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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 5, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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anniversary you can send us your video shot out e-mail them to brian: am enjoying not only watching the channel but the officials of the specials each one really surprised me. ainsley: fox took a chance on us, even in this together, thank you for watching every day. brian: this is my junior prom theme song i never thought i would hear it again good morning i'm dana, bill is off
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>> she said the president indicated we would be working with a lower top line number and decisions must be made regarding the size and scope of the reconciliation bill. the white house is not putting
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a hard deadline on when these negotiations should wrap up. they insist it will go on as long as it takes. >> going to continue to press forward with both the infrastructure package and the reconciliation package and that's what the discussions with members of congress are focused on. >> some progressives are tired of waiting and following arizona senator kyrsten sinema everywhere she goes. whether on the airplane or landed at reagan national on monday. she hasn't been a fan of the price tag of some spending plans. people are shouting at her. the president was asked about this and he says this is really just part of the territory. >> president biden: i don't think they are appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody. the only people it doesn't happen to are people who have secret service standing around them. so it is part of the process. >> we've seen a handful of republicans starting to speak up in the senator's defense saying the behavior is simply unacceptable. see if the white house has new
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reaction today. and the nasty rhetoric about the debt ceiling. republicans say democrats need to figure it out. >> trace: we'll get back to you. mark meredith on the south lawn. >> dana: reaction to those senators being ambushed is karl rove. in a way that president as answer to that question yesterday was one line, right? but i think it might have a lot of significance especially for independence watching this fight but also people in arizona. don't want their senator hounded like that. >> not at all. i thought the president made a terrible mistake. he should have said this is inappropriate behavior and ought to stop. he green lighted this. you have to put up with this. i don't have to put up with it because i'm surrounded by secret service. let sinema and manchin have a tumble in the barrel. it was entirely inappropriate.
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in all candor last weekend the people who were harassing sinema didn't know what they were talking about. they followed her into the restroom to berate her for not having a path to citizenship in the build back better bill. senate parliamentarian said it can't be done under the byrd rules. the looun particulars who followed her into the lady's room didn't understand it has been agreed to by everybody because it's the rules. >> dana: i don't know if you know her personally. everything i understand and i don't know her, i would love to get a chance to talk with her. apparently she is not somebody who is necessarily going to be bullied into changing her mind because of this kind of behavior. she might harden her position. >> i think that's natural. it is highly unlikely a member of the united states senate or a member of the u.s. house will be kowared into doing something they don't want to do simply because protestors show up in
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inappropriate places and ways and try to browbeat them into submission. it won't work. if they wanted to make sinema a more sympathetic figure they sukh edmonton well and added to it yesterday on the airplane. >> dana: president biden will try to convince people in michigan and giving a speech that will be seen nationally his build back better plan is the one everybody needs to get behind. take a listen to peter doocy and jen psaki yesterday in the white house briefing room about the claim the white house is making it doesn't cost anything. watch. >> you've been saying it costs zero. are you now admitting the plan does not cost zero? >> it won't cost the american public a dollar. the plan costs nothing for the american people who make less than $400,000. >> dana: will people buy that, karl? >> no and that's a big problem. the argument it will cost americans nothing. we're not that stupid.
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the 5.5 trillion, they say 3 po in5 but 5.5 will have to come from somewhere. where it will come from is from everybody. even the joint committee on taxation has said the corporate tax increase will 75% of it paid for by people who work for those companies in the form of lower wages and smaller benefit packages than they would otherwise receive. those who make less than $400,000 a year are among those people. we have direct taxes on people who make less than $400,000 a year. if you smoke you pay higher taxes. last time i looked a lot of people who made less than $400,000 a year smoked. but all of these monies have to come from somewhere and ultimately it will come out of the american economy in the form of lower wages or benefits than they would otherwise be higher costs to consumers, higher costs to suppliers, lower profit margins for suppliers. all those things will happen. the white house is making a
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mistake. the other day in my column last week sort of suggested this was like when president obama said if you like your plan you can keep your plan. that enraged people because they knew it was not true. this simply is not true and will similarly have an effect among the voerts. >> dana: president biden going to michigan. there are a couple of swing state members of congress -- swing districts. alisa slotkin moderate. her election will be tough in the mid-terms next november. does a visit from president biden trying to sell his plan help her? >> i'm not certain. in 2020 he won the independent vote by 13 points. that was 2020. in october 2021, biden's approval rating among independents has gone winning them by 13 to losing them by 13. the congresswoman in question
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will get reelected only if she has strong support among the independents. right now this plan he is selling, the waif he is handling himself in office, these aren't selling with independents. >> dana: great to sigh. thank you. >> thank you. you bet. >> trace: another fox news alert. the justice department going after parents who it says are harassing or intimidating school teachers, administrate to*rs and other personnel and dust-ups at school board meetings. some say it's a blatant attempt to silence dissent. we're live with more in washington >> good morning, trace. the justice department has directed the f.b.i. and u.s. attorneys offices to meet in the next 30 days with local law enforcement leaders. this after the national school board association likeened parents to domestic terrorists. it started with a letter sent to the president by the nsba. they call for assistance from multiple agencies including the department of homeland security
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and secret service writing we believe immediate assistance is required to protect our students, school board members and educators susceptible to -- the association calls to attention contentious school board meetings where parents have exercised first amendment right to speak up before elected leaders over mask mandates and potentially divisive educational programs like critical race theory. it says the classification of these actions could be equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. but critics feel a federal investigation is extreme overreach. >> you nationalize the effort to go after people based on political speech when you determine that one size fits all. the f.b.i. should be looking into these isolated incidents. this isn't a national group that is garnering support and mobilizing people. >> this as school boards around
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the country have voted to do away with school resource officers. some are seeing that as members putting students safety in jeopardy while seeking to preserve their own. send it back to you. >> alex, thank you. >> dana: we're awaiting a major hearing on capitol hill. the employee who blew the whistle on facebook is set to testify in congress after she went public with stunning internal research that showed facebook is well aware its products are harmful for many users especially teenage girls. the hearing is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. eastern and we'll bring it to you live as it happens. >> trace: facebook, we know facebook makes money they have comments and reactions and shares. we're being told the comments, reactions and shares are being pushed by facebook because angry content tends to be shared by everybody and pushing buttons to make money. >> dana: this hearing could be
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interesting. senator marsha blackburn of tennessee and richard blumenthal of connecticut both believe something needs to be done in terms of the big tech companies and facebook in particular. we'll see how the hearing goes. as the search for her missing brother intensifies his sister is speaking out. the key detail she is clarifying. >> trace: dr. anthony fauci walking back comments on potentially canceling christmas and the cdc appears to be changing its tune as well. >> dana: the woke police are at it again forcing m.i.t. to cancel a lecture. why this professor was targeted and we'll hear from him coming up.
