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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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women. >> greg: i don't see gender. >> dana: coining that here on "the five." we're going to do a lot of things on "the five" because we have 8 seconds left. jessica did it so well. that is actually it for "special report" is up next. mike emanuel, how are you doing? >> mike: my dog jeter is very depressed because the yankees laid an egg last night, dana. >> dana: i know. i'm sorry. >> mike: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight, the increasing pushback against the biden administration over its efforts to stifle dissent on the part of parents against school boards disregarding their wishes over the children's education. many of the parents say free speech and parental rights are being threatened. correspondent mark meredith starts us off tonight. good evening, mark. >> mike, good evening to you. the biden administration is not backing down from plans to get involved in school board
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security amplify outrage on this. they are accusing the government of simply trying to police free speech. >> >> the attorney general's memorandum is focused on threats, on. >> parent as a threat? you see parents asking. >> but assistant attorney general kristin clark says public servants are under attack. she says the justice department stands by its recent memo directing the government to do more to protect school board members from what it sees as an escalating threat of violence. [chanting no more masks] >> the government wants report threats to the national threat operation center a group traditionally tasked with monitoring terrorist threats. >> parents fighting back. >> journalist turned activist tell fox they have no plans to stay quiet. >> all we want is to protect our kids. because we are parents. we are momma bears and papa bears. we are not domestic terrorists. >> the alliance defending freedom is calling on the
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justice department to back down. it says parents are speaking up because they are fed up with everything from mask mandates to controversial curriculum. the advocacy group writes parents, quote: have the right to express those concerns to elected officials and shouldn't live in fear of government punishment for doing so. the white house says parents do have a right to speak up, but it says threats of violence will not be tolerated. >> regardless of the reaching, threats and violence against public servants is illegal. >> the national school boards association declined an interview with fox but in a statement thanked the biden administration for addressing the issue. still, experts believe engagement on educational issues will only increase ahead of next year's midterm elections. >> i think that parents are going to continue to work together as they see the power that they can have over their children's education. >> it's not just the feds taking action. individual school districts are also stepping up with their own security. we have seen some districts add metal detectors, others want local law enforcement to be more
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visible during public meetings. >> mike: mark meredith starting us off in evening in washington. mark, many thanks. stocks up on optimism over the debt ceiling negotiations the dow gained 102. nasdaq rose 68. senate republicans are giving president biden and his democratic allies a chance to extend the debt limit as they have requested. democrats have postponed a vote to consider the proposal. but the president still criticizing the g.o.p. over its refusal to go along with his tax and spending agenda. white house correspondent has the latest tonight. good evening, peter. >> good evening, mike. maybe the senate is closer to raising the debt limit, maybe they are not. republicans are giving democrats a very narrow lane to do that. but officials around here aren't saying that the president would accept and what he wouldn't. >> the senate republicans position i find to be not only hypocritical but dangerous and a bit disgraceful. >> first, the president warned republicans were going to stand
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by while the u.s. fell off a fiscal cliff. >> our senate republican friends are planning to block the vote to raise the debt -- the debt limit by using the -- the procedural power called the filibuster. to say that in plain english, it means you have to have 60 votes. [clearing throat. in. [when there is a filibuster. 60 votes, a super majority instead of 50 to get anything done. >> so the president flirt wanted with changing senate rules and getting rid of that filibuster. >> i think that's a real possibility. >> even though that was never going to fly with one dem. >> i have been very, very clear where i stand, where i stand on the filibuster. >> now the president's so-called republican friends are calling his bluff saying they won't stop democrats from passing a short-term extension of the debt limit on their own. mitch mcconnell explained this will moot democrats' excuses about the time crunch they created and give the unified democratic government more than enough time to pass stand alone debt limit legislation through reconciliation. but, bernie sanders remains upset that we are here blaming
