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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 6, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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he wants to know if anybody is home. >> bill: i don't think he wants to know that. i think he is saying bring me the nuts. >> dana: i would like a little more. we had a squirrel that lived in our front yard when i was a kid and my dad taught it how to go -- >> bill: your pop did that? pretty good. >> dana: here is the "the faulkner focus". >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. the department of justice is cracking down on what it calls threats against america's school officials. so who are they looking at for those threats? well, the list includes parents who speak out against mask mandates and or critical race theory. critics say it is simply the biden administration's way to silence dissent. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the d.o.j. is encouraging education officials to report
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so-called threats to the f.b.i.'s national threat operations center. that's the very same center that helps manage the bureau's counter terrorism expert and track known and suspected terrorists. republican lawmakers are calling out what they see as gross federal overreach. >> this is a dangerous overreach by the biden administration to sick the feds on parents who want to play a role in their kids' education. >> any time this administration doesn't like a political point of view they try to silence it and willing to use federal law enforcement power to do it. >> it is wrong. it is against what american believes. education is the great equalizer but now government has a say and not your parents? this is what's wrong. >> harris: senator marsha blackburn from tennessee is standing by with her reaction. first we go to mark meredith
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who is live for us in washington, d.c. >> good morning. the justice department as you just showed is facing huge blowback over the efforts to address what it sees as a rise in violence aimed at school leaders nationwide. this week the attorney general directed the f.b.i. and u.s. attorney's office to examine ways these threats can be stopped. he says school earn el are being harassed and intimidated in communities coast to coast. the government even wants people to call them when they are concerned. officials say threats should be reported to the f.b.i. and that they will be reviewed by the national threat operations center. one former u.s. attorney says getting the f.b.i. involved is simply unacceptable. >> what progressives do when they get in power is use the levers of power to intimidate people. they know they have no valid federal claim but threatening to investigate people. >> bill: we've seen more vying rouse debates at school board meeting but parents are voicing
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concerns on everything from mask mandates to what is being caught in their child's classroom. education interest groups say things are getting out of hand. the national school boards association says its members are being bullied and it is now actively asking the government for help. a group also representing america's superintendents weighed in saying in its statement we oppose the increasingly aggressive tactics creeping into school board and community meetings. we can't let frustrations and tensions evolve to name calling and intimtation. parents are speaking up because they're concerned what they are seeing in their kids' classroom and looking more likely the issue of being what's taught in schools will be a bigger role in the nation's political debate going into next year's mid-term elections. >> harris: yeah. when you trigger a parent, you have set off a volcano that perhaps you had not expected. we protect our babies at every turn. my next guest is confronting the deputy attorney general on this very controversial move by
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the d.o.j. watch. >> the implication is that you all expect parents to object to the progressive agenda. i think it is incredibly dangerous. this memo last night looks as if you were second guessing every parent who is asking the question about what is being taught. >> harris: the cover of the "new york post" today asks this question. are those domestic terrorists? of course you see the picture there who is in it in the foreground. senator marsha blackburn in focus, republican senator from tennessee who sits on the senate judiciary committee and ranking member on the senate subcommittee for product safety and data security. all around making some news this week you are, senator, as
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you focused on facebook and honing in on this issue. let's focus where you want us to be. where is the fight on this? who wages that fight? >> well, we're going to wage that fight and harris, i have think there is a whole lot of mama bears out here who will say you aren't going to do this to my children and grandchildren and you know, moms are now -- they are paying so much attention to what their children are being taught in school and they are going to these school board meetings and participating and challenging and asking questions. they are saying i will not stand for a government takeover of my kids. we are not going to let you indoctrinate our children. we are going to be sure that you are educating children. so whether it's that or it is calling to account facebook and saying stop data mining our
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kids, moms have just about had it and i am all with them because i've been fighting what big tech is doing, i've been fighting what they are doing with crt and trying to force a certain education but not education. moving to indoctrination, fighting that every single day and women have always been fierce defenders for freedom and i think you are going to see women take charge of this issue like never before. >> harris: senator, just moments ago as you were speaking we were seeing video of you yesterday on the hill and you were talking with officials and lawmakers about where we go next with this whole take it to the d.o.j. if you have a complaint against school officials. and i'm looking at that and you got your -- i know from seeing you on the hill when you have your binder notebook with you you are serious. you have pages to go through.
