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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 14, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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president has defined in nine months after crisis after crisis after crisis. >> crazy to think this could define the presidency when afghanistan wasn't so big and that's also something that's defining. >> at this one is here, inflation is right here. >> will, thank you. good to see you. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. >> white house grambling to good address supply chain issues. >> the private companies that are there to save his keister. >> a whopping 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released. >> the family is on its way to wyoming to retrieve her remains. >> the search for brian laundrie continues. >> these horrible
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parents, the despicable dirty brian laundrie's for financing his run. >> job creators network saying biden's vaccine mandate will exacerbate already, crippling labor shortages. >> william shatner made history going where no 90-year old has ever gone before. >> what you have given me is the most profound experience. ♪♪ brian: this is one of those songs as soon as you get that line, you know and you have to-- you know you have a hit. go big or go home. everyone wants to go big or go home, but no one even knows what's next in the song. that's all you need is that yodel and after you have that line all you need is a few home mean,
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and the noises just made any of great case. ainsley: what you think about, go big or go home? brian: go as hard and as strong as you can and if you lose you lose, it's about trying, the american spirit, the pioneers that set on tired of being on the east coast and i want to go to the midwest. there could be dinosaurs. i'm going to take a risk steve: is that what you think they were worried about, dinosaurs? brian: lewis and clark were ready for ebony-- anything. ainsley: i watched a documentary about them. steve: he writes history books and he's talking about dinosaurs brian: you never know. we know now that there wasn't, but if you are lewis and clark, you don't know it. ainsley: that should be your next book. steve: brett bayer will be on and he has a great book. he's the guy who coined the term lobbyist because after he would have-- grant did because
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after a hard morning of work in the white house ulysses s grant would go over to the willard hotel, sit in the lobby and people realized hey, the president is over there having a couple of pots, let's go try to sell the government something. steve: they would refer to those people as lobbyist. ainsley: now you know. now you can tell everyone at work as. brian: do you want to go to the break? steve: we need to talk more about ulysses s grant to. ainsley: let's talk about inflation. brian: the president on the united states knows he has a supply chain problem, and inflation problem and we have a lot of revenue coming in, but we have a lot of expenses going out's of the president says how do i handle this, first off late nine months. number two, when we see the ships gathering the ports especially in california new jersey and georgia, let's
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realize that we got to free them up and i know exactly what to do. let's blame private industry for the issues. listened to president biden yesterday. >> increase the number of late-night hours of operation and opening up for a less crowded where they can move faster. today's announcement has the potential to be a game changer. i say potential because all of these goods won't move by themselves. steve: so, why are all those ships off the coast of california waiting to be unloaded it's because an explicit way that port of los angeles has not been open 24/7, four years. the ports in asia and europe are 24/7, they operate year-round, but there's a problem out there, the ports are owned by the local government, but then they have to convince the union, the international longshoreman's union to work overnight and
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apparently that's one of the reasons why they were on the call yesterday along with-- brian coming to your point private businesses like walmart, fedex, target talking about you will be open overnight, let's make sure that those big businesses actually get their stuff off overnight so the smaller people can get their stuff as well. ainsley: he singled out john and said he's done a heckuva job specifically on the port, but these ports have been clogged for weeks now and now the president is announcing they will be open 24/7 especially the two big ports in california. you can expect shortages on household items like toilet paper, construction materials. steve: i was at the grocery store yesterday. there was no gatorade because apparently they had run out of the bottles, but the big thing that got the grocery store told me come the next thing that will run out-- i don't want to cause a run on it, but he said aluminum
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foil. ainsley: really? steve: aluminum foil, they can get more. brian: i heard bottles, glass bottles. ainsley: prices are going up for heating bills. expects it to go up 34% compared to last winter and have homes natural gas they say you can expect it pay 746 on average this summer. brian: they waited way too long to have this meeting yesterday and to think that that generic statement will do anything. 2% of the workforce as quick, but i love this statement, i'm going to direct all appropriate action on the private sector if they don't step up we will call them out. fantastic. they are going to bail you out that's not the way you talk. he has one note and it's angry. larry kudlow waiting with a laura last night. >> government can get anything right. the problem was the port of los angeles was not open, so you could put all the peopl want in there, but you couldn't open the boxes of the containers to try to put them in trucks to
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drive away and all those deserted roads that the president talked about, so that the government think and i guess they are going to change that. good for them. these private companies, they are great companies, fedex and ups and walmart and target and so forth. and they are lending their hand, they are trying to help out and they will do 24/7. they are actually sending their own plane with their own pilots, sending their own attracts with their owner drivers and biden is such a snark. steve: one of the problems we've been talking about and we have been talking about this for close to a year there is a national truck driver shortage and we know that and i saw a report last night on fox during special report about how driving schools have been going through the roof because it seems like that's a good job to benefit school buses, 4 o 1 k. you don't have to
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necessarily have that kind of life to drive the big rig, but i was reading this morning one of the problems at the ports is they had the big containers, it's just a box so what they do is take a robot for the box on wheels, a truck pulls over with a reit-- wheels and problem right now is people are taking the box with the chassis out and they are not bringing the chassis back and that's one of the reasons they have got tens of thousands of containers sitting there. and they don't have enough wheels-- see the wheels under the box, they don't have enough to cart the stuff out. unbelievable. brian: it's amazing that we have to drill down to this level, something that we almost took for granted, but there's so many things falling apart in the chain of things that have to take place for us to get things on the shelves and back at home. also, as i give you an idea of what we are doing in terms of percentages how much inflation is affecting
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day-to-day, do you know what the president also doing? reuters is reporting his begging oil and gas industry like guys how do we get more oil and gas. really? from day one with executive orders you said no drilling on private land, let's stop the pipeline and forget about natural gas and start capping at these coal mines. we are going to stop with-- we are going to pressure others to go the greenway and now, we are going to come forward and as the oil and gas industry to bail it you out because in new york gas is $5.25 a gallon? steve: all these things are going up. ainsley: up almost 43% pure gas up 42%, steak 22%, lodging almost 20% and bacon is that more than 19%. brian: is not so they can make a profit, it so they can stay in business. steve: and gas now costs a dollar more gallon that i did last year. you might as well blame
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the biden administration because when you look at a year ago, the country was self reliant winning into energy, but fast forward to the first day of joe biden's administration and why did he do, cancel the xl pipeline that is also part of the infrastructure that's part of the supply chain and so when you cannot get gas to the people who needed, the prices go up and there's shortages and welcome to october 14, 2021. brian: guess who's benefiting from this? e-mail russia, they didn't love when gas was $40 a barrel. they love that it's $80 a barrel and guess who made that happen, the president of the united states. is he compromised it to russia? i'm pretty sure that was the theme for the last four years. ainsley: when you hear energy prices are going up and it will be so much more expensive to heat your house this winter, they cannot, car rentals up, accept, steak up, lodging up,
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how does everyone afford all of this? taxes are going up. steve: every time you pay an extra dollar for gas, is like your taxes going up. ainsley: they also said christmas presents, get them in the mail. usps says first class by december 17. steve: and when the white house says regarding how they will pay for these multitrillion dollar projects, these bills that have not been passed yet, and they go taxes won't be raised on anyone who makes less than $400,000. everyone making less than $400,000 a year with a vehicle or operate something is paying more for energy, so that is part of-- brian: that's a tax. steve: is an invisible tax, but it's not invisible because you pay it every day. ainsley: the white white has reportedly tallied states to prepare to vaccinate younger kids. wedding parents will need to get their young children a shot. we will talk about that. brian: plus the law, and other terrifying look at impact at the border crisis. i will stop now.
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>> worried about your family's safety equipment? >> always worried about my family is a safety. how many more got a ways they talking about. brian: we are talking about it with lawrence jones on the ground with dozens of migrants were caught on a private ranch and to have criminal records to that report is next. ♪♪
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and there you have it- smile, sarah. things are looking up. woah. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide. wow. -big deal! ...we get unlimited for just 30 bucks. sweet, i get that too and mine has 5g included. that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. >> we are back with the headlines. the fda is deciding whether to grant moderna
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and johnson & johnson approval for booster shots as the national institute of health claims mixing and matching vaccine boosters is safe and effective. president biden is reportedly telling governors to ready resources to vaccinate children. it could be cleared for kids as early as next month. nypd is looking for two people who brutally beat up and robbed a 30-year old woman in brooklyn. we warn you this video may be hard to watch. you see a man and woman approach of the victim in the middle of the afternoon, throwing her against a planter, beating her unconscious. the pierce wiping her purse, and that necklace she is recovering to injuries. a seat in the iowa state house is red for the first time in decades, john done well, a pastor in financial services representative winning a special election with about 60% of the bout. former president trump holding a rally last week, the head of the states gop believes this -- i believe that quote islands are sending a clear message
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that fully rejects the policies of democrats appeared katie couric admits to censoring a 2016 interview with late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, the once popular tv host editing remarks claiming athletes who take a need during the national anthem. >> when it comes to these football players you may find their actions offensive, but what you are saying is it's within their right to exercise those? >> if they wanted to be stupid, there's no law that should prevent-- if they want to be arrogant, no law that prevents them from that. janice: katie couric revealing she wanted to protect the late justice from criticism. brian: supreme court justice and you are protecting her. ainsley: show the full interview steve: it was on yahoo, so you would think they would run it
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off. brian: she was running yahoo, wasn't she? ainsley: i don't know about running. brian: i thought they gave her the job of running yahoo news. supposed to raise up. she's had a lot of jobs. steve: primary anchor there, i think there's a crisis at our southern border and the administration won't call it that, but fox news has an exclusive peek at some of the numbers and it-- at least 150,000 migrants have been released into the country since march and the first number at the top, close to 32,000 were released by parole, that's a new one. ainsley: that means they get some form of legal status. steve: here's the thing, ainsley , parole is granted on a case-by-case basis or urgent humanitarian purposes. rodney the former border patrol chief said when i was in charge and that i probably gave out five or 10, total per year. instead the biden
3:20 am
administration close to 32,000. they found a loophole to let a whole bunch of people and speak when he said he thinks the administration is abusing the parole authority. brian: they were given a notice to report. ainsley: that means they just have to notice the eyes office when they get to where they are going, their final destination. steve: there is no legal obligation and they don't actually have to do it. brian: 39,600 released since august 6, obviously they don't have the number of the got a ways this is pretty unbelievable. you have an administration, the men and women of border patrol and texas national guard have to do the same job and they know what works and what doesn't and the reason we get the numbers is because these people don't run for office. they are just trying to control the country's borders as an admirable patriotic thing to do in this administration has no interest in doing it. in fact, now, we have a new thing happening.
