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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  October 4, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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cheeky vein reflecting the facebook outage earlier today grandma back to communicating level of baked goods instead of conspiracy meeting. >> bret: nice. tomorrow on "special report" exclusive interview with rodney scott. thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. fair balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by ben domenech just down the hall starts right now. >> ben: knock on the side of the wall, bret. thank you so much. before we begin tonight a brief ward on behalf of our wife meghan to florida governor ron desantis his family and wife casey who we learned today has been diagnosed with cancer. our hearts to go out to you as you battle this awful disease. we will keep you in our prayers and we know you will fight and win. god bless you all. welcome to "fox news primetime." it's good to be with you again here in the midst of such turmoil and hate when last i joined you the taliban was stale far off threat. nancy pelosi was still a legislative genius. the media was still ignoring the
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border chaos and joe biden was still the kindly grandpa set on did any of our actually change or rather has the truth about our failed leadership class simply been revealed in stark moments of clarity? this week i want to take a step back from the news of the moment to talk to you about the depth of our problems in america today. i want to ask you this question. why are the very things that wurengs united us now used to divide us. when did being a preacher, a teacher, a cop become something politically charged? and why? who new england us wants that division to exist. who corrupted our institutions with these lies? who made this happen? the answer is more villain news than you night expect and more intentional than you might think. we will get to that new poll university of virginia center for politics found that a shocking number of americans are so fed up with division that he
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want for lack of a better term a national divorce. a break-up of red and blue states. their poll found a 52% of trump voters and 41% of biden voters favor. that's not happening. it's not a thing that he wool do federalism exists for a reason different americans with different priorities to live in a country together. what's more, i'm disappointed in any conserving who seriously entertains such ideas. did you miss every lesson about the growing backlash leftist overreach we have seen for decades? they are headed towards the exits white knuckling it towards the midterms barely hanging on to power. george soros shouting children into the goorm harass senator sinema and you want to bow out now? that's loser talk. the left thought they were it ascendant in america they would lead multi-ethnic police chanting waiting to the old
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conservative voters died off. you folks on the wrong side of history they said your time is over. our time now. get on the right side of the ark or reriot. they are wrong. they were wrong. the are black lives matter defund police house of lies known as america's public schools backfired. where in the past the left played game of hiding their true aims this generation of leftists couldn't keep quiet about the radical nature of their agenda. they said they wanted to destroy the nuclear family and we understood they meant it. the problem is that most americans are not motivated at all by what big government socialists want them tomorrow brace. the american people are aspirational. they value work, family, neighborhood and freedom. there are innate reasons most americans are ashamed to be on welfare and food stamps. academic race huckster demand we all categorize according to grievance. most americans would rather get
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along with each other and teach our kids to same. hate the cops or the military or border patrol as forces of violence and colonialism. instead we honor and respect them. the left tries to turn you into a subject, bending the knee to their priorities in return for a life managed by bureaucrats. but most americans still prefer the liberty and responsibility of being a good citizen. the american flag is not something to resent or burn or apologize for. we don't need a second national anthem. old glory is just fine for us. for most americans, this is true. we are frustrated by what we see happening to our nation. but it is driven and fomented by a loud leftist minority vastly overrepresented in our leadership class in corporate and social media in the halls of academia and congress in hollywood and silicon valley and i bet in your h.r. department. and we can't afford to be quiet about it any more. we must recognize who they are and send a message you're not getting away with this.
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free market capitalism is our friend in this cause. the old line against corporate wokeness was that republicans buy sneakers too. well, more people who love this country buy things than the people who hate it. if you want a stake of spending power of millions of american families against the hoard of angry wokester still sharing apartments in bush wick be my guest. there are more of us than there are of you. whether a there require of you, your family, of all of us, is an element of courage which doesn't allow you to be neutral. you can't just throw your hans up in the air and say i give up. it requires you to show up to do the work. to call out the corporations when they run afoul of their customers and the politicians when they ignore the will of the people it requires you to respond to woke swamp creatures like clinton bad man terry mcauliffe who say parents shouldn't decide what their kids learn in school and remind him who is really in charge. we don't work for you. you work for us. you are a public servant.