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tell me, who is driving this? this is important, right? did the president say i want this looked at and in any way, shape or form would that work out. did we know the d.o.j. would take a command and control from the president? how did this get to the point where the f.b.i. is going to settle local disputes between school officials and little baby's parents. >> the teachers union sent a memo over to the white house to president biden that oh my goodness these parents are challenging us and speaking up and they are showing up at school board meetings. so we need the f.b.i., the d.o.j. to take charge of these issues. but you know what? i think the teachers unions forgot to read those words we
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the people, with a capital p. and this is the people. lots of moms and dads and grandmas who are being the people and making certain that these children are receiving an education. that it is not crt, that it is not indoctrination, that they are getting every single day. and i'm standing with these moms every step of the way. >> harris: the d.o.j. is asking people to report any threats or incidents with parents and school officials to the f.b.i. national threats operation center. i've been saying it here. this is the field director on what exactly they do at that center just so we're clear what they do. >> it is extremely important in protecting the american people. they touch on counter
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terrorism, criminal, counter intelligence, domestic terrorism type threats and touch all our program priorities and they are responsible for making the decisions from the start and getting them information where it needs willing to go quickly. >> harris: that's very specific. your quick thought on that and i want to follow. >> yes, what they are basically saying is they consider parents who show up and speak out and hold school boards accountable to be a domestic threat. think about that one. >> harris: so if it's their job to go through threats, i want to follow you on how you get there. this will be challenged, right? >> yes. >> if you didn't want people to think what you just expressioned you would say go to your local police department and file a report. that's how we handle most things locally, right? road rage down the block and you know it's your neighbor you go to the local cops and that's
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how they make our lives better because they stick themselves in those situations and work it out and apply the law. >> right. >> harris: this is people who don't want to adult. adulting is hard. what you are talking about someone is going against the policies of this administration. i don't want to overblow this but trying to understand. if they can't take a debate from parents who are very much invested different than just having an opinion. their babies are in these schools. is this how they handle dissent? that doesn't feel like america. >> well, it is the cancel culture at large from coast to coast. this is what they are trying to do. they want everyone to agree with them in total. and if you challenge them, you are a bad actor. well, they don't want robust, respectful, political debate,
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which has served our nation well since our founding. doing exactly what you are talking about, sitting down, discussing the issues, hashing it out. a government that is accountable to the people. as i said they don't want the people to be the people. what they are saying is you take what we are going to give you. if you challenge a government takeover of your children, if you challenge what we are doing, we're going to turn you over to the f.b.i. and shame on the teachers unions for doing this. i hope people continue to stand up for their freedoms, continue to stand up for their children, and continue to speak out about what is wrong and holding elected official efs to account. -- officials to account.
