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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 22, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching. america now and forever. freedom matters with all the proceeds go to charity. go to the new favorite, freedom matters, we will be in mississippi for the big game against lsu and greg gutfeld takes it all from here. jillian: it is friday october 20 second. the fbi confirming brian laundrie is dead, ending an extensive nationwide manhunt for the only man of interest in gabby petito's murder. >> it was a catalyst that is just getting started. >> republicans evening the
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rights of concerned parents, turning to mary garland over his investigation of school board protesters is the mystic terrorists. >> we are all products coming to the west coast go through -- what am i doing here? >> long beach? >> those who try to make this a political issue? i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. >> president biden pressed on the supply chain in a townhall where he appeared to mark the freedom of first responders losing their jobs over vaccine mandates. "fox and friends first" starts right now. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. carley: todd and julian have the day off. president biden is pressed on the supply chain catastrophe during a cnn townhall. ashley: the white house trying to help.
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>> the president addressed a range of topics from his stalled domestic agenda the vaccine for kids but front and center the supply chain bottleneck causing shortages and rising costs to which president biden said he would consider deploying the national guard if his administration can't fix the problem. >> the national guard - >> president biden: the answer is yes if we can't increase the number of truckers which we are in the process of doing. >> reporter: shortly after, the white house was quick to walk it back saying requesting use of the national guard at the state level is under the purview of governors and we are not pursuing use of the national guard on a federal level. speaking of governors, ron desantis says the sunshine state is ready to help.
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>> we've got capacity in our ports to offer these businesses good incentives if they reroute their ships, you will sit off the coast for days on end you might as will bring it to florida. >> on the infrastructure front the president expressed optimism lawmakers are close to a deal, he invoked bipartisanship and compromise despite the indication on capitol hill that the stalemate is breaking. some are noting and uncomfortable moment in last night's townhall when the president seemed to lose track. >> president biden: 40% of all products coming into the united states on the west coast go rough los angeles and -- what am i doing here? >> long beach. >> reporter: vice president harris giving remarks in the bronx and build back better. we will see what she has to say about whether a deal is imminent or not.
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ashley: mark levin selling off on the attempt to transform the economy. >> what do they say they want to do? fundamentally transform our economic system. free-market economic system that you have in 3 countries the respects individuals, creates growth and wealth individual human beings to work their way up the ladder or you have a centralized marxist type socialist economic system where morons in washington dc who work for the civil service and the politicians decide who gets what was where does that work? >> biden and democrats are trying to force their spending agenda through congress as the cost of everything rise and the majority of americans view inflation as their top concern.
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president biden mocking vaccine skeptics while saying police officers and emergency responders should be fired if they refuse to get the covid jab. >> those who try to make this a political issue. i have the freedom to kill you. come on, freedom. >> police officers, emergency responders mandated to get vaccines and if not should they stay home or let go? >> president biden: yes and yes. the mandates are working. >> his comments come as first responders and coast-to-coast are quitting or getting fired for deifying jabs. these workers in seattle turning in their boots in protest of the vaccine mandates. carley: national institutes of health admitting to funding gain of function research at the wuhan lab despite doctor fauci's denial that us tax dollars were used on sunday.
