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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 17, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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mike: the u.s. state department says it is working to rescue at least 16 u.s. missionaries and one canadian captured saturday in port-au-prince, haiti. children are among the kidnapped, including a 2-year-old infant. the group was in the country on an aid work mission. welcome to "fox news live," i'm mike emmanuel. the kidnapping just the latest in a string of ab dusts in haiti this year after the assassination of the president and a major earthquake. more than 325 people have been kidnapped in haiti this year
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alone. alexandria hoff has the details. >> reporter: it is believed gang members took over a bus that the missionaries were riding on and that someone onboard reached out to other contacts to tell them what happened ask for prayers. the group, made up of mostly americans, is part of the ohio-based christian aid ministries operating in haiti. they remain in the struggling island nation despite growing unrest. many are fleeing. >> everything difficult over there. there is no security, people keep shooting on people, people keep kidnapping people. it's not safe over there. >> reporter: citing kidnapping specifically in august, the state department issued a do not travel advisory. the department told fox news they are aware of the missionaries in peril stating, quote: the welfare and safety of
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u.s. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state. here's illinois congressman adam kinzinger. >> we need to see if negotiations without paying ransom are possible or do whatever we need to on a military or police front. the u.s. government will do everything we can to get 'em back. >> reporter: fox news has been told members of the group largely hail from amish and mennonite communities. no word yet the any demands have been made by the abductors. mike? mike: alex, thanks very much. let's turn to our guest, assistant to the vice president at samaritan's purse, edward graham, another relief organization active in haiti. edward, welcome. >> mike, thanks for having us. mike: what are the challenges of serving in a place like haiti? >> it's a great question. i was just there recently, in september, following our hospital that we deployed to
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haiti and the earthquake. and we had to have security there. there's so much turmoil going on in this country -- in haiti. there's missionary groups, a lot of them trying to work there, but they don't have the security apparatus. fortunately, we're blessed to have a haitian security detail along with americans down there serving who advise us, and we have to limit where we can work and what times. but there's gangs everywhere, and they've gotten out of control. i saw that firsthand when i was down there and observed. we want to share the hope of just christ with then -- jesus christ, but these gangs are making it very difficult for aid workers. and that's who they're attacking, the aid workers, doctors that go down there. as you mentioned before, it's only increased. i think it's almost 20 times greater than it was in 2018, and after the recent attack and death of the president, that has continued to climb. mike: obviously, the government collapsed, you've got natural
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disasters in haiti. does that just add to the danger for missionary groups trying to spread the word of faith with people there? >> it does. and for us here as samaritan's purse, these are the areas we want to work. this is where we want to serve. they need to hear the lo of jesus christ -- the love of jesus christ, and we want to love our neighbors, but this is only getting worse. it's my prayer that the u.s. government takes a hard look at this. you know, the u.s. military in my former life, we would go after terrorist organizations, but we had the authorities to do that. they have to be a terrorist organization. these are criminal. but possibly look at a making these gangs terrorist organizations and watch what happens. the fear will be put into them if they think the u.s. military's going to go down there. and it may need u.s. intervention. we'd have to come at the invitation of the haitian, but i know they've asked for help in the past. and until we actually take some steps to help and train their police and bring them up and to
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educate them on proper policing and ethics, this is going to continue to happen. mike: do you have a sense that these gangs are looking at american missionaries and seeing dollar signs? >> of course. they're hoping, and when we pay, it doesn't help. it just emboldens them, and more and more are going to do it. they're in a desperate situation down there, just the economy is. so young kids don't have work, they're looking for something to do, and these gangs are becoming more powerful. it's my prayer for these 17 missionaries, their families -- some of these are minors that were kidnapped. this is our evil, and you have to take a stand. but it's my area for these missionaries right now that god will deliver them safely, and i'm praying for the kidnappers, that the kidnappers would know their mistakes, know they're wrong and also fear, fear what may come from the u.s. government and also deliver these back safely to their families. mike: edward graham, thank you
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so much for the great work you and your organization and family do. it's great to have you. sorry for the circumstances, but it's great to hear your perspective. thank you. >> no, thanks for having us. mike: houston area law enforcement mourning the loss of one of their own. harris county deputy the constable karim atkins was doing security at a bar when he and two other officers were shot. >> it's a tragedy in that, you know, i got a dad there that i had to talk to, i've got a wife there, they've got a deceased son ask husband. mike: he leaves behind a wife and a two-month-old baby. the other two officers are recovering from their wounds. the houston police confirm they have detained one suspect and that the investigation continues. ♪ ♪ mike: many americans hoping for more normal holiday season this year back with family and friends, but now the supply
