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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  October 7, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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you're family. ainsley: think about everything that's happened in this building , we love to talk. we had ups and downs and a great ride. we're grateful to all of you. we wouldn't be here without you. brian, come over. steve: we thank you all for joining us! see you tomorrow on "fox & friends"!
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>> dana: voicing their disace proveal from the botched afghanistan withdrawal. border crisis and failure to find a solution on the debt ceiling and more. jackie heinrich is live at the white house with more on this. i know the white house publicly likes to say they don't sweat the polls but what do you hear? >> the president's job approval rating is way underwater. there was a poll yesterday just 38% approving of the job he is doing. 53% disapproving overall of the job the president has done on all but one key issue.
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there were negative marks in the double digits. coronavirus, economy, his job as commander-in-chief, on taxes and foreign policy and immigration, all disapproval ratings higher than 50%. and with those approving ranging from just 34 to 48%. on immigration in the southern border there were even worse marks. 67% of people disapprove the president's handling on those issues. the poll put it this way. battered on trust, challenged on overall competency president biden is being hammered on all sides as approval rating continues a downward slide to a number not seen since trump administration. coronavirus is where the president's polling has slipped significantly. he heads to chicago to tout vaccine mandates. that's one area where his position seems to have shifted over time. listen. >> will mandates be mandatory? >> president biden: no, i
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wouldn't demand it be mandatory. do everything in my power. i don't think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide. this is not about freedom or personal choice, it is about protecting yourself and those around you. the people you work with, the people you care about, the people you love. my job as president is to protect all americans. >> dana: now the administration is touting the numbers saying the unprecedented pace of the president's vaccination campaign saved over 100,000 lives and prevented 450,000 hospitallations and increasing vaccination could return people to the workforce. new rules for employers with 100 or more people becoming implemented. this trip is part of that campaign. yesterday the surgeon general made the case that vaccine mandates are not new. he pointed out that george washington required soldiers to be vaccinated against smallpox as early as 1777 and public
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schools many began vaccination requirements back in the 1800s. so that's the message the president will drill down today in chicago, dana. >> dana: thank you so much. a lot going on at the white house probably behind the scenes. these numbers are a huge wake-up call for the president and white house and the entire administration. think of all the cabinet members you never see. i would imagine they look at this and think that the president needs a legislative win. he needs a big win and soon. the problem with that, bill, as his numbers go down his ability to actually get that legislative win also decrease. so i think they have to have some sort of a course correction actually and admit it, do an interview and say we realize we need to pivot and do something to make it visible. you almost have to say we hear you and move on. i don't know if they're do that. they're quite stubborn over there. >> bill: gallup.
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which party better keeps the u.s. prosperous. republican party over the democratic party. quinnipiac poll. only on independent voters especially among white people with a four-year college degree they live in suburbs and turn their back on donald trump the last election. he is well under water. with independents his disace proveal rating is 60%. among the voters i mentioned specifically, white people, four-year college degree, how about the economy? 61% disapprove. commander-in-chief of the u.s. military. kabul and afghanistan, disapprove 65%. same group of voters. 57% say no. 63% say no on good leadership skills. have they comp he tent.
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>> dana: 69% of hispanic voters disapprove of biden's handling of immigration. >> bill: knows are among independent white voters living in the suburbs. stunning numbers. he went sideways in august, underwater in september and struggling now in the month of october. back to that in a moment. l.a. city council approving one of the strictest covid vaccine mandates in the country. everyone age 12 and older will need to be fully vaccinated in order to eat, drink or shop in indoor facilities across the city. from l.a. jonathan hunt has more there. >> good morning. if you want to go out for a drink or dinner or go watch any sports indoors in l.a., you better do it now if you are unvaccinated. from november you won't be allowed into bars, restaurants, and indoor sports venues if you can't provide proof of having been vaccinated.
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bowling all east, nail salons, coffee shops and life is about to become very difficult for anyone over the age of 12 who refuses to get the vaccine. and that's the point for l.a. officials who back the new rules. among them the l.a. mayor who said in a statement, quote, these new rules will encourage more people to get the shot and make businesses safer for workers and customers. under the rules, customers will be able to show written exemptions for religious or medical reasons. even then the businesses are required to sit those customers in outdoor areas of the business or require evidence of a recent negative covid test. businesses that violate the orders will face penalties beginning with a warning, then a $1,000 fine for a second violation, 2,000 for a third and up to $5,000 in penalties for a fourth violation. it seems likely to lead to more of the sort of instances we saw yesterday in dramatic video we're working to get to you.
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an anesthesiologist as ucla medical was escorted off the premises because he refused to get a vaccine under a separate ucla vaccine mandate for health workers. dr. christopher said as he walked away from his job, quote, this is what happens when you stand up for freedom. this is the price you have to pay sometimes. i'm willing to lose everything, job, paycheck, freedom, even my life for this cause. potentially a preview of the sort of arguments outside bars, restaurants, nail salons and the rest across the city of l.a. in the coming weeks. >> bill: reaction will be interesting. jonathan live in l.a. >> dana: i was just thinking about so they will make this decision and move on but i wonder about the booster issue. if the vaccine does decline over time in terms of efficacy will they mandate boosters as well? how do you follow up with that paperwork and all that?
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it's a sticky wicket. >> bill: we like to say that. she said the silent part out loud. this is tlaib talking about why she wears a mask and why she doesn't. >> dana: that's so bad, that's so bad. she only wears it because -- can i tell you something that a mask thing the other day? we get to work it's dark. i'm in the car on the way here and we have the city bike things and that's a bike that you can -- like a community bike you check it out, ride it and these bikes are annoying, a lot of people like them. i'm riding to work. they don't have lights on them and a lot of people don't wear helmets when riding these bikes but they're safety conscious. a guy swerving all over the place almost runs into the car, no helmet but he was wearing a
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mask outside on his bike. i thought wow, listen to the science, guys. >> bill: it would have looked good on his butt had he got hit. >> dana: i finally found -- gabby petito's family speeng out in an interview about her death and coping with her loss. timeline of the case so far. gabby and brian left new york july 2 to go out west. august 12 utah police were called over a domestic dispute. brian goes to florida and returns six days later. they stay in the area until brian laundrie returns to his florida home on september 1st. he goes camping with his family from september 6th through 8th. three days later gabby petito is reported missing during her cross-country trip with laundrie. then on september 17th his parents say their son is missing and then finally tragically on the 19th gabby petito's remains are found in
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wyoming. laura engel is live from gabby petito's hometown. a community is in mourning and you had a chance to talk to the family, laura. >> yeah. it was just a month ago this week when the family of gabby petito knew something had gone horribly wrong on their daughter's cross-country road trip. now they are taking us through the next few days what it was like and sharing with us their reaction when they first learned a critical piece of a clue in this case when they learned that gabby petito's white van had returned to florida without her. >> i screamed. i didn't mean to scream at the detective. i said where is my daughter? where is she? >> what did they say? >> she said i wish i knew the answer to that. >> bill: gabby petito's mother remembers the moment she feared the most. >> the night i knew the van was in florida, i instinctively knew my daughter wasn't here anymore. >> eight days later the f.b.i.