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manchin and kyrsten sinema. >> two people do not have the right to sabotage what 48 want. >> republicans have been digging in because democrats are asking for their help avoiding default but not on a multitrillion dollars progressive wish list. that's why lindsey graham told politico i mean, i'm not going to be a complete bleep about it but i'm going to make them take some tough votes. this is just the latest crisis raising questions about how the white house works. particularly since climate envoy john kerry claims when france furiously recalled their ambassador angry being cut out of a nuclear submarine bill he asked me what's the situation and i explained exactly. he had not been aware of that he literally had not been aware of what had transpired. >> what else are you guys not telling the president? >> of course he knew about the french being displeased. >> let me finish. literally had not been aware. >> peter, i would encourage to you ask john kerry about the
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context of his comments. >> and one thing to remember tonight, lawmakers are making progress on a deal to avoid hitting the debt ceiling. but, that's it. no progress tonight on a deal to get closer to passing that infrastructure bill for roads and bridges or for the trillion dollars -- multitrillion dollars progressive wish list filled with social programs also no meetings on the president's schedule to read out with lawmakers. try to grease the will, mike? >> mike: what are president biden's plans for tomorrow? is he going to work on basically nailing down votes on capitol hill. >> no. he is hitting the road. last week he had a trip to outgrow village illinois that they canceled because they thought he needed to be here. negotiations just in case. they apparently decided he does not need to be here for that tomorrow he is going to go out to promote mask mandates. mike? >> mike: peter doocy live. >> vaccine mandates i should
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say. sorry before you have go. >> mike: correction noted. peter doocy, that so much. federal investigators say a ship's anchor may have caused a huge oil spill off the southern california coast. they say the anchor may have hooked, dragged and torn massive under water pipeline up to 26,000 gallons of heavy heavy crudeoil gone not water. a safety system alerted to a possible spill. the price of oil continues to climb. higher supply may soon be cut. we get more tonight from fox biz correspondent kelly o'grady in los angeles. hi, kelly. >> hi, mike. well, l.a. county is the first place in the nation to vote for phasing out oil production in unincorporated areas including the englewood oil field that you see right behind me. county officials are trying to boost their green reputation and address many solve the
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environmental impacts related to oil drilling. l.a.'s oil industry supports more than 10,000 jobs. half of which are affected by the shift. and industry leaders are also concerned about where l.a. will get oil if it's not from domestic production. >> woe have been curtailing domestic production of our energy and instead relying more and more on imports. >> that's going to impact gas prices not just in l.a. but nationwide. you can see california on top there at a whopping 4.42 per gallon. the national price. next two weeks. part of that height u.s. reliance on foreign oil. opec stood firm on current production levels leading to 7 year high in oil prices earlier this week. now, gas isn't immune to the supply issue -- supply chain issues americans have been experiencing. a cyberattack took out a major fuel pipeline on the east coast
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for nearly a week and hurricanes in the gulf have impacted production. we can't forget demand is also higher. americans are driving more than a year ago with apple's mobility i object declaration showing rates at 50% above the pre-pandemic level and u.s. energy secretary jennifer granholm raised the prospect of releasing crude oil from the government's strategic petroleum reserve declaring that, quote, all tools are on the table. end quote. so, a lot of different dynamics at play there but all leading to more pain at the pump. mike in. >> mike: kelly o'grady live in l.a. thanks very much. the los angeles city council has passed a vaccine mandate requiring people to show proof of full covid-19 vaccination before entering into a restaurants, bars, gyms, shopping centers, entertainment venues and personal care establishments. the mandate passed in an 11-2 vote today. the ordinance will go into effect one month after its publication. the u.s. is on pace to have