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>> dana: fox news alert. national health director francis collins is stepping down. he has been under fire after he dismissed a theory that covid-19 leaked from a wuhan lab as a conspiracy and later forced to walk it back and he also has denied the nih funded risky gain-of-function research of coronavirus through a subcontract with the lab. there is no word yet on a replacement. >> anyone that lived in that house had to -- [inaudible] >> trace: gabby petito's family slamming brian laundrie and his family as the search for their daughters fugitive fee an see is ongoing. his sister says her own family is ignoring her and their attorney that's thrown her
6:19 am
under the bus. let's bring in ted williams, great to see you. i want to play this sound from cassie laundrie on "good morning america" and get your response on the other side. >> we just went for a couple of hours and we ate dinner and had s'mores around the camp fire and left. there was nothing peculiar about it. no feeling of grand goodbye. no nothing. i'm frustrated that in hindsight i didn't pick up on anything. it was just a regular visit. i don't know if my parents are involved. i think if they are, then they should come clean. >> trace: here is my question. we know she saw her brother on september 1st. the day he got home from his trip without gabby and then again on september 6th at this camp fire she talked about. we're supposed to believe that at no time did she say hey, how was the trip? how is gabby? where is gabby? i don't buy it, do you, ted?
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>> trace, i don't buy it, either. gabby lived in the home with her parents and brian for years and when she saw brian and his mother and father on september 1, the first question is where is gabby? so she has some explaining to do. when you look at september 6th, they went on a camping trip. who in the hell goes on a camping trip when someone is missing under these circumstances? and she again didn't ask where is gabby? i find that to be smelly and suspicious, trace. >> trace: i will get to the spotings of brian laundrie in a minute. i want to bring this up because i just found out about this, ted. brian laundrie flew home from utah to florida and then flew back to utah a few days before gabby went missing. maybe it's nothing but what do you make of the fact that he
6:21 am
flew home, then flew back to utah and a few days later she goes missing, anything? >> you know, it adds to the mystery of this whole scenario of gabby going missing. i don't make that much of it but i do make a lot of it that he came back all the way across-country with that van on september 1 without gabby. that is significant and important, trace. >> trace: now we have this hiker who says he saw who he thinks is brian laundrie on the appalachian trail and now we might have some reports that police have spotted or some people spotted brian laundrie on the north carolina, tennessee border. you know more about this than i do. it is really difficult to just disappear for weeks on end especially when you are driving a vehicle. who do you make of these sightings?
6:22 am
>> well, i wholeheartedly agree with you, trace. through the years you and i have covered a lot of these incidents where there have been sightings. i think the authorities welcome citizens' involved but more than -- more likely than not in most of these cases these sightings don't pan out. and then what we have to think about is how did brian laundrie get all the way to the appalachian trail? did he hitch hike? was he given a ride? i can tell you this, i believe that the parents -- the parents know more than they've actually let on at this stage in the investigation. but i think also the f.b.i. is on to the parents and that's what's going on at this stage, i believe. >> trace: the tipster said in a white truck. where did he get a white truck and where is that white truck? ted, it is always great to have you on. thank you, sir.
6:23 am
>> my pleasure. >> dana: cleanup continues as officials investigate a massive oil spill off southern california's very popular coast. closing popular beaches and threatening wildlife. the leak could impact the already struggling supply chain as prices for gas and more keep climbing. more on that next. fox news celebrating 25 years at the new york stock exchange. back in just a moment. paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.” but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day, now he knows how food affects his glucose. and he knows when to make different choices. take the mystery out of your glucose levels - and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit ♪♪
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6:29 am
all fox originals who were here on day one in 1996. i want to sneak in the picture, too. i was also here day one 1996. so i'm going to try to get in. there we go. >> dana: you deserve to be in the picture. fun to watch all these tributes from people who have been here for so long or people like myself who have been here 11 years and i feel like i'm brand-new, still. the culture and success of fox news has been a wonderful thing to celebrate this 25 years and i'm excited about the future as the opening bell is about to be rung. ♪♪♪
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[bell ringing] >> dana: there you have it. the open bell rung by the fox news leadership team and several colleagues who have been here the entire 25 years including the ceo, suzanne scott and jay wallace the head
6:31 am
of news. >> 25 years ago today we were sitting around thinking we hope this thing makes it. we're keeping our fingers crossed. we had no idea it would be such a cultural phenomenon 25 years later. it has become a powerhouse. >> dana: an honor to be a part of it. congratulations, everybody. thank you, viewers especially. if you want to celebrate with us check out 25. shout-outs from your favorite talent and staff. oil prices hit a seven year high. a russia led group of oil producers refused to boost output despite global demand. the average price for a gallon of gas is $3.20 according to aaa. more than a dollar cheaper a year ago. let's bring in cheryl casone host of the new show "american dream home" on fbn prime. this energy thing is causing
6:32 am
problems elsewhere because if energy goes up everything else goes up. >> oil prices are up 60% year-to-date. big jump. opec did not put extra oil in the global market where the united states wanted that to happen. that's one issue. energy prices are also i have to say here making everything else higher whether it's truck -- the gasoline that trucks are paying or energy prices for home heating, propane, things like that. unforpt naturally what you are seeing is a very inflationary environment. debt ceiling debate happening now. janet yellen saying she is worried about a recession if the debt ceiling debate continues and we don't pay the bills by the 18th of october. you also have the fact that to my dream home assignment housing. housing has jumped through the roof. lumber prices. inflation everywhere. i'm not buying this argument that it is transitory. no offense to jerome powell but i do believe these inflationary prices will stay through 2022.
6:33 am
>> dana: meat, pork, stek and ribs. 11.3% increase. it makes a difference in people trying to make ends meet at home. the president's economic advisor said this about inflation and meat prices, watch. >> half the overall increase in grocery prices can be attributed to significant increase in prices in three products. in beef, in pork, and in poultry. if you take out those three categories we've actually seen price increases that are more in line with historical norms. >> dana: that might be true but what people feed their families happens to be protein. >> the same companies that kept us fed during the pandemic. before we go after the meat industry and i've done it on air and one year on fox business i did that. feed, the labor shortage, transportation again packaging. all those prices have gone up. there have been a couple of
6:34 am
well-known lawsuit that tyson had to settle that were multi-million for price fixing but they are dealing with cost increases going back to the inflationary environment. the fda and commerce department have to start to address this in the biden administration. they aren't blaming the meat -- blaming the meat producers is the wrong move. this executive order over the summer as inaccuracies in it that came out over the summer. >> dana: don't make the cattlemen mad. let's talk about american dream home airing tonight at 8:00 p.m. every week. let's look at one of your clips. >> let's go find a house. let's go find a house. >> i love this. >> oh my gosh. >> amazing. >> wow. >> with home values up 30% over the last year finding the forever home would be an american dream. come true. >> dana: a lot of people love
6:35 am
to watch and dream about big houses like this. gorgeous houses, great locations. where else will you take us? >> tonight we'll go to virginia beach, virginia. we have a navy officer, chris and julie and he has been on six deployments. served his country, wants his dream home and go to livingston, montana. they are leaving california and going to montana and want peace. american dream home is not tearing down a wall and finding mice in it. not that kind of show. it's about the stories of the people and how they really built. they're average americans that wanted to have that final dream home to call home and over the next few weeks on fbn prime we'll follow their stories. >> dana: it makes your show different and special. thank you for telling us about ut and we'll check it out at 8:00 p.m. on fbn. >> trace: gavin knew sew declared a state of emergency in orange county after there
6:36 am
was a massive oil spill they believe up to 144,000 gallons may have leaked into the pacific closing beaches and threatening wildlife. william la jeunesse live in huntington beach, california with more on this. william. >> trace, the platforms that you see behind me are two miles away and those are in federal waters. the rig that we're talking about for the source of the oil is eight miles out in federal waters. it is important for jurisdiction and possible litigation. the owner of these rigs believes that one of the cargo ships you see anchored out there may actually be to blame. the other controversy here is when this happened. the "l. a. times" has documents that show that the national oil response center had information of a spill at 10:00 p.m. on friday night and an hour later had satellite images of a spill three miles long, a mile wide. however, the owner didn't tell the feds until saturday morning.
