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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 21, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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miss an episode. thanks to chris, joe, rob, kat timpf. our studio audience. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. i am oprah and i love you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. critics are blasting the president's town hall on cnn tonight as a as a commander in chief faces mounting crises. president biden accused of mocking freedom as it supports firing first responders who do not want to comply with vaccine mandates. >> the two things that concern me, one, are those who try to make this a political issue.
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>> freedom -- come on. freedom. >> shannon: also breaking tonight, plenty of continuous back and forth to go around at merrick garland's hearing on capitol hill today. ohio congressman jim jordan was in those and he joins us in minutes. in the search for brian laundrie's over as the fbi confirmed those human remains found in a florida wildlife preserve are his. we report from his parents and more coming up. we begin with the latest from the president to try to make sense of all the news he was breaking in a town hall in baltimore tonight. correspondent matt finn leads are covered with the highlights. good evening. >> good evening. president biden made some questionable remarks and statements tonight at that cnn town hall. the president stated that he has been to the southern border but fox news' own reporting and research indicates president biden and has never been to the south border.
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speak i do have plans to visit the southern border? >> i've been there before. i've not had a whole lot of time to get down. i've been spending time going around and looking at the $900 billion worth of damage done by hurricanes and floods and whether and traveling around the world. speak of the president was also asked about vaccine mandates. police officers and firefighters in cities like seattle have already lost their jobs and their livelihoods because they did not get vaccinated. thousands more firefighters in los angeles and chicago face losing their jobs as well. >> should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines? and if not, should they be they be stay at home or like a question mark >> yes and yes. [applause] >> here in los angeles police and fire spiders must be vaccinated by december. 900 firefighters have filed and intend to sue if they are fired without due process. shannon.
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>> shannon: a lot of those legal fights. in the meantime, the president also had some awkward moments tonight. we all had those but what can you tell us about his town hall? >> the president also address the us know mike ongoing supply-chain crisis here in southern california, particularly the loss will , >> 40% ofall products coming e united states of america on the west coast go through los angeles and -- when am i doing here. long beach. thank you. i said you have to be open 24/7. no port there it was open five days a week, 48 hours a week. 24/7. speak of the present was also asked about gas prices in some places hovering around five or $6 a gallon. and president biden gave this explanation. >> gas price is related to a foreign policy initiative that is about something that goes beyond the cost of gas and that
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is because of the supply being withheld by opec and so there's a lot of negotiation that is -- there's a lot of middle eastern folks who want to talk to me. my guess is we will start to see gas prices talk to my come down we get by and go into the winter. excuse me, into next year in 2022. speak of the president says he does not think inflation will last too long as long as we make investments which some are interpreting as president biden selling his proposed bending package. >> shannon: funny folks he needs to convince here in washington. we will see how that plays out. not, thank you very much. merrick garland in the hot seat on capitol hill thursday. republicans on the house judiciary committee peppering the ag over his recent memo focusing on parents and students over their conduct and comments at school board meetings and beyond. the attorney general said he
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defends the right to free speech and that the parents are not domestic terrorists but that issue and others made for heated moments in that hearing. rick has a story for us. speak out and two and a half weeks after warning of an increase in threats of violence against school administrators, attorney general merrick garland appeared before the house judiciary committee defending department of justice against criticism that the government is unfairly targeting parents. >> when did you first review the data showing the soap called disturbing uptake? >> i read the letter and we've been seeing over time -- >> i didn't asked -- you read the letter. that is your source? >> that letter is a september 30th plea from the national school boards association to president biden. to "investigate, intercept, and prevent the current threats of violence against public school officials to assure that safety of our children and educators.
