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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 5, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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about the u.s. government leaving billions of military equipment behind in that country, a drone story and leaving american citizens behind, humiliating the united states. for that he went to jail. we will stay on the case. that it did for us tonight brand-new "tucker carlson tonight" so fox nation will see you at 8:00. have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines: day 52. >> sean: welcome>> to "hannity." sadly, dave 52, the biden administration is not in a position to say as of yet how many americans remain trapped behind enemy lines, hostage to the taliban. they have no clue, they have no earthly idea. joe biden abandoned them. and by the way, the media mob, they just ignore the story as if it didn't happen. imagine if this happened when donald trump was president. zero capabilities to get them
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out.. all this leverage joe biden claimed he has, he has none. it's been nearly 35 days since joe biden even mentioned these americans he's abandoned. according to a breaking report from "the new york times," scores of cia assets in afghanistan and around the globe, they have been captured, they have been killed or they have been compromised. make no mistake, all caused by joe biden and all completely preventable. by the way, as the song says, joe biden has blood on his hands. joe skerritt is on the world stage will haunt this country and the world for years to come. who will trust us again? look at the aggressive nature of china in taiwanea today. didn't even help his own fellow americans, he's not going to help you. sending a message loud and clear that they are emboldened today as a result of joe biden. and biden today is not thinking about those that he left behind in afghanistan. never mentions them. he's not thinking about the crisis and our southern border.n never mentions it. truth be told, biden probably doesn't even form many cogent
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thoughts anyway. but his staff did give a speech about his $3.5 trillion bill the back better socialist spending disaster, which is now stalled in congress, thankfully, and causing a democratic civil war. needless to say, his speech didn't particularly go well. not hard to predict. take a look. >> by the way, parenthetically, when you build stations like back in the day when my grandpa worked for maryland oil company back in the turn of the 1920s, in that area, they went from state to state convincing people to allow them to put 20,000 gallons of gasoline under the ground.
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they didn't want them around but guess what happened, everything builds up around them. with these charger stations on, you're going to see significant economic development go well beyond the charging station. >> sean: what on earth is joe biden actually trying to say here? he's no donald. trump, he doesnt get big crowds, a lot of people, doesn't seem to make a lot of sense and he mumbles a lot, fumbles a lot, he bumbles a lot and frankly i don't even think he knows what he's reading on that teleprompter. regardless, he's desperatelys trying to save this insane domestic socialist agenda. why? because his radical party is demanding and peer nancy pelosi, zero control over her caucus. get as much as you can and let me go back to san francisco and eat a lot of designer ice cream. she's getting rolled by the devout socialists in her base and as i've said many times before, the real speaker of the house would be alexandria ocasio-cortez. frankly, it is the humiliating
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culmination of nancy pelosi's 3,582 years in the washington swamp. and now ofng course with the stalled agenda, the radical left or implementing one of their favorite tactics, mob rule. their latest victim? senator kyrsten sinema, one of two democratic senatorsob that refused to rubber-stamp this $3.5 trillion socialist welfare madness. she's now getting stopped all over the country. we told you about last weekend in arizona, a group of deranged left-wing activists, illegal immigrants harassing and filming the senator -- filming the senator! while she is in a stall in the ladies room. just stop for a minute and ask yourself, what wouldth the reaction of the mob and the media be and the democrats if it was a trump supporter with a maga hat on. by the way, in the air on a flight, harassed and filmed by
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another left-wing activist. take a look. >> sean: why isoo she being allowed on a commercial airline to harass a senator?my why is that allowed to happen? and where are the democrats sticking up for her? biden, pelosi, schumer, are you going to stand up for your own colleagues being stalked and harassed and now daily? i doubt it because you're probably afraid of the radical socialist base, you are afraid it's going to happen to you. pelosi, speaker in name only. schumer only answers to
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bernie sanders. joe biden, bernie, the bernie-biden manifesto, he doesn't even know what is going on and as a result, we come to you the american people and frankly, an entire world of suffering. at the border,e where biden should be today, a crisise continues to spiral out of control there. listen to this, inaccording to former border patrol chief rodney scott, he retired in june, terrorists from around the globe are attempting to capitalize on all this chaos, something we have been warning you is likely true. you would like to people that have agendas to bring harm to this country and we are not fighting them. we don't look and see if they have radical associations, we are not even giving them covid tests and they getet preferentil treatment and we don't even get a vaccine mandate. just can you please show up, we are only requesting, you don't have to. take a look.
