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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 22, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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the shark would carry him around. the dog wants to eat. labs want to eat anything. it doesn't matter if it's a whale shark. >> dana: the late, great jasper loved looking at fish. he probably would have fainted if he saw that one, though. trace, great to have you. thank you for helping us out. >> trace: always good to be with you. >> dana: "the faulkner focus" up next. >> harris: a bombshell revelation on the origins of covid and what it means for dr. anthony fauci. i'm harris faulkner. the national institute of health acknowledging it did fund experiments at that laboratory in wuhan, china, which critics say show gain-of-function research. an official at the agency describing it as a quote, unquote, limited experiment. this comes despite the repeated and heated denials from dr. fauci. remember this one?
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>> it is a crime to lie to congress. do you wish to retract your statement of may 11th where you claimed the n.i.h. never funded gain-of-function research in wuhan? >> if you look at the viruses that were used in the experiments, it is molecularly impossible. >> no one is saying those viruses caused the pandemic. what we're alleging is that gain-of-function research was going on in that lab and n.i.h. funded it. >> you are implying that what we did was responsible for the deaths of individuals. i totally resent that. and if anybody is lying here, senator, it is you. >> harris: hum. let's fact check now. jonathan serrie, the facts. >> hi, the national institutes of health has ordered one of its grant recipients to present any unpublished data from experiments conducted in the
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laboratory in wuhan, china. the organization in question is a u.s. nonprofit called ecohealth which went on to fund some research at that lab. in the experimenting question lab mice modified to mimic the human immune system unexpectedly became sicker when exposed to a certain virus found in bats. n.i.h. said it was an unexpected result of the research as opposed to something the researchers set out to do. the nih has it doesn't rise to their definition of gain-of-function research where you genetically enhance an organism. critics on capitol hill say top n.i.h. officials including dr. anthony fauci are parsing words. >> he has been kind of going around the subject and he never fully explains why it is not gain of function. i think his explanation is this. oh, it was inadvertent. we didn't know they would gain function. that's what a gain of function experiment is.
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>> n.i.h. explained the naturally occurring bat coronavirus are distant from the sars covid 2 and could not possibly have caused the covid-19 pandemic. any claims to the contrary are false. now, although the research in question is completely unrelated to covid-19, scientists say they cannot rule out the theory that a lab leak led to the pandemic until they get more cooperation and transparency from the chinese government. harris. >> harris: jonathan, i don't know how much transparency we'll get from a communist nation but this was a whole lot in this nation and a lot of great information to work with. thank you very much. dr. marc siegel is a fox news contributor and professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center. first of all, dr. siegel, this reporting is important as i understand it because it could mean the american people were lied to over and over and over about what was really going on
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inside the lab in china and maybe others. >> that's true, harris. i want to give my own take on this. the n.i.h.'s explanation is a little different -- it is worse in a way. the deputy director there is saying gain-of-function research means that it is not that you alter a virus or a virus is altered or a mouse gets sicker. it is a human gets sicker. that's parsing words. what looks like what was going on in the lab is they were tweaking or altering coronaviruss so they could more easily attach in a mouse that was humanized to cells that would infect a human, that would infect a human. that to me by my definition is gain-of-function research. you know, how that occurred doesn't mean that it was bioengineered. it could mean it was serial passage. the virus goes through a mouse repeatedly and here is something that your viewers may
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not know. if you do that enough, through a mouse repeatedly a virus will alter itself. that's what happens. they mutate. genetic information is exchanged. the more you experiment the more these things happen on their own and select out the one more likely to infect and kill humans. that's what happens. so all this money being given to ecohealth alliance and the n.i.h. saying we didn't know -- he was supposed to report back to us and he didn't report back to us and viruses got altered that became more humanized and we didn't know. that's enough of an excuse that you didn't know. >> harris: you just explained so much so simply. and it really boils down to the fact that when dr. fauci and others at the n.i.h. say that well, it could have accidentally happened. isn't that the whole purpose of research? you are doing something over and over and over and over until something spontaneously happens like life? >> that's true and one of the
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reasons what you just said that i think there needs to be big breaks on this. myself and dr. redfield called for a moratorium on gain-of-function research period. the whole idea of testing the capabilities of viruses makes us very nervous especially in light of this huge pandemic we have and the idea that it might have leaked from a lab. time to put the brakes on and reassess what research should be allowed especially in a place like china where we have absolutely no inside controls. >> harris: we don't have any friends let's put it that way. it is a communist nation. once it gets in the hands of a lab run by anybody attached to the government, we don't have a friend to call us and tell us what is happening. i want to get to this. the white house now says it is ready to roll out pfizer's covid vaccine for children ages 5-11 pending authorization from the f.d.a. surgeon general murphy says this should come as a major
