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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 10, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song! howie: we've all known for years really how facebook has enabled's, encouraged and merchandised the most destructive forces in society. but frances haugen has changed the debate with a savvy media rollout, leaking to the wall street journal, going on 60 minutes, testifying on the hill. why is she driving so much coverage? the press loves leaks, adores whistleblowers, and as a former official she brings insider cred, haugen is the daniel ellsburg of the digital world.
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and the media are highly receptive to her atasks after years of frustration in conservative and liberal media circles over bias, misinformation, the spread of hate and anger, the effects of instagram on teenage girls and years of zuckerberg apologieses and belated promises to do better. here's the thing. these aren't just her opinions. it's the tens of thousands of internal documents, proving that the facebook brass is fully aware of its increasingly toxic impact and hasn't done much about it that provides the story's power. and the challenge for pundits and politicians alike is to keep after perhaps the world's most powerful media company. i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ howie: the story kicked into
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overdrive when the facebook whistleblower revealed her identity to cbs' scott pelley. >> the version of facebook that's with us today is tearing society apart and causing ethnic violence around the world. howie: her testimony drew praise from republican and democratic senators alike. >> you are a 21st century american hero. >> thanks for coming forward and thanks for coming forward in the manner that you want todd have positive change. howie: most pundits are embracing her indictment of facebook. there is substantial suspicion on the right. >> there's a widespread understanding and particularly around the issue of kids that this is an extraordinarily harmful company. >> you think that this is any less pernicious than cigarettes? it's everywhere. it's everything. look at your kids. look at your life. >> facebook is faced with choices between getting more eyeballs on the platform, more
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time spent on the platform or protecting society. always chooses the eyeballs and the money. >> republicans may be walking straight into a trap. the left's real beef with facebook has nothing to do with the children. the kids are on tiktok, aren't they? the left doesn't like facebook because facebook has refused to suppress all conservative speech. that's it. howie: zuckerberg broke his silence with a facebook post, we care deeply about issues about safety and well-being and mental health, it's difficult to seize coverage that misrepresents our work and our motives. joining us now to analyze the coverage, ben domenech, founder and of the federalist and mara liasson. both are fox news contributors. ben, nice to have you on the set. seems like liberals and conservative media are so fed up with facebook and endless excuses that they're welcoming frances haugen's testimony. >> i view frances haugen's testimony as trying to actually do something that facebook
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wants. facebook really has been running all these ads, talking about updating tech regulations, people have probably seen them, for the past several months. they've absolutely been engaged in the idea that new regulations having that they would welcome. those regulations having that they can afford to bear as the behemoth that they are. howie: other companies may not. >> smaller companies may not be able to bear such things. the flip side of that of course is what they want to head off is the anti-trust push that's been happening, that's been supported by not just elizabeth warren but people on the right like josh hawley as well, designed to break up the company, to say it's unacceptable for facebook to own instagram and what's app and other aspects of technology that we use. these are two different paths and they're different in significant respects. i think haugen's testimony is news worthy, certainly the documents she leaked are news worthy. i also think that people
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shouldn't view her necessarily as being against what facebook actually wants to achieve. which is a regulatory burden that they would actually welcome because it squashes their potential competitors. howie: that's a fascinating take. fran sense -- frances haugen's rollout may have been a little slick. while media loves to focus on a single heroine. >> look, i thought that this is a very complex process and it's why the right and the left commentators don't fall into neat categories on this but frances haugen is saying something that people have been saying for years, that facebook's algorithm, the algorithm of most social 3450eda is to keep you online as long as possible so they can sell you more ads. howie: keep you addicted. >> extreme content keeps you online. but like you said, she has thousands and thousands of
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documents. the debate about what to do about it, do you break facebook up so you have ten facebooks doing the same thing, i don't know if that solves the problem. do you regulate facebook? who does the regulating? what are can consequences. it's really complicated. i don't think there's a consensus about what needs to be done but there seems to be a bipartisan consensus that right now facebook and a lot of social media are bad actors and are exacerbating things in society that increase division. howie: ben, haugen wants congress to do the regulating. some of the conservative media are focusing on the fact that frances haugen gave money to ao c. let's say she is liberal. how much does her own personal motivation matter? >> i think it only matters to the degree that it indicates her ideological preferences in this moment might be for facebook to