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called gabby's stepfather jim schmidt who traveled to wyoming to help find her. >> the hardest phone call i had ever made in my life. i knew what to expect when we went out there and a strong possibility was. but still nothing could really prepare you for that moment. >> never. >> i was thousands of miles away and i couldn't hold my wife and other children at that moment. and that was what made it increasingly difficult, painfully difficult. >> as the manhunt for brian laundrie continues i asked them if they had any ideas where he could be. >> not certain but i would think he is in an area like the appalachian trail or campground where he can live off the land. he had those skills. >> do you think he is alive and in the country? >> i do believe he is alive. country, i have no idea.
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>> gabby's family wants him alive. >> find out what happened. >> he is the key to it. >> what happened out there? until they find him we won't know. >> we believe he knows everything. >> and if they had one thing to say to brian laundrie right now. >> turn yourself in. whatever the circumstances are, whatever happened, just go there, do the right thing, do the right thing for yourself and do the right thing for gabby, for our family, and for your own family. >> we deserve the truth. >> gabby's parents say they want law enforcement to focus on the search for brian while they focus on their new gabby petito foundation. something that they have now put out there that will help other families of missing children with resources and they want them to get the public attention that they have received in their case. dana. >> dana: it's worth checking out. do you have the latest in the
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search for brian laundrie? >> the new development today is we're hearing from the attorney from brian laundry's parents that they say that chris laundrie, the dad, has been requested by law enforcement to help search in this area of the reserve that's being sefrnld. we reached out to the petito family. they find it would be strange for them for the f.b.i. to ask the laundrie's to help there. the f.b.i. isn't commenting on that. >> dana: a great report and important interview. >> bill: 14 past the hour. republicans turning up the heat on the department of justice. d.o.j. wants to control what happens at school board meetings across the country. what's up with that idea? vivek ramaswamy is up next. >> dana: two years since china reported its first case of koefld 19.
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covid-19. what beijing may have known before the rest of us. >> the likelihood it came from the lab is increasingly clear. the chance it was a couple of penguins seems very low. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life. because life insurance can help protect and provide for the financial futures of the ones we love.
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baaam. internet that doesn't miss a beat. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride. adorable, but does yours block malware? nope. -it crushes it. pshh, mine's so fast, no one can catch me. big whoop! mine gives me a 4k streaming box. -for free! that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? >> does the administration agree that parents upset about their kids' curriculums could be considered domestic terrorists? >> these were threats against public servants. threats against members of the school board. regardless of the reasoning, threats and violence against
6:21 am
public servants is illegal. >> bill: jen psaki refused to answer peter's question. the justice department is looking to crack down on so-called threats against school boards and mark meredith is on that story today. he is live at the summit in leesburg, virginia, what's happening there? >> good morning to you. here in virginia education is one of the most pivotal issues impacting the state's governor election. we are oh he seeing the issues and debates over mask mandates and what's happening in kids' classrooms nationwide. fox news is hearing from a number of parents they're concerned they will be shut out of school board debates after the attorney general issued a memo urging the government to do more to protect school board members. officials want people concerned to report threats to the f.b.i. and this is a move that has some republican senators outraged. >> beneficial for the attorney general to label them as
6:22 am
domestic terrorists and direct the f.b.i. to target them? >> the attorney general's memo deals with threats against public servants and threats against public servants are not only illegal they run counter to our nation's core values. >> we've all seen the video in the last few months some of the school board meetings getting very heated with parents showing their displeasure with a variety of issues. experts tell us they believe it is a trend that won't be going away any time soon. >> i think that parents are going to continue to work together as they see the power that they can have over their children's education. >> we expect to hear more from concerned parents as well as educators later today at the conference. family research council inviting people with ties to education to speak up to encourage more people to get involved in their child's classroom as well as education issues. >> bill: thank you mark meredith. >> dana: remember it was just a few months ago that democrats and the media denied critical race theory was being taught in
6:23 am
schools. now the justice department is investigating protests against crt. vivek ramaswamy is author of woke incorporated. having read the book, i imagine that you are not entirely surprised that the d.o.j. took this action. >> i'm not surprised but deeply disappointed. i think there is no greater threat to our first amendment than the use of police power to silence political dissent. that's what we're seeing on display here. i personally think there is a reasonable discussion to be had whether the so-called anti-racist agenda we see in many of our schools is itself a violation of our federal civil rights statute. instead of looking at that they're focused on silencing political opposition. the thing that bothers me is the form of verbal jujitsu. justifying hate speech, misinformation, now we have a new buzz word domestic terrorism. i tell you this. there is one measure of the health of any democracy. the percentage of people who
6:24 am
are willing to say in public what they actually think and right now we're doing abyss mallly on that metric. i've been encouraged seeing people going to school board meetings and increasing civic engagement. if we quash it we'll head it to a dark place. >> bill: sometimes it gets loud. these arguments go back and forth and sometimes they can look ugly on camera. but it doesn't arise to a federal offense, does it? that's what your local sheriff is for. >> absolutely. if there is an actual case of violence as there always has been you have local police able to handle those issues. that exists inside and outside schools. we need to watch out for it. this is a nakedly political agenda disguised in the vehicle of policing against domestic terrorism that is clearly designed to squash ideological dissent to an ideological orthodoxy forced down the throats of our children in the guise of education and a bad quality to the critical race
6:25 am
theory debate where parents across the country are upset with what their kids are being taught. what you hear from a lot of elites on the left that's not critical race theory. critical race theory is something they teach at harvard law skoo. i don't care what you call it. if you teach kids in the classroom they're oppressed or oppressor based on the color of their skin there is a problem. the right answer to that question is open debate. fixing it through the school boards and talking about the issues and the use of police power to squash that defense i think risks being a dark turn in the wrong direction not just schools but the culture more generally. >> dana: people might be surprised to note the national school board association which initially asked -- put forward a letter to the federal government to the justice department asking for the patriot act to be considered in this case, but the national school board association is actually funded by taxpayers at the state and local level. then you get washington, d.c. involved and start wondering wait, why are we paying for that? >> exactly dana. you are hitting the nail on the
6:26 am
head. this is a smoke screen to avoid account b*iment for teachers and teachers unions that repeatedly failed our students. they are claiming that math itself is racist because of out joms. comes. any mechanism that will hold public employees accountable we'll resist claiming there were threats against us and claiming ridiculously they're domestic terrorism. the administrators, teachers, members of teachers unions that have unionized against the taxpayer who fund the schools are using the veneer of smoke screen to insulate themselves from actual accountability for how they are failing our kids every day. we need to see through that for what it is. >> bill: you make interesting points. thanks for coming. what is in a word you ask? the pentagon looking to root out extremism in the military.
