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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 20, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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speaker my husband is a hunter and he's always out in the wilderness. there's absolutely no chance that this man could survive in the wilderness for three weeks and this is coming from a floridian. >> harris: we are bringing this breaking news as we always do from fox channel. first a finding of the body gabby petito, and now a coroner who has telling us the search >> sandra: thank you, harris. a possible break in the manhunt for brian laundrie. the coroner has been called out to the park where laundrie may have gone the day he was last seen. you are looking at life images there, north port, florida. i am sandra smith in new york. hi, john. >> john: this is all very intriguing. the development, and after laundrie's parents visited the park earlier today to help search the area after a brief research according to attorney. items belonging to their son were found that i like to
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frequent. >> sandra: brian laundrie has been named a person of interest in this case and in the case of the despairs and subsequent murder of his fiancee gabby petitio. phil keating is live in fort lauderdale, florida, for us. we are looking at the light images of the environment a park where the corner is on site. bill, but you tells that is happening in this moment? >> according to the laundrie family attorney, all that he would confirm is that some items belonging to brian laundrie were in fact found inside that nature park. no other confirmation officially. whatever else may have been found, say whether any human remains have been found. but the sarasota county's white van that belongs to the medical examiner's office, it has now arrived. the area where law enforcement officers have returned today is the myakkahatchee creek environmental park. that is an area where brian laundrie's parents that he like to go on hikes.
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it is adjacent to the carlton preserve, you may remember that as it was the focus for weeks in the search for brian laundrie. it is a swampy area full of alligators and snakes. this morning the laundrie parents left the house where they have been holed up for weeks. they went to the park, met with law enforcement officers on the scene, after reportedly being told that something had been found. the park is once again close to the public. multiple jurisdictions have deputies and police officers there helping with the fbi led search. a wyoming federal grand jury indicted brian laundrie for bank fraud for allegedly using laundrie's, gabby petitio atm card over the last three days of august. brian laundrie has been the only person of interest in her disappearance and her death. as you recall, laundrie and petitio have been on a long summer road trip visiting national parks out west. her body was eventually found inside the teton national
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forest. the coroner they ruled her death a homicide by strangulation. strangulation, rather. according to the laundrie parents, their son brian left their house in north port, florida, on the monday of september 13th. he never returned home. he was never seen again after a hike, and of course, he was not seen. and this all happen two days after gabby petitio's parents finally reported her missing. >> sandra: one quick clarification before we bring in michael bottom on the breaking news. the park where they are now searching, where they apparently found these items and a corner is now on site, is northwest of the main northport town. northwest of where the family home is. it was closed to the public late last month for the search. i believe it had just reopened to the public and now this.
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>> yeah, he just reopened to the public yesterday after they had thoroughly searched the park. in fact, two weeks ago chris laundrie, brian laundrie's dad went out they are to show some deputies and northport police officers, yeah, this is where he would often hikes, part trailheads. i hiked into that area after the police officers all left. a lot of trees, open space, there are picnic tables there, and it is adjacent to the carlton preserve which have been the initial focus. but you can walk from that trailhead at myakkahatchee creek environmental park, you can walk and get into the carlton reserve, which is 25,000 acres. it is a lot of green area, farmlands are connected as well. that is why at the beginning of the search it was certainly speculated that if he was hiking for ten hours a day he could have been a really long gone.
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>> sandra: i know that you will stay close as any more development happens. thank you. john? >> john: joining us by now is dr. michael baden, for a and fox news contributor. this is all very intriguing. the families attorney told fox news that brian laundrie's parents went to the myakkahatchee creek environmental park this morning. apparently they had informed the fbi and the northport police department that they were going to go. the law enforcement met the parents this morning after a brief search off a trail that brian frequented, according to the lawyer. said the articles belonging to brian were found. here's what's really strange about all this, police have been searching for the sky for weeks. they are in the carlton preserve they would have searched myakkahatchee creek environmental park which connect to it from the east as well. they have been searching in north carolina and georgia. nothing, nothing, nothing.
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the parent show up and after a brief search they find this. what do we make of that? >> well, john, first of all, they know by now whether the body they have, because you need a body to call the corner in to look at what they found, they would make a quick identification, firm identification by dental comparison, the police would have copies of his dental records and the coroner would probably come with a forensic dentist and look at the body and immediately say yes, this is or is not brian. that will be the first thing they had to do. the second thing would be to determine the cause of death, which will probably be tomorrow when the coroner does the autopsy to find out why he died. the third thing would be to try to find out how long he had been in that spot, and that is done
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by seeing whatever information is in the scene of death. papers, insects, lots of insects. , lots of in that area. that will tell you how long the activity has been going on as to -- it can't tell you the day he died, but it can tell you whether or have been five weeks ago, closer to five weeks or three weeks, or two weeks. so, they will have a lot of information in the next 24, 48 hours and will release it. they won't have to wait for five weeks or the length of time to find out why gabby died. the medical examiner will release that pretty quickly. >> sandra: so, doctor, you are reaching the conclusion that since the corner has been because of the site that a body has been found? no one has confirmed that to us yet. you are saying that is the reasonable conclusion?
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a body. >> it could be somebody else. >> sandra: what we do know is that the parents were told and fox news digital saw an officer tell the parents of brian laundrie and law enforcement "might have found something." the other thing that we know that the attorney representing the laundrie family confirmed that while search in areas that brian frequented some clothing articles belonging to brian were found. that is what we know in this moment, but your take away so far is the fact that the corner has been called on site is that they are obviously examining a body? >> and as you say, because the family was called it is most probably brian. especially since they made that decision already, just by the dna, fingerprints may take a little bit of time, finger
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prints may not be in good shape. the teeth stay perfect. that is the best way to make a quick identification right at the scene, because the police and i.d. people have already gotten information as to his dental from his dentist. just in case they found the remains. they would probably be able to confirm that very quickly. sometime today, probably. >> john: doctor, this might be a question more geared toward law enforcement and medical examiner expertise. with the assumption be that he has been dead for a long time, that he did not, did he go there to hide out and then expired from exposure or would it be your assumption that the very first time that he went there, if indeed the body is his and it was self-inflicted death, that
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might have happened very soon after he went to the park? >> there would not be any assumptions about that, scientifically. they will be able to figure that out by examining the body, not only at the scene by at the mortuary where they can do -- and they have a lot of people in florida who do a lot of work on insects, so they will figure out his time of death by insect activity. they would not assume how long he has been there. they will see the stomach contents might be helpful. if they know what he last date, maybe he had a hamburger or something, or a hot dog before he left home. if that is still in the stomach then you know i have pretty quickly. but probably a distance away they will be able to figure out how long it would take him to get to the spot where he was found. they are not going to assume. they will figure that out with more information.
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as far as the cause of death goes, i know can see something, punctures of the skin or something, or more probably they will wait until tomorrow when they are able to look at the body and they will also be doing toxicology to see what kind of medicine, drugs, and if there is no obvious cause of death then they will do a lot of toxicology to rule in or rule out the possibility of drug overdose. >> sandra: i just want to be clear, obviously we are seeing the helicopter view of the park in which brian laundry was searched for weeks. it reopened to the public just yesterday and it was sort of an indication that they were stopping the search for him in this particular part. clearly right on the end of that search, something has been
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found. according to fox news digital who was reporting on the words that were uttered to the parents from law enforcement about items being found, we found something. on their way out of the park, fox news digital is also reporting that the couple, brian laundrie's parents made a phone call and then received a call. they were soon joined by law enforcement who could be seen patting chris laundrie's shoulder as he huddled with the couple. they left at 8:45 a.m., they appeared emotional when confronted by protesters that were on site there. we continue to show this of the environmental park just northwest of the laundrie family home there in north port, florida. we also have a look at the law enforcement there, as the coroner is on site. we also have a live shot outside of brian laundrie's home or just a moment ago as we look at our remote cameras here we just saw activity outside the laundrie home as well. doctor, knowing the corners on site right now, give us a time frame.