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200 million at home covid-19 rapid tests available per month beginning in december. that is about four times more than earlier this year. white house says the supply boost $1 million federal investment. along with the fda authorization of a new test. the biden administration is temporarily relaxing the rules for a student loan forgiveness program that has been criticized for its notoriously complex requirements. the education department says it will drop some of the toughest rules for public service loan forgiveness. the program was created to steer more college graduates into that field. but more than 90% of the applicants are rejected. up next, gang violence in one of america's deadliest cities. why the chicago mayor is going after a prominent prosecutor following a huge shootout that left one person dead. >> we cannot send a message that it's okay and you get a pass. >> this is not a time for scapegoat. this is not a time for political
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tony here from, taking to the streets to talk about credit. let's go. is credit repair expensive? isn't having bad credit expensive? my man. get started with a free credit evaluation at ♪ ♪ >> mike: the parents of gabby petino say they believe her former boyfriend brian laundrie
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is still alive. the parents made the comment on the dr. phil show. petino's body was found in wyoming last month. laundrie is a person of interest in her disappearance and is wanted on a federal bank card fraud charge. a lawyer for petino's family says laundrie stole her credit card and used it to get back to florida. four people were injured at an arlington, texas high school today when a student opened fire during a fight. two of those were shot and two others had unspecified injuries. police say 1-year-old timothy george simpkins is in custody. they say a weapon has been recovered in the street. chicago's mayor warning of severe consequences if the city does not hold gang members accountable for their crimes. this comes after a prominent prosecutor refused to bring charges against five men over a shootout in broad daylight. correspondent garrett tenney reports tonight from chicago. >> five gang members back on the street after the cooke county state's attorney chose not to file any charges in a friday
3:16 pm
shootout that was captured on a city surveillance camera. you can see the gun battle erupt after two cars pulled up outside the home on the city's west side. four people with modified fully automatic handguns opened fire on fang members of a rival faction. more than 70 shots were fired between the groups in the roughly 10 seconds it took for two squad cars to show up. one person died, two were injured. five were arrested. and zero were charged. chicago mayor lori lightfoot is demanding answers from cook county state's attorney fox. we cannot send a message that it's okay and you get a pass but you shoot up a residence in broad daylight captured on film and no consequence will happen for you. that can't be a world that we live in. >> kim foxx argues her office couldn't bring charges because none of the witnesses would cooperate. and this her video evidence alone wasn't enough. >> our number one concern should be about getting those people prosecuted. not a headline diverting
3:17 pm
attention away from the fact that we have not had a comprehensive plan for violence in the city of chicago. >> criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor says it's ludicrous that foxx didn't bring any charges against the gangsters and let them walk free. >> as a prosecutor, your obligation is protection of community. you know these are identified gang members. you know they are capable of serious violence. you get them on any charge you can while you are building up a case. >> as this blame game plays out. chicago's epidemic of violent crime continued and is on track to make this year the city's deadliest in a quarter century. mike? >> mike: up next republican governors rip president biden as they visit the southern border. plus part two of bret's exclusive interview with border chief rodney scott. here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 2 in san francisco as a team of specialists investigating cold cases says it has identified the zodiac killer. the group says gary francis
3:18 pm
post, who died in 2018, is the notorious serial killer. the zodiac terrorized communities across northern california in the late 1960s. he has been connected to five killings but claimed to have murdered 37 victims. fox 4 in dallas-fort worth where the texas ban on school mask mandates heads to federal court. the justice department claims governor greg abbott's executive order violates the rights of students with disabilities. the governor's office says it does not prohibit wearing masks in school. it only prohibits mandating them. and this is a live look at tampa, florida from fox 13. the big little story there tonight, three baby african penguins make their public debut at busch gardens. tiny trio gathered in a basket during world television too early to tell if they're males or females. we can confirm they're awfully cute. that is a live look outside the beltway from "special report."