6:27 am
will it scrub out all views that don't pass muster. 20 years since the u.s. invasion of afghanistan after the attacks of 9/11. our man who was on ground in kabul reports chilling new details about life under taliban rule after the chaotic u.s. withdrawal. trey yingst is in studio. >> we're inside the afghan capital of kabul. they patrol the streets for criminals and isis-k fighters. >> >> i was trying to come to fox news for a long time as i worked at other affiliates but always had my eye on fox. it was a place that my dad had said this is a news network that tell stories i care about. people like me are on this news channel. former military, former law enforcement, god fearing and patriotic. for it was a unique place.
6:28 am
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>> bill: so now half past the hour. world health organization reopening its investigation into the origins of covid. but the "wall street journal" raising questions about whether this is really a mystery. piece is titled science closes in on covid origins pointing to the lab in wuhan. there was a state department team that investigated the origin and one of the investigators is with me now. is the w.h.o. coming to religion on this? what do you think?
6:34 am
>> i'm not sure they are entitled to a do over. the first investigation was to be kind incomplete, certainly conflicted researchers and perhaps even corrupt. >> bill: corrupt in what way? >> well, we've seen and talked extensively about chinese coercion, about the lack of transparency, about the process itself, where u.s. researchers that were chosen to participate in the w.h.o. lab were conflicted. they had already forwarded their view that it was called natural origin of the virus. that if a potential lab leak is considered a conspiracy. so that person with the
6:35 am
president of ecohealth, peter daysic was the last u.s. representative. that's a serious problem. maybe the next one would be better. but it starts with the right people. and they certainly had the wrong ones the last time. >> bill: peter daysic came up last night on laura's show with mike pompeo. >> a lot of questions to explain how and why this happened and why american taxpayer dollars were going to this and the communist chinese party needs to be held accountable for what they did to the world. >> bill: have you been able to determine what our government knew at the time or discovered since then? >> bill, look, i think now almost two years hence it is fair to say the chinese government will not share any information. what is increasingly troubling to me and when we began to look at this closely about a year ago, it looks like that our own government has ties and now
6:36 am
we've seen documents that are now public that tie nih, usaid directly to the wuhan lab. when our own government is choosing to partner with the chinese communist party it is a serious problem and a simple solution, let's not do it. >> bill: there is another story from bloomberg. china pcr purchases, the nasal swab that we're familiar with. they spiked in the months before the first covid cases were known. have you been able to determine why that would happen? >> yeah. i saw that data. i think what's important, bill, is most of the data in the reporting that we've been seeing has been either leaked or been forced to come out through freedom of information act requests. none of this has been forthcoming from ecohealth alliance or other grantees.
6:37 am
so again this data drip, drip, drip has not been provided to congressional investigators and the administration continues to drag their feet. by denying there is a problem, ostensibly that's how they can avoid dealing with it. >> bill: also a report out there it was spreading throughout wuhan in the summer of 2019. we'll try to run that down as best we can. thank you for your time today and we'll talk again. >> thank you. >> dana: it was 25 years ago the vision for fox news channel was brought to life by rupert murdoch. he sat for many interviews on the channel over the years and we have a few highlights for you. watch this. >> what do i watch? i watch fox news, fox business, i watch -- i try to switch to fox network. i watch other networks but we sell programs. we have the number one program
6:38 am
on the usa network. and number two very shortly. we are a content company. we make programs, we create entertainment and we disseminate news. we like start-ups like fox news. and fox business indeed. which fox news is now one of our most valuable assets in the news corporation and we started it when everyone thought i was nuts. it is very powerful, very good and very balanced. >> when you see the criticism in the media. you personally or fox news or fox anything period, do you just look at numbers like this and say bring it on? >> it's good for ratings, yeah, absolutely. >> dana: i like the part where he said i started when everyone thought i was nuts. 25 years later i hope it is satisfying to see the success. >> bill: he had the vision, put up the money.
6:39 am
rupert gave us a billion dollars. he would like to give it back was a lot of the motivation for making it a success. i have a clip for you. >> dana: oh no. >> >> bill: what was your start date? >> dana: april of 2009 i became a contributor. >> bill: i have something from may of 2009. >> dana: it's 2006. i haven't seen this. >> bill: this is may of 2009. >> dana: does it exist? >> bill: roll it. >> dana: oh no. >> i'm joined by fox news contributor former white house press secretary dew point. he betrayed us and now we feel like we have a tire track on our chest where the bus rolled over us. >> not only that but a lot of cabinet members under the bus. it will get crowded under there and i think what this signaled this weekend the public option is dead. it is not coming back. >> dana: i'll get that haircut tomorrow. >> bill: you are bringing back.
6:40 am
>> dana: i had to bring back bangs for another reason. i want to say one thing. i wouldn't be here if it weren't for sean hannity as well. he told the powers that be here he thought i would be a good addition to the channel. they were like look, we have karl rove, why would we need another one? let me give her a shot. i will always be grateful for that and he gave me great advice over the years. i can't share here. there is a great word in it but i have been very grateful to him and to the entire channel. >> bill: our lives intersected another way. you were at the white house on sunday, august 28th, 2005, right? and that was the eve of katrina. a cat 4 cat 5 storm rolling into new orleans. that was my first day on the air here. watch this and check it out. >> this is a fox news alert. expecting a news conference with mississippi governor haley barber to begin any moment now.