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how long will it take to identify the body, if indeed that is why he was called there? >> two things. one, the body has a ready been identified by dental. by the teeth. that is 99.9% sure. nowadays everyone wants the way for the dna to come back, so the dna will take a few days before they get the final result on the dna. they already know, apart from the fact that the parents can identify the clothing, what he looks like. if you still in a condition that you can recognize him, even after five weeks. i must say, this is probably a devastating for the parents, his parents, who i imagine were hoping that he was still alive. if it is him, it dashes any of
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those hopes. so, it is devastating for the family, as well as the, even though everything is not known yet, how the death occurred. >> john: doctor, this is john roberts here, again. the timeline of this is unclear. the police may have found something that may be why the police went into the park. just in terms of he expired after the park. as you said there will be a tremendous amount of insect activity. given the amount of wildlife in the park as well there likely would have been animal activity in addition to the insect activity.
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how might that make the corners job more difficult? >> that's true. the result kind of animals around and that could also disturb the remains of or the body. so if there were stab wounds, animals like to go first to chew around the stab wound because there was blood there and they like the blood. often, a stab wound or able the whole might be obscured from early insect or early larger animal activity. but that is why a full autopsy is going to be important in establishing the cause of death, and that will be done tomorrow and the next day after they move the body. but whoever, assuming it is a body, there is a family attached to the body, and in this
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instance, it most probably will be brian from the information that is currently available. >> sandra: dr. i just want to focus for a minute on the scene that we have right here. obviously, this is a camper in that park there. we have been seeing images of this white tent and there is some sort of confirmation coming from our local affiliate, who is providing the video feed we have right now, wg tv, that is our fox affiliate there. these images have been showing us this white tent that has been up in the environmental park there. the coroner is on-site, doctor, one could assume that that tent was put up the coroner could work on site. i don't know, you tell me, with that have been set up for the coroner on site? >> they would set it up. yes. first of all, to keep insects and animals away. if there is a wind or so from blowing around that could
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disturb trace evidence. the police will be looking to see if there is any tire marks or shoe prints that might just be to make sure that nobody else had been involved in that, for the death of whoever is there. but yes, putting up a barrier to sunlight, the sun can pause dominant cause postmortem decay more quickly. decomposition. and to keep away insect and animal activity and allow the coroner, the medical examiner, to do a thorough job at the scene as to what he, or she, can learn. this would include looking at the teeth to see if his teeth match the x-rays that got them from the dentists, who had last
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taken care of brian. >> john: doctor, thank you so much for joining us with your expertise. i expect it is going to be a busy day for you here at fox. standby as we try to get more information on all of this. >> sandra: all right, so doctor, thank you. phil holloway will join us in just a moment. first, as we take in these images is additional reporting that there are more teams of first responders that are arriving on the scene there. we are getting bits and pieces of what is happening here, obviously, a lot can change in the next few moments. this manhunt has been underway now for over a month, john kerry >> john: a reporter for the local abc station says that the county sheriff's office says that human remains detection team is requested by the northport police. one dog, one handler, two spotters. we have not in the penalty
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confirmed that report. bill holloway is join us now. former assistant district attorney and police officer. what do you make of what you are here and so far, phil? i think the assumptions being made that this could be the remains of brian laundrie that have been discovered, but there's nothing to confirm that. >> yeah, good afternoon. i listen to the doctors were interview and i think he is square on point here. they know what they found. there was an idea may now the need to confirm it. that was a reason why the parents were called out there. personal items were located, i suspect it will be personal effects that the family was asked to confirm whether or not those effects belong to their son. you notice the mother was out there. i don't know if we have seen her out there at any point during this. so, i have some sources of my
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own that are relatively close to this investigation so it is not surprising to me that these developments are coming to light. they have suspected all along that he was going to be found in that preserve. i personally have suspected all along that he would not be found alive, because if he were alive, i think that he would have by now at least turned up in one way or another. we have not seen any evidence of anybody matching his description by in gas, getting food, or otherwise giving any indication that they are a living human being operating in society. i feel that the information that we are seeing here live with these pictures and with the reporting that fox digital has done, all this put together points to, makes a picture to me that these remains are most likely that of brian laundrie. the second question is going to
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be how now will there be answers as to what happened to gaby petitio? the focus will shift very quickly to the family and any pressure that can be applied in that direction will be done. >> sandra: that's a good question, if, and that is a big "if" because we have no confirmation at this point. phil, if he is found dead, what happens to this case. is it over. sell? >> there will be no criminal case against brian laundrie of course, but the investigation is not over. that's an important point for the audience to listen to. remember that police are still going to do everything they can to find out what happened to gabby petitio and to brian laundrie. that still does not ring true that laundrie would return from this camping trip out west alone and not say anything to anybody
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about what happened to gabby petitio. locating who he may have spoken to and finding a way to get that information from those individuals is going to be a renewed focus of police efforts. >> john: fail, quickly as we wrap up with you. look at the timing of this. police have been searching for him since about september 13th when he disappeared. nothing was found in the carlton preserve, nothing was found in the myakkahatchee creek environmental park, as sandra mentioned it was reopened to the public yesterday. would it be a logical assumption to think that having extra people on the ground there walking around the park, using the park, might have led to the discovery? speak out this is a large area. when you put these two parts together it is a large piece of land out there. it is almost impossible to search at all. we just don't know what was found, how it was found, under
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what circumstances. i've seen some of these images on fox news showing law enforcement officers with items in bags. i want to know but those items are and what is being done to determine that they are significant to any human remains that have been found out there. so, i anxiously await those details in the moments, hours, and days to come. >> sandra: sale holloway, and appreciate you joining us on the breaking news. we will continue monitoring this is the corner is on site, we will have a development in the story shortly. phil, thank you. >> john: keeping an eye on president biden's border crisis is afternoon. "washington post" reported 1.7 million migrants were detained at the border in fiscal year 2021. that is the highest number of apprehensions sends record keeping began. tennessee republican senator marsha blackburn will join us on what congress will do
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to hold the biden administration accountable for the border crisis. first, jenkins is here in washington. you have been doing great work covering this border crisis. this number is nothing short of stunning. >> it is staggering, john. what is really significant is that it is not showing any signs of slowing down whatsoever. the highest number of apprehensions previously on record was 1986 with 1.69 the million. the second highest in 2,000 with 1.6 million. these numbers not only exceed that record with more than 7 million now, they are unprecedented. we had people come in for more than 150 different countries now. former acting dhs secretary chad wolf reacted earlier. >> they refuse to call it a crisis at the end of the day and we need to be honest with the american people, on average in any given month, it is three times the amount we have seen in previous years. that is catastrophic at the end of the day. >> another number that stands out, we have had more than
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132,000 unaccompanied children so far. we are still waiting for those september final figures. but for comparison, there were only 33,000 kids total last year and that is why the biden administration is flying plane loads of kids in the dead of night to places like westchester county, new york, but they do not want to talk about the timing at the white house. watch. >> why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border in the middle of the night? >> we are talking about early flights, earlier than you might like to take a flight. no surprise, the kids can be seen traveling through states, not just in new york. >> jen psaki defensive play as part of the administration's responsibility under the federal act to release minors within 20 days. there were more people on the wane, john, that is what's so amazing. there is a caravan that is the part in southern mexico very soon. it is so organized, i've never seen this. they are asked in the migrants, mostly haitians, to scan a qr code to be part of this