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crack down more on quote, unquote, misinformation from the right. and that her own preferences if applied could potentially skew things in a particular direction. howie: why only misinformation from the right, why not crack down on misinformation from the left. >> she is part of the same team that cracked down on the hunter biden story in the days approaching the november election of last year. you obviously had a crackdown across facebook and twitter. howie: twitter especially. >> that was trying to silence the story. twitter took the step of preventing people from sending it in direct messages. that indicates to right center observers this woman just wants to silence us, she wants to silence people who are sharing things that she doesn't like from an ideological perspective. whether that's true or not, the point that mara made is important, who does the deciding in this situation. that's a critical question. i think that's one of the reasons why you're going to i believe hear increasing calls
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for breaking up these companies an not having them have so much concentrated power to decide what we are allowed to talk about. howie: it's immense power. then the question is are you penaizing success. let's say frances haugen becomes a cable news fixture, does that undermine her considerate civil? she has a pretty deep knowledge of how the tech companies work. >> i go back tour opening segment. -- back to your opening segment. her purpose was to reveal the documents and to show that facebook knew about this. what frances haugen thinks should be the correct solution, who cares? congress is going to decide what to do about facebook or not to do anything at all. i mean, she's just a messenger. the thing that made her story important is that she came with as you said the goods. what she said is not new. people have been talking about this for years. but all of a sudden now we know that facebook knew about it too and acknowledged it. howie: right. look, there is an argument that facebook wants to be able to
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engage in more what you would call censorship of content that liberals find unaccept table. that banned and continue to ban donald trump. if that's true and you say say they're uncontinue next-unintentional allies. why do they need the dog and pony show,. >> i think that's what they're going to continue to do. and i think that in the absence -- howie: all of this uproar. >> i think you're going to continue to see the kind of of stories we've seen over the past couple years, even outside of political actors themselves where people are often accidentally being shadow banned or accidentally having situations where the things that they're sharing are being silenced. i mean, i look at humorous site like babylon bee which insults the biases of the left.
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they were open about the fact that despite having incredible numbers in terms of their followers, they will share posts and have single digits of people who are actually able to see it. and that's the kind of situation that says, you know, we don't believe this is happening by accident. we believe that there's someone who is -- wherever they are in the high arc -- hierarchy, who is turning a dial or whatever, that keeps people from seeing the dialogue we're generating. .howie: they went through the exercise of meeting with conservatives to try to fix it. the five hour outage the other day did not help, you think the world would come to an end with all the coverage that that got. what about zuckerberg and his shift. usually in the past lapse, russian disinformation and all that, he apoll guy guys -- apologizes, he promises to do better. now he seems to be done apologizing, he puts out defiant
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statements, blaming the fact. what do you think of his tactic to say the coverage, we don't recognize this company. >> he's pushing back, being defensive. i don't know who his friends are. i mean, who is going to come to the defense of facebook? it seems like facebook itself is in a defensive crouch. there have been reports about facebook is kind of over-the-hill, it's on the decline. but this is a company that has tremendous issues to face and we've kind of never seen mark zuckerberg actually face them. howie: the political world is defriending facebook, is that what's going on here. >> maybe. >> i think there is something like that going on. in the larger perspective, all of these different silicon valley companies, they were all started with some kind of ambition to make the world a better place. howie: don't be meville. evil.>> exactly. i think many of them are grab grappling with the fact that
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they is not what they achieved. howie: the guy starts facebook in his harvard dorm room and now the world gets more complicate and he insists for years and years, we're not a media company, people can say what they want and they try to crack down on some offensive hateful speech and inevitably there are complaints especially from the right that you're doing it in a biased way. when we come back, the coverage of donald trump heats up as mike pence accuses the media of misusing the january 6th tragedy. that's next. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage.