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>> misled the committee at best and lied to the committee at worst the tax dollars for gain of function research. ashley: they funneled 600,$000 in grant money to the wuhan lab. the nih claims it was not clear about the work that was being done. in july of 2020 a the pandemic doctor fauci was pressed by senator rand paul about gain of function research. >> gain of function research was going on in the lab and you are implying, responsible for the deaths of individuals. if anybody is lying it is you. carley: fauci's stand on the
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wuhan lab has been inconsistence, the white house's top coronavirus advisor. >> he's been parsing words. he never fully explain why it is not gain of function but his explanation is this. it was inadvertent, we didn't know they would gain function. that is what a gain of function experiment is. you don't know when you combine two viruses what will be more deadly but it might be if you combine two viruses it is likely more deadly. this could unleash something that could destroy civilization. that is coming from a scientist. that should scare us all. carley: they funded gain of function research in wuhan. president biden will have the campaign trail for terry mcauliffe in his race for virginia's gubernatorial election. biden squeezing in a visit to arlington next week following appearances from kamala harris
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and former president barack obama, the race enters its homestretch, this as anti-critical race theory organization launches a $1 million ad campaign against mcauliffe. the accusing him of minimizing the role of parents and their children's education. a lot of money. attorney general america garland is good by republicans over his letter calling for the fbi to investigate parents. jackie ibanez joins us as new emails show the white house knew about the letter calling terrorists weeks before it was sent to the president. >> reporter: those emails show the white house in communication with national school board association for weeks before the liberal organization sent the letter calling parents opposed to critical race theory domestic terrorists and asking for patriot act surveillance and yesterday garland faced a barrage of questions from republicans on that bombshell memo. >> the national school board
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association says there are threats. >> any connection with the school board n 5 days later your memo regarding schoolboard issues? >> the letter was brought to our attention and was a relevant factor. >> reporter: he denied agreeing with the substance of the schoolboard letter? >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used for parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance they would be labeled as domestic terrorists. carley: garland claiming ignorance of sexual assault in loudoun county, virginia schools. >> the boy was arrested and charged for the first assault in july but released from juvenile detention. >> sound like a state case and i'm not million with it. carley: dismissing the notion of financial conflict caused by his son-in-law's business which promotes cortical race theory in
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public schools. >> your actions may have been motivated by your family's financial stake, the curriculum that your son-in-law is selling. >> this does not relate to the financial interests of anyone. carley: he fox news polls show 73% of parents say they are extremely or very concerned about what their children are being taught in school. republicans asked garland for evidence of threats against school board members but he did not provide anything past the letter. ashley: thank you so much. carley: now to this. alec baldwin injures a director and kill someone after firing a prop gun on a movie set in the mexico. he appeared in tears following the incident that happened during the filming of a western film. the director of photography was flown to a hospital and pronounced dead. the director is recovering from his injury. no charges have been filed.
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ashley: the hunt for brian laundrie is over. the fbi confirming his remains will be covered in a north court park. if the laundrie family lawyer, in the swamp, steve. >> the finding took place wednesday, local authorities say bones were recovered, not flesh. brian laundrie went missing from his home a month ago. several weeks if that body was exposed to the elements and animals as well. to make that identification. as far as the situation here goes police say this area was inspected thoroughly, the problem, officials say as much of this terrain was well underwater at that time.
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>> i saw the treacherous conditions they were working under. we are talking water levels up above the chest area. rattlesnakes, moccasins, alligators. >> reporter: by wednesday much of that water had receded. brian laundrie's parents went along with authorities on that search, his father zigzagging, he found a bag that belonged to his son and police found a knapsack and a notebook. and attorney for brian laundrie's parents said the claim they planted personal items, he dismissed that as hogwash. police visited the laundrie family home before announcement of the identification was made public. no comment from the petito family but major questions unanswered. how did brian laundrie die and could the notebook that was found on the scene shed any light on the murder of gabby
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petito? brian laundrie is the only person of interest in that murder. processing the site for several days ahead. carley: thank you. ashley: on the east coast, former teacher of the year lose his job because won't get vaccinated. he is joining us later to explain why. carley: eddie scary, joe concha, and lera trump live coming up. ♪♪ or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424.