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chain crisis might pose a new threat to festive celebration as pressure mounts for president biden to take more action. david spunt is live from the white house with more. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, mike. on my way to the white house this morning, i was listening to the ride owe, and i heard -- radio, and i heard several ads for trucking companies trying to recruit drivers. there is a serious driver shortage in the country playing into all of these other problems with the supply chain. and this is in addition to some of those cargo problems that we're seeing off the coast of california. it's just the perfect storm for this supply chain crisis. dozens of these cargo ships are packed to the brim stuck this what's really just a parking lot off the california coast. on land, as i mentioned, these truck drivers are scarce. millions of goods, mike, in limbo cannot get onto trucks. the consumer price index climbed 5.4% in september, that's compared to the prior year matching the highest rate since 2008. food rose up 4.6%, electricity
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rose 5th 2%. >> this isn't just a matter of supply. this is a matter of supply and demand. every item you see, every container on every ship that is waiting at anchor in the ports of l.a. and is long beach or anywhere else is there because an american company or consumer purchased it x. that's because demand has surged. retail sales are off the charts. >> reporter: as for the empty shelves and rising prices, transportation secretary pete buttigieg says the administration began looking at supply chain issues earlier in case something like this happened,s but inflation at a 13-year high. >> inflation primarily affects retirees and the working poor. or any poor person. the risks, you know, people can handle inflation. they'll figure out the right places to put their money. their assets will inflate with the rest of inflation. it's the poor, people on fixed income that are incredibly hurt
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by inflation. and people need to understand that. >> mike, this supply chain crisis may be making daily headlines right now, maybe doing so for the next few days and weeks, but this problem began brewing, according to economists, many, months ago. and the way things are moving right now, it may still be a problem as we head into the early, early months of 2022. mike: david spunt, many thanks. for a look at where the spending bill negotiations stand on capitol hill, let's welcome in california democratic congressman, congressman brad sherman. congressman, welcome. >> good to be with you, mike. mike: there was an end of september deadline, now the deadline is halloween. do you expect democrats will have a deal by the end of the month on the spending and tax plan known as human infrastructure in. >> frankly, no, but we should certainly try to achieve it. we're trying to do something enormous. this is the first time in history we're trying to do
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something enormous are are razor thin majorities. it's a 10-year bill, if it takes another 10 weeks, it takes another 10 weeks. mike: the initial price tag was $3.5 trillion. senator bernie sanders, progressive in the senate, said that's a conservative number. then you had joe map chip, a moderate d joe manchin, a moderate senator, saying he's her like $1.5 trillion. is there a sweet spot that is correct make both -- that could make both seem that's okay? >> >> there seems to be some unity around the number 1.9-2.3. but what's important is not just the numerator, but the denominator. a trillion dollars spent over five years is actually more money than 3.5 trillion spent over 0 -- 10 years. and if we want to make sure this thing is a paid for, we have to make sure that the we we provide
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benefits for a certain thurm of years, we generate the tax revenues. mike: what do you say to those who worry about pumping trillions more dollars into the economy regarding inflation? >> well, this bill is designed to be paid for. eventually it'll be mostly paid for, and so you're not pumping more dollars into the economy. sure, you're giving money in tax breaks to the families -- [audio difficulty] but you're taking money from billionaires and from corporations that are not, are using shenanigans to avoid paying taxes. so you're taking money out of the economy with the tax increases and putting money back into the economy with the tax deductions and others -- [inaudible] mike: let me push back a little bit. there are those that say you could not possibly pay for a
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multitrillion dollar package just by taxing people or big businesses. how do you respond to that? >> well, we've laid out the revenue increases, and they do add up to $3.5 trillion over ten years. they are difficult to pass, and i don't like to increase taxes on anyone. [audio difficulty] inflation that you mentioned. so we do have, people are rightly focused on what we provide in these bills. the universal pre-k, the hearing and dental care for seniors, etc., etc. but i think that the provisions to require at least a 15% tax on all corporations no matter what -- they use --