6:37 am
the public didn't know until sunday. also the current owner of the wells is amplify energy of houston saying they are insured for the cost of the spill. and yesterday its ceo suggested a cargo ship anchor may have ruptured the pipeline. officials tell me those are burr eefd 10 to 14 feet deep and local d.a. says that the company amplify with a history of compliance violations cannot be trusted to conduct their own investigation of this cargo ship theory. >> that's one of the distinct spos abilities. >> they shouldn't be able to go anywhere near that pipeline. they are biased, they are self-interested and they are going to do everything they can to try to reduce their damages. >> so the cleanup continues. about 5,000 gallons of oil are skimmed and suntions off the ocean service. they have closed beaches and harbors. economic damages continue to pile up. impact to wildlife is priceless and as the wind and currents
6:38 am
drive the remnants of this spill towards san diego. >> i would characterize the oil as isolated ribbons or patches of oil. so it does cover several miles and that is constantly changing. >> the site of the spill is a potential criminal investigation or a crime scene. local d.a. wants state and federal divers to accompany amplify the check the ruptured pipeline. that will be up to the coast guard. we'll see later today. back to you. >> trace: william la jeunesse live in huntington beach. california has had massive oil spills. santa barbara 4 million gallons. that spread out 120 miles from the site where the initial spill was. this will go quite some distance south before they get it all cleaned up. >> dana: i can imagine for you, one of your favorite places to
6:39 am
go and care deeply about it. we'll pay attention and bring the news as it happens. did president biden as son break his father's campaign promise about foreign business? dr. anthony fauci says he plans to spend christmas with his family one day after this. >> can we gather for christmas or too soon to tell? >> too soon to tell. we have to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say what we'll do at a particular time.
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>> dana: white house press secretary jen psaki dodging questions on hunter biden's ties to china. during the 2020 campaign then candidate joe biden said his family would not engage in foreign business dealings. records reviewed by fox news indicate the president's son still holds a 10% stake in a chinese private equity firm. here is what the press secretary told a white house reporter at yesterday's briefing. >> i point you to his representatives on that. he doesn't work in the administration. i conveyed to you and i will have to move on you should talk to his representatives. there is no reason to yell. i'm not yelling. you should talk to his representatives. that remains his policy. he has been working to wind it down. beyond that talk to his representative. >> dana: questions like that that won't stop for a while, if
6:46 am
ever unless they get to the bottom of it. >> trace: wait until the art starts selling and you will have more of these kinds of questions depending who it sells to. meantime m.i.t. canceled a science lecture by a geo physics professor after activists launched a campaign about him with his views of diversity from the university of chicago he joins us now with more. we'll get to the cancel culture part in a second. i want to talk about your views on diversity. you think it's treating people as members of a group instead of individuals which you say is repeating a mistake made 20th century atrocities possible. explain that for us, sir. >> that's correct. fundamental principle of moral philosophy we have to treat each person a as an individual with inherent dignity. if we violate that we risk repeating the atrocities of the
6:47 am
20th century. >> trace: the activities should not be blamed because they're fish swimming in a sea of confusion. you go on to write today quoting the fact that's such stories have become an everyday feature of american life should do nothing to diminish how shocking and damaging they are to a free society. the fact that m.i.t., one of the greatest universities in the world caved in so quickly will only encourage others to deploy this same tactic. you believe this is a dangerous precedent. >> yes, i do. my wife was born in ukraine and she had to be baptized in secret because if the government found out her mother would have lost her job. and when she heard about what was happening on campus when i first told her it sounds like what my mother told me about soviet times. >> trace: i'm curious. your speech was based on climate, right? so how was diversity and equity
6:48 am
inclusion being brought into this? >> it has nothing to do with the speech. it was a criticism of my political positions and cancel my talk because i didn't agree politically with the activists. >> trace: you write this is not a partisan issue. anyone wants the interest of truth and has a stake in the debate. speaking out my seem risky. the cost of remaining silent is far deeper. science shouldn't be about politics. science these days is riddled with politics especially in the middle of this pandemic. >> that's true. and we need to all strive to get the politics out of science and focus on doing our research and move forward together. >> trace: we talk a lot about this and it used to be you learned in college that conformity was the enemy of science and that it was all
6:49 am
about robust debate. it doesn't seem like we're holding to that value anymore. is that a fair assessment in your point, professor? final question. >> i think it depends on the sub field. we can all try to do better to push the boundaries and not conform to ideologies that could be damaging. >> trace: lastly i would ask you, we talk about this, there is a woman on capitol hill today talking about facebook and the influence it has on young people and talked a lot about the big tech kind of shutting down some of these scientific stories. if you disagree with the coronavirus, if you disagree with the wuhan lab leak theory you are simply shut down. is that also a dangerous precedent? >> i think censorship wherever it exists should be opposed. >> trace: professor, thank you for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> dana: fox news alert
6:50 am
facebook whis blower francis hogan set the testify about the inner workings. we're moments away from that hearing. someone is waking up $700 million richer after buying the winning powerball ticket in california. tyrus has his take on that, and his belt. ♪♪♪
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ get ready - our most popular battery is even more powerful. the stronger, lasts-longer energizer max. >> trace: bubba wallace winning his first nascar race. he was leading yesterday when the race was suspended for rain. wallace is the second african american to win a cup race. michael jordan says he could not be more proud of wallace. >> dana: congratulations to him. after critics slammed dr.