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really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at >> afghan evacuees charged with raping a woman in montana, the victim said she told him she didn't want anything to happen. the governor is raising concerns saying in a statement, quote, i'm calling the president biden to hold this into federal agencies provide me with assurance that afghans coming are fully fitted in accordance with federal law. years in washington growing over
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revelations china had a second hypersonic missile test was multiple news outlets report one launch happened in july, the other in august. this weapon is capable of delivering the nuclear warhead. reuters reports the us military had an attempt of its own weapon system is rocket failure during a launch in alaska. carley: the global supply chain crisis hasn't been seen since world war ii in the us is in for a retail disaster this holiday season. according to a toy experts, good are flying off shelves as resellers jack up toy costs as much as 400%. mike collins, good morning to you. >> good morning. ashley: people like you are in high demand. there are not enough truck drivers to bring things from the ports to the warehouses was why do you think that is? >> can't flip the switch and
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produce truck drivers. this is another example of leadership by the biden administration just to play up politics. you saw this problem coming. i saw this problem coming in august when i read a report the china closed the world largest ports, more cases of covid for 10 days and that will affect was going to make the goods we make for christmas not get here this year. it isn't coming. >> transportation secretary pete buttigieg says there is no easy fix to this. >> he should have seen this coming as well and prepared for us. operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, put the goods on the
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ground, pushed through to the user, and quicker because there's a truck driver shortage. they could have done a better job, it is one more example whether it is failed leadership, the america first last policy, the administration did a good job with regulations and other things. making us manufacturers producing goods. ashley: when you see those ships out there you realize how reliant we are on goods from other countries. senator josh halley introduced a bill, make america to sell america. he wants things made here so
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this doesn't happen again. >> we should be focusing. we should focus on america first. that's why i ever congress, to take it to washington in washington today, the full effect of what these overreaching regulations have done to every aspect of the american economy. ashley: people on the boats must be bored because they are there for weeks on end. what is it like to be a truck driver? >> it is a very rewarding career, the most regulated industry in the world, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone else who has to write down or
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keep up with 24 hours a day, every day of their career. that is okay, to keep up with it but continuous overreach and regulations that produce a lot of productivity. carley: that might be why there is a truck driver shortage. we have 30 seconds left. when dc things going back to normal? a lot of people are worried about christmas and getting groceries at the grocery store in a costly way. >> reporter: in 2022. carley: over a year from now. >> no easy fix. rippling the cycle.
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carley: congressman, hopeful, congressman mike collins, thank you for joining us. over to you. ashley: president biden sounding like a broken record for repeating the same amtrak story that has been debunked. >> president biden: he said i just read big deal. you know how many miles you did amtrak? ashley: we are talking to columnist eddie scary next. or . or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. i got this mountain bike for only $11., the fair and honest bidding site. we sold an ipad worth $505 for less than $24. a stand mixer for less than $20. a 4k television for under
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i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424. ashley: president biden hasn't had time to visit the border. >> any plans to visit the southern border? >> i haven't had a lot of time to get there. i have been spending time looking at $900 billion worth of
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damage done by hurricanes and whether. >> president biden spending 70 days in office at his delaware home. special counsel to investigate hunter biden's art sale but refuses to answer the question. >> investigations pending. ashley: hunter biden's bar will sell 500,$000. and finding a gallery to list his work. ashley: the press secretary fires back at a reporter asking for president biden to take more questions from the media.
1:29 am
>> to appear before the full press. >> takes questions all the time. this is a large white house press corps but he does take questions. ashley: eddie scary, author of privileged victims. are we talking about the same president here? she talked about president biden. >> i don't think so. when he is in front of the press, certainly nowhere near his predecessor, when he was in office, the press secretary, why do you need to hear from the press secretary, they are right
1:30 am
to want to ask from the president who answers 3. he runs to cnn, this was his third cnn townhall since he was in office and doesn't take actual questions from anyone else in the press corps. and other outlets, we might want to hear, different questions from anderson cooper. >> reporters that hammered donald trump wanting him to talk, and keeping them away from reporters in the podium. >> he admits that and at press
1:31 am
conferences, when giving remarks, he says they will cut me off and get in trouble for doing too many, they are trying to keep him away. >> the next topic is a story, amtrak story, listen to this montage. >> it was one.3 or one.7 million miles and goes - joey baby. what are you -- i thought he's going to get shot. travel 1,515,000 miles on amtrak. >> elaborate story but just to
1:32 am
go back, amtrak employee is referring to died in 1993 and passed away, president biden so the conversation happened 7 years into his presidency, that he wasted 2015. the numbers are not lining up. >> it is weird. cory booker does a similar thing when he would tell the story about a drug addict named t bone or something like that, that person never existed so this is not uncommon among politicians. the weirder thing about president biden telling this story, part of his more that goes back a long time, this common man, the working man touched it. settling into the amtrak onto the train when someone is driving them to work.
