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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 19, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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they a lot so it's complicated. >> i think the question is does a goldfish qualify? can you sit at home with your goldfish? >> we are insane at this point. >> we will hold down this line and make sure. >> babies are great. >> thanks to everyone. one show and now here is "american reports." >> think your team. fox news alert as we kick off "american reports" and a brand-new hour. the biden administration find migrants into suburban new york under the cover of darkness. the previously unknown flights now raising serious questions about how the white house is dealing with our continued surge at the southern border. hello and welcome everyone, i'm sandra smith in new york. i love john. it's been >> john: hello again sandra, i'm john roberts washington. "the new york post" putting it bluntly on its cover calling it bidens secret flights.
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the post reporting that flights take off at texas and land at westchester county airport and migrants are then placed on buses and sent to at drop off points in new jersey, new york and connecticut. >> many are already struggling towns, migrants are put on those flights as border towns are completely overwhelmed by the surge. fox reporting exclusively last week that the border patrol has released more than 100,000 migrants into the u.s. since just early august. we have fox team coverage which begins now. senator tom cotton will react to the secret flights in just a moment. >> john: buttressed eric shawn has alleged in westchester county. you actually look like you are in new york city. sorry about that. >> that's all right john, i'm in the newsroom. the biden administration is supporting young migrants and those nighttime charter flights from texas, but they are filled with teenagers and children who
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are then bused to nonprofits that housed them or they are sent to relatives and sponsors when they arrive. the paper spotted this. worried a lot atlantic airlines that charter plane touched down just before 10:00 p.m. at the airport, there westchester county airport just north of new york city. the record show some planes arrived there even at two and four in the morning and similar flights have also been spotted landing in jacksonville, florida. earlier today texas senator ted cruz said he wants them grounded. >> their entire political strategy is based on secrecy. joe biden and kamala harris because the best on their entire strategy is to it ignore it and they are counting on the corrupt corporate media to ignore it as well so of course they fly in the middle of the night because i have no defense. >> under what is known as a flores agreement the administration of the bylaw has to settle underage migrants within 20 days, and
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westchester county executive george latimer says the flights are nothing new saying "this is similar to when hss under the administration house 100,000 children in westchester without that country's prior knowledge or approval. where as opposed to now there was no outcry to anyone. that plane was back this morning and winging its way from mcallen, texas, to mexico, another possible expulsion flight is on the ground in delarosa. we are monitoring now and we will see where that goes. >> john: eric shawn a new york city. >> sandra: to be very clear we reached out to the biden administration and the white house for any comments on the story and they have referred us to hhs for comment and if this is a comment and a statement that they put out yesterday so nuance as of today.
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but here it reads it is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they became skillfully a y unified with a sponsor. our process of refugee settlement facilitates travel for children in its custody to the family responses across the cost of my company. that's in route to their final destination to be unified with their parents orbited sponsor. let's bring in arkansas republican senator tom cotton. senator, welcome. this story is a captivating the nation as we see these flights landing in the dark of night. why the secrecy, we've reached out many times on this report to the white house and they are not deploying anything to us but why this secrecy? >> i would remember when i was in the army on friday afternoon the first sergeant would befall the privates for the weekend and remind them that nothing good
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usually happens after midnight. i think we can now extend to that old army wisdom to act out joe biden's immigration policy as well. the obviously reason they are flying these migrants through the dead of night is because they don't want to reveal the consequences of their policy. if they thought it was a political winner for them they would be having these flights in the middle of the day time and it would be coordinating it with a local tv station and they would be celebrated what they do as a great accomplishment. they know joe biden's open border policy is a political disaster so they are trying to hide the consequences of that policy in the dark of night. >> sandra: "new york post" editorial board, and just a heads up we got the two-minute warning from the white house at john saki will begin that update soon. she will likely face questions about this, they said it "bite and playing a deadly game using secret flights to move migrants, there's a reason the biden
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administration is using the secret flights to small airports. they don't want voters to know just how many people are being waved right into the country because president biden understands that open borders might be the policy of progressives but it's not popular among the majority of americans. bottom line, this is a sign come as we see this happening senator, that this is not just a border issue. we are now seeing the spread to many other parts of the country and with the flight planning and westchester, reportedly, these migrant children are being sent to all over the tri-state area. we know long island, they are not returning our calls and they are certainly not giving us any statement on the demographics of those children or how they are being vetted, and how big it is of an issue is this?
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or president biden politically, if he remained silent on the strategy here? >> it's a catastrophe for our country and we will be close to 2 million migrants crossing our borders pretty soon. texas -- a night event texas can keep 2 million new prep residence there. that's why they are flying to places like florida and new york and all points in between and that will put real strain on those communities, hospitals, school systems and housing and on their placed apartments as well. all these migrants should not be in texas or florida or new york, they should be in mexico because president biden should have kept the remain in mexico policy in place to make sure that people aren't entering the country with but up bogus claims of asylum. he will redo that next month but in the meantime we've had 2 million illegal migrants not just cross the border but fan out across the country. >> sandra: ted cruz keyed in on this.
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listen. >> their entire political strategy is based on secrecy. what's happening in our southern border is an absolute tragedy and we had over 1.3 million people cross illegally. we are on a path to have over 2 million people cross and joe biden and kamala harris caused this. their entire strategy is ignored and that they are counting on the corrupt corporate media had to ignore it as well so of course they fly in the middle of the night because they have no defense. >> it's important to point out that we all sympathize with the fact that there are children and families that are willing to make the dangerous journey. at the editorial board at the port at eloquently points that out. course there are is sympathy for parents who'd so desperately have their children looking for a better life that they have a 7-year-old walk to america, but by not having a set policy, by not forcing people to apply for a visa from the country they live in you are making a mockery's of our immigration laws and the board goes further to say you are also encouraging
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a terrible dangerous pipeline. how many children will be assaulted or died trying to get here? and that's an important point to make. >> it's vitally important and i don't see how it's immoral to encourage that's what parents are living in poverty to try to send their children thousands of miles across latin america to get to the southern border? it's also totally arbitrary. there are many places in africa and asia and europe that would love to come here but simply because they don't share a land border, they are not welcome in our country. this is the moral catastrophe that joe biden's immigration policy and the act like it's some great moral victory when in reality it's creating incentives for very dangerous and immoral behavior. >> sandra: people just want some transparency on this issue. mike pompeo put out earlier that a simple, we should know who is coming in and out of our country. senator marsha blackburn is dealing with this in tennessee as well and she says the
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administration has been secretly flying illegal and immigrants into the tennessee for months and now they are doing the same new york. you and many other members of congress are identifying that this is not a new problem, it's been going on for some time and we have pictures showing it there and westchester. senator, thank you. we will see if jen psaki has asked about this and we will go to her question and answer portion in the briefing room when she begins in a few moments. >> she's just doing the preamble right now. tom homan by the way, former acting i.c.e. director will come up in the next little while here, maybe a bit after jen psaki take some questions to talk about that from his perspective and is well to weigh in on chris magness who is the president's nominee for customs and border protection. he's having his confirmation hearing today. he's got some interesting things to say about magnus so we look forward to that. >> and ted cruz is calling for new ports of entry and he said these don't just have to be
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along the border. we can send these to the elitist towns that are calling for these policies and go to martha's vineyard and have it happen there and have it show up at the cocktail party at some of these lawmakers that are calling for that, and support these policies. >> i wouldn't expect that to happen but it's an interesting suggestion. a violent gang demanding $17 million ransom for their release. the fbi and state permit have teams on the ground in haiti working to get those missionaries released. the aid workers are part of a christian ministries group from ohio, and along with the rise and gang violence and kidnappings for ransom have skyrocketed in haiti. the state department listed as a level four country and advises americans not to travel there. >> sandra: the global supply chain crisis continues, reaching georgia's port of savannah. cargo ships are forced to sit vitally offshore while they wait for others to be unloaded.