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>> harris: i want to get to this. you have had such a busy last seven days or so on these different topics. here is one that's bipartisan bringing people together. our kids in the center of it all. bipartisan outrage over the facebook whistleblowers testimony this week. senators from both sides of the political aisle proposing new legislation to rein in social media. they need to hear directly from the coe. >> this testimony is as compelling, credible and deeply disturbing as it gets. facebook's greed is driving the teens into the darkest of places because they want to amplify messages. mark zuckerberg needs to come before this committee. if facebook is so dissatisfied as they indicate in that statement and they really want congressional action they ought to come here and participate at
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the table. >> harris: however, this won't blow your mind because you've seen it before. zuckerberg says we care about issues of mental health. it's difficult to see coverage that represents our work and motives at the heart of these accusations is the idea that we prioritize profit over safety and well-being. that's just not true. ranking member on this subcommittee you are, senator blackburn. you had a lot to say, too. what are you hoping that mark zuckerberg does next? >> we know from the documents that we've received that it has affirmed a lot of the anecdotal information we were getting from parents and teachers and principals and pediatricians and what we do know is that facebook has been data mining children as young as 8 years old looking at the digital
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experience that those children want to have. and indeed we have invited facebook to come in, to be sworn in, to tell their side of the story because we want to rein in big tech. we know that the children's online privacy protection act needs to be updated and as it is currently written, we fully believe that facebook is outside of the parameters of that law. >> harris: real quickly before i let you go. are democrats on board with gengt it done? >> interestingly enough, they are coming our direction on reining in big tech when it comes to dealing with children and privacy. >> harris: senator marsha blackburn from the great state of tennessee. you and i could talk all day. thank you for your expertise and bringing us the notes from the fights that you are waging on the hill. thank you. >> thank you. >> harris: john kerry spilled
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the beans. he said the quiet part out loud on biden's knowledge or lack there of about the botched submarine deal that outraged one of our top allies. remember how mad france was? well, there is this as well. >> this is an unmitigated disaster of joe biden's own making. the reason we're here is to draw attention to this issue. we've been reaching out to the administration. all we've gotten back is crickets. >> harris: what will it take to get the president's attention as more than 60,000 migrants now headed to our southern border after passing through panama? the stream is unending. ken paxton texas attorney general in "focus" next.
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go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> harris: just a few weeks ago we were watching 15 to 18,000 people under that texas bridge. some of them from haiti crossing the southern border into del rio, texas, hanging out under the bridge that became basically a wasteland there. they had to clean it up for days. a caravan of 60,000 now is making its way toward the united states. panama officials telling us that. texas governor greg abbott is set to deploy national guard troops. the white house says it is working with the state of texas on the crisis. pretty short on specifics on what they are doing. >> we're working with our the leaders in the region on this issue of migrants coming to the border. but we do have a system in
8:23 am
place that we'll continue to follow and we continue to have the push factors telling folks isth is not the time to come and continue doing what we've been doing. >> harris: she might have wanted to start with this line. not the time to come. governor abbott and 10 other republican governors are set to hold a news conference in texas planning to announce president biden's border policies putting pressure on him to actually do something, take action. texas attorney general ken paxton is in "focus" now. i like to get the latest from you the biggest issue we're facing right now. i understand from the deputy press secretary moments ago that the white house is willing to work with you on this. what does that look like exactly? >> that's a great question and i don't know the answer because so far i see no evidence that they are working with us.
8:24 am
it is a lot of talk. they continue to leave it wide open. as many people as can get here they let in. the last year was the largest number of immigrants we've ever had and doesn't seem like it is stopping. the numbers continue to grow and it doesn't seem like the biden administration is gog anything about it other than to continue to invite people into our country. >> harris: you know, attorney general paxton, we talk about the numbers that were under the bridge that were from haiti and we'll talk about 100,000 here, the 60,000 to 100,000 getaways. isn't it more like 1.67 million and 2 million by the end of the year? how do we absorb that as a nation? >> you're right. the numbers were 1.6 for last year including four months of the trump administration ticking the numbers down.