3:21 am
we have middle-class people from other countries deciding on not even going to apply to get a visa i'm going to walk through the border and according to lindsey graham end up in connecticut with my gucci bag and try to live a middle-class life in another country because we have no process. steve: there's an article this morning and the "wall street journal", co- owned with our company, there's 26 million people that lost their jobs in south america and the caribbean islands and that's why we see 70 people, 26 million in the last year. what a lot of middle-class people in south america are doing is taking a flight to mexico as close to the u.s. border as they can and then they are either getting into a taxi or a bus and they are going right up to the border and they dropped them off right there and they walk across and then they just start looking. hey, who can i surrender to? brian: why would i go to ellis island? ainsley: the chief u.s. border patrol agent in yuma arizona
3:22 am
said this, they got off the plane and went to a cab or to a bus and literally were driven up and just walked up and turned themselves over to us. steve: if they can do it, couldn't people who are trying to come into our country for instance forbade purposes like terrorists do exactly the same thing? the answer is yes. ainsley: especially after the taliban take over in afghanistan. brian: why would anyone do with the right way and now no one is doing it the right way. lawrence jones is on the ground with more than 30 migrants when they were caught on a ranchers private property. ainsley: lawrence is live in texas and he joins us now. hey, lawrence. reporter: good morning, family. interesting day yesterday as i had the opportunity to spend the day with the texas department of public safety special operations at division. what we saw was incredible. take a look. ♪♪
3:23 am
>> about 30 illegal migrants on your property. is this the first time? >> no, sir. this happens daily, weekly. they slow down for a little bit, maybe two or three weeks ago, but it's back again. when trump was in, it was low and i never saw border patrol maybe once a week. now they are here to help, but we can allow them. reporter: they are not allowed to help. how do you feel? >> i'm upset. that's like a punch in the bell. >> we can get the federal administration to allow us to. reporter: what is the difference when they arrest them and they charge them with criminal trespassing. >> they go to jail and we slow it down a little bit. reporter: when border patrol arrest them they release them back into mexico and how long will it take them to be back over here? >> i wouldn't be surprised if it's tomorrow night. when you have a revolving door it will never stop. at the question is will they break into my house or what will they do?
3:24 am
reporter: that runs through your mind? >> all the time when you are on the ranch. reporter: you worry about your families a safety? >> i always worry about my family's safety. how many more of the god ways are they talking about? reporter: them runners. is that them right there take the boy out of texas. ♪♪ where did you come from, sir? mexico city. what made you make take this journey, sir. >> 28 years in the united states. the government-- donald trump and the new president change the
3:25 am
rules and he cancel my case. that's why i have to try to go see my family, you know. reporter: what is your friends a story? >> my friends a story, this is my friend. this is my wife brother. this is my friend. >> have you been in prison? have you ever been arrested? >> no. >> says he was deported for no driver's license. reporter: let's run suit-- through some of the criminal background. >> this individual over here has been arrested for possession of methamphetamine and illegal entry. illegal entry is a charge for this individual here was arrested for multiple illegal entries, which are deportation charges.
3:26 am
reporter: are you trying to see that same wife when you get here? were you planning to meet here-- or or is this another wife? this is another wife. >> my girlfriend. reporter: they are getting ready to head to the detention center and this is part of operation lone star for the property owners gave troopers department of public safety that permission to come on their property they coordinated with them and once they figure that out some troopers came onto the scene. many women protecting the border day and night and even flying over with helicopters to be eyes in the sky for those on the ground of. >> we have a group of about a dozen. i don't see any kids with them, but they are young. he's maybe in his 30s and he's in his 20s. they are on the move here keep going north. keep going.
3:27 am
there's about 10. they are heading closer. we had the light on them. 2:00 o'clock, right in front of you. >> they are sure picture of the group. >> there we go. reporter: hey, guys, i just got some reaction from the texas department of public safety and they have arrested about 1200 migrants illegally entering the country since july. i hope you guys caught that one clip of the guy saying he had no criminal background and he was only deported under donald trump because of his driver's license. we later found out after he gave us the sob story he did have a record for domestic violence to i will send it back to you guys in new york. ainsley: the one echo was going to look for his wife? reporter: exactly right. he had a domestic violence charge and that's why i asked if he was going back to that same wife and he said no, i have a new wife. steve: a lot going on down
3:28 am
there. brian: pretty amazing, lawrence off the top of your head, should the texas guard be doing this, troopers or is this something the border patrol would normally be doing? reporter: they shouldn't be doing this, but they have no choice but to do this because a lot of the texas residents are putting pressure on the governor, on their elected leaders to do something and the federal government is simply not doing it. the border patrol want to do their job, but they aren't allowed to lose-- to do book patrols, so texans had their back against the wall and like i continue to say and i have for the last three weeks, the last defense, the country come the last defense for texas is the texas department of public safety. we should not have to pay for this in the state of texas. ainsley: you said they were going to a detention center. what happens after that? reporter: they will be charged with criminal trespass here in the state of texas and then they
3:29 am
go through the legal channels and the da will bring charges and they will go through the united states process for that. ainsley: so we had to be determined whether or not they are sent back home to mexico or if they can stay? reporter: they will be turned over to border patrol after they do that period of time, whatever the process is for the u.s. and then border patrol picks them up. brian: and the people of texas are paying this bill to put them through the process. unbelievable. steve: we can show you the numbers, but to actually see it with your own two eyes as you brought with your cameras, lawrence. brian: great reporting. ainsley: a thank you. steve: here in the east nba superstar carrie irving standing up for his personal freedom-- freedom and his take on that vaccine mandates that are keeping him benched here in the metropolitan area. brian: crime and vandalism in portland is out of control and there's no sign it will slow down to we speak to a fed and restaurant owner calling for
3:30 am
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janice: the parents admit gabby petito are making a daunting trip to rye-- wyoming to bring back her remains. it's been nearly a month since her body was
3:34 am
found. her former boyfriend, brian laundrie remains the sole person of interest. former america's most wanted host john walsh thinks his parents are helping him hide. >> his horrible parents, the despicable dirty brian laundrie's that are financing his run. janice: a medical examiner revealing her death homicide by strangulation. trance-- >> don't believe that you know i'm going to give up this game for a vaccine mandate. people saying all these things about what's going on with me and it's not true. pay attention to what's going on in the real world. people are losing their jobs to these mandates. janice: banning him from practice and games until he complies with new york city's vaccine mandate as the point guard faces losing $60 million
3:35 am
this season. william shatner returns to earth after launching into space. captain kirk stealing not show. the flight overshadowing reports on a toxic workspace at the blue origin. unofficial who resigns writing a memo to jeff bezos saying quote our current culture is toxic to our success. "washington post" is reporting former employees called leadership in blue origin ineffective and micromanaging. that's a look at the headlines. ainsley: thank you. america's crime prices is taking a toll on portland, the city has seen more than 10,000 assaults over the last year with 9700 and vandalism's. our next guest is demanding answers from city leaders after someone broke into her restaurant. she writes to city officials saying over the last year end half the occurrence of close contact, psychotic outburst from homeless people, aggressive behavior, abuse and damage to our property is a daily norm.
3:36 am
it threatens myself, my staff, my customers, my business, your citizens and the mass of people that need so much support. our lives are all valuable appeared the owner of the restaurant joins us now. good morning, kristen. >> good morning. ainsley: i know you say you are fed up, why did you want to write that letter to city officials? >> because i love portland, and i believe in portly and being able to come out of this. it's just gotten so-- it's wildly unbalanced right now and it's not safe, unfortunately. ainsley: many cities, many of us around the country feel the same sentiments you do. what are you seeing? i know because of covid your customers have to eat outside;? >> yes, we are just too small, 580 square feet inside so we just aren't equipped. ainsley: what are you seeing and what your customer spacing when
3:37 am
they eat outside? >> well, i mean, we are only open 11 to 3:00 p.m. trying to be open during optimal hours of foot traffic and light, but they are seeing lots of wandering , people that are having really unfortunate mental illness. you can see them talking to themselves, circling, sort of gesturing in the air, sometimes like we have an incident that prompted the letter finally where they charged at customers and i had to usher them into the tiny restaurant and offer meals which i can afford to do. ainsley: and so did you hear back from city officials? >> i did hear back from quite a few of them. we do have a meeting this morning, myself and a lot of other fellow small independent business owners with sam
3:38 am
adams and we are hopeful, i mean, the city is at a breaking point and it has been, but things have really exploded over the last couple of months, weeks and i don't want to close up shop. i have lots of friends where we all don't want to give up on portland, but the city has to make dramatic changes. ainsley: what's going on, why are these problems happening? >> i don't know if it's the current leadership. i know covid definitely exacerbated the support that would come and support the police. they help with a lot of talking down about people that are looking to vandalize or upset customers or steal things. they don't use force.
3:39 am
they dealing a lot of de-escalation conversation. we have been offered counseling for myself and a staff to help because the police have been very transparent that given their current reality, street patrol is not a reality anytime soon. ainsley: i am so sorry. we are seeing restaurants close down in new york for the same reason and vandalism and homeless problems. we have to leave it there, but kristin, thank you and i wish you all the best and i hope city leaders listen to you and do something about it. >> thank you for your time. ainsley: could florida save christmas with a shipping container backlog putting holidays at risk the solution could be as simple as rerouting ships to miami as florida ceo for counsel joins us next to explain. ♪♪
3:40 am
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steve: you have seen it on the channel four a while, the global supply chain crisis threatening to record christmas especially the shopping season as the port of los angeles faces a record backlog offshore. but, the sunshine state of florida thinks it could probably solve the shipping slowdown as a florida counsel tweeting florida is where your success comes in and our seaports are the solution to ensure that cargo shipping a logjam doesn't become the grinch that stole christmas. here with more of that plan is the group's ceo michael rubin. good morning. >> good morning and thank you for this opportunity to talk about florida seaports. steve: absolutely. all the eyes of the world are on the l.a. port which will now go 24/7. you think, bring things through the panama canal and we will unload them
3:45 am
in florida, put them on a railcar or i-95 and they will go across the country. it's a great idea. anyone taking you up on that yet? >> well, thank you for that, i mean, the problem in california is you have reached capacity. it's the trade route people have been using since the 70s. given the growth of population, you can't bring more product through there . governor desantis, secretary tebow here with the florida department of transportation have invested in our freight mobility for decades in florida and we are ready to have the capacity to move it. i think you have already seen in jacksonville, a european carrier has now moved to some of its traded products and shipping lanes into jacksonville and we hope for more of those to come. we have several ports in florida that can handle additional capacity. we think that our efforts certainly the efforts of governor desantis and dot and our
3:46 am
ports is to bring that product here. we want to prove to the world that florida is a superior to the globe. steve: when you talk about the globe, michael, european ports, asian ports have been open 24/7, four years so it's incredible that you look at l.a. and long beach and they were not. long beach was before l.a., but also the president said this could be a game changer yesterday. they should have changed the game a long time ago >> yeah, look i think florida parts if you look at us certainly during hurricanes in emergencies, i like to use the term-- my port director says we are like 711, we never close , we know how to operate 24/7, so we are prepared to do what it takes, not only to move fuel to consumers, but to move that cargo and other opportunities to consumers as well. steve: i'm glad you stopped by today to heighten the awareness
3:47 am
that if there are big companies looking to offload stuff faster than l.a. can, go through the panama canal and pull up to miami or someplace in florida. michael, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. i appreciate the opportunity. steve: great to have you. meanwhile, on this thursday janice dean out on the streets and you know what, nice day in the big apple. janice: beautiful day. we are dealing with above-average temperatures really for the next couple of weeks and if you look at the long-range forecast, let's look at the maps to see with the temperatures are very warm across the east relatively speaking and quite cold for the west as we had this cold front in an area of low pressure that brought the snow, and feet of snow to the mountains. we are looking at showers and thunderstorms from texas through oklahoma and arkansas towards the ohio river valley. part of this moisture is from what was hurricane pam lot that made landfall across mexico yesterday so flash flood warnings are in effect
3:48 am
for areas like san antonio towards austin and moving up towards the mid south and mississippi river valley. forecast rainfall, heavier pockets in texas and into friday along the ohio river valley. not a bad forecast especially if you live in the northeast. steve, back to you. steve: thank you. meanwhile, you have heard of male privilege and white privilege, but have you heard of family privilege cracks we will tell you how woke culture is now coming for nuclear families straight ahead on fox & friends live from new york city. ♪♪ discomfort back there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care.