1:33 am
with their coffee reading the newspaper and to the private office, that part of the story is strange, him taking amtrak, that is the store he's making up. >> he said he was going to visit his mom who was sick but she died in 2010. 30 seconds. why do you think with all these stories, this is just one, a minuscule story, he gets confused but why do people let him get away with it? >> i don't think anyone lets them get away with it. they hear the story and think he likes to tell strange stories, reminds me of the campaign when he talked about being a lifeguard, children stroking his leg hair, it is beside the point but when people look back on it,
1:34 am
what were we thinking again when we took this and thought there was anything okay about this but that will take an election. ashley: thank you for giving us your take on it. carley: listen to this, boston celtics games are off the airways after slamming the government over its abuse of the tibetan people. >> here to speak out about what is happening. people's basic rights and feelings. carley: the celtics star in the season opener, labeling chinese president xi jinping a brutal dictator, not the first beef with the nba over human rights
1:35 am
issues, the houston rockets broadcast remove their merchandise from stores after general manager darrell morey showed support for protesters in hong kong. on thursday night football, fans tuning in can see the cleveland browns pick up a win over the denver broncos. >> johnson cuts back. no signal yet. touchdown. carley: he rushed from 146 yards and he did his part filion for mayfield for 199 yards and a touchdown, 17-14 victory. the time is 35 minutes after the hour. democrats in one state that it was okay to share this cartoon depicting parents as a horror show for caring about things
1:36 am
kids are being taught in school. ashley: left losing its grip on the virginia governor's race, talking to a panel of latino voters why they are backing republican glenn youngkin. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. you don't get much time for yourself. so when you do, make it count with crest pro-health.
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hard not to be struck by the mosaic that is new york or to notice i haven't seen this many wineglasses since governor newsom dined at the french laundry. ashley: she joked about former governor andrew cuomo saying there wasn't enough social distancing in the world to have her work with him politically. the official twitter account of connecticut senate democrats shares this cartoon comparing parents angry at school boards to horror villains depicting a woman encountering monsters like freddy krueger on their way to a school board meeting. the cartoon creating a stir on social media. joe concha tweeting for democrats to make parents the enemy is political suicide. he's joining us next hour with more reaction. carley: we are two weeks from election day in virginia and the latest polls show republican
1:41 am
gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin in a dead heat with tariff -- terry mcauliffe as hispanic and latino communities support the gop outsider. >> on the ballot in november is the future of virginia, the future of america because virginia gets to stand up to make a statement for a state that is getting ready to elect a republican governor. carley: the chairwoman of the latino national republican coalition, virginia small business owner hugo hernandez and latino coalition for glenn youngkin member glenn williams. good morning to you all. >> good morning. carley: you volunteer for glenn youngkin's campaign because you are from venezuela and you say the socialist message from democrats scares the heck out of you. >> that is true. i moved for genia 7 years ago
1:42 am
and have seen how these have been going downhill. and that is why i'm speaking about what is happening in this state. i love the idea he is a businessman. he is a husband, a father, somebody who loves virginia like all of us. he wants to do something good, to make a change in this state. carley: your small business owner in the latest poll shows the most important issue in deciding who to vote for in the gubernatorial race is jobs and the economy and use a youngkin's business background attracted you to him. >> that is one of the main things that make them attractive to me. we need to do something drastically here, things are just starting in.