8:25 am
if we go a full year with the type of numbers we've had in the last nine months we'll set another record. where do these people go? they're not telling us. it will have an impact not just on border states but they will have to move these people around the country and it will affect costs to these states, crime rates will be affected. covid numbers will go up. drugs increase, fentanyl coming across the border more than it ever has. significant impact and build over time as they bring more and more people in. >> harris: i want to draw everybody's attention to the pictures to the left of the screen, attorney general so they notice the dates. this isn't file footage from earlier this year. this is last month. previously it was october. we've only been in october for a couple of days. so it is increasingly a problem now. no slowdown. what are your quick thoughts about the relationship that even maybe some of you in texas might have to forge with those
8:26 am
south of the border if the white house doesn't do it? they are coming through panama now up through several countries. do you feel like you have to call some folks now that the white house isn't going to? >> you bring up a good idea. it wouldn't be a bad idea for governors on the border to reach out to the other countries having the people come through their countries. >> harris: keep them there. >> some if there is something to work out. we have trade with a lot of these countries. there ought to be a way we can work out something with them so we don't have to stop them at our border or let them through our border as it is now. i think that's actually a really good idea. >> harris: you know, you and arizona, some of the other border governors have worked together on so many different things. it just seems like that also puts a really big spotlight on what the white house is not accomplishing if you guys do it yourself. you know those countries because of where you stand and the trade agreement as you are saying. you know they want to have good
8:27 am
relationships with texas. border official efs say they have arrested more than 9,000 criminal migrants in fiscal 2021 and of those arrested, more than 300 are associated with gangs. attorney general, how does this put pressure on america? >> those numbers are up i think four fold from last year. it puts pressure on us because it increases crime and drug trafficking. people are going to die, fentanyl is deadly. we have property crimes, higher instances of murders. as these people are spread around the country they aren't necessarily background checked like they should be they will be all over this country committing crimes. the idea they're letting in illegals but those illegals, significant number have already committed crimes really makes no sense for america to have these people in our country. >> harris: if we're letting hundreds of gang members in and
8:28 am
thousands of drug dealers and cartel members in, i guess it makes sense that yeah, they are probably not checking for covid too much at the border. it just gets worse with every single detail. thank you for stopping by "the faulkner focus" to tell us what the latest is and please, if you do reach out to those countries, we want to cover it right here. it could be another part of the story that actually might work. >> absolutely. thank you for having me on. >> harris: absolutely. hounding a senator at the airport, hounding a senator on the plane in very tight quarters, hounding a senator after following her into a secure locked section of a college campus in the lady's room, and how do we know? there is video of all of it. liberal media still defending it. some are pointing to a pattern of this. parents across america going after the d.o.j.'s crackdown on protests against woke school
8:29 am
boards after a leading education group compared them to terrorists and demanded that president biden step in. we got into this with senator marsha blackburn. now we will go full tilt political power panel to see what is driving this. stay close. >> it is unconscionable that the federal bureau of investigation should spend a minute thinking about us. we all reject violence and all we want is to protect our kids because we are parents, we are mama bears and papa bears, we are not domestic terrorists.
8:30 am
>> harris: breaking news. senator joe manchin of west virginia who has been a thorn in the side of president biden on getting his agenda passed talking with republicans. he is a hold-out. let's watch. >> about what number on reconciliation. my number has been 1.5. i've been very clear and i think you have gotten an outline how i got to 1.5. i think it's very important we understand we need to do tax reform, to make sure the wealthiest who have the biggest advantages from the 2017 tax cuts pay their fair share. i this i the corporations enjoy this great country pay their fair share and we have to make sure we are committed to children. children at the beginning of life that we can help them and also our seniors at the end of life to give them the dignity
8:31 am
and quality of life of living in your home if you desire to do that. these are all things we can set priorities. this is not a heavy lift. i think also lowering the price of drugs makes no sense at all that we don't go out and negotiate. the v.a. does a tremendous job. medicare does it. why doesn't medicare? we can all agree on this easily. i have been very clear when it comes to who we are as a society, who we are as a nation and why we are still the hope of the world. i don't believe that we should turn our society into an entitlement society. i think we should still be a compassionate. rewarding society. that is best for all of us. compassion means taking care of those who can't take care of themselves whether they are young or had some type of challenge in life, mental or physical. those are responsibilities that we have and we can meet those responsibilities.
