> good morning, maria. great to be back with you. maria: walk us through where we are on the economic agenda out of this administration. >> yeah, saw last week an epic collapse of president biden's agenda but they're not going to stop there and as you pointed out, now nancy pelosi i guess ironically on halloween is going to be the next vote on the package that should be scary of to every family in america because it would raise taxes to every family, it would kill
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millions of jobs, it would be a gift to countries like china but they're tying all of that and holding the infrastructure package hostage to this bill that's directly linked together, even president bidentl admitted when he came to the capitol on friday that the two bills are linked. it's a multitrillion dollar package. even if they get the so-called compromise, $1.5 trillion bill llwould devastate america's economy and really be a kick in mythe gut to middle class famils so she's passed through every kind of deadline. she was supposed to vote on this thing a month ago. then she promised her liberal members in the moderate districts they would get a vote on monday and then she promised them that they would get a vote on thursday of this week. she broke that promise as well. whatever number and date she says, it's less relevant to the devastation that the policies would have on lower income and middle class families, maria. maria: tell me what's in the bill that's most striking. we have a graphic here with some elements in the bill and i know that there's $80 billion or $79
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billion earmarked for irs tax enforcement, biden wants to hire 80,000 auditors to track all of our accounts at banks and force the banks to report what we do in terms of any transaction, $600 or more. there's $12 billion for government electric cars. i don't know what 3 billion is for tree equity. can you walk us through what strikes you most about that 3.5 trillion dollars bill which we're told is actually 5 and-a-half trillion. >> this is what happens when these big government socialists get ahold of a blank checkbook, because every time this bill change, it changes in the direction against the taxpayer and for big government socialism. they're spending money on things that are just crazy. if anybody thinks that creating job is adding another 80 plus thousand irs agents to then go and track every transaction you make over $600, that's in this
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bill. what does that have to do with building back better or infrastructure or even equity? if you look at that, it's about growing the size of government and their ability to track everything you do. there's a whole lot of incentives in here for things that, frankly, a lot of them are going to go to wealthy people but let's just start with the electric vehicle credits. thousands and thousands of dollars you can get to buy an electric car except they make it specific that it's only valid if you buy an electric car made in a union shop so all of these states that are right to work states, a lot of car companies that build cars in america without union labor, they won't get a dime of that. so it's literally picking winners and losers and saying we're going to punish you if you don't have a unionized workforce, that's the back door pro act in this bill. what does that have to do with trying to get the economy back on track. it would devastate the economy. this is what every family should
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look at, there's a tax on natural gas. we know they hate phos i'll -- fossil fuels, although they fly around in private jets, they drive around in cars fueled by gasoline. they go after the fossil fuel industry in many ways. they want to put a tax on natural gas. it will cost 14% more on the electric bill. that breaks president biden's promise that you won't pay anything more if you make less than $400,000. they will hit the lowest income people the worst. they want to spend the money on big government socialism. maria: we knowow there's a lotn the agenda. the debt ceiling, we run out of money october 18th. my sources tell me that nancy pelosi is traveling to italy and she set up a meeting with the pope but she set october 31st as the deadline to get both
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plans voted on again. real quick, because i've got to move on to the border, what are the chances that nothing gets done? >> well, they don't have the votes. otherwise they would have voted on it friday. they brought president biden and it failed. the idea that a trillion and-a-half dollars is a compromise, a trillion and-a-half dollars of more spending. you know whator spending in washington has done to inflation. does anybody think that a trillion and-a-half dollars of new spending will not impact them and there's no cost? that's not the case. maria: let me move on because there are vacation seen mandates in place right now, congressman, and you've got navy seals, navy told you're not deployable unless you get the shot. you've got state troopers resigning saying i'm resigning because i already had covid and i know i have immunity and i don't want to get the shot.