6:56 am
anthony fauci for saying it's too soon to tell if americans can gather for christmas. he is now walking it back. >> that was misinterpreted. i will be spending christmas with my family and i encourage people, particularly the vaccinated people who are protected to have a good, normal christmas with your family. >> dana: so tyrus is here to talk about this. i watched it. i don't think it was misinterpreted. he might have answered it in a way he didn't want to answer it. the clear takeaway on sunday was it's too soon to tell if you can spend christmas with your family. >> i'm a good looking wrestler, maybe some people say a big dumb wrestler, but how do you misinterpret science? it is supposed to be just the facts. how did you misinterpret it? he said christmas was canceled. you took the grinches job and you are walking it back. we have moved in my house we've moved on from fauci. we realize we're vaccinated, we
6:57 am
take precautions, we know there are sharks in the water and we're careful. a lot of americans are you shouldn't have this kind of oh, have to resay that. it is science. what do you mean you misinterpreted science? maybe a math problem. you are telling us there was no christmas and now walking it back. makes me feel like you aren't talking to us about science. >> dana: the cdc had guidance up there about the holidays. they took it down and they are expected the re viez that. -- revise that. we have christmas and halloween and veteran's day, thanksgiving. will you be celebrating those? >> thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. the one time i get to let my hair down and not worry about calories. next question, please. >> dana: there is a powerball winner $700 million. what would you do if you won the lottery? >> what would i do? >> dana: have you won life's lottery. >> yes, i won life's lottery. $700 million would be a
6:58 am
different interview today. i would be in a bath robe. would not be paying attention. you couldn't tell me anything. $700 million reasons why i'm late to work today. >> dana: sometimes it doesn't always turn out great for people who win. >> i'm willing to bet there will be a lot of relatives showing up. best friends. just say no. you have to just -- any time you are successful people will come knocking at your door. long lost relatives, parents, whatever the case may be with their hands out. as soon as you start giving it away, it will be gone. you can't let them in. stay with what got you there. stick to close friends and people when you were making choices between the electric bill and going to the club. those are the ones to keep with you. not the ones who will show up. he or she is going to be very popular. >> dana: do you play the lottery? >> no, my life is the lottery. >> dana: you won it already. >> as of right now. >> dana: trace, are you there to weigh in on this? >> i'm here.
6:59 am
if i had $700 million is that the question of the day? i would buy me a boat and a truck to pull it. >> dana: what would you call your boat? >> what would i call it? that's a good question. >> i would have a truck/boat/truck. truck, boat, pulling a smaller truck and the s.s. i made it. >> dana: he always makes it. $699 millions. i said $700 million. tyrus last week, trace, he didn't come to a dinner in nashville because he was there to take care of his daughter who had a math test and she passed. she only millsed one. >> she missed one. >> we're both girl dads. you are a good dad and father. it will be great stuff. it gets tougher as they get older, just remember that. >> it's tough now. >> dana: all right, trace, thank you both.
7:00 am
we'll move on to this. facebook insider appearing on capitol hill this morning as a whistleblower after leaking internal documents showing how the social media giant puts profit ahead of public good according to her. welcome in a new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm dana perino. >> trace: good morning, everyone. ifm owe trace gallagher. today's hearing follows a "wall street journal" investigation saying facebook is fully aware of the harm its products cause and it lets divisive content spread to maximize growth in earnings. as we wait for the hearing to get underway let's get to aishah hosni live on capitol hill with more on this. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, trace and dana. francis hagen is hoping as she walks into capitol hill today that lawmakers will take action and hold facebook accountable after she is done telling them everything during this hearing. she is a former project manager for the social media giant and
7:01 am
says the company is deceiving the public. its investors and even governments all around the world about everything from how the platform is harming children, spreading misinformation, stoking division, and weakening democracy. her opening statement today reads this. the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people. here is another stunning allegation she made on 60 minutes this week about facebook's mode of operation after the election. listen. >> they said good, we made it through the elect un. ion. it was a moment where i was like i don't trust that they are willing to actually invest what needs to be invested to keep facebook from being dangerous. >> her testimony comes amid increasing scrutiny of the social media giant from both republicans and democrats. >> i think there will be strong
7:02 am
bipartisan support tomorrow for her and very strong bipartisan support for reforms. meaningful changes that will better protect kids. >> it has been a terrible week for facebook already. yesterday the company's stocks plunged 5%. i believe mark zuckerberg lost about $6 billion in one day after the company suffered a mysterious outage across all its platforms for just hours and hours. really upset a lot of people. we have reached out to facebook for reaction or response to what is going to happen today. haven't heard anything yet. >> trace: aishah, thanks. >> dana: another part of capitol hill in washington, d.c. president biden in a closed door meeting with house dems this hour before hitting the road to drum up support for his spending agenda with two key democrats standing in his way. rich edson is waiting for the president's arrival and trip to
7:03 am
michigan. >> that's why i'm standing in front of a gigantic sand pit here in the middle of michigan where operating engineers learn how to run these gigantic construction machines. this is the point the white house is going to make later today. pass the infrastructure bill and put these machines and people running them back to work. there is a problem. the president is in a bind here. progressive democrats are holding up the infrastructure bill to try to get a larger bill with social spending, with childcare, healthcare, education. a target of $2 trillion worth if that's not passed the infrastructure bill won't pass. the white house is now trying to -- >> he will continue to press forward with both the infrastructure package and the reconciliation package and that's what the discussions with members of congress are focused on. >> they're disrespecting the
7:04 am
american people with the spendsing spigot they turned on and it continues to sew division. >> the campaign continues. the white house and democrats in 10 minutes the president is scheduled to meet virtually with moderate democrats. yesterday he met with a dozen progressive democrats. and you mentioned dana, driving much of this democratic senators joe manchin and krysten sinema. their votes are vital to getting this through a divided senate. without them they can't get the votes they need to get it through and that's the point of what you have in the u.s. senate. that's why a number of white house officials meeting with top democrats and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer to try to figure a way to cobble this together and get the spending passed. all negotiations among democrats. >> dana: as the president gets out of the beltway to try to sell it we'll stay in touch today. >> trace: on that note new video far left activitys
7:05 am
harassing krysten sinema for her refusal to back dems trillion dollar spending bill. at the airport after arriving back in d.c. look. >> i want to ask you what you are planning on cutting? do you want climate priorities? childcare? >> marc thiessen, a columnist for the "washington post" and fox news contributor. great to see you. in the airport, on the airplane, in the bathroom. coming out of the bathroom. the president says it is all part of the process. doesn't seem like a fair process. >> following a female senator into a bathroom and forcing her to hide in a stall is not part of the process. the fact that joe biden couldn't break himself to say that is such an easy lay-up to appeal to senator sinema and he
7:06 am
still equivocated on that. senator sinema is less upset about that than the fact that joe biden betrayed her. if you remember back in june when the president announced the bipartisan deal he threatened to veto it and he walked back the veto threat and promising two things. he wouldn't link the infrastructure bill to the massive reconciliation bill and two, that he would fight with vigor to get the infrastructure bill passed. he betrayed -- he betrayed her on both those fronts. he went to congress and on friday and told the house progressives that they had his blessing to block the bill until there was an -- a reconciliation bill and he also we found out that the white house never lobbied the house progressives to lift their opposition to the bill. it was said we'll do whatever the president wants and no one asked me to pass the infrastructure bill. senator sinema has been betrayed by the president of the united states.
