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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 20, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> greg: we are out of time, thanks to the great laura logan! charlie hurt's, our studio audience, "fox news @ night" with shannon bream -- i love you, america! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, brand-new polling spells new trouble for the white house, the president's approval rating on the economy are plummeting. even dropping among democrats, nine months into his presidency we are going to break down all of the latest numbers. inflation reaching a tipping point at grocery stores nationwide, we'll look at why
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experts say the u.s. could be on the brink of a major change. in new developments in the search for ryan laundry, fbi confirms human remains founded a nature preserve along with some of his belongings. as the president's approval ratings are down on everything from the economy and foreign policy to the border and immigration. white house correspondent kevin corke is digging into all the new numbers, good evening. >> i've been looking at these numbers and in so many different surveys have been jumping out at me. let me share what i've learned so far, i wanted tell you about that quinnipiac survey we talked about a couple days ago, it put biden's job approval rating at 37%. tonight we have a new fox news survey, it's quite a bit rosier at 46%. soaring inflation, rising covid
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cases, the afghanistan debacle. it's the economy that's crushing this presidency. 73% of voters, the highest since may of 2020 rate the economy negatively and nearly three times as many are falling behind. among suburban voters, his approval is up since april. nine points among democrats, falling among women, blacks, and independence. nearly 6 of 10 americans disapprove of the president's performance on the economy and perhaps worse yet fewer than four in ten americans approve of the job biden is doing on border security and immigration. he acknowledge the struggling economy but once again he promised with the help of a brand-new massive spending plan, it would put things in order.
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>> that's why i've resolved that we have to once again build america from the bottom up and the middle out, not the top down. i'm a capitalist, i think if you can be a millionaire or billionaire, fine, just do your fair share. >> those are his comments, he girds for a likely 50% cut that he will push over the finish line in congress. that is to say about $1.75 trillion in proposed spending down from about 3.5 trillion which we talked about and that is down from that initial $6 trillion offer. >> shannon: kevin, there are several polls out based on numbers there are a lot of headaches for the white house tonight, any other numbers that caught your eye? >> i mentioned that quinnipiac survey, i should also point out the grinnell college poll, it had biden checking in at a ghastly 37% approval and when you add that to the real clear politics average that shoves down his overall rating to a
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brand-new low of just 42%. there are two real tracts of concern here. one, the white house has to be concerned about this so they may have to forgo some of their long-range strategy to rack up a few near term victories, lest they go into new year under water politically which is a real possibility when you consider covid cases and supply chain problems with the holidays coming up. the other real track of concern is down ballot, you and i have talked about this before, problems with the white house especially in midterm years typically trickle down to state and local races. >> shannon: the first round of midterms for any newly elected president are usually problematic. there is growing concern tonight the twin economic challenges of the inflation and supply crisis are going to continue pushing
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grocery prices higher and a tipping point for consumers. matt finn is crunching the latest economic numbers for us, good evening. >> in the new fox news poll come almost nine in ten voters say they worry about inflation, most say prices are up for everyday items. this new fox news poll conducted live interviews with 1,000 registered nationwide voters all selected at random, 87% said they are very concerned about higher prices or inflation. 43% say bills for groceries and everyday items has increased a lot. 40% say they have increased a little. 84% of people surveying say it rising gas prices are up problem for their family and half of the voters interviewed say current gas prices are a major problem. nearly all, 94% think that gas price increases are a problem for the country's economy, americans are feeling pain at the pump in the grocery store where some shelves are empty and
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other prices are eye watering. "the wall street journal" reports food prices rose by 4.5% in the u.s. this past september compared to last year. as a rule of thumb when food prices rise by about 5%, consumers start changing their buying habits. major brands like nestle and procter & gamble all announcing this week they are forced to pass on their rising costs to buyers. >> i feel sorry for the people come i don't know what they're going to do. >> the result of covid and the interrupted supply chains. >> the president visited his home town of scranton, pennsylvania, to sell his $2 billion bill back america plan which the president claims will cost nothing to taxpayers, the white house insists the president's proposed spending packages will lower costs for everyday americans. >> we know this will curb inflation, it will empower families and put more people in the workforce and continue to