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that's a situation we are becoming all too familiar with. store shelves like this in the right-hand side of your screen come from completely empty. jonathan serrie from the port of savannah with more on this. >> people here have never seen anything like this and yet they remain nimble at the port and are adapting and dealing with the situation. you can see the port had savannah is a hotbed of activity while this massive cargo vessels are loading and unloading. and while this is going on the port is actually expediting its plans to expand and deal with the increased demand. take a listen. >> we are seeing the cargo velocity pickup, which is great, 30% improvement. secondly we are bringing on new projects, adding yard capacity, rail capacity, birth capacity. >> port director griff lynch says he expects more operations
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by december with a queue of ships waiting offshore or reduced from dozen which is the number today to somewhere in the teens or even the single digits as we take an aerial view from our fox flight team drone. you get a better sense of the massive scale of operations at this 1500-acre facility which is the largest single container port in the u.s. end of the third busiest. their increased ability to move this stacks of shipping containers which have been piling up during the brunt of the supply chain disruption which comes as a relief to businesses on the receiving end because after all time is. >> the more you have something sitting on the dock and you can't access it, that means its demand that you either have to bring in by air freight at a higher cost, you are losing sails and your dollars are tied up in inventory. >> one of the major expansion projects going on here at the port is taking place right on the ground on which i'm
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standing. they are straightening a bend in the savannah river and so by spring, where i'm standing will actually be the river. they will move the bankable bit in this direction and that's going to allow the largest of the container ships to come in here because it's a much more efficient to off-load a cargo from a single large ship than the equivalent amount of cargo from multiple smaller vessels. sandra, back to you. >> sandra: jonathan serrie reporting from garden city, georgia. >> john: sand outlets jump to the white house where press secretary jen psaki is addressing those questions right now on the supply chain at the white house's daily briefing. let's listen in. >> the president is satisfied that can't, can progress continues to be made in one of the reasons why there has been so much traffic and a lot of these courts is because there are more goods being ordered by people across the country. people have more money to expendable resources. their wages are up and more people are working then they were year ago.
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port to port, it's different but statistically some of these ports have 20% or 30% increased volume as a result of that. >> the president has said that a federal support was needed he would direct appropriately. what's the bar for that, what's the mark for directing of additional appropriate action where you can? >> we just announced a number of steps last week in order to increase capacity. i just announced a step today just a few minutes ago or highlighted i guess i should say and we will continue to evaluate steps that need to be taken in order to move towards a 24/7 global supply chain. >> that -- represent clothing manufacturers call them like called on the administration to do more basically and they are asking perhaps that they be called up to help drive trucks and unload cargo. are those options? >> i'm not here to take options
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off the table but i will say we have made a great progress already by working with labor leaders and individuals running these courts and working with private sector companies to make and progress and expedite the moving of goods as evidenced by the progress made by the support leaders over the course of the last couple days. >> you said yesterday that beyond the clean energy performance, there's more that you can do legislatively on claimant. senator manchin said today that carbon tax is not one of the things that came up in discussion, is that something the white house has taken off the table and if so, why? >> i'm not taking any options on or off the table, this is an ongoing investigation and each of the senator's that are part of the negotiations can speak for themselves. and what they are for or against at this point in the process. what i would point out today as there was a report from the
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rhodium group, an independent research group that reinforce the fact that the united states had multiple pathways to meet president biden's pledge to reduce emissions 50-52% between 2,000 bibles in 2030. there's no question that as we work to get the infrastructure bill passed and as we work to get the build back better edge of the past, there are components in each of those bills that have enormous impact and i'd wanted to highlight a couple of these things because sometimes we shorthand in the infrastructure bill, roads, rails and bridges. these are key components that we don't talk about a lot and people out there in the country don't always know all about those as we shorthand them. some of these are claimant pieces, including making the largest federal investment history to expand public translate which will help a range of lower income communities and it's also a step that is a positive step forward for the claimant, remediating environmental harms and
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adjusting the legacy solution by cleaning up sites and building out the national network of ev charging stations in the united states. as i would note, we can share this with all of you if you haven't seen it, we continue to work with our colleagues in congress on a clean energy performance program and this independent analysis lays out a past -- and no one's policy in our view makes or breaks are chances. and all of the economic sectors, we are working with congress to do exactly that. so i mention of course the different components in the package and the president's budget proposal. we also expect policies like the clean energy accelerator or tax credits for clean energy or clean cars and investments in agriculture and forestry and all of these will be major drivers in emissions cuts and all are part of both discussions with congress and discussions of what
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the president can do independently. >> that's not one that the president proposed but one that has been put forward by a range of congress. >> the president spoke yesterday with senator is about voting rights. both of those senators have said that the filibuster should not get in the way at all of it voting rights legislation, even if that means it needs to be done away with or reformed or whatever. that the president share with those senators yesterday why he disagrees with them? >> the president called them yesterday to convey his commitment to getting past, must pass the legislation through which will protect rights from a systematic assaults across the country based on the big -- and i also should note that the present spoke with senators king, clover char and us off about getting this done.
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they also reiterated and what i said yesterday which is that senate democrats, we know senate democrats including members they spoke with yesterday have worked hard to draft legislation that includes traditionally bipartisan positions and that's something that should get support from republicans and democrats across the spectrum. if republicans cannot come forward and stop standing in the way, if they can't support strengthening and protecting come of the fundamental right to vote, then democrats are going to have to determine an alternative path forward. but right now he wanted to call, the vice president wanted to call to express the court and working together to get this done. >> i think the representative set over the weekend that he would be willing to support a narrower initiative that was not like an omnibus voting rights bill but narrower issues. is that something you are considering? >> we are interested in
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protecting people's fundamental rights and i don't know what he's proposing but right now we are focused on the boat that will happen in congress. >> is the goal of these meetings and will make us today to come to an agreement on a topline matter, could number by today? >> our goal is to continue to make progress and based on the morning meetings are expectation of the afternoon meeting as we expect they will do exactly that. >> will that be the top line will number or will they make progress? and does a meeting with a group of progressives and meeting with a group of moderate democrats, those of the two groups that disagree with each other so why would they not be together? >> these are serious policy discussions often on nitty-gritty details in the art duels between factions of the party. there is broad agreement actually about the vast majority of issues here so the president is basing this approach on five decades of washington which is a good guide for how to get things done and he felt these were the
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appropriate groups to come together with with the white house today. >> but he wanted to keep them separate? >> is not as if these members don't talk to each other in congress or don't have their own meetings with each other. this was just his approach, the president's approach today again based on five decades in washington about how to get into the nitty-gritty details which is often with these meetings are about to make progress and move things forward. >> can you confirm if he met with senator mention? >> i think you put out the list of members he's meeting with. >> my last question is one on the lawsuit filed by the former president yesterday going after the national archives on the january 6 committee for speaking documents. he said in the lawsuit, it's a political ploy by this president by not asserting privilege over the document, and that's what the former president wants is asserted over. >> i think our view in the view of the vast majority of americans is that former
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president trump abuse the office of presidency and attempted to do for a peaceful transfer of power, something that had happened between democratic and republican presidencies for decades and decades with throughout history. the former president's actions represented a unique and access of the jewel threat to our democracy which we don't feel can be slipped under the as president biden mentioned, the constitutional protections of executive privilege should not be used to shield information that reflects a clear and apparent effort to subvert the constitution itself. >> thank you. i have a carbon tax and a voting rights question. on carbon tax, i know you said it was his idea but does he believe it's possible to design a carbon tax that would not violate -- 400,000 or below. >> i believe you and i have had this conversation before, i'm having a flashback.