8:32 am
i feel very strongly about that. we will continue. this will take time to get this done. getting it done quickly will not benefit everybody. let's make sure we do it right. on the default crisis that we have timetable for, we are not going to default as a country. we will not default. that's the responsibility we have. >> harris: so we were listening to the west virginia senator joe manchin to see if he could add anything to the battle being waged among democrats. he and arizona's krysten sinema are at the center of that fight. so much has happened while they sit there with lots of people coming in around them, crowding them, senator sinema, of course, chased to the bathroom in recent days by protestors. it has really put them on the hot seat. as senator manchin goes into
8:33 am
the details of the date, we know there is pressure to get this done and so the democrats and the house moved the dates when they would consider anything looking at anything, the infrastructure bill or anything to halloween. that's their deadline. it really gets tough for joe biden. we'll keep watching. republicans by the way, they don't own either chamber of congress. not the house or the senate. they can sit back and eat their popcorn on this one and see how the dems do. >> it's outrageous what the federal government is doing now. what has happened now is that the federal government and national school board association has declared a war on parents. all we want is to protect our kids because we are parents. we're mama bears and papa bears, we're not domestic terrorists. and the government needs to get us working with them and they need to listen to us.
8:34 am
they need to stop demonizing us. >> harris: reaction from a virginia mom and parents defending education member, one of the many mama and papa bears, parents, going after the justice department's decision to crack down on protests against woke school boards saying this is nothing more than an effort to silence parents when it comes to issues such as mask wearing and mandatory vaccines. and critical race theory. the action from the feds comes after the national school boards association compared angry parents to terrorists. the association's words there. and then went further and asked the biden white house to get involved. nsba sent a letter to president biden coupled with attacks against school board members, it reads, an educators who are
8:35 am
approving policies for mask, many school officials are facing physical threats because of propaganda proper porting the false conclusion of critical race theory. this propaganda continues despite the fact that critical race theory is not taught in public schools. that's the end of the excerpt that we brought for you. now we bring in the power panel. matt schlapp chairman of the american conservative union. crystal knight. former political director of priorities usa and founding executive director of emerge tennessee. good to see you both. matt, i'll come to you first. a lot of movement in the story very quickly. senator blackburn told me earlier this hour it's because parents don't want to be messed with. >> yeah, that's right. one of the only good things that came out of this coronavirus pandemic is when our kids were home, including my five kids in our house we got to hear a lot of what was happening in classrooms. i had a good experience with our skoo.s a lot of parents had
8:36 am
much less good experiences and they dug into the curriculums and what the kids are reading. when you have terry mccauliffe saying that parents don't have a right to see what books kids are reading is a wake-up call for parents. as somebody who runs a conservative group this is not organized. this is a spontaneous pushback from a lot of parents. their politics might be different from mine who believe they own their kids' education. >> harris: crystal. >> what we're seeing at these school board meetings are conservatives gone wild. they are mobbing school board members as driving into school board meetings. mobbing teachers bho they believe are teaching critical race theory which we know is just a conservative talking point and propaganda. what the d.o.j. is doing is simply investigating these threats to make sure that the school board members and teachers don't have serious
8:37 am
dangers to their person or property and so it is appropriate in that we're seeing mobs showing up at school board meetings across the country, even right here in loudon county. >> harris: i want to slow you down. when i hear the name calling and the word terrorist was used by one specific school official group. however, in the f.b.i. the group that is going to be responding handles terrorists. that's like one of their number one jobs. they have multiple jobs. when i hear you call people a conservative mob. what would you call the mob that is going after the dissenting senators in your party right now krysten sinema and joe manchin? i think we have to be careful about the words we use because they matter. and they make people targets for reasons that you might not even think of. real quickly, matt. >> let me respond harris. >> harris: quickly and we'll move on. >> senator sinema, i don't
8:38 am
agree with the people who are harassing her in the bathrooms. >> harris: would you call them a liberal mob? >> well, we've only seen that instance take place in one instance. so whereas with the school board members. >> harris: actually that's not true but let me move on. many members, i want to get to this. many members of your own political party and the president even said this, they've been treated like this and unfortunately the words from the president was well, this is kind of what happens. he is not calling them out either. a "washington examiner" op-ed argues that leftists harassing krysten sinema is not a surprise, it's the norm. and we've seen a good few examples of that. watch. >> we need a build back better plan right now. >> we need solutions to build back better plan.