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caravan and they just have to go down. >> john: amazing reporting muted from gathering in panama. just looking at the customs and border protection website, we have not seen the numbers for september. last million it was 1,541,000. "the washington post" is saying that more than 1.7 million. we don't know if it is 150,000 for september, 200,000, even more. >> we know it will be north of 150,000. but if it will be 200,000 or more, this'll be the third straight month over 200,000. that is why every official will tell you they have never seen anything like this. >> john: incredible, griff, great work. sandra? >> sandra: let's bring in tennessee republican senator member of the senate judiciary committee, marsha blackburn. senator, good of you to be here. we took in a lot of news yesterday will make those images and video in some cases of migrants being flown into suburban new york in the dark of night, or early morning at the white house apparently would prefer to put it. you just tweeted out 37 minutes
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ago that "the biden administration is not just plain and illegal immigrants into the tennessee community, this is happening all over the country." this was a wake-up call to see this happening just outside of new york. this is something you have been telling us that you have been seen in your state dating back to may. >> that is exactly right, sandra. we were seeing this in tennessee. as you said, back in may. this is the reason i have developed the migrant resettlement transparency act, because there is no information given to your local or state officials. they just wake up and find out that they have some of these unaccompanied alien children that are into their communities. as a superintendent of schools, director of schools, told me last week, he said you don't know that they are there until they show up and they need extra english as a second language,
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child care services services, all of these additional services. what the federal government is doing is they sprucing the children around the country and transferring this cost to those local governments. these are children that have been traumatized, they have been physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. as they have been under the cartel's guidance, of them were children that were not traveling with a family member, they have been rented out to someone who wanted to cross the border. now these children aren't really needing a lot of service, they are going into these communities. there is no information given. sandra, last week when i was on the border, i was talking to a tsa agent and i said how are you screening these individuals that have absolutely no paperwork, no
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documentation, they cannot prove who they are or where they are from? we have had 150 different countries that have presented illegally at the southern border. tsa has had to set up a separate screening process for these individuals and they are allowed on commercial flights with no documentation. tsa is giving them this proper preferential treatment. >> sandra: obviously, there are covid concerns. "the new york post" posted pictures of these areas in suburban new york, very restrictive covid policies. we don't know whether testing statuses, if they are being tested, if they are vaccinated, or being offered the vaccine when they arrive. i know that you also put out that you have put in at the migrant resettlement transparency act, because you
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refuse to let joe biden get away with abusing federal powers to hide the problems he's created. as a sitting member of congress, what information can you demand access to as far as the planning of these flights, the timing of these flights, the number of migrants that are put on these flights and where these migrants are being sent all over the country? >> the migrant resettlement transparency act, this is senator hegarty and i working together to protect tennessee and tennessee communities because there is no information given to your local and state officials. sandra, they are completely in the dark. they do not know that these individuals are coming. just as you saw in westchester county, they are doing this in chattanooga, they are doing in knoxville, they are doing it in other cities across the country. until these individuals present at the health department, the hospital, the school, for services that they need, no one
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knows that they are there. the federal government is trying to cover this up. there is 1.7 million apprehensions. but that does not include the got always. all of those that are drug traffickers, sex traffickers, gang members that are trying to evade being captured. >> sandra: senator, i know that you have been very concerned about this for months now. we have been talking to you about it, obviously, on the news. we continue to see that these migrants are being placed in other areas of the country. we will see you soon. >> john: fox news alert, sandra we will continue to watch what is going on just north of north port, florida, they are in this nature preserve where a coroner has been called in after police made a discovery of what appears to be personal items belonging to brian laundrie. is there a body in there? most likely so, since the
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coroner is they are. if so, is it brian laundrie? we will update you on this coming right back. stay with us
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>> sandra: the search for brian laundrie appears to have reached a point where the coroner has been called into the environmental park where authorities have been searching this part for weeks now. they had almost close the search in this park and they had just reopened it to public yesterday. they closed it back down at the coroner has been called in after fox news digital saw an officer apparently tell the parents of brian laundrie that law enforcement might have found something. an indication that his belongings were found, some articles belonging to brian were found, according to the attorney representing the laundrie family. as you heard from dr. michael baden earlier on this program saying the fact that the coroner was brought in, he has reached the conclusion that there is obviously a body. no confirmation of that, but that is the conclusion he
10:37 am
reached. whether that is brian laundrie is still in question at this moment. this is breaking news, we will continue to follow the development from north port, florida, and bring them to you as they come in. john? >> john: shocking and brutal act of sexual violence is barking nationwide outrage. a man accused of raping a woman on a commuter train near philadelphia while other passengers watched. the man was facing deportation three years ago by an immigration judge allowed him to stay. molly? >> john, a deeply disturbing case. transit police say that a woman was on a train outside of philadelphia. there were other passengers on board. that they did not help. and that potentially the attack was reported on cell phone. >> a horrendous act, and unfortunately we live in a time right now where there are horrendous things. >> what we want everyone to be
10:38 am
is angry, disgusted, and join us in being resolute to continue to make the system safe. >> the alleged assailant, 35-year-old has been arrested and faces multiple charges including and sexual assault. police say the attack happened last wednesday night after he boarded the train in north philadelphia, getting out of the same station as the victim. roughly two dozen stops past when he allegedly grasped and grabbed the woman before rating her. >> people were holding their phone up in the direction of this woman being attacked. >> it was a transit system employee that ultimately called 911. police say and arriving officer caught the suspect in the act, pulling him off the victim. >> we are still going to the video, but there were a lot of people that should have done something. it's a beast where we are as a society, who would allows a bit like that to take place? it is troubling. >> the suspect has a criminal
10:39 am
record and had originally come to the u.s. on a student visa, which is terminated in 2015, and 2017 he, a citizen of congo pled guilty to a sexual abuse misdemeanor and was sentenced to 120 days in prison. he was never supported because the board of immigration appeals determined that his misdemeanor sex offense was not a serious crime and the judge granted him a withholding of removal. john? >> john: it is sure serious now. molly, thank you. sandra? >> sandra: democrats are proposing to raise the threshold for the irs to access bank accounts and deposits and withdrawals to $10,000 a year. that comes after an initial threshold of $600 was widely panned by republicans in the banking industry for being too intrusive. steve forbes is the editor in chief of forbes media. steve, great to see you. first off, where do you stand in the initial proposal of $600? was it too intrusive?
10:40 am
>> too intrusive at 600 and too intrusive at $10,000. this violates the fourth amendment where you cannot go through people's accounts without first having a warrant. this is not like reporting income, which is a traditional form of enforcing the income tax code. >> sandra: senator kennedy teed off on this earlier. listen. >> do you folks really want to live in a state where the government knows of the intimate details of your life, including finances? if you do, here china is beautiful this time of year. >> sandra: pretty serious morning, but perhaps not too far off from what could happen here, steve. >> that's right. you can easily reach that transfer money to an account between spouses, you get a gift, stock proceeds coming in or something like that. boom, you are in their crosshairs. then they can use that to go through every single transaction you make. that is why the banks are upset.