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serve or get out of 9 way. it reminds me of a growth captain america inspired by mark tywain about as american as you can get. it doesn't matter what the press says. doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say, doesn't matters if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right? this nation was founded on one principal. above all else. the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. when the mob and the press and the whole world tell to you move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth and tell the whole world no, you move. the answer to our division isn't to give up on the american experiment. it's to fight and take it back. it's to say to the arrayed forces of the left you can't have my country. we built it we own it it's ours. and we intend to keep it i'm ben domenech and this is the american crisis.
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>> ben: joining me now is virginia g.o.p. gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin swown very familiar with this crisis. thank you for joining me tonight, glenn. >> ben, thank you for having me. we have a lot of enthusiasm in virginia in this election and virginians are rejecting terry mcauliffe for all the reasons you just covered. and we are going to elect a republican to be governor of virginia. [cheers and applause] >> ben: glenn, i know you have been out there talking to a lot of these voters and i know this is not necessarily a fight that you wanted to get into when you got into politics. you are someone who is a very traditional republican and so many of your views but it seems today that the culture war is coming to all parts of our country. it's coming in truth to a county where i spent most of my life loudoun county in ways that are shocking to me to see and a shock, i think, to the nation. what can be done to fight back in a real and responsible way against these leftist culture warriors who want to control everything that our children are being taught?
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well recommendation first, ben what we saw last 20 months loudoun county ground zero as parents stood up for their children, open our schools. stop teaching them what to think and teach them how to think. by the way if there is sexually explicit materials in the library in the curriculum we deserve to know. my opponent, terry mcauliffe, stood up last week and he said the truth that he believes everybody saw it, that he believes parents have no right in their children's education. [crowd boos. [. >> i say that is not right. that is not right. parents absolutely have prime is i in their children's in will virginia law says so. virginians are rejecting terry mcauliffe and standing up for our children. this is no longer a campaign it's a movement. and virginia parents are on the move. [. [cheers and applause] >> ben: what we had last go around with terry mcauliffe. is he one of the most corrupt democrat leaders that i think you can find in terms of the history of the old dominion and
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that's saying something. i would say that he really does exemplify though someone who has made all of this woke sounding language. he has embraced this extremism. what does that say about the nature of the democratic party today? >> well, terry mcauliffe is the godfather of the modern day democratic party if bill and hillary clinton had a son it would be terry mcauliffe. his uncle would be joe biden. this is what we have got. at the end of the day, believes that government should stand between parents and their children. that's so not right. he wants to force to everybody join a union. he believes in defunding police and demeaning them. he in fact wants to raise taxes at a time where virginians have been overtacked by $2.6 billion. i'm going to give that money back. we are going to stand up. [cheers and applause] we are going to stand up for the rights of virginians and we, in
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fact, have going to stand in the way of terry mcauliffe's government controlled political machine. [cheers and applause] >> ben: the force that the democratic party is putting behind mcauliffe is obviously significant. this is a bell where race. bellwether race.he has gotten st of people who support some of these most extreme things. i'm sure you have seen the footage of senator sinema being harassed by people it turns out the free beacon funded in part by george soros and other extreme elements of the left. at what point is mcauliffe going to be called on the fact that he is supported by all these people who, you know, even though he sells himself as a moderate democrat have very extreme views that he himself has adopted? >> yeah. there is nothing moderate about terry mcauliffe. he is the most extreme abortion candidate. he believes in forcing everybody to joint union. he wants to put government between parents and their kids and oh i by the way. the democratic establishment is just absolutely frightened by the fact that virginians are
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going to stand up and make a statement no, not here. no more of this left-liberal progressive agenda in virginia. they are all trying to rally around him because they know when we win this fall. it is going to send an absolute strike across the entire country and americans are going to stand up. you watch us, we are going to win in virginia. [cheers and applause] we are going to win in virginia this fall and turn around and take back our house of representatives next year and we're going to reestablish balance in america these what we're going to do. >> ben: thank you very much glenn youngkin for joining me tonight. >> ben: as arizona senator kyrsten sinema found out she can't even use the bathroom without being harassed by these radicals. >> right now? >> we need solutions the build
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back better plan. we knocked on doors for you to get you elected and just how we got you elected we can get you out of office if you don't support what you promised us. >> ben: this lack of civility is nothing new from the left. just ask larry elder attacked by an egg-throwing in the job while campaigning to be california's next governor. don't worry, joe biden says it's all part of the process. >> i don't think they're appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody. [laughter] only people it doesn't happen to are people who have secret service standing around them. so, it's part of the process. >> ben: lehr to react former california gubernatorial candidate and radio host larry elder. larry, what do you have to say to the president's response to this situation? >> well, imagine if a gorilla-masked wearing woman threw an egg at, say, kamala harris or barack obama. they would be calling it a hate crime there would be an international manhunt to find her. this is the kind of lack of civility that goes on.
