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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 4, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. life is amazing, is it not? if you'd asked anthony fauci 60 years ago when he was a student at holy cross in massachusetts whether he would grow up to single handily control how christians celebrate their most probably have assumed you were high, smoking that tea with the beatniks in greenwich village reefer madness. he would have been confused. at the time, he was starting to become a doctor, not the pope
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and there was a difference then. little could he have known back in 1958 that public health would become america's raining religion, and he it's high priest. but life is like that. you never know where you're going to end up. fast-forward to the beginning of last december. anthony fauci was 79 years old. his 80th birthday, it turns out was christmas eve and fauci was determined to celebrate it with an exhibition of authority-flexing that had no precedent in the entire history of the federal bureaucracy, no one had ever done it before, but fauci did. he decided to unilaterally end christmas and so one day on nbc news, he did just that. watch. >> a warning and a plea from dr. anthony fauci. should people know cancel their travel plans for christmas? >> to the extent possible, don't travel, don't congregate together. >> tucker: there it was, do not travel for christmas anthony fauci said, do not congregate together to celebrate it. that means no christmas eve in church, that means no christmas
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morning under the tree with their families caring for stockings. it means no christmas at all. sacred christian observance canceled until further notice from dr. anthony fauci md. what a thrill it must've been for him to say something like that. here's a guy who fully expected to spend his life giving prostate exams and there he was declaring the ancient christian calendar null and void. pretty amazing. but even more amazing was the reaction that fauci received when he said it. the people in charge loved it. they never cared much for christmas anyway, all that religious talk and unsupervised family time. he faintly seemed like a threat. anthony fauci, by contrast, was no threat at all to the people in charge. he worked for them. his job was to do their bidding to confirm their biases, and to never ever challenge their sense of their own moral superiority. their job, in return, was to love him for it, and they did. drive through affluent neighborhoods in
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washington, d.c., to the state and you will see the signs in people's front yards, honk for dr. fauci, in dr. fauci we trust, and above all, thank you tony fauci. and they really do want to thank him. not for funding the gain of function researchable income of the dash no, it's bigger than that. they are thinking dr. fauci for the gift of life, which he alone bestows. what you're seeing here is washington's new religion, its fauciism. it shouldn't surprise you that this year once again are moral leaders are asking dr. fauci the very same question, christmas is coming, can we celebrate it? before we go through the hassle of booking plane tickets renting cars, buying presence parliaments, prepared to celibate the central quality of the country's biggest religion please let us know, dr. fauci is it on or off? have we been naughty or nice? tell us. this year the job of asking a question fell to an anchor at cbs news and this sunday she asked dr. fauci. here's what he said.
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>> we can gather for christmas or is it just too soon to tell? >> you know, it's just too soon to tell. we've got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not jump ahead by weeks or month and say what we are going to do at a particular time. >> tucker: it really depends on how you behave, whether you're naughty or nice, at this point it's just too soon to tell whether you can have christmas this year. ending hearing that, the news lady just nods. it's all perfect normal, we will check back with you, dr. fauci keep doing science as only you can. and of course that's exactly what tony fauci plans to do. last week, fauci had to unravel this scientific puzzle. are the hundreds of thousands of sneezing unvaccinated illegal immigrants coming into this country every month driving a spike in covid cases? could that be happening? figuring out was anthony fauci's job as a scientist. fauci's scientific conclusion? well, here it is. >> are immigrants a major reason
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why covid-19 is spreading in the u.s.? >> no, absolutely not. i mean, if you just look at the data and look at the people who have gotten infected, look at the people who are in the hospital, look at the people who died, this is not driven by immigrants. >> tucker: fashionable people getting covid? the sneezing unvaccinated migrants across the border from around the world are absolutely fine. in fact, from a public health perspective, they are great people. like blm rioters, but very much unlike donald trump voters. in fact, these people may be the solution to this pandemic. if are going to beat this covid thing, we are going to need a few more hundred thousand people from haiti asap. they know a thing or two about public health. thanks, dr. fauci. meanwhile, other nonreligious data tell a somewhat different story. the latest figures from immigration officials show fully 18% of illegal migrants leaving