10:41 am
they feel it is a violation of confidentiality. on any excuse the irs can come in intimate to see everything. it is not just bank accounts, everything else you two in terms terms of moving money, buying and selling and the like. it is grossly intrusive, and it is a weaponization and intimidation. small businesses, middle and, income earners, do not have lawyers and accountants. by the irs comes after you, you are vulnerable. you have a 10 million word tax code, how do you defend yourself? rich people can. middle income people, upper middle income people, small businesses don't. no, they are going to be judge and how much and he that can extract. they could say you, sandra, here's $500 to settle this thing and we will leave you alone. it will descend into extortion into extortion. >> sandra: i don't know if you
10:42 am
are surprised if treasury secretary janet yellen came out and supported the plan for $600. perhaps it does not surprise you that senator elizabeth warren also supports this plan. >> of course that changes who will be impacted. the whole point here is to patch tax cheats. high net worth tax cheats. >> sandra: on that point, finally, steve, what do you say to janet yellen and elizabeth warren who say we need to do something to crack down on the tax cheats? they see this as a way to do that. do you have an alternative? >> oh, yes. and they are serious about having a tax code that people can find easy to comply with, do with 30 other countries have done and have a simple flat tax. single rate, generous exemptions in families with kids, no federal income on your first $52,000 of salary, low rates have shown in the patent, it passed. instead of going to the police that methods that yellen and
10:43 am
others in senator warren and others won't, high income people, rich people like jeff bezos have account lawyers to defend themselves. small businesses don't. you know what will happen, they will go after easy targets and it will be a form of intimidation, ultimately it will make us a less free society and a less prosperous society. >> sandra: you have always been one to stay in over the small businesses, because of the end of the day they are the engine of this economy. steve forbes, great to have you on. >> that's how we get big companies. they start small. >> sandra: indeed, thank you. >> you could've asked better questions. you could've asked questions reviewers cared about. >> john: democratic candidate for governor cut his interview short after the reporter pressed him on his controversial questions last month about
10:44 am
parents being involved in their kids education. meanwhile, republican candidate glenn youngkin is revealing any education proposal in response to his concern about critical race theory and teaching. marc thiessen joins us now. columnist for the boston post and fox news contributor. we've saved the best for last here. it is unclear whether petitio was irritated or just annulment december the 20 minutes. it was a pretty abrupt exit? >> he was irritated about the question because he's created an issue that could cause the election. keep in mind that virginia is not a purple state anymore, it is a blue state. mcauliffe was supposed to be cruising to election. if glenn youngkin, if they win this, if he wins this election this would be an upset on par with the washington generals beat in the harlem globetrotters or the toronto maple leafs winning a playoff series. >> john: you had to go there didn't you? >> i did, i'm sorry.
10:45 am
[laughs] what's happening is there's been a seismic shift happening in the electorate where the school moms moms, these suburban educated, college-educated woman who voted for democrats in 2018, gave them that majority, voted for joe biden in 2020, are being driven into the g.o.p. full by democrats who are ignoring their concerns and telling them you are not in charge of their kids education, and if you try to assert yourself as being in charge of your kids education, i will seek the fbi on you and federal law enforcement on you. they are saying we will go to the poll. >> john: by the way, yesterday, youngkin tries to put a torpedo into the engine room of mcauliffe's campaign. he released it education the culver raising teacher pay, higher standards for students, critical race theory band, real appealing the law that covers up serious crimes, sexual assaults, annual safety audits, and involving parents in curriculum development. i want to go to a new topic,
10:46 am
this is not what we talked by doing originally, because this is just popped up on mother jones. we have not been able to confirm this ourselves, we do not know if it is accurate, but mother jones says that it has a scoop that apparently joe manchin has been telling associates that if he does not get his way on the reconciliation plan, he may leave the democratic party. we don't know if he would become an independent and about with the democrats and bernie sanders, or if he would become a republican. but if this is accurate that is big news. >> that will be big news, actually wrote a column about three months ago saying he should do exactly that. he has a lot more in common with the republican party than he does with the democratic party. as he said, i am not a socialist, i am not a liberal, a conservative. his state is a deep red state. i think what the democrats are, again, just like they are driving school board moms into the hands of the republican party, these suburban voters who
10:47 am
supported them, they are driving people like joe manchin away by pursuing socialism when they don't have a mandate for socialism. the voters did not elect a credit party, joe biden president, and put democrats in charge of congress in order to pass a socialist agenda. we have a 50/50 senate, and a three vote majority in the house, that is a mandate for compromise. joe manchin is trying to compromise, trying to bring bipartisanship back, reach across the aisle. the democrats are pushing him and pushing him to vote for things that he does not believe in. the people in west virginia don't believe in it. at some point, if your party does not want you, if your party is telling you that you need to do things you don't believe in, maybe you should go to a party where more people share your beliefs. >> john: that is what the governor jim justice did. if joe manchin were to flip, that would change the balance of power in the senate. marc thiessen, great to see you. we have breaking news. sandra question marks me to fox news alert as we look live
10:48 am
at these aerial images in north port, florida, the environmental park that has been the focus of brian laundrie's search. he is still the person of interest even in this moment, in the murder of gabby petitio. while we know so far and that fox news was confirmed is that a spokesperson for the sarasota county medical examiner's office has confirmed that the office was called to the environmental park today, but would not say anything more. we have video obviously of a white van arriving at the park, there has been a tent that is been set up, we are told at the corner has been called in. there is a command center that arrived at the same park earlier. this is the same park that they have been searching out for weeks for brian's b-17. the parent said that he went for a hike there, as far as the timeline, september 13th. originally the family said he meant the 14th, john remember when we try to get those
10:49 am
details? they are pictured on the right side is the parents of laundrie talking to a police officer outside the preserve. they were notified that they found articles belonging to their son. >> john: they are not saying whether or not body was found, but i think it is pretty clear that you do not call in the medical unless human remains or in an intact body have found. i think it is pretty logical to assume that they are looking into the possibility that that is the body of brian laundrie. since the parents were called and according to the families attorney those items did in fact belong to brian laundrie. >> sandra: the statement we have received from the brian laundrie attorney, chris and roberta laundrie went to the environmental park this morning to search for brian. the fbi were informed last night of the parents intentions and they met them there this
10:50 am
morning. after a brief surge off a trail that brian frequented, some articles belonging him were found. as of now, law enforcement is conducting a more thorough investigation of that area. that is where we find ourselves in this moment as we see a k-9 unit on the trail there. they have re-shut this down to any tourists coming to the park. it just reopened yesterday after weeks. but they have shut it down again. we are dependent a lot on local information, local reporting from the area and this is our fox affiliate that is bringing the images. i assume we will know a whole lot more in the coming minutes and hours. >> john: i'm sure we will, we will keep watching it. in the meantime, the white house is rolling out a plan to distribute the covid-19 vaccine to children ages 5-11 as soon as the fda and cdc's advisory committees approve its use in younger kids. they are expected to sign off on that in a matter of weeks. fox news medical contributor
10:51 am
dr. marty makary. doctor, great to see you. there are a couple things that will be different here, the dose of the formulation of the vaccine for children 5-11 will be different and then the white house is rolling this out in a different way than the agile vaccine. what can you tell us about dosage and formulation and rollout? >> i have been pretty impressed by pfizer, they have seen a rate of mild problems with children and went back and revise the dose in the clinical trial. they took it down to 20 micrograms from ten. i'm still concerned that space in this together will want to consider a single dose. >> john: and so it does call for a double dose? >> it is a two dose vaccine strategy at 10 micrograms, yes. pediatricians are very good at custom tailoring a treatment or a vaccine plan for an individual.
10:52 am
the kid has a lot of risk factors, comorbid conditions, i would recommend the vaccine. if the kid is natural immunities from prior infections, they don't need the vaccine. the complications are higher in boys than girls, so you may want to space out that second dose or skip it in young boys for now. >> john: in terms of distribution, the white house says that it has about 28 million doses of the vaccine. that is an answer to every child in america between 5-11. they will make it available at pediatrician offices i'm a primary care sites, hospitals, pharmacies, schools. that is a different strategy than the adult vaccine which has not been available in your local doctor's office. >> it is, and this is a good move by the department of health and human services. they want to encourage conversations about vaccinating kids with a pediatrician. they are very skilled at having these tailored conversations. it will not be the sort of thing where we see a lot of kids getting at the local pharmacy. i may be available there.
10:53 am
25,000 pediatrician offices will have the vaccine and be able to minister at. >> john: kaiser did a poll of parents who want to vaccinate kids, because there is still a lot of hesitancy in giving younger kids vaccine. when asked if they would give the children vaccines, 34% said right away, 32% said wait and see, 17% only if required, and nearly a quarter of people said definitely not. doctor, what you make of those numbers? >> i think people are having an issue with the one-size-fits-all strategy of vaccines, and vaccine mandates and children have hard and some people it has the idea. i am very pro-vaccine and covid is a vaccine preventable illness in kids, but it is not one-size-fits-all strategy. i think people will recognize the risk in a healthy kid is much different than a kid with comorbidity. that is in the new factor in as well. >> john: despite one people
10:54 am
thing, i am very pro-vaccine as well. dr. marty makary, good to talk to you, appreciate it. sandra? >> sandra: paris hilton, meanwhile, was on capitol hill today fighting for more protections for children in troubled youth centers. hi, mark. >> sandra, good to see you. paris hilton is known mostly for her fame and fortune but she had lawmakers attention today as she had other advocates came here to the hilt basically urging congress to adopt several reduction for children who end up in troubled youth facilities. the 40-year-old, who has become an outspoken advocate on this issue, said she was abused both mentally and physically while at a facility in utah when she was a teenager. earlier today, she told lawmakers that what she says was an emotionally scarring experience. >> i was strangled, slapped across the face, washed in the shower by male staff. called vulgar names. forced to take medication without a diagnosis.