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[audio difficulty]mike congressman brad sherman of the great state of california, thank you so much for your time. have a great day. >> thanks, mike. ♪♪ mike: turning now to the tight virginia governor's race and the crucial role critical race theory and education are are having on the hoedown between dem -- showdown between terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin. joining us now is patty menders. patty, welcome. >> hi, thank you. mike: with all the controversy in recent months, school board member beth barts resigned friday calling it, quote, the right decision for me and my family. he was facing a recall campaign. patty, how do do you respond to that development? >> i'm thrilled that she made the best decision for our community and our children. mike: there you go. okay. so how do you see education playing with the governor's race? polling suggests it's a tight
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race between terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin. obviously, you've had a lot of passionate school board meetings there in lowden county, virginia. how does education play into the tight governor's race? >> so as a parent if, i actually have six sons, i am the first educator of my sons and my children. and mcauliffe said that parents are not allowed to know what's going on in our school system. well, we're tax a ayers, we're voters -- taxpayers. we have every right to know what's going on in our public schools because we pay taxpayers. so how can mcall say parents are not allowed to -- understand what's going in our schools? so education is a big issue in virginia right now. mike: let's play that clip from terry mcauliffe, and i'll get you to react to it. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach -- you know, i get really tired of everybody
10:15 am
running down teachers. mike: were you surprised by that comment? there are a whole lot more parents in virginia than there are teachers in the teachers union. >> you know, when somebody says something, they're usually telling the truth -- [laughter] and mcauliffe showed us who he was by telling us that a parents should not be involved in our kids' education. i think her parents need to be -- more parents need to be awake and understand that a democrat in office here in virginia is not going to be best for our children. mike: to the latest fox news poll, parents telling schools what to teach, 57% of parents say they should, 34% say they should not. does that energize support for republican candidate glenn youngkin? >> yes. glenn youngkin has been for families, for parents from day one, and he wants to listen to the parents. that's why we got into this fight here in loudoun county, because the school board was not
10:16 am
listening to parents. they weren't helping us be more a part of the can curriculum and the program. they've been ignoring us. and glenn youngkin has been on our side wanting parents involved. he told us straight up that if he gets elected, he wants education to be one of his major initiatives. mike: there's polling suggesting that youngkin supporters are more enthusiastic about voting for him than mcauliffe supporters are. is that what you're seeing in loudoun county? >> yes. i'll be honest, i am the president of the largest republican women's club, but putting politics aside, i've had several democrat members join us recently. ask with our recall -- and with our recall of the remaining school board members, we've had so many democrats jump onboard. so this education issue is a bipartisan issue. this is something that affects all parents, and i think youngkin's going capitalize on
10:17 am
this. mike: all right. final couple weeks of this campaign. patty menders, thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. mike: the supply chain crisis making it tough on small businesses trying to make a their comeback. more on what the issues are are after the break. ♪ ♪ paul loves food. but his diabetes made food a mystery. everything felt like a “no.” but then paul went from no to know. with freestyle libre 14 day,
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mike: the supply chain crisis is about much more than just getting cargo ships in port and unloaded, william la jeunesse reports from the or the of los angeles saying some of the biggest problems are still to come. >> reporter: the clock is ticking on america's retailers. black friday, the day stores are supposed to become profitable, is just six weeks away. yet experts say it could take months to untangle kinks in the supply chain. >> terminals do not have room to store containers, truckers don't have enough chassis or tractors or enough drivers to manage the flow of goods that continues to bottleneck at the or thes. >> it's going to begin operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. >> we've been mostly focused on
10:22 am
the next 80 days or so. >> we've got work happening at the ports seven days a week today. we want to make sure we're in sync with the other players in the supply chain. >> we're certainly trying to move to more effective 24/7 operations. i'm not sure how much of that we're actually going to get done in the near term, but it's a good goal. >> reporter: a major chokepoint, the ports of l.a. and long beach where 77 ships are waiting offshore and 25 more are arriving in the next three days. >> today we're at six imports for every export container. that's the widest trade gap we've seen. >> reporter: the surge was 11% in august, pushing america's total deficit up 3534% from a year -- 34% from a year ago. the main reason? there aren't enough truckers to move it. industry wants washington's help. >> at 18 you can go fight for your country in the military the, you can fly a plane, but
10:23 am
the idea that you can't drive interstate this a truck really -- in a truck the really limits the capacity for the industry. >> to put this initiative in context, this week administration officials said long beach add had already gone 24/7 and that the port of l.a. would, quote, meet that effort. in fact, only one out of six terminals in long beach added that 3-7 a.m. shift and only 4, 7 days a week -- not 7 days a week. true, the port and other stakeholders want to go 24/7, but 80 days? 2-3 months, that's not days or weeks. william will -- la jeunesse, fox news. mike: we are joined by truckload carriers association vice president of affairs david heller and the owner of city lights collectibles, excuse me, based in san diego, spencer young. gentlemen, welcome. >> morning. >> morning, mike. thanks for having us on.