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grow the economy. >> republicans and critics are ripping his proposed spending packages saying the biden administration only sees scott roddick inflation numbers as a high-class problem. >> inflation is a tax on all americans and it has gone up every single month of joe biden's failed presidency. >> many of our viewers may have noticed increased prices at the pump, we certainly do here in california or at the grocery store. procter & gamble has already made moves, this week it says it will now start charging more for items like razors and beauty products. >> i think prices are startling here, i know in california there's a whole other level. hang in there. >> for sure. >> a week ago, president biden announced a big step forward in dealing with the supply chain
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crisis. as national correspondent william la jeunesse reports from the port of los angeles, the number of ships waiting to off-load there has almost doubled since then. >> crazy come he could definitely feel a difference. >> economist call inflation the invisible tax. >> i call it greed. >> across the country, the supply chain crisis is hitting home and you can see why in southern california. a record 159 ships, 63 imports but 96 offshore waiting sometimes weeks to dock. longshoremen say they are ready to heed the president's call 1247 but when the ports asked truckers to work, the 3 to at 7:00 a.m. shift, not enough showed. >> we have three shifts, first, second, and third. which is not to work the third because no one comes to pick up the cargo on third shift because on the other side of the supply chain, there is no place to take the container. >> cost of a shipping container
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from china to l.a. is 16,000, up 330% from a year ago. once here, the trucking rate per mile is up 23%, not including fuel. >> our clients are looking for alternatives, they're looking for better solutions whether that's utilizing different ports, whether that's utilizing different trucking companies, whether that's utilizing different types of warehousing services that can help them manage the costs. >> air is faster but more expensive. airbus this week said it was converting passenger planes to cargo haulers because of demand. >> we are here, we have capacity. >> other ports across america have spaces as well but the ships here and others on the way were booked months ago. >> it's a perfect storm with these record chips coming into these ports. record volumes, and shortages and problems.
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>> today the ports of long beach and l.a. set a new record of 167 ships either import or offshore with 30 scheduled to arrive by friday. with those leaving, the ports are treading water. in los angeles, william la jeunesse for fox news. >> shannon: washington state separating from 127 state patrol employees includes a before officers were not providing proof of covid-19 vaccination. that's more than 5% of the patrol's workforce. recently fired troopers lined up hats and boots on the capitol steps, just a fraction of the states employees who resigned, retired or got fired or put on leave of some kind due to the state's stringent mandates. washington reports nearly 1900 state workers left or were terminated over the requirements. popular fast food restaurant in and out's butting heads with san francisco over that city's vaccine mandate refusing to check customers vaccination cards, telling "the washington post" it will
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not be the vaccination police for the government to. san francisco briefly shut down the chain's only location in the city proper, it has since reopened but without indoor dining. colorado school district investigating a photo shared by a mother and allegations that teachers taped middle school masks to their faces, here's what that mother had to say. >> we are developing a mentality in our children where that kind of restraint -- your faces you, that so people know you. just doubling down on hiding you and not letting you breathe. its conformity to the extreme. >> shannon: the school district said it's interviewing more than 100 students and staff after hearing all kinds of rumors about the picture but it does not have concrete findings about exactly what happened. fired washington state university head coach nick
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rolovich plans to sue the university over his termination. his attorney telling espn's firing was illegal and alleges discriminatory and vindictive behavior by the university's athletic director. as we assemble our dream team panel to talk about all the crises the white house is facing tonight, the latest numbers on the fox news pulling on the president's performance on the economy, his approval plummeted to 39%, that's down from 12 points just four months ago. how does he turn it around? we are joined by ethan bearman along to former advisor when hee will try to hit the supply chain as well, great to see you. overall job performance for the president, he's at 46% approve, that's a shift from last month and it's not in the right direction for the white house.
