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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 22, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> morgan, final thought. >> harris: they know i'm kidding. >> morgan: everyone under age of 25 should get the temporary ink, i didn't do it, i know peep they'll do. i will buy shares in the company. >> thanks to everyone. here is "america reports." >> bye, greg. >> sandra: thank you, team. fox news alert to kickoff "america reports" and brand-new hour. one person killed and another wounded on the set of alec baldwin's new movie after the actor fired a prop gun during filming in you new mexico. tragic story, indeed. hello, i'm sandra smith in new york. hi, john. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. director joel, director of photography, hutchins were wounded during a scene for the new western called "rust." hutchins was flown to the hospital and later died. souza was released after
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undergoing emergency treatment. >> sandra: jonathan, a brand-new statement out, what is he saying? >> jonathan: he posted his first comment since the shooting incident on twitter and instagram accounts. he says his heart is broken and he said, "there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of helena hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. i'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how the tragedy occurred." the actor and producer fired a prop gun on the set of his new western, 42-year-old helena hutchins, director of production and the sheriff's statement said "this investigation remains open
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and active, no charges have been filed in regard to this incident. witnesses continue to be interviewed, including baldwin himself, who was seen distraught and in tears outside the sheriff's office yesterday. those who handle weapons on movie sets say the industry has lots of safety protocols and this does appear to be a tragic accident." >> there are lots of -- so the incident there was obstruction in the barrel, which came out once the blank was put behind it and nowadays all weapons are checked before blanks are put into the weapon. >> the shooting brings back memories of similar tragedy on movie set when 28-year-old brandon lee, son of bruce lee, died after being shot with a prop gun in 1993. according to the industry
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publication variety, a movie crew union e-mailed members saying "a live single round was beingally fired," we can't confirm that independently, if true issue the immediate question is why on earth this gun was loaded with a live round rather than blanks and the santa fe district attorney released a statement saying her office is assisting in the investigation and adding "at this time, we do not know if charges will be filed." a lot of open questions in this tragic incident. >> sandra: we have a gun expert from the f.b.i. joining us next how to dig into how this could happen. thank you. john. >> john: such a shame. the supply chain crisis, trade group for ups and fed ex warning it is about to get worse with president biden's vaccine deadline approaching. this as record number of cargo ships remain anchored off the
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southern california coast. we are there and have been for the last few weeks, out on the weather near the ships. william. >> john, it is so crowded out here, 109 are waiting to get into port. half are anchored and the other half are drifting up and down waiting for a spot to open up. we're about two miles off the coast or port of l.a. and long beach and all the ships you see right now are ark assigned a parking spot. they will be called in and offload, that takes three to five days and another few days to unload imports. some are monsters, up to three football fields long, 50 yards wide and can weight of 20,000 small cars. to illustrate what is going on with this wait time and how it is affecting individual ships,
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let's go to one case in point example. the ya ming reef, it left china on september 5th, arrived here 15 days later on september 20th. it did not dock until october tenth, it waited outside the port longer than the actual trip from china. >> it is like compressing 10 lanes of freeway traffic into five. we are setting records. productivity per vessel is still the best in the world. we have to absorb and digest that cargo into the american supply chain. getting in sync with the railroads, truckers and warehouses and store fronts is the challenge ahead of us. >> getting that 24-7 operation in sync is a work in progress despite what the president said 10 days ago. you talk about the problems that we're having and the supply chain. think about the guys on the
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ships. not only is the trip twice as long. because 95% are foreign labor, they can't get off the ship unless they are vaccinated. >> since this pandemic, i cannot even go in and get off the ship. they restrict us. >> can you imagine if you are like 19 to 22 guys and you are out in the middle of the water around 19 to 22 guys every single day and you can't contact your family, it is like being in jail. >> so john, if you connect the dots, what you see here is reflected in the prices you pay and what you see in the stores. back to you. >> john: that is close quarter living, like being on a submarine, too. william out in the water, thank you so much. the controversy over vaccine mandates for police officers and first responders coming up late last night in televised town hall with president biden. here is what he said should
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happen to those who refuse to get the shot. >> president biden: those who just try to make this a political issue. freedom. i have the freedom to kill you with my covid. come on. freedom? >> should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines? if not, should they stay at home or be let go? >> president biden: yes and yes. the mandates are working. >> john: associated press finding president biden botched numbers behind the covid vaccine rollout. the president said there were two million people in the united states who took the shot when he was elected in november, but vaccines were awaiting emergency authorization then. nearly 16 million doses had been administered. a misspeak on a couple other occasions last night, the president said the united states was going to rush to the defense of taiwan if china threatened
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it. that would change the policy of strategic ambiguity and the white house walked that back. >> sandra: americans wouldn't find humor in the comments about freedom to choose your destination as far as health. mandate working, a lot can be disputed. our guests will dig into what president biden had to say last night. john. >> john: looking forward to that. >> sandra: and terry mcauliffe kicking out a bus tour today in arlington to fight falling poll numbers. the democrat is setting his focus on blue northern virginia in the last stretch of the campaign. today's tour coming as anti-critical race theory organization targets mcauliffe and aims to keep the issue alive and on the top of voters minds. karl rove. karl, great to see you. will the outcome of this election be about mcauliffe's
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views on education and whether or not parents should have ultimate say on what their kids are learning in the classroo >> karl: if mcauliffe loses it is because youngkin made issue on education, economy and crime, he is better for the issues particularly for suburban voters. there is reason mcauliffe is campaigning in northern virginia, that is he's seen slide in the support for democrats in three critical areas of the state. northern virginia being the most important one. loudoun county the focal point and this explains why the campaign is focused on education. there is not only controversy in loudoun county about critical race theory, it was revealed there was a sexual assault in a girl's bathroom by transgender student that was not reported
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and under virginia law, passed by democrats and signed by democratic governor, school districts are not obligated to report crimes committed on campus. both of these issues have given youngkin an advantage. >> sandra: perhaps you agree, then, with fh buckley op ed, history on the ballot in virginia, much election is turned on critical race theory and local signs suggest people are tired of it. we've had a whole year we've been told how nasty america is. we have been encouraged to revel in series of justified hate red, it is fascinating piece when you get into it. he says, karl, it hasn't made anybody a better person, this debate. it is retreat to selfishness and loneliness. do you think more americans, both sides, are waking up to this, karl? >> karl: i think they are. i'm not only would agree with
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professor buckey's suggestion about education, so would terry mcauliffe. you will notice he says youngkin is taking my words out of context, his response. here is what he, terry mcauliffe, said in a televised debate. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. who you going to believe? either his claim that he's being taken out of context or your lying eyes and ears give you chance to find out he said exactly this during a debate. he's made this an issue, the people made it an issue, events made it an issue. >> sandra: polls show it is an issue. this is fox news polling, top issues voters are concerned about, karl, not shocking to see inflation and higher prices are up there at the top of voters minds for a while. unprecedented now to see what schools teach in the top five.