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>> nation-states threats commit terrorist threats, they are real, they exist and they want to come across that border. it always includes, murderers, potential terrorists. every year if you look at statistics publicly available. those will predict who we actually catch. >> sean: as i've said many, many times, this is a national security crisis, it is a humanitarian crisis, it is a health crisis. in the middle ofs a pandemic, i am here legally, i don't care where you come from, legally respect our borders and sovereignty. we need to know you don't have radical associations, we need to know in the middle of a pandemic you are healthy and you will be a burden to the american people. if you have that background check, you do it legally,d welcome to our country. i don't care where you come from. and yet joe biden won't even visit the border. in fact, he has never ever visited the border. not a single time.
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not once as a senator, not as vice president, not as president and he has been in the swamp 8,927 years. he has beenhe there longer than pelosi. now because joe is unable and unwilling to secure the borders a group of republican governors, they are now having to do his job, step up to the plate but they can't enforce the laws that he won't enforce because he is aiding and abetting the lawbreaking. you can't make this adam schiff up. take a look. >> we have a crisis at our border. unprecedented, heartbreaking, and completely avoidable. and understand the a magnitude u need only look at the numbers. when joe biden took office he immediately stopped construction of the border wall. since then there has been a surge of immigrants flooding our southern border. border apprehensions are up 500% and border patrol facilities are beyond max capacity. >> sean: investigative journalist and reporter sara carterr will follow these
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governors as we tour the board appeared full coverage right here on "hannity." if he had any decency at all, he would head toap the border. let him talk to the people, let live in border communities. let them live, here how hard this has been for them. why is joe biden giving preferential treatment to those who don't respect our laws, our borders, our sovereignty. by joe biden, he is who he is. he's a liar, con man, plagiarist and has been his entire life. he is maybe a slight bit better than zero experience hundred. the only difference now is joe . is in a very steep cognitive decline. he is cognitively weak, he is frail. anyway, hiss dishonesty and incompetence is more obvious than ever and now democrats are rightfully very worried about the midterm elections in 2020. here with more from the white house, our very own peter doocy. peter, a lot is going on there.
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this has turned into a bit off a disaster for them. i want you to explain exactly what is happening. you've got the squad insisting they want their $3.5 trillion green new deal money first or they are not going to vote for the infrastructure bill. the morereal moderate democratse saying we can't afford to spend that kind ofra money after the money we have spent on covid. tell us where everything stands. >> something new started happening today. the president went out to michigan, he is trying to make it look like there is public support elsewhere to pressure the senators from other states like west virginia and arizona who are not with him right now, so what he is doing now for the first time is he is talking about not just a policy, the human infrastructure they call it, but also his popularity last year. he was talking about how he won 81 million votes, how that is the most in u.s. history, and that is why he thinks that
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people should trust him that he knows what is best for the next generation of the united states. there is a lot going on in the world, as you just detailed in your monologue. he wants all i the attention rit here and there is a big mask problem in washington, d.c., because they think they've got joe manchin and the president said he saw joe manchin on tv, it sounds like he is maybe willing to spend a little bit more on this progressive wish list, human infrastructure, they call it. bernie sanders, i think $3.5 trillion is a conservative number, so if you placate somebody like joe manchin you lose bernie sanders, it doesn't help you at all and all the while, we've got somebody like kyrsten sinema, who you mentioned was chased into a ladies room. when i asked the president about that directly yesterday, he said he doesn't approve of the tactics but it's all part of the process.
