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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: that guy knows a lot, little shocked by it, actually. a great episode of "tucker carlson today" on fox nation. we are out of time tonight. we are grateful that you tuned in. we will see you monday and every week i come 8:00 p.m. , the show that is the sworn en, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity," the biden white house in crisis. i am jason chaffetz in for sean. the latest humiliation, a dismal september jobs report that fell well short of all expectations. it was the single worst jobs report of the entire year but today, joe biden proudly announced that everything is going according to plan.
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watch this. >> let me just repeat that today support as the unemployment rate down to 4.8%, a significant improvement from when i took office and assigned that we are moving forward even in the face of a covid pandemic. jobs up, wages up, unemployment down, that is progress and attribute to the hard work and resilience of the american people. today, more evidence of the progress we are making. i know we can make a lot more in the days ahead. >> jason: per usual joe biden took a zero questions after his speech and then jetted off to wilmington, delaware, for another restful weekend away from the white house. this as biden's job approval numbers are at an all-time low. the numbers are so bad that even cnn is sounding the alarm. but as jen psaki pointed out today, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for
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biden's sinking approval. according to jen psaki jen psaki, unvaccinated americans are to blame. watch this. >> what do you make of these really terrible polls? are they doing something wrong? is it just the communication or some things that have to be done? >> sure, well, i would say this is a really tough time in our country. we are still battling covid and a lot of people thought we would be through it including us. and because of the rise of the delta variant, because of the fact that even though it was a vaccine that was approved under a republican administration, even though we now have full fda approval and even though it is widely available across the country we still have a quarter of the country, less than that, 20% of the country who have decided not to get vaccinated. no question that is having an impact. of course as the president has said, the buck stops with him. that is far and away the biggest issue in the minds of the american people and it is impacting a lot of issues.
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>> jason: on the campaign trail didn't joe biden promise to get the virus under control? by his own admission emergency rooms are so packed with covid patients that the president himself was forced up personally: a favor at one hospital to fast-track the treatment of a good friend. watch this. >> last night i was on television, i was on the telephone with a person at an emergency hospital ward in pennsylvania because a good friend had called and he had rushed his significant other to the emergency room because this woman was having trouble breathing, had a high fever, and could not really catch her breath. and they got her into the hospital but the waiting room was so crowded, things were so backed up, they couldn't even get her to be seen initially.
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so because i knew this person, i called the desk, the receiving nurse and asked what the situation was. >> joining us with the reaction, the former assistant secretary of the treasury monica crowley along with fox news contributor joe concha. thank you both for joining us. i want to talk mostly about the economy because that affects everybody, but for the president of the united states to personally pick up the phone and talk to a nurse at a hospital to do a favor for a friend, i don't know how that strikes most people but if i'm in the waiting room and someone is getting preferential treatment because they are a buddy of joe's, it seems odd to me. >> this is your ruling class in action. always with a point of privilege, right? it was very weird for joe biden to blurt that out and make that admission because it made him look really bad. we are still in the middle of the pandemic and people are
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struggling and he is saying, look, i elbowed my friend and his wife to the front of the line. i would also love to know how many people in that particular hospital system have been laid off or fired because they refused the facts, therefore creating a huge backlog due to short staffing. >> jason: yeah, and the president tried to put a big spin on the jobs numbers because they were horrific. they were nowhere close to where they were supposed to be a part of the problem in the white house is you have joe biden and kamala harris, they are both poor communicators and they never take any questions and then when they do talk off script you get something like this which causes its own uproar. >> it is the worst messaging i have seen and you can go back and study this, in the modern political era. and to blame covid as jen psaki did, it's all they have. did covid force us to withdraw from afghanistan and the disastrous way that it did?