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73% are extremely or very concerned about that. what voters think are major problems when it comes to schools, when asked, top of the list, schools pushing political plans. karl, this is going to be -- >> karl: 63%. >> sandra: 63%. >> karl: big number and probably likely to be bigger in virginia, this issue, we're not discussing this equal lee everywhere around the country because there is gubernatorial campaign going on and because of things said and done, this is huge issue in virginia and proyoungkin forward. >> sandra: appreciate your time. thank you. john, coming up? >> john: coming up next hour, glen youngkin, gubernatorial cabbed dat for the state of virginia will be joining us to talk about education, the economy and more. it is interesting to note, sandra, when you look at preference of independent voter necessary monmouth poll, it
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flipped. a month ago, independent voters were supporting terry mcauliffe and now they are supporting youngkin. >> sandra: this election will tell us a lot. >> john: it will and into next year, as well. massive manhunt coming to an end. f.b.i. confirming remains are those of brian laundrie, where does the investigation of gabby petito go from here? >> sandra: a lot of people watching that one. plus, a gallon of gas for their 7.50? that is happening in some areas. drivers getting sticker shock at the pump. is there any relief in sight as you gear up to travel? country gives us asfits tr veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference.
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>> john: murder investigation of gabby petito continues with many unanswered questions after the f.b.i. confirms the human remains found in a florida nature preserve belong to her fiance brian laundrie. new information, according to the family's lawyer, brian laundrie was upset when he left the family home, september 13th. so much so the parents which they could have prevented him from leaving. this is investigation investigators would have like to have had six weeks ago. >> you are right, john. there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered. certainly questions as to what the family told investigators, didn't tell them, should have told them under questioning or otherwise. there is a lot of work to be done. as much as this case may fade from the headlines doesn't mean
10:19 am
the investigative work is over, there is much to do. significant amount of work needs to be done to determine possibly the cause of death of brian. doubtful because of the way the remains appear to have been uncovered. pathologists like michael bayou'din will determine on moving out what happened to him. the other big thing, john, in my mind and investigators, too, what is story with regard to the backpack and this notebook found adjacent to the remains? that could be significant especially if the notebook contained state of mind before his death or what may have happened to gabby. it will be arduous process, it has been in swamp water, the lab and f.b.i.ville to use technology and technique to uncover what may have been in the notebooks if it's been adulterated by the swamp water.
10:20 am
>> john: i was wondering if the notebook could hold the key to what happened between gab and he brian, if he was responsible for her death. there is a lot of questions raised about the parents in all of this. one big issue, police searched the swamps for weeks upon weeks and didn't come up with anything. granted, a lot of water was covering the swamp. the parents seemed to know where to look and decided to go in and were there for less than an hour when they unlocked the key to this whole thing sdchlt that strike you as unusual? >> it does. question raised around this issue. if the technology that law enforcement and other searcherss were using, dogs and technology and sonar and various other techniques from above and on the ground, why they didn't come up with anything, including the backpack or any other garments or anything on the side and the
10:21 am
fact the parents went the day the reserve opened up after the law enforcement and f.b.i. finished the search and came upon it. certainly leaves questions. also, having worked on crime scenes, how adulterated the area may have been by them or others walking through the area. those things will need to be uncovered. does raise question, could be legitimate answers, during the course of this case, we've taken bizarre twists and turns and not very clear information. this adds to the plethora of questions that need to be answered. >> john: the family's attorney reacted ang rily to conspiracy theories that somehow the parents might have tampered with evidence in the visit to the nature preserve saying, "do you think the laundrie's had skeletal remains in a plastic bag and brought them to present, do you realize how ludicrous and
10:22 am
maddening that is to even hear those things." i think it is pretty ludicrous to think they brought those items to the park. but again, the parents' conduct in all this has been quite puzzling. >> it is, john. one hand you say, fine, you need to get legal counsel and be guided by. early on, the suggestion was, they didn't want brian to become the suspect by law enforcement, suggesting law enforcement would round up him as the one without an investigative process. they hunkered down and hired an attorney, which we all are able to do to protect our liberty. the other hand, it raised moral and ethical issues regarding what the family knew and didn't tell authorities. >> john: i don't think we've heard the final chapter of this yet. bill daly, thank you.
10:23 am
sandra. >> sandra: ground breaking procedure doctors were successfully able to take a kidney from a genetically altered pig and transplant into a deceased human donor on a ventilator. joining us is dr. marc siegel. fantastic news, what can you tell us? >> marc: exciting news. chief of surgery and founding head of the transplant institute at nyu has a long history as kidney pioneer driven bys his quest for a heart transplant. he's performed the first animal to human pig kidney transplant. i caught up with him after the surgery. >> we want to make sure as many people as possible have that opportunity. unfortunately, nearly half of the people who are waiting for an organ won't make it.