10:55 am
i wish i could tell you that what i experienced and witnessed was unique, or even rare. but sadly, it is not. >> paris and lawmakers are encouraging congress to essentially create a few different programs here. one, make sure that these facilities have best practices in mind where they also all those kids do end up in these facilities do have rights, to make sure they commit phone calls, and report any abuse. they want to see these facilities that are using bad behavior be shut down. and they want to make sure that there is more oversight of these care facilities. >> it can happen to paris hilton, and her family, think about all those people that can't be here today. >> this measure does have the support in the house and the senate, although right now sandra it is unclear how quickly it may move out. >> sandra: live on the hill, mark, thank you. john? >> john: the sarasota county medical examiner's office on the scene at the myakkahatchee creek environmental park just outside of north port, florida.
10:56 am
apparently, some human remains have been found. are they the remains of brian laundrie? we will have the latest on you when "america reports" returns.
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>> john: fox news alert, to top off a brand-new hour it is crisis after crisis piling up for the white house, president biden's approval numbers is staying the same course. down. now we look at why over the course of five reporters. that is all before we take our first break in our second hour. good afternoon, i'm john roberts in washington. we had a busy 60 minutes ahead of us. >> sandra: in the last 50 ms., was as well. i'm sandra smith anymore. that is down a full point since the month started. the top concern is the economy. the president heading out to his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania, selling his multitrillion dollars spending
11:01 am
plan, even as the supply chain crisis leave store shelves empty and ports filled with products. >> john: fighting campaign as a working-class joke, but so far a lot of his priorities has seen more alarm as of causes like social spending. that means higher taxes for americans. fox team coverage begins now on the issue staring down this white house, and driving down the president poll numbers. from the unanswered questions in afghanistan, to mandates leaving americans jobless praise be to john, we began with a crisis on our southern border. senior correspondent mike tobin is reporting live from texas. hi, mike. >> hi thomas sandra. eddie dhs source confirms that 2021 saw 1.7 million border apprehensions which does and think 86. one thing we can see very plainly since yesterday is that the flow of migrants to the southern border is not slowing down at all. the first group of migrants
11:02 am
showed up before sundown, they found a gap where construction on the border wall had stopped. they were from nicaragua and honduras. single adults and families. the babies they carried were covered with bug bites. a father with a 10-month-old told the story of walking and hitching rides for 20 days. they didn't know if they will make it, if they could stay, but they are hopeful for a better life. >> in mexico city, they boarded a trailer that had no ventilation. people were passing out, they could not breathe, they were in it for two hours. that is what kept them worried about her daughter's safety. >> we've all suffered, hunger, thirst, threats, danger. we have all suffered and sleeping in warehouses just to make it to this country where everyone is free. >> a source with border patrol told us that families will be able to stay. the unaccompanied minors will be able to stay. the single adults made the trip in vain.
11:03 am
there will be subject to title 42 which sends them back citing a health crisis. all the statistics only total of the people who made contact with the authorities. if they do not total up the runners, or the got a ways. the people who sneak through the lines and pass into the country under detected. their numbers are estate it made it in the hundreds of thousands. >> sandra: mike tobin reported from texas, thank you. now to the ongoing crisis in afghanistan where evacuations are still ongoing. nearly two months after the last american troops left the ground there. our reporter just landed in joe hocker, très? >> 369 people were thrown out of kabul today by eight qatari evacuation flight. 55 of those people are related to the organization fifa.
11:04 am
soccer players, athletes like best about players, everyone had a shared sense of relief to get out of taliban-controlled territory, especially women. take a look. the afghan women's national possible team is escaping taliban-controlled territory. we spoke with these players earlier and you can sense the relief that they feel leaving afghanistan, but also the disappointment that they had to leave their home behind. they are determined to continue playing basketball, wherever they end up, and represented this country. >> we have lots of challenges for women afghanistan. not especially basketball, because the people say that women could not play sports and they should not go into sports. >> a number of american citizens were also on that flight out of afghanistan today. sandra? >> sandra: thank you. john? >> john: the state department's inspector general is investigating the biden administration's final moves in
11:05 am
afghanistan. state department correspondent with the latest on the investigation. hi, rich. >> the state department to say that there is between 10200 americans still looking to get out of afghanistan. this is two months after troops drawn down the scenes in the airport they are with afghans and americans desperately. the state department general inspectors office is communicate with congress saying they are looking into how the u.s. exited afghanistan. sources say the inspector general is working with the pentagon and department of formant security inspector general, among others. there will likely be multiple reports and all of that could take months. congressional republicans have launched their own investigation into the american exit, especially the failure to evacuate afghans who work with the u.s. over the past couple of decades. republicans are requesting that the white house and state department provide all communication, intelligence assessments, and documents on ending the war in afghanistan. state department has said it plans to fully cooperate with
11:06 am
the inspector general's investigation in all of this. john, back to you. >> john: we look forward to the results of that. rich, thanks. >> sandra: americans are bracing for a busier holiday travel season with restrictions finally lifting. the worker shortages hitting airports and airlines. new concerns over the vaccine mandate. southwest airlines is walking back its pledge to put workers on leave if they do not hit the vaccine dead light. fox news senior correspondent live at dallas-fort worth international on that for us. hi, kc. >> good afternoon. we learned this week that as you know in the tsa, more than half are vaccinated fully for covid. about 60% roughly, the agency said, had been inoculated. but that leaves about 40% that have yet to receive a dose. so there is this controversial potion for them to get the jab
11:07 am
ahead of, as you said, president biden's at december 8th deadline for several contrite appears to be fully inoculated. there has been turbulence with vaccine mandates for some airline staff. southwest airlines has been taken to court over it. hundreds of employees representing the multiple carriers protest in this week outside of southwest world headquarters here in dallas. >> we want to have freedom of choice, freedom to make our own medical decisions. we don't want to be mandated to take an injection if we don't have to. >> a day later, southwest airlines hit pause on the mandate deadline while other carriers like american airlines and united for instance move forward. hard to believe that thanksgiving, christmas just around the corner and a lot of people expected to take to the skies. remember, the vaccines were not available for most americans were the last holiday season so they expect things to be even
11:08 am
busier with potentially less to serve them. >> sandra: it will be a serious struggle. thank you. john? >> john: president biden is headed to scranton, pennsylvania, today to sell his agenda nine months into the job the president is still looking for his signature legislative victory. white house correspondent peter doocy is live to tell us whether or not the president just might or not get it. peter? >> and officials around do not want to take too much out of the spending bill, because they insist they are trying to transform the country. >> we want to vote as soon as possible, and that could be in the next couple of weeks. it could be sooner. the timeline is not as important as actually getting it done. it really is transformational to america's working families. the priority is to get it done, but of course we want it done asap. >> something has to go. along with social programs
11:09 am
reportedly on the chopping block to get the package from 3.5 trillion down to 2 trillion is free college tuition for all. some of the climate focused proposal to cut emissions are also in danger now. officials of the white house continued to claimed the plan does not contribute to debt. republicans say they are seen proof that is not true in real time. >> the bottom line is that at a time when inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are surging, and we have a supply chain crisis that is leaving grocery store shelves empty, democrats are proposing zero solutions and instead are discussing a far left tax-and-spend bill that will make these crises work and bankrupt america. >> about an hour from right now president biden will fly towards scranton, pennsylvania, to sell this big multitrillion dollar bill, which could be kind of
11:10 am
tricky because nobody knows for sure right now what will be in it. joan. >> john: well, you know, as nancy pelosi said, you need to pass the bill to find out what is in it. >> exactly. >> john: peter doocy at the white house, thank you. sandra, i am intrigued and we have not confirmed it by this mother jones article that apparently senator joe manchin has been telling his associates that he may leave the party if he does not get what he wants. that could be a strong arm tactics or it could be true, i don't know. >> sandra: to be clear, he was just asked about this off-camera. one of our capitol hill producers just sent in that he was replying to a bombardment of reporter questions there on the hill about that report about him changing parties. he replied, i have no control over the rumors. not sure that puts anything to rest. all right we we had this brand-new video in. a cadaver dog is seen in the environmental park. authorities on the ground there