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of course not. a covid causing the border to be wide open with covid positive migrants are flooding into the country? of course not. a covid causing skyrocketing crime in american cities? of course not. a covid causing skyrocketing inflation? of course not. lies that the president and jen psaki have tried to sell to the american people. job creation missed by 5 million and then another 300,000 in the president is saying the job shows progress. that is a gaslighting with dynamite marinated in kerosene. he also claimed that 3.5 trillion in spending will somehow cut taxes while inflation is almost sure to continue rising and it will reduce the debt. all lies. for anyone with ears, eyes in a halfway functional brain committees are are about the best unintentional comedy you
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will hear. this is where we are now. you're right about the messaging, it is lying and deceptive and it is intentional. the one you've been up close and personal with the white house along the way. if the problem is you have kamala harris, who is nowhere to be seen. literally flying to palm springs and they are trying to do critical things with the united states congress but there is a major problem with shipping off the shores. off load of shipments that are coming into these ports and no trucks to go underneath these containers. where's pete buttigieg? their cabinet is pretty well absent from the discussion. >> their labor secretary was out today to talk about this abysmal jobs report and trying to spin it, as was the president but overall you are exactly right.
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the vice president wants as much distance between herself and these catastrophes as possible. she's trying to preserve her own political viability. whether it comes to the economy or the border for the whole array of things that joe biden has given to her, she doesn't want to deal with it. she's not out there publicly. in fact the latest video, she was talking to some kids about space exploration which is not exactly on the top of most -- list of things. but the rest of the cabinet, they have hightailed it away from these controversies. they know his presidency is in free fall, they can see the poll numbers cratering and now you have the press, some of them, starting to report on the faltering economy and some of these other things because they can't ignore it. but make no mistake, when the press reports stuff like cnn today talking about how bad these jobs numbers are, they're not doing it because they want to see joe biden fail, they're doing it as a warning to the
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white house that they better start getting their act together, particularly on the economy, because most americans do vote on kitchen table issues. >> jason: joe, nothing says let's fight inflation by throwing a few trillion dollars into the economy and spend more by government. i don't know where they are at with their messaging on this but that is not the remedy to solve the problems that are ahead of us. >> a little removed from econ 101 but i think if you print $3.5 trillion of new money and put it into the economy that may devalue the dollar a little bit and we are already at a 30-year high on inflation, so if this spending bill gets passed and even if it gets shaved down what you think will happen to the economy? that is what people vote on first but three big takeaways from the polls when you peel away the onion. republicans are overwhelmingly -- for democrats, 80% are still with him so they cancel each other out.
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i always look at independents because they are the people that decide elections in michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin, ohio and so on. 32% of americans approve of this president. less than one in three. that is nine months into office, that is the hockey season and a solid majority of voters believe the administration as a whole is not competent running the government. that is a very difficult impression to undo but finally on the economy, pulling below 40%, he is pulling in the 20s. crime is a huge issue as well. as a more expensive to live in this country? yes. is it less safe? yes. is the border secure? no. you tell me how he's going to fix those four big issues when he is never communicating outside of a teleprompter. it ain't going to happen unless somebody else is doing the communicating. i guess that is jen psaki who is now the face of this administration, congratulations. >> jason: that is core to the problem, joe biden and
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kamala harris have bad judgment but they are also poor communicators. joe concha, monica crowley, thank you both for joining us tonight. with biden's approval numbers in the tank and multiple major crises on the rise the democratic party is starting to fracture. yesterday after minority leader mcconnell ever so generously offered a lifeline to democrats on the debt ceiling, chuck schumer decided to take a victory lap on the floor of the senate and fellow democrat joe manchin was not so pleased. when you listen to this clip, make sure to watch joe manchin in the background. have a look. >> leader mitch mcconnell and senate republicans insisted they wanted a solution to the debt ceiling but said democrats must raise it alone by going through a drawn-out, convoluted and risky reconciliation process. that was simply unacceptable to my caucus. we were able to raise the debt limit without a convoluted and unnecessary reconciliation
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process of that until today, the republican leader claimed it was the only way to address the debt limit. let me say that again. >> jason: joe manchin called those remarks classless and reportedly told chuck schumer that his speech was "bleep-ing stupid." i know you are fresh and new to the congress. i served there for eight and a half years, but the vitriol is something special to be seen right now. democrats, they are fighting amongst themselves and progressives seem to have the numbers. how do you see it? >> i just want to ask you if you miss it yet. i have never seen anything like it in previous administrations and oh, my god, but thank god for joe manchin and senator kyrsten sinema. democrats are in disarray, it's a complete cluster.