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what does he do? >> these are kitchen table problems that we are seeing across america, we are seeing them as well. the president is facing the challenge, the fact of the matter is we have labor markets the way they are, also policies that create disincentives to work. some of this economic trouble is of its own doing, the president this would have to acknowledge that in reverse course. i don't see that happening, fundamentally the direction he said again ask problems even worse when we get to november, not better. >> shannon: we asked about all kinds of different things, there's only one in which the president was in positive territory and that was how he is handling the coronavirus pickle 51% is how he's doing there, he's underwater and everything else from national security, foreign policy, economy, he's
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upside down by 20 points on that front. for a lot of voters, they don't care if he's a democrat or republican running the show if it's tough for them to balance their budget and put food on the table. >> that's absolutely right. i completely disagree with lonnie and i think he's ignoring a number of pieces of evidence that dispute what he said but it's important that the president acknowledges the fact that inflation is real. it does affect all americans, it affects the wealthiest americans because of their discretionary budget, unlike the working americans. president biden needs to get his caucus together to pass some form of a negotiated bill to build back america better and stronger after four years of decimating the working class by giving it away to the billionaire class who made trillions on the backs of the rest of us during the coronavirus pandemic. president biden needs to
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highlight the fact that republicans continue to vote down voting rights bills. why do republicans not want americans to vote? this is something that will excite the base and get americans excited about president biden again. >> shannon: let's unpack a couple of those things, i have a feeling of a few things to sink on the economy do you agree to trump decimated the middle-class? i'm sure a lot of folks on the right would argue unemployment was down, wages were up, there were positive things happening and this vote today on the voting rights bill depends on which side you're on whether you are classifying that as giving democrats a way to fun things that are beneficial to them or whether they are trying to keep voters at home. have at it. >> the president and democrats in congress, republicans in congress need to be focused on the economy, they need to be focused on the ways to ensure working americans have access to jobs to put food on the table
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and make their family budgets. those of the focus is any policymaker should be looking at. if you look at the economic record of the last administration ethic it's pretty clear that during that administration we saw strong and sustained economic growth, we saw job growth, everything wasn't perfect -- that's not the point. at the point is clearly what we've seen since this president took over as a different economic philosophy. now a set of things that distract a lot of people come out right now, here at home and the president needs to be focused on those economic issues not spending more money and issues that are non sequiturs to the challenges we face at home right now. >> shannon: this republican many people see him trying to position himself as a 2024 presidential run, come here to florida we have a lot of big ports, we are already taking some of the incoming. he is touting and his supporters are touting how the state is doing with covid.
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they are saying he hasn't had mandates, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, they are now at the lowest rate for any state case rates in the continental u.s. but the media tracking every day, everything seems like it's gone on the cycle with this latest covid wave. they don't see how things are going in florida, for the cover on both ends? >> it's fair to cover on both ends and it's also important to note their per capita death rate was excessive and does reflect the idea of not requiring masks because the number one way that the average person can reduce the aerosol transmission of a respiratory virus like coronavirus is something that is reasonable and rational. by the way, governor desantis is making these moves, to your point, because he has 2024 aspirations. i'm not going to let him get
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away with what he just said about the economy under the 45th president, we had the greatest economic contraction since the great depression, the worst unemployment since the great depression, he failed at a federal level. >> shannon: i just want to make sure we differentiate because i think any president -- it happens on their watch but that's a historically monstrously difficult situation, or were we talking about precovid? >> we're also talking about inflation now which is happening because of the pandemic. there was pent-up demand, we have supply chain problems working with companies during the pandemic who have experienced these extreme supply chain issues across the world. this predates president biden. this is a reflection of what transpired during the pandemic. he's not wrong that what we do now can affect this outcome over the next 12, 18 months but dependent on president biden's false.
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>> shannon: let's hope we can work together in washington, there isn't a ton of appetite to do that but let's hope for the good of the country that we can. thank you both for your time. are you having a bad day? we have a pep talk that just might get you out of that and get you through the week and you do not want to miss this. you won't see it on espn's top ten plays, we got you covered. today's best viral videos are next. do you struggle with occasional nerve aches in your hands or feet? try nervivenerve relief from the world's #1 selling nerve care company.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: first up into nights viral hotness, playing some golf and practicing her chip shop, check this out. noticed her cat astro, check out the reflexes as he snags the golf balls right out of the air, very impressive. a group of teens in scotland caught on camera going for a joy
9:25 pm
ride through an apartment complex on a steamroller, we are told no one was injured, there was no destruction, they abandon the vehicle, it was later returned to its rightful owner after a bit of a wild night for the kids. in thailand, an adorable moment caught on camera, an elephant calf destroying a cake the staff had made for his grandmother. it looked like she was interested in playing it and rolling around in that, he gets down in there and is full on rolling in the cake. it's a cute little moment that has gone viral, you can find it online. there is this thing, i'm not sure i'm saying this right -- you hold all of your body weight with just of your arms, the rest of your body is parallel to the ground. of this young man from russia has figured out how to jump directly into that position from all different heights. he said his stomach it is a challenge he has enjoyed and he had his brother filming him to see if he can continue to improve, wow.