8:39 am
>> brett kavanaugh. you are a coward. you are a big coward. >> this is not -- >> if under attack what do we do? >> stand up and fight back. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you say to the crowd and you take it from them and you tell them they aren't welcome. >> harris: i can see why crystal might want to refuse to call them the liberal mob but as you can see we have lots of video. matt. >> let me say for someone who my wife and i have gone through this. there is a line, all right, where politics and disagreements, there has to be a water's edge, places we won't go when we disagree with someone. there has to be some respect in
8:40 am
this free society or we'll lose it. i'm all for the other side being aggressive politically. i often applaud pelosi for being so aggressive politically but these tactics are wrong. people here illegally in this country attacking two senators, maybe not physically but going after them basically almost walking into a bathroom stall with them as opposed to parents simply trying to say i want to see what you are teaching my kids. the juxtaposition couldn't be clearer. >> harris: all right. both of you thank you very much. i will have to stop now because we have some breaking news. crystal and matt i'll bring you back another day. breaking in the state of texas. we can confirm via the police in texas that multiple people have been shot at a high school there. that's according to local affiliate kdfw and sources on the ground. here is what we know. there is no other information in terms of the actual victims at this point.
8:41 am
the school is currently on lockdown. students and staff locked in classrooms and oflss. it is the arlington, texas, manfield isd police, arlington poils and other neighboring law enforcement agencies investigating an active shooter situation at timber view high school. again, no visitors are being permitted at this time. so worried parents, you know we want to get to the school and we can't do that right now because they are in lockdown. this is an active investigation. no further details again on who has been shot. the district will send an update with more information as it becomes available. our local affiliate there fox kdfw reporting a police source can tell us that several people are being transported to local hospitals and so we're watching to see the severity of this in terms of victims shot playing out on the ground.
8:42 am
arlington, texas, known for very large schools. texas, you know they say it, it's the state where everything is bigger and schools there, beautiful high schools and middle schools are large campuses and we're looking at the beautiful large campus of timberview high school in arlington. the response to this is massive. you see all of the law enforcement, ambulances, fire response as well as this situation as we can tell is less than an hour old. i want to check our facts on that. the story coming into fox news is less than an hour old, or that it happened there. but i want to be able to say that with confidence because they say this is an active situation. they are either currently looking for a shooter or shooters and we're not clear on whether or not this happened inside the structure and i'm
8:43 am
learning now that atf is on the scene. so the details that we need right now, did this happen inside the structure? are they doing a door by door, room by room clearing of that? when will the evacuations begin? i want to bring in now ted williams, former d.c. police detective and fox news contributor often with me during these times and ted, you are with me by phone? >> yes, i am, harris. >> harris: ted, when i look at the response of law enforcement of atf and emergency vehicles now confirmation through our sources on the ground and the police department that fox has been talking with, that they are now taking victims -- multiple victims to local hospitals. i want you -- can you see the screen? are we watching this together? >> i am not actually seeing the screen right now. but i can tell you and i'm
8:44 am
trying to get to so we can see the screen together, harris. >> harris: let me describe something to you. i need your expertise on this. it would seem that there is a closed in perimeter in the parking lot area. you've got what appears to be some people who are not dressed in swat and police gear. so you have what i would call civilians because i grew up military. you've got that perimeter and farther away from that toward the football field area you have a wider perimeter. talk to me about the logistics, the tactics that apply to a situation like this. >> well, what is going on, harris, the first responders are trying to establish a command post. once the command post is established, then they probably
8:45 am
move in room by room. but the logistics of it is you have like the football field area there and then you have the close in to the school structure itself. what you are seeing are the first responders probably going, i would have to believe, from room to room. they will probably use that football field, because i do have a view of it now, as a quote, unquote, staging area at some stage during the course of this -- of these events. >> harris: let me ask you this. you are looking at it, right? >> yes. >> harris: in the center of the screen, this is either a drone or a helicopter by kdfw, our fox team in texas, our affiliate, and as we look at the screen i want to be very delicate about the way i say this.