10:24 am
mike: spencer, let's start with you. what are the biggest challenges you are having right now with your collectible business? >> really and truthfully just getting the products. normally our displays are finished, trees are decorated, ask we're ready to go. right now they aren't because we simply are still waiting on the goods to arrive. we're hoping they're going to be coming in soon, but we're hearing about delays and also heard some products we won't actually be getting at all this year. mike: what about manpower? >> we're struggling with. we're trying to hire like crazy but, again, it's hard. we've got ads running just about everywhere, but it's hard finding employees. mike: david, what are the biggest challenges for truckload haulerses right now? >> finding drivers. we were already about 50,000 drivers as an industry, and covid didn't do any justice. those numbers have been amply find forcing early retirements, so trying to find a qualified driver, and we as an industry,
10:25 am
we're still doing 24/7/365. it's actually finding operateors that can safely and efficiently run those trucks. so it's just a massive labor shortage going on in our industry, ask and it continues to grow as we get into this holiday season. mike: i want to play a clip from joe biden back in the 2020 campaign. >> it's not a food shortage, it's a lack of leadership. a lack of leadership. i've harnessed the restaurant industry to help get through to those who need it and help get millions of laidoff workers back to work. this is not rocket science, it's leadership. mike: do you think october '21 joe biden agrees with may '20 biden, david? >> i think he'll have a little bit different point of view. if you look at the trucking industry and the leadership, we were hauling the vaccines when they needed it, the, pp to the hospitals, so without a doubt.
10:26 am
we're heavily involved in this process. mike: spencer, what would you want policymakers here this washington to hear from you? got any advice for them? >> really and truthfully, just try and get the port situation resolved as quickly as possible. i guess it's a hand a power issue, and whatever they can do to get people to want to come back and work again. mike: david, is there something that the folks here in washington could coto help you? >> getting our younger drivers exposed to a profession that they could obviously benefit from, you know? getting an 18 to 20-year-old driver to operate this interstate commerce. here i came from virginia to cross state lines just to come to the studio and do, and the reality becomes a younger intrastate driver can't to this. it would open the industry to a demographic we've never had that exposure to and open their eyes up to a quality profession and get more qualified drivers behind the wheels of trucks. mike: spencer, as you look ahead
10:27 am
to the holiday season, how critical is that for your business? >> it's certainly critical. we definitely need the product, we definitely need the people, and we're really hoping to get this resolved quickly because we're dependent on it. mike: and, david, in terms of truckers being able to get those goods to folks across the country at a critical time, do you see any improvement of the situation in the short term? >> you know, i do. i see some valid changes in the logistical environment, probably some drop and hook operations, more flexibility at shippers and receivers so drivers can get in, get loaded or unloaded in a timely fashion. right now our drivers are averaging about six and a half hours of drive time per day out of the eleven hours that d.o.t. allows per regulation. so just a 0% increase, let's -- 30% if increase, just two extra hours, circumventing congestion time would allow these drivers to actually continue to drive and get further down the road to deliver these goods to the
10:28 am
stores that actually need them. mike: interesting. gentlemen, we thank you for your time and perspective. spencer young, david heller, many thanks. >> thank, mike. >> thank you. mike mike former president bill clinton released from the hospital. a live report there our claudia cowan after the break. ♪ ♪ and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. your dell technologies advisor is here to help. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. - [female narrator] they line up by the thousands. each one with a story that breaks your heart. your dell technologies advisor is here to help. like ravette... every step, brought her pain. their only hope: mercy ships. the largest floating civilian hospital in the world.