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when i asked jen psakiki about , she says she thinks it is inappropriate but that the president still supports the right to protest. >> sean: amazing. peter doocy, thank you as always. joining us now, donald trump jr. i don't care if it's afghanistan, the border. on every single issue, as you watch the democrats now go back and forth and they can't get even their own act together and get a bill that is going to -- that they can get consensus on, you've got the socialists, then the radical communist socialist sort of like the battle between the two extremes. there's nobody like your father, that i see,ik is leading the democratic party on an agenda that they are going to get behind. your thoughts on this bill? >> 100%, joe biden can't go in there and whip up these caucuses and get them to fight for a common goal, the american people. it seems like the vast majority
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of the democratic caucuses are actually much more concerned about anyone other than the american people. people who are so good at math that they are going to pretend that $3.5 trillion is somehow going to be free. that there are somehow no ramifications to working-class americans but they have a problem, mortgaging your children in that is what they are doing to america, to pay off a radical agenda, to create amnesty and programs for illegal immigrants who these days are treated better than actual americans in their own country. there is no leadership in the democrat party. it's controlled by a bunch of radical lunatics. it has never been this bad before.. we have seen the democrats going slowly off the deep end. i think donald trump broke at them but the problem is there are no more moderates left in the democrat party. there are no more blue-collar democrats. they are controlled by the radical left, they don't even have the decency to let a
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democratic senator use the bathroom in peace. i have a feeling if that was a conservative going after a liberal or one of the radicals they would have a problem with it but according to joe biden, it is just part of the process. it is a clown show and it is not changing anytime soon. >> sean: you said something and this is very true, americans now havech vaccine mandates, everybody has got to be tested once a week, they don't have their vaccine passport, okay, he's saying we may have 400,000 illegal immigrants in the month of october alone. averaging 200,000 every single month that we know about and we are not even discussing all the resources funneled to one area which leaves the rest of the border open to human traffickers, drug traffickers, drugs and cartels. okay, we have now got a situation where all of this is
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unfolding before our eyes and nobody seems to have any solution whatsoever except we are going to give preferential treatment to illegal immigrants over american citizens. no vaccine mandates and free transportation to whatever state. and dispersed all over the country. tell us how that america-last agenda is going to play out in the end. >> i think it is going to be a disaster in the mid terms, we e talk about the crisis of the border, it's a disaster in california, it's a disaster in arizona.ehe when you have 400,000 in one month, what do you think that does to schoo systems? what do you think that is to already overworked health systems? especially in the midst of a
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pandemic, sean. this is a disaster and if you live in new york city, you can't go to work, you can't go to the gym or a restaurant without a vaccine passport but if you come in from mexico and you are covid positive, welcome, what can we do for you? this is a disaster for the future of our country, our children and it's going to be a disaster for the democrats. unfortunately, i don't know if by the time we get to midterms there will be much of a country left because of the policies that are destroying the framework of ourh nation, our freedoms, the systems americans have been paying severely into. the irs now gets to look at their bank account for every little transaction. i have a feeling they are not going to have the same scrutiny for the people walking across the border. they are not scrutinizing the drug traffickers, the sex traffickers which are all running rampant. in our country right now.