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nurses, i mean, i can't believe that they could tell us that we're in the middle of a pandemic and they're allowing nurses and healthcare professionals to walk off the job because they don't want to get the covid vac seen these are clearly -- vaccine. these are clearly unconstitutional rules. we have migrants coming in that are not being tested. i spoke with brandon judd, the president of the border patrol union on "mornings with maria" last week. listen to what he told me. >> we are absolutely not testingre migrants, nor are we giving vaccines to migrants. we are instead releasing them into the united states to spread all of the diseases including covid-19, to u.s. citizens. maria: this is extraordinarily, congressman. what can you tell us? because mayorkas just told the local communities to get ready for 400,000 additional migrants to be apprehended this month in october. 400,000. >> yeah, maria. think about this psychotic
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double standard. if you come to america illegally you don't have to worry about a covid test. an american can't come back home to america without a negative covid testme on an airplane. if you're here in america even with antibodies against covid we're going to get your fired from your job. hospitals, we started to see some numbers that are very alarming in the middle of this pandemic and resurgence of the delta variant, hospitals that are seeing thousands of their employees leave, some are firing their employees. inyou saw it with police office. liberals don't care about this because they want to defund the police. you're seeing a lot of police department where they put the mandates in place where the police officers are just quitting the job. the military goes after the men and women in uniform. this is crazy. we should encourage people to get the facts on the vaccination. not to threaten and shame them and kill their careers and livelihoods all over that. they don't even -- they discount the antibodies, maria. maria: i see that you have all
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right begun winning. let's look at last week's congressional game. watch this. >> democrats were trying to get caught up. wow, this is a long -- >> greg steube with a home run. out of the ball bark, into the left field bleachers. maria: very nice, congressman. you have a lot to celebrate with a 13-12 win over the democrats. it's got to feel good for you, congressman, being on that field. four years after that left wing gunman opened fire during the game. >> yeah, maria. look, god performs miracles. i'm lucky to get out there every year. it's a treat to play in a big league ballpark. wed raised over a million dollas for charities. toom see steube with the home r,
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it's a great harbinger of things to come to see the republicans beating theca democrats hopefuly awe get a lot more of that. maria:e it warms my heart to se you running around on the baseball field after you were severely injured four years ago by that maniac. congressman, good to see you this morning. thanks g very much, sir. >> ha thanks, maria. maria: quick break and then kash patel on what a 27-page indictment on hillary clinton's lawyer tells us about what other big fish are about to be reeled in. the john durham report, next. th. th. ♪
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and that includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the trump campaign and the russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and russia's efforts. maria: ah, yes, what a déjà vu. that was former fbi director jim comey back in march of 2017 on partly information the fbi ran with from the hillary clinton campaign as they peddled made-up stories of russia collusion about her opponent, donald trump. many of those clinton soldiers distributing the made-up stories are now working in the biden administration. my next guest took the depositions of several of the players who were pushing the false narrative. kash patel is the former chief of staff of the department of defense under president trump. he worked with devin nuñes investigating the russia hoax. kash, thanks very much for being with us. we so appreciate your time. obsessed as we are with the john
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during -- assess where we are with the durham investigation and what do you take away with that 27-page indictment of michael sussman? >> look, as a former federal prosecutor who prosecuted national security cases, i'm intimately familiar with federal indictments. the john durham indictment against michael sussman for lying to the fbi is normally about 2-3 pages long at max. a 27-page indictment is reserved for those mob-style conspiracy cases or large scale fraud cases that the department of justice brings, and what i believe john durham is doing is laying out a sweeping indictment so that the american public can begin to understand what the corruption was and who exactly was involved. i know you played james comey's sound bite at the top of the show talking about he's investigating the collusion links. what he should have been investigating was the collusion links between the democratic party, the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc to funnel