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it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. howie: as the media boosts their coverage of the house probe into what happened on january 6th, donald trump is downplaying the capital riot in favor of his claims of election fraud. >> the insurrection took place on november 3rd. that was the insurrection when
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they rigged the election, the crime of the sense industry. howie: and his vice president whose life was in danger on that day when he refused to try to block the electoral college results is pointing at the press. >> i know the media wants to distract from the biden administration's failed agenda by focusing on one day in january. they want to use that one day to try and demean the character and intentions of 74 million americans. howie: ben domenech, let's start with donald trump. the media likes focusing on january 6th. isn't the president helping them do that, saying election day was the real election. >> i think republicans would like to see former president trump move on from the idea that the election was stolen from him. but i don't think that that's going to happen. i don't think there's any indication that that's going to happen. howie: lindsey graham and others have told him. >> he's been told directly by a
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number of allies politically, basically saying, you know, gibb it up, move on. now, i will say that one of the factors i think going on here is that there's still a lot of people in his orbit who want him to continue to do this. we saw just this week, steven bannon on his own podcast radio show saying that trump will be reinstituted by 2022, if not before. you know, which is obviously absurd and it's not going to happen. but at the same time, i think he has a lot of people in his ear who actually do want him to be a significant political force and understand that if he makes it all about him, and all about his own gripes, that's something that's going to always prevent him from having the effect on potentially not just 2022 but 2024 that they would like him to have. howie: that seems to be the gop, at least privately. when trump does these things, election day was the real insurrection does it force you to say no, there is no evidence
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of widespread fraud. the senate judiciary committee detailed how justice department officials threatened to resign if the then president didn't stop threatening them. >> donald trump is always good for ratings. there's no doubt the democrats want to make the 2022 election about donald trump. they would like him to be on the ballot, figuratively. and he's helping them because he keeps on -- he's the number one republican. as long as he's out there, kiping alive this -- keeping alive this idea that he's going to run in 2024, he maintains his position as the most important republican in the world and the new litmus test for being loyal to donald trump is agreeing with this lie that the election was stolen from him and now he's made it even more advanced saying that january 6th was kind of a patriotic protest and november 3rd was the real insurrection. everyone has to agree with that
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if they're going to have a future in the republican party. you saw chuck grassley appear with trump at that rally in iowa last night. chuck grassley had harsh words for donald trump after january 6th but he's running for re-election and there's only one choice for him. howie: they have to agree or not openly challenge it. mike pence is trying to thread the needle. he has his own aspirations for 2024. the media are denigrating him because at the riot we had protesters chanting hang mike pence and he's saying it's just one day in january and blaming the press for what sees as an excessive focus on that one gley the press would like to make the one day the entireity of any objection for the way the election was run. i think pence would be better off and trump himself would be better off basically saying the rules that were put in place in the past year led to a lot of questions about voting, a lot of
8:20 am
questions about accuracy, mail-in voting during a pandemic, all of these things that have been brought up that i think are certainly questions that people can raise without saying that an election was stolen. but the funny thing here is, we're talking in the week after terry mcauliffe was asked about his statements in the 2000 and 2004 election and he didn't back off it either. a lot of these partisans really do get into their dedication when it comes to the idea that anything that they lose is stolen from them. howie: they get dug in. mara, do you buy mike pence's argument -- by the way, saying one day in january, kind of like saying 9/11 is one day in september, it was a tragic day. >> it was a tragic day. howie: do you buy his argument that the media are doing this deliberately to distract or deflect from joe biden's considerable woes? >> no. i think there has been tremendous coverage of joe
8:21 am
biden's considerable woes. i think the media has been like a dog with a bone on that. it would be hard to see how they're ignoring all the things that have happened, afghanistan, the debt ceiling, you know, the hangup with his agenda. the other thing that mike pence said which i think is absolutely false is to say that by focusing on january 6th, the most violent insurrection against in capital in over 100 years, somehow is denigrating the 74 million people who voted for donald trump. that's completely false. howie: they had nothing to do with it. >> nor did anybody say they did. howie: except for a few radicals make. thank you for joining us. up next, as congress kicks the can on the debt ceiling crisis, conservative and liberal pundits are pounding on mitch mcconnell. more in a moment.