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border patrol custody have tested positive for covid. that doesn't even include the unknown but very large numbers who never wound up in border patrol custody. more than 25% of migrants who are "recently scheduled for some expedited deportation flights" have tested positive for covid. what percent of these people are vaccinated? none. but let's face reality here fauci said. none of that's a problem. the real problem is you and your silly demands to see her family for christmas, or to be with her aging parents as they die in the hospital. that's the problem. and how you vote. our public health establishment strongly agrees with this. as tony fauci spoke, the cdc rolled out new guidance to match. they cautioned that people should hold "virtual holiday celebrations," or have socially distanced celebrations outdoors at the end of december. we're doing all this, keep in mind, with a virus from eating age of death that is higher than life expectancy in the
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united states and also in the united kingdom. let that sink in. in a state of ohio, for exam the life expectancy is 73, the median age from covid is 79. not everyone wanted to hear that we needed to cancel christmas. it turns out outside of network newsrooms, christmas remains stubbornly popular in this country and if there's one thing tony fauci response to, it's public opinion. fauci is on television nearly constantly, not because he's brilliant and an amazing talker. not at all because he's totally self absorbed and loves to hear himself speak, but because it's his job as a public official. so he responded this way. >> that was misinterpreted as my saying we can't spend christmas with our families, which was absolutely not the case. i will be spending christmas with my family. i encourage people, particularly the vaccinated people who are protected, to have a good normal christmas with her
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family. but just the way all of the other disinformation goes around, you say something talking about a landmark of a time and it gets misinterpreted that i'm saying you can't spend family christmas time, which is nonsense. >> tucker: so when i said it's too soon to tell whether or not you can celebrate christmas what i really meant was of course you can celebrate christmas, what are you, stupid? so tony fauci didn't misspeak you're an idiot for misunderstanding what he said you're being very naughty. now, this is a strategy tony fauci has employed before. just a year ago fauci told us that herd immunity would eventually end the pandemic when 60-70% of americans are vaccinated or develop natural immunity, fauci told us we'd be done, we'd be safe. and then out of nowhere the slogans on the side of the barn got repainted but no one acknowledged it. fauci started quoting a higher
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number in television interviews. he started saying 70-75% of people with immunity, at that point we will be good. and then the number rose again. fauci changed it to "80, 85%." in december, a reporter at "the new york times" -- their job is to report the news -- noticed this and asked fauci about the changing numbers. according to the paper, "in a telephone interview, fauci acknowledged that he had slowly but deliver leave and moving the goalpost -- [creepy laugh] he is doing so, he said partly based on new science but partly on his gut feeling that the country is finally ready to hear what he really thinks. oh! now he's telling us what he really thinks -- we weren't ready for it before! we just weren't prepared for the truth! but as we grow in our faith fauci can lay more profundities on us. so yes, he was lying, but it's only because you can't handle the truth, and the media agree
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with that completely. they've been repeating that message for months now >> saw dr. anthony fauci, the target of an escalating right-wing smear campaign. >> scientists should not be under siege like this. >> marco rubio, rand paul josh hawley, have all taken up dr. fauci as the bogeyman. >> the increasing demonization dr. fauci by donald trump and his minions in the republican party is growing, it's obsessive. >> and watch what they're doing to tony fauci right now. because he is the new hillary clinton for them, they are making him the pinata of all of their disaffection and they're upset. >> in one america, dr. anthony fauci is trusted and even immortalized. in the other america though, he is tarnished and distrusted. how did dr. fauci of all people become a right wing bogeyman? >> tucker: here's what they're
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doing on fox news to make tony fauci into a right wing bogeyman. here's i was the subject. what they're doing is they're quoting him, okay? and they are quotes from yesterday to his quotes from three months ago, to his quotes from year ago, and they are noting that they don't all add up. if that's a smear campaign. but as cnn's media analysts pointed out in half of america tony fauci is immortalized, and that is true, it's not just the yard signs, it's the tony fauci flags, the tony fauci ornaments the tony fauci ornaments filmic clothing, the welcome mats, you can find it all online. now people are getting tony fauci tattoos, tattoos showing the date they got vaccinated per fauci's orders. some fauci disciples are literally tattooing vaccine cards on their arms. but that's not weird. it's just faith. on msnbc, this is what tony fauci worship looks like.