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3:52 am
brian: welcome back, an attack on the nuclear family, buckle up the national council on family relations is a non-profit that claims to be non-partisan, says the family consisting of a mom, dad, and children, is an extension of white supremacy , and "like white privilege, family privilege is an unacknowledged and unearned benefit in u.s. laws, policies and practices and bestowed upon
3:53 am
traditional or standard nuclear families to the disadvantage of nontraditional configured family systems." our next guest is challenging the attack with an op-ed entitled two families are racist too, kendall qualls is the president of "take charge." kendall, when you saw this what was your reaction? >> so brian first of all thanks for having me on board and you know, my reaction was this. this is just an extension of the push for critical race theory across our country, really, to undermine the very foundation of our country, and really try to change who we are as a nation, and so my job and what i've been doing across the state and across the country is waking up every day americans , and to let them know what's going on not only in their schools, in their companies, but also, now, this attack on the families. brian: what is white supremacy about a nuclear family? where is race in family? i know you wrote about this and i'm speaking to the choir, so to speak, but do you understand the
3:54 am
rationale? >> oh, absolutely. so, here's the rationale. for years now, the black community has been used as a political pawn, and more than anything, with critical race theory, and even this agenda, it's not a new civil rights movement. it's not a black-led movement at all. there's no martin luther king in front of this thing and not even alveda sharpton in front of it. it is the far left movement to change the nature of our country now, here's a tragedy of this. in my lifetime, we've seen the american black family move from two parent 80% actually of the two parent families to 80% fatherless homes in my lifetime, without one national initiative reverse the trend. i call it a cultural genocide and we, here, in minnesota, started with "take charge" we're going reverse that trend with volunteers that we're recruiting from the twin cities. brian: instead of trying to
3:55 am
rebuild family, let's take down the families that are left. >> well when you do that you can control people, and we've seen that in our communities for a long time, and what we have is an organic grassroots movement that's going to take actually take the culture back to where we were before we have help from the government, and that cultural roots was really focused on three things. faith, family, and education. getting a better education for their kids, and we're getting overwhelming support not only here in the twin cities but i've gotten calls from 21 other cities wanting us to take new chapters out there. brian: and the stats are overwhelming, one in four children live without biological step-father or adopted father in the home right now, the research has not been taint ed by crt. fatherless homes have four times greater risk of peter navarro it , seven times greater risk of becoming pregnant as a teen and two times as likely to be obese and dropout of high school. why don't you deal with those numbers and work our way
3:56 am
backwards. thanks so much, kendall, for taking action and for the record we reached out to the national council on family relations for a statement. we're waiting to hear back, see if they could possibly have something to add. meanwhile, as we forge ahead, still to come, jen psaki ducking questions about hunter biden and now, even an obama era ethics chief is taking notice and calling her out. don't move. clerk: hello, how can i? sore throat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. when we found out our son had autism, his future became my focus. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield...
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>> the president says the government has reached an agreement that will keep the port of los angeles open 24/ 7. >> the problem over in california as you reach capacity , several ports in florida that could handle additional capacity. >> now learning that 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the u.s. just under a year. >> how many more got-aways they aren't talking about? >> this is just open border gone wild. >> another example of mainstream media censorship. >> katie couric admitting to editing a supreme court justice. >> about those who kneel during the national anthem. steve: she wanted to protect the liberal supreme court justice from a backlash. >> president biden is reportedly telling governors to ready resources to vaccinate children. >> without vaccination, the rate of hospitalization in all children under 18 is 2 in every 100,000. >> ♪ red solo cup, i fill you up, let's have a party, let's
4:01 am
have a party ♪ steve: as you look at myrtle beach, south carolina, you got to figure they've had some parties with the red solo cup out there on that shore. brian: i don't think so. steve: 56 right now as the sun comes up they are going for a daytime high of 80 on this thursday, october 14, 2021, welcome upstairs we're at the mezzanine level for hour two of "fox & friends" live from new york. ainsley: that song is so appropriate for the beach of south carolina it's like a staple at our grocery store. every time you go to the beach you get the big container of the red solo cups sitting on your kitchen counter. my dad would take a sharpie and write all our names on them. steve: well that's good. ainsley: and he put them in the dishwasher. brian: by the way it's good because we're running out of glass. we will have to use red solo cup , didn't it take tobey keith like nine minutes to write this song? steve: tobey is going to be on
4:02 am
and remember it was right after that song came out, and we sang with him but the only part we knew was "red solo cup." he could sing and then we would go red solo cup. brian: it's his stairway to heaven. ainsley: [laughter] steve: anyway, thanks for joining us hour two now. listen, the numbers are shocking , fox news, taking a look at leaked documents. brian: are we the only one interested in this story? steve: i think the whole country is. leaked documents from the department of homeland security confirmed 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the united states in under a year in some cases, with absolutely no oversight, no reason to report. they can go anywhere they want. ainsley: this was the yuma cbp chief is reporting a surge in middle class families migrating from south america, saying, "they got off the plane and went to a cab, or to a bus, literally were driven up and just walked up and then turned themselves over to us."
4:03 am
brian: lindsey graham says they are ending up in connecticut with their gucci bags and designer shoes or was it gucci shoes and designer bags i'm not sure but these affluent people their lives have fallen apart because brazil's economy has crashed and so has venezuela and they say it's easy to get in if you pretend you're poor or working class because you get these ridiculous get into country free tickets. lets head down now to bracket ville, texas where fox & friends enterprise reporter lawrence jones has been working the story and is covering the crisis first-handment i don't know how many people with designer shoes you've seen, but you've seen a lot of people, lawrence. reporter: we've seen a lot of people, and brian, good morning, family. i've gotta tell you, a lot of people are asking, why is fox news here? we're here because the people of texas are complaining about the national media not covering the story. for some reason, there is this storyline going out that the people are making this up. they aren't making this up. the majority of these towns that we're visiting seeing illegal
4:04 am
immigrants coming into the country illegally, they're democrat towns. they're democrat mayors and sheriffs. they aren't anti-people coming the legal way. they fall in line with the democratic party, but they are being so overwhelmed with the amount of illegal migrants entering into the country. i had the opportunity to talk with some of my sources yesterday part of the border patrol as well as department of public safety. these aren't political people. there is a clear difference from this administration and the prior administration. say what you want about the former president, say what you want if you didn't like the guy, but it is very clear that not only are the illegal immigrants getting the message to come enter the country illegally, but people that are affluent, people that have money , they just want to come to america, say forget the legal channels let's just come through the sought. it's unbelievable, brian. brian: lawrence the other thing is you're in texas. arizona, i would say, is just as
4:05 am
bad, and i was talking to governor suzanne martinez on the radio, new mexico is terrible too, and i'm sure gavin newsom, if he knows his borders are out of control but probably doesn't care so this is happening all across america and when we see that huge gap in the fence, the gap in the fence is to create some order on the border, and to know that all those sections of fence that we paid for are rusting in the open fields, and how much easier it be for your guys. ainsley: $5 million a day it's costing us, lawrence. reporter: yeah, apparently, the biden administration doesn't care. i mean, it is clear when you look at the national poll and he's dropping in a lot of areas today, because of the multiple crisis that happened in the country but the border is a clear example, and he's not listening to that. kamala harris still hasn't visit ed the border and she's the border czar. the president hasn't visited the border and he's the commander-in-chief, so again , we can complain about
4:06 am
this all day, but until the voter starts sending a message and i think, guys, just by hearing what i'm hearing on the ground with these democrats that are so frustrated i think this will be the defining issue leading into the mid-terms because people are so frustrated what's happening to the country. you got texas that is expected, the federal government isn't sending texas money to secure the border. when that helicopter was up yesterday and the day before, providing the air power for the border patrol, they didn't send us a check for that. texas is doing that by themselves. brian: billions of dollars. reporter: the border patrol is literally calling texas department of public safety saying look we can't see what's happening here, can you provide us the coordinates and be the eyes for us in the sky? that's pretty ridiculous, guys when you think about it and listen to that, we played that package earlier of the rancher. he said, you know how families run fire drills. we don't run fire drills. we run migrant drills. if illegal alien was to enter in
4:07 am
the country and what do we go to defend ourselves, as they decide to go on our property or bust in our house? it's pretty telling. steve: absolutely, lawrence and to your point, you know, the guys in texas, arrest the people and then they are run through the texas legal system at the end of the adjudication whether they serve time or they're going to be released they release them to border patrol, who just says okay, there's omaha, walk north, or whatever they want to do so it's a little maddens, thank you very much, great reporting. ainsley: i feel so sorry for the ranchers that have to pay for the repairs on their property, they are saying that their fences are being damaged and they're walking right through their property leaving trash and all kinds of things and in addition to that they have to pay for the wall, the materials just sitting there and in addition, biden and all the progressives want to pay for their college so they go to college for free. brian: kamala harris is talking about christopher columbus and space, instead of the border, fantastic. she's right on top of things.
4:08 am
what an embarrassment. now, to the white house where the administration is trying to protect the president from being the grinch who stole christmas. ainsley: biden claims to be handling the supply crisis but critics are slamming his plan. steve: peter doocy is live as store shelves across the country become bare and peter, you know, you might be getting your christmas present around thanksgiving of next year reporter: well i hate to say you might be getting your birthday present next week, a little bit late, because stuff is kind of backed up. the president's announcement so far is just keeping the ports open in california 24/7, and he thinks that just doing that is a game changer, but afterwards, it is up to truckers and railroads to pick this stuff up and get it to the interior of the country and if that doesn't happen quickly, then it sounds like it's back to the drawing boards. >> if the private sector doesn't step up we'll call them out and ask them to act, because our goal is not only to get
4:09 am
through this immediate bottleneck, but to address the longstanding weaknesses in our transportation supply chain. reporter: officials around here are saying this is not a problem that's going to be solved tomorrow or even in the next few weeks. that is a big problem for cash- strapped american families, already dealing with monumental increases in everyday goods. for example, compared to last year, car rentals up 42.9%, gas is up 42%, steak up 22%, lodging up 20%, bacon up 20%, and that's according to the bureau of labor statistics. this white house would much rather talk about their covid vaccination program and their covid response and there are issues as winners for them so today's public remarks are just about shots it's unclear if the president plans to take questions yesterday, he didn't. >> thank you all very much.
