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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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your father-in-law will send me a thank you back. lara: he certainly will, i promise you that. alicia: these are all wonderful i love that we were kicking this tradition often will be fantastic thank you wall that does it for us, the "fox report with jon scott" start right now. ♪ >> braced herself for higher prices and shortages of common supply. the biden administration warning the system problem facing the supply chain could continue into next year. good evening i'm jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: dozens of packed cargo ships waiting off the coast of california stuck in bottlenecks outside of the ports this is a shortage of truckers delays good from reaching store shelves it's working to address the backlog and the pressure is mounting as
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prices skyrocket ahead of the busy holiday shopping season georgia republican congressman drew minute to talk about major economic headwinds in the pledge to fight what some are calling a major president biden's tax-and-spend bills we begin with david spunt at the white house. >> the president spent the weekend at the white house no doubt watching the latest news on the supply chain crisis perhaps feeling the pressure as we get closer to the end of the year, this is the story making headlines right now, in texas the origins into 2022 dozens of cargo ships as you mentioned right now are packed to the brim, a deep blue parking lot in california coast truck drivers are scarce, million in limbo and
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cannot get to the ports or even onto trucks. >> as sad as i am to say this is what i expect things will get worse before they get better so we will have more shortages of goods , we will have higher prices and inflation will remain and 4 - 5% level and it's going to take time to sort these things out these cannot be sorted out overnight there was many years in the making and the encoded fast-forward and got everything accelerated and that's where we are now. >> as for the empty shells and rising prices, pete buttigieg says the administration began looking at the supply chain issue earlier this year in case something like this happen but
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critics of the administration say wait if you knew things were going to be bad cargo ships and trucking shortages why are we at the problem with the supply chain crisis, here's secretary buttigieg. >> this is not just a matter of supply this is a matter of supply and demand and every item that you see every container on every ship that is waiting and anchor in the ports of l.a. or long beach is there because of an american company or consumer purchase to that is because demand has surged retail sales are off the charts. >> the president is touting his build back better social spending plan saying that may help the supply chain situation right now, a logjam and whatever people want to call it republicans would disagree that's why we are dealing with a stalemate that we see as a. lara: right now. jon: david spunt at the white house, thank you. >> katie blaming again for kidnapping 17 u.s. missionaries that includes 16 citizens of the u.s. and one canadian seven of them are women five men and five
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children reportedly taken from a bus on the way home from building an orphanage in the country's capital. the group is part of the ohio-based christian aid ministries the source tells fox news many members are part of the mennonite community from lancaster here is alexandria half with more details. >> is fully gang members took over a bus that the missionaries were riding on and someone on board we bleached out to contacts to tell them what happened and asked for prayers the group of mostly americans 1d christian aid ministry operated in haiti the associated press reports they sent us yesterday this is a special prayer alert pray that the gang members would come to repentance, a statement
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provided to fox news the state department said they're aware of the ongoing situation in the welfare and safety of u.s. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state, the missionaries have remained in haiti despite do not travel advisory in place by the state department citing the risk of being kidnapped specifically fox news told the members are amish and mennonite communities here is illinois congressman. >> we need to track down where they are and see if negotiations without paying ransom or possible or do whatever we need to on a military front or police front we keep them in our prayers and the u.s. government will do everything we can to keep them back. >> profound unrest was set up by the assassination of the president in an earthquake that killed thousands no word yet if official contact has been made with the missionaries or their abductors. jon: alexandria half, thank you. certain social spending bill by the end of october continue clashes between moderates and progressives on the democratic
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side are threatening to delay president biden's economic agenda further joining me too weigh in republican congressman steve ferguson, the chief deputy whip of the house republican conference and a member of the house ways and means committee, do republicans have any role to play in this in nancy pelosi's congress and in the democratic led senate? >> we do have an important role to play and were telling the american people what is in this bill and every time we expose more and more of what's in the bill americans push back against it and what we see as a result of the biden administration is chaos in the administration and chaos in the house of representatives moderates and progressives can agree republican staying committed that america remains the most competitive place to do business and what the democrats are proposing puts everybody first but america. jon: this is a logjam on capitol hill would you call that a good thing? >> right now we don't see
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anything good coming from the democrats we seen a tremendous amount of inflation in american families are hurting and the cost of energy going through the roof, the biden administration is begging opec in russia to supply fuel for the u.s. and the rest of the world this is wrong and we cannot stand for it. what we are seeing right now with the social spending and the proposal coming out of the white house this is not good for america it will sideline a generation of the workers and make america less competitive. jon: we will get to the details in a moment but ron johnson was on "mornings with maria" this morning and here's what he said about the prospects of getting the bills through. >> what are your thoughts in terms of a vote on october 31? >> i hope for a democrat gridlock often times gridlock is a better alternative but when it's democrat gridlock trade for i hope that is exactly what happens. >> in other words another these bills get passed?