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>> i could watch tony fauci's bid through the disinformation elves on capitol hill all day long. >> tony fauci, who under normal president is trusted and usually beloved advisor who has an encyclopedic memory and knowledge. >> last night going after tony fauci, while it was predicable, was still an abhorrent and pretty brazenly political efforts. >> it's the muzzling of dr. tony fauci, who is respected, revered, i would say on capitol hill and trusted by the public but this man is an international treasure, not just a national treasure. >> tucker: he's jesus with that her shoes the muzzling! he was only on msnbc six times this week! you can't stop this man! he's god. you know who agrees with that? tony fauci does. as tony fauci reminded us in
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june, tony fauci is not simply an international treasure. he is the physical embodiment of science. >> so if you are to, you know get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you are really attacking not only dr. anthony fauci, you are attacking science. >> tucker: there was, the third person self reference. fidel castro in english, but that wasn't a slip of the tongue. he meant every word of it. tony fauci is himself a devout member of the church of tony fauci. take a look at the still photo from tony fauci's home office. look in the back on the bookshelf. do you see? what is that right there? those are tony fauci prayer candles prominently displayed inside tony fauci's home. oh. at least he's real. fauci isn't just the high priest of fauciism, he's also a true believer himself.
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ron johnson, by contrast, is just a lutheran. he's a member of the united states senate from wisconsin we are happy to have them on tonight. senator, thanks so much for joining us. at a certain point -- look, i think you probably needed someone like tony fauci to guide the country through the dash you know, a point man to explain covid in the early months of it but at this point, nearly two years in, you wonder why tony fauci has anything at all to do with our covid policy. do you know the answer? >> well, he has been set up on a pedestal and basically -- i refer to them as the covid gods but tucker, i think the question -- by the way, you laid out the case against him quite well. the lies, the flip-flopping, but i think the question you have to ask about tony fauci and quite honestly the other people in our health care agencies, is have their policy prescriptions, have they worked? we have more than 700,000 people dead now. we spent trillions of dollars
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the human toll, the economic devastation, we are at each other's throats, now these divisive mandates are going to destroy our health care system destroy your military readiness. their policy prescriptions have been a miserable failure and the biggest blunder of all, they ignored early treatment, they sabotaged early treatment. now they are all hopping on board this peer review. the doctor groups i'm dealing with, they call it money peer reviewer. they invented -- are they patented ivermectin. they've been trash talking ivermectin in favor now of this drug that will be like $700 a dose versus ivermectin cost about six or $0.07 a pill. so again, you have to take a look at his record, which of course the mainstream media will never do. these people will never admit they were wrong, and they've got the power to make sure they are never proven wrong. there's something very sinister going on here, tucker. it has cost tens if not hundred of thousands of people their lives.
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>> tucker: i think you make a series of great points, but the first one is just kind of indelible. you've had all most 700,000 people die. it is there any evidence that any of these measures that have really shaped the country completely, have saved a huge number of lives? have we just ignored it? would many more have died? it's a sincere question. >> i doubt it. science has been corrupted, our medical system has been corrupted. i put a chart on the senate floor last week to show the pandemic was winding down before the vaccine's ever had a chance to take off. you'd expect on that chart that the pandemic would continue to wind down. it didn't, we've had this huge delta search, and again, the blunder was the fact that we completely ignored and sabotaged early treatments. there's literally a cornucopia of different drugs and multidrug treatments. there are hundreds of doctors that actually have the courage and compassion to treat patience, they've been saving
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lives, but now they can't even get some of these drugs because it has been so corrupted. >> tucker: boy, i don't know why you're the only one saying this, but i'm grateful that you are, senator ron johnson, talk about rising to the occasion. i appreciate you coming on tonight, thanks very much. >> can i make one more point? >> tucker: of course. >> it's important. these mandates are driven by the bait and switch of the fda, we do not have an approved vaccine in america. it's available i guess in europe at the pfizer vaccine available in u.s. is not fda approved it's that emergency use authorization. i wrote a letter to the fda on august 26th, they have still not given an answer of why didn't they approve it. why they basically lying to the american public? that's a serious question to be asking is we are destroying our health care system with these mandates. >> tucker: at some point we are going to learn the depth of the lies and it's going to be shock to everyone, even those of us will have a low opinion of the people making these decisions. senator johnson, thank you very much.