7:07 am
he broke both of those promises that he made to her and that's more upsetting than getting followed into a bathroom. >> trace: people echoed that. we're waiting for the opening statements to begin in the hearing of the facebook whistleblower. when that starts we'll get to it. this is from "wall street journal" bill mcgurn. in the same way john mccain was hailed as an independent against voting for republicans priorities including the decisive vote for the repeal of obamacare. if sinema tanks the -- there is a new maverick in town, that is countered by "the new york times" quoting but what really makes her different from mccain is nobody seems to know what she stands for. there is a difference it turns out between being a maverick and being a narcissist. mark, your thoughts. >> first of all, senator sinema is representing her state. and if this is not what her
7:08 am
constituents wanted she wouldn't be doing it. second, joe biden needs her vote to get the reconciliation bill through. she hasn't said no way no how will i pass no reconciliation bill. she said 3.5 billion ain't happening. does he think that siding with progressives and giving them the green light to hold her infrastructure bill hostage will make her more amenable to voting for his reconciliation bill or less? that is -- it's backfiring. he is offending and betraying the one of two senators, without whose votes he can't pass his legislative agenda. it is incompetence. >> trace: the activists say yeah, we're only doing this because she is not available. she hasn't made herself available to us. we know that's just not true. sinema's statement says the activist group that engaged in yesterday's behavior is one that both my team and i have met with several timings since i was elected to the senate and i will continue engaging in
7:09 am
people from arizona with diverse viewpoints. the same group she has bandied about with many times before. to say she is unavailable is disingenuous. >> also the woman who followed her into the bathroom. i didn't realize was a ph.d. professor, isn't smart enough to understand she was railing about the immigration provisions. the senate parliamentarian just ruled it was against the senate rules to include immigration in the bill. that's not senator sinema who is doing that. it has nothing to do with it. these people are completely uninformed and the activists are never decisive in elections. no one will vote for or against sinema because of these stunts. they will vote whether she does what the people of her state want in washington, d.c. >> trace: they are harassing joe manchin. he was on a boat and they came after him. the president says this happens
7:10 am
to everyone, part of the process. didn't happen to him, marc. didn't happen to the president ever. >> yeah, no, it doesn't happen to him. he has secret service, ha, ha, ha. i don't understand how -- the biden administration's incompetence in handling this. he linked the bills, delinked the bills, linked them again and they are holding an infrastructure bill that will be one of his great achievements. number one priorities hostage in order to get another bill that is offending the people whose votes he needs to get it. why don't they just -- they have already passed 1.9 trillion in covid relief or social spending covered as covid relief. republicans have offered them and given them a chance for 1.2 trillion in infrastructure spending. manchin said i'll support a billion, a trillion, 1.5. that's 5.4 trillion in spending. how is that not good enough? by the way, they can do another
7:11 am
reconciliation bill next year. the election is in a year. they could do another reconciliation bill. why not take what's sitting on the table. enact it. bring everybody together. republicans and democrats standing beside and applaud you. and then go back to the table again nextier to try to get more. legislative incompetence. >> trace: a lot of that or most of that covid money has not yet been spent. marc thiessen. great to see you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> dana: dea agent killed while conducting a routine inspection aboard an amtrak train in tucson. warning this video could be disturbing to some viewers. here it is. >> dana: what we're learning about a motive behind the deadly shooting. >> trace: d.o.j. setting its sights on parents who confront
7:12 am
school boards and teachers about issues like critical race theory, transgender policy and max mandates. >> no one should be threatened. no one should be attacked physically. violence is obviously not appropriate. but the criticism of school board members is entirely appropriate given what's going on in the schools. we should have more ofist. -- more of it. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love. talk to a financial professional about pacific life.
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7:17 am
powering possibilities. >> dana: d.o.j. says it will investigate intimidation or threats of violence against school boards or staff across the united states after some school board meetings have gotten heated over issues like critical race theory and gender and covid policies. attorney general merrick garland wrote threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation's core values. those who dedicate their time
7:18 am
and energy to insuring our children received a proper education and safe environment deserve to be able to do their work without fear for their safety. let's bring in former d.o.j. spokesperson ian prior. as i'm reading i'm thinking wait, i thought it was part of the process. the president said that yesterday about kyrsten sinema being followed into the bathroom which is a felony in arizona. it's interesting to have you on because you worked at the department of justice in the last administration and you have been helping parents get the word out and go to these school board meetings. so what do you think about this move by the attorney general? >> well, i think what the attorney general is doing here is against our core values as a country. we're talking for the most part about parents going to school board meetings to petition the government for the address of their grievances. when you have the department of justice wielding the f.b.i. saying we'll go after parents
7:19 am
for threats and harassment. look, obviously credible threats are certainly something that they should look into or local law enforcement should look into. harassment? what is harassment? i'll show up at a school board meeting and talk about what you are doing and hold you accountable? show up at a board of supervisors meeting and ask why you aren't taking a leadership role to fix what's going on in these communities? is that harassment and what merrick garland will go after? >> dana: how do they legally define that? >> it's really scary how they are putting this out here. it has a chilling effect. you will see parents now going to be concerned if they go to a school board meeting and say something like we are going to end your political career. is that a threat? it is. but it's parents saying we'll take part in the election process or use legal means to hold you accountable. for the attorney general to put
7:20 am
out something like this with such a chilling effect on first amendment rights of parents who are just fighting for their kids' education is absolutely insane. >> dana: then tell me a little bit about the effects of this in terms of getting this issue to the point where it is also in virginia you have a governor's race coming up in a month, less than a month. i don't know the exact date of the election. education is now the third most important issue to voters in virginia and i would bet that maybe is true across the country as you saw over the summer parents finally realizing that they had to go and make their voices heard if they wanted to be taken seriously. >> that's right. what you are seeing is parents that feel trapped. some of them can't afford to send their kids to private school or have the time or resources to homeschool. this he have to send them to public school. you are seeing these school board members that don't want to work with parents. we've been asking for a town hall meeting for six months. i pleaded with people reach out
7:21 am
to me and let's figure out how we can work together. we get nothing other than them saying we are agitators or i guess domestic terrorists now. you saw terry mccauliffe saying parents should have no role in what their kids teach. we need to keep hammering home that parents have a role in education. they do get to hold their school board members accountable and what we're seeing out of the federal government is frightening and people should continue to stand up for their rights. >> dana: i can't imagine that some f.b.i. agents with all the things, crime going up across the country they want to look into parents who went to a school board meeting. we'll see how it goes. thank you for being on, ian. >> trace: one d.e.a. agent was killed. another agent and police officer wounded when a gunman opened fire on an amtrak train during a routine investigation
7:22 am
for illegal contraband yesterday in tucson, arizona. let's get to the chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in the west coast news hub with more. good morning. >> good morning. this all began just before 8:00 a.m. local time yesterday with what should have been a routine d.e.a. inspection of this amtrak train that is stopped in tucson. take a look at this video. we believe this is part of the first confrontation between undercover d.e.a. agents and the suspect. they take that person off the train. eventually drops his bags and then those agents, at least one of them heads back onto the train with the suspect after the discussion you see here. then let's go to the next video. a shot has already been fired. you see the dog handler there rushing onto the train. then seconds later someone shouts get out of here. you will see momentarily that
7:23 am
dog handler emerges from the train once again. he starts running and in a moment you will see the gunman firing shots at that dog handler from the door of the train. and as police then arrive a lot more gunshots. listen here. [gunshots] >> the result of all that a d.e.a. agent killed. other law enforcement officials and personnel paying tribute to that agent with this procession yesterday in tucson. another agent remains in critical condition. the shooting suspect dead in a restroom in that train. attorney general garland issued a statement paying tribute to the d.e.a. agent saying we're grateful for the courage and selfless sacrifice of these heroes and join the entire
7:24 am
justice department in conveying our support and deepest sympathies to their families. just to reiterate, trace, the other d.e.a. agent is still in critical condition. one of the local tucson police officers was also injured. >> trace: best to them and their families. jonathan hunt live in l.a. thank you. >> dana: the surge of illegal crossings straining resource evers at the border. some republican governors are taking matters into their own hands. beijing ramps up military aggression against taiwan. can taiwan depend on president biden to defend the island against a chinese invasion. >> she saw an awful strategic decision that led to the surrender of afghanistan to a terrorist organization. the president of the united states, it comes to president xi's assessment of president biden.