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we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm trace gallagher. and i have been at fox news channel for 25 years. i remember having this conversation with a guy who wrote an article on the early years of fox news channel and he referred to people as the cable cowboys said you guys are doing things that nobody has ever done. they have so far uncovered some 30 explosive devices. >> we would do this lye shot and you would take people on this tour but not where television had ever seen this stuff. can you see speeds now upwards of 110 miles per hour. we got great at breaking news. it was this amazing drama that nobody ever put on television
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♪ >> mike: a dozen republican gorches assembled at the southern border today. they are blasting the biden administration over its porous immigration policy and warning of serious consequences. correspondent bill melugin reports tonight from mission, texas. >> time for the biden administration to wake up. >> while flanked by nine g.o.p. governors in mission, texas today greg abbott and his counterparts all took aim at the biden administration over its handling of the border crisis. >> the president must act. he cannot continue to ignore this humanitarian humanitarian crisis any longer. >> joe biden has done nothing to confront the self-inflicted crisis. >> the governors toured parts of the rio grande to get a firsthand look and shown a chart detailing where cartel drugs are flowing deep into the u.s. after they cross the border. the governors say the administration's path to actions
3:25 pm
and comment show they haven't taken it seriously. >> vice president harris has been the worst possible choice to be the border czar. she has never shown any care about this issue or any level of seriousness and joe biden has never even been to the border. i cannot count the number of misrepresentations that have been made by secretary mayorkas. he has continuously mislead the american public. >> today texasprovide fox news with these startling photos telling us suspected cartel gunman with ak-47s and tactical vests have been taunting across the rio grand in star county multiple times in recent days. we are told the gunmen are involved in human smuggling. the president of the border patrol in his 25 year career as a border patrol agent. the border has never been less secure. >> and the actions of the biden administration is very clear. if you cross the border illegally, you will be rewarded. >> and, mike, today those g.o.p.
3:26 pm
governors referenced some recent comments made by jen psaki where she essentially told republicans look, stop just giving speeches about the border. actually try working with the president on solutions. and the republicans said today that's exactly what we have been trying to do. they say they actually sent a letter to president biden 16 days ago asking for an inperson meeting about the border crisis. the governor said today president biden never responded to them. we'll send it back to you. >> mike: bill melugin live in mission, texas, bill, thank you very much. let's hear about the situation at the border tonight. we have part two of bret baier's border patrol chief rodney scott. >> bret: thanks, mike. this is part two of our interview with rodney scott. former head border patrol under the trump administration and the biden administration. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. it's my honor. >> so after all your years, how would you describe the importance of border security? >> it's just like your home if
3:27 pm
you do not know who is coming don't have any security. if we don't know who is come in this country you have no homeland security. the most frustrating part for my clear, the vast majority of my career we were making significant progress. making smart investments. getting better and better control of the border. our confidence level in being able to say we know knew and what crossed it was not 100 percent. it was getting significantly better than ever before. and it allowed us to make calculated risk decisions on behalf of americans. we knew hot organizations were bringing them. and we had a higher confidence level of what type of a risk would they be if they crossed in this area or they are trying to evade arrest criminal aliens, investing in technology symptoms that use artificial intelligence that help us with that as well. all of that has been shut down and all effort has been refocused on expediting the processing speed massive amount
3:28 pm
of illegal aim yens coming into the country today. that should matter. because if i can't tell you who crosses through in nogales or mcallen or san diego, they are going to end up in your community. >> bret: so, in that case, it is fairly open. >> the border is wide open right now. >> bret: wide open? >> the border is wide open right now. border patrol is well beyond what i would call task saturation. they are so overwhelmed there are huge sections of u.s. border, you pick the state, we know we have thousand of people waiting to come across where we know we have like high level cartel violence going on on a daily basis between the governor of mexico and the cartels. and they are bringing narcotics in. there are hundreds of miles of border there is not a single border patrol agent right now. why? because they are in a soft sided facility that we set up at another 5 to $6 million a month to baby-sit, to process, and to expedite the processing of these people. i have fought for it my whole career. you can be pro-border security, pro-law and order and
3:29 pm