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>> have a good night. >> tucker: so if you want to know how little they actually care about the spread of covid they kept our southern border open throughout. many people coming across are infected with the virus. some remarkable footage showing where these migrants are winding up in this country and he joins us tonight. hey, bill. >> hey, tucker, good evening to you. so right now we are just on the street from a residential neighborhood and when the sun goes down here all the brush easy behind, it will start to come to life with illegal immigrants who are actively running away and hiding from border patrol. we want to show you what that looks like. take a look at this footage we shot last night and into the early hours, we were embedded with a trooper on the hunt for these runners. people do not want to be caught and let me tell you, i am not exaggerating when i say they were all over the place. you can see from the video young single adults hiding in the brush, a lot of them lying face down, some of them wearing camouflage. it got to the point where you had to kind of watch where you
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were walking throughout the brush because it was so dark you didn't want to step on anybody but this one dps trooper was able to get about five or six of them, border patrol was in the area as well. these are single adult men for the most part, the guys who do not want to be caught because they know if they are caught they will sent back via title 42. the question is how many of them get through, because border patrol is stretched incredibly thin and there's one residential neighborhood literally just across the street from where we are. we will send it back to you. >> tucker: what a horrifying moment this is an you've chronicled it better than anyone. thank you. >> thanks. >> tucker: several people arrested by the government after january 6 became effectively political prisoners, they were terrorized in a home. one of them was a former commander of the united states navy, he joins us next to describe what has happened to him. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: you hear endlessly about january 6th. no the qanon insurrection. but on most everything you hear about that day is general and florid, the overstatement overshadows everything. no you rarely hear details about no no no no what actually happened to specific people. here's a story you should know. thomas caldwell was in washington that day, former lieutenant commander in the united states navy. a few days later and january 19th, a s.w.a.t. team with armored vehicles showed up at his home. the officers pointed rifles in his face and took him to jail. he spent 49 days in solitary confinement. what he went through is described in a fantastic new piece by julie kelly in american greatness. initially prosecutors accused caldwell of plotting an attack on the capital even though he never even went inside the capitol building onnnd january .
10:27 pm
he's now in home detention awaiting trial. lieutenant commander thomas caldwell joins estimate with his wife sharon caldwell. thank you both very much for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: very quickly the facts of your case. you didn't go inside thehe>> capital, he spent 49 days in solitary confinement in prison. tell us what they are charging you with exactly,he if you woul. >> well, it's really interesting, tucker, because they made me the poster boy. i was defendant number one in a conspiracy. they said i conspired to actually put together a military style attack on the capital. then i stormed into the capital and did all these terrible things. they even claimed i threatened our lawfully elected representatives in congress. total claptrap, but they sense that information all around the world across all the media platforms. interestingly enough, while ies was languishing in the prison in solitary confinement not knowing when i was going to get out sharon found us our current
10:28 pm
lawyer, mr. david fisher, and david fisher made it was started doing lawyer stuff like looking for the truth and doing some research and when he did that he went to the government and he said how's about showing me some evidence?ns and when they couldn't produce it, they immediately changed their position. now they say the exact opposite of what they said. originally they claimed i was the commander, that i did this terrible thing to go inside and i created a plan to attack congress. now they have meant no, you didn't do that, you weren't the commander, not a leader, not even a member. they seem to be very nice people, but i'm not part of that organization. then they continue to do their flip-flop and they said, you know, i guess you didn't really go in and i guess you didn't really develop a plan to attack. but still, tucker, we are mired