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he does, and there is ample precedent for that. >> my question is does he know whether joe manchin would support a carbon tax? >> we will let senator joe manchin speak for himself on what he would and would not support. >> and i voting rights, would they have to come up with an alternative path forward? it's been known for some time that republicans are not going to come forward and you don't have the vote in the states or the congress and unless the joe manchin agrees to a carve out for the filibuster, how far along are you on figuring out where that alternative passes and where where it would be? >> is a discussion that we would have with leaders and members of congress and right now what our focus is on is on the boat tomorrow. and protected from the mental right to vote. >> so here's a question on the timing on the supply chain issue, and it was clear in march of 2020 when covid hit that
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supply chains across the world had been disrupted, even with the work to fight back against covert proceeded. it was crystal clear that things were not improving on the supply chain. people could not get this washers or furniture or treadmills delivered on time not to mention all sorts of other things. >> a tragedy of the treadmill that's delayed. >> right, it's a great problem. but the serious point is that why didn't the president asked sooner and a more aggressive way, in other words a task force was announced earlier this summer but essentially the present we did dental now, right before the holidays season to take the series of actions. why didn't the president asked sooner, the fact that his administration is failed and been much more reactive to these things rather than getting ahead of them? >> that's not actually true. the president formed a
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task force at the very beginning of the administration and we know is that there are multifaceted. right now we are focusing on the port and issues of the port. we'd seen an increase in volume dramatically as a relates to last year. 20% or 30% increase in volume. there are other issues that we have been working to address in our task force since the beginning in one of them is the fact that manufacturing sites around the world have been shut down because of covid. we are working to be the largest supplier of covert vaccines to countries around the world for a range of reasons. it's morally right but also to help address those global supply chain issues and issues that manufacturing and the slow down and then fracturing can have on the global supply chain. another issue that people tell you, and another thing i've done some reporting on then that people will tell you is a shortage of drivers that we seen. this is been an issue throughout the course of the year. the dmv has expedited their
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approval of commercial driver's licenses. in 2021 an average of 50,000 commercial driver's license and learning permits have been issued each month 60% higher than 2021 numbers. we've also been working with unions to help address the shortages of workers, whether they are at ports or driving issues or other components to impact the supply chain. the important thing to understand here is there are multiple issues impacting the supply chain and some of that is as the economy has turned back on, more people had expendable income and wages to buy more goods and more people are buying more goods. more people have started to buy things online and going into stories which is also impacting the volume and there is a need for more. we've been working on this since february and we've seen the uptake group perhaps related to the fact that this season, sometimes people are buying even more goods.
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so i will follow up on that. >> is a president -- lawmakers, in his view are there any nonnegotiable's in this package? >> redline continues to be that he will not raise taxes for anyone making less than $400,000 per year. what we think about here is what we want to achieve which is how we addressed child care and care issues. and making sure that we are working to address the climate situations, and the $400,000 taxes is the primary redline. >> we've talked a lot about urgency and passing and he said yesterday time is not on ending. >> i'm not going to set up the new deadline today, but spending
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virtually every minute of his day meeting with congress and i think that's a reflection on how urgent he feels and coming to an agreed-upon path forward. >> and first you have a response to that, and secondly, can you point to any action? it's also, and as they said we condemned the dprk's and that's the threat to the region. the call in the dprk to refrain from further provocations and that's committed to the defense of the republic of korea and japan which remains ironclad. the urgent need for dialogue and
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diplomacy are offered to meet anywhere at any time without preconditions. also closely consulting with allies on this and to track this morning a special representative for the dprk met with his japanese and rok counterparts to discuss how to engage the dprk. we beat remain engaged in diplomacy with the dprk and also working closely with our allies and partners as it proceeds. >> is that on october 4th that they haven't responded yet and a solvent? >> correct. >> why is the administration bringing migrants from the border and new york in the middle of the night? >> while i'm not sure that it's in the middle the night but let me tell you what's happening here. >> 2:30 a.m., 4:29 a.m. and come up very early in the morning. >> earlier than you might like to take a flight. it's our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can be swiftly unified with the parent
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or a vetted sponsor and that something that we take seriously. we have a moral or a right obligation to deliver on that. as part of the unification process our office of refugee settlements facilitates travel for children in its custody to families or sponsors across the country. in recent weeks unaccompanied children passed through the westchester airport which is i think is what you are referring to in the final destination to be unified with their parents or a vetted sponsor. it's no surprise that children can be seen traveling in other parts of the country as well. >> to follow up on some of the text talk, there's a new proposal by democrats in congress and every bank account that has $10,000 of cash flow per year.
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let me help you with an accurate description of what is actually happening here and there was a statement by the secretary of treasury on exactly this. she said in this statement just to reiterate it, she deeply appreciates the work of chairman wyden and chairman neal's leadership on reconciliation and in particular, the need to close the tax gap. this is reported to the irs and are opaque income sources which frequently avoid scrutiny while wages and federal benefits are typically subject to full compliance. so people who get w-2s whether they are teachers or firefighters or employees at fox news, anywhere that they may be getting a w-2, s at what we are talking about here. they are already reporting their income. we are talking about high net worth individuals who are not paying the taxes they all and that's what the policy would propose to address. >> in the statement that you just cited, why is it that you
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need to start looking at accounts? >> that's not exactly what it does. the $10,000 is the anything under that would not be applicable nor would people who received it w-2s. what we are talking about here are people who are worth individuals were not paying the taxes they owe, something we think everybody believes should have been and can help pay for a range of important investments to make us more competitive. >> and one on vaccine requirements. the whole point of a vaccine mandate is to make people safer, but a vaccine mandate also means tons of police and military may walk off the job, then at the end of the day does a vaccine mandate make people safer? >> well, where are tons of military and police walking up the job? >> hundreds of thousands of service members remain unvaccinated, which is leading the questions about possible
10:34 am
military readiness. the l.a. county sheriff said 5-10% of their workforce could walk off the job. and is there any concern about that? >> i would say what we .2, is evidence with a range of companies or organizations and frankly the department of defense will give you up to date statistics on members of the military and i believe it's over 90% but i would point to them for specifics. >> and what was the highest cause of death among police officers last year, do you know? covid-19. so that's something that we are working to address and police departments are working to address and if you look at seattle as an example which i know has been in some of the reporting, 92% of the police forces vaccinated as is 93% of
10:35 am
firefighters, 93% of seattle's employees have submitted verification or exemption. >> all these other problems, terror, murder, robbery, kidnapping. is there concern if police forces shrink or in this design of the military boards shrink that the united states or localities may not be equipped properly to deal with it. >> more than 700,000 people have died of covid. that was the number one cause of death, and it's something that we should take seriously and department of trying to save people in their departments and people who work for them, and there's been success around the country in that regard. >> given that you have two separate meetings with moderate and progressive today, is this white house confident that it will reach a deal on reconciliation by democratic leadership, self-imposed and the october to 31st deadline? >> that's not a deadline that we have proposed.