pro-immigration, it just has to be legal. you can't have unabated illegal entry into this country and have any real belief that you have border security. you have no border security, you have no homeland security, no national security. remain in mexico program, what that did is it ensured due process so that anybody could get a chance to basically claim asylum. but it took away the prize before the judge made a decision. so it really weeded out the fraud. what people miss in that is by weeding out those thousands and thousands of fraud cases, people that actually literally legitimately need asylum can get it quicker and easier. because it's the same number of people processing all these cases. >> bret: so, again, why change that? wasn't that something that was working? >> i can't get into the why and speculate but i can tell you that it was working. dramatically changed the border dynamics for us and eliminated the asylum fraud. as soon as people knew they
3:30 pm
weren't going to get released into the u.s. and have 6 to 7 years to hide before their court date, they stopped applying. because the case wasn't valid to begin with. >> bret: you feel it's important to speak out now. >> i think it's very important to speak out now. there is a lot of people within dhs that want to tell the story within border patrol, within ice, within ero. but they are within the confines of the structure. and i don't think it's a surprise to anybody that on january 0th, basically a gag order came down where none of those officials are allowed to say anything to anybody. unless it's all preapproved. so, that's why i push for the congressional hearings. that's why i didn't come out day one saying anything. because i think that's the proper way to do it. if they're called before congress, they just tell the truth. under oath. as opposed to right now they just can't. whatever you think about border security, you need factual information, which means the whole story. how many really are being released into the u.s.?
3:31 pm
how many really are being tested for covid? out of that? how many are really positive? there is information that dhs has that they are making the decision to not share with the public that historically we would have shared. >> bret: were you surprised at some of the decisions when you heard them as you are still border chief as they were coming down? were you surprised that these are the things that they were choosing to do or not do? >> i wouldn't say surprised. i will tell you i kind of had a false hope because i have heard that before. have you seen transitions of the administration before and you say one thing and then when they get all the facts and really look at things you will hesitate and you will reconsider. there is no dialogue no -- the government officials just aren't being listened to, proven systems, proven programs are being ignored. and i have avoid the why. i will just tell us that's what's happening. >> bret: carte blanche, if you had the magic wand, and you could do what you wanted on the
3:32 pm
border, to solve the problem, or try, to how would you do it? >> i would reimplement the strategy that the united states border patrol had been working on and perfecting for 25, almost 30 years. and that is just a smart mix in customs and border protection at the ports of entry. we do that in lock step by the way. you will hear people saying that's only at the port. that's not true goes back and forth. we have to work together in lock step. with you we have been systematically improving border security for years through a smart deployment of personnel, technology and infrastructure. what would i do? is that. simply continue to build out the border wall but those requirements were developed by seasoned border patrol agents based on where that infrastructure could make the biggest difference and the return on investment long-term. i would continue to invest in the people but there has got to be coons sequence for illegal entry. you cannot let people just come up wave a flag and release them into the u.s. to get their case heard five, six years later. they have already got the prize.
3:33 pm
they are already here. there is no reason for that. >> bret: so you are saying that that, while it was a trump administration policy, is not -- people shunt be antipolitical anti-trump. it's policy that the border patrol came up with over years? >> dhs personnel. so, this is how it worked up to january 0th. i didn't create this but i was proud to be part of it. people got brought in a room from ice. cis. department of justice, from u.s. border patrol and they were told hey, how -- what can we do with what we have. we are still going to work with congress and get some of these laws fixed but, in the meantime, what can we work with? what can we do to secure the border so we can goat out and tell america we know who and what is crossing that border to the best ability we possibly can? >> bret: what's your biggest fear when you look at the border. >> beyond the border now what i'm seeing at the national level is hiding of information from
3:34 pm
the american public so they can't even make a good decision. they can't make an educated decision because they don't have the information. that worries me. just society in general how it's harder and harder to even people listening to me right now. you don't have to believe anything i say. anybody that thinks that an uneducated smuggler bringing cocaine and marijuana across the border that successfully gets passed border patrol agents is the only threat is kind of naive. there is a lot of other threats and again we have to sit in a different venue for that. but i spent five years after 9/11 working on antiterrorism issues. specifically for border patrol and cbp and bringing us in to that arena to see what the other threats are that are out there. and they are real. we are getting better every day to shut all of that off and to put people's lives at risk in kansas or chicago or everywhere else. >> bret: because people on the border they feel it whether they're democrats or republicans. they are passionate about this issue. >> correct. >> bret: but you are saying it should affect every state. >> yeah. people watching this right now i think some of them and say that's a border problem. they are not staying there.