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they are attacking each other on the hill and in restrooms and bathrooms and airplanes. they are in total and complete disarray and many of them think this is a game. this is not a game to the american people. inflation is taxation. every single hardworking american is going to pay more at the grocery store, at the gas station if they continue down this irresponsible path of spending that we have never seen in america's history. >> jason: you represent the low country of south carolina, beautiful part of the world, you've got a couple kids, two cats and a dog as i understand it but when you're out there talking to south carolinians and you have military background as well. when you're talking to regular old folks who are back home what are they actually concerned about and can joe biden and kamala harris point to anything, possibly anything they think they have actually accomplished thus far in nine months in office?
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>> the number one question i get in south carolina is who's in charge? and when you look at the crises of the border whether it's the afghanistan exit or botched evacuation we have, whether does the 400,000 illegal aliens about across the border in the month of october and you see the devastation with the increased spending, the kind of spending that aoc and bernie sanders are writing, people can see the far left want to fundamentally change our country, and between the infrastructure package and the 3.5 trillion or 5.542 trillion, whatever is going to be, people understand it is untenable and unaffordable. like it when a high schooler, single mom with two kids, like giving my high schools on who gets a $10 a week allowance, like giving a platinum credit card to him to let him spend at will. everyone knows we can't afford to do this and it is the extremities of the far left.
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we have aoc literally writing the budget, writing and describing how we are going to spend your tax dollars. aoc is not president so the number one question i get from people is who is in charge and why are we doing this to our country? >> jason: between aoc and bernie sanders and they are out there actually talking about how it is not nearly enough, that it needs to be higher because they have this insatiable desire for more government. it really is scary and i'm glad you're in the fight. thank you so much for joining us tonight on "hannity." here with my reaction, fox news contributor john duffy and charlie hurt. gentlemen, thanks for joining us. congressman duffy, i served with you in the united states congress and we were talking about this earlier this week, it's really hard to believe and fathom that nancy pelosi is still to this day does not require members of congress to actually show up to do their jobs.
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proxy voting and you've got some democrats who have never been, in congress, since the day they were sworn in. >> it's unheard of. you have to show up on the house floor and vote with your little card that you're issued in each congress and what happens during that process, you and i both no, you see people, communicate, build trust and build relationships which is why it is so disturbing, the chuck schumer speech, mitch mcconnell is raising the debt limit which by the way is bad for america but good for democrats and chuck schumer stabs him in the back? it undermines the trust and relationships you for congress to actually work. i look at the video you played and i'm disturbed because you and i both no, i was friends with maxine waters, disagreed with all of the things she promoted, all of her ideas but i was a friend of hers because it was interpersonal. and to think that that is what the senate has devolved into,
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the decorum doesn't exist anymore. by the way, no one love to decorum in the senate more than senators. i think what has happened here is democrats are afraid of their left flank. chuck schumer is afraid of aoc right now. aoc is going to run against him for his senate seat and like he is running a college campus activist group and all rules to the win and let's have a free-for-all food fight. >> jason: charlie, i want to get your perspective on this because you reside in virginia, running again for governor, even he is admitting out loud that joe biden is not very popular right now. democrats seem to be at each other's throats. how did they get to be to the point where they are actually unified? because right now progressives from my vantage point seem to be rolling the day as opposed to the promise of joe biden which is, we are going to be ruling from the center. that is not what they are doing. >> now, it is not at all.