1:43 am
carley: you are a marine veteran so thank you for your service and your uncle started univision to give hispanics a voice and you take issue with terry mcauliffe trying to silence parents. >> that is very true. terry mcauliffe has misrepresented the facts when it comes to education. he said parents should be telling schools what they should teach and what they are teaching is critical race theory, even in stafford county the interim superintendent came before the board of supervisors misrepresented the fact that crt is being taught, in this book, how to be antiracist and in that book, one passage that wilson optimize the problem. the only remedy to past
1:44 am
discrimination is present discrimination, the only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination. we are talking about racism being taught to our children. terry mcauliffe calls and a dog whistle and thank god glenn youngkin has stated when he is elected governor and we the independent voter showing up in force when he is elected governor he will ensure crt is not - >> we set to the measure trickles down into the school system and that is why parents are upset. you are a peruvian american and you think there needs to be change in virginia. >> i didn't see any improvement and i see a real problem. the energy, it is a place to
1:45 am
leave, to raise a family, to improve our economy. he's not only going to be the governor for latinos to end discrimination and that is the reason latinos, trying to participate more and more, to support him and the economy and safety. carley: president biden announced he will be campaigning for terry mcauliffe next weekend former president obama will be doing the same thing so he has heavy hitters backing him. does that concern you? >> not really because it doesn't mean that much to us by this point. we really want to change it in virginia and we are in good
1:46 am
shape, we are going to win this election. >> fox news poll shows inflation is the number one concern, do you think that will motivate people to head to the polls? >> i believe so. i always think twice about prices but like i said before things are getting out of hand. i just got this week, somebody claiming unemployment, this is getting our hands, taking this course of all the mishandling. >> you are energized voters in thanks for making a points loud and clear. thank you for joining us.
1:47 am
and we see the sign. >> former teacher of the year at risk of losing his job for not being vaccinated. >> it is unfortunate after dedicating myself to students and families, that we are here. >> is not backing down. he joined us next to explain. i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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ashley: the cdc signing off on covid booster shots for moderna and johnson & johnson recommending them for people over 65 and as young as 18 who are at risk for covid complications, the cdc given the okay to mix and match booster doses between brands. pfizer reporting a third dose of its covid vaccine, quote, drastically improves protection against the virus based on a study conducted. general electric workers across the us walking out of factories protesting biden's federal vaccine mandate. these are images from a walkout
1:52 am
in ohio. others reporting indiana and south carolina, ge requiring all of its employees to get jabs or receives an exemption by december 8th. ashley: this connecticut gym teacher is facing termination after refusing to comply with the state vaccine mandate, the 2020 teacher of the year spoke to fox news digital earlier this week. >> it is unfortunate after 15 years of dedicating myself to professional students that were here. ashley: joining us is kasim outlaw. i want to start by asking your reasoning behind not wanting to get the vaccine. >> i firmly believe it is an individual's decision how to manage health and access and
1:53 am
medical procedures which when being told what to do with my body it is not an alignment with my core beliefs. ashley: you are not against anyone getting the vaccine or the vaccine in general, you just don't want anybody telling you what to do. >> not at all. it is everyone's personal decision and we need to make that for ourselves. ashley: had you been talking to the superintendent and the school about what was happening and you were just not on board with getting this? >> there was very limited conversation leading to the deadlines that were imposed so i had these conversations but when it came time to interact with the administration they might have been caught off guard but it is something i held close for a while.
1:54 am
ashley: i to ask about testing, there was the option for weekly testing. what was your reason behind not wanting to do that, was it an everyday thing, what was going to look like? >> once a week there is a timeline we have to submit test results to come into the building the following week but that medical procedure is not in alignment as the inoculations. ashley: say you lose your job because the way it is looking is not looking good but these are your beliefs, what you are standing strong by. do you have anything in the works or plans in the future and will there be a pension that would be offered? >> a pension stays in place, it gets deeper. in terms of what i do next, i have entrepreneurial ventures coming out that i'm waiting to finish and complete and get to the world.
1:55 am
i have some other holistic entrepreneurial ventures and to continue to teach. there's a lot within me to tell people to be more healthy. >> you were teacher of the year. have you spoken to your students about what is happening? >> yes. i connected with some of them on social media. i miss them dearly and wish them the best and hope to connect with them in some way or form soon. ashley: thank you for sharing your story and good luck with everything. >> thank you very much. carley: we have a big show in the next hour of "fox and friends first" was ian pryor, joe concha and lera trump will join us live, stay tuned.
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and call 844-234-2424. carley: it is friday october 20 second. the fbi confirming brian laundrie is dead, into an extensive nationwide manhunt. we are live in florida with the latest on the investigation plus -- >> the memo was the catalyst for great awakening that is just getting started. i think your memo is the last straw. it was the catalyst.


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