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>> former president bill clinton in his way home after leaving the hospital where he received treatment for a series of infections. claudia cowan is uses uc-irvine medical center with the latest. >> reporter: hey, mike. that's right, the former president left the hospital here this orange, california, just about two and a half hours ago. he walked out of the building, no wheelchair necessary, with his wife, the former first lady, hillary clinton, holding one of his arms. and clinton spent some time thanking his doctors, even taking some pictures. it was a heart warming show of
10:33 am
gratitude for the care he received after a urinary tract infection spread into his bloodstream. antibiotics seemed to do the trick, and he'll continue to take medication as he continues on his road to recovery. we got an update from the team of doctors. quote: president clinton was discharged from uc-irvine medical center today. his fever and white blood cell count are normalized, and he will return home to new york to finish his course of antis. we were honored -- antibiotics. we were honored to have treated him and will continue to monitor his progress. the 75-year-old former president was reportedly in pretty bad shape when he first arrived on tuesday suffering from fatigue, fever and other issues, but it was head clear early on he did not have covid. he was immediately it on intravenous antibiotics and was cared for in the icu where he received visitors, engaged with hospital staff and continued his work on behalf of the clinton
10:34 am
foundation. an event for his charitable towningation is the reason why he was in southern california this week. but now his unexpected hospital stay is over, the former president is heading home as his doctors continue to closely monitor his recovery. mike? mike: looks like a beautiful day in orange, but i think he's probably looking forward to getting home to new york. claudia cow warning thanks so much. after 200 years, a thomas jefferson statue in new york city's town hall might be on its way out. laura ingle joins us with more coming up next. ♪ ♪ wer of taking steps forward. moving ahead. whatever the pace. and whatever the size. that's why we set out to help make it easier for everyone to move forward financially. with small business, personal banking, wealth, and corporate solutions that help you reach your goals and plan for the future... it's a girl! ...we're doing everything we can to help you get where you want to be. because sometimes a little help is all you need.
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10:39 am
laura ingle has the latest outside new york city's city hall. good afternoon, laura. >> reporter: hey, mike. it is a part of history inside city hall that not everybody thinks is appropriate and, actually, this has been going on for a really long time, this argument about the statue of thomas jefferson. as you mentioned, a known slave owner, getting it out of city hall chambers where the city council meets. the statue may soon be on the move after a little known city board called the public design commission approved the relocation to the new york historical society. now, the controversy comes during nationwide calls to remove statues on public property that have connections to slavery. five members of the city council wrote a letter to mayor bill de blasio last year demanding the statue come down, writing in part: the statue of thomas jefferson in the city council chambers is inappropriate and serves as a constant reminder of the injustices that have plagued communities of color since the intseng of our -- inception of
10:40 am
our country. it must be removed. mayor bill de blasio on thursday said he will respect the decision of the commission and understands the base of the argument. >> i think the important thing here is just to recognize the city council spoke out of their belief what is right for their chamber, for their side of city hall. and that, to me, is just a straightforward matter. that's what they feel, i want to respect them as another branch of government. >> reporter: and others say the statue should stay including the towner of the guardian angels -- founder and republican candidate for new york mayor, curtis sliwa. >> this statue should remain in hits right. place as it has for 182 years through depression, through war, through peace, through all types of problems in good times and bad times. he was a symbol to look up to say this is what our country
10:41 am