6:41 am
hurricane katrina category one storm, 75 mile-per-hour mark. >> dana: what a story to be the first story you covered here. >> bill: went to baton rouge and new orleans. i walked into the old studio downstairs and julie banderas, 8:00 on a sunday night. all of america is watching. a major hurricane brewing out there i said hi, julie, i'm bill. he said hi, bill, this is your seat right here and off we went. >> dana: never stopped. wonderful memories. enjoyed it very much. now this. >> the president's first love is foreign policy. why don't he know about these things in realtime? >> of course he knew about the french being displeased. let me finish. >> literally had not been aware. >> listen to the language there now. displeased. the white house trying to walk back the comments from john kerry about what president biden knew about that submarine deal with france. plus college professor fighting
6:42 am
back after he says he was suspended and banned from campus for treating students equally. how does that work? >> i was very upset that somebody would dare in-- no employee ever should cower at the cancel culture power of their employer. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers blood sugar in three ways. increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction.
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>> dana: the u.s. restaurant industry still trying to recover from the pandemic. small bills owners are filesing more than labor shortages. some forced to raise prices due to the surging costs of items on their menu. restaurant work is not easy work, and i know that you've had some troubles and travails with covid and all of that. tell us your situation now at the packing house in milwaukee. >> thank you so much for having me on this morning. i really appreciate the opportunity to tell our story. what we're seeing now is a lot of issues, frankly, from staffing issues, to just supply chain issues, getting product in the door. we are seeing diners starting to be willing to come back, but then we don't have the staff to be able to take care of them. we don't have the product to take care of them and we are oh he seeing just increase in prices in absolutely everything
6:48 am
that we need in order to run our business. >> dana: put this up on the board. the numbers are striking. for beef and veal 12.2%. bacon 17%. pork, steak, ribs, 11%. all those costs. how do you have to raise your prices on the menu? >> yeah. as a matter of fact we're rolling out a new menu tomorrow which has increased prices across the board. and they are already up from this summer. what our purveyors are telling us from everything we get in from something simple like forks and spoons and steak, seafood and poultry everything is going up in price, everything. so we're constantly having to adjust our pricing and there is only a certain limit that the dining public is going to be willing to pay. right now we're seeing prices we have never seen before. our purveyors are telling us this isn't the end, just the beginning. that we'll continue to see price increases and supply shortages at least through the rest of the year and probably into next year.
6:49 am
>> dana: on the worker issue. unemployment benefits in wisconsin the state's minimum weekly unemployment is $54. maximum weekly unemployment is $370. with the enhanced unemployment ended september 1st, but have you seen that make any difference in bringing workers back? >> well, we were anticipating that that would. that we would start seeing some people start to come back and look for jobs, look for work and we're just not seeing that at all. we've done everything that we can to try to attract new employees. we've raised our wages across the board from everything to our cleaning staff to our cooks, to bartenders. and that's still not attracting new workers. the employee knows right now that they are the hot commodity but we're not seeing that. and we're a month after that unemployment ended, the extra unemployment and we're not seeing any change in the amount of applicants that we're getting. sometimes we do get an
6:50 am
applicant, we interview them and then they don't show up for work. or they do and after a week of training they just stop showing up. >> dana: it makes it hard to trust them. also for those increased wages that you are paying your staff, they then go to the grocery store and paying the high prices as well. it is a big problem affecting people across america, entrepreneurs like yourself and restaurant owners. we appreciate you coming on. love to stay in touch with you. the packing house looks like a great place. i would love to visit. >> thank you so much. i appreciate your time. >> bill: in a moment president biden's poll numbers are in freefall tumbling to new lows on the crisis on the border rages on. republican governors say they have seen enough. we'll take you there. plus espn taking action with one of its veteran anchors after she was speaking out than a number of issues. clay travis wrote the book about espn and has reaction coming up next.
6:51 am
>> bill: warmest congratulations. when this was launched 25 years ago the skeptics abounded. no one thought cnn could be overtaken or cnbc. fox did it. it shows a good idea properly executed, or executed with great creativity is unstoppable. i have very warm memories of the show forbes on fox on fox news for 17 years. it was a help for fox business news. on this day congratulations on a great achievement. the nice thing is better days are yet to come. i'm proud to be here.
6:52 am
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6:57 am
>> bill: espn. an anchor is off the air for a week. 14 year veteran suspended after comments she made about the vaccine mandate calling it sick and scary. now the move also comes following comments she made questioning why former president barack obama identifies as black. clay travis founder of wrote a book about espn called republicans wear sneakers, too. steele is off the air for a week. part of what she said during the podcast with a former nfl quarterback. watch. >> i respect everyone's decision, i really do. but to mandate it is sick. and it's scary to me in many ways. but i have a job, a job that i love and frankly a job that i need. >> bill: that's what jay
6:58 am
cutler's podcast. what do you think about the action the network took and what she had to say? >> well first of all i applaud her for saying what i think many people who are employees out there are either afraid to say or worried about their job if they speak out and say it, which is vaccine mandates for most of us out there who are concerned about our own bodies and ability to make decisions about our own health and our family's own health strike many of us as wrong. not the choice of whether or not to get a vaccine which i encourage everyone to make on their own in consultation with their doctor and certainly if you are over 65 i would tell you the same thing i told my parents, which is i think you should get the vaccine. but if you are talking about young, healthy people like steele and being required to get the vaccine in order to keep her job, she is in a position where she has the ability to speak out and share her opinion. i think it's crazy that she would get suspended for a week
6:59 am
for saying this. let's also keep in mind, guys, she got covid. not only did she have to get the covid vaccine but then she had one of these breakthrough cases of covid which seem to be occurring at a fairly regular rate. dr. fauci says they don't track them. i think a lot of people listening now who know someone in their own friend or family circle who had this happen to them. the reality is hill, when she was working at espn called donald trump a white supremacist and nothing happened. espn didn't do anything. steele is getting suspended for saying she doesn't think the company should have a vaccine mandate? that's absolute madness. >> dana: she put a statement via espn. the pr people looked at. she said i know my recent comments created controversy for the company and i apologize. we're in the midst of a challenging time and communicate constructively and thoughtfully. what do you think happens at the end of the week's suspension? >> i think there is probably a
7:00 am
decent chance she will end up not working at espn anymore. i would encourage fox news to talk to her and encourage a lot of different places out there that need talented, outspoken, intelligent men and women to represent their organization. our 25th anniversary, we need to continue to stock our bench with as much talent as we can possibly get. if espn thinks she is wrong speaking out about mandatory vaccines a lot of media companies would welcome her with open arms being as outspoken and honest as she is. >> bill: she got the vaccine the end of september. thanks for coming on. nice to see you, clay travis outkick and more. >> dana: dana, nice haircut in 2009. >> dana: this afternoon a made an appointment. tune in tomorrow. thank you. >> i love it. can't wait. >> dana: president biden's approval rating hitting a new low as poll numbers are sinking
7:01 am
nine months into his presidency. americans giving the president failing marks on everything from foreign policy, immigration and military to the economy, taxes, and his handling of the pandemic that he ran on. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: happy birthday. >> dana: happy 25. i love it. i love it. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, happy birthday. president biden getting hammered from all sides. the latest poll giving the president negative numbers on trust and leadership and the administration not competent. republican governors gathered on the southern border to slam biden's handling of the crisis. >> dana: 67% say they disapprove of the president's handling of both immigration and the border. >> bill: while he gets low marks on every issue including the pandemic, the economy, foreign policy, taxes, he does the worst when it comes to the border. and that's where we begin this hour.