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relief. let's watch. >> i think parents will think carefully about this decision to get the children vaccinated but i also think that parents across the country have been waiting for a vaccine for a long time and are eager that this moment may be close. >> harris: however, a recent poll finds majority of parents are concerned how the vaccine will affect their children and now cdc director says schools should still enforce mask mandates even if kids do get vaxxed. watch. >> as we head into the winter months we know we can't be complacent. schools that have had masks in place were 3 1/2 times less likely to have school outbreaks requiring school closure. so right now we're going to continue to recommend masks in all schools for all people in those schools. >> harris: backlash is swift and harsh. one user tweeted this is sosh owepathic. another forced child masking guidance was always irrational. why would any change in
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circumstances matter? the "new york post" editorial board with this headline. masking kids wear masks in school is torture, not safety. dr. siegel, let's unpack this. children 5 to 11 getting the vaccine and then having to wear masks and you say what? >> first of all, it's too soon to be talking about the 5 to 11 group. the advisory committee is meeting next week. i wrant to hear what they have to say. by the press release it looks great. only 2200 kids and waint to make sure it's really safe. they gave one-third of the dose. if it passes that hurdle and gets past the fda and cdc and looks like its safe i will be in favor of it. here is how i will be in favor of it. a pediatrician and parent and a child, not a government, not a mandate. this is a sensitive issue. pediatricians are good at this.
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i here smaller needles. i like that idea. >> harris: should it be less than adults get? >> yeah, i do think that. it's smaller and probably one of the reasons we ran into trouble with the 12-17-year-old boy group very rare risk of myocarditis but related to too high a dose and too close together. >> harris: i'm starting to feel like this is truth serum friday for officials. emails show two of the nation's most powerful teachers unions did in fact influence the cdc on its last-minute guidance on reopening schools and in one of those emails a cdc official suggested they set up an 11:30 a.m. chat with the unions, quote, so they have time to digest prior to the 2:00 p.m. release, end quote. the executive director of americans for public trust says these documents are further evidence that instead of following the science, the
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white house and cdc allowed politics to influence policy. back in may white house press secretary jen psaki denied any coordination between teachers unions and the cdc policy for schools. watch. >> a chance to respond to the accusations that the american federation of teachers, the country's largest teachers union influenced the cdc's guidelines on reopening schools. >> first it's false. longstanding best practice for the cdc to engage in organizations. it doesn't mean they are taking everything they want or even a percentage of what they want. >> harris: you pull back the layers on this onion and it is stinky. who do we trust, dr. siegel? >> i think the teachers unions have a huge influence on the white house because they are big donors and back the democrats. that's one. i don't necessarily agree that the cdc is part of that but they should understand and didn't understand that the teachers unions are only caring about teachers, not children.
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that's how come you end up with these mask superimposed brutal mask mandates instead of what should be the focus, which is on testing at home of kids before they come to school with free tests around the country especially in poor neighborhoods and vaccines to teachers and vaccines to eligible children. masks are the final barrier and that's if everything else has failed. in areas where there is not a lot of virus around and where everybody is compliant with the vaccine they're much less important. again it's the bullying and shaming that's going on based on politics, not medicine. >> harris: that's great information. all right. last topic here and we had a lot to get to because this story is taking on new shapes and forms as we get more facts infused into everything. a lot of questions now as the cdc has approved both moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots. they say it's safe to mix and match regardless of which company made your initial
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vaccine. booster shots are recommended for people ages 65 or older or those who are at higher risk. the cdc did say this, though. those who got the single j&j should get a booster. everybody who got that shot. dr. siegel, can you mix j&j like a regular vaccine with the newer science of mrna? is it really that interchangeable? >> yes. in fact it showed you get more of a boost if you do that. after two months of getting the j&j if you get a moderna or pfizer you get more protection. boosters work. there is a huge study of 10,000 people out that showed that after the pfizer shot got boosted at six months you went back to 90% protection. if you got the pfizer get another pfizer and if you got
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moderna get the moderna. >> harris: the j&j lasted two months. did you need two shots of that and they thought they could get away with one? what's the truth there? >> the truth is what you just said, harris, next career as a laboratory for you, absolutely right. >> harris: maybe a lab rat. i'm learning every step of the way along with the viewers. dr. siegel, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> harris: monet and hunter biden? some theater but also serious ethics question on the president's son's art sales at yesterday's house hearing with attorney general merrick garland. then there is this. >> i'll say this with all the respect i can muster. but my advice to the president is this. mr. president, you just got to try harder not to suck.