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of course, democrats have no one but themselves to blame for this. you know, the sort of sweet thing about everything going on now is democrats control every lever of power, every failure is 100% their fault. they can try to blame americans who make choices about vaccines, they can try to blame a minority of republicans in the house or the senate or whatever, it is all 100% their fault. the real problem here, i think it is so interesting how much effort that the media and democrats put on trying to pin all the blame, the only blame among democrats on joe manchin and kyrsten sinema when that is not the problem. the problem is that they put bernie sanders in charge of the budget committee. the problem is joe biden once an actual enthusiastic communists
6:19 pm
in charge of the banks of america and as you pointed out, chuck schumer is terrified from his left flank of aoc. he puts the lunatics in charge of the asylum and they are surprised there is a mess on their hand? a terrible retread running a campaign, said this in the last debate, running a campaign on the belief that parents don't have a right to know what it is that their children are being taught in schools and they shouldn't have a say? this is what he said out loud in the middle of the debate and luckily, thank god, glenn was smart enough to realize that what he said was just absolute lunacy and nailed him on it and i think he's paving the way to become the first republican in over ten years to win in virginia a statewide race in virginia. that really tells you something
6:20 pm
about how badly joe biden and the democrats have completely screwed things up. >> jason: i do think it starts at the top and i think you have a weak president physically, mentally and i think he is just a weak, weak communicator. when he went over to the house of representatives after they didn't achieve the vote and make the numbers and then you have a democrat saying i don't even know why he showed up over here, that is probably not a good sign for your party. thank you both for joining us tonight, gentlemen. i've got to keep going. straight ahead, biden's border crisis continues to spiral out of control. our own sara carter joins us with an exclusive report. plus larra logan and mark bonaventure reaction. that is coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: welcome back to the "hannity" special. joe biden's border crisis is getting worse by the day as thousands of illegal immigrants pour across the southern border. now new video from fox's own billable illusion shows expected cartel members firing multiple rounds across the border into the united states. watch this. >> there they are. >> [bleep]. speak of is indiscriminate firing. >> jason: that's the united states border. tonight, the department of homeland security is canceling all remaining border wall contracts in the laredo sector and all border barrier contracts in the rio grande valley center for joining us now with an exclusive report from texas is
6:26 pm
sara carter. i know it's bad, we've been reporting it's bad for a long, long period of time but every day it seems to get worse. >> it does, jason, and let me tell you, the experience there on the border isn't just a solitary instance. this has been happening over and over again. over the past week the drug cartels, it appears, suspected cartel members have been actually moving into the rio grande river area. heavily armed with ak-47s, they appear to be mexican military or police uniforms or tactical gear. they've been taunting the texas national guard, as well as the department of public safety. there is enormous concern that they are trying to get a reaction from our law enforcement. that means they are trying to persuade them to shoot back or get them to act in a certain
6:27 pm
manner. they're hoping the reason is that they are going to try to videotape that and let me have -- a national border control counsel explaining why the belief that and why they believe the biden administration has made this more dangerous than ever. >> one of the biggest issues facing law enforcement officials as well as border patrol, on patrol is the fact that the drug cartels have become more and more brazen. are you noticing that? >> we are noticing it in a couple ways. one way, they will run, whether it's people or drugs, right in front of us because we are so tied up with large groups of people, we can't respond. 500 yards away, doing what they do right in front of us. the other thing we are seeing is i think there was something that came out last week or earlier this week were some guys were standing in the middle of a river with long rifles just taunting us on our side and there's no fear.
6:28 pm
they have no fear, no respect whether it is our law enforcement or their law enforcement. they are operating however they want. >> what is the worst-case scenario of what you see happening at the border? >> if it continues the way it's going, the assault on our agents with these guys upping the ante on our side with weapons and continuing the thread eventually somebody's going to get hurt. >> could somebody get killed? >> somebody could get killed. it is unfortunate and we hope it never happens. any loss of life is a tragedy no matter the circumstances. our agents are going to protect themselves and those around them at all costs. who do blame for all of this? >> it is clear, the rhetoric coming from the administration. >> let me tell you, jason, it is not just what chris cabrera and the border patrol council is saying. it is also what dp, other texas national guardsmen that i've spoken to on background are saying. they are very concerned that the administration handling of the
6:29 pm
border crisis and their failure in doing anything is going to lead to someone's death. this is a very, very serious crisis and won the administration must pay attention to. jason? >> jason: sara carter in texas, thank you very much. joining us now is the host of larry logan has no agenda on fox nation lara logan and arizona attorney general mark bonaventure. thank you so much for joining us tonight. mr. attorney general, the biden administration wants us to believe that everything is safe, calm, there's no problem, no crisis, but how dangerous is it in arizona what is going on at the border? >> thank you for having me on and president biden said today his administration is creating more jobs, but the cartel is creating more jobs, more than cvs and walgreens combined.