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>> i think there's a real chance october 31 deadline that nancy pelosi said was certain is no longer certain what we see as moderates and progressives in their party continue to fight we see the chances of the big bill going down and we think that is good for america, this is not the policy that puts american businesses and american workers first is the kind of thing that puts us behind their biggest competitor china in our adversaries around the world. jon: one of the things buried in the 2400 page bill is an item that would turn banks with spying agencies of the irs, you and other members of the ways and means committee are trying to stop that but here's what the democratic representative says about the details of the little item. >> is not going to look at
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here's what you spent and here's the deposit it's going to say if you made money in the year, pay your tax just like banks tell you if you made interest you have to pay your tax, if you get a w to the idea that businesses should pay their tax, i don't think this will surveilled or stupid to people's privacy anyway because banks will not have the ability to go after the individual transaction. >> he says this is not surveillance and not snooping into people's privacy, what do you say? >> with all due respect, he could not be more wrong of this issue americans do not want the irs snooping into the bank accounts and spying on them this is a constitutional issue federal government is prohibited from the fourth amendment of unreasonable search and seizure in the federal government cannot look at your private property without a search warrant this is a constitutional issue it does not matter if the amount is
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$1.600 or $10000 americans do not want the irs snooping into the bank account, here's why americans do not trust the irs and for good reason go back to what louis learner did where she was targeting political groups look at the linking of information to propublica this is an organization that is proven time and again, it can be weapon nice against american citizens, this is why americans are going to stand up and push back hard against it and it's one of the reasons i dropped a bill on friday to prohibit secretary yelling from implement in these roles and every republican on the ways and means committee and 100 other cosponsors stand ready to fight to the end of this this is unacceptable and we cannot have this in america. jon: before too long $600 in the bank account will not buy you much of anything if the prices keep going the way that we are seeing them go take a look at
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the numbers from the last year fuel oil, basically diesel fuel but fuel oil is up 42.6% over the last year gases up 42.1, energy overall electricity et cetera is up almost 25% in used cars and trucks where you could get a bargain that the most up over 25% what is the answer. >> the answer is to stop the ridiculous government spending driving inflation americans know when washington spent too much money that it drives inflation and for the administration to say this is transitory meaning it will pay us is dead wrong this is affecting americans every single day at the grocery store at the fuel pump and just as you alluded to earlier in
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your previous segment the supply chain issues are real american families cannot get access to the goods that they need and it begs the question why are we continuing to import from china when we should produce these here in america again policies in place that put america last not first and that is wrong. if you look at the tax cut is driven the american economy to the highest levels and we have a tremendous revenue stream coming in once again washington doesn't have a revenue problem has a spending problem and to suggest that we should spend more of your hard earned dollars by having irs spy on your bank account is flat wrong, we cannot stand for that. jon: congressman from georgia, republican, thank you. former president bill clinton released from a southern california hospital earlier today he walked out with his wife hillary thinking doctors and nurses as he left he was hospitalized for an infection and will go to new york to finish his course of antibiotics according to the officials is unrelated to covid-19. fox news alert and all help
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manhunt for a gunman who opened fire at a bar killing one deputy and injuring two others the murder deputy 30-year-old two and a half year veteran on the force who had just become a new father fox news senior correspondent claudia cowan is live with the latest on that. jon: a brutal ambush of three officers working extra security jobs outside of a sports bar in houston investigate or say in the predawn hours of saturday morning two deputies looking into a disturbance that might've been a robbery and in the process of wrestling with a suspect when a second man appeared out of nowhere and opened fire with an error 15 rifle shooting them from behind in a totally unprovoked attack 30-year-old kareem atkins died
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of his injury he had recently returned to work after taking time off to be with his wife and their newborn baby in a somber perception officers pay their respect lining up in patrol vehicles and saluting that the deputy atkins was transported from the hospital to the medical examiner's office the deputy he was with atkins 28-year-old darrell garrett had worked since 2018 he was shot in the back and is recovering from surgery, his fiancée a former deputy herself says the three officers were very close. >> best friends they call each other brothers they did everything together, atkins was only one that knew he was going to propose to me. they were really close. >> upon hearing gunshots 26-year-old raised and to help he was shot in the leg and his bone was shattered and is also recovering from surgery it is unclear if the deputies were able to return fire