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>> harris: with a straight face we'll move on. the president facing so many crises and he still seems to dig himself a deeper hole. we'll run down his most questionable and cringe worthy comments from last night's town hall. remember, we haven't seen him sit down much for a town hall or interview. tammy bruce in focus next. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx.
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there. the problem with that statement from president biden in last night's cnn town hall his own white house had to walk it back almost immediately. he also made quite the mess with answers to questions on the vaccine roll-out, the crisis at the southern border, and skyrocketing gas prices. cleanup on aisle 7, anybody? peter doocy is live at the white house. peter. >> that's just not how it works. so the president's comments about possibly using the national guard to help with the supply chain crisis is being walked back by the president's staff telling us this morning the following. requesting the use of the national guard at the state level is under the purview of governors and we are not actively pursuing the use of the national guard on a federal level. so that's that. that's as gas prices go up and up to $7.59 for a single gallon in at least one place in california. as people look to the president for answers what is due to bring prices down he says he
8:21 am
has nothing. >> president biden: i must tell you, i don't have a near-term answer. two things i can do. i could go into the petroleum reserve and take out and probably reduce the price of gas maybe 18 cents or so a gallon. there still will be above three bucks. >> the president is express regret for breaking a pledge to leave his justice department alone. >> a week ago you said the department of justice should prosecute those who defied subpoenas from the january 6 committee. was it appropriate for you to weigh in on it? >> president biden: no, the way i said it was not appropriate. >> the president claimed he bought most of the covid vaccine supply in the country ignoring the fact the trump administration purchased 300 million doses. one of the easiest things to fact check last night is this one considering there is no evidence he has ever been to the border in his life.
8:22 am
>> do you have plans to visit the southern border? >> president biden: i've been there before and i know it well. i guess i should go down. >> no trips to the border but he has been to delaware for parts of 70 days as president. heading back tonight. >> harris: he ought to go to california along the coastline. gasoline is ridiculously expensive and maybe he'll see it. tammy bruce in "focus" now. fox news contributor host of get tammy bruce on fox nation. there were moments that you were physically and audibly reacting to some of what was going on there. >> it is still shocking. this is the president of the united states. i was particularly -- i would say amused and in a concerned kind of way with his remarks about gas prices as though he was simply like an observer of a movie. like i don't imagine that is going to change or he doesn't know what the next scene is going to be or that leprechauns
8:23 am
are in charge. they got used to trump time and action and action-based president who did things and cut red tape, moved forward, tried to change things for the better. like with the vaccines themselves. made that happen when someone like fauci laughed when the president said we'll have them by the end of the year, right? it will take five years. but you can do that when you are the president. it is as though joe biden doesn't know he is president. i would -- when we talk about the national guard that is almost like a natural reaction, frankly, whether it's the national guard, the military, what do you have in your tool box to change the situation? what it revealed to us is that there is no connection and no conversation between the president and the white house which seems to be very strange. that's a very big thing to say yes to, to then have to be walked back. it means that maybe he is just an observer and someone else is making the decisions. >> harris: that brings me to that question that you and i
8:24 am
dance around every time we see each other and can't figure out the answer to. who is in charge then, right? if he wants to be disconnected from the white house that's one thing. how do you stay disconnected from gas prices in america when the whole world has to be telling you every time they see you they are chanting things we can't play on tv at him. "politico" piece talking about the perfect storm created by the vaccine mandate. the deadline brushes up against the peak holiday season. as some of the biggest cargo distribution companies including ups and fedex are battling unprecedented labor shortages. representative jim banks wrote a memo to top republicans reading in part our job as republicans is to explain to the american people what the
8:25 am
grinches at the white house did. >> what's interesting is that, of course, we know that the people in the white house know what the season is, they know thanksgiving and other holidays, they know it's christmastime but all of this is unforced. it is unforced errors. these are decisions that when you look at it seem as though are made deliberately -- if you wanted to make things worse, if you wanted the make it more of a problem for the american people, this is why we have a problem with this. and we do have a recent time, the previous administration that was dealing with a number of crises and was able to act. the system is set up and the founders wanted an active individual in the white house. >> harris: we got a vaccine not one but three. >> the reason we were able to sustain the pandemic economically was because of the strength of the economy. it is why american families have rainy day funds. you need to be ready for the
8:26 am
unexpected. >> harris: they have one. they have our money. >> they've also spent our money for the next several generations going forward. a remarkable thing to watch. the american people don't like it. beyond not liking it a lot of politicians look to the next election. we can't let them let the bad news happen because they think it will help their party or hurt another party. this is real life for american people who are already dealing with some mental health issues. depression coming out of a pandemic and then we can finally get together and they are saying too bad, there is no gas, it's too expensive. there is no presents, nothing will get to you. how much more can we withstand? the quality of people's lives. we talk about the middle class all the time. let's talk about people who are and do go paycheck to paycheck. people in the inner city who deal with crime and then they want to get their kids something to give them some hope and they can't or it won't arrive. >> harris: not on the shelves. they have to get it shipped. i don't want to make light of
