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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 5, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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we've continued to cover with ted williams earlier. there will be more developments as well as other things and i enjoyed having you with me today on "america's newsroom." >> trace: always enjoy being with you. i think the sister will be under more focus. great to be with you. >> dana: thank you so much, trace. we have harris faulkner. she is coming up next. >> harris: let's beginning with the breaking news that we'll monitor for you. the whistleblower from facebook who accused the social media giant of putting profits over public safety is testifying before a senate panel right now. here live on fox we showed you the chairman and ranking member senator blackburn and senator blumenthal and as the news is made we'll take you back. what she focused on, this comes one day after the site's obvious -- it went down for several hours. the whistleblower is claiming the platform amplifies hate and division and is toxic for teenage girls and their mental
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health. yesterday's break in-service was the longest global outage in history. we're monitoring this for you. i want to get to our top story this hour as well. president biden has failed to unite democrats around his high-cost agenda and now he is pointing a finger at the two moderates willing to stand up to the far left. it is bad for them. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the president is headed to given man -- to michigan today to try to sell it to the proposal. yesterday he made it very clear that the only thing standing in the way of his agenda of tax and spend from becoming a reality are senators joe manchin and krysten sinema. >> president biden: i was able to close the deal with 99% of
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my party. two people. >> sounds like you are putting the blame on two u.s. senators with your inability to close the deal. >> president biden: look, i need 50 votes in the senate. i have 48. >> harris: democrats appear no closer to striking a deal ahead of their halloween deadline. republicans say the president should have thought twice before ignoring the other side of the political aisle. >> ever since taking office joe biden and the democrat majority in the senate and house have not tried to work with republicans any. two of their senators buck their agenda. if joe biden wanted to be bipartisan and wanted republican support he should have started on day one. >> harris: even with negotiations underway to bring the price tag down reportedly around $2 trillion instead of what it was north of 3.5 trillion. the "new york post" editorial board is writing this. biden's reduced spending bill is still far too much.
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peter doocy live at the white house. peter. >> the president said there he doesn't have two votes but the reality is he doesn't have 52 votes. that is not the only confusing math being put forward by official efs who have long claimed the big progressive wish list has already been paid for. >> well, let's not dumb this down for the american public here. what we're talking about is how much the top line investments are, which are all paid for. >> does the plan cost nothing or is the plan free? >> the plan costs nothing for the american people who make less than $400,000. >> one of those senate democrats not convinced, joe manchin and he appears to be moving a little closer to the president and pelosi today because last week he wouldn't go a penny above 1.5 trillion. now asked about reports of 1.9 to 2.2 trillion he is listening.
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>> we've been talking about it. everyone is talking. it is still in negotiations. i've been vocal and transparent. >> democrats want to raise the debt ceiling and asking republicans for help. they don't want to play ball because they have been cut out totally. >> the american public is not a bunch of idiots. they are not going to raise their taxes to pay for all this. >> president biden's trip today is to michigan. he doesn't need any votes from senators who represent michigan but that is where officials here have decided he can best show off what his plans would do. >> harris: when you are looking for a friend, peter doocy, you go to where you think they'll cheer for you. three op-eds on driving home the progressive takeover.
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check out this headline. it's over, progressives now own the democratic party. another one, joe biden needs a victory but progressives are eating him alive. and this one, progressive dems smack biden when he is down. jason chaffetz fox news contributor, former congressman from utah. good to see you today. first of all, let's look at the politics that are being played out by a man who has majority in the house and senate. how did president biden get in the stuck place? is it more serious than that? >> it is more serious than that because the fundamental problem is the american people aren't buying it. the price tag is too high. let's remember all the underlying policies it effects. i don't think the american people signed up for the green new deal. biden certainly does not have a mandate from the american people to move forward on this agenda. i find that most people are still scrambling to figure out what is actually in this mon
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strons tee of a bill and couple it between biden and harris you have ineffective communicators. they have are physically weak. i don't think they are able to communicate. you usually go out and sell your bill and go get the votes. not go ahead and oh, whoops, we fell short on the votes and let's run to michigan and hope that the president doesn't have a major gaffe. >> harris: that is such a major point. the person that he chose, because he was going to choose a black woman, a woman of color, he said, as his vice president. he made that a point. and one that would have the merits we would all hope for holding that post to move the ball forward for everybody. but she is also a former senator. so why isn't she in this conversation? we went to the hill on a completely different matter last week. >> this is the big mystery. you are trying to get congress to get that final set of votes and he picked a united states senator to be his running mate.