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, against school officials. and that the department takes these incidents seriously. and his community using its authority and resources to discourage these threats. identify them when they occur, and prosecute them when appropriate. throughout a five and a half hour hearing before the house judiciary committee, he dismissed criticism that his instruction to the department are inappropriate and egregious. >> no one has a right to be violent or threatened violence. and if anyone does that, they can be dealt with by security or by local law enforcement. but we don't need the vast power of the federal government throwing its weight around. >> i can't imagine any circumstances in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance where they be labeled as domestic terrorist. >> with democrats jumping to his
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defense. >> thank you for your outstanding public service. my wife is a school board member. she has been targeted with deeply disturbing death threats. >> on the day he testified, the conservative group parents defending education posted more than two dozen pages of emails it says are between members of the national school board association. in one -- the association's executive director acknowledge there will several weeks of discussion with white house staff on the issue. speak of the attorney general maintains he had no conversations with the national school board association to help the group write its letter to president biden. >> shannon: so the attorney general also pressed about potentially appointing a special counsel to investigate the art fields of hunter biden. want to play a little bit of his exchange with g.o.p. congressman ken buck from colorado. complete with classical art props and we will talk about it from the other side.
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>> mr. attorney general, i would like to direct your attention to the easel behind me. the first painting is a claude monet. speak out i can't read any of the words. speak out you don't need to. you need to look at the great painting. >> very beautiful painting. >> and listed added gallery for $700,000. this is another painting. another world-renowned artist and this painting sold for $500,000. the third painting you may recognize this name is a hunter biden. >> i don't recognize the painting. >> the hunter biden painting sold for profit and a thousand dollars. you may think that such an exclusive -- such exclusive company that he would have a background, artistic training, for example. but you would be wrong if you thought that. >> shannon: i took some basic art classes in college. i am no expert, rich. your thoughts. >> if you can snag a claude
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monet for only 200 grand or more where that for the same price it seemed like a better investment. maybe you are into something more modern and you just don't like impressionist. i'm not here to judge people's interest in art but the attorney general ultimately responded to that whole thing. he said he is unable to discuss any investigations pending or otherwise. the white houses had to to address concerns over this. someone paying a half million dollars for hunter to influence his father. the administration solution, the art dealer keeps all the details of the sale secret and then assume that that information stays under wraps. >> shannon: i keep feeling if you would pay $500,000 for a hunter piece, you would put it on social media or something. maybe you would want to say look what i got. i don't know. i want to check out your house because i am assuming that you're going to take a pass on that for now. thank you so much. >> americans are afraid for the first time. they feel her government. >> shannon: let's bring in one of the republican lawmakers who
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was asking tough questions of the attorney general today. also an author of the upcoming book. ohio congressman jim jordan. welcome back. >> thanks for mentioning our book. you can get on preorder now. available for preorder on barnes & noble or amazon. >> shannon: you said they are today in the hearing as we played and then showed that americans are afraid of their government. what do you mean i do and where are you hearing that? >> september 29th, left flank political organization, they write the president of the united states asking them to get the fbi involved in local school board matters. five days later, five days later, the attorney general does just that and then in the opening line of his memo he says there has been an uptick in violence and harassment and threats to school personnel. i asked them today in the hearing, what data did you see that showed you that there was an uptick in this harassment or violence or threats?