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>> john: kristin walker from nbc newly returned from maternity leave by the way asking about the reconciliation bill in the meeting that the president has coming up this afternoon with moderates and progressives meeting separately. and that's the vaccine mandate which also talks about the plan to be monitoring bank accounts for transactions of $10,000 and above. basically jen psaki just parroting this statement from hhs in response to the reports of migrants being flown into westchester county airport and the dead of night. >> why they are not advanced, and what is the vetting process for those migrants that are coming in and being dispersed in these communities, not just immigration status but covid status as well. >> john: i.c.e. director tom
10:37 am
homan is here to talk about this now. so several times -- what's different about this time? >> it's the numbers. the biden administration released over 100,000 children and, the vetting is much less under this administration, the trump administration. when a child is released to a sponsor, usually attend parent or relative, not only would we prevent that person but the biden administration is in such a hurry to release people because they don't have the optics of the crisis and so they speed up the release. a cut that way down only on sponsor, so it doesn't surprise me that a couple weeks ago the administration came out and said, they lost one-third of the children released in this country. that's 40,000 children unaccounted for, and the
10:38 am
sponsors aren't responding. are they in danger, are they in some sort of sexual predator status? this is a serious concern and the said administration is not taken the proper steps to protect the children. >> this is what they are doing, flying these children in. it's the next-to-last step in the human smuggling operation. >> most of them aren't disparate comic children's relatives who aided in smuggling a child. but now they don't have to pay to get the child smuggling to the border. they are going to deliver them to the very people who paid the cartels to smuggle them in most circumstances. i've said many times, the biden administration is a first president was a day that i know a lot of that is actively facilitating cross border crime, and that they are making that last step to make it happen.
10:39 am
>> john: florida governor ron desantis is looking at this from afar because so many are being released in connecticut and new jersey. if the biden administration is so confident that their open border policy is good for their country then why the secrecy? i think there are a lot of political leaders, and you involve the state of texas. and let's be clear in what we call children. those children are in the age of 16 or 17. also they are not always had a claim to be. when i was i.c.e. director, we did operation matador. 42% of those gang members came into this country as an unaccompanied alien child and this is much deeper and much more dangerous than with the administration is letting on.
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>> john: and chris magnus isn't on customs and border protection, and you've dealt with him in the past. your thoughts? >> terrible choice. it's a terrible choice for the biden situation because they have -- great selection for them. it's not a great selection for the enforcement laws of the country and he supports sanctuary cities. when i started he refused to work with i.c.e. agents and officers in tucson. even though it is police officers want to assist us, they know 9 out of 10 and that makes the city safer. but he claims i'm protecting immigrant communities. when you release a criminal alien to the street they will reoffend in the very community and that community is at a greater risk of crime.
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>> john: chad wolf is concerned he doesn't have the overall experience to run a big department like that. so we will see, i'm sure he's likely to get confirmed. tom, great to have you in today. >> sandra: present biden and vice president harris, and secretary yellen will be meeting with the left and moderate democrats today the white house to discuss administrations stalled legislative agenda. they continue to push for massive spending. steve morris, a former academic advisor to president obama and ceo of 32 advises and friend of bill murray's, still have it in my head. robert, i will start with you first. i just have the white house briefing and we were listening to what would happen in that room. the big question was, why are the moderates and progressives? don't we need to get them -- doesn't the white house need to get them together? >> the answer is yes, it's time
10:42 am
to come together and it's time to pass the bill. if they don't pass the bill, this is not good for the president and not good for the country. everyone wants the infrastructure bill passed from this aspect of unions and left, right and center. we needed in this country right now. >> sandra: we know there's infrastructure support, we heard from biden's transportation secretary pete buttigieg that it would solve a lot of problems for the supply chain crisis so why are we still talking about tying these two together? >> it's really green energy, only one out of about every $5 for roads and bridges and airports on the real infrastructure we need, it's really just subsidies for tesla and windmills and solar panels. i think the bigger issue is we have a real crisis for inflation. the wage data just came out and inflation is up by 5% over the last 12 months.
10:43 am
workers are seeing their paychecks shrink because of inflation and it the worst thing that you could possibly do right now is that, given the fact that we have so much money sloshing around and from groceries and gas which i predict will go up to $5 per gallon is to pass another 4-$5 trillion debt bill. it just makes no sense to me why we would pour gasoline on a forest file fire. >> you are a democrat and also a business guy and you are a capitalist. and that's the democrat going after the far democrat. >> joe manchin and others like him have a certain perspective that i think is incorrect. he thinks investing in a bottoms up the economy is entitlement. when you put money in people's
10:44 am
pockets, and we make sure we are putting money in people's pockets. >> robert, if you put up on the screen here is alyssa progressives at a meeting with the president and that's happening 15 minutes now at the white house in 2:00 eastern time, the list of moderates that are meeting with biden at the white house at 4:30 p.m. eastern time. does it help to have the far left going at members of your own party and the way they have been so publicly for weeks now? >> it doesn't. that doesn't help that the far left and progressive movement have been hitting manchin and is end. i'm glad we have sinema as a senator an end that's why we are at a stalemate. i'm hoping president biting can get it done and i would also like to say you are off on the climate aspect, look at the bill. climate is mainly on the reconciliation, not on tv and
10:45 am
batteries. it's for rural counties and a lot more than you think. >> you got 30 seconds to respond. >> it's all mass transit and all stuff like green energy but here is the key point. we have rising inflation, we have a problem at the ports and a problem in transportation. you know what this administration needs? somebody like robert wolf who knows how to run something. i have great respect for him but there is nobody who knows how to run anything in this administration. they are all just a bunch of politicians and lawyers. so you need to be in that administration and have them be pro-business because it, you're right, they are going to be pro-business. >> sandra: robert, i literally have ten seconds left but i will ask another question they were asking jen psaki in a briefing room moments ago. are they going to get something done today? she touted progress would be made but are they going to come up with definitive progress? >> they have to have the infrastructure bill done before months and otherwise it's a cluster you know what. i think with respect to
10:46 am
reconciliation, they are asked to far apart to have it done by month end so they have to untangle them. >> i say kill both bills. we don't need them. >> sandra: larry kudlow will join us next hour. thanks to both of you, when we always appreciate the debate. thank you very much. >> john: a cluster of grapes? disgraced attorney alec murdoch appearing in court today to face his first hearing on two new felony charges. the latest twist in the sock on a murder, up next. >> sandra: plus, john virginia gubernatorial candidate clapping back as his opponents claim that he is taking his word against parents being involved in education out of context. that's coming up next. >> it's 1 of 3 things in the race, and he has been hitting all three of the buttons.