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where was she? she got on an airplane and mysteriously flew to california and spent the night in palm springs. we don't know why that happened. nancy pelosi and joe biden walking in to go meet with house republicans. where was his vice president? nowhere to be found. she does have a voice within the progressive movement but she is burned on immigration, burned on voter suppression, she feels like those are losing issues. the white house doesn't have solutions there and she wasn't willing to take a third hit to her future. she is more about her future than actually supporting the president in making the case to get the last few votes. >> harris: so critical. she breaks the tie in the senate. the president of the senate as the vice president to the united states. palm springs is beautiful this time of year. thought i would throw that in. senator krysten sinema can barely go in public without
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getting harassed. left wing activists followed her into the baths room, in the airport and on the plane when it was in the air over her opposition to president biden's spending bill. the president seemed to brush it off when asked about it. >> president biden: i don't think they are appropriate tactics but it happens to everybody. the only people it doesn't happen to are people who have secret service standing around them. so it's part of the process. >> harris: you knew it would be an issue. cue the damage control. white house press secretary with this. >> section of the freedom to protest, to speak out and criticize is fundamental to our democracy. the president believes that. maybe he shorthanded it but wanted to make it clear. what happened this weekend was that her students and the safe and intellectually environment she worked to create teaching at asu was breached. that's inappropriate and unacceptable.
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>> harris: maybe he shorthanded it. jen psaki has a big job. >> yeah. the president's comments are just totally inexcusable. to approach somebody like that and go after anybody on any topic in the bathroom? approaching somebody on the airplane like that with cameras rolling? too many people wanting to have their youtube moments? i had good experience with the capitol hill police but outside of the capitol they are nowhere to be found. until congress takes care of this you would have thought that we learned something with gabby gifford's situation and others. somebody is going to get hurt along the way because the likes of maxine waters and nancy pelosi and even joe biden himself saying oh, this is just what happens. essentially encouraging this type of behavior where some people will continue to take it up and over the line and somebody will get hurt. it does happen very frequently. it isn't just senator sinema. it happens to house members,
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senate members on both sides of the aisle and it needs to come to an end. >> harris: it's interesting because when you watch that video of sinema with her mask on and it looks like ear buds in her ear and concentrating and working and this young person has come over because they are the child of so and so, and when you watch that she can't get out of the way. she can't even get to the bathroom. she can't get out of her seat because of this person. it is disturbing. politics aside, come on, representative maxine waters months ago when she said that, you do get up in their faces. i don't know how you get up in somebody's face on a plane. that's tight quarters there. big brother is watching or that's the plan. jason, i can't believe this is about to happen. could it? the biden administration is proposing that all banks report annual cash flows to the i.r.s. if you have more than $600 in your bank account. "wall street journal" editorial board writes this. as if your annual tax filing was not invasive enough the
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biden administration wants to look at your checking account. the bigger threat of giving the i.r.s. access to the details of your bank account. politicians will find a way to control how you save and spend your own money. republican lawmakers are sounding the alarm. >> now you think about all the issues there. the gross invasion of privacy. i don't know how the banks especially smaller community banks, comply with that. to me it is a truly dumb idea. it is absolutely ridiculous and a huge invasion in all of our privacy. we don't want the i.r.s. looking at bank accounts of $600. >> harris: what's wrong with this one, jason? >> i don't trust the federal government. if you are a suspicious america it is none of the business of any government employee where you are spending your money. unless you have probable cause get out of here.
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you don't have any right to look at where i spend my money and how i save and spend it and how i don't spend or save it. get out of my face, federal government. republicans should be able to win on this issue alone should win in 2022. >> harris: imagine you buy as a family a new sophia for yourself. ef -- sofa. because you spent more than $600 the government is triggered. they don't know how long you saved for that. maybe this is where cushions in the couch came from. the change in the cushions in the couch. people may have to put there. i'm just saying. the facebook whistleblower testifying now before the senate commerce subcommittee and what she said about the company is putting profits over people. we'll get into this. then there is this. >> would it be assuring to the american people if they just let the american people know -- >> no reason to yell. i'm not yelling.