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what was the basis for that? where information did you have? the school board's letter appeared to have a political organizing writing a letter in the attorney general takes action on just that i now parents are thinking what is going to happen. fbi's going to be setting up an open line of dedicated communication, this next line, this is a chilling impact. i think on american's first amendment protected speech and what goes on in our school board meetings. so i think that's what scares americans so much. >> shannon: you mention the memo they came in from the school board association and then very quickly after that the doj got involved with this plan that they rolled out. the federalist among other groups is reporting that there is actually communication before that memo came into the national school board. they say this. emails obtained by parents defending education, agreed, through the freedom of information act, indicate that the president group, the school board group, conspired and change information with the
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white house before releasing that official demand from the biden administration get law enforcement involved in targeting parents. i read that as potentially there is a conversation about putting together something that would say that there was a threat from the white house could say there was a threat we need to investigate. is that how you read that? >> totally how i read it. i didn't know that bad had happened. we had -- emails they'd obtained but doesn't surprise me. when the turnaround is this rapid, the president gets a letter, five days later, the attorney general takes action it does exactly what the political organization asked them to do, you don't think there is coordination on the front-end before all this started? seems to be what this foia request was about. doesn't surprise me a bit because it's part of the pattern. president biden criticized the georgia election law a few months later, merrick garland sued the state of georgia. president biden criticized the texas pro-life law, eight days
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later, the attorney general of the united states, merrick garland, sous texas. the school board sends a letter to the president. five days later, we get the action that we talk about today in the hearing where the attorney general's office is now just as justice department is going to go after parents at school board meetings. this shows how political everything has become for this administration. >> shannon: some new fox news pulling out. we will put this up about what parents are worried about, what voters and people are worried about when it comes to school. 63%, schools pushing a look political plan. but also we see threats against officials. so people are concerned about that. another poll that we have, it breaks it out and asked school boards asking for doj help. what do you think that is about? the people are applied -- 53% said they truly need protection. 40% said it was about trying to stop opposition. so there is clearly up that there are some threats to the school board members. people think that is what the doj's situation is about. >> i don't think that's what about in the wrong thrill rides
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and that's wrong and people who do those type of thing should be held accountable but that is the local police matter. one of the questions i didn't get asked of the attorney general was how local police have a mic asked for the fbi's help in dealing with school board matters in meetings? my guess is the answer is no but the fbi and the justice department does not seem to care. if people are wrong they need to be held accountable will remember what is going on here. parents are going to school board meetings and say we don't want to critical race theory, we don't want this racist, hate america curriculum talk to. and god bless them for doing that. and it comes -- begs the fundamental question, who cares more about children? the governments are parents. who is the ultimate authority when it comes to a child's education? is that moms and dads or is that the federal government? i think the answer is squarely with parents. but it doesn't seem to be that is what the school board association beliefs and where that's with the federal government, joe biden, and merrick garland believe. so that's the problem there and
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i think that's what has parents so concerned. >> shannon: certainly set up a very interesting conversation about media interest and what is going on. i also want to ask you because it's something the house republicans have been on for well over a year, looking at the situation with research into the wuhan institute. reporting on this, they say that nih admits to -- says eco-help violated reporting requirements. top nih official admitted in a wednesday letter that u.s. taxpayers funded research on it and move on and the u.s. nonprofit funneled nih money to the wuhan institute of virology was not transparent about the work he was doing. i don't think the letter ever uses gain of function, their experts who say they are saying what equates to that and there was no link to this. a coronavirus that causes covid-19 but some admissions there that seem like information we have not had before.
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>> first of all, how did they know there was no link? they got it wrong back in july we sent them a letter and they responded and said no gain of function was going on. this was not happening at this institute of virology and now here we are two months later and a different story. they were doing gain of function. they weren't being square with us as with the nha's almanac and you couple that with what they have already told us. already misled us about. remember on january 31st, 2020, dr. fauci gets an email from dr. christian anderson an email says that 10:32 p.m., the virus looks engineered, barb is not consistent with evolutionary theory. that is a fancy way of saying this thing started in a lab. for the last year and a year and a half, dr. fauci has downplayed that and said no, it was not from a lab. it was about to a pangolin to a hippopotamus to joe grogan and we had this terrible thing happen all over the world that makes absolutely no
9:17 pm
sense and that may no sense either so i think the big question here is when did dr. fauci find this out? and when he gave his answers to senator paul and the committee, did he arty know what nih reported? and if so, he was not being square with the american people and was not being honest with senator paul in his response. >> shannon: i think -- thanks always for your time. >> thank you. >> shannon: breaking tonight. a fatal accident on the set of alec baldwin's movie rust. after the actor reportedly discharge a prop gun that killed one of the crew members and injured another. investigators say the prop siren was being used during filming at a ranch in the outskirts of new mexico when he was discharged hitting both the director and director of photography. the latter was airlifted to the university of new mexico hospital where she was pronounced dead.