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they're too busy making sure if someone's grandmother was withii 1,000 miles of the capital on january 6th. that is what is going on in these institutions and i hope we don't have to hit rock bottom for america to realize that we are slowly losing to the communists because that is exactly what is happening in my opinion. >> sean: i said last night, it's an issue or choice between leaving and abandoning americans behind enemy lines in afghanistan's or if you mean tweets like we would bubble in for his like alka-seltzer, i will b take the mean tweets. if it's the chaos at the border in the middle of a pandemic with no background, health checks whatsoever, i think i will choose the mean tweets. again, if it's energy independence and mean tweets, i over baking opec for oil, i think i will choose the mean tweets again.n if it is inflation and an economy that is not going to rob our kids and our grandkids and
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great grandkids i think i will choose the mean tweets and i say that because you and i both watched for five years, if your dad tweeted one little thing, the media is the enemy of the people, it would be like one month never ending loop of democrats and media mob people attacking your father but meanwhile, real substantive issues, media democrats, nowhere to be found. >> that is with the american people are figuring out, the democrats in the media which is just the marketing arm of the democratic party, that goes with social media as well, they lied to the american people. they told youci joe biden was going to be moderate in the adults would be back in the white house and all the points your listing,n i am an american citizen, i am watching america. the american military abandoned american citizens to a terrorist regime in afghanistan. i am watching us cancel pipelines, jobs and security and
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the economics that go with it for americans but freely give them to vladimir putin and the russians while then paying the money to protect the europeans who are going to benefit from the same russians they are enriching. it is policy after policy that is designed to distract america and our power in the world. look no further than what china is doing to taiwan. they are plying dozens if not over 100 aircraft into and around taiwanese aerospace saying you and i both know america is not going to have your back, it is time to just roll a over. as i said a few weeks ago i think on this show a few weeks before the start of happening, if you are in taiwan, you're scared because he realizing america no longer has the backs of their allies. china took notice and the only problem is i figured it out long before the clown generals we have running the show figured it out. that should scare all of us because they are too busy focusing on making sure they understand white rage and
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putting critical race theory in the military to figure out how to actually deal with our biggest threats. obviously, china.ea >> sean: i think it figures out, when they were feigning outrage they weren't really outraged. let me tell you something, america, we are all going to suffer in the world will suffer because we have a president who is a cognitive mess it is being dominated by the radicals of his party.e donald trump jr., thank you. let's turn to a shocking story from john solomon o breaking tonight, stunning example of far left hypocrisy, narrow reporting that the chairman of the january 6th commission, bennie thompson, apparently now once sympathized withf a succession s to group that killed police officers. we reached out to the congressman's office for comment and they don't want to get back to us. the editor in chief of, this is an
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amazing story. also investigative reporter john solomon. head of the commission, supposedly indignant and outraged over the insurrection, not investigating the riots thai killed dozens of americans and thousands of cops were injured, pelted with rocks and bricks and bottles and molotov cocktails, i don't see any commission on he is leading this commissionn and he at one time associated with you? >> yeah, the republic of new africa, a group that the fbi warned was preparing for guerrilla warfare in the united states in the 1970s. its goal was to seat if necessary by force land from georgia, alabama, louisiana, south carolina and make a new african state on u.s. soil. they renounced u.s. citizenship, they signed their own declaration of independence and they engaged iney several conflicts with law officers who
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were trying to execute people execute search warrants and who were duly ordered for being arrested in in three occasions this group killed a police officer in f the line of duty. at that moment, the congressman, from a tiny town in mississippi and he went to the defense group, he sympathized with them, he criticized the police, suggesting it was their fault ,he police were having so much trouble and they should let them build their republican mississippi and when an officer, officer skinner was killed on august 19th, 1971, he held a news conference blaming police for getting themselves killed, saying it was their fault for raiding this group, that is why they got killed, g very differet from the man you saw finding capitol hill police weeks ago. speed to john sullivan, great
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reporting. thanks for being with us. straight ahead the now wants to spy on your personal bank account even if you only have 600 bucks in it. we will explain, reaction from louisiana senator john kennedy as we continue. ♪ ♪
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and there you have it- woah.
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communities and threatens the region's wildlife. mark zuckerberg says it is on facebook, his company's research is being taken out of context. he is referring to a facebook data scientist. blamed for inciting political violence and fueling misinformation. now back to "hannity." ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, now the democrats tonight are ramping up their efforts to politicize the irs and actually increased surveillance of your financial activity because our proposed mandate in the democrats' massive $3.5 trillion socialist spending spree, that would give the agency power to review financial transactions of every single account with over a $600 balance or did they not have better things to do?