7:25 am
7:26 am
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7:29 am
from a wide range >> dana: facebook whistleblower taking the stanld. francis haugen. >> thank you for the opportunity to appear before you. i'm francis haw again. i used to work at facebook. i joined facebook because i think facebook has the potential to bring out the best in us. but i'm here today because i believe facebook's products harm children, stoke division, and weaken our democracy. the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make the necessary changes because they have put their astronomical profits before people. congressional action is needed. they won't solve this crisis without your help. yesterday we saw facebook get taken off the internet. i don't know why it went down but i know that for more than five hours facebook wasn't used to deepen division, deestablish
7:30 am
loo*iz democracies and make young girls and women feel bad about their bodies. it also means that millions of small businesses weren't able to reach potential customers and countless photos of new babies weren't joyously celebrated by family and friends around the world. i believe in the potential of facebook. we can have social media we enjoy, that connects us without tearing our democracy apart and putting our children in dairng and stoking ethnic violence around the world. we can do better. i have worked as a product manager at a large tech company since 2006 including google, pinterest, yelp and facebook and algorithm products and recommendations like the one that powers the facebook. having worked on four different types of social networks, i understand how complex and nuanced these problems are. however, the choices being made
7:31 am
inside facebook are disastrous for our children, our public safety, our privacy and democracy. and that's why we must demand facebook make changes. during my time at facebook first working as the lead product manager for civic misinformation and later on counter episcopaliage i saw facebook repeatedly encounter conflicts between its profits and our safety. they consistently resolved these conflicts in favor of its own profits. the result has been more division, more harm, more lives, more threats, and more combat. in some cases, this dangerous online talk has led to actual violence that harms and even kills people. this is not simply a matter of certain social media users being angry or about one side being radicalized against the other. it is about facebook choosing to grow at all costs, becoming an almost trillion dollar
7:32 am
company by buying its profits with our safety. during my time at facebook i came to realize the devastating truth. almost no one outside of facebook knows what happens inside of facebook. the company intentionally hides vital information from the public, from the u.s. government, and from governments around the world. the documents i have provided to congress proves that facebook has repeatedly miz led the public about what its research reveals about the safety of children. the efficacy of its artificial intelligence system and role in spreading divisive and extreme messages. i came forward because i believe that every human being deserves to dignity of the truth. the severity of this crisis demands we break out of our previous regulatory frame. facebook wants to trick you into thinking that privacy protections or changes to section 230 alone will be sufficient. while important, these will not get to the core of the issue which is that no one truly
7:33 am
understands the destructive choices made by facebook except facebook. we can afford nothing less than full transparency. as long as facebook is operating in the shadows, hiding its research from public scoout nee, it is unaccountable. until the incentives change, facebook will not change. left alone, facebook will continue to make choices that go against the common good, our common good. when we realize big tobacco was hiding the harms it caused the government took action. when we figured out cars were safer with seat belts, the government took action. and when our government lened that opioids were taking lives the government took action. i implore you to do the same here. today facebook shapes our perception of the world by choosing the information we see even those who don't use facebook are impacted by the majority who do. a company with such frightening influence over so many people,
7:34 am
over their deepest thoughts, feelings and behaviors needs real oversight. but facebook's closed design means it has no real oversight. only facebook knows how it personalizes your feed for you. at other large tech companies like google any independent researcher can download from the internet write papers about the search results and they do. but facebook hides behind walls that keeps researchers and regulators from understanding the true dynamics of their system. facebook will tell you privacy means they can't give you data. this is not true. when tobacco companies claimed that filtered cigarettes were safer for consumers, scientists could independently invalidate these marketing messages. and confirm that in fact they posed a greater threat to human health. the public cannot do the same with facebook. we are given no other option than to take their marketing
7:35 am
messages on blind faith. not only does the company hide most of its own data, my disclosure has proved that when facebook is directly asked questions as important as how do you impact the health and safety of our children? they mislead and-facebook has lirnd our blind faith. this -- is communicated and work d -- firm as -- by only them drive down the highway. no regulator has a menu of solutions how to fix facebook. facebook didn't want them to know enough about what is causing the problems. otherwise there wouldn't have been need for a whistleblower. how was the public supposed to assess facebook is resolving
7:36 am
conflicts of interest aligned with the public good if the public has no visibility in how facebook operates? this must change. facebook wants you to believe the problems we're talking about are unsolvable. they want you to believe in false choices. they want you to believe you must choose between a facebook full of divisive and extreme content or losing one of the most important values our countries was founded upon, free speech. that you must choose between public oversight of facebook's choices and your personal privacy. that to be able to share fun photos of your kids with old friends you must also be inundated with anger-driven text. they want you to believe it's part of the deal. i am here today to tell you that's not true. these problems are solvable. a safer, free speech respecting, more enjoyable social media is possible but
7:37 am
there is one thing that i hope everyone takes away from these disclosures. facebook can change but is clearly not going to do so on its own. my fear is that without action, divisive and extreme behaviors we see today are only the beginning. what we saw in the myanmar and seeing in ethiopia are only the opening chapters of a story so terrifying no one wants to read the end of it. congress can change the rules that facebook plays by and stop the many harms it is now causing. we now know the truth about facebook's destructive impact. i really appreciate the seriousness which the members of congress and the securities and exchange commission are approaching these issues. i came forward at great personal risk because i believe we still have time to act. but we must act now. i'm asking you, our elected representatives, to act. thank you.