4:10 am
>> he didn't want to answer whether christmas presents will be delivered on time but the press secretary can't guarantee that. steve: peter i know have you to go because i hear your car alarm going off in the background but how important was it and how hard was it for the president to get the union, the international union on board because they're the ones who have to work overnight to offload all of the stuff. reporter: i was actually looking at this. it wasn't the only long shoreman 's union, it was also the rail union, the teamsters and the trained dispatchers union, also with the sheet metal air and rail union they call smart for short, and so this was entirely between the white house and labor, and again, this is just a first step. nobody is saying that the problem is solved. they are saying the supply chain , this is the first part of it. this is what we got so far ainsley: peter we keep hearing there's a shortage in truck drivers, shortage in workers
4:11 am
people aren't going back to work as much as they used to before the pandemic. are they going to have a problem finding those people to work through the night? reporter: it's unclear if they will have a problem but they have to do it and right now they don't have those people. brian: peter, thanks. the other thing keep in mind. they are getting paid. so we're asking people, it's probably with the union wages probably double time, in order to work, to me, you shouldn't take your nine months to come up with your plan. that's the plan, and to sit there and berate private industry like fedex and ups, i'm pretty sure they got the job done because that's how they work on a profit margin that's the free market, and the other thing that's simmering underneath, and is, they won't confirm this but the administration is now reaching out to the oil & gas industry wondering how they could get the prices down. well maybe if you have drilling, you allowed some of these pipelines, how about the keystone? how about natural gas as a global shortage that even china and india are feeling? we are the saudi arabia of
4:12 am
natural gas, the fracking that you say you can frac but we have no way to transports. now guess whose benefiting from that? russia. vladimir putin said to europe, all the gas you need, we won't have any break in production, don't worry about it. you make russia more powerful it works against us. ainsley: and your electric bill is going to go up as well. heating, oil, natural gas, other fuels we expect your bill to go up 54% compared to winter of last year. brian: we should all get windmills and the windmills will definitely reduce our heat ing bills. steve: good idea. brian: fantastic. steve: meanwhile regarding the high cost of gas and things like that and keystone that's one of the points that john cat could, a congressman from new york, a republican and ranking member of the house homeland security committee, he said this supply chain shortage is actually a national security issue and he's absolutely right. he said this to the new york post yesterday. yes it's a problem when we may not have enough gifts for christmas, but the real concern is computer chips, the
4:13 am
real concern is making sure we have enough medicine in times of crisis, the real concern is anticipating protective personal equipment, ppe stockpiles and other things critical to our economy and critical to our homeland security this administration seems to always be playing catchup and not anticipating and having those discussions. in other words, while joe biden works with the unions to have them work overtime, so that we can get the stuff, at the same time, let's bring those jobs back to the united states. let's make these things here. we should make our medicines here. we should make our ppe here, we should make the chips here, and then we wouldn't have to, right now it's going on with the big car makers is they've only got a limited number of chips so you know which cars they're putting the chips in? the cars they make the most money on, so the high end cars get all the chips. the low end cars, you're going to have to wait for one. ainsley: if you want to order a car you have to order it well in advance so if you lease a car and your six months out, you
4:14 am
need to contact your car dealership to make sure that there's another car for you if you want to trade it in. brian: i'm still waiting for my amc pacer to get delivered now they have no chips in that, right? i think spark plugs. steve: i remember wayne's world, i think there were chips, but they were pringles. brian: it's hard to get a new one, they just aren't making them as quick. it's fascinate together see because if the president came out to talk about a three year plan rather than a three minute plan, listen within three years we'll be making chips enough to sustain ourselves we would understand that. there's so many things the ppe and everything else within three years we'll have all of the manufacturing gear. it doesn't have to be, yesterday i called up fedex and we're going to have to find a way to unload the ships. what about some type of vision? you got four years. a vision plan. ainsley: let's hand it over to jillian with headlines. jillian: good morning, to you. let's go ahead and begin with this story out of chicago. police make an arrest in the killing of a seven-year-old girl, authorities charging first degree murder as well as tempted
4:15 am
murder, she and her little sister coming under fire last month. they were sitting in a car outside their grandparents house >> out west the evacuation order s are in effect as a wildfire explodes in size, doubling in size overnight scorching more than 15,000-acres the fire prompting officials in santa barbara county to urge people to leave their homes. flames are threatening a historic ranch once owned by former president ronald regan. people across the state are bracing for widespread power outages, an effort to combat fire weather. >> florida's alligator man now going viral for catching snakes in a new instagram post, the army veteran is seen saving his neighborhood from reptiles. you might remember him from a few weeks ago when he managed to rank el a six foot gator into a trash can. many are calling for the veteran to have his own nature show as a result often counters so we'll see if he does one day.
4:16 am
steve: i love that guy. just the fact that he, you know, there was a problem, the gator, so he put him into that dumpster and took him down to a nearby lagoon. ainsley: how great of a neighbor is he? steve: fantastic. ainsley: i would just grab my kids and run inside. brian: i don't know if anyone will bring them in, why don't we just leave them for now. you never know what's inside. steve: okay, great. thank you, jillian. meanwhile now backlash over the withdrawal from afghanistan as reports reveal the department of homeland security may wave restrictions for former taliban era employees to allow them entry into the united states. brian: what could go wrong? steve: what possibly we'll talk to that guy retired general michael mcguire. ainsley: a lot of parents over the doj memo to mobilize the fbi against parents. ohio senate candidate and author
4:17 am
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it's moving day. and while her friends are doing the heavy lifting, jess is busy moving her xfinity internet and tv services. it only takes about a minute. wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating?
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oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. brian: welcome back. the biden administration facing more backlash over his afghanistan strategy as new reports reveal the department of homeland security may wave terror-related restrictions for former taliban employees, to allow them to enter the u.s.. you know the ones that were just in the taliban from 96 to 2001 they weren't bad guys. they just shared christmas parties with osama bin laden. one defending the plan saying people worked as doctors, civil servants wouldn't automatically be barred from ever entering the united states because they worked in those professions. wow that's interesting. our next guest served in afghanistan, retired major general mcguire running for the
4:22 am
u.s. senate seat currently occupied by mark kelly first, general, your reaction to this policy. >> well, good morning, brian. my reaction to that policy is that from 96 to 2001, every american remembers what happened on september 11, 2001, and i can't believe the hypocrisy of the left, now to say that those people that helped harbor and advance the terrorists that attacked this nation on 9/11 and killed those great new yorkers and folks in d.c. and the folks on flight 93 are going to be off of a terror watch list, when we have citizens in this country that are on that list. it's what the radical left is doing. they are tearing this country apart. your lead-in talked about the border. i'm in arizona. we are getting invaded down here and the flood of people crossing the border that we're not catching could include many of these people. brian: the guy you're running against has to be the biggest let-down with me, a guy who has the courage to go into space, a decorated veteran, doesn't have
4:23 am
the courage to stand up for his own citizens in arizona. it is an invasion, what is happening, or krysten sinema whose being harassed all the way to the bathroom airports and while she's trying to run a marathon doesn't even stick up for her so good luck with that race. i just don't understand why we're even talking to the taliban. they have refused to say they won't work with al qaeda, yet we're still giving them billions of dollars in aid. this is not getting enough scrutiny. neither is what's happening with lt. colonel schiller. he's on trial and he is asking for an honorable discharge. he stood up and saw the travesty which was president biden and general milley's exit from afghanistan, and spoke out like i imagine you might have. here's what he said. >> i'm not saying we've got to be in afghanistan forever, but i am saying did any of you throw your ink on the table and say hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bagram airfield, the strategic air base, before we evacuate
4:24 am
anyone, did anyone do that and did anyone raise area hand and say we completely messed this up >> i want to say this very strongly. i have been fighting for 17 years. i am willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders , i demand accountability brian: you understand, i understand the sentiment. he got into solitary confinement , now he's going to find out about his court martial and his future today. what's your reaction? >> well, brian, you know, he's speaking truth to power and the irony of this whole situation is he's accepted a court martial in lieu of non- judicial punishment, i praise him for that and he will face a jury of his peers but think about it he's telling us that general milley and other senior leaders didn't have the courage, the moral courage, to say that it is unethical and immoral to leave a single american behind. every officer like myself is taught to follow legal, moral,
4:25 am
ethical orders. he makes that statement, and these guys are going to now use the hypocrisy of the left, the two tier system, to then say you know what? you've talked to the media, you went on social media, you represented in uniform, milley himself did at least two reports , we know of, on the record for for-profit book deals as hits on the president and we're now going to prosecute this guy? they are punching below their weight. milley needs to resign. we've lost confidence in him as a group of american people and face the music in the court of military justice just like shell er is. brian: i hate to say it because i'm talking to a general but we have to get the lt.s and the colonels on the ground fighting these wars we have to get them at the table before we make decisions like this , because you can't do it from air-conditioned rooms, and i think that's what we're witnessing. certainly the guy in the oval office who is ill-equipped to make that decision. general thanks so much best of luck in your senate run. >> thanks a lot and i need everybody's help brian, all to
4:26 am
go to this is a national race. we gotta seize back control of the u.s. senate and the road to 51 republican votes run through arizona. thank you very much. brian: go get them, general, meanwhile jen psaki ducking questions about hunter biden and now, even an obama era ethics chief is taking notice calling for her out. lara trump reacts to the press secretary stonewalling next, and that's her picture. >> ♪
4:27 am
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jillian: good morning and welcome back. two supreme court just uses clashing in a rare testy exchange in the boston marathon bomber death penalty case, justice kagan and brett
4:31 am
kavanaugh criticizing the obama appoint kagan for questions about evidence against the bomber that was ultimately dismissed saying she was not making sense. and kagan stepping back before moving on the case is likely to be decided by next june. >> overnight, 46 people dying after a fire ignites at a high rise apartment in taiwan. the flames spreading through the 13 story building, another 40 people are hurt. witnesses heard an explosion before the fire began. the cause is under investigation >> a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning as a majority of people are planning to leave san francisco over the next few years. this , according to joint venture silicon valley, saying 56% of the people surveyed say they are looking to leave the liberal-led city. the high cost of living is a major reason many cite to move. >> finally, mock a sin madness, after being labeled racist. minnetonka has been making
4:32 am
native-inspired shoes for more than 75 years now face facing backlash. the ceo is promising to do more to honor the native american culture. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much. jen psaki ducking questions about hunter biden and his high- priced art deals. listen. >> for $75,000 each, i was hoping you could say the white house news to purchase the print s. >> i know this is your favorite topic, but again, it still is the perview, we still do not know, and will not know who purchases any paintings. >> did you have another question on something else otherwise we're moving on to another topic. ainsley: an obama-era ethics chief calling her out, walter sh ob tweeting, it's disappointing to hear her send a message that the white house thinks the public has no right to ask about ethics, after the last four years, these questions have never been more important. here to react fox news contributor lara trump.