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this recall effort polls show, ben, at some point that the effort might very well succeed and then they brought in the heavy lumber. outspent me 10-1. 220 to $20 million. barack obama cut an ad for him. asked snoop dogg to tweet out his 19 million followers this was a republican take over led by, quote: the black face of white supremacy, quote. that would be me. never mind the issue that we campaigned on, the rise in crime. rising homelessness. the way he shut down small businesses to a point where a third small businesses are gone forever. many of which were run why ethnic minorities. the fact that in school learning for the 80% of the public school students were black and brown was denied. before the page then 75% of black boys could not read at state levels of proficiency. math scores even worse. half of all 3rd graders math scores are even worse. i support choice in public education. gavin newsom, my opponent does not. by the way, barack obama, k
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through 12 enjoyed a personal private education as did his daughters. but they oppose choice for black and brown parents and the polls show they want that and then the rise of the cost of living in california. $800,000 average price of a home in california, ben. that's 150% above the national average. it is a primary reason why the percentage of blacks and browns living in san francisco and in l.a. over the last 20 or 30 years has declined because they cannot afford the price of a home. i'm the black face of white supremacy? it's nutsd. >> ben: look, it is nuts. but one aspect of this that i would like to hear you address directly is we see this action from the left constantly. they will get in your face, they will yell at you when you are out eating. they will, you know, invoke all of these different aspects of aggressive politicking and sensibility aside. they never get criticized by the media for that he they're just -- they can run pail mel over any inspections in this case against a female senator trying to go to the bathroom.
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never any backlash never any criticism that maybe you shouldn't do that. >> well, ben, that one is easy. that's because the media are complicit. for example, i would never ask anybody to vote for me or against me because i'm black let alone that i would become the first black governor of california. but there was a long, negative article about me in the "new york times," never mentioning i'm black let alone if i got elected i would be the first black governor of california. in the very same issue of the "new york times" that same day. big long article about, quote, the first female governor, closed quote of new york. it was relevant that she had a d at the end of her name. i had have an r at the end of my name and i cease being black. >> ben: that does seem to be. the thing about this, larry, it's so obvious. they don't hide it anymore. it's all right there in the opening. all you have to do is pay attention to what they say. take them at their word and you can see the game being played in front of you, just 30 sendle. what can people do in their own communities to push back against this kind of rising incivility
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on the left? >> fight back, tell the truth about rising crime who it effect, tell the truth about rising homelessness. who homeless in effects, 6.5% of californians are black. 40% of the homeless are black. gavin newsom has done nothing about the homeless population except make the problem worse. tell the truth. sooner other later the left is going to hit bottom and they will have to rethink. sacramento leadges lay temperature. >> ben: larry elder thank you so much for joining me tonight. >> my pleasure. >> ben: vetting meting why afghan refugees are walking off military bases without proper clearance. where are they going? maybe mike gallagher knows? he is up next. ♪
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wen ben when america agreed to take in thousands of afghan refugees it was with the understanding they would be thoroughly vetted before being resettled across the country. turns out that's simply not happening. according to rioters at least' hundred afghan refugees have just walked off the u.s. military bases where they were being temporarily housed without completing the resettlement process. not only are these migrants now unaccounted for but this exposes a major crack in this administration's vetting and resettlement system. joining me now is wisconsin congressman mike gallagher. congressman, i certainly am sure that you are concerned about this news regarding the vetting process. you know, i can't -- i can't imagine that it's all that surprising though given how much this entire process has been botched from the beginning? >> unfortunately, not surprising at all. we have one of these bases in wisconsin, fort mccoy, i visited a few weeks ago. and a few things shocked me.