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finally -- [indiscernible] a 2-year-olds mourning mantra is the peptalk we need today, this australian toddler named alexander is melting hearts all over the web with her extremely positive affirmations which her family said she picked up from model ashley graham. she ends her video with "i love you." the "fox news @ night" team loves you too. hit us up at shannon bream or at "fox news @ night" on social media. staggering new numbers tonight, an exclusive new video for the crisis on our southern border, our crew rides along with texas state troopers seeing dozens of migrants from central america making their way into our country. senior correspondent mike tobin reports from la joya, texas.
9:27 pm
>> a department of homeland security confirms to fox news, 1.7 million apprehensions at the southwest border, that breaks a record for illegal crossings which stood since 1986. arriving at a cap with a wall is in complete, migrants from honduras and nicaragua finish their dangerous journey, they tell tales of walking and hitching rides for 20 days, they arrive tired, dirty, thirsty, their babies covered and insect bites. >> mexico city, they board the trailer that had no ventilation. people were passing out, they couldn't breathe. that is what got them worried about their daughter's safety. >> we suffered, hunger, thirst, threats, danger just to make it to this country where everyone is free. >> groups of migrants appear from the darkness, between the big groups are the runners, migrants hoping to slip through
9:28 pm
undetected while agents and state troopers are busy with the others. a dhs source tells fox news the fiscal year saw somewhere between 10,300,000 got away who never end up part of the account. >> they are always looking for that one chance to be able to cross. >> former acting dhs secretary chad wolf says the biden administration needs to step up to the reality that a normal year will see less than a third of this year's illegal crossings. >> they refuse to call it a crisis at the end of the day and i think it's important because we need to be honest with the american people. on average in any given month it's three times the amount we have seen in previous years. >> a cdp source says families and unaccompanied minors will be processed and allowed to stay with the notice to appear at a later date. for single adults have made the trip in vain. despite a promise that by the administration has not done away with the trump era policy that sends them back, citing a health crisis. in la joya, texas, mike tobin, fox news. >> shannon: is time to talk
9:29 pm
about popular trends in home design, i recognized some of these but if you have them at your home, apparently they need to be worn. >> i'm a huge hdtv junkie, chip and joanna gaines, that's -- i level this. home inspectors believe it or not are spotting some design tactics that may look nice but they are not necessarily safe. here are the top five unsafe design home trends that inspectors say stop doing this. this is according to -- loading shelves. they look great and i think they are really fashionable, lots of things you can do but you can't do it. they fall down, it's a real problem, they are not properly anchored and you should stop doing that. vintage appliances i think you look really, right? exposed brick, i thought this would be really cool, it's popular here in washington but apparently you can have lots of
9:30 pm
motor problems depending on how it's been set up. mixing handrails, some people think it's cool to not have them in floating staircases, these are problems at home inspectors say i know they are hip, i know they are now, don't do them. >> shannon: floating staircases scare me if i don't see anything under there i don't love walking on those. we want to know if your folks at home -- talking about positive things coming up. >> i promise this is one of my best good news good night's coming up in a while. >> shannon: netflix employees stating a walkout in protest of the companies dave chapelle special. here to break it all down, robin he's on deck, next.
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>> shannon: we are getting reports that two chicago police officers have been shot suburban lions illinois, they have been transported to a nearby hospital we don't know their conditions. a gun was recovered at the scene, we will keep you posted as we get more information on the conditions and what we can find out about that prime tonight. the search for brian laundrie might be overcome authority had been searching, the only person of interest in the death of gabby. that evening, laura. no confirmation on who the possible human remains belong to, no word on when we will find out, the fbi was able to get it a significant update on the search for brian laundrie. >> investigators found to be what appeared to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and a notebook belonging to brian
9:37 pm
laundrie. these items were found in an area that until recently had been underwater. >> the fbi making the announcement outside the colleton reserve where teams have been scouring the nature preserve for weeks, making an important declaration with their discovery using the word "murder" for the first time. >> as you are aware, the fbi and the norfolk police department and our state and local law enforcement partners have been searching the area of the carlton reserve for brian laundrie, a person of interest in the murder of gabby petito. >> brian laundrie has been the only person of interest in the disappearance of his fiancee, gabby petito. her calls and text messages stopped in late august, her body discovered september 19th inside the bridger teton national forest, the corner were willing her death a homicide by strangulation. her remains found wednesday
9:38 pm
discovered in the same area where brian laundrie's parents told police he had gone for a hike september 15th and reported him missing after he did not return to his north florida home for several days. phage dues digital were all the search activity were ramped up. no comments tonight from the parents of gabby petito who told me two weeks ago they were hoping that brian laundrie would be found alive saying he is the key to what happened in wyoming and believe that he knows everything. if these remains turn out to be brian laundrie, it is not the outcome the family had hoped for. >> shannon: thank you very much. state attorneys general are demanding the federal government stop what they are calling efforts to intimidate parents and silence the school board meeting. they said that biden administration is more concerned about the pressing speech then addressing real threats of violence. missouri attorney general eric schmidt said this is why he signed the letter.