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this information into the fbi, fraudulently so, and now it's coming to light. and thanks to your reporting over the years, america's finally starting to see the truth of what happened behind this indictment. maria: well, thank you so much for that, kash. yeah, i remember an interview i did with john podesta years ago, and that is exactly what i said. i said, you know, john, it's weird to me because it looks like all the entanglements with russia are happening with the democratic party. he went a little nuts on that -- [laughter] but when strikes me about this indictment is john durham writes over and over again that every meeting that michael sussman had whether with fbi agents, another government agency which i assume is the cia, he billed the time to the clinton the campaign. he was, he was billing that. >> and that's it. and you hit it right on the held. look, when i was leading the investigation under kevin nuñes, i told him we've got to -- devin nuñes, i toll him we've got to
12:20 pm
follow the must be. that's how we figured out the dnc paid for the dossier. and what john durham's doing here and when i questioned michael sussman and jake sullivan, so many others three years ago, we locked them in and knew the truth because we followed the money. we knew the dnc and hillary campaign were paying these lawyers, and we had to lock them in under oath bought some day in the future we were hoping for accountability. the one thing that doesn't lie is bank records and money records, and that's what john durham is basing his conspiracy investigation on because he cited eight other individuals not by name, but i believe it's the fusion gpss of the world, all those who perpetuated this fraud are in the indictment. maria: let's take a look at this tweet that hillary clinton put out, and it's a statement from
12:21 pm
jake sullivan is. let's note the fact that jake sullivan today after writing this garbage for hillary is now the head of the national security. he is the nsa. and she writes back in 2016 computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server to a russian-based bank, and there is the jake sullivan's statement saying it's exposing trump's secret communications to russia. connect the dots on the that fact that some of these people who were abusing power are now in power right now. >> it's a shocking tale of the hypocrisy and corruption washington d.c. you have one presidential candidate and the national security advisor pretending in 2016 to have no idea what's going on when their campaign is funneling the money to get this gash average on -- garbage on president trump. as you said, the media, they're leaking stories at the time and pretending to be surprised, and then these individuals come back full circle four years later,
12:22 pm
and now jake sullivan's national security adviser. all those depositions are now public. i declassified them, and everyone can go read what jake sullivan wrote and testified to under himself, and they should be held accountable. maria: all right. hold that thought. i want to ask you if any big fish are going to be legalled in. we'll be liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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maria: welcome back. we are back with former prosecutor and former pentagon chief of staff kash patel. kash, i want to know when you believe the fbi figured out that the lies were coming from the clinton campaign. i know that in january 25th, 6th
12:26 pm
and 7th the fbi did meetings9 with a source on what exactly was in the dossier, and at that time they told them that it was garbage and they made it up. when do you believe the fbi figured out that all of this was just one political campaign trying to take down another? >> yes. i think they knew right away. the documents we put out in the nuñes investigation show that the fbi knew right away because their fisa abuse process, now that declassification process is complete and your viewers can read it,9 that the fbi knew the information was fraudulent, and they knew the dnc through fusion gps were piping in tens of millions of dollars into the machine so that they could get the fisa warrants on president trump. i think they knew right away which is why i think individuals at the head of the fbi need to be held accountable. maria: wow. so they knew that it was garbage, and yet they still pursued, pursue, pursued a fisa warrant to wiretap trump
12:27 pm
organization members like carter page. will john durham reel in any big fish, in your view? >> yeah, i believe so, and let me just put this in perspective. when i was running large scale conspiracy fraud investigations, they took me three, four, five years to prosecute. john durham's only in his second year of the most political scandal in u.s. history, so i believe in the next six months, look out for indictments for folks like glenn simpson, lisa page and peter strzok. i believe they're cooperating with him. i think you're going to see these indictments start coming out on the individuals at the top, it's just going to take a few more monthings. it takes a little bit of time to work these matters. maria: unbelievable. no surprise, the mainstream media gave them all jobs. quick move on to afghanistan. what really is getting me is the politicization happening within the military. president biden says he strongly
12:28 pm
opposes an honorable discharge for service members who refuse the covid-19 vaccine. he doesn't want them to get discharged with honor because they won't take the vaccine. your thoughts on what's happening right now in terms of the military and all of these vaccine mandates. >> well, you hit it on the held, it is the ultimate politicization of the one apparatus that should never be politicized starting with milley, austin, blinken and biden. look, it's offensive to me to see my special forces brothers have to step aside. these are the guys that killed bin laden, that killed baghdadly, that took out soleimani, that rescue our american hostages overseas, and they want to serve their country country. for president biden to force a vaccine on them is outrageous when he won't even force a vaccine on the tens of thousands of afghan ref i few gees that are now come -- refugees coming into the united states. the height of hypocrisy is