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you should talk to his representative. >> harris: i think she was trying to be heard through the max. >> harris: dodging questions and accusing the woman talking of yelling at her. joe concha is in focus next.
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es una tradición familiar. tomé la ruta de mi padre cuando se retiró despues de 47 años. ahora le muestro a la nueva generación lo que es recology como una compañia que pertenece a los empleados. estamos orgullosos de haber creado el sistema de reciclaje. convirtiendo a san francisco, en la ciudad mas verde de america... sigamos haciendo la diferencia juntos. >> harris: one day after the website's longest global outage in its history, facebook whistleblower francis haugen testified today before a senate panel on capitol hill. she was a former product manager emphasized that company values are profits over safety.
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the company ignored the harmful effects of its platform on children. specifically teenage girls. >> facebook's failure to acknowledge and act makes it morally bankrupt. >> they knew what they were doing. they knew where the violations were. and they know they are guilty. >> the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make the necessary changes because they've put their profits before people. >> harris: all of that from today. and, of course, it follows yesterday's huge off line event. seven hours all facebook products including instagram, whatsapp. the outage sparked mass outrage and the company's stock fell as much as 5% during the global
8:21 am
blackout. joe concha columnist for the hill. i immediately thought of you. we were on outnumbered 12:07 we saw the tweet from the coms director on facebook and i joked that's like calling in sick on another television network for you and me. they were in trouble. >> it is funny. i was thinking of you exactly 12:07 p.m. yesterday. oh, i forgot to turn on "outnumbered." there you go on that. francis haugen says in her time with facebook she saw conflicts of interest between what was good for the public and what was good for facebook. and her testimony is one of the biggest threats facebook has seen in its history because the conversation as you mentioned before is about teenagers particularly teen girls. depression, suicide. facebook's own research on the matter in the leaked documents obtained by the "wall street journal" shows the company itself knows it has fallen way short and allocating the proper resources to the problem. not like they don't have the
8:22 am
money. the stock is up 100 points from a year ago today. revenues in 2020 $86 billion. up $16 billion. and yet haugen talked today about facebook needing to admit they're morally bankrupt about intentional understaffing of resources in terms of monitoring what's going on on their site. it's bipartisan outrage. everybody seems to have a problem with them. >> harris: one thing that i'm thinking about is who holds zuckerberg accountable? this is a guy since his teenage years has been able to do whatever he wants with as much money as the world will give him. >> yeah. that's up to congress, i suppose. we've seen that movie before. he goes up on congress and a cruz, hawley or any of the folks that we're seeing today may hold him to account and he may sheepishly make an excuse i
8:23 am
got it wrong gee, i'll try to do better and nothing ever happens. it's a private company and the profits are coming in. >> harris: fewer public hearings and more of this thing that we really know is punitive in accountability. the problem won't go away. white house press secretary got irritated when she got pressed about the president's son hunter biden and alleged ties to a chinese firm. >> the president has said during the campaign that none of his family will have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or foreign country. would it be important to let the american people know if hunter has -- >> i conveyed to you and i will have to move on. you should talk to his representatives. there is no reason to yell. i'm certainly not yelling. you should talk to his representatives. >> harris: joe. >> i watched that four times. i didn't see anybody yelling.
8:24 am
i saw somebody trying to follow up with jen psaki outside of peter doocy and jackie heinrich. she became very defensive. psaki is punching to hunter's representatives. does he have a press secretary? i haven't seen one. i guess she means his lawyers. we were told by jen psaki herself. i looked it up. hunter biden was winding down these activities in february eight months ago, the exact words she used and said talk to hunter's representatives. the movie dodge ball got a sequel. >> harris: let's get into the tactic of attacking the media for being rude. we see people in powerful positions do that all the time try to shut us down by saying you're shouting or you didn't use the right word. it is a tactic we see. in the long run it never works. in the short term it buys them more time. what she needs more time for i
8:25 am
don't know. left wing media applauding protestors who harassed kyrsten sinema outside a public restroom. that was sunday. in a locked secured area on the campus of arizona state university that those people were not allowed to be in. liberal journalists tweeting their support. a daily beast editor posted president biden's response noting that it happens to everybody adding bathroom gate is a dumb fake scandal. jez bell publishing a piece entitled absolutely bully. kyrsten sinema outside of her bathroom stall even calling it an effective and safe alternative. "new york magazine" writer posted this. these are all in support of what has been happening with the senator. the handwriting over sinema's bathroom saga misses the point. far left webcast the young turks also praised the protest.