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the first is that at least at the time when there was a few thousand there, i asked well how many siv holders do you have here? because you would think after american citizens, those would have been our highest priority to get out of the country. the afghans who fought with us. work with us. it was zero. we had zero sivs at that time. secondly it was apparent by the time they got there they had already been given two year parolee status once they get to the port of entry usually dulles airport in washington, d.c. three, they have no way to stop them from walking off the base. now we have learned that two gentlemen, afghan refugees that were at fort mccoy have been charged with assault and engaging in sexual acts with a minor. so, this is unsurprising because the whole withdrawal has been an absolute fiasco. a fact that was confirmed to me in the hearing we had this week with general austin, general milley, and general mackenzie where all three gentlemen tried to spin this as a success or make meaningless distinctions like it was a strategic failure
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but general success. but f. this is what success looks like. what the heck does failure look like? this has been a fee as co-from fiasco co-fromstart to finish. >> degradation of faith in american institutions, institutions used to unite news feeling proud what we offer as a country. proud of what we represent to the world no. institution where this can prove more damaging than the u.s. military. why ask that the u.s. military has become trust it have faith in it and belief execute what needed to be executed and win wars to one now that seems to be a political football? ing. >> well, i think when it comes to the rank and file, those young marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen at the tip of the spear we have incredible people doing a dangerous job on our behalf. i think the problem is in general and flag officer class. we tend to promote politicians.
4:25 pm
and not war fighters. that's a huge problem with a broken personnel management system in dod. as well as the fact that some of our elite, quote unquote war colleges aren't actually eto ateaching war fighting or the history become civilized master degree program. we have a massive problem with how we groom those officers who show the most potential to end up being four star generals one day and then you have increasing politicization of those people wearing stars on their shoulders. it's a huge problem. and recent polling coming out confirms that americans who used to have, are you know, overwhelming faith in the military starting to view it as mover a politicized institution. >> ben: quickly, congressman, what can we do to get rid of the dead weight. to say get rid of this problem? we can talk about a barack for generals how else are we going to get rid of some of these folks with stars on their uniforms who really are, it seems like not serving the institution well? >> well, a few things. i mentioned the war college
4:26 pm
problem. i do think we need to completely reform our entire war college so only the best of the best get to go. and they actually practice how do you deter china from invading in taiwan and the most stressing national security scenarios. the second it really is bigger than one personality who is controversial like general milley. it's this entire diversity, equity and inclusion brik bureaucracy being built within the pentagon and we are going to have to when we take back the house go through all of that and dismantle it. because it's actually harmful to unit cohesion. the military has to be a pure meritocracy. and if you start to view everything through the prism of race, you are going to start to really screw up our ability to fight and win wars. and that's final thing. our north star when it comes to the military has to be the ability to fight and win wars. that's what it is all about. >> ben: absolutely. congressman. >> we have important work. thanks so much for joining me tonight. >> thank you. >> ben: up next, facebook was down all day but that's not the most damning news facing the
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company. hear the explosive whistleblower accusations against the media giant after this. ♪
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wealth is saving a little extra. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth. ♪ >> ben: a facebook whistleblower is exposing the social media giant for what it really is. a money machine that places profit ahead of public safety. in an interview with "60 minutes" frances how longen went on the record accusing the company of lying misinformation from the platform. instead she says thee have capitalized on it? >> one of the consequences how facebook is picking out that content today optimizing content gets engagement or reaction. own research showing content that is hateful, that is