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in a legal battle against the government with no end in sight and what they are doing is they're driving forward -- you know thea. story about how the s.w.a.t. team came, traumatized sharon and i. they decimated our finances -- have you heard that before -- and right now where we are although we are christians that we believe that god has us in the palm of his hand, things are not looking all that great. we are at the edge of losing our family farm, the same form that i grew up on where we are broadcasting from tonight. >> tucker: you think of all the people in congress who support what has happened to you. you know, liz cheney ought to be ashamed, and hope she is watching this. this is caldwell, what did you think when armed men took her husband away and put them in solitary confinement for 45 days? >> i really didn't't know what o think. i was so shocked and surprised when the s.w.a.t. team shows up
10:30 pm
at our house and you know, my husband and i went to d.c. on january 6th as husband and wife. we considered it an outing of ac couple of days in d.c., just husband and wife -- i hate to say fun thing to do, but at that time we didn't anticipate there were going to be any riots or anything like that, so we just went to have the president speak one last time and like you said a few days later,a the s.w.a.t. team shows up and it's surreal it's just absolutely surreal this whole experience. i cannot believe -- i never thought in a million years that anything like this would happen to us. i can't even -- you can't even conceive of this and i still wake up some days and i think is this really happening, is this really happening? it does not seem real, and when he was taken away from me, when he didn't come home right away i really thought he was going to be bonded out and he would be home and i knew okay, we're going to get this straightened out, there must be some misunderstanding but he was still there about two months later, i'm thinking oh, my gosh
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i really thought -- i really thought that, you know -- he's a 100% veteran, he's given every thing to this country that he loves, and he has serious serious health issues.e he can hardly walk sometimes he's in so much chronic pain everything will day, and i thought i would never see him again. i thought i would never see him again. i'm sorry. >> tucker: i hope you crush these people and we are going to follow your case and hope that you both will comemees back. >> thank you. >> tucker: it's shocking. >> thank you. and -- if i may, please, for further information about our case, we've got a lot of great information on our website. if you want to learn more please go to our website. help usou'd like to with our legal expenses you can do that too, thank you so much. >> tucker: lieutenant commander thomas caldwell and sharon called will, thank you us here >> thank you. >> tucker: at the height of the blm lunacy, ucla, the college, demanded that there professors grade black students
10:32 pm
more leniently than white students. one professor said no he was punished forre it. he's now suing ucla, he joins us next. plus, candace owens is here to explain who is behind an effort to defund the police department yet another, in a major city. that's all ahead. this is... ♪♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪
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>> tucker: gordon >>ti tucker: gordon klein is a longtime professor at ucla and some of last year in the middle of the blm riots, a student emailed klein with a demand. he told klein to k grade black student with "more leniently" than other students.t of course klein said no. within three days they suspended him, he was not reinstated for several weeks. now he is suing ucla. if the professor joined us tonight. thanks so much for. coming on. >> thanks for having me on. >> tucker: the hold story is so crazy, it's hard to believe it's real. was your intro correct? the school punished you because you insist on grading people on the performance?
10:38 pm
>> yeah, can you believe it? it's in the rulebook, great people based on marriage, it's in the rulebook, never discriminate. i've lived my life never discriminating, i was grotesquely offended by the condescending nature of what this student said to me. i post questions to him to get him to rethink his position. the student was content with it he said rhetorical questions i'm cool with that. he got back to studying, got a grade, eight, in my class, and i thought the thing was over but the university decided theyut wanted to spot a racist or at least an alleged racist, and they decided they've got a horrible reputation for racismid bias, and instability within the school of management where i teach, and so they decided that they'd make an example out of me to rehabilitate their own reputation as a publicity stunt and that's all it was. >> tucker: so because you refused to take account of race they called you a racist.