10:24 am
>> marc: dr. montgomery pioneered a lottery system that has saved thousands of lives. >> the idea that person would give their kidney to someone who had living but incompatible donor and that donor would give to someone else. >> first 2-1/2 days successful kidney transplant to genetically altered pig kid 92 to human is groundbreaking. montgomery, the surgeon, says it is was more difficult than a human surgery with the rejection deleted. >> we can say it functioned well, it did all the things that a kidney is supposed to do. it acted like a human kidney transplant and we didn't see any evidence of rapid rejection. >> marc: it even created urine moments after connection. next phase will be studying
10:25 am
longer periods after transplant to make sure the pig kidney isn't rejected. i asked which organ came next. >> closest organ to the kidney in terms of being ready for prime time is the heart. >> marc: sandra, pig kidney, then pig heart, real game changer. >> sandra: that is fascinating. thank you for bringing that to us, doctor. can i ask you about this development in admission from nih that data function research did receive u.s. tax dollars, while we've seen dr. dr. fauci deny this all along the way, what are we now learn something >> i talked to dr. fauci a lot, dr. collins. peter docish was involved with 500,000 dollar plus grant to work on research, they are saying is not technically gain
10:26 am
of function. sandra, we're finding out two things. one, viruses were manipulated. two, they made mice sick. saying we didn't prove it would make human sick is not good enough, the mice were humanized. this occurred in wuhan, china. you can't get transparency there. >> sandra: hope to learn more, doctor, thank you you. john. >> john: you can ome hope to know, no way to definitively know. serial killer in a peaceful summer paradise evading capture for decades. laura has an update on the gilgo beach murders and new technology that could potentially crack the case. plus, this. >> i don't see anything that is going to happen in the meantime to significantly reduce gas prices. >> sandra: president biden running on empty, admitting he has no idea on how to get surging gas prices under control. have you seen the sticker shock,
10:27 am
up next dan henninger with impact on drivers and reaction from voters.
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he made a right again. virtual wallet® with low cash mode from pnc bank. one way we're making a difference. >> sandra: president biden last night admitting he has no real solution to rising gas prices that have hit a seven-year high. >> president biden: my guess is you will start to see gas prices come down as we get going into the winter -- excuse me, next year, 2022. i don't see anything going to happen in the meantime to reduce gas prices. i don't have a near-term answer. >> sandra: dan henninger, editorial page and fox news contributor, a lot of american daily lives and budgets are impacted by the price of gasoline. should we find any comfort in the president saying he doesn't know what to do about it? >> dan: no comfort whatsoever,
10:32 am
sandra, zero, i would say, he has no answer. we're going into winter, heating bills, as well, if you think the price at the pump is high, wait until people paying $200 bill get bill for $900, that is a shocker. if you are a democrat, talk about the politics here. if you are a democrat thinking of running next year in a swing district in the house, or say maggie hasan, senator from new hampshire, you have to be hitting the panic button over your president saying he has no solution to rising prices. in fact, sandra, he did say he had a solution, next three or four years, we'll be moving toward renewables like wind and solar, that ought to provide comfort. >> sandra: seen irony in him asking major oil and gas companies for help with rising prices after he demonized them.
10:33 am
as candidate joe biden and to his presidency. look at california, the sticker shock for folks out there. this is gorda, california, which typically does see high prices, hard to get gas out there. this is unprecedented, looking at unleaded gasoline, regular unleaded $7.60 a gallon. go for premium, $8.50 a gallon. here is voters on gas prices, latest fox news polling. whether you see it as major problem for the nation, an overwhelming majority, 67%, major problem for your family, half of voters responding in the polling. how big of issue does that come, considering we are about to enter 2022, dan. >> dan: well, it is a very big issue, voters are really quite focused on this for sure, they know what is going on, it is not running in the background.
10:34 am
joe biden made a big show of reversing donald trump energy policy, he reversed or shut down keystone pipeline. shut down exploration in the offshore and instead his interior secretary deb holland announced they intend to install wind fall along the atlantic coast. well, people know that within the past year both texas and california experienced blackouts because the renewables there stopped working and the grids had no backup. so you add that all up and going into next year's midterm election, i think the republicans are simply going to hammer democrats on this idea they built climate policy basically into a religious movement rather than public policy. >> sandra: absolutely. see where voters stand after they come out of winter heating their homes.
10:35 am
put this up, too, to put in perspective, how high prices are getting now. this compares gas prices today, national average to a year ago, that is already pretty shocking. we are well over $1 higher than a year ago. we're inching closer to the record high, hit back in 2008. dan, my final question would be to you, did you just give the answer to the administration how to fix this problem? you are saying it is reversal of the previous administration's energy policies, could they put those back in place and bring prices down? >> dan: well, i guess the serious answer is only if a judge the way the judge at the border forced them to reinstate the return to mexico policy. other than that, full speed ahead on climate with joe biden and there will be no reversal. it is a mystery, sandra, why he's willing to take it in the neck politically on this, that is what is happening.