12:29 pm
outrageous. maria: and extraordinarily last week we saw general mark milley admit that he has been talking to all of these writers with their anti-trump books instead of having a serious and well thought out plan out of afghanistan. your thoughts on what we learned on all of those hearings and testimonies that we heard last week from defense secretary lloyd austin blaming the state department for delaying the evacuation of civilians out of afghanistan. look, you were there, you ran the dod during the trump administration. your sense of all of this. >> yeah, it's outrageous. milley's a new crack into the swamp for a reason. he's the most apolitical figure by law who's become the most political. instead of spending time informing the president on how to safely evacuate afghanistan, he's giving book interviews. and instead of lloyd austin going in to congress and telling them we had a plan, not an evacuation emergency, he's telling the american people he
12:30 pm
doesn't even know, the secretary of defense does not know if there's a thousand american citizens stranded in afghanistan, and they have no plans to get them in place. instead, they're bringing home captive hearn soldiers because of their disastrous efforts. and then the national security apparatus when they start blaming one another, the secretary of defense is blaming the state department for not removing americans? the state department is not the department of defense. the dod has the planes, the helicopters, the soldiers, the necessary equipment to go in and safeguard our personnel, not the diplomats. it's outrageous. maria: real quick, we've got to jump, but you think we're going to go back to afghanistan, that we're going to be forced to send troops in. >> yeah. look, the taliban, al-qaeda and isis-k are already on the rise. it's what happens when you don't have a conditions-based withdrawal like we did under president trump. it's what happens when you don't
12:31 pm
keep the brain center of our operation, and it's going to force us to go back in about a year's time. maria: all right, kash, good to see you, thank you so much. marsha blackburn on the other side of this b with golo, i've lost 13 inches in my waist. they're outta here. you eat normal food. you're not eating diet food. i'm doing something good for me finally. (announcer) go to to lose weight and get healthier.
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♪ >> my name is rachel campos-duffy. i've been with fox for seven years. well, the first thing that
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struck me was how family-friendly it was. it's no surprise to fox viewers that i have a very big family life. i have lots of kids. and my producers, the bookers, everyone was so willing to work with my crazy life, and i thought that was something i never expected. and then finally i had my nine child. i recall just thinking to myself, all right, like, this has got to be, like, the threshold of where fox can handle my, you know, life complications. it's going to be chaotic, guaranteed. the executive was, wait, we're so happy for you. like, that's a mommy's dream. it's something i'm in awe. i still say thank you. i'm so grateful to be here. >> what you have managed to do is to politicize the u.s. military to downgrade our
12:36 pm
reputation with our allies. nobody has resigned, nobody has submitted their resignation, and we've got thousands of people watching this hearing today that are looking at you all and saying i can't believe they're sitting there and not answering the questions and are trying to punt. maria: that was tennessee senator marsha marsha blackburne general mark milley on tuesday, calling for accountability after the biden administration's reckless withdrawal from afghanistan resulting in 23 deaths that we know of including the 13u.s. service members killed in the kabul airport attack and a botched drone strike that killed children. senator blackburn joins me now. she sits on the senate armed services and judiciary committees. thank you very much for being here. i want to discuss tuesday's hearing, but first, give us your reaction of what took place on the biden agenda on friday.
12:37 pm
do you think that we will see a vote and they will be able to pass all of this spending by the end of october as nancy pelosi is hoping? >> maria, we though that the build back better agenda -- we know that the build back better agenda has become the biden build back broke agenda, and the american people have figured out what they're trying to do is institutionalize socialism. they're trying to do a takeover of the country in one vote. they want government control of your kids, they want to look at your bank account for every transaction over $600, anything that you do on venmo and paypal, they want a part of that transaction. they want government control of health care, they want to demoralize the military, close the churches, destroy your faith in the american system, and and then here they're gonna come9 with the socialist program to run your life from cradle to
12:38 pm
grave, daylight to dark. maria: unbelievable. senator, i want to talk about afghanistan, and i really want to get to china. you've been so good on all of this, thank you for what you've been doing in those testimonies. first, what struck you most after interviewing mark milley and lloyd austin last week? >> what really struck me was the number of lies we have gotten out of the biden white house. biden said he had no advice from military leaders that he shouldn't use august 31st as the date, that he should keep the troop levels at 2500. he said nobody said you need to keep the bagram airfield, and we know now that all of that was false. the generals never said this was an extraordinary success. that is all spin coming from the white house and jen psaki.