4:33 pm
divisive or polarizing it's easier to inspire people to anger than it so other emotions. facebook has realized that are if they change the facebook safer spend less time on the site, less ads make less money. facebook makes less money when you consume less content. engaging with emotional reaction. the more anger that they get exposed to the more they interact and the more they consume. be. >> ben: senator from wyoming joins me now. senator, thank you for taking the time to join me tonight. i'm concerned obviously about what's going on with facebook and their control of the information that people get and i'm concerned that this latest whistleblower is just going to lead to more behavior on the part of facebook to silence people who they would like to silence and those tend to be people who have beliefs that are loot more like yours and mine than the beliefs of the people in silicon valley who run the place. >> well, sunshine disinfects and
4:34 pm
so the fact that this whistleblower came forward to document and expose information about facebook's unwillingness to put safety, especially for young people, ahead of profits gives us reason to have a hearing tomorrow in the commerce committee that will include the whistleblower and so we can begin to explore how to protect people's privacy, especially young people who are experiencing damage. we know that 13% and more than 13% of young girls who use instagram, have increased feelings of suicide as they gather data and then market to those girls who are insecure to begin with. the information that is being fed, the emotions that are being charged, are increasing their
4:35 pm
profits but also really damaging young people in this country. the same thing is true with regard to violence overseas. we can point to myanmar as an example of violence that occurred as a result of some of the rage and extended stays on facebook that brought about violence there. and elsewhere. and it is encouraging rage even in europe. some of the political parties there. have complained to facebook that by cultivating rage in order get people to stay online longer and spend more money. he this are also making political violence and political positions more extreme. >> ben: you know, i certainly think it's high time that we woke up to the threat that facebook offers. there is another threat that you brought up recently in a hearing regarding this step by the irs to crack down and look into the transactions that americans are
4:36 pm
making even at the level of $600. can you tell me a little bit about why that concerns you? >> if the irs is using banks and credit unions to gather information for transactions over $600, that ropes in every single american's bank accounts. and that is invasive. government is invading our privacy more and more. so you've got big government invading our privacy by way of the irs. you've got big corporations invading our privacy with a market incentive and profit incentive to do so. and there is a role for congress here to stop this kind of invasive data collection that can be used against the american people and can be detrimental to their well-being. >> ben: certainly could easily be weaponized, i think, in a lot of uncomfortable ways. thank you, senators for joining
4:37 pm
me tonight. >> my flesh. >> ben: meanwhile, facebook something sued by journalist john stossel for defamation. the lawsuit comes after stossel posted two videos on facebook on climate change and california wildfires. 9 fact checkers didn't like what they had to say. according to stossel they twisted his words labeled it as misleading. stossel, thank you for joining me. this behavior by facebook is one of the most irritating things that i see these fact-checkers who take things that you didn't say, check them and then use them to degrade your content or to flag it. it just seems completely baseless and unreasonable. tell us about what happened to you. >> well, i left fox to make these pieces like did i on 2020 and i could edit them and i'm very careful about what i say. and these face checkers hired
4:38 pm
pointer institute. a lefty group. they are alarmed about climate change. they think it's a crisis and they don't want anyone saying well, maybe we can adjust to this. so they made up a quote. put it in quotes. claimed implied i said that and even after we pointed out to them and to facebook they don't take it down. and that's just lying about me. and then they also rated my piece false. we didn't understand why. so we managed to get interviews with a couple of the reviewers. i showed it to them and the reviewers said well, we never watched that so they are smearing me based on something they didn't watch. i wouldn't care. i mean, i like facebook. i think mostly it does good things. but, when you get two bad marks. they cut off your views. and i got 24 million views on facebook on one of my climate videos. now i don't get anything like i used to.