8:26 am
>> senator sinema created this environment. you are right. find her where she goes. i have no problem with it. >> the articulation of these activists and the bravery and courage that that takes is something that should be celebrated across the nation. >> harris: what happened to the substance of your debate and argument? why are you going into the ladies room after people? >> it's a class 5 felony in arizona. i wonder if these same pundits if a member of the squad ocasio-cortez was chased by pro-life activists into a bathroom stall to lock herself in it while they harassed her. i wonder if that would be condemned by these same people. the president of the united states, mr. unity he could have brought down the temperature talks about it's the process. find me another senator chased into a bathroom and harassed. sinema is like john mccain but he received glowing praise whenever he went against the republican party.
8:27 am
i remember this "washington post" headline. the iconic vote that summed up john mccain's kari when he gave the thumbs down to obamacare. mccain praised going against republicans. sinema ridiculed when she goes against democrats. funny how that works. >> harris: a certain amount of danger with what comes with people are doing. trapping them in planes and enclosed areas. "new york times" columnist maureen dowd got dragged or social media where she skolds senator sinema when biden really needs a win, says dowd. twitter had response. here is one. i'm starting to get the impression the media only like a certain type of maverick. another that whole country over party thing went away quick. >> so give mr. biden the win because he needs one right now because he is polling in the low 40s overall and 30s on most major issues. it is because he needs a win
8:28 am
and not doing what a krysten sinema or joe manchin or moderate democrats blef, what is best for the country. don't spend 5.5 trillion when inflation is at a 30-year high and no way to pay for it and make an argument it costs zero dollars to the american taxpayer. here we have the maureen douds of the world. take it for the team, sinema. 35% approval where joe biden is polling in arizona. >> harris: that's a lot of good information to know. also that 5.5 trillion that we just heard you say is because you've read the different portions of this and you know reports are it adds up more than 3.5 trillion. >> gimmicks. >> harris: thank you very much. a lot to break down. glad we had time to get to it today. the justice department is looking to crack down on what it calls threats to school officials and teachers after
8:29 am
some heated school board meetings. you've seen some of them. critics say this really is a war on parents' first amendment rights. and this. >> we can gather for christmas or just too soon to tell? >> just too soon to tell. we have to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down. >> harris: you know that was ridiculous, right? so does he because he is walking become that comment. dr. anthony fauci saying even he will be with his own family on christmas. oh. power panel weighs in next. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa!
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appropriate way. that opened the door. that sent a signal that it is an open border. >> harris: so arkansas's governor hutchinson on a ride along with texas state troopers last night and he took a moment to kind of express the fresh criticism now that he has for president biden's immigration policies and the chaos at the southern border. he is not alone in all this. now a group of republican governors is headed to survey the situation for themselves due there tomorrow. they will renew their calls for president biden to do something about what is unfolding there. however, texas governor greg abbott is not waiting for the white house. he is preparing the state national guard, along the border, as the steady stream of migrants is not slowing down. he is going to send them there. they are readying. people who live and work in the area are fed up. >> the fault of the president.