7:02 am
bill is live back in mission, texas today. good morning. >> good morning to you. the poll numbers certainly suggest there is a chunk of the american public out there not very thrilled with what's happening down here at the border and the security concerns here remain very, very real. we want to show you what we're talking about. look at the foet ore here. -- foeft owe here. they just arrested two confirmed members of the gulf cartel. mexican drug cartel operating directly across the border from us. they controlsed illegally and they were able to get them and picked up an ms-13 gang member. look at these videos out of del rio. migrant runners using trains in texas. special operation groups using ats trying to arrest as many of these guys as they can for criminal trespassing. guys run on top of trains and migrants running off trains taking off into the brush. texas dps since july they made 1,000 arrests for criminal trespassing.
7:03 am
one of the guys they picked up. look at this photo here. a confirmed member of the lat-in kings one of the most violent street gangs in all of the united states. i'm told by a law enforcement source the black widow -- look at this here. this is gutierrez martinez just arrested in yuma, arizona after he crossed illegally as a child rapist. fell knee convictions for first degree child rape as well as increase. crest. he was turned over to u.s. marshalls. arizona governor doug doocy looked at the area and he blasted the administration. take a listen. >> vice president harris has been the worst possible choice to be the border czar. she has never shown any care about this issue or any level of seriousness. and joe biden has never even
7:04 am
been to the border. >> guys, this will give you an idea what's it's like here. we stopped at a random mcdonalds in la jolla. there was a group of illegal immigrants being arrested next to us. we later found out from the police two of the men in that group were mercenaries for the gulf cartel who just crossed illegally into the u.s. after they were involved in a failed ambush on mexican marines in mexico where the marines killed 17 colleagues. you stop for a quick egg mcmuffin and have cartel guys in the lot next to you. >> bill: bill is back at the border today. senate is back at work. possible vote lifting the debt ceiling later today. mitch mcconnell offering to extend the debt limit until december. democrats seem to be on board with that. chad pergram knows and is live on the hill now. >> good morning. senate minority leader mitch
7:05 am
mcconnell offered to help democrats get through the crisis. he wants to hike the debt celg by a couple hundred bill dollars and get the nation into early december. but there is no deal yet. >> the president, we have been negotiating all afternoon and all night just until the recent. we are not -- we're making good progress. we aren't there yet but i hope we can come to an agreement tomorrow morning. >> the senate could vote today on the debt ceiling. democrats were willing to deal could hijack their effort to pass the social spending bill. >> if they don't raise the debt ceiling. if they want to spend the money by themselves but they want us to raise the credit card limit to do it. no. >> so there is no overall solution here. this means congress reverts to an old trick. >> if you look at the most often called play in congress it's the punt. and i'm not talking about a quick kick on third down a punt
7:06 am
on first and second down even. that is simple way just to say we'll deal with it tomorrow. >> the gop had refused to help democrats raise the debt ceiling and poilsed to filibuster a bill to suspend it through 2022. the bill needed 60 ayes to end the filibuster. >> dana: it is complicated. josh holmes former chief of staff to mitch mcconnell and i want to get your take on this. senator whitehouse told msnbc yesterday that mitch mcconnell caved. >> mitch just folded. looks like he has withdrawn his threat to blow up the u.s. economy to score political points and we can go forward and do build back better. >> dana: did mitch mcconnell cave? >> sheldon whitehouse a real character. no, if you believe that mitch
7:07 am
mcconnell caved you don't know what game you are playing let alone what the score is. for mitch mcconnell and senate republicans this is an opportunity to do this over and over and over again, right? the only thing better than highlighting the incompetence of that your democratic counterparts is putting it on a reoccurring schedule which is what they've done here. they kicked what appears to be into december if they come up with the agreement today. so we'll do it all over again. my sense is that republicans would be happy to highlight the continued spending, taxing, prolific spending and taxing of the biden administration from now until election day if they could. >> dana: interesting. it leads into what bill will talk about, the polls. that very issue of spending is one of the reasons that independents have a 62% disapproval. >> that's right. look, democrats have taken a real bath on almost every issue. leading the way post afghanistan is their plans for the 3 1/2 trillion tax and spend bill.
7:08 am
it is deeply unpopular. problematic. the middle of the electorate which has been more aligned with democrats over the last couple of years has completely abandoned them here. they are not only just losing what is a referendum question how you are doing in things like the cone me. they're losing the choice question. will republicans do better than democrats? that's dangerous territory for the biden administration and democrats on capitol hill. >> bill: show them the poll numbers. all voters now disapproval 53%. approval only 38%. 60% disapproval among independents. they decide elections in america today. here are the issues. pandemic disapprove, economy 55, foreign policy 58, southern border 67, taxes 54. so they are fighting for oxygen as we said yesterday. josh, help us understand. does the debt vote come back in december or is that punted into the new year? and if it comes back in
7:09 am
december, how do you do that one along with infrastructure and the $3.5 or whatever the number is on build back better? how does all this happen? >> yeah, you put your finger on it, bill. it doesn't make any of this easier, it makes it more difficult in a lot of ways. we know the democrats are a long way from getting their own cards in their own hands here when it comes to the $3 1/2 trillion bill let alone infrastructure, end of theier speengd. -- end of the year spending. they have to keep the lights on in the capitol. it moves it into a december with a real pile-up. they had a big pile-up at the end of september. the end of december it will be a real mess. thankfully i think republicans have made a smart move here in making it more difficult for them. >> dana: it will coincide with the fact that we're already being told to buy our christmas presents now because they won't be anything on the shelves by then.