6:30 pm
that's a dramatic increase in homicides in places like tucson, arizona. we know that opioid and drug overdoses are the leading cause of deaths for teenagers in our second largest county, so this is having a dramatic impact in real-time, real-world and make no mistake about it. as a result of the biden administration policies this country is a more dangerous place. people are dying now. it isn't a theoretical problem. our kids are dying of drug overdoses, the cartels have essentially seized operational control of our borders. >> jason: the biden administration just canceling contracts for barriers and walls and talk about open borders. it is just another example, when you talk to the border patrol agents that you work with every day, their morale must be horrendous. i mean it must be so demoralizing to see what this administration is doing to them.
6:31 pm
>> it is demoralizing and that is exactly the point. they want agents to be so demoralized that they quit because what does that do? that leaves you with less and less and less of the institutions that you don't actually respect and you don't actually want because if you look at it, the people who believe in open borders, the open society foundations and -- that are of that same political mind-set, they want the immigration agency is gone, they want the border patrol gone, they want to please god, they want the prisons garmin, and what they have done here is the biden administration has thrown police under the bus. let's not forget the horse patrol who didn't whip anybody, who didn't do anything racist or wrong, now their jobs are done basically. their careers are over. let's also talk about all the border patrol agents who are losing their career and are
6:32 pm
unvaccinated bear their purging the national guard, the homeland security, all of these institutions are being purged of everyone who doesn't agree with the biden administration and not just the biden administration because it's all of the people that nobody voted for. the puppet masters and the people from open society foundations, all of the advisors and ngos who claimed to be charities and do charity work but are really a kind of enforcement of this radical political strategy. and there are hundreds of miles of border right now that are unprotected and nobody is having a conversation about the national security risk and there are very few people in this country on both sides of the aisle, left and right, who actually want what is happening now. so you know, we are looking at a very, very serious situation where anybody wants to can come across the southern border and you are absolutely right about
6:33 pm
the narcotics. this is the most dangerous time in the history of this country in terms of street drugs. we have never had such powerful drugs, they have never been so prolific, they have never been so easy and cheap to manufacture, they have never been more american kids dying of overdoses and we hear absolutely nothing about it and you know what the biden administration is pushing for? a reduction of the minimum mandatory sentences for fentanyl. at a time when more american kids are dying of fentanyl overdoses and any time in the history of this country. >> mr. attorney general, they are not going to be putting up these barriers and putting up the wall because of environmental concerns but talk to me about not only the sheriff and the national guard and others, local law enforcement there in arizona, one of the rules of engagement for them and
6:34 pm
how do they continue to deal with this massive push of human trafficking, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, what are they supposed to do? >> that is the problem, jason, they can't control the problem because the bite administration is not doing its job and as a result of that the system is being overwhelmed. you have sheriff's that are pulled out of community law enforcement border sheriff that have to help out with people illegally crossing the border. i was talking to some ranchers and these are arizona cowboys, not california cowboys. these are tough and they don't want to be at the border, and this is something that is in arizona's backyard now but make a mistake about it, it is being spread around the country. the cartels enrich and empower themselves, i think it will have a destabilizing effect on mexico which is going to create further problems. going to see an increase in
6:35 pm
violence on the streets of american cities, more drug overdoses and meanwhile the biden administration is doing absolutely nothing to address it and that is miami and some some of my colleagues, we have a lawsuit in federal court trying to force the biden administration to build the wall because that is what the law requires. >> jason: here's the biden administration saying no, there is environmental concerns but you go to the national forest and guess what? you can't camp there. their big sign saying it's too dangerous, don't camp here because of all the illegal immigration that is going on. thank you both for being here tonight. at coming up, incredible controversy about critical race theory involving the department of justice. plus, black leaders are turning on biden. former secretary dr. ben carson joins us to react. that is coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." it's another day and another scandal for zero experience hunter biden. as five of his art prints were sold for $75,000 each to anonymous buyers. while he prepares for his new york city art show, joining us now with reaction, the latest in the hunter biden scandal, leo terrel and lisa boothe. lisa, i know you were in the bidding for one of these paintings of a blood clot or whatever he has. you've got the beautiful place that you wanted to just put one of his pieces up on the wall but come on. this is insane. >> i can't afford it, that is
6:41 pm
the thing. i can't afford it but of course this is insane. >> leo can afford it. >> does anyone at home, does anyone on this panel believe that if hunter biden's last name or into biden that he would be selling his paintings for $75,000 to $500,000? he had a pop-up exhibition in los angeles. the mayor showed up, moby the musician showed up. would they be showing up if his last name wasn't biden? of course not. this is a scam with the bidens. this is what they do, this is the biden corruption family but they get away with everything and that is the problem. you can go through a list of the biden family members who have had run-ins with the law, no arrest -- or no charges, none have served jail time. drug possession, the charges were expunged, joe biden's daughter ashley allegedly attempted to obstruct a police officer. no charges.