11:29 pm
in other words, the irs would like to snoop on you, spy on you, want to track your spending and now secretary janet yellen, they are trying to claim it is just about collecting more revenue and targeting tax chiefs. 600 bucks is hardly in the realm of real dollars. he would pay more to get the $0.30 you're goingng to get. we've seen this before under obama, key party groups were targeted with heightened scrutiny and conservatives, they were targeted over their political beliefs. this would be a major privacy violation and dangerously politicize one of the most powerful government agencies. here for reaction, louisianage senator john kennedy. great to have you back, sir. let's start with this and then talk about the billions, they want to add new agents and they say it is all about compliance. do you believe that is what it's
11:30 pm
all about? >> no. president biden has two bills he's pushing for the fake infrastructure bill which he will spend $400 billion that we don't have andls the bill to whh you refer, the spending reconciliation bill, which by the way, president biden says is free. i would remind you that mice die in mousetraps because they think the cheese is free. this bill is not free, it will cost everybody. the bill will have $4 trillion c with of new spending, $4 trillion worth of new taxes, $2 trillion worth of new data -- that. and it includes the provision to which you were referring. it would require our banks to report the daily transactions to the irs of everyone's checking account. if you have a job in america you are going to have your daily
11:31 pm
transaction, hourly transactions reported to the irs. as one of my colleagues says, whether you buy a couch or a cow, the irs is going to know about it. i don't know about you but it gives me the creepy vibes. if you want to learn more about it i put a piece on my website at but this is one more example why, at least in my state, president biden is about as popular as a fever blister. they just don't understand this stuff.n and that is why -- >> sean: i read they might have medicine for that. i don't know. we should get a list of joe biden -- >> the medicine is to kill this bill, and republicans aren't perfect, but there's so many members now, the other side including president biden that are crazy. i mean, i've never seen anything like this. >> sean: the idea -- there's a
11:32 pm
lot going on here and i want to get your thoughts because you have good relationships with people on both sides of the aisle. doesn't mean you're going to agree politically, but the democratic party that i've been following every second, minute, hour of every working day for the last 33 years of my life has never been this radical in this socialist. now the infighting is as bad as i have ever seen it. i see the real potential nancy pelosi can be pushed aside. i don't see that biden has the appeal or the power of a donaldt trump to go out there ad really get people behind the bill and put pressure on congress to make it happen, do you? >> no, and i think what we are seeing in terms of the disarray, president biden has dug up more snakes than he can kill.
11:33 pm
he made all of these promises. he said, i'm a moderate. he's not. he's given into the woke left. first he saidat the infrastructe bill is not connected to the spending bill, and now we know that it is. and the woke leftists in his party are refusing to advance the infrastructure bill until they passed the spending bill, and the less woke leftists -- still welcome butey not quite as woke as the woke leftists -- are disagreeing with that and they are in disarray. meanwhile the american people are looking at this with their mouths open. and they are going, my god, these people do not trust me to make decisions for myself. they really think, biden and the woke left, they really think that america can't survive on unless president biden and the
11:34 pm
woke left make every single decision for americans about how to run their lives. that is what this bill is about. it's going to extend the federal government into every corner of every american's life and that is why the president's poll numbers are dropping, in my opinion. >> sean: senator kennedy come appreciate you as always, thanks for being with us. when we come back, another day, another scandal 40 experience hunter. this is now getting real, the walls are closing in, all while his father's administration continues to cover for him. jason chaffetz, congressman jim jordan, they've got a lot to say. that is coming up straight ahead. ♪ ♪ visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, more developments in the nefarious dealings of the biden business
11:39 pm
bureau, the biden syndicate because there are new reports that biden remains financially tied to the equity firm that was sanctioned in 2019 for committing human rights violations against uighur muslims.t of course we still have more questions than answers surrounding zero experience hunter and his shady dealings, like what exactly is the market place for that crappy drawing that i see on tv right now? people can bid anonymously, okay. at the recent art shows in l.a., mayor eric garcetti who was recently nominated by biden to be the ambassador to india. sort of like portraits of a crack addict, but she refused to give a straight answer, take a look. >> one president biden took office, invested in a private