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no charges have been filed. detectives are continuing to interview witnesses to the incident. in breaking tonight, brian laundrie is dead. the fbi using dental records to confirm that the human remains found in a florida wilderness reserves are those of the only person of interest in the murder of gabby petito. those remains in some of laundrie's personal effects were found earlier this week. reporting from north port, florida, hello. >> it is in fact to everybody expected. the human bones, the skeletal remains discovered wednesday inside this bloated nature preserve near the backpack belonging to brian laundrie are in fact those of brian laundrie. the fbi tweeting out late thursday afternoon that dental records confirmed the identification. also late this afternoon, to go fbi agents pulled up to the laundrie house in northport with a spent three or 4 minutes inside and then left. clearly informing them in person that they're 23-year-old son is
9:19 pm
dead. laundrie was the subject of a nationwide manhunt, the only person of interest in the disappearance and death of his 22-year-old fiance, gabby petito. the laundrie family attorney says they will not be making any statement and to please respect their privacy. the young men and women had been on the long summer road trip out west documenting their exploits in national parks on social media. he returned home to florida without her and her body was later discovered in a wyoming national forest. cause of death determined to be homicide by strangulation. her parents are also making no comment at this time. according to the laundrie parents, to go days after gabby was reported missing by her mom in new york, their son went to the environmental part for a hike. he never returned and was never seen again. the cause of this death is still to be determined. the story has riveted much of the nation for the past few months with many people
9:20 pm
demanding justice for gabby. and now we know for certain that the only person of interest in her murder is now also dead. shannon. >> shannon: thank you, phil. the wedding reception game that might have just ruined the honeymoon. plus, the armed robber and the marine. spoiler alert, about to get real. that's what we call ats. the days best viral videos are next. hill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays. um uh, brass band, new orleans. ♪ ♪ she drives hands free... along the coast.
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: first up into nights viral hotness, massive great plumes of ash and smoke billowing miles high in the sky after a volcano erupted on the japanese islands. get this, there were climbers on the mountain at the time. we were told they all escaped to safety. no immediate reports of any
9:26 pm
injury or major damage. check this out. a game of rounders and wedding reception in england goes terribly wrong. that is the moment that the bride line drives her newly minted husband deeming him below the belt. ouch. i do find it kind of hilarious that the bride to be achieved keep running the bases. luckily a short time after this they were laughing and it seems like he's okay. imagine driving down the freeway and seeing this. roughly 1200 sheep out for a stroll in eastern europe. shepard say the flock above -- nobody was injured. this is actually their animal transfer from the mountain summer passage where they hang out and headed to a different northern plane. residents in north phoenix are on the hunt for a group of vandals who have been reportedly going house to house destroying halloween displays. several people in the neighborhood discovering their inflatable decorations were
9:27 pm
stolen or stabbed and slashed. residents are hoping that all the surveillance video they have will help identify and catch those halloween hooligans. and finally, a second, that it's all the took this you unarmed u.s. marine corps that to -- that former service member detaining him until law enforcement could arrive. when they asked how he could take control of the dangerous situation he said marine corps taught me not to mess around. i think we might have changed the word mass were something else. he got it done. if you have a video you want to share with us, hit us up on social media. travel plans for the rest of the year are shaping up to be a night mare. southwest airlines announcing it is cutting flights amid staffing shortages to avoid a fiasco like we saw earlier. details for us tonight.