3:35 pm
and those 400,000 people that avoided arrest, they clearly didn't stay at the border. they might be living down the street from you. who are they? what's the threat? i just can't tell you that because we didn't interact with them. but i can tell you we -- the border patrol arrested over 10,000 criminal aliens last year out of the people that they came in contact with. the other thing that gets missed sometimes, that means they have been in the u.s. before and committed a crime. there is no global data base that says what crimes these people committed in syria or nicaragua or honduras. at all. those 10,000 are only people that have been here before and committed a crime. so what else -- just statistically if you build that out, there is some real threats to this country that are getting by us right now that literally all it takes is to reimplement some of the programs we had in place, that got rid of the fraud, that slowed down the flow, you are always going to have some people trying to sneak in illegally. that's why we have a border patrol. they can make decisions of where
3:36 pm
they deploy much more smarter when you are dealing with manageable numbers that be the chaos that we have today, which from the intel i have seen and heard about is nothing like what's going to come tomorrow. it's going to get so much worse if we don't fix this. >> bret: thanks for the time and thanks for speaking out. mike, we will send it back to you. >> mike: fascinating interview. thanks, bret. up next could president biden's sinking popularity take down other democrats? ♪ living with bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place... ...and be hard to manage. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. latuda is not for everyone. call your doctor about unusual mood changes, behaviors, or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children,
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teens, and young adults. elderly dementia patients on latuda have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about fever, stiff muscles, and confusion, as these may be life threatening... ...or uncontrollable muscle movements, as these may be permanent. these are not all the serious side effects. now i'm back where i belong. ask your doctor about latuda and pay as little as $0 for your first prescription.
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♪ >> the terrorists who attacked the kabul airport and killed 13 u.s. service members in late august had been released from a prison near the afghan capital just days earlier. officials say the isis-k bomber was set free when the taliban took over the bagram air base from the afghan national army. american troops abandoned that base in july. back here in the states president biden seeking sinkingpopularity problem problr
3:41 pm
other democrats. could be a problem tight governor's race across the river in virginia. here is correspondent jacqui heinrich. president biden's agenda is still stalled. meantime, his approval rating is deep under water. today his lowest job performance score yet 38% approving. 53% disapproving in a quinnipiac poll. on coronavirus, the economy, foreign policy, immigration, and his role as commander-in-chief negative scores in the double digits. among independence, a 60% disapproval overall. a stark measure of how incumbents in the swing states could fair in the midterms. one democrat seeking office right now indicated on a campaign zoom the president is more of a liability than an asset. >> the president is unpopular today, unfortunately here in virginia. so we have got follow through. >> virginia gubernatorial candidate tea mcauliffe's campaign told fox terry's point was clearly the democrats can't take anything for granted and must turn out othis year. adding the republican candidate
3:42 pm
glenn youngkin is riding on a divisive trumpian agenda conspiracy theories and banning abortion first. form everywhere president trump endorsed youngkin. president biden encolorsed mcauliffe. whether they helped is unclear. biden won virginia in 10 points in 2020. according to the latest fox news poll virginia voters approve the job biden is doing by a single point. and muck virginia voters who have negative opinions of both biden and trump, youngkin is way ahead. mcauliffe has also been taking shots at the president's agenda. >> i think the 3.5 is too high. >> congressional democrats insist wins are coming. >> what we are going to do that's what they of will focus on. >> we asked the white house what message the white house is sending about the democrats ability to deliver with his bills stalled in congress. aids here insist what we are seeing is healthy debate. not a sign of dysfunction. mike? >> mike: jacqui heinrich in the white house briefing room. thanks very much. up next the panel on the justice department versus parents and
3:43 pm
how president biden's sinking popularity could affect other democrats. first, beyond our borders tonight. high level talks between the u.s. and china tackle a range of topics from trade to taiwan. national security adviser jake sullivan and his chinese counter part net zurich amid heightened tensions chinese military flights near taiwan. president biden's and xi are expected to hold a virtual meeting before the end of the year. nato expels 8 members of russia's mission to the western alliance. nato official says they were secretly working as intelligence officers. russia has been ordered to cut its delegation in half. the taliban arrests four islamic state militants during a raid north of kabul. meanwhile two, taliban fighters are killed when a gunman opens fire at a vegetable market in jalalabad. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need.