4:33 am
hey, lara. hey, good morning, ainsley. ainsley: good morning. >> it's pretty clear that the more condescending and dismissive jen psaki is with her response to reporter's question, it's probably a more important question and probably the answer in the truth would ultimately be very damaging to joe biden, so this is the way that she continues to operate and it is very disappointing. i'm going to agree with that obama appointee there, very disappointing, and very dangerous to see this happen. i think there's a huge difference between continuing a legitimate business practice when your father becomes president of the united states, which is what basically happened in our family, and then starting a new business in a field you've never had any experience in and then charging these high massivr your product, like we see hunter biden do, and people can clearly see why this is a
4:34 am
problem, so the fact that we can get no answers from the white house and she's ready to just move on, and by the way there's only a handful of reporters who will actually ask her these questions and press her on these , is really really upsetting but i think personally for our family the most frustrating part is that we went above and beyond anything that was even required of us to do, we said we would do no new overseas business deals while my father-in-law was president at the trump organization, yet ainsley, we are still investigated to this day, yet everything it seems like they accused us of doing whether russia collusion, whether tax evasion, whether selling influence to the white house, it seems the democrats and the biden family are actually doing themselves and there are no repercussions, there's nothing ever done about it. hunter biden has admitted to felonies on national television, he'll never be charged with anything, yet, you know, if we were caught jay walking i'm sure they would locus away for as long as possible. ainsley: reporters the concern
4:35 am
here they want to know who bought the art, wondering if those individuals are doing this to curry favors with the president. what if this were your husband, what if he were an artist trying to sell art while your father-in-law was in office, what be the reaction? >> well i love my husband. he's not the greatest artist but i would buy your paintings, honey. the reality is, ainsley, we know that people be going absolutely crazy about this. there be investigation after investigation, they would try to impeach my father-in-law over something like this , gosh, seem s like any chance they got they did that while he was in office, but you'll never see that happen to hunter biden or the biden family, because there is a very clear double standard, and at a certain point it's not just about liking personality. it's about the safety and security of the united states of america. we deserve answers, jen psaki. i hope she circles back to this one, ainsley. ainsley: yeah, obama's former ethics chief, he says the public has the right to know. thank you so much, lara, for coming on with us.
4:36 am
>> thanks ainsley. ainsley: parents fighting back against school districts pushing woke policies. ohio senate candidate j.d. vance is among them and he's live in the studio, next. >> ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high you know how i feel ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel ♪ [man: coughing] ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day... ♪ no matter how you got copd it's time to make a stand. ♪ ...and i'm feelin' good ♪ start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it.
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steve: all right, 40 minutes after the top of the hour, meanwhile, some virginia parents are skeptical of a school board 's response after a father claims the school board cover up the sexual assault of his daughter. carley shimkus joins us now with the outrage in the commonwealth of virginia. reporter: yeah, steve, loudoun county has really become the epicenter of the battle between concerned parents and liberal school boards, and the situation has never been more hostile than today. that's because a man named scott smith says his daughter was raped by a boy, wearing a skirt,
4:41 am
who entered the girl's bathroom and school officials turned a blind eye. >> my daughter was sexual assaulted at the end of school in may of last year. school ended, you know, and the school board and the school system just went on summer break and abandoned us. reporter: the suspected student was allegedly transferred to a different school, where he is accused of assaulting another girl. the school district now responding, saying they followed proper protocol saying principal s are legally required to report to the local law enforcement agency, any act, including sexual assault, that may constitute a felony offense that process was followed with respect to these allegations. school board members were not aware of the specific details of this incident, until it was reported in media outlets earlier this week, but parents say that is not good enough and are demanding resignations. >> the fact that he's just falling on the excuse that we didn't know until you all found
4:42 am
out is just ridiculous they are accusing us of being the threat when really to me it's the loudoun county school board that's the threat to us. reporter: if you'll recall scott smith was arrested during that heated june 22 school board meeting. the national school boards association even using his arrest as an example of parents who could be considered domestic terrorists, smith now says he acted out because he was trying to tell people about his daughter's rape and no one would listen to him. steve, ainsley, brian? brian: can you blame him? unbelievable so glad they are on the offensive now. meanwhile the biden administration has been accused of weaponizing the doj against parents, after the defense department tapped the fbi, to investigate threat against school staffers. ainsley: our next guest says it's time for attorney general merit garland to resign. steve: republican candidate for senate from the great state of ohio, j.d. vance joins us live on the curvy couch good morning to you. good morning. steve: okay so we just saw the images of that guy who was, you know, essentially hauled out
4:43 am
by the cops, now we know why he was so frustrated and then the national school board uses him as an example to say look, these guys are domestic terrorists. he felt his daughter had been assaulted and wanted some answers and they weren't helping him. >> absolutely can you blame him for reacting like that? my god. look the thing that bothers me so much about this is that one of the things our founding fathers loved about this country is that we loved self-government we participated at the small level in self-government. these parents are pushing back against the mask mandates against the gender ideology, against critical race theory, and the doj is basically weaponizing the people's own government against them. the attorney general should be promoting this stuff not making it harder. ainsley: after everything going on in our country, crime has risen, drug cartels, open borders, moms are the real threat? >> yeah, exactly. we've got, you got skyrocketing opioid abuse rates, we've got murder rates in all our big cities going through the roof and merit garland decided the
4:44 am
real threat to the republic is moms and dads who care about the education of their children. brian: so you jump into poll sicks politics, and you had success in business, and now you're in this , and getting a lot of arrows in your direction. how much, being that you raised 1.7 million in the first three months which is a staggering amount, which you looking at what's happening in virginia and seeing governor say something i don't think parents should have a role in their kid's education, there is no katrina pierson, loudoun county, virginia. how much are you studying that race to talk about your message? >> definitely studying it in washington, of course critical race theory doesn't exist to these people but we'll prosecute the parents who protest against it as domestic terrorists that doesn't make any sense, but look , i think that the left wing ideology that we're experiencing in this country is that the state and that government should control the minds of children, not families, right? families have to raise their kids not these schools. steve: and if you look at the two issues, we've got local
4:45 am
elections coming up in the state of new jersey. when people come to our door, they talk about two things. they talk about school and they talk about supply chain, because that's the stuff that impacts us everyday. you say given what he's said whereas in your words rep onized the fbi against parents, you say merit garland has got to resign. >> absolutely i've never seen anything where the sitting attorney general of the united states is basically turned against his own people. i think he should resign because people should not feel like their governments coming against them when they speak their minds and that's what america is all about. he should absolutely step down. ainsley: your election is in may so you're in the fight right now how's it going? it's going really well. we have a lot of momentum, polls are moving our direction, and what i am really excited about is that most of our donors are people who gave under $50. it's real people, middle class people, not just the big donors. brian: how much do you wish you could be to the democrats advantage to hurt you the most if joe manchin was to run, a
4:46 am
moderate left, somebody maybe have bill clinton ran, that be an interesting race. it seems like every republican is running into severe left and the american people are being forced to make a decision especially in ohio. >> it's because the leadership of the democratic party has gone really far to the left, but even a lot of moderate voters in the democratic party, they're not that crazy and it's going to be to our benefit on the republican side if we can just tell a pro-american message brian: that's why the governor of your state and the governor, barack obama is going to be campaigning the most popular democrat to hold on to new jersey and hold on to virginia, because the message that joe biden has been putting out there is not wanted. >> absolutely. brian: crazy time. >> skyrocketing inflation we're about to spend $5 trillion as we got ships unable to deliver american goods, we've got a drug wave, a crime wave coming across the southern border, and it's not just the problems. it's the leaders can't focus on the real issues. steve: sure when you knock-on people's door they go there is
4:47 am
that hillbilly guy. j. d., thank you very much for stopping by our curvy couch. ainsley: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean >> good morning, a beautiful day here in new york city, we've gotta bovet-average temperatures for the rest of the work week, because across the west, temperatures are much colder than average. look at that below freezing in rapid city and denver, and we had some heavy snow in the area, the last couple of days because of this area of low pressure that's continuing to sort of move across portions of the great lakes and canada, the associated cold front is bringing heavy rainfall for parts of the ohio valley, the tennessee valley, the mississippi river valley and we have the remnants of hurricane pamela bringing flash flooding to portions of texas, you could see around the san antonio area, where we could see several inches in a very short period of time so know what to do if there's a watch or warning in your area, and don't travel across water you can't see the bottom of. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: that is wise. thank you. brian: always a good time when we don't get the jack hammer in
4:48 am
the background. tom brady and the buccaneers gearing up to take on the eagles just the start of a thrilling week six line up of the nfl, jen hale breaks down the biggest matchups that'll be next. shingles? oh... you mean bill. he's been a real pain. again with the bill... what? it looks like a face. ...hearing about it 24/7 is painful enough... i don't want to catch it. well, you can't catch shingles, but the virus that causes it may already be inside you. does that mean bill might have company? - stop. you know shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaaat? yeah prevented. you can get vaccinated. oh, so... i guess it's just you, me and bill then. i'm making my appointment. bill's all yours... 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles today.
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steve: we're already up to week six of the nfl season and this weekend we've got a full slate of must see matchups you can catch all five of the games on fox this sunday afternoon, here to break down the games and players to watch this sunday, fox nfl sideline reporter jen hale. jen, good morning to you. >> good morning! can you believe it's week six already? it is flying by. steve: i know it. in the tease, at the end of the last segment, i mentioned tom brady. what's he up to, tonight on fox? >> yup, thursday night football , be sure to tune in. the buccs going up against the philadelphia eagles, the buccs are looking to get back to the super bowl winning form and they have been playing their best brand of ball the last week or two, so they certainly want to get there and they still look good but they haven't looked as dominant as they want to. steve: let's look at the weekend we need to plan our weekends and sunday afternoon, 4:05 cardinals
4:53 am
at the browns what do you expect >> the undefeated cardinals. you think i'd be saying that about tom brady and the buccs, right? nope the cardinals are the only undefeated team in the nfl on the road versus the cleveland browns. now the cardinals are down two starters including their center so you may see adjustments by ky lar murray on the road i think he's going to be just fine because his cleveland brown team they have injuries to both running backs. we'll see if they are able to go but the run game has been their entire offense, so far baker may field andobj not quite clicking like they were in the past, and if they don't have a run game they're in trouble. steve: meanwhile, thank you very much. the rams are coming to the giants, 1:00 on sunday, which means the traffic in new jersey where i live, particularly is going to be awful. >> yup. the first big trip east this season but the story here, of course is the giants quarterback. will he be able to go?