10:47 am
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10:50 am
>> sandra: the art institute of chicago under fire for dismissing more than 100 trained volunteers because they were not diverse enough. otherwise, they were at docent, we are talking about. they were mostly white women who
10:51 am
average 15 years of service. the museum response with the following. this has been twisted into unfounded accusations of reverse racism resulting in lewd threats against our staff. we are simply pausing the volunteer educator program and this one should not be the roots of a culture for. of particular interest the city i know and love well, chicago, to see this happening and if this is neat how it happened. they used to have 100 docents, 82 of which were active. the director of learning and engagement were on the veronica stein came in on a september 3rd and fired all of them. this was originally a "wall street journal" approach report. many of whom had been there for the people wondering. i wonder if they will continue to dig into it. >> john: is a guy whose mother volunteers at the san diego art museum as a docent, i know how
10:52 am
much effort and love they put into that job. just two weeks before the virginia governor's election, terry mcauliffe -- roots of whether parents should have a say in kids is education. they are launching because it clearly shows his position. listen here. >> you do not want 25 parents picking books. >> we have a board of ed and other boards to make decisions. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what to teach. >> john: the chairman of the congressional committee, education taking center stage. will it be this deciding factor on november 2nd? >> i will tell you, thanks for having me.
10:53 am
every election is different as you know, that's obvious. but glenn youngkin is in a state to win and joe biden at seven again oh, and people should show up at a school board meeting in loudoun virginia, clearly they want their elected officials to listen to them. and they said in that debate, he's accusing the youngkin campaign of twisting his words and then youngkin wants to cut funding to public schools. listen here. >> we cannot have glenn youngkin here. he will take the state back and destroy our economy. his education plan, 43,000 teachers will be cut. i'm trying to raise teachers pay and he will cut 43,000.
10:54 am
>> john: although congressman according to "the washington post," they did not have the added benefit of it being true. >> it really does but the good news is, most voters already know what they are doing and they know who they believe. they believe glenn youngkin and they understand that people like terry mcauliffe and democrats all across the country have been siding with their powerful school or teacher union buddy, and parents in virginia are asking for help for their children. the last thing we need is government indoctrination in our schools. we should teach them the three rs, teach him how to be successful and give every child regardless of their race and it gender and where they come from cummaquid to get on the opportunity to chase that american dream.
10:55 am
>> john: this race is a lot closer than it should be which is the reason why some of the lifelong democratic voters have decided, this is an issue that is going to divorce me from the party in this election. this is anecdotal but let's catch up with a couple of voters. >> glenn youngkin is trying to collaborate with parents and they are trying to criticize us. >> i voted for biden in 2020 but i can't imagine voting for a democrat in the future, mainly because of education. >> john: it really quick, is this election going to be a referendum on democratic policies and how might it translate next year? >> we are trying to indoctrinate children in schools, and investigate parents because they want to stand up with their children. it's about inflation which will be directly caused by the biden administration and it even now
10:56 am
as "the new york times" acknowledges, people want to feel safe in their communities and democrats defund the police policies and are creating all kinds of violence. it is going to be a referendum on the midterms and i think that you will see in the midterms, democrats are going to answer that to this at the ballot box. >> sandra: president biden about to meet with those democrats. is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no. veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value.
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>> the obvious reason why they are flying with migrants across the country in the dead of night is because they don't want to reveal the consequences of their open border policy. if they were proud of their policy or they thought it was a political winner for them they would be having these flights in the middle of the daytime. >> john: hidden under the cover of night until now, fox was first reported the stunning, and policies are put into practice.
11:01 am
>> how can the secretary of homeland security toll american people or the closed border is? you all know that's a bunch of b.s. >> sandra: it's a nonstop flow of migrants that we have never seen before. hidden cameras show those able to cross without getting caught. a video that you will not see anywhere but right here on fox. >> john: also the disturbing discovery during a border agent bust. a sobering reminder of who is getting in and what's at stake. some migrants motivated by desperation but those agents want us to remember that others might be deadly. welcome to the second hour of "american reports." good to be with you sandra. >> sandra: and sandra smith in new york, lots of information coming in and to bring you up on this our the border crisis as a "american reports" rolls on. >> john: first breaking news in washington, d.c., and president biden's nation changing tax and spend plans could be closer to coming
11:02 am
together right now at the white house. the president is sitting down with seven, several house democrats in the first of two meetings this afternoon starting with the progressives. >> sandra: this as pressure grows for democrats to resolve their differences over the president's massive social spending bills and then the language in the white house there and a life look a peter doocy outside of the white house. we just thought you inside of that briefing room and you had a lot of important questions to ask and a lot of the questions that jen psaki took were what we were about to get done as these democrats meet with the president. >> john: is a marine sentry posted outside of the west wing and that is the signal that the president is in the oval office right now for one of these meetings. a couple of weeks ago the president took a different approach and he went to capitol hill to talk to any democrat that wanted to attend and it was a last-minute pitch to try to save the bipartisan infrastructure package and that multitrillion dollar progressive wishlist of a budget and
11:03 am
ultimately they didn't have the votes despite a presidential visit and it still hasn't happened. so now, they are splitting up the democrats. the first meeting was progressives and then meeting with moderates and separately meeting with their problems here at the white house and the senate. joe manchin and a kyrsten sinema this morning. here's how jen psaki explains splitting all this up. >> these are serious policy discussions off and on nitty-gritty details and they aren't duels between factions of the party. this broad agreement actually but the vast majority of issues here so the presidents basing this approach on five decades of washington which is a pretty good guide for how to get things done and he felt these were the appropriate groups to come together and bring to the white house today. >> the white house won't say what they are hoping comes out of these meetings so they are is no expectation. it is also something different that we are hearing from the democrats that work here versus
11:04 am
the democrats that run the house and representatives. nancy pelosi said when those votes came down a couple months ago that we would get it done by halloween. today jen psaki said that's not our deadline and that has republicans saying they don't think anything is going to get done. >> the dems are in complete disarray. this donkey on don't keep fighting is something to watch. bernie is a self identified socialist. and so we are talking about a fundamental value here for the future of this country. >> joe biden campaign for president as someone who could bring democrats and republicans together and right now he's just trying to get democrats and democrats together so he can advance his agenda. >> sandra: that's a point, right? that's why the white house and jen psaki got so many questions on them. they are together going to be inside of the white house and beating with the president all today but not at the same time,
11:05 am
peter. how can we expect that they are going to come together if they can't even sit together at the same time? >> that's a great point. jen psaki was explained that as a comment these lawmakers talk to each of their outside of the white house. they communicate by phone and huddle separately but what so interesting is the white house is hearing it from all different kinds of activists. you have people worried about climate, people worried about certain child care benefits and things like that and they will not say exactly what it is that they are okay with topping out. they are saying the only -- and something has to come out to shrink the bill but the only thing they are saying is that their only red line is that president biden won't raise taxes on anybody making over $400,000 per year. >> sandra: well robert wolf, who was sitting on's that, a staunch guy and a businessman. he said something has to get done or it's going to be a you
11:06 am
know what show. thank you peter. >> john: i think he said it was a cluster or something but the effect is the same. let's bring in kentucky and senator rand paul rand paul. it is pulling out all the stops this afternoon to get moderates to sign on and he hopes to get anything done he may have to trim the size down. is there any number that's acceptable to you? >> the numbers game is fake accounting. they aren't really whittling down what they are spending it on but they are just whittling down and that isn't making the program small. diet will add up to trillions and trillions of dollars. the other lie is this won't affect anyone over 400,000. if you look at the sifting through our bank accounts that either a $600 level or a higher
11:07 am
dollar level, where the irs goes to all of their bank accounts, 75% of that is on people making $100,000 per year. they will go after ordinary people and they will squeeze and squeeze more money out of you if they possibly can. but the lie that this is only about going after rich people is frankly not true and they will go after a lot of ordinary people in this think is past. >> john: the argument that the progressives are making is we need to have a bill like this to provide for greater equity across country. what do you believe the effect of a massive bill like this would be? >> and 40 quality before the law. that socialism. when that does is it takes out the incentive of life and the incentive to be a producer and the incentives to find a market and make the iphone or any of the great innovations that we had over time.