8:27 am
this because maybe he really made a mistake about halloween and thank giving and christmas but fauci was moving his way into well, i don't know if we ought to get together for christmas. i guess if we're locked in our houses and staying away maybe we won't worry about what is not arriving. >> it's a very strange approach. he tried to walk those comments back about christmas but when this is your job and you are head of the infectious diseases department at hhs you have done it for decades. you know what is going to work and what will happen. now he seems to be speaking not about science but about his gut opinion. now look, i'm not a scientist. it is my job to have an opinion based on my experience. his job is supposed to be about science and medicine and facts. that was abandoned months ago. this is what the american people are upset about. >> harris: all of this fits into something known as the biden administration and you have those polls. we'll get into that another day. >> that is a statement. they seem to not care about that, either.
8:28 am
we've never seen anything so precipitous when it comes to the numbers. >> harris: tammy bruce, thank you. a top democratic strategist said he is scared to death that republican glen youngkin may beat democrat terry mccauliffe in the bellwether governor's race. a new poll shows he has a good reason to be frightened. >> it is a completely legitimate thing. i want to know what our child is being taught. for us to get that answer it is unclear what's going on at the justice department. if he really is that aloof and doesn't know that's a major problem. >> harris: going after attorney general garland amid parents' outrage over what they say is an attempt to intimidate them. congressman andy biggs from arizona was at the hearing and he is in "focus" next.
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>> we don't need you, your justice department or the f.b.i. trampling on the rights of american parents. >> absolutely not. i want to be clear justice department supports and defends the first amendment right of parents to complain as much as they wish about the education of their children. >> you directed the f.b.i. to conduct meetings with leaders of all levels of government across the country. >> let me be clear again here. this memo expressly directed against threats of violence and violence. >> it also concerns us that your actions may have been motivated by your family's financial stake. did you seek ethics counsel before you issued a letter that relates to the financial interests of your family yes or no. >> this memorandum does not relate to the financial interests of anyone. >> i take that as a no.
8:35 am
>> harris: attorney general garland getting grilled by the house judiciary committee. you watched it on fox live yesterday. a "wall street journal" sums it up this way. merrick garland gets schooled. mr. garland provided no evidence to suggest an escalation in the violence against school boards and no explanation for why such facts, even if criminal, are federal offenses. republicans hit garland on any coordination there might be between the d.o.j. and white house before sending out that controversial memo targeting parents at school board meetings. here is how he answered. >> has the white house told you to white the memo? >> no one spoke to me about the memo at all. i'm sure i -- at least i certainly would believe that the white house communicated its concerns about the letter to the justice department and that is -- >> my next question, did you or anyone at the justice department discuss the memo with white house personnel or with anyone at the white house
8:36 am
before the memo was sent? >> i did not. >> harris: okay. let's add this into it. new emails show the white house collaborated with the national school board association on that very letter it sent to the d.o.j. that prompted the controversial memo. one email references a letter to the president concerning threats to school board members back in september well before the release of the d.o.j. memo. an excerpt reads this way. in talks over the last several weeks with the white house staff, they requested additional information on some of the specific threats. congressman andy biggs, arizona republican, was at that hearing. what did you learn? >> well, harris, i think we were all disappointed to find out that the attorney general could be co-operated by a letter a from a liberal partisan group and claim that letter and some newspaper articles that he read would influence him to write a
8:37 am
memorandum covering every federal jurisdiction in this country to create task force to investigate parents going to school boards and protesting what we would say is curriculum issues. it was outrageous and he couldn't defend it and he couldn't defend virtually anything yesterday. it was in my opinion a poor performance. but it was unsettling as well because this is the guy who pulls the levers on investigations in the department of justice and the attorney general's office. >> harris: you know, i want to go back to something that a.g. garland said moments ago we heard him say it. parents can complain as vociferously as they like. who is going to decide the difference between vociferous and what the f.b.i. does with parents at school boards? who makes the decision that is being emotional, go arrest that
8:38 am
one? >> that's part of the problem. he couldn't give us any data why they think they need to get the f.b.i. involved. this becomes generally a local issue. if you have someone who is unruly or potentially violent at whether it's a school board or city council meeting whatever, you usually have police officers present to intervene and make sure that people maintain safety. but he didn't give any kind of background information on why you would get the federal government involved for any reason. you are right, the distinction, who will make the call? >> harris: can we trust them to make that decision since they aren't local and no connection to these communities? the one thing about having local authorities we live together and see our police officers at the grocery store. i will move to this. education is a key issue and close and closely watched virginia governor's race. it is important to all of us.