8:46 am
we have covered this before unfortunately. i counted four or five ambulances. it looks like a medical examiner presence is on the ground with the type of vehicle. what is standard and what is not? >> well, it seems as though unfortunately just looking at the screen here we have a tragedy unfolding before our eyes. you see the ambulances there and you see individuals somewhat milling around. i think whoever or whatever is going on there, they have perhaps neutralized the actual scene as it pertains to the shooter. that has not been confirmed yet. >> harris: why do you think that? >> but now they are having to
8:47 am
go from room to room in that high school and i'm sure that's what's going on there with the first responders. but the fact that these ambulances are still -- that tells me they are not -- that there is not an emergency where they feel that they need to immediately move in and bring certain individuals out of there and get them to the hospital. so again, it's hard to say everything that's going on as you know, harris. we've covered these many times and the tragedy is at some stage or another there will be a press conference but right now if you notice when you see the ambulances and look to the left of the ambulances you see individuals just standing around, and so that tells me
8:48 am
that they have perhaps moved into the high school itself and there is something going on in there that may be very unfortunate when it comes to students. >> harris: ted, this just coming in from the mansfield police department. the arlington police tweet is here. all parents in the mansfield school district, we are setting up a parent reunification point at the center for performing arts located and it gives the address. for people who are not there immediately in that area, it is sill important to know this, because social media, when it works, and when it does what it is supposed to do, connects us at the best and worst of times can be a help here. you are not a fan but a fan of
8:49 am
anything that helps us communicate in a disaster. >> absolutely. >> harris: looking at the scene, the reunification point students will be bused to the location after the school is completely secured. it is interesting to get ted williams' perspective on this. we have been together on these days, sandy hook is one i think of and we pray that that's not what we are looking at. we pray every time that we see something like this that it's not what we're looking at. we pray that a new benchmark is not formed when we see this. it is unacceptable and intolerable that our children be in this position today. i do want to, though, use the screen to tell the story because that's where it begins and ends at this moment. you have cop cars drive up on the lawn, a couple of them
8:50 am
securing an entranceway. i'm asking might have team to get as much information to me as possible about this actual school. the front door location, the rounded areas, the -- all of it. entry points i'm seeing right now. and inside every location that i've been in recently with high school, you do have those school counselor officers there, every district has -- every different municipalities as a different way of putting them. the call goes out. for this amount of response, what does it tell you about an initial report, without having the 911 calls, which we may not get expeditiously. but you know a lot because you've answered the call. how do you know? >> well you know, it is a great
8:51 am
deal of confusion normally when these things initially take place. when i say these things, when you have these kind of active shooters that allegedly in high schools and as you said, harris, we've covered them on numerous occasions and there is this one standard operating procedure and that is that you are seeing first responders, officers, running towards the danger, going into that school to try to save as many lives as they possibly can. and when you look at the scene as i'm looking at it now, you see law enforcement officers and first responders somewhat milling around. that tells me that they have perhaps gotten the scene under control and i would have to believe that very shortly here there will be a press conference, harris. and that they will be able to
8:52 am
provide the public more information. because if you notice, all of these cars are neutralized. most of the cars are not moving. and the reason for that is because i am sure that there are parents that would like to get to that school and find out what's going on to neutralize because the individuals, the students, in specific locations in that school as they go through meaning law enforcement to try to -- at the scene. but with the ambulances, from what we've seen, and where they are, and the fact that they are stationary does not look good at this stage. but if you notice -- >> harris: let me ask just real quickly, the nbc affiliate locally there in arlington is
8:53 am
saying that law enforcement agencies including arlington and mansfield police responded this morning to the school. and that shortly after that there was already reports of multiple victims and ambulances then seen leaving the school. so it was a quick turnaround. what does that tell you perhaps just in terms of the potential -- i don't want to say injuries because we don't know. but i can also confirm that we are doing a -- we're on scene at a shooting at timberview high school. this is from the arlington police department now shortly ago. they are doing a methodical search now. just what you said they would be carrying out. and will be announcing that parent staging location shortly. so they are now working. that is somewhat of a command center, too.