10:39 pm
does your suit -- >> i know it's bizarre. you must have to -- you almost have to say it several times. i they called me a racist because i quoted martin luther king in support of a color-blind society. >> tucker: i've lived that, so i know that is true. >> [laughs] >> tucker: does your suit in which we are playing for fervently, have any hope of prevailing do youuc think? >> not only has hope of prevailing. keep in mind have been a law faculty member there for a number of years. i've been a superior court referee appointed by judges. i know the law, i know the legal system, i earn my income as a legal expert witness. does it have a chance of prevailing? if i get a fair hearing, it has a 100% chance of prevailing at the university should be shaking in its boots right now. in fact, the irony is theyow hid me to teach law and ethics to students and guess what? i'm now going to teach them a lesson in law and ethics. >> tucker: i love this so much.
10:40 pm
if you win i hope you will come back to celebrate with us during our really do. >> i would love to! >> tucker: you are welcome. thank you. >> you got it. >> tucker: if you watch our leaders in congress y carefully there's no sense at all that they go outside or know how much the country has changed. the republican party doesn't seem that interested in what's happening at the border. why is that? fascinating conversation may explain it just ahead., by the way you can get the book. amazon takes no cut, we are proud to say. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we talk to victor davis hanson a lot on the show and almost every time we wish we had more time.e. one of the wisest people we know and one of the most articulate. hanson is a senior fellow at the hoover institution. we sat down with him for more than an hour for tucker carlson today. here's part of it. ♪ ♪ >> i didn't know much about donald trump, i wasn't a supporter of his in the primaries but ii knew he was going to win.
10:46 pm
i just knew it, because he was saying things i could not believe and, you know, we n do youngstown, ohio, and then he came to california, i talked to a bunch ofca farmers and said dd he come here and did he have the strong mouth and the caterpillar cap. t no, he had this black suit, it was 105 degrees, he had a queen -- so i said in other words wasn't hillary clinton or joe biden, put you all and change. i said he is authentic and he's representing the middle classid so i thought he had a very good chance as far as your other question, i lost all those friends. >> really? >> i left this year after 20 years and i think they were happy to see me leave too. >> tucker: why did you leave national review? >> because there were certain issues that would pop up occasionally and i could predict
10:47 pm
what the answer was going to be the covington kids. i just sensed that before we knew anything, people would come and condemn them or the accesss hollywood -- >> tucker: you condemned -- >> i think there were certain people in the republican movement or establishment who felt it's their duty to internally police their own, and that's kind of a virtue signal to the left. we are just part of yourre class we share the same values as you do and we keep our crazies, and they are not empirical. you've saw it on january 6. we all condemn that riot, but within two weeks, i said to myself actually babbitt wast st unarmed and we don't know anything about the policeman, we don't know anything about the report. at one a policeman shoots somebody on arms, there's pictures everywhere. >> tucker: no warning, by the way. >> there having officers lie in state but i want to know where
10:48 pm
the evidences that he was killed. he wasn't killed, he died of a stroke -- >> tucker: national reviewew wasn't on that? >> no. there was an armed insurrection -- there were no weapons found on the people. they are not even being charged and tried with dispatch. there are cities in purgatory so these issues i would get angry about and i try to convey that anger, but i think they felt that any -- i can't say they all -- but i think a lot of them felt it was their duty as republican establishmentariansli to tell the world they didn't approve of donald trump suites or his crudity, and my message was always it's good for the middle class. it is kind of like a shane or magnificent seven, he's a gunslinger we hire and we are the townspeople that are impotent and he a came in with certain skills and started to
10:49 pm
have success and now we have the luxury of saying we don't like the fact that he has a six-gun. but he has to write off on the sunset, but they didn't -- there were other issues they felt were more important, so i think it was a good parting for both of us. >> tucker: what issues did they think was important? >> i don't know, i think there's an image that a lot of republicans have both in politics and they sort of represent a judicious way of looking at the world, we are the adults in the room, and it's more about a culture it is an ideology in the original republican conservative movement i thought was going to be where going to go back and look at the constitution when jefferson said it won't work if you pile up everybody in the cities because they will be subject to mass hysteria is are you look at certain ideas, i thought that's what we were, and i thought they would be champions of the middle