8:36 am
they had been promised by the president they would come to the united states. >> it has been mounting bit by bit. not just a thing that happened over the course of one week. >> harris: they must feel abandoned. i want to bring into focus former acting ice director tom homan, fox news contributor. tom, literally it must feel to them that no one is hearing their cries for help inside the white house. >> you said it right. they have been abandoned and the men and women of the border patrol. the secretary won't admit the crisis while these men and women are working their butts off. the president in his first speech said border patrol would watch children dying on river banks does nothing about it. these are patriots, american citizens that saved over 8,000 lives this year. children drowning in the river,
8:37 am
people abandoned in the desert. one thing i want to say to look at this the bottom line is the trump administration handed president biden the most secure border in my career which spans 35 years. i worked for six presidents. most secure border i have ever seen. why would any incoming president want to tear it down? there is no down side on a secure border, no down side on less illegal immigration and less drug flow, taking money oft cartel's hands. its is ridiculous that any president would come in and say i want a less secure border. it is ridiculous. >> harris: six presidents, 35 years and the worst you've ever seen it. we hear from the border patrol chief rodney scott, who was booted, saying this about terror threats at the border. the topic is even bigger. let's watch. >> we have nation state threats, we have terrorist threats, we can't get into type of forum but they're real, exist and they want to come
8:38 am
across that border. stat isically it includes rapists, murders, to think there is not just as bad or worse people than those getting away would be naive. >> harris: i have to think in your 35 years this is what you are talking about by the worst you've ever seen it. >> i'm glad he is a good friend of mine. american patriot. i have been saying for three years terrorists, it's vulnerable to terrorism. they go up through panama. officials say they have a huge surge coming our way. how many known suspected terrorists will embed themselves in the groups. the pathway for thoefs who want to come and do harm. rodney is right. by the numbers. data shows 20% of border patrol apprehensions from a criminal history. almost 350 to 400,000 gotaways. people the border patrol
8:39 am
couldn't arrest. that's based on traffic camera and drones. if you have 400,000 gotaways and you say 20% of that. i'm not -- that's 80,000 criminals that went across the border and not stopped. this border is vulnerable to fet nall. -- fentanyl. it is a national security crisis and i'm glad rodney scott is speaking up. >> you mention panama. president trump had deals in the northern triangle countries. do we have enough friendships with people down there that they would look for the bad guys among them or are they floating these people through like next, head to america. >> ice has a great relationship with panama. i met with those officials. we have stopped known and suspected terrorism there in the gap and able to deport them back to the homeland before they got to the united states. their goal was to get to the
8:40 am
united states. we caught some, how many didn't we catch? you don't catch everybody. 350,000 to 400,000 gotaways this year alone. who were they? >> harris: wow. tom hoe man. -- tom homan, thank you. outrage is growing nationwide as more states are mandating vaccines. >> harris: state workers, thousands of them, are protesting. they will be required to get the shot by october 18th and they are not the only ones. teachers and healthcare workers in new york are already being fired over this matter. power panel next. would be eligible today for a va home loan. so many do not know that. there's no expiration date on your eligibility for the va home loan.
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>> harris: the justice department is launching an effort what it calls threats of violence against school employees across the nation. this after school board meetings where parents have questioned officials over critical race theory and covid and gender policies. attorney general merrick garland says alleged threats are not only illegal but run counter to our nation's core values. critics say this is just the biden administration trying to bully parents to stay quiet.
8:46 am
florida congressional candidate spicer tweeted this. the d.o.j. is criminalizing conservatism and parents who want their kids to be educated, not indoctrinated. if this doesn't unite people nothing will. ken buck from colorado. >> attorney general garland should know better than to try to use the f.b.i. for political speech. justice should not be used to attack a group of people expressing their opinions at school board meetings. the federal government should stay out of those disputes. >> harris: let's get the details and facts on this. a huge issue for the american people. alexandria is live in washington this matters so much to parents. >> it does. the criminal justice system has already had this in effect.
8:47 am
parents' right to speak out, for that they called in the feds. in a letter sent to president biden the national school board association likeened some parents to domestic terrorists and requested assistance from the f.b.i., department of homeland security and secret service to protect our students, school board members and educators affecting interstate commerce because of threats to their districts, families and personal safety. it was a request that the department of justice obliged leaving critics to wonder if the government agrees with classifying outspoken parents as terrorists. will there be a watch list? what's the threat in terms of a school board meeting singing the national anthem? who decides? >> when you nationalize the effort to go after people based on political speech. when you determine that one size fits all. that the f.b.i. should be looking into these isolated incidents. this isn't a national group that is garnering support and
8:48 am
mobilizing people. >> the national school board association is based in alexandria, virginia. their city schools are one of several districts nationwide where leaders voted to do away with school resource officers. a student was shot near that school. are officials putting their own safety above the safety of students? >> harris: that's a tough question. thank you very much. appreciate it. i want to get into more of this now with the power panel. cassie smedly executive director of the america rising pack and kevin walling former biden campaign surrogate. good to see you both. cassie, first of all this is a really top line issue for so many parents because it sounds like they might not be able to express themselves or is that taking it too far? >> that's absolutely right. what you have here by and large no one is condoning violence but you have concerned parents
8:49 am
voicing their frustration what they've seen over the children's shoulder happening in their child's classroom. they only had the afwoilt see that because the school boards and elected officials because the wouldn't allow the kids back in the classroom. >> harris: they were on zoom. >> you are seeing the frustration of the condescending tone from school boards that say we don't want you to have a say in the conversation. look no further than what we saw in last week's virginia governor debate when mccauliffe said i don't think parents should have a stay in their children's education? isn't that coincidental that he is backed by teachers unions? this idea we're bringing in d.o.j. seems like it is the next step in the school boards and teachers unions effort to keep parents out of this conversation. >> harris: not to put too fine a point on it. interesting the timing of this. we reported on this yesterday. a black caucus group in
8:50 am
mccauliffe's home state decided to back the republican in the race youngkin. some things are having power with voters right now. i wonder if this is one of them. thousands of people gathered outside of washington state capitol building to protest the state's vaccine mandate and were heard belting out the national anthem. the other issue uniting parents and others. watch. [singing of national anthem] ♪♪♪ >> harris: about 3,000 people attended the protest ahead of the state's october 18th deadline for allstate workers to be vaccinated. protestors chanted outside the new york department of education after thousands of teachers were laid off for not complying with the nyc vaccine requirement for all educators and school staff. [crowd chanting] >> everyone should have the right to decide whether they want to be vaccinated or not.