7:10 am
december will be an interesting month. buckle up and get ready. don't go into hibernation. >> we'll rely on you to be our traffic cop on the hill. christmas presents -- the border has been getting worse. 55 cargo ships from all over the world have stranded in long beach, california. it never happened before. >> dana: it might have led to the oil spill, right? there is too much traffic to drop anchor, anchor in the wrong place an hits the pipeline. >> bill: it all adds up and you can only ignore it for so long. senator bernie sanders refusing to sign a joint statement that condemns recent protests against kristin sinman. she was harassed on an airplane unless the statement included a rebuke of her political views. he wanted the arizona senator to drop her opposition to
7:11 am
prescription drug reform and biden's spending plan. sinema was weekend was harassed by protestors who followed her into a restroom and on the flight back home at the airport. she teaches part-time at arizona state university as well. this was the video where a man put his foot in the door with a phone running and a woman followed her into literally into the stall and waited for her to come out. >> dana: i thought greg gutfeld had a great question the other night. where are the feminists? this should be outrageous. they are vocal only when it comes to serving the far left progressive point of view. >> bill: watch this between sanders and sinema and maybe sanders and manchin as well as it moves over the next two months. >> dana: we have a fox new alert. pfizer asked for emergency use authorization of their covid vaccine for kids age 5 to 11. depending how quickly the fda acts the shots could become
7:12 am
available before thanksgiving. the first vaccine to ask for approval for this particular age group and will get a lot of attention. >> bill: bring our doctors on tell us what it means. more twists and turns in the gabby petito investigation. her family sitting down for an exclusive interview on fox news as the search for brian laundrie intensifies. what we learn about that from the family and police. >> dana: it's looking like the taliban returning to its old ways of terror and brutality after the botched u.s. withdrawal. trey yingst was our man on the ground in kabul. he is next. good to see him. hi, trey. >> i was a local reporter and anchor, 27 years old. my agent said the fox news channel wants to hire you. i said what's that?
7:13 am
i go to los angeles. meet the bureau chief there and he says to me we'll go after cnn and they will kill us but we are going to go after them anyway. alicia acuna, fox news. something about the idea of this little guy going after this big guy spoke to me and i was in. think about it. a brand-new cable channel going after cnn? it sounded absurd. that feeling that i got when he said we're going to go after them has never left me. we have a history with each other and that matters. ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important is giving them ways to fulfill them. for over 150 years, generations have trusted
7:14 am
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7:18 am
>> president biden asked me about it and i told him and expressed -- >> you told joe biden it was not -- >> he asked me what's the situation? i explained exactly.
7:19 am
he had not been aware of that. he literally had not been aware of what had transpired. >> dana: the white house now attempting to walk back those comments by presidential climate envoy john kerry former secretary of state. suggesting that president biden is unaware of the happenings in his own administration. watch. >> of course he knew about the french being displeased. let me finish. >> literally not been aware. >> dana: i would encourage you to ask john ker bee the context of his comments. the president and former secretary are good friends. he relies on his counsel and as he does with many members of his national security team. but that certainly is not what he was intending to convey. >> dana: i have to say i honestly john kerry has been a long-time public servant and ran for president. secretary of state. he knows exactly what will happen when he says something like that on camera. i don't think it was an accident and he was trying to
7:20 am
send a message to the national security advisor jake sullivan and the secretary of state anthony blinken. >> bill: i don't know if the president was involved in the decision. he was not informed of it kerry says. the question to psaki she said he was aware the french were not pleased. that leaves the question did you run this $40 billion nuclear submarine contract to australia, which has a direct impact on the relationship with beijing, did you run this by the commander-in-chief? i don't know if we know that answer yet. am i nuts? am i the squirrel ringing the doorbell yesterday? we believe there will be more on this. now there is this. watch. >> there are a number of people outside of this hotel in kabul who work for the americans at the u.s. embassy and are left
7:21 am
behind. civilians outside of kabul grab for food as a car with aide workers drives by. in the center part of kabul there are thousands of internally displaced afghans. see the children here. >> bill: now those are just some of the highlights from our reporting in kabul. trey yingst on the ground in the african capital for three weeks. now back in new york and joins us live on u.s. soil. nice to sigh, good morning to you. we spoke yesterday. had a great chat with you. what do you want the american people to understand about the state of affairs in afghanistan now under taliban rule and perhaps what we have coming next either here or elsewhere in the world? >> i think the most important thing for the american people to know about afghanistan right now is that the taliban does not represent the afghan people. the taliban is a very small organization in afghanistan but they are a very violent and aggressive organization. they've been able to take over the entire country. we saw the collapse this year.
7:22 am
we saw cities like kandahar fall quickly into the hands of the taliban. i think when you look at this from a 30,000 foot view it is easy to say look at afghanistan, this war torn country. i think that statement forgets the artists and the doctors and brothers and sisters, moms and dads, the afghan people who for the past 20 years while they lived in a country at war, they had hope. and i think that's the thing to remember right now. many afghans, many of them left behind have lost all hope. >> dana: you posted this video of the baby malnutrition. it is hard to watch. i wonder if you could tell us is this what we're looking at? the taliban is small. do they know how to govern a country? you have to pay electricity bills that they haven't done. how do you get food to the people there? do the taliban care about these people? >> the taliban in every interview that we did with the organization from top intelligence officials to fighters on the ground claim they have changed. they say they're a new organization. bust as they would do that, in
7:23 am
other cities across afghanistan, they hang bodies from cranes and worked their way through the country targeting american allies and those who helped the united states. you see the images of the malnourished children. inside a hospital in kabul. these people have no future. no stability and they have really no government now that can support their needs and that particular story, one of the most difficult i think i've covered in my career, the mother had to sell her daughter so the family could afford to have food. the daughter was ultimately killed and that little baby three month old baby is all she had left. you could see in the images he was on the brink of death. >> bill: your first anchor is intriguing. afghanistan population 20 million. taliban numbers between 80,000 and 100,000 total, in total to govern. yesterday we were talking about how you make contacts in kabul, afghanistan as a reporter.
7:24 am
and you say i sit down and have tea with them. when i would have tea with members of the taliban, they would tell you about how they were essentially raised to be suicide bombers and they were not chosen is how they described it to you. then the conversation would flip and go to soccer or sports or whatever. >> absolutely. these are killers. they are born and raised to kill people specifically americans. and they would often joke about this reality saying just a few months ago we would have killed you had we sat in the same room. would you like some more tea? it is so flippant to many of these fighters who are raised to conduct bombing attacks in afghanistan or suicide attacks. i think the really jarring part about this story is that now the taliban is in control of all of afghanistan. so you have places like the hotel we were staying at or the airport where suicide units, men who signed up to be suicide bombers are now controlling security on the ground in afghanistan.