11:11 am
as brian laundrie's parents, brian laundrie a person of interest in the murder of gabby petitio. his parents were told that law enforcement may have found something. fox news digital was able to confirm to the attorney for the laundrie family that they were told that some articles belonging to brian were found. john, as we have been reporting in a corner has been to the park there. dr. michael barden says that means they have a body. whether that body is brian laundrie, we have no information. very interesting to see not only the authorities on foot there in that part, but also the cadaver and her dog. we just saw the canine truck a short while ago. >> john: if this is puzzling, why are they searching the park with a dog? unless of course his body has been there for a long time and an animal carried away part of it. i don't know. rather puzzling. >> sandra: we will have more on this coming up. >> john: looking forward to that. if you were concerned with the rising prices and empty store
11:12 am
shelves "the washington post" has some words of advice. stop demanding so much and lower your expectations. the column claiming americans are too spoiled ahead. >> sandra: i wonder how people feel about that. also, one of the largest companies in all of america accused of denying people jobs because they are americans. facebook paying a fortune to settle as many americans question whether the social network really is their friend. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: facebook and hot water again, this time for hiring practices. the american ten china is accused of denying jobs to people because they are americans. david? >> this is just another controversy for the social media
11:18 am
giant. doj officials say it is very simple. facebook ignored long-standing practice and ignore the priority of hiring american workers instead of hiring foreign temporary visa workers. they will pay almost $50 million to settle this problem. the doj is, in addition to a settlement for the labor department. facebook showed favoritism when hiring foreign workers, not giving americans a proper buy at the apple. the doj said that facebook is not about the law, must comply with our nation's federal civil rights which prohibit discriminatory recruitment and hiring practices. companies cannot set aside certain positions for temporary visa holders because of citizenship or immigration status. >> a $40 million settlement with facebook is like a pinprick or less. not even a slap on the rest. so, i think facebook should regard itself as lucky to above
11:19 am
escaped with such a light penalty. >> in a statement directly to fox news, facebook wrote that "while we strongly believe that we met the federal government standards in our permanent labor certification practices, we have reached agreement to any ongoing litigation and move on with our program which is an important part of our overall immigration program. these resolutions will enable us to continue focusing on hiring the best builders from both the u.s. and around the world and supporting our internal community of highly skilled visa holders who are seeking permanent residence." i was looking at these documents and something that facebook did is they made american workers apply via snail mail while giving priority to those temporary foreign workers. that is just one of the allegations made by doj and facebook is admitting. >> sandra: david, thank you. john? >> john: just before we get onto our next story here, something from joe manchin. apparently he said to reporters on video that "i cannot control
11:20 am
rumors." it sounds like he is not planning on leaving the party anytime soon. meantime, more than 10,000 john dare workers on strike for better pay and benefits, making it the longest right in the pandemic era. this is the supply chain crisis drives up prices. farmers like our next guest may have the most to lose as a shortage of farm equipment cuts into critical harvest and planting times. senior vice president of hundley farms, eric hopkins joins us now. eric, great to talk to you. what a fact is this john diarse strike having on you, your business, your ability to get things caught and harvested? it seems like a cannot of come at a worse time. >> we are definitely busy trying to plan all of our vegetables and sugarcane right now. we farm in palm beach county so we forms of the winter time because our climate allows us to. strike right now is certainly
11:21 am
not good because we need the trackers being made and the parts being made. we run about 35 john dear at our operation and we need them working, not sitting. to be what i saw an nbc report that suggested that the cost of farm equipment, even at auction, is going up. it said that in 2009 tractor soul back then for $100,000, would now go at auction for $143,000. there was about a 30-50% increase in the price of farm equipment over where it used to be. how much is that cutting into your bottom line? >> it definitely hurts. equipment is expensive, but so is every thing else. this whole supply chain issue is really tough on farmers. from the pallets to trucking to all of our inputs. everything has gone much higher in a very short period of time. unfortunately we will need to pass on these expenses to the
11:22 am
consumer. >> john: if, as you say, down there in florida you cannot get into the planting season whereas other farmers are finishing up, could this result in food shortages, and if so, what will be the first crops to be hit? >> we are doing the best of a can right now. right now we need our supplies to show up on time. if we harvest sweet corn we need to have containers to put it in, we have to have pallets to stack it on to go into his truck, to get to the grocery stores. it is simple things that seem to be really in short supply on the supply chain all across the country. people need to get back to work and we had to quit incentivizing people to stay home. >> john: this big john deere walkout is 10,000 workers. they are seeking better pay and benefits. do you understand their position? >> i do. they have had record profits this year. but it is hard for me to get in
11:23 am
the middle of that situation. we have a great relationship with everglades farm equipment who is our local dealer and they are keeping us informed of what is going on and hopefully they will come to a settlement that both sides are happy and can move forward with. >> john: here is what the white house said about its support for unions. it is stated in full square behind collective bargaining and strikes. >> this is the most prounion administration in history. they will continue to govern and lead with that in mind. they feel as strongly supporting unions, the ability of workers to organize if they choose, collective bargaining, and the right to strike, which is one part of collective bargaining. >> john: jen psaki talking about the president's position, which is all well and good, but in an environment where we are right now with all the supply chain shortages a big strike like this can have a real impact on the economy? >> absolutely. we try to stata politics, we
11:24 am
just want to put food on americans tables. farmers in florida are doing the best they can to grow a healthy crop that is affordable for everyone out there. we take our jobs seriously and we do not want politics to get in the way of us getting our food into the grocery stores and to our customers. >> john: we wish you a lot of luck in the planting season. we hope you get the equipment you need as well as other supplies. eric hopkins of hundley farms, thank you. >> we appreciate it, think he you. >> john: you have to think, sandra, if they are having these problems and plant disease and now this will extend into next year. >> sandra: that could cause major homes for food. really good inside look at how many angles are to the supply chain crisis story. all right, the latest push back on the justice department's focus on parents who want a say in their kids classrooms. >> john: does parents concerns deemed not important by the democrat running to be virginia's governor.
11:25 am
carrie mcauliffe is feeling the heat. >> sandra: those issues from crt to change definitions of gender are hardly limited to virginia as lesson plans across the country. we will speak to a mall of four kids in a colorado school district who says that it can be scary to speak out, but she just can't stay silent anymore. ♪ ♪
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>> john: breaking news at a florida now. a coroner remains on the scene at a park where items belonging to brian laundrie were found. he discovered coming after laundrie's parents arrived at the site earlier today to search for their son. senior correspondent laura ingle live from blue point, new york, the hometown of gabby petitio. what's the latest? >> hi, john. no word yet, no reaction from the family members of gabby petitio here at blue point as we all wait for official word from what exactly it was found down
11:31 am
in florida today. of course, we know they are watching the news as well. the fbi tweeting moments ago that they are only calling the discovery items of interest in connection with the search of brian laundrie. there have been reports that it was clothing, backpack, we've even heard of human remains. showing you some of the video that we have in florida, we have seen the coroner's van from the sarasota county met the full examiners in addition into the lee county mobile command center. these dramatic new developments come after a month of searching near this carlton reserve for any signs of brian laundrie with search teams, cadaver dogs, and drones. this is the same area where brian laundrie's parents told police that he would for a hike september 13th and reported him missing after he did not return to their north port, florida, home for several days. fox news digital reported today that chris and roberta laundrie were at the park earlier with a search team member who reportedly told them "they might have found something."