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♪ >> we do not want intimidation in our society. so it would concern you if there was an exercise against an individual's free speech, correct? >> the first amendment is important and we also do not want a society with intimidation. >> do they have civil rights
3:48 pm
that the voting rights gives a damn about. >> yes. they have the right to express third view, to challenge the school boards to ask. >> ask it beneficial for the attorney general to label them as domestic terrorists and direct the fbi to target them? >> the attorney general's memo deals with threats against public servants. >> mike: so the biden administration taking heat for a department of justice memo out in the past week. basically going after parents who are protesting in front of their school boards. let's bring in our panel. former white house press secretary ari fleischer, bill mcgurn columnist for the "wall street journal" and juan williams, a fox news analyst. ari, start us off on this topic. your thoughts. >> if you want to talk about public intimidation and threats to public officials, why is the cultural left and much of the media okay with chasing a united states senator into a bathroom and filming her? why are they okay with denying sarah sanders a previous white house secretary a seat at the restaurant? why are they okay with a mob
3:49 pm
chasing ted cruz and his wife out of a restaurant but you cannot go too school board and vociferously make your case? that's where they are calling in the fbi? we are sending every wrong signal when the fbi comes out and the justice department comes out and says it's going to assign the fbi to school board meetings. this is all wrong. if you want to deal with public intimidation protecten kyrsten sinema. >> here is what the national school board association is saying about the matter, quote: the individuals who are intent on causing chaos and disrupting our schools, many of whom are not even connected to local schools, are drowning out the voices of parents who must be heard when it comes to decisions about their children's education, health and safety. these acts of intimidation are also affecting educational services and school board governance. some have even led to school lockdowns. bill, your thoughts. >> yeah, my thoughts may all well be true but it's not a federal offense. and though the attorney general didn't mention terrorism, his memo came in response to a
3:50 pm
national school board's association letter suggesting that people that are demonstrating like this are domestic terrorists and might be prosecuted under the patriot act. this is just insane. and a lot of this stuff, look, school boards are at the forefront of some of the most contentious issues in america today. critical race theory, covid policy with masking and so forth. affirmative action, you know, to some of our elite public schools. there is a lot of issues and the left seems intent on labeling anyone who disagrees with them an insurrectionist or a terrorist or a white supremacist. and i think people are tired of it. >> mike: meanwhile, the white house is taking some heat. let's play the clip. >> the parent elect a school board and now they can't even speak? without being investigated? it's insane. i can't think of an instance in american history with when anything like this has happened before. it's another first for joe biden and it's a bad one. >> he doesn't stand for the
3:51 pm
fundamental right, i assume you don't either, for people to take violent action against members of public servants and that's what the threats are about. >> parents are now becoming more aware of what's being said in their classroom and they are becoming upset by it and what's the answer from the biden administration? -to-to silence you, to nationalize elementary schooling. the this is wrong. >> mike: juan, your thoughts? >> well, i think, look, i don't care where you are on the political spectrum. i think everyone agrees it's a core american value to say that public servants should not be subject to intimidation and violence. the national school board association detailed an instance of assault of an illinois school board member. they had letters detailing specific threats against school board members and even in some cases threats against teachers a lot of this is unfortunate but you canterbury from the idea that public servants and people performing a public service
3:52 pm