4:54 am
he is in concussion protocol right now, daniel jones and he was out on the practice field yesterday, and he was wearing pads and working with trainers off to the side so that means he's at step two or three of the protocol. there are five steps for him to be cleared and the interesting thing is, coach did say that he could play even if he doesn't practice this week, so a little bit of a big question mark, a game time decision. steve: i've got a feeling you are in detroit this morning, for this next game, and that is bengals and lions 1:00 sunday. >> indeed, indeed! okay let's talk about dan campbell. yes he got after the last press conference the lions are 0 & 5, but he has this team playing so hard they are going to put it together but not this week. outhit bengals look too good the question mark, the thing to watch, one of the oddest injuries in football had some damage to his throat last week and had to go to the hospital
4:55 am
after the game. it's his voice, in fact, he didn't even do media yesterday because they wanted him to rest his voice. will he be able to communicate in hostile territory? we'll find out on sunday. steve: absolutely and you'll be on the side sideline. meanwhile for the folks watching the fox bet, the jackpot for week six is now $25,000, so not only do you get to see the great game, but you can play and win $25,000 of your pal terry bradshaw's money. >> yeah, terry has given away over $5 million over the past two years. isn't that a huge price tag? steve: he's loaded. >> i know, i wish he would send some my way, so you can play and you can win for thursday night football for our big noon kickoff saturday, with college, and then of course with those sunday games we just talked about, free to play all you gotta do is download the app steve: it's that easy. jen, thank you very much for joining us live from detroit have a great weekend. >> thanks for having me take care guys. steve: play fox bet super 6 to
4:56 am
win terry bradshaw's dough, $25,000, this week six of the nfl season. meanwhile, speaking of sports, still to come, side line nba super star, kyrie irving opening up about his decision not to get the shot and defy the nba mandate. we'll talk about that, plus tobey keith's brand new album comes out tomorrow, as tobey is going to join us live to discuss , you're watching fox & friends on a very busy thursday. >> ♪ draw a hardline, when the gun smoke settles we'll sing a victory tune, and we'll all be back at the local saloon. ♪
4:57 am
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>> the white house scrambling to address supply chain issues. >> the private sector doesn't step up, we're going to call them out. >> he's got to snark the very private companies that are there , to save his keester. >> giant billboard blasting president biden, hey, joe, time to let the mandate go. >> the idea that you would takeaway someone's job, if people don't want a vaccination that's their right. >> the biden administration may allow former taliban servant s into the u.s.. >> if it's what the radical left is doing to those that help ed harbor them are off a terror watch list. brian: the national council on family relations says a family consisting of a mom, dad, and children and white supremacy. >> it is a far left movement to change the nature of our country
5:01 am
>> what do they say? >> they lied. they said i was taking horse de wormers. >> it's a lie. >> it shouldn't be called that. >> it can be a very effective way. >> ♪ ainsley: good morning, miami, thank you for waking up with us this morning, everyone across our beautiful country. brian: i don't think anyone's up. i didn't see any activity at all steve: come on, brian. ainsley: miami, come on. steve: we're on the mezzanine level, and as we take that right there, they took dave's camera, and dave is helping him as his key today, welcome to hour three of "fox & friends" for a very busy thursday. brian: by the way, has tobey keith ever worn a suit, because i always picture him in a jean
5:02 am
shirt, just hanging out with jeans on, with a jean shirt. is that, i bet you his whole closet -- ainsley: we picked the wrong profession. brian: it's a snap-on buttons or it's the traditional buttons ainsley: the snap-on ones like you open it all at once. steve: hadn't thought about that i bet he's worn a suit, but i don't know if he's worn a tie. brian: wow. steve: a tie like this , maybe a string tie. many questions he's coming up tend of the hour. better-than-expected he looks like he's ready to play football at any moment. ainsley: we should do casual fridays here at fox. brian: it's up to ted. ainsley: ted, what do you say? steve: we need casual -- ainsley: everyday. steve: during the pandemic, we were in our houses. brian: right. a few show, no pant, right? ainsley: i will say i did wear pajama bottoms some shows. steve: during the summer i wore shorts. ainsley: you couldn't tell, we were from here up. brian: i pretended like my whole body was on television.
5:03 am
ainsley: you wore a full suit? brian: yes. steve: all right ainsley: so odd brian: i'm sorry. ainsley: 8:02 on the east coast we begin at the white house where the administration is trying to protect the president from being the grinch who stole christmas. steve: well the president claims yesterday, at least, to be handling the supply crisis but critics are slamming his plan saying too little too late. brian: i guess just work more if we had workers, peter doocy is live as store shelves across the country become bare, hey, peter. reporter: good morning. officials around here are not making any promises. can't say whether or not christmas gifts will be delivered on time. can't say if this is a problem that'll be solved tomorrow or even within the next few weeks and they cannot say if this move to open california ports 24/7 is anything more than a first step in addressing the first link in the supply chain. >> the private sector doesn't step up, we're going to call them out and ask them to act, because our goal is not only to get through this immediate
5:04 am
bottleneck, but to address the longstanding weaknesses in our transportation supply chain. reporter: cash strapped families are already feeling it with price increases compared to last year, car rentals already up 43% , gas already up 42%, steak already up 22%, lodging already up 20%, bacon already up 19.3%, this white house took credit for every small bit of economic news for months and took credit for turning the economy back on, for months. the president even celebrated independence from the covid virus as federal mask mandates disappeared back in the spring and summer, but these bottleneck s were apparently a blind spot and after prepared remarks, no further questions. >> thank you all very much. >> [overlapping speakers] reporter: the president will be back at the microphone later on today talking about something officials around here would rather talk about. covid vaccines.
5:05 am
back to you. steve: peter i just got a note from our white house correspondent who said we love tobey keith's restaurant inside the hard rock in tulsa which is where we had dinner when we were there playing golf for folds of honor. reporter: that's true, it was very late. brian: i will say this , such a worker shortage i wouldn't doubt he's waiting tables. steve: you never know. thank you, peter. ainsley: peter go shopping it's your dad's birthday, tuesday. steve: when you go shopping i was shopping yesterday at the grocery store in my town, take a look. that's the gatorade shelf. stuff at the bottom is just water. now it's not that pepsi is not, doesn't have enough gatorade. it's that they don't have the gatorade bottle and brian, my friend ray was watching earlier in this program and by as juan talks about how there's a shortage of glass bottles, and it's really impacting not only like spaghetti sauce makers and people with jars. brian: ragu.
5:06 am
ainsley: prego. steve: chef boy r dee. but why, there's a wine problem unless they start putting it into a bag. ainsley: they don't have the plastic though. brian: bad news for corks now. ainsley: we're going back to boxed. brian: absolutely is there any wine that doesn't come in a box that's good? its got a spout. steve: my neighbors it's their favorite. brian: i believe this is the most under appreciated story that's going to be the biggest story heading into christmas outside all those shortages that we discussed and that is these mandates. if you look at the polls, and you're a politician you might think i'm on the right side of this thing, because 54% of the american people think that it's good to have mandates, but if you think about the country as a whole, if 10% of every industry is not comfortable with mandates, whether it's the military, whether it's the medical profession, the police department, the fire department, as well, if all these people say i'm just not getting the shot whether you have a phd or you're a truck
5:07 am
driver, for whatever reason, because you're not taking natural immunity, look at the polls. these industries, and this country, pays the price everywhere you look, and i think that no one understands quite when you tell people at hospital s, do you know that we lost 3% of our workforce in the medical profession since new york city came out with their get the shot and don't come to work. ainsley: firefighters in la are suing because they don't want the mandate. there's a big billboard now in times square that someone paid it's huge with joe biden's picture saying they're not in favor of the mandate. end the mandate. steve: the billboard says hey joe, time to let the mandate go, stop making small businesses your vaccine police, so we were just talking about supply chain problems with peter. there's also a problem getting people around, because as we've been telling you, with the airlines and things like that, and now there's news that apparently, american airlines with 133,000 employees and jet blue with 22000 employees, they've got mandates whereas if those people do not get shots
5:08 am
before thanksgiving -- ainsley: the day before. steve: they could actually fire them on the busiest travel day of the year. brian: guess who pays the price ainsley: we do. steve: united airlines, which brian flew on yesterday, says that of their 67,000 employees, they had the mandate out, they had to all get the shot by i think yesterday. ainsley: yup. steve: only 232 didn't get the shot, but the bad news is, they are going to be fired. it's all because of joe biden's mandate. here in new york, we've also got the new york mandates which impact all of us, in companies with more than 100 people and they also impact people, you never think about this , but the people who play sports. ainsley: that's why kyrie irving is saying he's not getting vaccinated because i'm not anti- vax. i'm just anti-mandate. he plays for the brooklyn nets and you all heard his story but yesterday for the first time he talked about it on instagram live for about 20 minutes. brian: the nets say technically
5:09 am
you play away games but unless you're all-in, you're out. that means he loses $18 million. listen to this. >> people are losing their jobs to these mandates. people have to make choices with their own lives which i respect, you know, and i don't want to sit here and play on people's emotions either, just use logic. you know, what would you do if you felt uncomfortable going into the season when you were promised that you have exemption s or that you didn't have to be forced to get the vaccine? this wasn't an issue before the season started. this wasn't something that i for esaw coming where i prepared for it and i had a chance to strategize on what was going to be best for me and my family. i came into the season thinking that i was just going to be able to play ball. steve: because he was told, you know what? going through the season, you don't have to get the jab. well now you have to get the jab brian: in new york. steve: the president himself has
5:10 am
done a 180 on this , because he was asked during the transition, between the election and the inauguration by our white house guy, are you for vaccine mandates and he said no. now, he is, and that's why -- brian: everyday. steve: hundreds of thousands of people all across the country face his mandates. ainsley: what are his options now? brian: you get traded to another team because you could come into new york and play un vaccinated for a day. you can't work here and do it so he understands so he could come and play for a day and get visitor's pass whatever you want to term it but there's another thing i want to get to and this kyrie irving's situation and he brings up something, policemen, only 68% of cops in new york city are vaccinated, the teachers that were told go home, we've got a sub for you, so this is the biggest story that's going to matter the most in my view. there's something else going on. if you're trying to listen to a podcast one of the best and first and certainly the most popular joe rogan tested positive for the coronavirus and at which time he is in great
5:11 am
shape, he does ufc fights but one of the things he hit it with was ibramectin, and everybody was mocking him saying it's a horse drug when in 2015 it got the nobel prize for medicine as a breakthrough and in japan they are using it. ainsley: and his doctor recommended it. brian: his doctor prescribed it so dr. gupta is trying to hawk a book, didn't know what he was getting into. ainsley: joe asked him to come on the show and dr. gupta said i was told you might want to go on there because he might criticize you and he said i really want to it's a long platform and he was on with a long time, no breaks and a good opportunity for him to have a conversation. brian: they talked for three hours. steve: watch very carefully because joe rogan, said hey, why d.c. nhl, where you are the chief medical reporter why did they lie about me taking this animal dewormer. it's about two minutes long. >> horse dewormer is not a flattering thing. >> it's a lie, on a news network and it's a lie that's a
5:12 am
willing that's a lie they are conscience of. it's not a mistake. >> yeah. >> they are unfavorably framing it as veterinary medicine. >> well the fda put this thing out, you saw that. did you see the thing the fda put out? >> what did the fda put out? >> it was a tweet and it was sna rky. they said you aren't a horse, you aren't a cow stop taking this stuff. >> why would you say that when you're talking about a drug that's been given out to billion s and billions of people, a drug that was responsible for one of the inventers of it making. >> nobel prize. >> in 2015. >> yeah. >> a drug that's been shown to stop viral replication in have it rail entitlement. you know that, right? why would they lie and say that's horse dewormer? i can afford people medicine. >> [laughter] >> this is ridiculous. it's just a lie. >> i don't think anyone -- >> don't you think a lie is dangerous on a news network when you know they know they are lying? you know that they know that i took medicine, like here it is.