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mitch mcconnell, who had refused to provide any republican votes to lift the debt ceiling made a short-term deal. >> you think that's a game donald trump? you think that's a game, lindsey graham? what's wrong with you? it's a game? no, you're playing with people's lives. >> mitch mcconnell tonight, you need to stop being a swamp creature and if you want to be a conservative leader you need to start acting like one and if you can't do that, you really do need to step aside. howie: joining us now, michael bloomberg, fox's chief cash-mike emanuel. this began with a raw move from mitch mcconnell. he's getting it from sean hannity and liberal pundits. don't the media punish anybody who agree to the slightest compromise,. >> this is kind of the environment right now, you're either in one camp or the other.
8:26 am
if you come together, then that kind of defeats, i don't know, the narrative or the ongoing battle, the war of words and so, look, mitch mcconnell, my understanding is, was talking to financial people who said, you know, don't spook the markets. if so, you'll be blamed for it. howie: you don't have to wait for the day of the default. he did blink after president biden called him out in a speech. it's striking to me, look at the stakes here. you spook the markets, you can lead to a government shutdown, could lead to a default all of which has real consequences, not just a game. >> plus, one of mitch mcconnell's top priorities right now is to do nothing to jeopardize the midterm elections. howie: yeah. >> you look at the democrats right now. they're struggling on a variety of fronts from the border, to afghanistan and inflation and so on. stay out of the way and see what the democrats do and by the midterms you may be rewarded. howie: here's another mitch mcconnell critic. take a look. >> mitch is not the guy, he's
8:27 am
not the right guy, he's not doing the job. he gave them a lifeline. >> howie: look, the media love republican in-fighting and love when donald trump goes after mitch mcconnell. they used to be allies. >> no love lost at this point in the relationship. not surprised to hear the former president's comments about mcconnell. mcconnell wants to make sure the people in the room with him, the republican senators are behind him. there are some hurt feelings. some thought this didn't work as well as they hoped. he's still the leader. if he wins back the majority in 2022 they'll be happier on capitol hill in terms of the republicans. howie: he's a leader of some republicans who don't want to play the debt ceiling game and trump is the leader of the entire party and has a different view. the democrats, let's take a look at video, it's really powerful. chuck schumer is giving a speech and joe manchin behind him, take a look, he's just beside himself, he later called schumer's remarks inappropriate.
8:28 am
it was right after the deal with mcconnell and schumer was ripping mcconnell and the republicans. so does the press enjoy covering democratic in-fights a much as on the gop side. >> i don't think so. but joe manchin represents a ruby red state in west virginia. he talks to republicans all the time. they are his constituents in many regards. he also talks to republican senators. howie: like mcconnell. >> once the crisis is over, he's like what are you doing, spiking the ball. there are other fights ahead. we'll be back at the debt ceiling deal again in december. i think that's why he thought it was so inappropriate. howie: when you go like this, i don't think there's much doubt even if you use words like inappropriate as to where you stand. always good to have you here. next on media buzz, nikki haley collapse back at an cnn anchor. and later, the monica lewinsky tv series drawing lots of flak
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howie: with president biden sliding in the polls the media is paying more attention to possible republican challengers who aren't named trump. >> she even tried to go to mar-a-lago to kiss the ring but was reportedly denied. she may be right that history will judge donald trump harshly but nikki haley will not because
8:33 am
she's too busy trying to ride his coat tails. howie: the former south carolina governor and u.n. ambassador who is of indian descent hit back on fox news. >> it's amazing to me how the liberal media can't stand it when someone black or brown happens to talk about the fact that america is the best country in the world. and that same state elected me as the first female and first minority governor and you can't say that we're a racist country. you just can't. howie: joining us now, robby soave of reason magazine and author of the book, tech panic, why we shouldn't fear facebook and the future and richard fowler, radio talk show host. what do you make of the attempt on cnn to take down nikki haley for the sin of not denouncing the president she worked for. >> i think it was a pretty lame attack obviously but that said, nikki haley has i think adopted a variety of positions, re
8:34 am