4:39 pm
because i'm being punished by these idiot fact checkers. >> ben: the other infuriating part of it is oftentimes, you got some interviews with these fact checkers, oftentimes there is no appeal process whatsoever. even if you point out to them that they're saying that you say something that you didn't say or that you, you know, the article doesn't make the claim that you are saying it does. their response is basically nothing. there is total silence. do you hope that this lawsuit will at least open up and perhaps change the behavior of facebook for the better in terms of being more responsible with this type of process as opposed to enabling anonymous fact checkers? >> well, they are not totally anonymous. i hope facebook fires climate feedback. that's their name because they are silencing a lot of good science reporters. >> ben: i think that's the sort of thing that definitely needs to happen. given that, you know, you have, you know, so much empowerment there to shut off people's views
4:40 pm
to shut off the access to the information that you offer and that i hope people will pay attention to and follow on facebook and elsewhere, john stossel, thanks so much for joining me coming up, the grass is always greener when it's mowed with love. meet the man who is changing america one freshly cut lawn at a time. ♪ ♪ >> my name is stuart varney and i have been at fox for 18 years. on day one, the first thing out of the producer's mouth was look, we don't want to talk about wall street. we are to the going to talk about the federal reserve. we don't want any elite language. i said oh, this place is for me. so where do we start? all right, let's start with your money. first off, it seemed to me right from the start that fox was interested in what i could communicate. i want to be real clear about this.
4:41 pm
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♪ ♪ being. >> ben: every parent knows how hard it is to get their teenager to cut the grass. but my next guest has managed to do it not just once but thousands of times. rodney fits jr. is the founder of the raising men and women lawn service. mission to inspire america one lawn at a time. he has enlisted nearly 3,000 kids to provide free lawn care to single mothers, seniors, stabled and veterans. rodney fitz jr. joins me now. rodney, thanks for joining me. tell me a little bit about this project and why you started it. >> thanks for having me on. it started just naturally back in 2015. i was leaving school one day and i across elderly man coming across mowing his lawn.
4:47 pm
it looked like he was struggling. i pulled over and helped him out. that night i decided to start mowing lawns for free for will the elderly. at the time i was getting bachelor in computer science. i could free lawn convictions. i mow sod quick. 100 a month and a half later i reached my 100. the idea of raising men and women's lawn care service came about. >> what are some of the things that the people who participate in this project across the country tell you about what it's done for them and their lives? >> it means so much. especially to the kids. you know, it's getting them off their games and the computer and getting out there and meeting people they probably normally wouldn't have met. giving back to the community. one good thing about it, you see kids one thing to get out there and no one is forcing them. they are wanting to get out there and meet different people in their community and make a difference. >> ben: in terms of the different values that this imparts, obviously one of the big parts of this is respect for elders and for veterans, for
4:48 pm
people who these kids might not even interability with in normal lives. what are the stories that you have heard either from them or the people that have been touched by their work? >> i will give you one example. a kid named wesley in michigan his mom told me when he first started the organization, he was a shy and quiet kid. once he got out there and started meeting the people, he opened up and most of the people that he mowed for were veterans and he got to hear firsthand storied from the veterans whether they were over in vietnam and stuff like that. and that really meant a lot to him. we are hearing stories like that and hearing stories across america and even nationwide and worldwide because we also have people in 8 different countries taking part as well. >> ben: you know, what you are building here is not just, you know, mowing lawns, it's a community institution. it's designed to create some connectivity between people who have become are itemized and separated and don't have that family close to them. is that what you set about doing when you started?
4:49 pm
or is this something that you sort of became aware of as you were going along? >> i kind of came aware of it as it started as it came along. when i first started i was just think locally and then after a while it became a nationwide project and we have kids in all 50 states and we also have kids in 8 different countries. so it kind of just blew up after a while. >> ben: where can people go to learn more about the project and for kids who want to sign up, where can they learn more about that? >> yeah, so if kids want to sign up, if the parents want to sign up go to we are raising and we're raising women as well. find out more information and sign up kids for 50-yard challenge. >> ben: rodney, thank you so much for taking the time to join me tonight and good luck with this important mission. >> thank you. >> ben: don't go anywhere. comedian, author and impractical joker james murray is on the clock next. ♪ ♪
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>> ben: a few minutes left in the show, time to put comedian costar other practical jokers and coauthor of the new book stowaway, james murray, on the clock. four stories, 60 seconds each, are you ready? >> ben, i'm ready to go, i'm excited, let's do it! >> ben: first of, the "the wall street journal" "wall street journal"'s mike horowitz broke huge news about facebook but went viral for an entirely different reason. i will give you one hit what it was. it looks like he was better prepared to play some tennis then hit the sunday shows. >> look, look -- excuse me, i dropped my mic, one second-grade i'm so sorry, ben. here's the thing. i don't have a problem with it. we've all been in the situation. you know you've got a big tv interview, it's live, and your moments away from the all-valley tournament and you've got to represent cobra kai because danny the rooster has been moving in on your girl, we've all been there, you know what i'm saying! i have no problem with the headband at all. >> ben: i got very richie tannenbaum fives from this
4:56 pm
appearance. devon was something that somewhat he would home in the courts, but yes, you do have to kind of rush to make all the different things work together in a busy schedule. do you think that more people should don headgear when they are doing serious shows like that? >> look, look, look -- time is up, we got to move on. keep going. >> ben: [laughs] moving on. when you're a kid they tell you not to make funny faces or else it will get stuck that way but no one told apparently to steve belichick, the son of the legendary patrick's coach, caught wagging his time on camera and the internet is loving it. did you ever have that kind of conversation with her parents about getting her face stuck a certain way? >> yes, of course. if you make a face, it will stay that way. classic. that being said, what steve did is the oldest trick in the book. you try staying focused on the field when your opponent is sticking her tongue out at you. there's no come back to that. like ready, ben, say anything.