8:54 am
they can talk with the media from those areas and keep media aware from parents and do it at the same time. ted. just knowing how quickly they arrived at the school and left with victims, talk us through responding to a scene like this. >> i think what had happened is the law enforcement, first responders moved in right away. the students i'm sure were sheltering in place. i'm sure that they have had drills. most high schools in america now have drills for these unfortunate types of incidents. it appears from all indications here, first responders moved in fast and perhaps able to neutralize the scene in an effort to be able to get the wounded out of there in a most
8:55 am
expeditious manner. i would have to believe that's what has taken place. now again, without being redundant, they are scrubbing that high school. they are trying to determine if the shooter is actually down or if there are other shooters that are involved. the students at some stage or another, as you've said, will meet up with their parents at a specific location. that is all being processed by the first responders there, and as i've said, at any moment now i would expect that there will be some kind of a presser to let the parents and the public know what is going . >> harris: i'm going to cut in. real quickly. in the center of the scene now
8:56 am
you have seen several school buses pull up. we've been talking since this coverage began a few minutes ago. all of this playing out within the hour. look at all of the school buses now. remember when we started, i was simply telling you from experience how these schools are packed with kids and how large and beautiful these school campuses are across the state of texas and we're arlington and it is timber view high school that is in trouble today. multiple victims shot we're told. but as we watch these school buses line up we're reminded of just how many children and administrators would need to be taken out of harm's way to get them to the location that we know from the arlington police department they are trying to
8:57 am
set up a reunification point. trace gallagher is going to step in now and trace, as we watch this, i'm not familiar with how much you know about texas. i know you've been there. i've got 11 cousins in the metro area. many old enough still -- young enough still to be in school districts. some juniors and seniors in high school now. but when you look at the scene it reminds you of just how many young people are gathered back in their classrooms right now. it is a testament to where we are somewhat in the covid pandemic that they are back. and as they are back, this is the ultimate heartbreaker, trace. >> they are always devastating harris. this goes all the way back to columbine, since we saw that scene so many years ago they've put into place standard operating procedure. when you look at the scene here it tells you a couple of things right away.
8:58 am
you see some police officers and first responders that are kind of milling about the front of the school. that's an indication that the shooter in most of these cases has either left or has been neutralized in some capacity. the second thing you look at is the school buses here, a second indication they'll try to get the students who are in the school out as quickly as they can. take them to a third location. you wonder what is happening inside the school and you will see momentarily when those buses pull up, harris, you will see the students come out and they'll drop backpacks and put up their hands. in these types of situations, everybody is a suspect. they have to rule everybody out. the backpacks will be dropped. kids will come up. put up their hands. get on the bus and taken to a third location. remember what is going on inside the school is that the protocols are that if they have school police officers, they go inside the school immediately
8:59 am
now. we saw in florida a few years ago they had deputies that did not go inside. now the protocols are they go inside immediately and try to confront the shooter. if they do not have school police officers on hand the deputies and police when they get on scene will automatically surround the building and send some inside to see how many lives they can save. then you go from there, he stepped on the chain and go from every classroom to classroom, from closet to qualify, from storage room to storage room, to the lunchrooms, and they will clear every part of this campus. and in many cases it takes several hours. this is a procedure that we are watching right now. you see the first responders coming in, they are trying to get out the students who may or may not be wounded. those students get out first, taken to local hospitals. in the fascinating thing about what we are seeing here is, this
9:00 am
is timberview high school in arlington. about an hour and 35 minutes ago at washington liberty high school which is not far away there was also a report of an active shooter. police showed up, they cleared that scene and as soon as they cleared washington liberty high school, they got reports of an active shooter at timberview high school. the active shooter clearly at timberview that turned out to be a reality because we are now hearing that a number of people, we don't know that they are teachers or students but a number of people have been wounded. we don't know anything about don't like more than that but it gives no concept of something it was going on in arlington today because a couple of threats were turned in and one turned out to be not a threat on the other turned out to be exactly what we are seeing on the screen right now. he had these different scenarios that police are trying to work out and you can imagine that every other high school in and around the arlington area is either going to be on lock down very soon or they will try to


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