trump. i think it's fair. the question is -- howie: you think she had a point in criticizing hailey? >> yeah. lots of people have reversed themselves about trump. the key with hailey, is she on board with the trump agenda. i take her to be a true believer, especially the foreign policy, the older bush-esque policy. do they trust her on that? i think that's actually what matters about whether she changed her stance on trump which is something everyone in the republican party did. has she changed her views? that's what trump supporters want to know. howie: when i listen to nikki haley's response, i think why is she making it about race. it was on the core of the attack that this was the former governor who took down the
8:35 am
confederate flag at the south carolina state capitol but somehow it's her fault that the confederate flag was carried into the u.s. capitol on january 6th. >> thanks for having me, howie. i think there's an interesting dilemma. i think more and more you see anchors giving these longer monologues in a search for truth and with that being said, you have politicians like nikki haley and others who to robby's point, why they try to find truth, they're also trying to get political gears in motion. what we're seeing with nikki haley, you had a candidate or an individual that once thought that trump was great, then she thought trump was bad, now she's having consternation with trump even though she worked for him. it's right for brianna keeler to call it out. the question is why has nikki haley delved into the conversation around race. what actually makes america great is the fact that we can have profound and provocative conversations about race and
8:36 am
make changes and policies decisions like the one she maid in south carolina to take down the confederate flag in the pursuit to make america a more just and equal place. howie: new york magazine, quoting from a piece, trump's republican party is an authoritarian project, there is no form of republican politics that is consistent with democracy. so in other words, unless you attack trump, everyone in the party is complicit. >> the media's view on this is far outside the mainstream voter. especially that's why it -- that's why it goes to race so often in the mainstream media. they want to talk about race in a way that even moderate democratic voters don't agree. they're changing latino people to latinx, that kind of thing. the media has a far progressive approach to all these issues and to demonizing trump people, making them out to be the worst people on earth when that's just -- and that makes them i think not understand these voters very
8:37 am
well and they're monologuing to themselves, they're talking from a far left position that only the media is listening. howie: maybe their viewers like that position. i think it's fair for journalists to ask any republican office holder or candidate, do you believe the election was stolen from trump. chris wallace did that with congressman steve scalise, three times he asked, didn't get a direct answer. the liberal media argument you hear is there's a formula that tries to tiny republican to the capitol riot. >> well, and i think that, theirin lies the distinction. you can't tie every republican to what happened on january sixth. howie: exactly. >> what you can tie a republican to is whether or not they agree with the president's line of thinking, it has no evidence to back it that the election was sto stolen from hid there was massive voter fraud taking place. so when republicans attach to that line, whether they want more audits in their state or
8:38 am
they're saying there's a pro with our current election system as it is, all of those speak to the fact that you're trying to weaken our democracy and therein lies the imbalance. howie: let me come back to the lead story, that is of course facebook, robby, looking at the blitz over whistleblower frances haugen, how fairly can the media report on social media such as the seemingly all powerful facebook? >> they can't. and this is something people really have to keep in mind. i don't think it's talked about enough. the mainstream media -- social media is a rival with the mainstream media. the mainstream media, the people in the new york times, washington post, newspapers, some other television channels, they are the most anti-facebook of all because they see facebook as a rival that took away their monopoly on what you goat say and discuss and -- get to discuss and say and hear about. they want the company destroyed most of all. a lot of the things the whore whistleblower talked about, they want to make it couched worse sn
8:39 am
it. people should be weary of the dynamic. this is an industry rivalry that doesn't often make the headlines. howie: facebook has stolen the lunch of a lot of mainstream media. they use facebook to publicize and get clicks for their stories. now that mark zuckerberg is taking a more defiant stance. has he created a monster that he and his fellow tech moguls can't control? >> that's exactly what they've created, howie. i think what makes the problem worse is in the media's attempt to provide accountability to social media platforms exist in the absence of the federal government and our lawmakers, republicans and democrats have expressed consternation about social media but neither seems to be willing or ready to actually provide some regulatory reforms to ensure that social media doesn't get away with what they're currently getting away with. howie: i think that might be