should be protected no. one is saying that you can't speak out at a school board meeting. this is about threats and violence and intimidation and that's the response. now, what you are seeing here of course bill pointed this out. a lot of this is a response to arguments, political arguments over critical race theory. over the use of masks in cool to protect children against covid. these are issues that are being used as trigger points, i think, on the right to stir up voters. the idea that anybody left or right would not be behind law and order is a surprise to me. i think republicans are always for law and order. >> mike: all right. so president bidenens sinking poll numbers. having an impact, potentially on bellwether race in virginia. let's play a clip. >> we are facing a lot of head winds from washington as you know the president is unpopular today unfortunately here in virginia. >> because his campaign is failing, terry calls in his friend joe biden to actually put the doj on virginia parents? terry mcauliffe can't even
3:53 pm
begin to admit the fact that he is unpopular, too. if bill and hillary clinton had a son, it would be terry mcauliffe and joe biden would be his uncle. >> mike: ari, can establishment guy run away from president biden when his poll numbers may be down. >> no. that's what off year elections test if you remember in 2009, the first year president obama lost races in new jersey. they will always have a new jersey now but they really might lose virginia. it's a bad year for terry mcauliffe to run. in i do want to point out one other thing this has been a bad week for joe biden taking friendly fire. john kerry say that he had no idea literally no idea about how he offended the french. and now you have terry mcauliffe in virginia saying he is unpopular. the fire is coming from his own people to joe biden this week. >> mike: bill, people outside of virginia are also watching this race to see if it's a preview of next year's midterms. >> yes. look. it looked very different six
3:54 pm
months ago when joe biden was ws riding high. latest quinnipiac poll shows imvery much under water on every issue and most people think he is not up to the job of president. if you are in congress and being asked to take a tough vote, it's a lot harder to do it on behalf of a weak joe biden than a strong joe biden. >> mike: juan, your thoughts? >> well, very quickly, i think just think back, it was a few weeks before the california recall that people were saying this is a tight race. you know, could see newsom defeated. i think right now you still have to say that virginia leans more towards being a blue state and i would expect that terry mcauliffe will survive. >> mike: all right, gentlemen. well done. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines. ♪ ♪
3:55 pm
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>> mike: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines with our panelists. bill, lead us off. >> my headline is democrats say they can't raise the debt ceiling without republicans but they can pass one of the largest tax and spending bills in american history without republicans. >> mike: interesting, okay, juan, you are up next. >> all right. the u.s. to buy a billion dollars, mike, in at home covid tests. and distribute them. i think this is the next step in our fight against covid. >> mike: interesting. okay. ari, bring us home. >> progressives announce spending compromise. 3.510 trillion year plan reduced to 1.75 trillion five year plan. in other words, it's all fakery. >> mike: 1.75 over 5. interesting. i so he what you did there everything gets renewed in five years. >> they cut everything in half.
4:00 pm
there is no change. >> mike: interesting. all right, gentlemen. it's a pleasure. thanks for being with us this evening. tomorrow on "special report." >> thank you. >> thanks, mike. >> mike: the pentagon starts what is being called continuous vetting of military members for extremism. thank you for watching "special report." i'm mike emanuel in washington. i'm back tomorrow 1 o'clock p.m. eastern with sandra smith for america reports. "fox news primetime" hosted by ben domenech starts right now. ben? >> ben: thank you, mike. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ >> ben: nothing has been more unifying in american history than our flag and the men who defend it. whether at the veterans day parade or top americans respect for our men in arms and the symbol they defend was an extraordinary object of universal approval. it was extraordinary this respect endured of even as every other institution in american life shuttered and chance in the public eye. a half century ago, as the debacle of vietnam came to its dishon e