10:36 am
>> sandra: look at how that impacts the economy, average american is spending more to fill their gas tank, money they are not spending other areas of the economy, ripple effects. dan henninger from "wall street journal," thank you. john. >> john: sandra, thank you. former secretary of state rice spoke to gavin newsom and alexandria ocasio-cortez yesterday at the al smith dinner in new york city. have a listen to this. >> i haven't seen this many wine glasses since gavin newsom dined. i am republican, not a congresswoman, tax the rich didn't quite cut it. >> john: sandra smith was at last night's al smith dinner along with other friends from fox, a fundraiser for catholic charities. any relationship there? >> sandra: i was next to martha maccallum, a wonderful event,
10:37 am
team fox was there, cardinal dolan at his best, as always, maria the event and rice's keynote was fantastic. had us laughing many times throughout the speech. >> john: handsome group of people there. >> sandra: lovely evening, it was virtual last year as many things were. john, the "washington post" editorial board slamming lawmakers for demanding unrealistic priorities in the president biden spending agenda. what are they willing to let go? democratic congressman ro khanna will join us on that, we look forward to having him. >> john: china fires off stern warning to biden after the president changed decades of policy in the town hall last night. could it plunge washington and beijing into nuclear arms race? general jack keane reacts coming
10:38 am
up next. >> jacqui: /* i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know there's so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's 2 years, 4 years, or 32 years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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>> sandra: signing off on moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots announcing booster recommendations for all three vaccines. those who receive pfizer and moderna eligible for booster six months after their second shot. johnson & johnson boosters allowed after two months.
10:43 am
rochelle walensky signed off on the booster shots many decided to do on their own anyway. you have those who live overseas, have u.s. license, got aztra zeneca, there is mixing happening, it is now approved. >> john: it is official. it is probably a good idea. i take the word on this, greater spacing and mixing and matching of booster shots is probably a good idea, he has great ideas in all this. >> sandra: he does, yes. >> john: china foreign minister to avoid united states sending wrong signals. president biden said the u.s. would come to the island's defense if attacked. general jack keane joins us, strategic analyst, study of war and former army vice chief of staff. this happened in cnn town hall.
10:44 am
head scratcher, the policy toward taiwan and china has been strategic ambiguity, joe biden threw that out the window last night. was he being provocative or he just did not know. >> jack keane: i hope he was saying what he intends to be frank, we need strategic clarity as opposed to stra -- strategic ambiguity. jimmy carter recognized mainland china and broke relationships with taiwan, the agreement was that the united states could continue to support the defense of taiwan with armasxment military supplies and leave open if the united states would come to physical defense and defend it with american weapons.
10:45 am
that is the ambiguity we've had all of these years. since the president's statement, which occurred a lot in the last eight or nine months, his staff walked that back and said there has been no change since 1979 taiwan relations act and leave strategic ambiguity in place and fact we will continue to support the defense of taiwan by providing them the materials. the reality is if the united states doesn't defend taiwan, unprovoked attack by mainland china and china takes over one of the most high-tech platforms in the world and it becomes a military base where they can intimidate and coerce jo pan and allies in the region, the united states lost any influence in the pacific region whatsoever, something we've been dominant country since post-world war ii.
10:46 am
we think our credibility was hurt as result of the afghanistan debacle not coming to taiwan's defense, would destroy our credibility worldwide. >> john: white house came out quickly general, and walked back what the president said. did seem to be real disconnect there. when we look at china recent test of hypersonic weapon, do you think that is tied to potential move on taiwan and that would be for china to create offensive umbrella that would not allow the united states to get close enough to taiwan to mount any type of effective defense. >> jack keane: it is related, but it is more strategic than that. what china has been doing with nuclear capability is rapidly increasing and modernizing it. they don't have as many nuclear weapons as the united states and russia have and of course united states and russia have agreement to keep the weapons at a certain
10:47 am
number, but china is rapidly growing this arsenal. they also have hundreds of silos they made that created in western china, which are designed to put icbm's in certainly and this capability is new capability and quite stunning and quite remarkable, the technical term is hyper sonic fractional bombardment system. this is something that provides a rocket along with a missile that has capability to deliver nuclear weapon and it is very difficult to pick up any warning this has taken place and difficult to defend against it because the system maneuvers and changes altitude dramatically. icbm goes on very predictable path and easy to track. this is very maneuverable, so what is the change here? the change here is that if this is true, china denies it, our
10:48 am
government and should understand that, has not confirmed this, if it is true, china is nuclearizing space. and that certainly is opening up a new chapter in the relationship between the united states and china and i think china with the world large as result of beginning to weaponize space and particularly do it with nuclear capability. >> john: yeah, there is no question this could be a game changer. general jack keane good to spend time with you, hope you have a good weekend. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: john, case that has gone unsolved for more than a decade now. straight ahead, an exclusive behind the scenes look at new technology being used as police hope to get answers in the gilgo beach murders. plus this. >> the real question in my mind is not whether it was or wasn't gain of function, what was it?
10:49 am
what was funded? what was happening in the wuhan lab? that is what we need to get to the top of. >> john: top nih official says the u.s. helped research bats at a lab in wuhan, brand-new reaction from dr. dr. nicole saphier coming right up. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice. [ forde ] replacing marcia's teeth with dental implants at clearchoice was going to afford her that permanent solution. [ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key.