12:39 pm
so that is probably what people looked at. and here you have these three generals and finally after we pound them for a while, they say, hey, wait a minute, we said they needed to keep 2500 troops. so biden was wrong in his interview with stephanopoulos, he was wrong in saying nobody said august 31st wouldn't work. but, maria, he wanted to take that victory lap on september 11th so badly that he was willing to sacrifice our relationship with our nato allies, with our partners in the region, the afghan government. thirteen troops lost their lives and thousands -- we don't even know the number yet of americans, of afghan allies, siv holders and their families, applicants and their families that are left stranded, behind taliban lines. maria: well, jen psaki also said
12:40 pm
that biden got advice from the generals and he got advice from others. who were those others, and who is really running the show in the white house right now, in your view? >> i think the advice came from ron klain and jake sullivan and susan wise and wendy sherman and antony blinken, that they were saying let's get out of there, let's take this victory lap. joe biden, you're the guy that edged this. maria: okay. >> that's where i think it's coming from. maria: senator, met me move on to china in. what we know is china has sent 20 more aircraft toward taiwan one day after the largest ever incursion. the ccp sending more aircraft into taiwan's air defense over the weekend, bullying taiwan. and also there is a report from axios that america's security agencies under president biden are opposing the blacklisting of a pinoff firm of -- spin-off
12:41 pm
firm of the chinese communist party linked to huawei. we also have an article from axios that says our government agencies are buying drones, drone technology from china. now, you've got to explain this one to me. why would we be buying drones from china when, in fact, there is a surveillance program already underway? what -- can you tell us if the u.s. is buying drones from china? >> from what we have heard, and we've not been able to fully investigate this, but what we have read is that they have removed huawei from the backlisting, and they are going back and doing business with chinese tech companies. maria, we have said no government agency whether it's our military, our intel, our law enforcement, our diplomatic agencies can use huawei, and they certainly can't use dji
12:42 pm
drones. and hearst the thing that is -- here's the thing that is so troublesome. joe biden is kowtowing to the communist chinese. he is letting them lead him around and push them back to the point they can sell this surveillance. well, what is going to happen with this? the communist chinese are going to gather all that data, they're going to build profiles of these cities, they're going to build profiles of people whose information is riding on that huawei network. this is all part of their surveillance plan and building a virtual you online -- maria: yeah. >> -- so that they know everything that you're going to do. so this is incredibly dangerous. you can imagine that we're going to be on top of that this very week. you cannot do business with the communist chinese. maria: well, what else does the ccp have on joe biden and hunter
12:43 pm
biden? we were told that hunter biden would travel around china and would the tell the secret service, don't follow me when i'm in china. so my question is, is it because there is a conflict of interest with the biden family and the ccp? is that why he is rolling over for huawei? we just sent the cfo, who was under house arrest in canada, now she's enjoying her motherland of china. she's back. >> that's that's right. and this is all part of going soft on china. and when it is biden incorporated, president biden or john kerry trying to get them to work with him on climate change, this is just ridiculous, how they're going about letting china -- maria: senator, you're right. senator, thank you so much. i wanted to ask you about next week because i know you have the whistleblower of facebook, you're going to be hearing from that person, and you will reveal who that person is on tuesday.
12:44 pm
we'll be watching your testimony, your hearing of the facebook whistleblower on tuesday. thank you so much, senator, for all that you're doing. we'll cover that on tuesday on "mornings with maria" on fox business. thank you, senator marsha blackburn. coming up, comedian russell brand has an awakening and rihanna wears a shirt saying think while it's still legal. whether the dirty tricks and power grabs are finally being exposed on the left are. cancel culture in america after this. this. ♪ paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.” but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels - and lower your a1c. now you know.