11:40 pm
equity firm in december, as of april he had not yet done that and you have an update on that, solving that now? >> i would point to his representatives on that, you should talk to representatives, he's been working to wind that down. beyond that i would say, talk to his representatives.. >> sean: is joe compromised that hunter made money without any experience with china, the russian oligarch, and of course, burisma holdings and the libya government did not have a very favorable opinion about hunter biden and his private life, his drug use and use of. anyway, we did reach out for a comment, shockingly, he is yet to get back to us. here with reaction, fox news contributor jason chaffetz and
11:41 pm
author of "do what you said you would do." congressman jim jordan. by the way, if republicans would do that, donald trump gave the republican party a spine, a backbone to fight for the things they say they're going to fight for. some of the things i see especially in the senate, raising the debt ceiling, they maybe losing that differs find -- stiffer spine that trump gam them. if i am the son of a vice president and vice president of the united states leverages a billion dollars to s get a prosecutor fired because they are investigating your son, if your last name is trump, what happens? if your last name is trump and you're getting money from kazakhstan, china and russia, what is the difference in the coverage and what is the difference for the democratic party? >> you will are don jr. and you've got business ties with china, anonymous sales to people and let's say, he's up for nomination, you don't think that
11:42 pm
is a story for goodness sake? no, no, what is the justice department looking into right now? not hunter biden and other questionable people, but what is the justice department looking into? parents, parents who objected school board meetings to critical race theory are now going to be defined as domestic terrorists with the latest memo just as attorney general merrick garland sends out, this is what ticks off americans so much, sean, and it is ridiculous. >> sean: i'm not trying to be insulting to the guy's artwork. he's not a real artist. i mean, with all due respect, even the libyans said he n is a crack addict, what is this, portraits of a crack addict, paint by numbers and you're going to get up to 500 grand for one of these paintings?s? i don't think anyone in their right mind would pay $500,000 for this crap. >> it looks like a blood clot that somehow got captured on a piece of paper.
11:43 pm
joe biden himself brought as the vice president, a brought hunter biden to china on air force 2. he brought him on air force 2 to mexico, and he has -- >> sean: and china too! he went to china. >> that's right. >> sean: ten days later he's making the deal with the bank of china. >> that's right, so joe biden as the candidate, joe biden as the president-elect, joe biden as the president saidha none of his family would have any relationships, no investment in any foreign entities but the chinese -- that took place just twore weeks ago, some investmen, some are estimating are worth up to $20 million based on a $400,000 or so investment in 2017. so this is a very legitimate thing because the president keeps lying to us. if it is relevant to the oversight committee, it is
11:44 pm
relevant to congress, it is relevant to the white house and the american people, because -- the united states of america. >> sean: i'm watching these planes of china, saber rattling over taiwan, i see that vladimir putin gets a waiver for his pipeline while firing american keystone excel pipeline workers and eliminating high paying career jobs. as a look at those two instances, can you connect the dots? the first lady of moscow, $3.5 million to hunter biden, $1.5 billion deal, bank of china, $100,000 shopping spree. why is no one asking the question, are the bidens compromised by russia, china, kazakhstan and ukraine? because it seems to me they might be. >> that is a real question that should be investigated but in
11:45 pm
today's world when you are ass much towards communism is left is you don't do the real investigations that need to be done. plus also, when you project weakness from the oval office which is exactly what joe biden is doing, bad people can become emboldened and do bad things. we saw that with the whole debacle that was the withdrawal from afghanistan. those two things coupled together is why i'm so nervous and so many people are so nervous as we look around the world and what may happen to, as you say, taiwan or one of the former russian satelliterv countries that are now independent. i think that is very concerning but this is what happens when you have found she say do it for the greater good for getting your freedom. when you have an attorney general investigate domestic terrorists because they go to a school board meeting and reject critical race theory and when you have something like what happened to senator kyrsten sinema to the left, that is what it looks like when you have the left on a rapid march towards socialism. >> sean: thank you jim jordan.