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>> sandra: fox news has exclusive look at new cutting-edge technology authorities are using to solve the gilgo beach murder mystery. laura ingle reporting live at gilgo beach, new york, for us. hi, laura. >> laura: hi, sandra. long island serial killer case lisc is one of the most notorious murder mysteries in the country. there are no suspects named here. investigators say the new technology could bring answers to this decades old case. exclusive content unfold along the shoreline of gilgo beach in suffolk county on long island. known for idyllic summers and communities, treasure quiet neighborhoods. nine of the 10 victims remains
10:54 am
found in suffolk county were believed to be sex workers, the killer used burner phones for escort services and used cell phone belonging to one victim to make a taunting phone call to a family member. for the first time the district attorney allowed a camera crew inside the crime lab where investigators are working to solve this case and are using brand-new cutting-edge technology including m-va c system to collect d.n.a. from evidence stored for a decade. >> we are retesting physical evidence utilizing the m-va c, the goal would be to do that with all the evidence. >> we know we are close. we know that we will be getting results. we think it is only a matter of time. >> the families of the victims including those known as gilgo beach four, hope long awaited
10:55 am
answers will be coming soon. we were allowed to film the phone analytics room, key part of investigation rewinding tape of time going back to look at those cell phone towers that pinged the burner phones, that can be done now. we have more on grim tide on fox nation, it dropped today and along with podcast with three bonus episodes. >> sandra: laura ingle, we will be watching. thank you. >> john: sandra, deadly consequences ongoing supply chain crisis. hospitals running out of much needed medications and education taking center stage in the virginia governor's race, republican candidate glen youngkin pitching himself as candidate who will fight for parents, he joins us live, plus dr. nicole saphier, chris wallace, and congressman ro
10:56 am
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>> fox news alert and an election being seen as sign of where voters might stand nationwide. >> sandra: democrat terry mcauliffe looked ready to pull off an easy win, that was before he said parents don't have a say in what schools teach their kids in the classroom. couple weeks later, the race has democrats sweating out. >> john: glen youngkin catching up in new poll tied dead even and he's talking with us live coming up about what it will take to get on top with less than two weeks to go until election day. the right it is of parents to push for crt lit a fire under virginia voters, his family
11:01 am
knows raging debate is taking place in school district's nationwide. welcome to hour two of "america reports," i'm john roberts. hi, sandra. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith in new york. it is friday, we also asked democratic candidate to join us, but terry mcauliffe's team said his schedule today was too tight. we will keep asking. today we'll hear from glen youngkin on why issue striking nerve in virginia and spreading far beyond. first, breaking news at this hour. if the supply chain crisis so far had you worried about having few too turkeys or finding perfect christmas tree, you might stop stressing about holidays as shortages become potentially deadly danger to people's health. >> john: empty shelves in hospital pharmacys and drugs are the difference between life and death for patients, now the american -- urgent public health
11:02 am
crisis. >> sandra: live in atlanta, home of the cdc headquarters. >> sandra and john, supply chain disruption having impact on medication in short supply because of covid-19 pandemic. the reasons are similar to other products. it is costly, the store inventory in warehouses, pharmaceutical companies have incentive to keep distribution chains as efficient as possible. >> they like a very fluid supply and demand, you need the drug, we make it and send it out to you. when a pandemic comes along or a serious demand issue comes along for a drug, we oftentimes don't have the supplies in our warehouses or whatever to meet that particular demand. >> emery university's john bancha says the u.s. is fortunate insofar hospitals here have not had to make wrenching
11:03 am
decisionss of th counter parts in upper yoo, you have three patients who need the treatment and you have to decide which patient receives and which two are denied. earlier in the pandemic, some had to improvise with secondary drugs when primary treatments were unavailable. the professor said says each clinic should have triage board made up of ethically minded doctors to make those difficult decisions on who would get first priority if we faced severe shortage of life-saving medication. >> sandra: thank you, john. >> john: hospitals overworked from covid patients and full story behind source of coronavirus shrouded by secrecy and lies. in bombshell exposed in error, we are finding out the national institute of health is admitting
11:04 am
to funding gain of function research at that lab in wuhan, direct contradiction to dr. fauci's claims it never happened. dr. nicole saphier is new york city physician and fox news contributor and joins us now. doctor, going back to your book, "panic attack," you have pointed fingers at the wuhan lab as potential source of this. whether or not funding was going in that direction, when does new disclosure from the nih tell us? >> dr. saphier: this is semantics, to say the n.i.h. whether directly or indirectly funded gain of function research through the research of virology is undeniably false. we can't say no funding came from n.i.h. that went to institute of virology and helped with gain of function research.
11:05 am
it goes back for decades. the institute does gain of function research, we know this, they published many articles showing they do that, including one from 2015, looking at bat coronavirus and seeing how they are able to infect different receptors, including human ace two. take that, the next year, they actually had to issue a correction to disclose eco-health funding. n.i.h. has given money to eco health since 2014, upward toward $3 million. whether or not direct dollars went to the wuhan institute of virology, we know they are giving money to eco health who was giving money to wuhan institute, who does gain of function research. john, again, what recently came forth from the n.i.h., they wrote a letter to the oversight committee showing there was a grant that was given through eco
11:06 am
health. they have done many grants. eco health did not disclose they did identify ability to infect ace two receptors and it caused worsening disease in the mice and increased growth. this is what would be considered under gain of function research and they were supposed to disclose it and did not. they said they have given eco health five days to publish all data comes from the research study under the grant proposal. will they do it? i don't know. >> john: that moment in congress, rand paul and dr. fauci were having it out with each other, listen here. >> senator paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect that the n.i.h. has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the wuhan institute.
11:07 am
>> john: doctor, how does that statement stand up -- she's having problems with her earpiece. hope you can hear me. how does that statement stand up in the face of this new information? >> dr. saphier: i did lose you for a while, i know what you asked me, i could hear you. this is the problem. we've had dr. fauci who testified twice in front of congress saying that under no way, shape or form, did the n.i.h. fund gain of function research. again, whether they unknowingly did or not eni 85 cally they did. he should have been more forthcoming saying we did give grant money to eco health and eco health does give money to wuhan institute. it is possible gain of function research could have been done under the grant of n.i.h., it is possible. had he be forthcoming, i don't think you will see discord we're
11:08 am
seeing right now. this makes him look untruthful as though he was trying to hide something. keep in mind, gain of function research is not new, united states has been doing it itself. we did put a moratorium on it between 2014 and 2017, because there were actual lab accidents in the united states and there was a lot of ethical concern with gain of function research. however, we still do it. it has to be under very strict rules. >> john: if i could doctor, we're out of time. put a button on this by saying frances collins of n.i.h. denies this could have anything to do with coronavirus saying bat corey adams is studied under n.i.h. grant are far distant from the covid 2 and could not have caused covid-19 pandemic, any claims to the contrary are demon strably false. more layers of the onion to peel back. thanks for joining us.