4:57 pm
say anything. >> ben: anything. >> anything you like. it is so juvenile, there's no coming back from it. it's a brilliant move, he did it, he nailed it, he deserved to win that game. i think they lost the game though. >> ben: they did lose. maybe he just needs to expand to this, have more people on the sidelines who are going along with this strategy as a way of distraction. next up, -- >> on we go. >> if you're like me, this one is like you. captain kirk is blasting up the space once again, this time for real. next week, william shatner will join jeff bezos abort his next flight to the final frontier. my only question is, how do i get on this flight? >> right, isn't this the dream flight? captain kirk has been to space many times, this really shouldn't even be in the news. that being said, he's 90 years old. i do hope that amazon delivers him prime 2 out of space. he's got to be a prime member for sure.
4:58 pm
you can't -- you know, at 90 years old, get him back down to earth as quick as possible, you know what i'm saying come amazon? jeff, figure out some expedited shipping for shatner. >> ben: definitely expedited, definitely next day service. i'm just -- i mean, i'm happy for the guy. one thing that i know is that he gets in all manner of twitter fights, particularly with our friends at red letter media, so i'm curious if he is going to still be able to tweet from space, that would be fun. >> we will see. we will see. >> ben: listen up, introverts, you might need to get out of your comfort zone. a new study finds that meaningful conversations with strangers makes people happier. we were strangers before this segment began, do you feel happier now after our meaningful conversation? >> we are no longer strangers, and i will tell you why. i got a few questions for you. first, what is your deepest fear? second, tell me about the greatest moment of your life. now there's only you and i talking, let's make this a memorable moment. third, where do you see yourself
4:59 pm
in five years? fourth, if you change one thing about me, what would it be? fifth, if you are trapped in a cruise ship with a serial killer on board look in my new book -- >> ben: there we go, marketing! >> there you go. what would you do? now we are having a deep, private conversation. i already feel closer to you. >> ben: definitely the fear is clowns because of that -- that old line about, you know, some people -- some people like clowns, i don't really because of that time i went to the circus as a kid and a clown shot my dad. but the thing that i think is really going on here is that we are finding together our thought processes about what's going on in the news, and that's good for every stranger to do. i love that headband, congratulations on being able to pull it off. >> i agree, it's a pleasure to meet you and now i feel very close to was well. >> ben: excellent, good to be with you. thank you for watching "fox news primetime," i am ben
5:00 pm
domenech. don't forget to catch my podcast on or wherever you listen. today's episode i spoke to ryan holiday on his new book about courage, you don't want to miss that. it you can also sign up for my newsletter. i'll be back tomorrow night at 7:00. until then, the lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. life is amazing, is it not? if you'd asked anthony fauci 60 years ago when he was a student at holy cross in massachusetts whether he would grow up to single handily control how christians celebrate their most beloved holiday, isis-k can probably have assumed you were high, smoking that tea with the beatniks in greenwich village, reefer madness. he would have been confused buried at the


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