11:08 am
so equity is sort of this misnomer and it has nothing to do with the origins of our country. we stand for equality before. >> they write this in "the wall street journal." the explosive tax increases on income investment and both will cost 5 million top jobs over a decade compared to baseline growth and implicit tax increases on work will cost 9 million jobs. so do you believe senator that this can be a job killer? >> without question it will kill jobs. many times you take jobs out of the productive economy and put into the nonreductive economy which is government and it costs people jobs. even if a job is created in the government realm, it's not typically a productive rum or when the consumer wants. that is what is lost on people about capitalism's was a persistent is based on the
11:09 am
demand. and that is how the money is distributed so that socialism more capitalism. under government or socialism, as people who are friends of people in government and that's a terrible system to live under. >> john: what's really to wander, it's a fight between democrats and left-wing democrats but if they can through these meetings or future negotiations over the next few days come up with a number that they can agree on, it's pretty much a done deal and there's not much republicans can do to stop it, or is there? >> realized no matter what the number is, it's all a punishment for the economy. all they are doing is changing the rules of what you look at. instead of looking at a 10-year window, you look at a window in the end, they will spend trillions and trillions of dollars that you don't have, and
11:10 am
this is going to be free health care and free child care, pay for entry taxation organization and we are already seeing inflation so people need to realize, and this is a bait and switch coming from democrats. they are offering something for free but i'm not telling you that you will really play for it through inflation. >> that's like they say that expensive meat was spray because you paid for it. senator rand paul from kentucky, was good to spend time with you. >> sandra: warning now to think, country may have slipped into a every session, one that could be even worse than that of the one-two thousand eight with the topic honest funding for government spending policies and condemning payouts for government and state of the economy. larry kudlow. as for being first off because i want to bring everybody into the mix is all really intertwined. we are talking about more
11:11 am
spending, right? you have the progressives and the moderates of the white house right now. yet because of the morning and joe manchin letting us know exactly how he feels and where he stands on these issues. what happens and do they eventually get something done? >> i don't know. a month or two ago i would have said they could jam it through but it's not happening. and at manchin and sinema are doing the job. like those two. speed 16 doesn't want to spend and sinema doesn't want to talk so they make a lovely couple. but i don't want to spend anymore money, i don't care whether it's a truly and over were actually in, i don't want to spend money. i give them credit, this lien emergency elective proof stuff, but taking that out because he's from west. that would have been carbon free
11:12 am
electric rates in 2035 which wreck this country if we ever did anything near like that. and number two he exists on existing and future entire company that they be means tested billing of work. and as rand paul said as much more important than the top line numbers will be phony and giving because they will try to spend in 3-5 years what they would intend to spend and ten. what matters is the policy content on social welfare and prenew deal. >> sandra: on tax hikes, jen psaki was asked about it in just a moment ago and she set the redline for taxes is no one making less than $400,000 per year will see their taxes go up. that's actually incorrect because it's per household. so you could be a family, unto income family each making
11:13 am
$200,000 and having to pay for full-time child care will you do that, and i don't know where that puts you in the rich category but you wouldn't see your taxes go up as a household. >> these are not supply-side agencies, trust me. they have all said if you raise the corporate tax by itself, 70% of that burden will fall on the middle class through lower wages, fewer jobs and higher consumer prices. in all these other taxes they are talking about, there is tobacco, there are some taxes that will reach town with people making under $100,000. it is also some entitlement that the crazy progressives want that will be eligible three or $400,000 families can get an entitlement. bigger child allowances, more paid leave. >> we had a democrat sitting in your chair just 10 minutes ago,
11:14 am
robert wolf whose head progressives are running the show right now. >> they are but they are having trouble in the senate. and i don't care -- it is lovely meetings and i'm glad mr. biden is increasing his schedule. but the fact remains, only manchin and sinema matter. >> sandra: it's too bad that they are not in those meetings with the president. very quickly though on the economist report, i am pressing the direct intervention to the labor market, labor rates to recover quickly from downward but downward movement and expectations and loss of the month suggest of the economy in the u.s. is entering the session now even though employment and wage growth figures suggest otherwise. true or not true? >> it's all these other things. these are two british economists basically they don't seem to understand the american economy
11:15 am
and i will tell you right off the top with the stock market, and three approaching the high. the dow is back to nearly 35 some odd thousand. profits are roaring. profits are the mother's milk of stocks in the lifeblood of the economy and no recession as long as profits are roaring. the fed is pumping in money that like there is no tomorrow and these crazy progressives, your pals that you are talking about, they want to spend, spend, spend the problem is inflation and not recession. you have a complete misreading of the american economy. if all these tax hikes go through and if we keep paying people not to work then in the future of the economy will slump. >> sandra: john roberts is waiting for us, he sitting in washington while this is happening. the market over the long run will certainly hit the wall he says. he's making the case with the
11:16 am
artificial demand, the biden administration likes to touted as a sign of the strong economy but is it a result of the massive stimulus checks that have gone up because of a pandemic? >> john: carl is always such an optimist. >> sandra: and probably buying the stock market to larry's point. >> john: i love how larry was just checking to see if you were listening. 's now to a fox news alert, the new images are a reality, the so-called that got away migrants. the ones now in the country or no one, and we get an idea of what that run away migrants do when they cross the border. >> sandra: and details on the secret flights of biden administration is using to carry migrants from texas deep into the united states. >> john: but first, the white house has its concerned after china's launch of a nuclear capable missile using a rocket like you see this one
11:17 am
here. but they also say they welcome the competition. will the strategy work? spokeswoman morgan ortega joins us in just a moment. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone?