11:09 am
sandra. >> sandra: china attempt to gain power and control do not stop with covid or at the border, china targeting the n.b.a., the national basketball association, erasing celtics from existence on chinese tv and social media, enes kanter slamming china president as a dictator. david lee miller is live in the newsroom on that, hi, david lee. >> sandra, it is not easy being a boston celtics fan in china, streams the team's games has removed it after kanter called for china to free tibet. kanteshg r sat on the bench with his free tibet message in the social media post accusing china of what he calls cultural
11:10 am
genocide. >> dictator of china, xi jinping, i have a message for you and your linchpin, i will say it loud and clear, i hope you hear me. free tibet, free tibet, free tibet. >> celtics and n.b.a. have not publicly responded to the controversy. questions were dismissed about kanter's tibet campaign. >> the basketball player you mentioned is trying to grandstand with tibet related issues to draw attention. the fal sees are not worth refuting. >> not first time china and the n.b.a. have clashed. the houston rockets manager daryl morey tweeted support for hong kong and morey was moved to the 76ers, that team was banned,
11:11 am
as well. we e-mailed the streaming service regarding kanter and tibet, we have not heard back. the companies integrity is based on "openness and fairness." >> sandra: david lee miller, that is what happens, they don't like it, they take it down. >> john: benefit of living in china, the government controls things and can do whatever the heck it wants, if you call that a benefit. fox news alert, how is it possible a prop gunfired by alec baldwin could kill someone? former f.b.i. agent says first thing he's looking at to find the answer, that is coming up just ahead. >> sandra: john, major shake up in the race to be virginia's governor. the gop candidate closing the gap with terry mcauliffe. glen youngkin will join us live, the race comes down to the wire.
11:12 am
>> john: hear from chris wallace on critical race theory and hot button issues fuelling last-minute shift in the important race. what virginia voters could be telling us about the issues nationwide coming up next. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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11:18 am
november. we expect he will. sir, great to have you, how are you feeling about your race, you seem to be closing the gap. >> great to be with you, as well, we feel great about what is happening, we have giant momentum. what we're seeing, on our side, virginia coming together, not republicans against democrats, it is virginia standing up. what we see on the other side is that sunsetting on terry mcauliffe's 43-year political career and they are doing everything to bail him out. but virginians are on the move, this is no longer a campaign, this is a movement. we're going to win in november and make a statement across the great country that virginia elected a governor. >> john: last debate, terry mcauliffe not so artfully said i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. he has accused your campaign of
11:19 am
twisting his words. listen to what he said in a recent campaign ad. >> as wall street executive, glenn youngkin took over this chain of dent at clinics, increasing profit through serious abuse and performing of unnecessary procedure on children. >> john: that was not the right sound byte. he clearly said what he said during the debate and insists that is not what i meant, i've been a supporter of education and parent's involvement in it, what do you say? >> the ad you were showing, the "washington post" called false and gave him four pinochio's and continued by misstating and misinterpreting everything gone on in this race. terry mcauliffe doesn't know how to tell the truth. reality is, he said what he said in front of america, he double downed, triple down and said it again and again and again, even this
11:20 am
week while that ad is running, he said it again. he wants big government between parents and children and by the way, when parents get up to complain, he called joe biden and had the f.b.i. sent in to silence parents. this is why the race is clearly moving our direction. virginians recognize terry mcauliffe is about big government imposing its view on individual liberties. it comes to our kids and our jobs and our communities, virginians know best way forward is through governor who will respect it. >> sandra: vice president kamala harris was asked about the race being tight and said this. >> this race is tight and what happens here, i promise you is about the people in the state and people of our country. we have to make it clear,
11:21 am
virginia, we're paying attention. >> sandra: are they paying attention to the economy and the spending and the inflation and the supply chain crisis happening because in your state, in this governor's race, the top issues are jobs and the economy. polling 45% in the monmouth poll,casion in at 41% and covid 23%. when it comes to jobs and the economy, what is your message to voters? how do you get it right in your state when so many suffer across the state right now? >> the first thing i'll do as governor is declare virginia open for business. we won't have lockdowns, that is a big threat right now. i have an opponent who wants to impose his will and big government on everybody and wants employers to fire people who won't get the vaccine and he wants them not to receive
11:22 am
unemployment benefits. he said on tape that he wanted to make their life difficult, he actually wants to ruin their life. we'll get our economy open, cut 25% of job killing regulations, we'll provide tax break for small businesses to keep their income and grow and hire more people and most importantly, we are going to protect our right to work laws in virginia. terry mcauliffe pledged to sign the bill when it comes to his desk and union money flying into the campaign. this is big government and unions against individual freedom. it is not just about virginia, it is about america and this is why you have so many people join us and everybody can come and be part of this program at this is no longer a campaign, it is a movement. >> john: on subject of jobs and job killing and for the control room, this is number six here, earlier in the campaign, you were dinged as co-ceo of
11:23 am
carlisle, for shipping parts overseas. commemorative brands which creates class rings, technologies and car part in ohio, 300 jobs to mexico. should point out terry mcauliffe did invest in vance in his portfolio. this was levelled to david perdue and mitt romney, they saw job losses in america. how do you respond? >> well, first of all, i'm going to have a very straight-forward policy as governor. virginia first. i will go to work to grow our economy and grow jobs here. virginia has for the last eight years, stalled out, terry mcauliffe when he was governor saw states grow 120% faster over the last eight years north