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investigators say they interviewed one person near the scene but determined he was not the shooter the suspected gunman still on the loose described as hispanic and in his early 20s investigators say they don't have much more to go one in there asking for the public's help for any information and while the manhunt continues law-enforcement agencies in texas and around the country are praying for the deputies and their families the three officers are being hailed as true law enforcement heroes who were cowardly ambushed while serving and protecting the community. jon: let's hope they get the information they're looking for. thank you. straight ahead dramatic video captures the moment of amtrak slams into a semi truck hauling multiple cars. mike tobin is at the southern border following the worsening crisis there. >> as the free-for-all continues at the us-mexico border authorities say cartels are taking pot shots at u.s. personnel on the u.s. side, details coming up.
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we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. jon: reluctant by then a administration will be required to combat the border crisis using a trump air policy the
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courts are forcing the president to revive a policy requiring asylum-seekers to remain in mexico before getting hearings in u.s. immigration courts mike tobin is at the border with more on that. >> the flow of migrants across this border is constant 3 miles from this location fox news flights team spotted a group of migrants coming across the border six men one women from
3:21 pm
guatemala, el salvador this is a group of runners meeting they did not want to get picked up most of the time groups of migrants to be processed confident that they will stay in the u.s. that's what we saw last night when 80 people families and individuals came across for some time the cartel had been shooting at each other on the mexican side of the border but a new development, as recently as last night they are taking shots across the border at u.s. personnel one texas congressman blames the biden a administration. >> they stop building the wall, they stopped reporting people and that created a crisis on the southern border it is escalating in the fire from the cartel at national guardsmen is a further sign of the destabilization that biden has done to the security of this country on our southern border. >> abiding a administration had reversed course on the trump era remain a mexico policy the supreme court says the administration needs to reverse course again inhumane condition at camps where migrants waited while they remained in mexico while the casework through the system but the court determined
3:22 pm
the administration repealed the all wrong so it's expected to go back into affect mid-november it is getting close to sundown on the border and one thing that we see when it gets dark it generally brings a fresh wave of border crossings. jon: mike tobin, thank you caught on camera the terrifying crash in oklahoma and amtrak colliding with a semi truck peering several cars you can see the impact his sense of cars flying into the air it happened near the border with texas, for people on the trains suffered minor injuries according to the fire department the truck was stuck on the tracks and the safety gates closed before impact. coming up another twist in the murdoch family murder saga outrage in loudoun county virginia a new battle between parents and school officials as the district faces a growing backlash over to alleged sexual assault ian prior is the father of two students we will get reaction from him next. my car insurance,omize so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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jon: i'm jon scott this is the "fox report", here's a look at our top stories, the murder
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trial begins tomorrow in georgia the jury selection expected to take weeks and unarmed black man was shot and killed in february 2020 new brunswick georgia after three white men in a pickup truck chased him sparking protest across the country republicans in texas are getting close to getting the party an edge that would give 24 out of the 38 house districts to the gop advantage. the democrats in the state are expected to challenge the plan as they claim the maps ignore the growing latino population in the state over the last decade. attorney alex murdoch is booked into the south carolina detention facility he was arrested and poured after being released from rehab his alleged that he never paid settlement money to the family of his former housekeeper, she died after she fell at his home, he has faced several legal and personal challenges, in june his wife and young son were fatally
3:28 pm
shot outside of their home last month he was shot in the head but it was later revealed to be a set up so his eldest son could collect an insurance payoff, more on these and other stories download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or go to loudoun county virginia continues to be ground zero for parents taking on school boards over issues like critical race theory and gender rights the superintendent of public schools has issued an apology now and is over member resigned as the district faces backlash over the response to two sexual assault. >> to the families and students involved my heart aches for you, i am sorry that we failed to provide the safe welcoming and affirming environment that we aspire to provide. >> let's bring in ian prior to the parent of two loudoun county students executive director
3:29 pm