7:38 am
>> dana: that's francis haugen the whistleblower came out with lots of accusations against facebook. the most bipartisan hearing you'll see. i find it hard to believe that there is any senator sticking up for facebook today. >> trace: it is worth pointing out facebook has 2.8 billion users, 60% of people on social media in the world are on facebook that's how much influence they have. the more things that are shared, the more things that people have this, then the more money face books make and they make money with anger. >> dana: lits owe listen in. >> we're here today to look under the hood and that's what we need to do more. in august, senator blackburn and i wrote to mark zuckerberg and asked him questions about how the company works and safeguards children and teens
7:39 am
on instagram, facebook dodged, ducked, sidetracked, in effect misled us. i am going to ask you a few straight forward questions to break down some of what you have said and if you can answer them yes or no, that would be great. is facebook's research, its own research ever found that its platforms can have a negative effect on children and teens' mental health or well-being? >> many of the internal research reports indicate that facebook has a serious negative harm on a significant portion of teenagers and children. >> has facebook ever offered features knew it had a negative effect on children and teens mental health. >> facebook knows things like
7:40 am
engagement based ranking on instagram can lead children from inoctoberous topics from healthy recipes. we can all eat more healthy or something innocent like healthy recipes and anorexia content over a short period of time. >> has facebook every found in its research that kids show signs of addiction on instagram? >> facebook has studied a pattern of problematic use or addiction. it has a very high bar for what it believes it is. it says you self-identify that you don't have control over your usage and it is materially harming your health, your schoolwork or your physical health. 5 to 6% of 14-year-olds have the self-awareness to admit both those questions. it is likely that far more than 5 to 6% of 14-year-olds are addicted to instagram. >> last thursday my colleagues
7:41 am
and i asked ms. davis representing facebook about how the decision was made whether to pause permanently instagram for kids and she said quote, there is no one person who makes a decision like that. we think about it that collaboratively. it's as though she couldn't mention mark zuckerberg's name. isn't he the one who will be making this decision from your experience in the company? >> mark holds a very unique role in the tech industry in that he holds over 55% of all the voting shares for facebook. there are no similarly powerful companies that are as unilaterally controlled and in the end the buck stops with mark. there is no one currently holding mark accountable but himself. >> mark zuckerberg in fact is the algorithm designer in chief, correct?
7:42 am
>> i received an mba from harvard and emphasized to it we're responsible for the organizations that we build. mark has built an organization that is very metrics driven and is intended to be flat. there is no unilateral responsibility. the metrics make the decisions. unfortunately that itself is a decision and in the end if he is the ceo and the chairman of facebook he is responsible for those decisions. >> the buck stops with him. >> the buck stops with him. >> and speaking of the buck stopping, you have said that facebook should declare moral bankruptcy. i agree. its actions and its failure to acknowledge its responsibility indicate moral bankruptcy. >> there is a cycle occurring inside the company where facebook has struggled for a long time to recruit and retain the number of employees it needs to tackle the large scope of projects that it has chosen
7:43 am
to take on. facebook is stuck in a cycle where it struggles to hire that causes it to understaff projects, which causes scandal, which then makes it harder to hire. part of why facebook needs to come out and say we did something wrong, we made some choices that we regret is the only way we can move forward and heal facebook we first have to admit the truth. the way we'll have reconciliation and we need to be honest and declaring moral bankruptcy. >> being honest and acknowledging that facebook has caused and aggravated a lot of pain to make more money. >> yeah. >> and it has profited off spreading disinformation and misinformation and sewing hate. facebook's answer to facebook's destructive impact always seems to be more facebook. we need more facebook, which means more pain and more money for facebook.
7:44 am
would you agree? >> i don't think at any point facebook set out to make a destructive platform. it is a challenge that facebook as an organization the parts of the organization possible for growing and expanding the organization are separate and not regularly cross pollinated with the parts of the company with the harm the company is causing. as a result integrity actions, projects hard fought by the teams trying to keep us safe are undone by new growth projects that counteract those same remedies. so i do think it's a thing there are organizational problems that need oversight and facebook needs help to look forward to a more healthy place. >> whether it's teens bullied into suicidal thoughts or the genocide of ethnic minorities in myanmar or fanning the flames of division within our
7:45 am
own country or in europe, they are ultimately responsible for those immorality of the pain that is caused. >> facebook needs to take responsibility for the the consequences of its choices and used to be willing to accept small tradeoffs on profit and i think just that act of being able to admit it is a mixed bag is important. i think what we saw last week is an example of the kind of behavior we need to support facebook in growing out of. instead of just focusing on all the good they do, admit they have responsibilities to also remedy the harm. >> mark zuckerberg's new policy is no apoll geese. -- no apologies. nothing to see here. we'll deflect it and go sailing. i turn to the ranking member. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you for your testimony.
7:46 am
i want to stay with ms. davis and some of her comments. i had asked her last week about the underage users and she had made the comment i'm going to quote from her testimony. if we find an account of someone who is under 13, we remove them. and in the last three months we removed 600,000 accounts of under 13 year olds, end quote. i have to tell you, it seems to me that there is a problem if you have 600,000 accounts from children who ought not to be there in the first place. so what did mark zuckerberg know about facebook's plans to bring kids on as new users and advertise to them? >> there are reports within facebook that show cohort analyses where they examine at what ages do people join facebook and instagram.
7:47 am
based on those cohort analyses, so facebook likes to say children lie about their ages to get onto the platform. the reality is enough kids tell the truth that you can work backwards to figure out what are approximately the real ages of anyone who is on the platform. when facebook does and looks back it discovers things like up to 10 to 15% of even 10-year-olds in a given cohort may be on facebook or instagram. >> so this is why adam, the ceo of instagram, would have replied to a judge when she said to him i've been on instagram since i was 8 he said he didn't want to know that. it would be for this reason, correct? >> a pattern of behavior that i saw at facebook was that often problems were so understaffed
7:48 am
that there was kind of an implicit discouragement from having better detection systems. my last team was on the counter espionage team. our team could only handle a third of the cases we knew about. if we built a basic detector we would likely have many more cases. >> let me ask you this. so you look at the way that they have the data but they are choosing to keep that data and advertise from it, right? >> uh-huh. >> sell it to third parties. so what does facebook do? you have the 600,000 accounts that ought not to be on there >> probably more. >> right. but then you delete those accounts. but what happens to that data? does facebook keep that data? do they keep it until those children go to age 13?