9:28 pm
good evening. >> with the holiday travel season right around the corner, for folks who are hoping to travel for the first time since the pandemic, it is likely going to come with a lot of headaches. remember this? >> they are having problems. did not say what it was and you are lucky you got a flight. >> there was a flurry of cancellations by southwest airlines and there could be more. that's because the airline company just announced it is reducing its capacity starting with the september schedule. southwest airlines said the -- a cost the company around $75 million. they are length as it was all due to bad weather, air traffic control issues, and staffing shortages. so to prevent it from happening again at that scale, southwest ceo said they are reducing capacity by as much as 80%. if you're planning on driving, it will likely be equally painful but for your wallets. gas prices are up and are showing no signs of slowing
9:29 pm
down. the national average right now for regular unleaded is $3.37 second dome flashback a year ago just $2. montana california was shocked by prices as -- just tonight, president biden predicted those prices should drop. the major u.s. automakers committing to make half of their vehicles electric. >> now you have all three major manufacturers saying the same thing. so what will happen if you are going to see a dramatic drop, a dramatic drop, and what is going to happen in terms of gas prices as we go into the next two or three years. >> some experts say we could be headed to $5 to $6 gas. they will only make everyday goods even more expensive and the ongoing inflation problem even worse. >> shannon: thank you very much.
9:30 pm
by the way, rich edson reports during the southwest -- >> two hours late on the way out but not on the way back in. what about your back? it was only weekend trip. real quick. in and out. >> shannon: we are coming up on halloween. all the talk of houses and everything else. so we have a question tonight for thrill seekers about what they would be willing to do and for how much. >> the question is are you -- in a haunted house, would you do by yourself? $10,000, at least more than half americans would say in a survey of a thousand americans says 55% would need at least $10,000 to stay in a haunted house for one night. 56% would choose spending the night with friends for ten grand. over alone for a million. 65% are afraid of going down the basement of a haunted house. should never do that.
9:31 pm
and 41% say they are most afraid of the sound of singing children in a haunted house. but no comment if singing children outside of a haunted house is also a problem. to be when you are inside the haunted house and this is not a set up that you know if you do here singing children and there in the basement and singing you're definitely not going on there. would you do this? >> for a million? oh, yeah. ten grand? >> probably appeared to be when i'm tired enough most nights that i would be like oh, good no one here is to bother me. and i would take a $10,000 nap. >> if you can't do it for $10,000 but you have a group of friends, what are they going to do against a ghost? >> shannon: plus you have to split it like five ways. >> i've so many more questions. >> shannon: if you hear any children, come back. thank you. tonight, president biden appeared to be mocking the use of freedom as an objection to vaccine mandates. plus attorney general merrick garland and the hot seat over the doj's tracking parents
9:32 pm
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>> shannon: the new headaches for the white house as the attorney general is thrilled on capitol hill as the chief medical advisor is called on the carpet for allegedly obfuscating the truth to congress. let's bring in the dream team panel, former attorney harry along with the center american liberty -- harvey. great to have you with us. >> hi, shannon. >> shannon: want to start with newer fresher news that has happened in the last couple of hours per the president had a town hall. talked about possibly getting the end of the filibuster under certain circumstances and all kinds of other things. but i want to pollute this because you are so involved with the legal cases involving vaccines and mandates. here's what you had to say when asked about first responders.
9:38 pm
>> should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines and if not should they be stay at home or let's go? >> yes and yes. [applause] the two things that concern me, one, are those who just try to make this a political issue. freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. come on. >> shannon: is that what your clients are about to come freedom to kill people? >> absolutely not. this kind of oversimplification of the situation exactly why joe biden does not know it is talking about to reveal that in that particular exchange. what these laws are ignoring is the fact that millions, tens of millions of americans have natural immunity which is better than vaccine protection and that's being ignored. and secondly, we have employment laws that protect people of the
9:39 pm
certain type of exemptions. so i think that this oversimplification does no benefit to anybody and it simply hardens people's resolve to not get vaccinated. if we were providing people with accurate information and persuading them with science i think you'd have a much better situation in this country with preventative vaccination. >> shannon: and by the way, you can test your antibodies. whether you have been vaccinated or had covid or whatever it is, just know what your level of protection is. go back to the origins of this whole thing because there is a new letter out from an nih official. this is how it is characterized in the headline, nih acknowledges u.s. funded gain of function at wuhan lied despite fauci's denial. admits that a limited experience was conducted in order to test a spike protein from naturally -- capable of finding its way into the human receptor.