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. morgan ortagus. great to see you in the studio. this is what, a year and a half now? it's great to see you in person. this is something that completely flew under the radar and we suddenly went, they got hypersonic mission. >> when our viewers see the headlines and they wonder what all this means, what it means is we currently have of course missile defense systems in place that will protect us from using a traditional method of an icbm to launch a nuclear weapon but we don't have systems in place that would protect us from a hypersonic weapon. the best way to think about it is, if you are on a volleyball
11:24 am
court, nuclear weapons, it's the volleyball, the icbm is sort of like an underhand to serve and we can see it and we can stop it in this is sort of like spiking a volleyball to the other team and we don't currently have the ability to detect and illuminate the threat. >> they are suggesting that the united states has fallen behind militarily. and they assume the military edge is over. regional powers like russia and iran are already using asymmetric weapons for cyberattacks and china is as well as a blue water navy and antisatellite as the u.s. builds a cradle to grave entitlement state will shrinking the military. as this changed the calculus now? >> they are not having the
11:25 am
conversations of the country that we need to be having. i'm worried that the current administration and people working in foreign policy have this 1990s view of the world. the cold war is over, but actually also reported, china reportedly was seen lots of weapons and way more than anticipated. that's that we are here and see us and hear us. under president trump, he said we are going to view it as it is in the how we want to be. this biden administration clearly doesn't want cold war rhetoric with china. we took a very different approach and we said we are going to believe these countries for exactly who they are and what they need and as a country
11:26 am
we have to look realistically at the military threat, not just the economic threat of the military threat from the chinese communist party. we've been in all these agreements with the russians that don't include the chinese and capping our conventional weapons and nuclear weapons capabilities, and the russians weren't abiding by those treaties we got out of several of them in the trump administration. and that's potentially attacking us with a nuclear weapon and we should be screaming on capitol hill. that's the number one job of the government. >> that's the white house responded. >> we are concerned about the military possibilities that the crp continues to pursue, we are in our approach with china and would welcome the stiff
11:27 am
competition but we don't want that competition to veer into conflict. >> john: if that doesn't exactly sound like screaming for more defense funding. >> i don't exactly know what exact competition means. this hypersonic capability is aimed at us or our allies in the region and so this is -- of the world that we are in is very different from the world that the biden administration is communicative from the president and from his representatives. >> do you believe that this is all part of building a military umbrella to get enough that if china makes a play on taiwan and the united states can't get anywhere near it? >> certainly part of it. all you have to do is look at chairman she's speeches. they say very clearly if you read the english interpretation that they want to be a regional power and a global power and they want a global order by their values and not by our values. i'm not sure why we are asleep here in washington.
11:28 am
>> thanks for having me john. >> it's great to see you here in the studio. sandra? >> sandra: hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants whipping through the border and recently some violent gang members were out among them. >> and this has been a bombshell report that the administration is using secret flights to move migrants north under the cover of night. >> at the biden administration isn't such a hurry to release people because they don't have the optics of crisis so they speed up their release. and they cut that way down. ♪ ♪
11:29 am
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11:33 am
eat newhomeowners. n newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate. >> sandra: foxes for us to tell you about the jaw-dropping number of migrants that president biden's administration is releasing into the united states, and now we are actually seeing that happen under the cover of darkness. stunning new images and
11:34 am
reporting of planes dropping migrant kids at a suburban airport in the dead of night. if that's coming up, but first this. a fox news exclusive. an estimated 400,000 migrants have slipped through the lot border in the past year alone and fox news has exclusive video of what that looks like. private surveillance video from the arizona desert showing hundreds of migrants on the move after getting past the border agents. we have fox team coverage of this, mike tobin is standing by at the border of la jolla, texas. >> sam roberts, i show you two things in arizona. number one is the fastest growing area where immigrants are caught and where they are not. these are the got a ways, images from 20 trail cameras hidden across southern arizona come some up to 50 miles past the border, and that's 90% single men, some agents carry drugs on others guns. these are among the 400,000
11:35 am
nationwide this year which avoid getting caught. often when border agents were pinned down caring for kids. day and night, summer and winter, everyone is on the move. here it the last person in line drags a blanket to help cover the footprints from border patrol trackers and this is the next step in that journey. you will see at migrants jumping into the bed of a pickup truck likely headed to houses in phoenix and san diego where smugglers then gave the balance of what they owe. senator lindsey graham got briefed this week in yuma. >> word is out, this is where you come to claim the file. if you they don't fix that, then they will be able to run. >> he's talking about it jumping from last october, and the 1038% increase and like texas, 75% in yuma and those apprehensions are
11:36 am
not from mexico. they're coming from ecuador, venezuela, cuba, nicaragua, where the wealthy will fly into mexico and then buzzed to yuma and cross illegally at a hole in the fence. their luggage and closing, closing do not suggest persecution or poverty, yet most will never claim asylum. >> sandra: william la jeunesse on that. >> john: at the border with a steady stream of migrants continues to cross over into the united states. what situation there? >> it's a steady stream, they come across as a constant trickle and at times you get a big rush of migrants coming then you get an idea of how they have organized on the other side. generally what you see when the migrants come across is they had border patrol agents and i.c.e. agents, and that's what we saw when they went to the agents
11:37 am
trying to get some help. they do that with the belief that they have already made it and they will be able to stay in the u.s. and be released with the notice to appear at a later date. the others coming across are called runners. they have something to hide and they don't want to be protected. border patrol agents included that criminal element and background checks revealed three individuals from that group which were members of the violent ms-13 gang. one had convictions for aggravated homicide and attempted homicide in his home country. one of them had previously made it all the way to dallas where he had racked up a conviction for assault and where he now has a warrant for sexual assault of a child. another had already been across, and he was released and it deported and of course he came back. that's how he ended up at this location. we are waiting on numbers to be tallied from the month of september and that will complete the fiscal year for
11:38 am
2021. it is on pace to set records in terms of border crossings and that includes numbers of people who cross in the deadly heat and what we see now with the seasons changing and it's starting to cool off a little bit and it only increase the traffic. >> john: mike, thank you very much. now migrants are being sent to a light suburban airport. the mostly nighttime flights from texas to the westchester county airport have reportedly been going on since at least august. we reached out to the biden administration for four months to have someone join us on that show they have declined. let's bring in westchester county executive rob pastorino. but to that point sometimes the only time we can get any sort of clarity on these issues is by turning to the white house briefing.