7:49 am
since as you are saying they can work backward and figure out the true age of a user. so what do they do with it? do they delete it? do they store it? do they keep it? how do they process that? >> i am -- my understanding of facebook's attention policies. i didn't work directly on that. when they delete an account they delete all the data in 90 days in compliance with gdpr. with regard to children under age on the platform, basically do substantially more to detect more of those children and have to public for congress those processes because there are lots of subtleties and they can be more effective probably than what they're doing today. >> now staying with this underage children since this hearing is all about kids and about online privacy, i want you to tell me how facebook is
7:50 am
able to do market research on these children that are under age 13. mrs. davis was really -- she didn't deny this last week. so how are they doing this? do they bring kids into focus groups with their parents? how do they get that permission? she said they got permission from parents. is there a permission slip or a form that gets signed? and then how do they know which kids to target? >> there is a bunch to unpack there. how did they recruit children for focus groups? or recruit teenagers. most tech companies have data where they can analyze the data on their servers. so most of the focus groups i read or that i saw analysis of
7:51 am
were around messenger kids, which has children on it. and those focus groups appear to be children interacting in person. often they use sourcing agencies to go and identify people who match demographic material or on messenger kids study a child who was active and a less active users. you might reach out to some of each. >> these are children that are under age 13. and they know it. >> for some of these studies. i assume they get permission but i don't work on that. >> we're still waiting to get a copy of that parental consent form that would involve children. my time is expired. mr. chairman, i will save my other questions for our second round if we're able to get those. thank you. >> thank you. senator globe char.
7:52 am
-- klobuchar. >> thank you for shedding a light on how facebook has put priority on profits. >> dana: she is answering a lot of questions about all the documents and accusations she brought up against facebook. a lot of senators have a bipartisan agreement on this and we'll continue to watch it and you can check out more at as well. a group of republican governors are heading to our southern border to take a firsthand look at what's really going on. where we got a ride along with governor hutchinson in texas. >> governor hutchinson has some of his arkansas national guard soldiers down at the border helping out the state of texas and he told me he wanted to come down and take a look at the situation for himself to get a better understanding of what's going on. we'll show it to you. look at this video last night. we were embedded with him as he
7:53 am
was embedded with texas dps on a gun boat on patrol in the middle of the night last night. we apologize for the dark video. couldn't turn on lights because of security. he was given a tour of the hot spots along the rio grande particularly in mission, texas where people cross on rafts and bring human smugglers and drugs over. the governor says all the fet nanotechnology pouring across the border is ending up in his state of arkansas, some of it and killing some of thinks citizens there. he wanted to come down and get a grasp of what's going on. look at the second piece of video. he was brought ashore in one popular hot spot where rafts come ashore. thick, dense brush they wanted to show the governor how rugged and rural and how difficult it is to patrol areas where migrants get off the boats and disappear into the brush. sometimes an overstretched border patrol can't find them. i had a chance to talk to the governor one-on-one and asked him how do you respond to the
7:54 am
biden administration as they claim the border is closed and secure? take a listen. >> any time that you stop someone that's coming in illegally and then you process them and release them into our country, that is not a closed border. this administration did not step up and respond in an appropriate way. they changed policy from what it was in the trump administration and that opened the door. >> then over the weekend here in the reef owe grand valley border patrol arrested this man. he is a mexican national hernandez, a convicted child molester with his offense out of raleigh, north carolina. back out here live was not the only one. there were four other serious criminals arrested down here including a mexican national who is a confirmed member of the gulf cartel. el salvador national. active ms-13 gang member and two other sex offenders, one out of oakland, california as
7:55 am
well. a medley of criminals arrested one weekend, one spot on border. we'll send it back to you. >> dana: thank you. >> something wasn't right with him. i saw the profile view i was like i'm absolutely, 100% sure that was the guy. >> trace: that's a newly released 911 call detailing the moment a hiker said he saw brian laundrie on the appalachia trail near the north carolina/tennessee border. let's bring in phil keating with this in florida covering this. good morning. >> it was three weeks ago today that 23-year-old brian laundrie is said to have driven the mustang out of his parents' driveway for a hike and never came home and hasn't been seen officially since. for the second straight week a few activists with bull horns have berated the laundrie parents when they are outside. at the top of every hour.
7:56 am
now they've also shown up at brian laundry's sister's house accusing them all of doing nothing or little to first find gabby petito and now her former fiance. the sister came out the front door to explain herself. >> i don't know what happened. >> the thing about it is we know gabby's family. >> what do you want us to do? >> we cooperate with the police. we aren't spoefsed to talk to anybody and you are making my children cry. we are upset and heartbroken like everybody else. >> early saturday morning a florida man says he is very confident that he saw laundrie near the appalachian trail. a weird guy in a white pickup truck asking how to get to california. the encounter was brief on a desolate road. he immediately called police and the f.b.i. local cops did not find that white truck.
7:57 am
brian laundrie is a wanted fugitive accused of using someone else's atm card the last three days of august. gabby petito's body was found a couple weeks after that at the national forest in wyoming. laundrie is the only person listed as a person of interest in gabby petito's disappearance and now her death. the parents of her, biological and step parents are all very confident he is still alive and on the run. >> trace: phil keating live in florida. >> dana: joining us on site is carley shimkus. a few nuggets here. the sister what do you think? >> i think she did herself all the favors in the world by talking to protestors yesterday because there has been a lot of confusion over her story. we were introduced to cassie laundrie when she talked to "good morning america" a few weeks ago and said she hadn't spoken to brian and doesn't know anything. last week we found out she saw
7:58 am
brian once on september 1st, the day brian laundrie came back from the road trip and then again on september 6th when the family all went to a park together. okay, was she lying to "good morning america"? what's going on. when she talked to the protestors she cleared it up and said when she said she hadn't spoken to her brother she was referring to the fact she hadn't spoken to her brother since the missing persons report was filed and since she spoke to police. that seemed to calm protestors down. to me it seems like it could be a reasonable explanation for that misunderstanding. >> dana: there is the possibility of a sighting in appalachia. did he fly back to florida and return to utah? >> there was right whether the story first broke the timeline of him flying back to florida was percolating. did he fly back around august 17th to clear out some things
7:59 am
from a locker? and now the sister says yes. so this would be a few days after they got into that fight in moab, utah. he went back to florida to maybe clear out some things. he was in florida and then went back. so that's just a timeline thing. it could be important or it could not be. we don't know. >> dana: and the search continues, of course. >> when a lot of people heard about the appalachia hiker story and we have the 911 call as well. you never know with these things. it could have been dark. >> dana: he says 100% certain. >> it seems like something the f.b.i. would really want to investigate and he says he will be talking to the f.b.i. about his possible sighting tomorrow. >> dana: the entity that does not seem credible, the parents and brian laundrie. >> a lot of questions surrounding the parents. >> dana: you will come back and tell us more.
8:00 am
trace, i know this is a story we've continued to cover with ted williams earlier. there will be more developments as well as other things and i enjoyed having you with me today on "america's newsroom." >> trace: always enjoy being with you. i think the sister will be under more focus. great to be with you. >> dana: thank you so much, trace. we have harris faulkner. she is coming up next. >> harris: let's beginning with the breaking news that we'll monitor for you. the whistleblower from facebook who accused the social media giant of putting profits over public safety is testifying before a senate panel right now. here live on fox we showed you the chairman and ranking member senator blackburn and senator blumenthal and as the news is made we'll take you back. what she focused on, this comes one day after the site's obvious -- it went down for several hours. the whistleblower is claiming the platform amplifies hate and division and is toxic for te


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