7:25 am
and then you have officials in washington say we can engage with them and start conversations behind the scenes to get the remaining americans and allies out of the country. i would ask do you understand who you are dealing with? >> dana: i hope you keep a diary. it will be a great book one day. >> i do. >> dana: you do a great job. get to go see your mom now. tell her hi for us. the penlt gone launching a search to find violent extremism in the ranks in the military. the new twist in the search for brian laundrie as gabby petito's family speaks exclusively to fox news.
7:26 am
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7:31 am
>> bill: police resuming the search for brian laundrie in a foreign nature reserve as brian's father may be getting involved. callahan walsh is from the center for missing and exploited children and nice to have you, good morning. got a bit of breaking news. laundrie's father would join the search and indeefd he has. according to our reporting in florida he went to the reserve area on the west coast of florida. sir, what do you think is going on right now with that concession to join? >> i don't really know what to make of it. we have seen the laundries are not trustworthy narrators when it comes to brian's timeline and his visit back to florida. the father joining the search,
7:32 am
i really don't understand what that is. is he really out there to help? try to gain favor of the public as the public has not looked at them very kindly on this? is this really a true effort to look for brian or is this a way to stifle law enforcement? i don't know what to make of it. >> bill: you wonder what the f.b.i. has been looking for. in and out of the house several times. it hasn't been shared with us. the attorney for laundrie's family said they believe he is in the preserve or wilderness earlier if he has left the preserve. putting out a public plea and getting scrutiny is not in their best interest. laura engel sat down with gabby's family, meanwhile. gabby moved to florida. she lived with them before she took off for that van trip across the country. give this a listen here. >> not certain bust i would think that he is in an area like the appalachian trail or
7:33 am
campground where he can live off the land. he has the skills. >> do you think he is alive and in the country? >> i believe he is alive. country again i have no idea. >> bill: the reason why the trail issue comes up. there was an eyewitness a week ago is convinced that he saw brian laundrie. what did you think of that? >> i'm not surprised. we had tons of tips coming into the in pursuit hotline regarding the appalachian trail. multiple sightings from different eyewitnesses. when you have corroborating accounts you the end to look into that. we did. we passed the tips and worked with the f.b.i. including the marshals as well. great connections with the marshals. law enforcement is eyeing that area. appalachian trail is vast and remote. it is the perfect place for him to hideout. however, it could be another red herring and why it's important to track down every lead that's coming in. he could be here in the states. but by now he could be anywhere.
7:34 am
>> bill: have they looked in the trail yet? >> they have. i know they are actively searching that area. it isn't as active a search in florida as as public a search but law enforcement has eyeballs on the area because of all the tips provided. >> bill: what tips did you provide there? >> our tips are confidential. people can remain anonymous and confidential. but they have been similar sightings to what we've seen other people come out with. similar sightings of people that look like brian in that area, near sightings of him. so with many people saying the same thing you get one time from deloitte, it is hard to corroborate that. when you get a lot of tips coming from the same area something you need to look into. >> bill: keep us posted. thank you for your time. >> dana: pentagon announcing that all military personnel will be subject to a continuous vetting program. the system aims to detect
7:35 am
concerning behavior by so-called extremists. one problem. defense officials still haven't clearly defined what extremism is. lucas tomlinson is live at the pentagon as they wrestle with this. >> the head of counter intelligence at the pentagon says social media will be monitored as well. >> this includes replacing per oddic reinvestigations with a continuous vetting program insuring a trusted workforce in realtime through automated records checks and interagency information sharing. >> top brass want the investigations to be more automatic. the u.s. military's top general the number of extremists in the ranks is quite small. >> i think the numbers within the military are very small. we have a very large force and 99.9.9% of these folks are out there every day trying to serve their country with honor and dignity. >> increased vetings comes after 12% of those kharjsd in the riot, 6 had military experience.
7:36 am
one was an active duty marine corp officer. john kirby has been asked to define extremism. >> i want to push back on the premise that i blew a question off. i don't think i did any such thing. >> a month prior i asked him this question. >> what is the definition of extremism? >> oh my goodness, lucas. come to my office later today. >> we're focused on extremist behavior, not what people think or what political ideas or religious ideas, but extremist behavior. >> so do you have a definition of what extremism is and what that behavior is? >> again, we're focused on behavior. >> reminder of a famous supreme court case one justice was asked about porn porn said i can't define it but i know it when i see it. >> dana: we'll pay attention. >> bill: a professor is suing
7:37 am
ucla accusing them to suspend him for refusing to grade black students more lenient than other students. william la jeunesse is live with the story in l.a. what's the story here, william? good morning. >> good morning, bill. this professor stood up to cancel culture and ucla tried to fire him for it. it was a week after the death of george floyd when the professors received an email asking that black students receive -- be graded with compassion and leniency and given a no-fault final meaning the final exam wouldn't count if you lord your grade. -- lowered your grade. stow professors did it. one professor gave everyone an a on their final. the professor klein. no discipline or bias in 40 years said no especially given his class was a zoom one and he didn't know students' color. >> if you are going to classify
7:38 am
people based on their race, which i find absolutely amoral and repugnant. if you are going to say that you will have to articulate a rule. who is black. who is someone of mixed heritage? what do you do there? >> retribution came a day later when the university received 12,000 signatures asking that klein be terminated for his extremely insensitive, dismissive and racist response. the dean of the anderson school, business school labeled his response outrageous and inexcusable and condemned it in a message to 40,000 faculty and alumni. on twitter the anderson school said it was deeply disturbed and apologized to those upset and offended by klein. so the school suspended him, banned him from campus. the decision was later overturned, bill. but he is suing for damages. ucla says it looks forward to
7:39 am
the litigation. back to you. >> bill: william la jeunesse live in l.a. >> dana: a major social media company is being accused of censorship trying to comply with china's communist party. how beijing is keeping a lid on information it does not want the world to know about. >> i'm the chief operating officer of the uso. want to congratulate everyone at fox news channel. terrific uso partner on your 25th anniversary. since world war ii uso has strengthened our american service members and families and we thank everyone at fox news for being a force behind us. happy anniversary. lowest in their history. rate two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees.
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>> bill: did you know americans are paying the most for gas in seven years, the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.24 with some drivers paying more than $5. places like california. compare that to $2.18 a year ago. probably don't need us to tell you that because every time you fill up you can see it. >> dana: i think just to reiterate what we talked about with the restaurant owner, as these prices increase and especially on energy costs, it goes all throughout the economy.