10:50 pm
class, but i don't think they were. i don't think they wanted to be. >> tucker: victor davis hanson's new book, "the dying citizen" is out tomorrow. you can watch the full interview on tucker carlson today, it's on fox nation. george soros is behind no effort to remove police officers from yet another major city, because that works well, and many die. we will tell you where that's happening next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: geniuses in the city government of austin texas, the city's police budget. the police have announced they're not able to respond to crimes that are nonemergencies. >> if you're experiencing a nonemergency call and i would b going over specifically the ones that we have changed, then whatt we ask that you do is to report those over the phone by calling
10:56 pm
311 or by doing it online at >> tucker: in other words they are no longer going to fulfill the most basicer duty of government which is to keep you safe. go to the website. good luck. that's insane. people who live in austin have put florida proposal called proposition a that would hire more police officers like the ones they used to have. oh wait, george soros doesn't like that. george soros doesn't live in austin but he would like to destroy it.ut that's the groupies founded to dump a half a million dollars into a campaign to defeat that measure. candace owens joins us to unravel this mystery. george soros does not live in austin, texas. i know that he ever has. he's not from this country originally. why would he want austin, texas to have fewer police officers on the street? >> that's a very good question. i'm so tired of the leftee pretending that we are picking george soros to be our bogeyman.
10:57 pm
every time this man spends money, and stored in an effort that's going to undo american civilization. he funded black lives matter the protests and riots. he's a billionaire. if you wanted to help black people he doesn't need to give to black lives matter. he can give a 10 tons of other causes that do work to help people. but here we have them again the same type of initiatives going against police officers. if i am going to fathom an idea as to why he's doing this george soros is a manan that mae his money in investments. what is he doing? what is he invested in that his investments would go long? i don't know. maybe he is going long on china. why would he benefit from an america that doesn't really exist. i want toex say again i think wh the left is after is the federalization of the police
10:58 pm
force. i've been saying this over and over again. the american story is the same story of every country that's converted from a capitalist thriving society into a socialist society. it's the only thing that makes sense. the question, why does george soros want to see that? why does george soros want to see the collapse of america. has to be invested in the country that isn't >> tucker: i think that's a really good hypothesis. i think there is hate at the core of this. why would you systematically go to cities you've never lived in and make them more dangerous. it's goingll to result in more murderers. it's not complicated but you do it anyway. you clearly are angry at the country. >> yeah, or you're just a person that wants to make money. i really do believe w money is e root of all evil and i think that george soros' personal cares passionately about money i think he cares about becoming successful. i think hate is enough to drive george soros.
10:59 pm
of course the core of this is always hate. you have to hate america. you have to hate american society or not care for it. the people suffering are the people who live in austin. they want things to get so bad in austin. so bad in new york and chicago that like lori lightfoot is calling for in chicago, we need help. sending reinforcements. send something from the federal level. i think you're going to see that happening a lot across the country. >> tucker: but the real crime is criticizing the billionaire. [laughs] you can't do that. >> over and over again. absolutely. i criticize him and talked about his money and they accuse you of being anti-semitic. i am like, i didn't even know he was jewish. i'm talking about where he is spending his money. it's not good. >> tucker: a lot ofis people are intimidated. you're not. appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: you heard what
11:00 pm
george soros is trying to do with the cityrd of austin, texa. you can find out what he's trying to do to the city of chicago. we did a whole episode about it. "chicago in crisis" streaming now on fox nation. the entire episode on george soros. he went -- we went to hungary to find out. that's worth watching. see you tomorrow night. >> americans held hostage. abandoned behind enemy lines. day 51. >> sean: day 51, our fellow americans, that's right abandon.ha thousands of americans. green card holders are eligible to be in this country abandoned. afghan allies, tens of thousands of them, abandoned. their families abandoned behind enemy lines thanks to joe biden intimate is more clear than ever joe biden and his radical socialist friends are


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