stands for. >> reporter: and we should know about this tomorrow. the commission votes tomorrow afternoon. more to come on that. mike? mike: at a time when a lot of new yorkers note the city is filthy and crime is on the rise, they're going to be the wrestling with a statue? laura ingle, thank you so much. joining us thousand to discuss the rise of cancel culture, civil rights attorney robert, atillo and rnc committee woman for california, harmeet dhillon. well come to both of you. >> thank you. mike: what about this effort to cancel thomas jeff in new york city. >> well, this is part of a long line of these types of incidents around the country, and i think it's really unfortunate because when you banish history from our memory, you're absolutely committed to repeating some of the mistakes that we have made historically. so thomas jefferson was a great american president, the third president, the second vice president of our country,
10:42 am
drafted sounding documents, you know, an amazing architect. and while he had slaves, like just about all of the wealthy men of his time, every historical figure has his skeletons in the closet. so i think we need to move on beyond this type of cancel culture. as somebody mentioned about bill de blasio, i hope it's a couple hundred years before he gets canceled, but we are not doing ourselves any favor by racing this art of our history. we need to learn it, understand it, respect it and take the good with the bad. mike: robert, how do you see it? >> i've always been in favor of instead of removing these things, adding context. this should also be a plaque saying he owned over 600 individuals, that he enslaved 400 at monticello, that a young girl as young as 14, sally hemings, was raped continuously
10:43 am
by jefferson. i think it's important we put that context around it instead of putting this into the historical society or in a basement somewhere. make sure people though the full and true history of the country, not just the fun johnny appleseed side of it, but what really happened. and as sliwa said, we have to not cover these things up because going forward our country needs to know exactly what america was founded on and the truth about the documents. so i believe you measure the good with the bad and you add context around it instead of simply removing the statue. the city council made the decision for their chamber, maybe they will change their mind on it. mike: all right. to our government today. let's put this gal up poll up on the screen. -- gallup. 52% say government is doing too much, 43% say government should do more. harmeet, what do you make of those numbers? >> i think that's a rate if vague question. i think really the devil is in
10:44 am
the details. the government is doing too much of getting into our personal lives and, for example, for me as an employer, health care choices, they're doing too much there. they're doing too little to keep me safe from that raiding -- ma a raiding gangs of criminals in san francisco. i don't take away a lot from that kind of a question. personally, i want the government to do the things that we all located to them and our founding documents and our constitution and our laws and leave the rest to us, citizens. mike: like keeping people safe and cleaning up. robert, what's your take? >> i think it's very similar but from a different perspective. i think government is doing too much interference in places like georgia with voter suppression and other states with trying to disenfranchise voters. but at the same time, i think they're doing too little on health care, on education, too
10:45 am
little on immigration. the wording of the question could lead to whatever outcome you want, and i think that's the difficulty in our policies today. mike: all right. to the np r/maris poll on mandates. getting vaccinated, 43% if, personal choice. 5%, everyone's responsibility. -- 53%, everyone's responsibility. how do you read that one? >> i think that the media has done a lot to manipulate these types of questions. historically, personal medical choices are left to individuals, but at the same time we also do, of course, have historical laws that we have to grapple with. for me as a lawyer, the framework that i look at is making sure that these decisions are made at the right level. and to the extent that there's a public health crisis, frankly, the federal government has no police power to mandate advantage she nation like -- vaccination like the president is trying to do through his osha rule, and it should be left to the state and local governments.