fight for schools and a former justice department official, i know you been battling the school board in the county for quite some time but did these reports of two sexual assaults that were essentially swept under the rug in loudoun county, did the surprise you? >> certainly the circumstances of those should be surprising and appalling for everybody but they really did not at least as far as the first incident, parents around loudoun county have known about that since late june after the individual was arrested, for members of the school board to say we did not know about it is trenches the balance of reason, when you heard the superintendent, he answered at a school board meeting that he was not aware of any sexual assault and bathrooms, that was on june 22 the event we were talking about was may 28, he came on the press conference and said i misunderstood the question, then you just admitted that you do about it, you knew about the sexual assault in a bathroom yet
3:30 pm
you still pushed through a change gender bathroom policy in august, i am sorry but i cannot believe her a second that he would not have told the chairwoman of the school board what was going on. jon: for those parents and elsewhere in the country this and about the boy wearing a skirt who walked into a change gender bathroom and is alleged to have raped a female student and their. >> yes, at the time they had not passed the transgender policy but that we are trying to keep this quiet because there was massive outrage in the community, people did not want this policy passed that would allow biological boys to use girls bathrooms and people were showing up at the school bird meetings protesting, having this come out before they could pass a policy really would derail the policy. in my opinion that the
3:31 pm
superintendent about this and members of the school board you about this, they did not do anything about it but more importantly on july 8 when the shares investigation concluded the school system easily could've taken his own investigation and discipline but instead of doing that they put them in a different school and a second alleged sexual assault a week and half ago this is a brazenness collective a duty by the superintendent, he should be fired and the people on the school board that knew about it should and in the resignations immediately. jon: there is a matter of your former governor running to get his old job back, terry mcauliffe raise some hackles of parents when he said this regarding education. >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take folks out to make their own decision, i don't think. should be telling schools what they should teach. jon: that did not sit particular
3:32 pm
well with a lot of virginia parents, how do you think that plays in the governors race coming up. >> advocates extremely damaging this does not have to be a partisan issue this is not have to be republican democrat you're looking at a school district and school leadership what you're looking for is accountability, safety of your students, collaboration with parents and are looking for meritocracy, those four things do not exist in loudoun county public schools and i would assume and many public school systems throughout virginia and throughout the country for somebody running to represent the people at their government not to be listening to the parents to be dismissing their concerns, perhaps he is not the right person for the job. jon: perhaps we can put up the latest fox news poll as we say goodbye in the gubernatorial race terry mcauliffe stances 51% when you cannot 61%, 5% race but that's inside the margin of error, and prior concerned loudoun cat and jim county.
3:33 pm
jon: the search for brian laundrie hitting one month mark protesters continue to demand answers outside of his parents home. this is gabby petito's parents describe how they were duped by a quiet and polite brian laundrie in a new interview. charles watson is outside florida with more on all of this. >> gabby petito's family confirms to fox news that they did indeed pick up gabby's cremated remains from the mortuary and jackson wyoming meantime the family is opening up about how they feel tricked by brian laundrie and interview with 60 minutes australia the family says they worried about gabby going on the road trip out west but believes she would be fine because the young man they thought was quiet and polite would protect her. >> i told her to be careful, be safe, make sure to be aware of
3:34 pm
your surroundings, don't trust everybody, but i felt safe because she was with brian and i felt she would be okay, i thought he would take care of her. >> law enforcement continue the search for gabby you do the boyfriend, his parents reported him missing the manhunt has stretched from florida to north carolina and tennessee but brian who is wanted on bank fraud charges in the only person of interest in the investigation of gabby's murder is still nowhere to be found this morning brian's father chris laundrie was unloading boxes into a red pickup truck before returning to the northport home without saying a word a couple of hours later demonstration picked up and for the family with protesters from as far as pennsylvania and arizona demanding more from the parents and speak up. protesters from the neighbors
3:35 pm
and sick of the shouting of the brian laundrie home, onlookers is reaching a boiling .1 frustrated neighbor getting into a shouting match with several protesters on the street today one protester telling neighbors to help them if they want to get rid of them. >> i am sick of it, put your flip-flops on and your robe and walk over there and pass it on to the door. six weeks ago, but this family get peace this poor girl was way too good for your son. >> this protesters are not giving up, they say they want to keep the spotlight on the laundries and so far we have seen one protester has been out here for eight hours today. jon: charles watson from northport florida, thank you.