9:39 pm
>> it's obvious what this is about, it's about criminalizing dissent meant to intimidate and muzzle parents, all they are doing showing up to these meetings, they are objecting to the kids being taught to despise america through critical race theory, they are objecting to the forced masking of school kids. >> shannon: also tonight a group of parents in michigan and virginia have filed a federal lawsuit accusing attorney general merrick garland of trying to criminalize free speech. dueling demonstrations outside netflix headquarters on the streets of los angeles wednesday as a large group of the streaming giants employees staged a walkout in protest of a controversial comedy special from dave chapelle. end of the company's handling of complaints related to it, that's where we begin tonight's lightning round with the author of oak inc., great to see you. the ceo had been defending dave chapelle at least in the respect that we are about free speech,
9:40 pm
we aren't going to muzzle people and shut things down. that has changed a bit, here is what he said more recently. him "when i should've led within those emails and the internal discussions with humanity. he said in an interview tuesday evening, i should have recognized the fact that a group of our employees was really hurting. "he was about free speech and now he said he didn't want to hurt anybody, he has heard their requests and their concerns, where does this debate go? i haven't seen it and i think you have. >> based on the netflix most recent comments, i think you could bet on a new film made by netflix which is going to feature a transgender hero and an lgbtq centered plots, go to call that right now. i did watch that special, i don't have a time for a ton of tv but everyone said you need to watch the special, a lot of conservatives loved it because he's poking fun at the transgender movement in ways they couldn't do in public, i have a different view on its. i was little disappointed by its. of the reason i was disappointed
9:41 pm
is the only reason he bought himself covered to do that as he spent a lot of his time talking about how actually black victimhood, black oppression was a far greater travesty in the united states than anything the lgbtq movement had suffered. a display of this victimhood olympics that we are going through between alleged disempowered groups. i think that shows the false courage of netflix and a little bit of the false courage of the transgender movement to. there is no way he would've found the comments he did directly if it weren't hiding behind a different victim complex in return. i watch that special, i was disappointed despite the fact that he had some funny lines, despite the fact that he had been saying things that previously couldn't have been said about the lgbtq movement or the transgender movement, he was doing it by using woke cover to insulate himself from the kind of backlash that otherwise would have gotten him removed from
9:42 pm
netflix if it weren't guys do in the case of racial black victimhood to. >> shannon: i got to watch it in my free time, i keep waiting for washington to slow down but when it does i will check it out to. let's talk about aaron rodgers, famous and successful quarterback. he said that he is sick of woke culture, he's not going to be part of the canceled culture that's trying to silence people, he caught some heat of trash talking of his own, here is his response to the critics. >> there's a pc woke culture that exists and there is a cancel culture at the same time and it's based on people's own feelings of personal distaste for the situations in life or just the enjoyment of holding other people down underneath their thumb. >> shannon: you literally wrote the book woke in, what do you make about this moment and the fact that aaron rodgers says i'm outcome i'm not participating in cancel culture. >> i respect aaron rodgers for
9:43 pm
speaking in the way that he did and he came out specifically later in the video and said i don't want to be seen as a victim either. if i'm playing on the field and putting myself in the spotlight, let's go to come with criticism too. i applaud his approach to this to say that he's not going to bend the knee because that's what the new orthodoxy demands. it's going to demand -- fighting this culture is going to demand brief people who are in positions of authority, and positions of power like aaron rodgers to be able to say that you're allowed to express your opinion and be a human being and you don't need to be confined to this small box of what a bunch of people on twitter think you're supposed to say at any given time. i also think we live in this moment right now where we embrace victimhood and we reject the pursuit of excellence. the people who demonstrate excellence in their chosen fields, people like aaron rodgers ought to be owning that unapologetically come out to be talking openly about the fact that they are proud of being excellent. playing sports does entail friendly trash talk and we are not so soft at our core that we have to buckle under the
9:44 pm
pressure of that every time. i'm proud of them for speaking out, i wish more people would do the same. >> shannon: this is always a good time to remind people that twitter is not real life. there a lot of people who are out doing the good things, ignoring the noise, thank you so much always great to have you. a feminist group is suing the miss france beauty pageant for requiring contestants, to be at least 5'5", unmarried, no kids, they may not like it but is it illegal? night court is next and you are the jury. ♪don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'♪ ♪but i like it, i love it♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: it's time now for night court, with a french accent tonight. the miss france pageant is being sued by a feminist group over alleged discriminatory entry rule, they say contestants have to be at least 5'5", can't be married, or have any kids. data privacy specialist, i would like folks to know this is from the tucker carlson final exam competition, that is how i won my crown, they don't care how tall you are as long as you know trivia. you've got to be at least 5'5",