6:42 pm
frank, his brother, allegedly petty theft, ended up not getting charged as well. you can go down the list, they will continue to do these sorts of things. >> jason: his brother, literally at blockbuster video, stuffed a blockbuster video down his pants and tried to get out of the blockbuster. it really is amazing. leo -- >> who steals a blockbuster video? >> jason: yeah. come on. but bidens do come evidently. last year, senator carper came up with a bipartisan report that's if you want to launder money, one of the ways that russians and others do it is they do it through art because it is one of the legal but unregulated ways to do it. not suggesting this is what hunter biden has done but it is -- the reason there is so
6:43 pm
much speculation about hunter biden united states senate in a bipartisan way just said this is the way you scam people out of money at all of a sudden hunter biden is an artist. maybe that is coincidence but maybe it is not. >> let's not embarrass or tarnish the word "ours." hunter biden is a con artist. he is a shakedown artist. he peddles influence and tries to use his father as a bridge. eric garcetti was there, you know why? because eric garcetti is in the twilight zone. he's being held up here they are trying to buy influence. hunter biden is going to try to make as much money on his name up until 2024. the only reason he is not facing investigation is because the democrats control the white house and the justice department. he should be in jail, he should be in jail for all of his criminal activities but i guarantee you, jason and lisa,
6:44 pm
2024 will be the day of reckoning because this man currently has criminal investigations ongoing but nothing is going to happen and why all the bidens are in charge of the white house. that will come to a crashing end in 2024. >> jason: the issue with the gun, that is one but remember it was hunter biden and the white house that said they were going to make sure they were the open and transparent since the dinosaurs roamed the earth but they weren't going to get involved in hunter biden's art business, both so-called paintings hanging in the white house, for goodness sake. this is hardly what the bidens promised the american people and hunter biden was going to be oblivious to who he met with? but that they had an art show! >> of course they don't care. it's all lies, all a scam. joe biden sat there and lied to the american people. he flew his son on
6:45 pm
air force 2 to china, shook the hands of one of his business partners and that business license hunter biden had been trying to get for over a year was miraculously approved. that is what this family is about and we still don't know, has joe biden profited of all of this? joe biden is the big guy. he was supposed to get 10% of the deal with the chinese conglomerate. the family got $11 million from one of the chinese executives that was involved. to joe biden get 10% of it? we still don't have the answer of some basic questions that, has joe biden cashed in on all of this? we know that china's currency took a nosedive when it looks like president trump was going to win reelection, then it shot right back up when it was going to be joe biden. why is that? what favors have they been calling in for joe biden when it comes to china, when it comes to their family that have made all of this money out of all of these business dealings, and shady ones at that. >> jason: lisa boothe and leo
6:46 pm
terrel, i wish we had more time. it is stunning and the lack of intellectual curiosity and duplicity of the national media on this is just unbelievable. thanks for joining us tonight. really do appreciate it. coming up, we will be back with more of this special edition of "hannity." ♪ ♪ if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol.