11:24 am
carolina created eight times the job as virginia. i got 30-year business career, i know how to build business and create jobs and our plan calls for growth of 400,000 jobs in commonwealth of virginia. we are going to get virginia out of neutral and get virginia moving in high gear. this is what virginians are most worried about, jobs. i will make sure schools are teaching children what they need to know to be successful in life. keep our schools safe and invest in charter schools. within the public school system we have school choice and i will oversee largest budget in education. we will have great jobs and a great work force that is trained to go get them. this is what virginians want and this is why terry mcauliffe is seeing the sunset on his 43-year political career. >> sandra: he is welcome to join us, as well, we hope he does. thank you for coming on and putting your message out there,
11:25 am
appreciate it. >> thank you, come on, viae -- virginia, let's get this done. >> john: let's bring in chris wallace to talk about this. this graphic is number three, monmouth poll to show you what happened in the last month, chris. mcauliffe was leading youngkin 36-47. wrong graphic, this is graphic number three, back in september, mcauliffe was leading youngkin among independents 36-37. i guess we can't have the graphic, mcauliffe is behind 39-48 with youngkin in the lead. this is among independents and independents is where elections are won or lost. >> chris: it is interesting listening to glen glt n youngkin, ark tractive candidate, invested $16 million of his own money in his campaign. a lot of issues, he campaigns as typical conservative, which is
11:26 am
what he is, talks about this is a race between unions and big government versus individual freedom. where he's made his gains and i think a lot is self-inflicted wound by terry mcauliffe was in the last debate, he was talking about schools and saying i don't want parents coming in and telling schools what to teach. that really hurt him. youngkin piled on that. he did again today. when you are talking about the fact that suburbs are where republicans have really lost a lot of strength, foot hold in what used to be red state then purple state and trending blue in virginia, when you start telling suburban moms, look, i don't want you going in and telling the schools what to teach, i know mcauliffe has backed off that, when you have somebody saying it in his own words, it is hard to back up on. >> sandra: chris, dip into the white house briefing room jen
11:27 am
psaki talking to peter doocy. >> something else the president said last night, why did president biden say he's been to the border. >> as you may have seen, there has been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008 and he's familiar with the fact and it stuck with him with the fact that in el paso the border goes through the center of town. the most important thing everyone should know and understand, the president has worked on these issues throughout his entire career and well versed in every aspect of immigration, including border, including when he was vice president and he went to mexico and central america 10 times to address border issues and talk about what we can do to reduce number of migrants coming to the border. he worked on bipartisan manner with ted kennedy, harry reid, john mccain and others to push for immigration reform. he does not need a visit to the
11:28 am
border to know what a mess was left by the last administration. >> he said i've been there before, you are saying he drove by for a few minutes, does that count? >> what is the root cause? where are people coming from coming to the border, peter? i'm asking a question, people should understand the context. >> i'm asking you -- >> i will answer for you, people come from central america and mexico to go to the border. the president has been to the country 10 times to talk about border issues. there is focus right now on photo op. the president does not believe a photo op is the same as solution. >> that is not what he said, he said i guess i should go down, does he think he needs a photo op? >> he doesn't, that is disagreement he has. the former president went to the border at least once, maybe more. how did that immigration policy result, peter? resulted in separating kids from
11:29 am
parents, building a border wall that cost billions of dollars for taxpayers. the president disagrees how we need to approach immigration issue. >> has anything changed between 2008 when he drove by and 2021? >> aside from the fact migrants are still coming to the board erthrough democratic and republican presidents and the need to reform immigration system is even further long overdue, no, we need to work with democrats and republicans to get that done. we'll have to keep chugging along. go ahead. >> gas prices, president asked about that, concerned about the cost at the pump. he said, i don't see anything that will happen that will reduce gas prices. he said, i don't have a near-term -- >> sandra: bring back chris wallace here. monitor that for news. the exchange with jen psaki and peter doocy, obviously he was pressing her on the president's own words maybe i should go down there to the border.
11:30 am
>> chris: he said, i've already been there. >> sandra: that, too, yes. >> chris: appears questionable. somebody who spent six years in the white house, my immediate reaction, two people at the top of their game. peter doocy, this is a compliment. he's become the sam donaldson of this white house press corps and i was working in the press corps when he was there, and jen psaki is one of the best press secretaries ever, i don't know if anything was accomplished, they both gave and got pretty good. >> john: i think they appreciate sparring with each other. fox news sunday, what is coming up? >> chris: talking about the budget and whether or not they will get this deal. we'll be talking because it is all among democrats to moderate democratic senator mark warner, progressive democratic congressman ro khanna, maybe we'll have a deal or framework or framework of a deal or something by sunday, maybe we
11:31 am
won't and others, as well. >> sandra: look forward to it. chris wallace, thank you. >> chris: thank you for having me on, this was fun. >> sandra: fun indeed, we'll watch this weekend. meanwhile, video you will ome see on fox. texas dps troopers chase smugglers near the border. >> john: behind the scenes look at new technology being used to solve decades old murder mystery on long island. >> sandra: and top story when the country woke this morning, a scene filmed for an alec baldwin movie goes horribly wrong. we'll talk to a former f.b.i. agent with experience in these type of investigations next.