8:39 am
but for there, oh boy. now a group that opposes teaching critical race theory is coming after the democratic candidate terry mccauliffe with this ad. >> terry mccauliffe spent years minimizing the role of parents. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> now our children are paying the price. >> harris: a new poll shows a surge in support now pulling republican glenn youngkin into a dead heat with terry mccauliffe and with election day less than two weeks away high profile democrats say they are getting nervous. >> it's a toss-up. the race is a toss-up and terry has been very -- we're in a tight race and democrats need to be -- it's close. there is no doubt about it. and i'm scared to death. and other democrats should be. >> harris: scared to death.
8:40 am
mccauliffe campaign says president biden will campaign with him on tuesday a few weeks after mccauliffe told voters that biden was unpopular in his state. congressman biggs, what is going on down there among democrats and should the president sit this one out or are you hoping he doesn't? >> i hope he doesn't because i think there is a couple of things that are happening. number one you are seeing a general effect of biden policies that are impacting people on inflation and economy and those types of things. once you get outside the d.c. beltway. and the other thing is what happened in northern virginia in loudon county. the crt, critical race theory curriculum issue. you have the allegations of a cover-up of rape of a couple of young ladies at loudon county schools. so when that happens and then you throw mccauliffe's statement that parents shouldn't have the same kind of role as teachers do in their
8:41 am
children's education or minimizes parents' role he opened himself up. the question is i think loudon county will be a bellwether county because it went for biden last time. it's not going to go for biden this time which means it won't go for mccauliffe. he will put them off. i think it is real trouble for those guys and the democrats, i would not bring biden in if it were myself. i'm happy they want to do it. i think that is going to incentivize and energy the republican base even more. >> harris: i've covered, when they take a bus tour, this kind of late in the game and so tight, that's what youngkin is doing. he is getting on a bus this afternoon for charlottesville and adding cities to his bus tour. that's a sign he is ready to talk to the people. your thoughts on that.
8:42 am
>> i agree 100%. he is back in the race. it's very possible for him to win and so he will be able to get out and meet more people. get his message out to more people and communicate to them and see what they have to say as well. a positive sign for what polling is saying for the youngkin camp. >> harris: the white house says president biden takes questions all the time. yes, the same president that we see turning his back to questions all the time. does last night's town hall change anything? the power panel next. s coverage customizer tool? so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ gordan ramsey this is a cold call!
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>> how will the new infrastructure plan help middle class families pay for childcare? >> what is being done to support the elderly especially for middle class family like mine? >> president biden: first of all -- [applause] >> my mom would say you are a good daughter. >> why not do like the republicans and usher through the democratic agenda? [applause] >> two reasons. if you notice the republicans
8:48 am
haven't passed a single solitary thing. >> what will the vaccines for young children be ready and how accessible will they be once released? >> president biden: unless past administrations science will dictate this. >> harris: president biden taking questions at last night's cnn town hall. critics and some in the media say the president refuses to engage in a meaningful way. here is the deputy press secretary on that yesterday. >> add my voice to i'm sure dozens who have humbly requested the president of the united states not only do a town hall but show up in this room or the east room to appear before the full press for a robust round of questions that will no doubt benefit the american people. >> he take questions all the time. >> harris: come on, really? the president has only done 10 one-on-one interviews so far since taking office in january. compare that to president
8:49 am
obama's 131 interviews. president trump's 57 by the same point in their presidency. "politico" wrote this the lack of interviews reflects the bunker mentality the white house has taken with the media particularly the extensive back and forth where reporters can following owe up, push and prod. not seeing those. power panel now. gopac chairman david avella and brad wood house, a former obama campaign senior advisor and dnc communications director. brad, i come to you first. i've seen the fruits of your labor. seriously. as journalists, we know that at least we got a bite at the apple. this is bordering on ridiculousness now. >> look, harris, what you are suggesting is that biden should do more like trump did. >> harris: no, i'm suggesting he do more like your boss did. your boss did 131. >> look, you know, trump did 57 interviews by this point.