10:46 am
ultimately, we have to have bodily awe on the hawaii. that's guaranteed in interpretations of the constitution. like robert just mentioned, the united states supreme court has a lot of decisions on this type of issue, and the same laws than used towards vaccination have been used to sterilize people whose iq are not what public health officials think are okay. i think the government should stay out of it. mike: robert, what about vaccine mandates? >> i'm generally against mandates in general for many of the same reasons. what i do believe is we should be having the proper information out into the public sphere so we can make the proper decisions. people are confused about which vaccines are fda approved, by which vaccines or if the vaccines has negative side effects. much of the misinformation and negative propaganda is what led to the need for the -- and i want people to remember where we were at a year ago right now. remember disinfecting your groceries, children being home 24 hours a day. so whatever's going to get us
10:47 am
back to normal, people need to have the proper information, and much of the disinformation on social media has led to the need for the government to -- [inaudible] vaccine mandates whiching hopefully can be rolled back. mike: robert, you are a haitian-american, i'm wondering your thoughts about these missionaries who have been kidnapped in haiti account and the current situation on the ground there. >> well, it's been in chaos. the assassination of the president earlier this year, these gangs such as the g9 gang and some the officials, very much running the country. and and while it is tragic, there are many haitians on the ground who have been kidnapped also who do not get the same international attention. i do think the international community needs to come together can to provide aid and stability there. we see president biden deporting haitians back to that, i think it's disgraceful and should be
10:48 am
taken into consideration by democratic voters going forward. mike: thanks so much, have a great day. >> thank you. mike: border officials are working hard to keep up with the surge, mike tobin joins us with a live report from on the ground next. ♪ ♪
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mike: live pictures of the rio grande river dividing the u.s. and mexico courtesy to have fox flight team. thousands of migrants continue to come across that border as biden administration officials say they are working to reinstate trump's remain in mexico policy. mike tobin is live with the very latest. >> reporter: hey there,
10:53 am
miefnlgt the stream of immigrants coming across the border will pick up and slow down, but it never really seems to stop. last night was no exception. our fox news cameras about a mile from the location where i'm standing right now caught two groups of immigrants totaling about 80 people. there were family units, single adults and unaccompanied minors. usually they come across with directions to get to border protection, and they will turn themselves in believing that they will be able to stay. now, the border is an increasingly dangerous place. in all of the chaos, armed gangs have begun to show themselves. we see them taking pot shots at teach other, and the texas department of public safety confirms that the gangs have now been firing across the border at u.s. personnel. the most recent gunfire was last night. here's texas governor greg abbott on "sunday morning futures." >> this is escalating into a firing war on each side of the border where texas and our national guard are having to
10:54 am
defend themselves and defend the state of texas. >> reporter: now, one thing that might lighten the flow of immigrants from mexico is that the biden administration plans to comply with a court order reinstating a trump rah policy nobody as remain in mexico. officially, it's called migrant protection protocol or mpp, and it requires migrants to remain in mexico while the asylum claims work their way through the courts. the administration canceled that program claiming inhumane conditions at the camp, but a federal court determined they handled it wrong, so it will likely be reinstated mid november. we're now waiting on numbers from customs and border protection about contacts their officials have made with immigrants during the month of september. that will close out the totals for the fiscal year and 2021 is expected to be a record-breaking year. mike? mike: mike, you're a veteran correspondent for us, once the dallas bureau correspondent, so you're very familiar with the
10:55 am
south texas border issues. your sense of how bad things are right now compared to your historical context. >> reporter: well, it certainly is a free-for-all. the fact that you have gunfire now coming across the border is absolutely significant, and it speaks to the power vacuum. and, frankly, what you've got going on according to law enforcement officials and talking, i mean, the science or the strategy behind these pot shots across the border, one, they're trying to probe the u.s. personnel out here to see what their response will be to the gunfire, but also they know that the u.s. personnel is going to be concerned for the safety of their own people. so if there is random gunfire even though it's not target thed at an individual, ultimately the u.s. will pull back its personnel, and that will create the freedom where they can move drugs or whatever they want across the border. mike: mike tobin live in iowa tee that, texas, thanks so much. russian film makers from space, more on what they were up
10:56 am
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mike: a russian film crew is back on earth after filming the first ever movie in space, landing in kazhakstan after filming segments for their challenge at the international space station. the real drama wasn't the filming, it was when the international space station briefly tilted out of he position. there's reports that nasa you will a allow tom cruise to film
11:00 am
at the international space station some time in the future, perhaps mission impossible, out of this world. you heard it here first. that's it for this hour of "fox news live." fox news sunday is up next. thank you so much for watching. have an you awesome day. -- have an awesome day. ♪ chris: i'm chris wallace. more fights over of vaccine mandates as the white house calls on pediatricians to help. ahead of the rollout for kids. ♪ >> parents are going to go and ask their doctor questions, ask their pediatrician questions, better understand the safety, efficacy of the vaccine. chris: an fda panel considers authorizing more boosters for higher risk people. we'll discuss where things stand on all three vaccines and ask the president's chief medical advisor, dr. anthony fauci, what it's going to take to get


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