11:32 am
if human remains are recovered today and they are confirmed to be those of laundrie, this will not be then news that gabby petitio's parents were hoping for. they told me to go weeks ago that they wanted him found alive, to answer questions about what happened to their daughter while the couple was on their cross-country trip this summer. listen. >> he is the missing piece of the puzzle, to find out what happen. >> he is the key. >> john: what happened out there? you know? until we find them, we won't know. >> we believe he knows everything. >> yeah, one possible reason for today's news and the actions there in florida our fox digital team is reporting that the water levels have gone down in the search area. of course, we will bring you more as we get to hear from blue point. >> john: it had been flooded before. this just in from david of the justice department, senior law enforcement source code fox news says that human remains were found at a site with a
11:33 am
cadaver dog is in florida. items that may have belonged to laundrie were found. the fbi is supposed to have an update today, may be around 4:00 or so. laura, thank you so much. sandra? >> sandra: 17 states attorney generals are taking on the biden administration, accusing them of using the fbi as a weapon to terrorize parents into stay in silence at school board meetings. it comes following a request last month from the national school board association asking the department of justice to look into threats made by parents to school board members. fox news jonathan hunt's life from our l.a. bureau. >> is a scene that is been repeated across the country. parents who oppose mass and asking mandates, and the teaching of what they consider critical race theory passionately arguing their cause. in some cases, seemingly crossing a line in others. >> he wants micro-aggressions,
11:34 am
implicit bias, and antiracism to be taught in schools. i posit that these ideas are themselves racist at their very core. >> we know who you are, we know who you are. you can run away but we know you and we can find you and we know who you are >> in an october memo that department of justice decried a "disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff." that followed a request from the national school board association for an investigation of what it called threats against its members. like a name parents actions to "domestic terrorism" in some cases. angry parents argue that they are simply exercising their first amendment rights and now they have the backing of 17 state attorneys general who have written to president biden and attorney general merrick garland saying that parents have an absolute right to speak out.
11:35 am
>> we are going to keep pushing back. the encouragement is for people to keep showing up. we will not tolerate the department of justice at this and the fbi criminalizing dissent. it is un-american. >> of the attorneys general accused the biden administration of trying to use what they called "scare tactics and intimidation to silence parents." that of course, sandra, is what the school board's accused some parents of doing to them. >> sandra: get a mess and in those board rooms. we will have a parent who is in one of those meetings and what she has to say in just a moment. thank you, john. >> john: less than two weeks to go before the election, democrat election for virginia's governor race terry mcauliffe may be feeling the heat. the democrat a broadly ended in an interview with a local television reporter after the reporter asked some questions about hot button issues. mike emanuel joined me now with more. this thing is really tight. >> good afternoon.
11:36 am
the interview with the abc affiliate here in philadelphia had some numb sell questions about education, crime, and covid. here's how it ended. >> health care, covid, education. >> all right, we are over. thank you. i gave you the extra time. you should have asked better questions than the ones you have. you should have asked questions that viewers care about. >> terry mcauliffe said he misspoke when he said he does not the parent should tell schools with the teach. he's response was "no, what we need to do, bring people together, we have the board of education, and we have the local school boards who are all involved in this process. but the issue is how do we deliver the world-class education, and the way we do that is investment. "mcauliffe was also asked about merrick garland's october 4th memo addressing recent school board protest that virginia has been ground zero
11:37 am
four. mcauliffe responded "listen, i believe the attorney general of the night states to make their decisions. i had no knowledge of it, they will make their own decisions, we want to keep our schools say." today republican candidate glenn duncan said this. >> he's losing it, he knows his race is slipping away from him. >> mcauliffe walked off after 10 minutes of an interview. >> john: a new monmouth poll came out today. 46-46. as an old colleague of mine once said, this is kick tight. >> sandra: thanks, john. this controversy has spread far beyond virginia. many other places in the nine states are dealing with this. our next guest has been looking at the study of critical race theory in her kids classrooms. as well as math mandates at her children's colorado schools.
11:38 am
molly lamarr has three children in the cherry creek school district in denver. molly, i know you have four kids. three in school. i know you have been actively involved in the school board meetings there. you attend them. this just happened that one of those meetings. i will plan for our audience and i will have you respond. >> first time in the 70 year history of this district that we have five women sitting on the board. i think it speaks to the time that we are living in. i also believe that we have diversity. i don't think we need a man to be on our board. just because he's a man. we have cultural diversity. we have two black women who sit on our board. we are not all wealthy white women who sit at home eating bonbons all day. no, we do not need a white man sitting on our board. >> sandra: molly, as i mentioned you were there. as a parent, what did you think when you heard the director of the school district say that?
11:39 am
>> well, thanks for having me on, sandra. i was at that meeting and was actually sitting with a friend of mine whose husband is one of the candidates running for school board. i was really shocked that the question did not have anything to do with race. it was a question about gender. did the candidates feel like the board needed to have a man to better represent the community? miss bates chose to take the question and directed towards race, not only about white men not needing white men to sit on the board, but also to make derogatory comments regarding wealthy white women who sit at home eating bonbons all day. i took offense to both comments, especially as a stay-at-home mom. >> sandra: as far as what is being taught in the classrooms there, as we come out after
11:40 am
these reporters that are around the country, seeing outrage over parents that are mad about what is being taught in the classroom. the colorado school association says that crt is not taught in grade school. it is technically not a curriculum, they say it is a theoretical framework. i know that you have said that you are not opposed to changing the way that history is taught in the classroom, but you are really concerned about what they are implementing right now without venting this first. >> yes. i sat on the committee that reviews the social studies curriculum that we did not actually pass as a committee, but the board of education along with the director of instruction in curriculum, they decided to pass it. my concern is that the program is being used in public
11:41 am
districts that have a much lower graduation rates and lower literacy rates than we do. i wanted to know, as did others on the community, why would we be seeking a curriculum implement in a curriculum, that was not helping us achieve an even higher graduation rate or a higher literacy rate? >> sandra: that's a fair concern. >> it was pushed through fast. >> sandra: what is your message? i know you circle back with the head of the school district there, the director kelly bates, and you question her on those comments. especially referencing wealthy white woman at home eating bonbons. do you feel the school board is listening? many parents that we talk to say that they are concerned about stepping up, they fear retaliation. you are deciding to do so today. why has it come to that point for you? >> the current board at cherry creek school district really
11:42 am
lacks good communication and transparency. i feel that so much of this could be avoided if there were better communication emma if, is knew what was going on, and if they trust about was happening. instead these decisions are being made very quickly behind closed doors, and parents just want to be part of the process, especially after a pandemic where there are learning gaps for all children. the focus should be getting kids back on track, instead of focusing on political agendas that really have no place in our classrooms. growing up, we could go to school and our parents knew that our schools were safe, that our curriculums were straightforward, and parents had
11:43 am
a good idea of what was happening. now it feels like there are landmines everywhere. are the school safe? what are the kids learning? what is being taught? is it appropriate? >> sandra: to your point, you said you just have questions and you hope to have the school board will work with the parents to answer some of those questions and that you can all work together. that would obviously be a best-case scenario. we appreciate you sharing your concerns. as a mama four, i'm sure you have a lot of them. there was enough concern as a parent anyway. but you wanted to speak out about it. things were joining us. >> thank you, sandra. >> sandra: john, is another concerned parent. we have been talking a lot about virginia, but they want to know what is going on in the classrooms and sometimes they don't feel the school boards are telling it like it is and the changes that are being made. >> john: you know, marc thiessen has been talking about this. we had soccer moms in 1996, security moms in 2004, he