8:50 am
what did the democrats do out of trump doing out of all the exposure. >> harris: you don't want to start with obama who did twice as many >> we won the 2018, 19 and 2020 election. if you suggest the public needs more trump i'm all for it. biden took questions at a town hall. with trump he had done one town hall with ceos. biden did three with voters. voters are the people. >> harris: you had an opportunity to compare the man he was with for eight years to where he is right now and you took bait on president trump. i will remember that you said oh, well, that's exactly what you want more trump. david. >> we'll take more trump. maybe he can come to virginia while he is at it. >> harris: you never know. >> when 68% of independents don't approve of the job you are doing. when every voter group since the election think less of you than they did.
8:51 am
the reality is president biden isn't the best advocate for what democrats in congress are trying to do. in fact, it should be bernie sanders and elizabeth warren holding the town hall meetings. it is their agenda along with the most progressive members in the u.s. house that brad will have to try to get in line so he doesn't lose congressional seats next year. not an easy task for brad to do. the reality is president biden isn't the best advocate for such policies because his approval rating is so terrible. >> harris: there is no more argument about an outlier, by the way. i've heard that from some democrats. i don't think you would make that argument because you look at the polls. he is in trouble and under water and not just by the polls but by the issues. a.g. garland was pressed whether hunter biden used his dad's success to further his
8:52 am
art career. ken buck displayed a hunter biden painting that sold for a half million dollars. as much as -- here is some of his exchange with the a.g. >> the third painting you may recognize is a hunter biden. in 2019 hunter biden couldn't find a gallery to list his art. what happened in 2020 that changed all that? his dad became president of the united states. and i am asking you now will you appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden? >> apparently i just received the letter today from you and we'll be taking it under advisement. >> harris: a little theater and laughs there. many people see it as a problem including president obama's former ethics chief. >> hunter biden doesn't have anything to worry about with merrick garland as long as he isn't going to a school board
8:53 am
to advocate for children and against some of the actions of school boards across the country. unfortunately for the men and women at the f.b.i. who want to fight high crimes and miss misdemeanors garland is turning them into a security force for school board members which is tragic. >> harris: i want the talk about the conflict of interest here and see if you can stay on point and not focus on a previous president which i know you like to do, brad. when you look at this and you do look at the prices and the amount of money and the fact that we aren't supposed to know who is buying them but we do because there were cameras at the event. what would you advise as a former communications director in a high profile job? what would you advise this white house to do or say? >> i won't give advice to the white house. i'll say this. the republican party is broken. this is what they want investigated but they don't
8:54 am
want to investigate the insurrection that happened on january 6. they don't want to investigate the effort to overthrow the government. they don't want to hold steve bannon accountable. >> harris: i will let you guys go become and forth. >> think about what is being said here. during an entire trump administration we had democrat after democrat who wanted to investigate the lease on the hotel that the trumps owned downtown which of course was completely compliant. every business deal they wanted to look into. every one of them. they still -- you still have a manhattan d.a. that wants to look into the former president's financial dealings and yet where are those democrats now? and in every congressional campaign and every meeting interview for democrats who called for investigation for the trump family financials should be asked why aren't you saying the same thing on the biden administration other than it's a member of your own party? >> let me say this about the
8:55 am
hunter biden thing. they tried the playbook in 2020 and ls t. if you want -- what's next, ask to see obama's long form birth certificate? these don't work. people are concerned about prescription drug prices. >> harris: no, they're concerned about that plus inflation which biden doesn't seem to have an answer for. all right. good to see you both, gentlemen. "outnumbered" is after the break on this friday. to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise.
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>> fox news alert. new information and the tragic shooting on the movie set involving actor alec baldwin now learning the prop gun baldwin higher that accidentally killed a crewmember and injured the film's director reportedly contained a live round. this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno drawn by my cohost harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany, former state department spokesperson morgan morgan


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