3:36 pm
multiple people are her after shooting at the park city center mall in lancaster pennsylvania police say there are no immediate threat or danger to the public at this time, fox has not confirmed local media reports that two people were wounded and four others hurt running from the scene and two suspects are in custody the mall is closed until tomorrow. straight ahead adam klotz is tracking the forecast as the west raises for mix of rain and snow. >> that system running onto the coast to this pacific northwest that is sweeping across the country, i will be tracking as it goes across the nation and the fall forecast.
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jon: the west coast braces for rain and snow in some parts and the rest of the country gets ready to bundle up, adam klotz has a forecast. >> temperatures across the country a little bit cooler as we get into the sunday, with it mostly dry this is a satellite rater across the entire country a little bit of rain in the northeast the only other sister were paying attention due to the pacific northwest everyone in the middle of the country a dry sunday nice day to get outside were beginning to see the system work its way offshore we will see rounds of system in the week ahead high elevation this will become snow this is the future forecast monday into tuesday on what you see the higher elevations at times fairly heavy snow 6 inches to a foot of snow on some of the places otherwise heavy rain back behind that there will be another round probably even heavy rain by late
3:43 pm
in the week. this is a forecast precipitation across the country for the entire week and you do see some of the high elevation snow and that's where you see the whites and the purples very heavy rain along the coast dry across most of the southeast and then you get into some light rain in the eastern u.s. but that is the entire week to come otherwise take a look at the temperatures that we saw today it is significantly cooler as you mention across portions of the northeast temperatures only 58 degrees, yesterday in the 70s but you see a little bit of a cooling of warmer air in the center of the country 77 degrees currently in rapid city the warm air in the middle of the country lingers for the next couple of days as we talk about the winter weather here is monday's temperatures a bubble of the warm air 73 degrees and kick the city, 73 in chicago comfortable across the midwest and then the pocket of wintry weather beginning to drift across the country and you see it lining up on tuesday
3:44 pm
temperatures in the 60s on the sideline warm air in the winter weather settled in to the middle the country as we get going into the middle of the week, of course we will be watching you. thank you. jon: thomas jefferson my get the boot from new york city hall statue of the third president and principal author of the declaration of independence will likely be removed from city council chambers and move to a museum and continuation of efforts to displace the founding fathers likeness because he owned slaves, fox news senior correspondent lara ingle is live outside of city hall in downtown manhattan. >> the statue that sits inside city hall behind me has a lot of history, and fact that statue has been inside city council chambers for nearly 200 years, it could soon be on the move as opponents of the display get their way, you mentioned the bow
3:45 pm
coming very soon a little-known board run by the city name the public design commission is set to hold about tomorrow afternoon if that statute should stay or go if the commission approves the relocation it'll eventually be moved to the new york historical society the controversy comes during a nationwide call to remove statues on public property that have connections to slavery. five members of the city council wrote a letter to mayor bill de blasio in 2020 demanding more from the statue come down writing in part the statue of thomas jefferson and the city council chambers is inappropriate and serves as a constant reminder of the injustices that apply communities of color since the inception of our country. it must be removed, mayor bill de blasio on thursday said he will respect the decision of the commission and understand the base of the argument and white issue bothers some who say the issue cannot be ignored. >> all of this the path happens
3:46 pm
it's not about the past is about what it means to the future and we have to be honest about both sides of the history. >> there are others who say the statue should say despite thomas jefferson being a slaveowner he was a founding father and president and he remains a part of her history, located or not, new york city councilman. >> the fact that he was a slave owner and the institution of slavery is not a stain on america, is not the context were trying to eradicate we are just trying to represent the thomas jefferson's life is worth memorializing in new york and all the 50 states. >> of the vote to remove the statute, the new york historical society has said this, they will display the statue with historical context so visitors can learn about the cop located legacy of thomas jefferson as well as his contribution we will wait and see what happens