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12:48 pm
conspiracy. maria: ah, the truth is finally coming out. that was comedian russell brand, a self-proclaimed liberal, admitting to his 3.9 million youtube subscribers this week that president trump was right about hillary clinton and the big lie of russia collusion. so is the left finally seeing the big lie? with me now to unpack it is political commentator christian walker and louise burke, a veteran book publisher who start all seasons press for conservative authors. great to see you both, thank you so much for being here. christian, what's your take? we had russell brand, we had nicki minaj complaining about the vaccine mandates, you've got every once in a while bill maher, matt taibbi, what's your take on all of this? >> maria, i it's the left's aggressiveness that's begun to shake people awake. we are the cancel culture, we have lies like the russiagate lie, we have the terror attacks
12:49 pm
also known as the blm that overtook our country for months on end that the left's encouraged. people have had enough of this, but a lot of everyday or americans are scared to voice dissent because of the violent tactics the left uses against people. i think if we see celebrities start to use their public platforms to voice their dissent, we're going to see a domino effect and see everyday americans start to do the same, which is super exciting. maria: it's incredding, louise -- incredible, louise, that if you say anything, you get bullied and and run down by the mob. you experienced it yourself. you are a professional in the publishing industry working at -- you worked at simon & schuster and ultimately decided i'm out of here and started all seasons press. walk us through what happened. jay leno admitted comedians have to adapt jokes to fit cancel culture. >> my fear is the cancel culture's become a catch word,
12:50 pm
catch phrase that we all accept, and in reality we should be fighting back. i started, we started all seasons press so that we would be able to counter the shutting down of opposing views. this is america, it is our right to speak, it is right of people in the trump administration to publish their works and their books, and i really feel that if you have someone like gordon klein, an aclu professor of 40 years who was shut down because he chose not to go lenient on his black students' grades, and he found it patronizing and not a good thing for black students. so i think this is the problem. he is, he's suing the school, and i think that's great. maria: yeah. i want to ask you about some of the books that you're publishing and, christian, you're at ucla. i a want to get your take on college campuses and what you're hearing. let's slip in a short break and come back with christian walker and l
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
maria: welcome back. i'm with christian walker and louise burke. louise, you are publishing peter navarro's book as well as mark meadows'. i see peter navarro's book, in trump time, looks great. >> peter's book is already, breaking news, it's already garnered 100,000 advance orders and reached number three on amazon's ranking. it came out of the gate strong, it's a hard-hitting book that'll put you in the room with donald trump. maria: i lo it, i love it, louise. let me ask you, kris chancer about ucla -- christian. what are you hearing on college campuses? tell me how cancel culture is evolving these days. do you think it's resonating with truth tellers on college campuses or not so much? >> college campuses are full
12:55 pm
blown indoctrination centers. they teach white students to hate their skin color and everyone else to hate america. i'm a loud and proud conservative at my university, ucla, and my classmates tweet about trying to beat me up on campus all because i love america and is i like strong borders, fully funded police forces, and i don't think i'm oppressed because i'm black. it's time we get our head in the game because we can't be sending our children to these indoctrination centers, it's not sustainable. maria: it's absolutely unbelievable, christian. have you gotten any feedback since your father, herschel walker, the great herschel walker, announced he is running for the senate? what's your take on the black community in terms of what they want to see from leadership in the u.s.? >> i think everyone's really excited that my dad, herschel walker, is taking the opportunity, and i think what's cool about it is he already built this foundation of trust
12:56 pm
with fellow georgians. they've a walked his work ethic throughout his entire career, so there's already a good rah rapport with them, and i think we're going to see demographics that don't vote republican come out in support of my father, herschel. maria: what about the black community? i know that there was a huge outpouring for really conservative values in the 2016 and 2020 election. >> i think the left is very gross to the black community, demeaning, treats them like they're an other figure in the country, not like they're just average, effort mesh citizens -- american citizens, and i think conservative values are beginning to resonate with them and they see that it's conservative ideals that are in their best interests. maria: louise, are they buying your books? >> oh, yes. and is peter navarro's book, in trump time, is not even on sale for a month yet, so we're very excited, and we'll publish more.
12:57 pm
maria: louise burke, christian walker, thanks very much. great to see you both. thank you, everybody, for joining me. i will be back tomorrow morning on fox business, "mornings with maria," 6-9 a.m. eastern. watch us again today at 3 p.m. here on fox news. ♪ ♪ br 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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