8:40 am
changing. we'll see if they have the courage given that both sides have a lot of contributions especially democrats from the tech companies. good to see you both. thanks so much. after the break, julie banderas on why monica lewinsky's series is drawing more flak and fewer viewers. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ it wasn't long after i had joined golo before i had to start buying new pants. golo changes your whole lifestyle and it changes the way that you think. you don't have to deprive yourself of anything. (announcer) go to to lose weight and get healthier. [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role
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and i'm scared. howie: the fx series impeachment portray's monica lewinsky sympathetically. reviews have been rough and ratings have dropped. even as the main subject promotes it. >> the consequences were way worse for me than they were for the most powerful man in the world and some of the other people in the scandal, all 20 years older than me, is insane. howie: but clinton accuser paula jones said the show never got in touch with her and some of the material involved with her is made up. >> bill clinton presented himself to me in a very unprofessional manner. >> after they pour -- how can they portray someone accurately if they don't call them. howie: joining us from new york is julie banderas, fox news anchor. monica lewinsky has every right to tell her story. do you think the magnitude of
8:45 am
the scandal and bill clinton's lying have been lost in the melodrama. >> i want to touch on something that paula jones said. we reached out to her and the executive producer, is a close friend of mine, she couldn't get monica and she tried paula jones multiple times. she booked her. she kept canceling and she flaked in the end so she wasn't looking to get her side of the story out there. so it's interesting that she's critiquing monica. i have to say this, though. people are not watching this because essentially they don't want to give credence to paula jones and her story. obviously, the left is afraid of canceling bill. i mean, bill clinton has certainly remained unscathed in all of this which is still in this day and age shocking. i think it's interesting that paula jones said she has nothing to do with the me too movement or the me too movement has
8:46 am
nothing to do with me. she won't talk to fox news. we covered every angle, both sides. she didn't want to say a word. howie: it's fascinating. i don't know if the series got a bigger rating, would that make us closer to canceling bill clinton. it's true, he's kind of called an elder political statesman in the democrat party but took more heat after the me too movement cast what happened in a different light. monica lewinsky is promoting an hbo max documentary, called 15 minutes of shame, saying she was the first to be nationally hugh humiliated by the internet and she interviews other people who were savaged by social media mob, some of them made mistakes. i guess my counter to that is, some people deserve to be shaped for things that they did. >> i agree. and i believe that bill clinton until this day will live down in infamy for being shaped and should be more -- shame and
8:47 am
should be more shamed than monica lewinsky. her life was completely shattered. it's interesting that the liberal hollywood elite's don't want to promote the series. we've all been watching netflix and hulu and why hasn't this been promoted and sold the way of the other documentaries. until this day, i believe the liberal media and also the hollywood elites are protecting their liberal brand and that would be bill clinton and i believe there's a double standard. had hillary clinton back in the day left her husband, would she have had a better standing when it came to running for president. it's interesting, georgina when she was villified for not leaving harvey weinstein right away, yet hillary clinton went on to run for the white house. howie: monica lewinsky has been
8:48 am
interviewed on cnn, the today show, the daily show, but that doesn't necessarily translate into people -- i don't know, everyone likes to watch princess diana documentaries. i don't know that everybody wants to relive linda tr ipp and everything that went on. >> i think people are tired of cancel culture. they don't want to resurrect something that died years ago. i believe monica lewinsky has every right to say her peace. let's move on. howie: i'm glad she has been able to rebuild her life. she couldn't answer one question. if social media had existed, if we lived in the twitter-sphere when the scandal broke would bill clinton have been canceled? >> i believe in the me too era, yes. it's a different moment now than it was back then.