9:40 pm
the official accused the new york city-based nonprofit to funnel funds to wuhan lobs of not being transparent about the work that was taking place. the letter said there is no connection between these experiments and what we now know as the coronavirus that causes covid-19 but it seemed to admit which we were told by the nih before no gain-of-function research. but now they admit -- may be some stuff that slipped the crack. >> but not anything dishonest by fauci. just got to go back to the last one. biden is right. it is not a freedom issue if there is a religious thing as she is saying. all the protocols that append to it. but the question is who people for political was standing -- our intent on making other people at risk. it is just not a freedom issue, it's a public health issue. on this, super complicated.
9:41 pm
for sure, shannon. but it doesn't look to be a matter of dishonesty by fauci. what happened is there seems to have been an experiment that did kind of jumped the gun with sort of gain of function whether they're talking about paired but they're not -- and this is what he said all along -- not that the research with set up to do that. so is just not a big indictment of fauci even though it is a screwup by the contractor and they are getting called to the carpet to report everything about. >> shannon: a little bit of a throwback with senator rand paul who today says a big i told you so and worse than that. here's his exchange with dr. fauci for march 11th of this year. >> you are fooling with mother nature. allowing super viruses to be created. 15% mortality. it is very dangerous. >> i fully agree that we should investigate where the virus came from but again, we have not funded gain-of-function research
9:42 pm
on this virus in the wuhan institute of virology. >> shannon: is in that parsing of words? the nih letter is very careful but it sounds like some gain-of-function research was being done. dr. fauci has said not gain-of-function research with what led to covid-19. >> rand paul is absolutely correct about this. i think dr. fauci lied. there are documents that show that the nih was informed about this research in 2018, 2019, and 2020. and so for him to go on and confidently tell congress this has never happened after he knew that was subject of his testimony, think of concerning and also very telling that to merrick garland today had no comment as to whether fauci supplies should be prosecuted or not. at the end of the situation my main concern here is that when government officials responsible for public health constantly lie
9:43 pm
and obfuscate and try to manipulate, people are going to lose confidence in public health, and that is exactly the situation that we are seeing with vaccine mandates and other issues. people are not trusting the government and so we have to hold fauci accountable. >> shannon: and he himself -- let me just say this. he has actually said that there is been -- not full explanation and transparency about information because he was saying he didn't think the american people would do the right thing if you told him about everything. >> so not a shred, not a shred of evidence of fauci lying. the only one who think that our people who already had some kind of odd political feelings about fauci. what he said is we have not funded this research, nothing, nothing about what comes out today makes him seem like they funded the research. rather what happened is a company had a result, not the research, behind a result about similar concerns and reported
9:44 pm
that late and nih is getting after them. but it's deeply irresponsible to use this as some accusation that anthony fauci lied. just no proof at all. >> shannon: if we're talking about gain-of-function research versus gain-of-function research that led to this that we known as covid-19 those are two different things. and there've been some very careful wordings on those issues. going to keep digging. we know you're interested. thank you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: many of you feel like we are living in a fractured nation right now, but you know we have been here before on many occasions. how one of our presidents helped move the country's past our darkest. a story in his brand-new "new york times" best seller and he joins us next was something you've never heard about ulysses s. grant. ns are gone. [daughter] slurping don't pay for water. pay for clean. it's got to be tide.
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the one we are discussing ending a fascinating new book about ulysses s. grant which chronicles his day from her look civil war general to presidents have perhaps his greatest work during a tenuous time in american history, "to rescue the republic" -- by the way, the author happens to be our esteemed colleague, anchor of special report, bret baier. congratulations on another "new york times" best seller and welcome. >> thank you.