5:13 am
this is ibramectin. somebody gave it to me. the thing is, we're like going so fast like i feel like i'm missing -- >> do you think it's a problem that your news network lies? >> well, what did they say? >> they lied and said i was taking horse dewormer. first of all it was prescribed to me by a doctor. >> yeah, yeah. >> along with a bunch of other medications. >> if you got a human pill because there are people taking it, the veterinary medication, and you're not, obviously. you got it from a doctor, so that shouldn't be called that. ibramectin can be a very effective medication for parasitic disease and as you say it's probably i think what, a quarter billion people have taken it around the world? >> more, way more. way more. billions of people have taken it >> can i just come back i want to talk about -- >> no, no, no. you have, before we get to that does it bother you that the news network you work for out and out lied? out right lied about me taking
5:14 am
horse dewormer. >> they shouldn't have said that. >> why did they do that? >> i don't know. >> you didn't ask. >> i didn't ask. i should have asked before coming on your podcast. >> i watched. brian: he did and jim acosta was the guy joe rogan named and he said i felt good in 24 hours and i'm watching saying i'm taking this stuff and ridicule me and i listened to the show, and he had a comedian friend on and people at cnn are upset that i'm better ainsley: he didn't let up. steve: you know, it has been in the last couple years 300 million doses of it have, it was developed in the 970s for two tropical diseases, one was called river blindness and the other lymphatic philorisis, i'm sure i'm mispronouncing that merck donates hundreds of millions of doses a year,
5:15 am
because it was developed as a human medicine. it has since been used for veterinary purposes and in fact if you feed your dog heart guard for heartworms the active ingredient is ibramectin. ainsley: but the bigger picture here is his doctor prescribed it why are they criticizing what he decides to take and put in his body that his doctor gives him to treat a virus? brian: you know what the bigger picture is? when ron johnson interviewed the doctor who had so much success giving it out as a therapeutic, they took down the senate testimony when he was in the majority. ainsley: listen, if you have a virus that's deadly aren't you going to throw the kitchen sink at it too? brian: right and you go to a doctor and that's what he did. listen to the show and find out how he was ridiculed but from howard stern on down, when you take on joe rogan, he is a podcaster and they want to
5:16 am
minimize it but the podcast in today's environment is as powerful as networks. ainsley: at the end he said well i'm glad you're better and joe rogan said i think you're the only one at cnn that thinks that. steve: it just goes to show there are a lot of doctors give different stuff. he had a doctor who gave that and now you've heard the whole story and sanjay says cnn shouldn't have said that. brian: anthony fauci people just worship at his feet when he wants to decide whether we can have halloween or christmas, never brings up therapeutics, he always brings up the vaccine but the vaccine he predicted wouldn't come out for 18 months to two years was out in nine months. ainsley: but in sanjay gupta's defense he's not able to look at every show on that network and determine what's going to be talked about. steve: if he missed it, he heard it with both ears on the joe show. all right, meanwhile, time for news and jillian joins us
5:17 am
speaking of covid. jillian: so let's start here because the fda is meeting today to decide whether to grant moderna and johnson & johnson approval for booster shots. this as the national institutes of health claims mixing and matching vaccine boosters is safe and effective. president biden is reportedly telling governors to ready resources to vaccinate children. the jabs could be cleared for kids as young as five early next month. >> katie couric admits to censoring a 2016 interview with late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg. the once popular tv host editing out remarks slamming athletes who take a knee during the national anthem. listen. >> dumb and disrespectful, have the same answer if you ask me about flag burning. i think it's a terrible thing to do, but i wouldn't lock a person up. reporter: revealing she wanted to protect the late justice from criticism.
5:18 am
>> nfl hall of famer joe montana is set for his first big pay day as a venture capitalist. the legendary niners quarterback investing 100 grand in the tech firm gitlab back in 2015 and that initial investment is now valued at $42 million today. gitlab is expected to be valued at $10 billion when it goes public today. oh, boy. brian: i mean, i hate to say it but i mean, a lot of those guys didn't make a ton of money, remember terry bradshaw was making $200,000 and they think everyone is rich? he's taken a lot of hits in his life. steve: it paid off. brian: he's one of our favorite all-time quarterbacks. ainsley: and it's going public today? jillian: yes. ainsley: pop the champaign. steve: it was back in the day right back there on our plaza, that we pitched a tent. we went camping for three hours, and he was one of the people at our camp site. brian: he has not been back so i don't think he liked it. steve: he's come back twice. brian: okay. ainsley: he showed his back side
5:19 am
in that movie. remember? brian: no that was terry bradshaw. i recognize back sides and that was not his. ainsley: [laughter] it's 8:18 on the east coast families across texas are dealing with the impact of the border crisis in their backyards. >> always worry about my family 's safety. how many more? reporter: the got-aways. ainsley: lawrence jones is live in texas with a firsthand look. hi, my name is sam davis and i'm going to tell you about exciting medicare advantage plans that can provide broad coverage, and still may save you money on monthly premiums and prescription drugs. with original medicare, you're covered for hospital stays and doctor office visits. but you have to meet a deductible for each, and then you're still responsible for 20% of the cost. next, let's look at a medicare
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baaam. internet that doesn't miss a beat. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride. adorable, but does yours block malware? nope. -it crushes it. pshh, mine's so fast, no one can catch me. big whoop! mine gives me a 4k streaming box. -for free! that's because you all have the same internet. xfinity xfi. so powerful, it keeps one-upping itself. can your internet do that? ainsley: fox news learning from leaked u.s. border patrol documents that 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the united states just since march alone.
5:24 am
steve: and as the border crisis rages, fox & friends enterprise reporter lawrence jones went down to bracketville, texas, for firsthand look where he witnessed more than 30 migrants being caught on a rancher's private property. brian: no one else is doing things like this. lawrence joins us now. what a might, what a day you had reporter: good morning, family, brian you're exactly right. we have been embedded with the department of public safety 's special unit, that's out here, patrolling as well as in the air, on the ground, where the ranchers are. i had the opportunity to go out on some chases with them yesterday, take a look. >> about 30 illegal immigrants on your property. this is the first time this ever happened? >> oh, no sir, this happened daily and weekly. it slowed down for a little bit, maybe two or three weeks ago, but now it's back again.
5:25 am
it was slow out here, i never saw border patrol maybe once a week. >> you know, when dps they're here to still help but we can't allow them. reporter: they aren't allowed to arrest these folks how do you feel about that? >> oh, i'm upset. >> we can't get the administration to allow us. reporter: so what is the difference with dps arrests them and they charge them with criminal trespassing. they go to jail. we slow it down a little bit. reporter: when border patrol arrests them they release them back into mexico and how long does it take them to be back over here? >> i wouldn't be surprised if it's tomorrow night. when you have that revolving door it'll never stop. the question is now are they going to come and break into my house or what do they do? reporter: that runs through your mind. >> all the time when you're out on the ranch. reporter: do you worry about your family's safety. >> oh, yeah, this is 32 right here, okay? how many more?
5:26 am
reporter: the got-aways. that they aren't talking about. reporter: they are just waiting for clearance. that them, right there? where did you come from, sir? >> mexico city, my friend. reporter: mexico city? >> yes. reporter: what made you come, take this journey, sir? >> i want for more family and kids. the government changed and the new president changed the rules and he canceled my case. that's why i'm trying to go see my family. reporter: what is your friends story? >> my friend's story, he is my
5:27 am
wife's brother. he's no coyote, no nothing. he's my friend. >> have you ever been arrested? >> no. >> he said he got deported for no driver' license. do you have any id? reporter: let's run through some of the criminal backgrounds. >> this individual here, he's from mexico, and he's been arrested for possession of methamphetamine and also illegal entry, that be a charge for border patrol. reporter: correct. >> this individual here has been arrested for multiple illegal entries which are charges from border patrol. which are deportation charges, theft and domestic violence which were here in the united statesment reporter: are you trying to go see that same wife when you get here, were you planning on meeting her? this is another wife? >> yes. reporter: where your kids are as
5:28 am
well? >> as my girlfriend. reporter: now to the detention center this is the part of operation lone star, the property owners gave trooper s, department of public safety, the condition to come on their property. they coordinated with them and once they got some of the sensors, texas troopers were able to come out to the scene and process them. men and women protecting the border worry day and night, even flying over the southern border in helicopters, eyes in the sky and those on the ground. >> we got a group of about a dozen here. >> i don't see any kids with them. but they're young. probably, he's maybe in his 30s, he's probably in his 20s there's movement there. >> they're on the move. straight and keep going north. there's about 10, maybe 10. they are heading closer to the opening of the fence. >> we got the light on them. 2:00. right in front of you. there is your picture.
5:29 am
reporter: so guys, dps has arrested about 1,200 illegals since july. a little breaking news for you i just got a tip from one of our sources that we have been embedded with. they just arrested three illegal s right behind us on this train that was coming into the country. this is a common practice that they use, they will jump on the train, and that's why dps and the special operations units start to check them during these checkpoints here. ainsley: on that very train, on the very train -- steve: we heard the whistle. ainsley: about five minutes ago. reporter: that's exactly right. brian: they get the bolt cutter s and hop on. thanks lawrence. reporter: that's exactly right. steve: coming up on 8:30 here in east democratic virginia governor says he wants to build education, but his past remarks said some are wondering how much he let a parent have a say. ainsley: bret baier is here to react to that and tell us about his new book coming up. brian: to rescue the republic.