11:46 pm
thank you jason chaffetz. when we come back, the mob and the media actually defending, harassing kyrsten sinema in the bathroom. we are going to show you what they said. joe concha reacts straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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11:51 pm
bathroom." and it gets worse, as the feeling far left website jezebel had the headline, "absolutely bullied kyrsten sinema outside of her bathroom stall." and biden says this harassment is just partrt of the process. i guess it is just part of the process when people say joe biden all over the country. again i will ask, imagine if these were -- the mob and the media would be apoplectic, bubble and for his and it would be nonstop hysteria and somehow they find a way to blame donald trump. here for reaction, fox news contributor media columnist for "the hill," i think he would have a great tv show here on fox on media, thatat is joe concha s with us, welcome back, good to see you. >> great to see you. if i got that own show i wouldel call it "truth or consequences." what do you think of that? >> sean: joe concha, setting
11:52 pm
the record straight, how was that? >> a little chunky. we will work on that. steve doocy came up with the other title by the way but i'm going to stop advocating for the show. >> sean: joe concha, i'm not the mob. there you go. anyway, i don't know kyrsten sinema. i've talked to joe manchin, interviewed joe manchin. he is a nice guy, we have had disagreements but he is a good guy. it's amazing to me that in this day and age the idea of chasing a woman into the bathroom and actually filming her stall while she is going to the bathroom is so deeply intrusive and offensive, and then you justify it, why? the ends justify the means? >> he's playing against the wrong team, the morally superior
11:53 pm
team, the progressive wing of the democratic party and by the way, he said that anna navarro was a far left, she's actually considerednd a conservative on "the view" so it shows you how far the show has gotten to this point.t. let's say a pro-life activist chased a member of the squad like aoc into the bathroom -- which by the way is a felony in arizona -- we would be hearing about how this is a chilling attacked on a duly elected official that can and must be condemned. this can get dangerous, by the way. as we have seen in the recent past steve scalise got shot on a baseball field, , senator rand paul was put in the hospital for weeks, he was attacked on hiss own front lawn. members of a trump administration, chased by far lefters who believe the only way to win an argument is to threaten and shame. and all the while, the president dismisses and this is fine for kyrsten sinema. so much for the unity president. this is a member of his own party. i will leaveuc it here, by
11:54 pm
17-point margin, fox news poll, 50% of americans believe the country is less united under joe biden. only 37% believe it is more united. it is now broken, he is not the unifier. he is anything but, quite frankly. >> sean: do you think this helps her in arizona? >> here's the thing, in arizona, kyrsten sinema, it wouldn't exactly be wise to jump on the president's nonexistent coattails because he is at 38% approval in arizona -- >> sean: and she is way more popular than mark kelly who is probably going to be going up against the attorney general, a guy i like, and based on -- he's just basically, whatever schumer and pelosi and biden tell him to do, he does. he has no identity at all whatsoever except to be a reliable "yes" every time for the radical socialist left.
11:55 pm
>> that seems to be the case at this point based on his voting record. that is actual data but the whole situation with sinema, "the new yorkas times" perfectly encapsulates the hypocrisy, what is wrong with kyrsten sinema" there's a difference between being a maverick, john mccain, and a narcissist, kyrsten sinema. so you see how this works, right? when the late john mccain bucked his party he was a maverick.bu he helped saved obamacare. that made him iconic and courageous. when kyrsten sinema bucks own party she is a reckless narcissist trying to destroy democracy or something. it is blatant hypocrisy in broad daylight. >> sean: thank you for being with us, joeoy concha. "concha versus the mob," i like it.n >> okay, we will work on this. >> sean: more "hannity" right after this.
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>> unfortunately, but as all the time we have left for this
12:00 am
evening. thank you for being with us. please we hope you will save dvr so you never miss an episode and in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is up next and we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraha laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington, including breaking details on lieutenant colonel stuart scheller who called out his leaders, his attorney will tell us what is up at first the zuckerberg trap is the focus of tonight's angle. >> research is where there are a variety of problems facing children and integrate. they know severe harm is