9:50 pm
never married, no kids. it's a beauty pageant, no one is holding a gun to your head to enter this thing, why can't they set their own rules about what they are looking for? >> that's a great question. this is going to come down to whether or not they were actually employees under french labor law. we have to think about it through that lens, not u.s. also take into consideration all the things they were doing, how they were representing the pageant organization, all the work they were doing and just look at those things come i think they're going to have a strong argument because we are looking at this through french labor law, not u.s. >> shannon: exhibit b, this is the head of the feminist group who was suing, this is translated, not by me -- the competition rules are discriminatory, marital status, age, attitude, choices of women, everything is subject to injunctions, candidates must be single and respect the rules of elegance, stop these sexist
9:51 pm
rules, is it time to make some changes? >> if you don't like the pageant, not to watch it. that's a simple standard which goes across all international lines to the point that was just made, this feminist group has made clear their goal was not to make the competition better for women, it was to destroy this competition together. they don't want any standards or any judging and they know they cannot get public support behind it, they are trying to do it through the court system. we have to have some kind of standards, we saw earlier this year a biological male win the miss usa pageant for that state, that's what happens when you take away standards. at some point in time you have to allow businesses and private entities to set their own rules and if you have an issue with it, you do it any other group does and you compete them out of existence, you throw your own pageant, you get the money, you get the public support, you bankrupt them. that's the easiest way to do this instead of trying to litigate people out of existence. >> shannon: the miss usa
9:52 pm
pageant has changed the rules, they are talking about they want to be current, they want to be with the times and so they broadened who can enter the pageant, miss france still has its own rules. a former miss france is also the director of a national pageant, you can parade in a swimsuit and be a feminist. we are no longer in the days of look beautiful and shut up. she said it can be about duty, this is a beauty pageant. >> pageants are just like pro cheerleading, you go through an addition process, they're going to make a determination as to whether or not you are the perfect fit and again, the crux of this lawsuit is whether or not they were employees living at the time they spent as a contestant. because we are looking under french labor law, not u.s. it could be they were classified as employees and there could've been discrimination here. >> shannon: complaints from the feminist group said this, exploiting women for economic gain, the contest of the
9:53 pm
violations, negative and retrograde impact on the whole of society, robert? >> shannon: lets understand this. even if you take it from the plaintiffs and said they were employees, you have to look at compensation. these women were not compensated during time they were auditioning. you have to look at fitness for the job description which they are auditioning for or employed as. this job description requires you -- i am and that hawk fan, i can't audition for the center of the atlanta hawks commits as i'm 5'11". it doesn't work out, i think an employer would be able to make a good-faith argument in in court saying these requirements if it's determined they were employees, something that is determined by their employment status, in this case would still fail. >> shannon: a luckily the tucker carlson final exam show has none of these requirements, you don't have to walk around in a swimsuit or high heels on
9:54 pm
anything. thank you both. some good news before we say good night, this story from birmingham, alabama, where a father of the bride invited his daughter's stepdad to join him walking down the aisle, i love this. she was being accompanied down the aisle with her dad, reaches out to him and segment join us to watch the bride down. she's grateful to have a great relationship with both of her father's throughout her life, my dad and step dad did this too, i think it's a beautiful thing that you are rising above any tensions. >> that is beautiful, take you to minnesota for this good news good night. we find a 14-year-old high school student, trying to make a difference for dog owners around the country. in her spare time, shayna killian is manufacturing wheelchairs for dogs for just
9:55 pm
the price of the parts. usually they run about a thousand dollars, she's selling them and just wants to make a difference, a good news, good night solution. >> shannon: we love that, how sweet is that? she is already stepping up and looking out. thank you so much. that is it for us tonight from washington, i'm shannon bream. ♪ ♪
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