5:30 am
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steve: this is a fox news alert. moments ago, we've been telling you about lt. colonel sheller. he's the one who put out all the social media images and stories as the camera tilts way up and bret baier has revealed, where he was critical of the supervisor's on the afghanistan withdrawal, said people need to be held accountable, he kept putting it out. he was court martialed. today he plead guilty. is expected to plead guilty. he just walked in. you'll see complete coverage tonight at 6:00 p.m. on his program. brian: right. steve: meanwhile, with just weeks before the virginia governor's race and democratic hopeful terry mccullauff is
5:35 am
taking heat over who he feels he should be in control of what the kids learn in the kid's school. >> who to you think should be in control of education? >> who do you think should be in control of education if it's not virginia parents. >> you're dangerous here. >> i'll build education. brian: unbelievable. ainsley: well that confrontation playing out weeks after saying that parents shouldn't tell schools what to teach. brian: outdoors with a mask on telling a reporter to put a mask on. like he was put on amtrak with a mask. fox news political reporter anchor bret baier joins us now and brett, you've got a brand new book out, to rescue the republicans number one on amazon. and the fragile union and the crisis of 1876 but on the governor's race they are bringing in the big guns. they are asking president obama to go there and help out. how nervous are they? >> very nervous. they aren't bringing in the biggest guns. president biden and vice president harris are not
5:36 am
campaigning in virginia. brian: you think obama is a bigger gun? >> totally but it's interesting it's just down the road, the white house is just around the block. ainsley: have they said why? >> mcauliffe is talking about how biden is a drag in virginia which is pretty amazing. steve: if joe biden shows up, every reporter is going to ask a question, hey, are my kids going to get christmas presents so that would distract from the mccullauff story which they don't want to talk about. >> the piece in the washington post where he talks about the school issue, i do think that and it's hard to believe that education is going to be a major major issue in a race, like the number one issue, because all of these school boards, all of these parents are really affected by this and it affects independence, moderate democrats, and they are worried. ainsley: congratulations on your book. >> thank you. ainsley: number one this morning on amazon beating hillary clinton and adam schiff. >> adam schiff and hillary clinton, that's right.
5:37 am
brian: adam schiff should be on the fiction side. >> yes, you know let's talk about the book. ainsley: i was surprised that ul ysses s. grant is small, he's five foot eight and he's 130 range? >> that's right. he was small, which, you know, that goes to, he couldn't really hold his liquor. he had a couple drinks, and -- steve: everyday. brian: so brett, just set the scene. lincoln is shot, andrew johnson takes over and he does a terrible job, gets impeached and has no interest in making the south go along with everything that lincoln wanted, and that has become part of the union, give up your slaves and buy into reconstruction, and then, in comes grant to save the day and after eight years, he kind of did. then what happens? >> well listen first of all, the assassination, lincoln invites grant and mrs. grant to ford theatre to go with him that night, and they go visit their kids up in new jersey, they don't go.
5:38 am
that would have changed everything, and so he takes over , grant does, from johnson who arguably is one of our worst if not our worst president, racist, and takes the country away from lincoln's vision. grant takes over, and starts trying to put lincoln's vision into action. unify the country, give blacks the right to citizenship, and vote the 14th, 15th amendment and fights the kkk with federal troops. steve: so his whole mission was to keep the united states united , but he did some controversial things to do it. >> he did. he had a lot of executive orders that weren't popular. the south hated all of this , but in the end, reconstruction was kind of running its course, and when this election happens, 1876 it's contested, he strikes this grand bargain to hold the country together, pull federal troops out of the south, give them the autonomy but rutherford is inaugurated and the country stays together. brian: how did he broker it?
5:39 am
>> it was behind the scenes he had a lot of relationships. he was still really popular from his time as general, to his time as president. ainsley: we can learn a lot from him because we need that, our country to be unified again so it's a great book. i'm in the middle of it, brian has read the majority of it, steve has too. excellent book. >> thank you. brian: the special is on fox nation. >> you can get it on fox nation which they did a really great job. its been fun to work with. brian: it was just great and i think it's an important time. i just wish he would have ran for a third term. >> exactly. brian: great job, brett. >> see you on radio. brian: see you in a few minutes you going to wear that? >> i think so. brian: i might change mine. >> [laughter] ainsley: congratulations, brett great to see you in person. brian: he's also a very good golfer. steve: he went to college on a golf scholarship. ainsley: did you really? well good! >> i'm a walking wallet, just hand money over. ainsley: 8:39 here on the east
5:40 am
coast, new york's governor is now apologizing to family members who lost loved ones to covid-19 in nursing homes including our own janice dean and we're going to bring you what she told them, after the break.
5:41 am
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if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. ask your doctor about once-monthly cabenuva. >> i apologize for the pain that those poor families had to endure, as a result of them, their family members contracting covid in nursing homes and it was a very emotional meeting, the families are here who deserve to have someone give them acknowledgment of what they've gone through and i thank them for what they've done. steve: finally the governor of new york now, kathy hochul, finally meeting with families who lost loved ones to covid in nursing homes. ainsley: the governor met with our own janice dean who lost both of her in-laws, michael and dee, and she also met with new york democratic assemblyman, ron kim, who lost his uncle to covid-19 in a nursing home as
5:45 am
well. brian: when he got blasted, be it from the governor cuomo, this thing became a major story. they both join us now. welcome, janice, we've been see ing you all day. tell us how the meeting went tuesday. >> it was really emotional. i haven't cried like that in a really long time. my husband was with me, shawn, you know shawn very well. he is not somebody that's very outspoken. he is very hard for him to talk about his family. he was able to tell the governor how he felt about losing both of his parents in such a short period of time, and not knowing that there were infected patients being put into our nursing homes. we thought they were in the safest place to be. that's why we didn't take them out, so for him to have that validation of someone listening to his story, it was very, you know, it was important. it was an important step. steve: and ron, you lost your uncle, who was instrumental in you, your entire life, so for the governor, because the last one would never do it in a million years. brian: he blasted you on the phone and threatened you. steve: because this governor
5:46 am
actually apologized. how did that feel? >> yeah, it's not just about me as you know it's about the thousands of families that the former governor gaslit and told them and reduced them into what they called the death cult, and even implying that they were all driven by politics, for this governor to take the step in the right direction, it was instrumental first step, but now it's up to the families, to turn this empathy into real action and accountability, so we still have a long road to get there, but this was definitely the right step. ainsley: you all might have been instrumental in her having this press conference because you asked for the meeting, she said yes and after hearing your stories then she went to the podium and talked about the meeting and said i'm so sorry for everyone's loss. did it give you any closure, janice? >> no, i mean, that won't bring back our families but it was important and important that she did that in front of the press yesterday. she said yes, i apologize.
5:47 am
something that we wanted from governor governor cuomo but never gotten as ron kim mentioned he never acknowledged us. his administration called us a death cult. you know? so that's his way of trying to reach out to us by insulting us. ainsley: who else was there in the meeting? >> peter and daniel, who you know very well, good friends of mine, we came together in grief, they lost their father in a nursing home and two other women who lost their moms in a rehab center. they weren't even in the nursing home long term, they were in a rehab center. they brought pictures of their loved ones they showed them to the governor it was an incredible moment a very emotional one but a good first step. steve: all right, ron, thank you very much for joining us and janice as well. >> love you buddy, thank you, ron kim this wouldn't have happened without ron kim by the way. it would not have happened without him. brian: you're still moving forward. >> it doesn't end. ainsley: ron you've been very brave throughout this process what you did was not easy. brian: governor cuomo, you lost
5:48 am
you tried to intimidate him and you lost. good job, guys. steve: meanwhile coming up on 12 minutes before the top of the hour, the wait is almost over, tobey keith brand new album drops tomorrow and the country star is about to join us live, to talk about it. brian: but first the guy without a great singing voice, bill hemmer. ainsley: we don't know that. bill: i mean, right, dana? karaoke on a friday night, who kills it? dana: bill hemmer. bill: on which song? dana: summer wind. brian: you gotta end with a song then. bill: in a moment meet a ceo that runs a warehouse that's 10 football fields long, with big concerns we'll talk to him coming up, how education is playing in american politics we'll take a deep dive on that and what ruth bader ginsburg said about kneeling for the flag that you did not hear about five years ago, also a new warning about iran's nuclear program and it is your money in the end,
5:49 am
dave ramsey on what you need to know, how to navigate the the economic sand between our feet. 12 minutes away, top of the hour see you then. your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant, it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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ainsley: tobey keith is back with his first all-new studio project, in more than five years we have missed him peso in my pocket comes out tomorrow and he's keeping it old school with his new album. steve: tobey keith is currently on tour but he's joining us from the iowa city, iowa area. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you know, i mentioned you're on tour, because during the pandemic, you were holdup at home so what's it like to be out and about because the people have been holdup as well and we're ready for some fun. >> you know, we didn't know what to expect after covid, and i mean, before they turned us loose, and we didn't know, people weren't going to movies so we didn't know if they would go to shows, we didn't know, and we came back and for us, it has been gangbusters. we've had wonderful crowds. i've had a couple shows canceled for local covid, but for the
5:54 am
most part, we're just killing it. ainsley: everyone loves you, tobey, everyone comes to your concerts. tell us about this album. >> thank you. well, i hadn't done, you know, i did one every year for 22 years, and then somewhere around 2014- 2015, i put an album out and it was like i wasn't getting any air play, it was like did i quit writing as good as i used to, what's going on, and music had just changed that much. they didn't really play this kind of country music any more. it had evolved into whatever it is and i was like okay, well cool. i'm going to bust my hump every year, so i only work june to halloween, so get my 55 shows in , whatever, and i'm saying okay, in the winter i'm just going to hang out and enjoy my life. right in the middle of the pandemic, some big influenc ers at radio started
5:55 am
calling office saying streaming is going up, people are listen ing to favorite catalogs, and you're one of them, and we want to what they called a comfort voice. we want comfort music, comfort voices, and we'd really love an album from you so i went in and started working on one and here it is. brian: tobey real quick. the fact that you were off stage did it help your creativity being that you didn't have to run from concert to conner? >> well usually we prepare for an album for a year, but of course all couple guys that i write with, they were, i was in mexico. i was actually in cabo san lucas for about four months so when i would run in the morning, i would start working on ideas and stuff, so i got it all started there, and then when i got back to the states, first time the
5:56 am
pandemic slacked off, we went in the studio and started recording. steve: well i guess if you started it in mexico, that explains the title of the new album, "peso in my pocket." help put some pesos in that man 's pocket, tobey keith the brand new album comes out friday, check it out. thank you, tobey. brian: we like to travel on the road with you for two or three years. back in a moment. >> ♪ lowe's showrooms have a variety of stylish flooring you'll love for years to come. like pergo wetprotect. and stainmaster. exclusively at lowe's. your life might change, but your flooring can last a lifetime. order now, get your flooring installed with help from lowe's. home to any budget. home to any possibility.
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>> the freedom fighters coming out on november 2nd. clearwater almost sold out. i will see everybody there. >> check it out. >> finally! >> bill: president biden sending out the sos admitting to a lot of problems in the supply chain but passing the buck to the private sector. how did that go over? christmas is 10 weeks away. i am bill hemmer. >> dana: that's what you were counting? >> bill: that's right. you are good with details. >> dana: i am dana perino with "america reports." america trying to avert a meltdown to goods. >> bill: they will try to break
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