8:49 am
with social media, absolutely, he would have been crushed. would he have been removed from office? maybe not. i mean, would he be impeached? yes. but i don't think much would have changed politically. howie: i'm sort of with you on that. as someone who covered and lived through it. people forget how utterly dominant a story -- there was no facebook or twitter. it was on every channel, every website. there would have been enough democratic senators to sustain him in office after the impeachment. julie, thanks so much for joining us again. still to come, espn suspends a host who criticized barack obama, rudy giuliani's secret deal with oan. the buzz beater is next. holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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howie: time to beat the clock on the buzz beater. let's go. espn has taken host sage steel off the air not because she tested positive for covid and maybe not because she called the vaccine mandate sick after getting the shot. they said she has to express her opinions in line with internal policies, after she said this about barack obama identifying on the census as african-american. >> that's fascinating considering his black daddies nowhere to be found but white we mom and grandma raisehood them. howie: she apologized after being suspended. rudy giuliani says he cut a deal with the president of one american news network to assign host christina bob to the trump legal team and give rudy veto power over what she could report. >> there is so much evidence of
8:54 am
organized voter fraud, it's going to take a little while to sort through the deals being cut. howie: in a deposition, the former lawyer said bob wouldn't work much for oan for a couple months, if she came up with a good story, quote she would have to run it past us so it didn't violate any of the rules. that's pretty stunning. a reuters report shows the vast majority of oan funding comes from at&t. the media pounced on anthony fauci for acting like the grinch on face the nation. >> we can gather for christmas or just too soon to tell? >> you know, it's just too soon to tell. we just have to concentrate on continuing to get the numbers down and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months. howie: the chief medical advisor pushed back hard on cnn. >> the way the other disinformation goes around, you say something talking about a landmark of a time and it
8:55 am
misinterpreted saying i'm saying you can't spend family christmas time which is nonsense. maria: he never said what the headlines -- howie: he never said what the headlines claim he said. he might have avoided the pit fall. carlos watson shut down ozzie media days after the new york times revealed deception by the co-founder and other major problems. he went on the today show with a new message. >> we're going to open for business. so we're making news today. this is our lazarus moment. >> why would anyone trust him going forward. >> that's a heart breaking question. i'm used to people trusting me. howie: with investors bailing and one bringing a lawsuit.
8:56 am
we made it. and finally, two courageous journalists won the nobel peace prize. maria lesa has revealed corruption. that is battling for a free press under the most harrowing conditions. i'm glad to see them get that kind of recognition. i don't know if journalists ever won the nobel peace prize before. maybe long ago but it's tough to do it in that kind of repress i've. iveenvironment. that's it for this edition of media buzz. howie kurtz. i hope you like our facebook page. let's continue the conversation on twitter. check out my podcast, media buzz meter. we deal with the buzziest stories of the day every day, weekday that is. you can subscribe at apple
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itunes, google podcast, on your amazon device. spotify. we try to cover a whole lot of ground from politics to monica lewinsky, nikki haley and so forth. looks like i'm out of time. we're back here next sunday, 11:00 eastern, we'll see you then with the latest buzz. this is a cold call from matty ice. i convinced the nfl teams to turn to cold with tide. the nfl? you guys are filthy. tide can handle it, even in cold. kid is good. this was a cold call
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eric: president biden is trying to bridge the divide that has split his party to pass the multi trillion dollar spending plan. the debt limit extension is behind the democrats, the next deadline is to try to pass the biden economic agenda by halloween. a lot of people are asking if the progressives and moderates can agree on just how big build back better plan should be and if the democrats will come together for this. hello, everyone. welcome on this sunday to "fox news live." i'm eric shawn. >> i'm claudia cowen. good morning, i'm in for arthel neville. two other big stories we are
9:01 am