11:44 am
believes that school board mom is going to be the key swing voter in the 2022 midterm elections. he says that it is not just a trans am problem in an off year election in virginia. this is a national movement that is gaining steam across the country. >> sandra: we will continue to get the parents voices out there. it is so important right now. the pandemic outcome of the learning gap, it is real and they are dealing with a lot more than just this. right? >> john: this is an interesting side effect of remote learning. parents actually saw what their kids were being taught. >> sandra: looked over their shoulder. >> john: hey, sandra, ever have thanks given without turkey. thanks to the supply chain crisis this might be the year? >> sandr grocery stores are being hit especially hard by the shortages. stew leonard is on deck, he will weigh in. if you do not know who that is, you are just not a new yorker. ♪ ♪
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>> sandra: welcome back. cargo ships off california's coast are getting worse. dozens of ships are expected to join the 100 already waited to be unloaded. the supply shock, combined with inflation, means that u.s. consumers are feeling the pinch
11:51 am
at the grocery store. >> can afford half the stuff. >> going up every day. >> it really affects people who are living on the edge. >> it has a huge impact because it impacts your entire life. speak to comment on xp two bring in stew leonard. stew, everybody knows your face. during company that you took us during the safe return of your customers in the torah. >> sandra: here we are dealing with this inflation crisis, supply chain crisis. stew, give me an example. how much have you seen the prices in your circle up? >> it is spotty right now. if you look around. brett is at record highs. we can't believe the price of lobster. right now king crab legs, we are not even going to carry the jumbo ones because we cannot get enough of them right now for the holidays. a lot of these center cut steaks like this ribeye right here went up in price. a lot of that has to do with the
11:52 am
excitement of people wanted to gather and get together right now. the hotels are buying them. the restaurants are buying them. the cruise ships are buying them. the customers are buying them. you are seeing a real pull on the demand right now. >> sandra: something unique about your store is that you buy directly from the farmers and the ranchers. you are seeing farmed fish prices go up, meet prices go up, what are the farmers and ranchers telling you? what is the biggest problem leading to these price hikes? >> these are family businesses basically. these are not big corporations that we are buying from. when you call up one of the farmers, our dairy farmer, he puts 100 gallons of diesel in his tractor in the morning. look at the price of fuel right now. he has seen cost increases like that. feed costa gone up. another thing that they all talk about is labor. they cannot get enough labor. it is a real problem right now.
11:53 am
we just raised our rates up to dollars an hour. we are paying 15, $16 an hour just to get enough people for the holidays. >> sandra: all right, you talk about the holidays. why does this mean for our thanksgiving feast? are we going to be keep paying a whole lot more, stew? >> i think you need to look around the store a lot. things like eggs have not gone up in price, butter is in a good stable market. ground beef, salmon, there are things that have not changed prices right now. but there are things that have increased. you need to pick their wit. as far as your turkey goes, we are actually going to be 20% less on turkeys this year. talking to our farmers, boots on the ground and everything, i am optimistic for the holidays right now. i think there will be plenty of products, end. we'll have a lot of supply and i
11:54 am
don't the people should panic. shop early. get your turkey ahead of time. >> sandra: that's why we love you, you're always always optimistic. as far as -- that shocked me, though. you will have 20% fewer turkeys to sell this year? >> one of our suppliers, our supply 20%. but we were able to get them from another supplier. i had been in the business at 50 years. right now, our family has been. i have never seen such a turbulent time as far as our body and goes. right now, from the farmers that we have, we have ample supplies. we should have full shelves, like i said during a pandemic is the same thing. we will have full shelves and that is what i am working on day and night to make sure that customers have what they want for thanksgiving and the holidays. >> sandra: all right, the
11:55 am
message is keep it optimistic for the holidays. as far as turkeys, you are running short, so by early. it scares me about people hoarding food. real quick, i have five seconds. >> even target is optimistic. he's a customer. there is optimism out there in the retail market right now. my chin is up right now. >> sandra: shop early says stew. stew, thank you. >> john: washington post op ed is calling out americans who are upset over the supply chain crisis and the cost of lobster. the headline of the up the operating "don't rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes. "this comes across as tone-deaf for many americans who see the crisis is more than an inconvenience. josh kraushaar is a senior political columnist for the national journal daily. josh, good to see you. this is an op-ed in
11:56 am
"the washington post" who said don't rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes. american consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades are not accustomed to inconvenience. your thoughts? >> yeah, it sounds like excepting malaise as the new normal. that may be acceptable for a columnist. it is pretty remarkable that you have a prominent writer who thinks this will be the new normal, that we will be expecting these supply shortages for the long term. that inflation may be a long-term issue. that is pretty notable in and of itself that this is sort of consider the new normal and you should just accept it. politically speaking, these types of views are what folks in the biden administration believe is dangerous. poll after poll shows not just republicans but lots of independence, even a large number of democrats, really worried about the state of the economy. there was a new politico morning
11:57 am
console poll today showing 62% of americans think the administration's policies have led to inflation, have led to some of these supply shortages. that is a bad place for a new white house to be an. >> john: the white house insist that it is been working on this since january, but still continuing to make jokes about it. listen to jen psaki at the briefing yesterday. >> people cannot get dishwashers, and furniture, and treadmills which are delivered on time. so -- >> the tragedy of the treadmill that is delayed. >> john: the treadmill is not the issue. there are plenty of staples that are in short supply, prices are going up, and the white house response is to crack wise about it. >> yeah, there is a risk for the white house, for democrats almost to be a little bit of an affluent bubble. do not appreciate the concerns in the anxieties that a lot of americans are feeling, including a whole lot of democrats. you see this in poll after poll, even a lot of democratic voters
11:58 am
in their own party in virginia are feeling the economic pinch. these are not trivial issues, these are quality-of-life issues that bring people to the polls and shape the political decisions. i know jen psaki was trying to be a little lighthearted there, but that type of rhetoric, that disengagement with the needs and economic worries of the voters is very politically risky. >> john: let me read a little bit more from the column. she said "rather than living in constantly under the verge of throwing a fit and risk in taking out on overwhelmed servers, struggling shop owners, or late arriving delivery people, we do ourselves a favor by consciously lowering expectations." so, question. is this piece tone-deaf or does it have a point about, at least in the current crisis, people do need to lower their expectations? >> i think it is a little tone-deaf. fortunately, the author is not a politician. it is not the president, a lawmaker. if you said what the columnist
11:59 am
said and you were in a lawmaker in congress, you will be voted out of office. this is politically tone-deaf and it tells you that if the white house can't turn around the malaise, if they cannot turn around the supply shortages, and supply chain issues, that will be a big political way on their backs in the midterm elections. >> john: we will have the opportunity to talk about this for many weeks and months ahead. josh kraushaar, great to see you. so, sandra, we will keep following the other breaking news today, that is the discovery in the swamp there in florida. >> sandra: there will apparently be fbi update in an hour or so, maybe before that. it looks like they found something, the parents were told they found something, the parents were down there today. based on the cadaver dogs, the fbi reportedly on-site. hopefully a development come soon. >> john: we are being told by sources that human remains have been found there, which is why you see the cadaver dogs moving
12:00 pm
around. it may be that the body is not on the one place either. we will find out soon. >> sandra: i am sure we will get an update. john, great to be with you. all right, thank you for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i warned you it would be jam-packed. and john roberts, we will turn it over to martha maccallum now who will continue with the news breaking as it >> martha: thanks, guys. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. we have two really big stories that are unfolding right now. on the one hand, you have president biden who is heading to his hometown of scranton right now facing the lowest job approval numbers of his presidency under a lot of pressure with his supply chain breakdown that is impacting companies, businesses all across the country. the border crisis numbers that we haven't seen in 30 years. rising inflation is not slowing down. so he's going to make a sales pitch, m


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