8:51 am
>> chanting, we will not comply. >> i don't want vaccine. i have medical reasons not to. >> my body, my choice. no vaccine. >> harris: new york's largest private healthcare provider fired 1400 employees who refused the vaccine. kevin, parents often will go to the school board meetings. i want to knit the issues together. others will talk about masking and vaccines and people have a right to go to those venues, those board meetings and express themselves. that's one issue. what do you do about the other one when people say they don't want to have vaccines and you end up with fired teachers, those who can't make it into the classroom now. kept from it? >> we're at an inflection point in this country. i'm happy to see cassie and you and myself united in condemning any kind of violence whether in front of a school district, on
8:52 am
a congress corner event with gabby giffords or baseball field with republicans practicing for the congressional baseball game. something is happening in our politics where we're moving past civility in our conversations. i'm a democrat that goes on fox news. you and i have had great conversations over the years and i believe in the dialogue. when it turns violent that's when it becomes very problematic in this country. we have to tone down this rhetoric. on the point with vaccines and mandates, i think i'm a democrat and i believe mandates work and we see it play out in the last yesterday for example we're seeing doses first time doses nearly double where we were a week ago. many of those are the healthcare workers and teachers holding out with questions about their job security. >> harris: let me hit the pause button. i like the way you describe our conversations as great because they fall short of violence. i would hope so. >> i want to be back with you in studio.
8:53 am
>> harris: that's not why we don't get together. i'm a little confused when you say mandates work. i want to understand what you consider working for and cassie. who do they work for? >> the chyron now talking about the healthcare workers in new york state for the largest healthcare system. just 2% of these employees that represent 1400 people failed to get the vaccine in time. if i'm engaging with the healthcare system i want to make sure that nurse and doctor caring for my parents that are older are vaccinated. i want healthcare professionals and teachers forming the minds of our children to be believe in science for god sake. >> harris: i will push back for the sake of argument here. mainly because i like science. the science has not shown that people who professionally know how to use ppe have necessarily spread the disease. many of them have been infected. i want to make sure we get all the science brought in. cassie. >> yeah. to your point there that we were perfectly fine having our
8:54 am
first responders and front line workers with the diy masks and ppe working long hours while we converted to the life of zoom and food delivery but now there is a vaccine mandate all of a sudden they are thrown on the street. i think that it is a fair argument to say shouldn't we be allowed to have these conversations with our employer without the heavy hand of government. i have to go back to the point of having civil discourse we're all in favor of. i seem to recall far more violence happening in the defund the police movement than at school board meetings. i think that's notable. >> what about january 6th >> harris: thank you. an interesting point. we'll move on. fox news with a milestone birthday and gratitude for you. thursday, october 7th, the pre-party is on today at the corner of wall and broad. our ceo and our president rang
8:55 am
the opening bell on the floor of the new york stock exchange. co-workers who have been here for a quarter century. the link at the bottom of your screen takes you to great fox memories and moments from anchors, reporters, employees, and some celebrities who stopped by. thank you to all our viewers for making fox news number one. "outnumbered" after the break.
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