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♪ ♪ >> jason: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." the department of justice is taking heat this week after attorney general merrick garland directed the fbi to prepare strategies for addressing unruly parents at school board meetings. the republican members of the senate judiciary committee did not like the sound of that so they sent a letter to garland
6:51 pm
asking that he reassure us americans that are owned department of justice won't be infringing on our first amendment rights to free speech. and biden's problems go far beyond just parents who are upset with critical race theory. a black are starting to lose patience with joe, pointing out he is saddling kamala harris with solving all of the administration's worst problems. back with us, leo terrel and lisa boothe. we had some technical difficulty with dr. ben carson tonight. thank you for joining us again. leo, i want to start with you. to get the department of justice involved and engaged with school board meetings, how do they justify this? >> you can't. and as a lawyer, you cannot. this is pure intimidation, jason. let's be clear, critical race theory is racist and parents at the local level have a
6:52 pm
first amendment right to address your local school board. these are local issues and what i find insulting is we are ignoring the fact that critical race theory is trying to teach our kids to be little racist individuals. and these parents are fighting back. they have a direct right, say so in the curriculum and what their kids are being taught at school. this is all part of a federal lies game in conjunction with the national teachers union to basically indoctrinate our kids on how to hate each other. i find it offensive. not only as a civil rights attorney, not only as a lawyer but as a former schoolteacher. it is outrageous! >> jason: lisa, i don't believe there is any federal jurisdiction to get the fbi involved in our local school board meeting but once word gets out on this, how do you think the next school board meeting is going to go when there is an open meeting for parents to talk about how to educate their own children? >> the whole point of critical
6:53 pm
race theory for the left is if you say the country is inherently racist, if it is rooted in slavery, then the country, makes it easier to burn down to the ground and that is with the left is trying to do to with that but we are not just creeping towards communism in america, the democrats have hit their pedal on the accelerator towards communism and authoritarian nation. the doj and fbi are targeting parents in america and the fda recently sat before congress and said, they are not tracking left-wing bias like antifa but what is on their reader? parents in america because the system is falling apart and starting with the schools. america standing up for the kids. 1.5 million students or more have been pulled out of schools. homeschooling has tripled because people are seeing the things their children are taught and standing up for it.
6:54 pm
they are trying to preserve the system and that is why they are trying to get the doj and fbi involved because otherwise the public school system will fall apart now that parents actually know what is going on in these schools. >> i think they are inadvertently making the case for school choice along the way but i think you're right, i think it is time for parents to double down. leo, i have got to get your very quick take, though. there's been some criticism of what joe biden is giving kamala harris to work on. some black leaders say that he is giving her all the real difficult things, the things that are really hard like immigration and voter suppression and all those types of things and they are complaining instead of giving her the softballs that she supposedly wants. >> it is totally pandering. she is in the vice presidency, she should be able to handle every type of job on the planet. she is the second most powerful person in the world and let me be clear, she's not qualified, she is not competent and i have
6:55 pm
no doubt to say this, i am more competent than she is. those black leaders, whoever they are, they don't represent me, they don't represent black america. there is no black voice for all people. kamala harris should stand up and do something and so far her nine months have been disastrous. she doesn't have one accomplishment. she is horrible. did i say horrible? she is horrible! >> jason: i think this is a problem for biden and harris. nine months and they have no successes to point to and they are poor communicators so thank you again for joining us on the second block as well. all right, more of this special edition of "hannity" right after the break. stay with us.
6:56 pm
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unfortunately that is all the time we have left in ninth grad check out our podcast, jason in
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the house. find it anywhere you listen to podcasts. i think you will enjoy a. thanks for joining us, "the ingraham angle" is up next for you to have a great and wonderful weekend. >> i am in for laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle." he says he will not enforce his counties vaccine mandate in his office is. as a matter of public safety, here to tell us why. hunter biden tells us selling his art for hundreds of thousands of dollars for it wha might congress think of that. devon nunez has the answers. he stands up to the mob well christopher columbus is getting canceled by the biden white house peer joe piscopo is here