7:45 am
everybody is going to feel this. it won't be something you can tax the rich and deal with. this is a supply issue and there will be a lot of talk about it and hopefully this winter it won't be as bad as some are anticipating. move on to this now. china continuing to crack down on mass internment camps. a reporter on china for axios says before joining axios i served as the lead reporter for the international consortium of gsh-a major leak of chinese government documents revealing the working of internment camps. she was soon censored by china's linkedin platform. the linkedin message said it is an integral part of how you present your professional self to the world and believe it's important to inform you due to the presence of prohibited content your profile and public
7:46 am
activity such as your comments and items you share with your network won't be made doable in china. what was your first thought when you saw that? >> my first thought was that previously i had to wait for the chinese government itself or for chinese cen sores employed by private chinese companies in china to do this kind of censorship work. this is an american company with its own employees sending me an email from the u.s. telling me that they are the ones who are enacting this censorship on behalf of the chinese government. it reminded me of zoom, which was doing the same thing last year. >> dana: so why would linkedin do this? >> what happened was earlier this year the chinese government basically forced them to do a rectify indication. meaning they were in trouble with the chinese government for their lacks censorship of their platform. in 2014 linkedin began china operations and did at that time
7:47 am
commit to following what it called local chinese law meaning it would have to censor. chinese authorities thought it was not censoring enough. they punished linkedin by not letting any new subscribers sign up for a month. we've seen a much stronger and harsher line from linkedin actively censoring profiles. >> dana: they say we are a local platform adhering to chinese. for members who profile visibility is limited within china their profiles are available across the globe where linkedin is available. i imagine that does not satisfy your concerns. >> not remotely. we've seen the same kind of language from other companies to justify censorship including saudi arabia. this is the line that u.s. companies are taking to justify their behavior when in reality what they are doing is putting
7:48 am
their profits, revenue, above universal liberal values of free speech which is what they used to claim that they were pushing for. what is interesting in my case and in the emails that other journalists whose profiles have been censored has received is linkedin told me they were willing to work with me if i quote, unquote, update my profile to make it accessible in the chinese market. that means i would have to delete from my profile for the rest of the market for the rest of the world that information perhaps about china. they are pushing china's extra territorial censorship. >> dana: that's horrible and to your point they're trying to make you censor yourself in order to be able to be on the platform. that's outrageous and an american company shouldn't be doing that. let's stay in touch. >> bill: in the meantime before you reach for the hand sanitizer watch the next story and find out why the fda is
7:49 am
warning you should stop using a certain brand. bill deblasio in major damage control mode after a blistering report. what a watchdog is accusing him of doing coming up next. ♪♪♪
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7:55 am
poll numbers. the good news maybe -- well, zero. ari fleischer in "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> i got a lot to offer. i want to do more in public service. how that is going to play out there is time to figure out. but that's my goal. >> bill: city mayor bill deblasio considering plans to run for governor in new york. dana loves the idea. but the negatives keep piling up. city investigators released a report finding he inappropriate used security detail for personal use including transportation for his kids, staff members and personal errands and guests. >> dana: oh oh. >> bill: carley shimkus. >> we love that. we don't love this. the department's investigation found that deblasio used his security detail for personal use things like moving his daughter's furniture from her
7:56 am
apartment to grayci mansion. driving his son back and forth to and from yale. the other thing that they found was that the mayor has not yet reimbursed the city over $300,000 for security he used when he was running for president. remember when he was running for president? and then there was a bit of a cover-up involved, the nypd inspector in charge of the family's security tried to thwart this investigation. my takeaway on this is that for somebody who is a progressive democratic socialist man is he living the high life and somebody who is actively anti-cop, using police resources in a sizeable amount? >> dana: talk about a leap. you have such disregard for your citizens not listening to anybody in the city. the city is disgusting for the most part. crime is going up and he is you know what? i think i'll run for governor. what kind of abuses of power do you think he would have and do as governor? >> remember when he ran for president?
7:57 am
i was thinking back to that moment and the news came down and people were like you have to be kidding me. the poll numbers, the poll in february 2018, 78% of new yorkers said he shouldn't run for president. that was his poll in new york. imagine what the poll numbers would be if he ran for governor? >> bill: 7-1 democrats to republicans in new york city anyway. so i -- >> democrats don't like him, either. which is interesting. can i say something quickly? "the new york times" wrote an article in 2019. i'm really interested as to why democrats don't like bill deblasio titled how bill deblasio went from progressive hope to punching bag. if you're progressive you should like him. universal pre-k. he supports defund the police and i think when it comes to him politics is also about personality and they just see him as a total phony and it boils down to that. >> bill: democratic chair.
7:58 am
bin laden is probably more popular there than bill deblasio. would have zero support if not negative out there. meanwhile here in the city "new york post" calls it the city of the walking dead. here is the cover from a couple weeks ago. zombie land. they did a profile around some famous landmarks, macy's, madison square garden, everybody knows across the country. what they found in one saunter around the block blew their minds. >> people shoongt up. -- shooting up. you can tell the city is going downhill since the pandemic started and that is a big problem that both republicans and democrats have. quality of life in the city. let's look at crime statistics. september crime stats, shootings, they're down. but 136 in the city compared to 150. those are not numbers that you
7:59 am
should be proud of. overall crime is up. new york city's massive crime issue is something that i think will be a legacy of deblasio, also his absolute anti-cop rhetoric every chance he gets. >> bill: the post witnessed three different people injecting needles in one walk of a city block on an afternoon. >> dana: the squid game. i think we have a trailer clip. can we play that? >> every person standing here in this room is living on the brink of financial ruin. you all have debts that you can't pay off. if you do not wish to pocket debate, then please let us know at this time. >> okay. it is an unbelievably big show. you know how "game of thrones" took over the world? this show is on netflix. it is the number one show in 90
8:00 am
countries around the world. the united states, south korea. and 88 others. how about that? >> bill: i haven't seen it yet. dana will watch it this weekend. >> dana: greg gutfeld said it is worth watching but it is very dark. we'll check it out. squid game. thank you, carley. happy anniversary. here is harris with "the faulkner focus". >> harris: the outrage toward the department of justice is growing wider and more intense. the agency plans to monitor what happens at your local school board meeting. really? parents are refusing to be silenced. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". for the past year, we've seen parents take a stand against critical race theory in schools, and mask mandates, and more. and now the justice department wa


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