9:50 pm
>> shannon: so many stories here that people have never heard before, i would like to dig in some of his personal relationships and whether they call them general grant, resident grant, was not -- this is what you write about his wife. more time and correspondence reveals a romantic streak that would not have been apparent in his public behavior. his feelings were reserved for private amount even those who knew him best had trouble divining his inner thoughts. his brother in arm, said to me he is a mystery and i believe he is a mystery to himself. explain. >> he had a real love affair with julia and she called him my soldier and they fell in love early on as he was going off to the north with a story to a soldier there. that separation really, that loneliness can see the letters he writes back and forth. they have the special bond all the way through their life.
9:51 pm
he really valued her console and sometimes in these figures have become larger-than-life in american history you see some splits because they are doing big things and they are away from each other. this is the exact opposite. he gets closer to julia and his family then many would seem. but this was kind of like the letters he saw between ronald reagan and nancy reagan. that's how much he expressed himself. privately. but nonpublicly. >> shannon: if you and i both know the person he married can make all the difference in your life and his happiness and it seems like that what they found the two of them. but it's interesting to me that his mother and his family. he came from a background that said don't make it about yourself. hard to imagine someone like that becoming the president of the united states. in another excerpt you write about his humility. he learned humility from his mother. he believed that prey should be given to god alone for allowing humans to achieve.
9:52 pm
purpose was not to gain personal glory. it was to do one's best because she had no concept of power. she never visited her son on the white house. were you surprised by that, bret? >> there is another story of a neighbor that says hannah was sweeping her front porch while ulysses was getting inaugurated for the first time this president. and she didn't like all of the ceremony and all of that. she thought a clouded one's judgment. and it's interesting to look at mothers of big figures like that. the mother of eisenhower was a lot like that. when he comes back from world war ii as the victorious general, there's a big parade in kansas and she doesn't show up. she says it is not for me. so maybe there is something to that. the mother that -- >> shannon: the mom wants you
9:53 pm
to be a good person at heart and be thankful and grateful. it's a good lesson for all of us. we have this image that you and your book are going to be on a race car. i don't know how many people in the world can ever say that. how cool is this? tell us about that. >> he had a relationship for some time and done a few cars and they said why don't we do the book? so the book is going to be on the kansas race this saturday. so hopefully grant can come in first and we can bump up to number to go on "the new york times" list a number one. >> shannon: hopefully that car does not gate dinged up as they often do. we are always cheering for you. congrats again on the book. going to learn something new whether you know him or not. congrats, bret. >> thanks. >> shannon: and some good news
9:54 pm
before we say good night. 79-year-old navy veteran is paying for it a good deed. it started after his scooter, or relied to get around, broke down and then he was told it is too old to repair. so his friend came to the rescue. they raise money through tiktok to get him a new scooter. they were only aiming for a few thousand dollars but the fund brought in nearly $110,000. he was stunned. now using part of that money as a new fund-raiser. he has started to give away as many scooters as he can't other veterans in need just like him. so there is a separate fund-raiser that he started. has a $60,000 goal, halfway there. >> that's phenomenal. and good he didn't get a hundred $10,000 to get a really nice scooter. this one is out of the university of utah where engineers said they developed a new exoskeleton to improve walking. native a carbon fiber frame, and
9:55 pm
it was a little more than 5 pounds. engineers develop this device with a waist harness and microcontrollers. it's powered just enough to help them walk a little longer and easier for the developer says it makes a major improvement over common prosthetics. >> shannon: love to see that. thank you. we will be back here tomorrow. nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, best sleep with a cold, medicine.
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about a disclaimer. you don't need a disclaimer. >> will: we are getting cut off -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here in spite of it all. we have spent an awful lot of time telling you what we think about the biden administration. we do it almost every night. a little repugnant. -- repetitive. tonight, for once, we are going to let the biden administration speak for itself. this show has obtained some recently shot footageen of joe biden and kamala harris, the president and vice president of the united states, or vice versa depending on yourho view.


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