3:47 pm
tomorrow. jon: lara ingle thank you. the school district in michigan reportedly has canceled halloween and valentine's day celebrations and its elementary schools local media reports east lansing school district sent out a letter to parents explaining some students and their families are not comfortable taking part in festivities for the holidays officials told local media the celebrations will be scaled back at the districts middle and high schools as well. china reportedly catching the u.s. off guard after testing a nuclear capable hypersonic missile, plus an emotional reunion after north carolina community welcomed an afghan translator, that story straight ahead. it's the #1-used flu vaccine for people 65 and older. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent is the only vaccine approved by the fda
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jon: here are stories from around the globe in china military officials tested a nuclear capable hypersonic missile pack in august and kept it secret that according to the financial times which reports the launch caught u.s. intelligence officials by surprise, and australia officials in melbourne are this week the city has been under six separate lockdowns since the pandemic began totaling nine months. in the islands off of west africa officials have extradited venezuela alex to the u.s., he will face money laundering charges in connection with an illegal bribery scheme, and spain officials say there is no end in sight to the volcanic corruption of the island of lipoma the volcano has buried more than 1800 acres and 2000 buildings since eruption began
3:53 pm
september 19, that is looking stories from around the globe. the time of combat, stress and fear is now over for the family of an afghan translator as they are resettled and welcomed by a north carolina community grateful for their service during afghanistan war national security correspondent jennifer griffin has her story. >> tears erected in the north carolina farming community as neighbors welcomed and afghan translator in his family who were rescued in august by u.s. editor of private veterans group and members of the 82nd airborne. >> whatever we could do to welcome them here make them comfortable and make them feel like their home. >> the translator who is called johnny by the macon troops who served alongside them during the toughest combat in afghanistan he hugged sgt, the last time they'd seen each other is over a decade ago as sgt was put on a medevac and flown to walter reed
3:54 pm
after being blown up in southern afghanistan. >> he lost his leg and he did a great job for my country my people and for the country. >> the last part of the perilous journey began at fort lee virginia and ended outside of their new home led to him by a veteran. we happen to be in a place in a time where we were able to do that. >> were gonna leave the combat interpreters into the fabric of the veteran community. >> the 82nd airborne veteran three young daughters will be neighbors with his afghan translator three daughters on a farm in north carolina was editor thom tillis worked nonstop to get the u.s. government to rescue johnny. >> it was two or 3:00 o'clock in the morning and we were uncertain if we were going to be successful and they told mike i would not rest until they heard wheels up we took a lot of
3:55 pm
scissors to the red tape. >> 900 afghan allies is trying to evacuate the 82nd airborne motto is first and last out. i lost a lot in afghanistan and butyl to have johnny here with us is just incredible and i'm here to embrace him and support him and his family and see the community do the same. >> jennifer griffin fox news ray. you ready to go fishing? i got the bait. i also earn 5% on travel purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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jon: not so welcome return for lane kiffin yesterday he was booed and hit by a golf ball, perhaps he got the last laugh, ole miss won. and the fan behavior of deemed unacceptable. >> a spine spilling find under a home in northern california, the homeowner called in a snake catcher after seeing rattlesnakes under her home, there were more than 90 there. the snake catcher worked on his hands, knees and stomach
4:00 pm
for almost 4 hours, finding 22 adult snakes and the rest babies. >> all venomous. >> that is how "fox reports" sunday october 17, 2021, i'm john -- i am jon scott, see you next week . ♪ ♪ trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy. mark twain said the report was my death was an exaggeration, so too in politics in 2008 barack obama swept to office with majorities in house and senate. it was the end of the republican party say said, two years later president biden lost the house and 4 years later the house and senate.


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