11:39 am
we asked about these brand-new images of migrants getting off the plane and she explained it like this. i will get your reaction. >> white is the administration flying down migrants from the border to florida and new york to florida in the middle of the night. >> one not sure it's in the middle of the night but let me tell you what's happening here. >> very early in the morning. >> we are talking about really flights. it is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can be swiftly unified with a parent or vented sponsor. so in recent weeks unaccompanied children passed through the westchester airport which i think is what you are referring to, no surprise, the kids can be seen traveling to states not just new york. >> sandra: so cover of darkness and dead of night, why does it seem that they are doing this with such secrecy if this is something they are owning and
11:40 am
the president is touting as his own policy? >> good question sandra. i blew the whistle on this august 13. 13. august 16 i had a press conference of the county airport and showed video from my own twitter account of people getting off these large planes which, by the way are not allowed to land those sites planes or go to the fbo's come up with hangers of the county airport. that's a violation of the lease especially at that kind of size. they were permitted -- that was one of the few daytime flights. at night the airport is closed, flights are not allowed to come in. so the white house is completely off the skating, which is a nice word for saying they are lying. i just posted on my twitter video from them dropping off adults at a costco parking lot in port chester, new york, in
11:41 am
westchester county in the park from the airport. there are some unaccompanied children being placed in around our area in westchester when we were told they were not, they were going to boston and hartford and baltimore and chicago but we know that that's not true. so if that's a policy they will stand behind then why did they not do it under cover of darkness? quite frankly we are under covid restrictions and our own civil liberties are being eroded right now. people like getting fired for not being vaccinated and yet we have unaccompanied children and adults coming into our communities and we don't know who is coming in or where they are being placed. but the public has a right to know. this is a public health issue, public safety issue and if they are not saying a word about it. >> sandra: i know we do have some of that video of those migrants that are arriving in suburban new york. this dates back to august, the
11:42 am
16th, news conference. miranda devine, they held a press conference on august 16th to blow the whistle, and they were called a racist reason holding the news conference. >> while that's what they do when they know they are wrong and they don't want to answer the question. or they and it's not fair for us to ask these questions because again this is affecting our neighborhoods and our school, public health, all of these issues we have a right to know. don't blame these kids are even these adults to try to get into these countries and where they are coming from his desperate including from haiti and other places. this is our own government ignoring our own laws, our border and our health crisis that we have in this country. and not answering, like
11:43 am
jen psaki said to come is so condescending, because they have a lot to answer for, they are taking the southern border crisis which is self-inflicted and now spreading into the interior of our country and all of our communities. they take it from a texas and arizona and new mexico problem if you will enable you are making sure he goes everywhere else in the united states. either have a country and border and laws or we don't. >> and to your point about this being the real question that america should be asking especially in those communities were migrants are arriving, are they being vetted? what are the demographics and to your point, westchester county is under a very restrictive covert policies. are those migrants being tested, are they vaccinated? we just don't have the information but we will continue digging to get it. rob, we appreciate you joining us. >> no problem. miranda devine and the post did a great job on this one. >> sandra: we appreciate you joining us.
11:44 am
the post editorial board makes the point, of course there is sympathy for this parent. if they are making this dangerous journey and desperate to get children asking as seven years old, they used as an example, to walk to america. but by not having a set policy, you -- the post also says you are encouraging dangerous pipeline, how many children will be assaulted or die trying to get here, to rob's point about how dangerous that is. if you continue this process like we are how many more children will get hurt as a result of that? >> that similar to the point that tom homan was trying to make early or come the parents already in the country are engaging in a criminal enterprise into and to stand how difficult it is for a family to be separated but there are ways to do things and ways to not do things. >> sandra: one last point on that, when you dig into the post reporting about where these buses are going with police
11:45 am
escorts in some cases, as we've seen in some of these cases and according to some of the reporting, they are being sent to communities that are already struggling. public school systems are overflowing, not doing well and i will use bridgeport, connecticut, is one of those examples, kind of spiking there. it's a major issue for these communities and assign that these are again something we are reinforcing and not just a problem for the border communities. it spreading deep in united states as well. >> john: as rob pointed out we've gotten into a place in this country where you can't even ask a question. >> john: why he's in hot water agn. >> sandra: plus a showdown between chicago police and mirror lori lightfoot, getting more volatile every moment. >> she was at the game last night with no mask.
11:46 am
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>> sandra: some chicago police officers are being placed on no pay status after refusing to comply with the vexing mandate in that city. garrett tenney is live with us. >> so far at least two dozen
11:51 am
chicago police employees have been disciplined for violating the city's vexing mandate according to the police union and come up with that number is expected to keep going up over the coming days and weeks because according to set it down like city data, a third of the department to come up more than 4500 cpd employees are defying the mandate by refusing to report the vaccination status. mayor lori lightfoot says she's not concerned about any impact on public safety because she believes most officers will ultimately comply. >> i think what we are seeing is the number of folks who are actually, it's very small. so i'm not seeing any -- at least this day, any disruption in the ability to keep our neighborhoods safe. we have to keep plugging away at
11:52 am
this. >> of the police unions as a little more than half of the noncompliant officers who were called in yesterday and given direct orders to report the vaccination status did just that. but even if that trend holds it could still result in the state taking around 2,000 officers off the streets and at the union's president says a lot of his members are willing to stand up to the mayor's mandate, even if it means they don't get paid. >> eventually there is going to be a possible manpower issue. but get their kid come -- -- trickle down. >> the union has about a lawsuit to try to take this case to an arbiter and try to figure out this mandate and how it is that the police can comply with it and be able to have an agreement there. the judge will be ruling on that case next week.
11:53 am
sandra? >> sandra: garrett tenney live in chicago. sean, you have to wonder as peter doocy asked jen psaki at the white house just months ago but this does to the city safety. at the top line for our affiliate in chicago right now it is this is a crisis and spreading to all neighborhoods. at the aldermen are warning, it's a very high crime situation and at toulouse police right now is difficult. >> john: as lori lightfoot says she doesn't think it will have a big impact in some have to modify this. dr. nicole saphier says i'm not sure who needs to need this, but those mandates are not opposing the vaccines. >> sandra: we will be right back
11:54 am
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if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script. experience the all-electric cadillac lyriq. >> john: lastly today, the election that might be a preview of the mid-terms. alex hoff on the virginia governor's race. alex? >> this is one that everybody is watching. we just attended this event with terry mcauliffe. right now he holds a 5% lead
11:59 am
over glen youngin. that is too close for comfort for democrats. they called in the big ones. biden is expected to join as well. mcauliffe has expressed frustration about the poll numbers. he says washington has been no help. >> everybody has their own way to handle different negotiations. what we want to do is get it passed. i'm confident that will get it passed. however we get to the finish line is really important. >> republican glen youngin is critical of the big name help saying he doesn't need it. >> my opponent stood in front of america and said clearly parents do not have a right to dictate what is being taught in our schools. then he came back and doubled down and tripled down, quadrupled down on that statement.
12:00 pm
>> youngin is holding an event this evening and we'll be there. >> john: going to be a big race november 2. thanks, alex. sandra, this could be a bellwether for next year. >> sandra: absolutely. a lot of people watching this. great to be with you. john, thanks to everybody for joining us. i'm sandra smith in new york. >> john: i'm john roberts. see you tomorrow. hump day. "the story" with martha starts now. >> martha: thanks very much, guys. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. the "the story" right now is what is happening at the white house. behind closed doors, president biden is trying to get the votes for the build back better agenda. it's a multi-trillion dollar lift. he has slim margins in the house and the senate. progressives and moderates will have to give in to get this thing through. it's really all on joe biden's shoulders right now. joe manchin is reportedly refusing to support the part of the bill that would cut into coal and fossil fuels in his


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