11:32 am
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11:37 am
someone. how does this even happen? we'll speak to a former fed who investigates just that. first to this fox news exclusive video, texas troopers tracing down drug smugglers in rio grand valley. 30,000 migrants may be arriving in the next week, hoping to cross before the remain in mexico policy restarts. live in la joya, ahead of that. hi, bill. >> good afternoon. when migrants are able to get to the united states, they are willing to do whatever to stay in this country. that can sometimes turn deadly for them. take a look at what happened early this morning from mission, texas, 15 minutes away from us. suspected human smuggler rolled over his vehicle and crashed in front of a house. two people were ejected from the
11:38 am
vehicle. this is a human smuggling related crash, something that happens often in the rio grande valley. the second crash is out of del rio sector given to us from texas dps. this is a state trooper pursuing suspected human smuggler who loaded his vehicle with suspected illegal immigrants. you can see him being chased by the trooper. he will lose control and go flying off into a lot and slam into several parked vehicle, pinning passengers inside. you will see that happening in the video and see what ends up happening, the driver is arrested for human smuggling and four passengers, all illegal immigrants are taken into custody and referred to border patrol. third piece of video from la joya, we shot early this morning. saw group of migrants being
11:39 am
arrested by border patrol, all single adults, no kids. some men were zip tied and wearing camouflage, that is what we see when we notice runners, people not wanting to be caught by law enforcement. on one day alone this week on wednesday in just a matter of hours, border patrol arrested three active gang members, two ms-13 members, one member with homicide charges out of the state of new york and a second ms-13 member with charges out of el salvador, there are criminals trying to make a run on this border, some get caught, some don't. back to you. >> sandra: thank you. john. >> john: sandra, actor alec baldwin firing a prop gun on the set of his new movie silling the film's cinemato grapher and wounding the director. he seemed to be in tears after the shooting.
11:40 am
an investigation is ongoing. steve bermeister joins us, he is a bombing expert. the prop union, we haven't confirmed this, said there was a live round in the gun, which raises questions as to how it could get in there. unless i missed something, blanks look far different than live rounds do. >> this obviously this particular case is a tragedy in itself. any investigation like this will obviously take two tracks. one looks at whether or not it was an accident or something nefairuous taking place. either way, we'll be collecting physical evidence to support one way or the other. everything from point of trajectory analysis to the weapon itself and the weapon will be key in the particular case to see if the weapon was
11:41 am
modified or changed in any particular matter and how that particular weapon was seized. all cartridges in that weapon will have to be maintained to determine if the cartridges were commercially purchased or were they modified for this particular set in itself? obviously the victims themselves have projectiles in them that would have to be examined, as well. i consider that and the video footage as hard evidence in this case. >> sandra: in the coming hours, i believe we will see more of what was happening. everybody has a cell phone up these days, other eyewitnesses, probably learn a lot more. not to take away from the fact alec baldwin put out a statement he feels shocked and horrified by what has happened here and the woman he shot and killed, 42 years old, the cinematographer had a husband and son, her agency called her ray of light,
11:42 am
always smiling and hopeful. steve, my question to you, personal responsibility when pulling the trigger on a gun, even though someone handed this to him, he said this, this is your prop gun to use on the set. there is a personal responsibility in gun safety to never pull the trigger on a gun unless you know exactly yourself what is in or not in the chamber. how will this be looked into with the investigation? >> absolutely. talking about an accident investigation and if we take the criminal side out of it and looking focused on an accident investigation, you look at liability for how were the people trained, what was procedure and processes, protocols in place, safety values, how were they briefed and what you were just saying, were they instructed particular procedure to clear the weapon beforehand and that is what investigators look at closely, they will interview everybody who had contact with the weapon,
11:43 am
everybody who distributed the weapon, how it was housed or stored. those steps will be looked at closely to determine if somebody missed a step somewhere along the way. everybody who handles the weapon knows right out of the gate that particular weapon, whether you know it is empty, you treat it as it is being loaded and gun safety is a huge factor and especially when you are using even with blanks, blanks themselves can offer dangers in just the fact they are shooting gases down the barrel and emanate out the muzzle. every single weapon must be treated as it is loaded and dangerous. >> john: some people may remember in 1984, the actor was playing russian roulette and the blank shattered his skull and killed him. >> sandra: thank you. >> john: progressives are sticking to their position when
11:44 am
it comes to the build back better plan. fox news polling shows what americans want, the left is not focusing on. democrat congressman ro khanna will give us his view coming right up.
11:45 am
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>> sandra: the clock is ticking for democrats to come to an
11:49 am
agreement on social spending bill. progressives are not backing down from the climate provision and free community college, likely to be cut to trim the price to get moderates onboard. joining us is ro khanna, congressman, appreciate your time. thanks for joining us. how do you feel about something actually getting done here? will it? >> ro: i'm confident, the president is confident, the speaker is confident. talks between senator sanders, senator manchin, senator sinema, hopeful by end of next week will get to compromise. >> sandra: jen psaki held a briefing at the white house. let's listen. >> the presiden belief is that compromise is not a dirty word and we will get nothing if we do not have 50 votes. the alternative is not a larger
11:50 am
package, the alternate is nothing. his objective is to continue to press forward to bring the parties together to get a historic package done. >> sandra: compromise is not a dirty word. so do you believe that kyrsten sinema and joe manchin will get onboard here? what will it take? where do you see the compromise most likely? >> ro: i agree with jen psaki, it is no compromise. figure will be less than 3.5 trillion. some priorities are not there, we've already compromised, the president has to get senator sinema onboard and my hope is he will be able to prevail on her. 99% of the party all unified and senator sinema still holding out and that is the question whether he can prevail on her. >> sandra: congressman, let me ask you this question, i will put up the "washington post" editorial board in the opinion
11:51 am
piece, scolding progressives among democratic spending battle. stop demanding revolution from biden, democrats must cut back big social spending bill, it says, biden did not run or stage revolution, progressives should stop demanding one. their message, democrats have to cut back the big social spending bill to $2 trillion or else was the warning. you're seeing warning signs for various reasons popping up in virginia. what point did democrats ask themselves, when you see the supply chain crisis, see inflation, rising price of everything in this country that is affecting everyday americans, what point does your party say, the more government spends, the more americans will have to pay? >> ro: first of all, this was actually president biden's bill, this wasn't the progressive bill. this is what he ran on. this is exactly what he wanted. he wrote the bill.
11:52 am
second, the progressives have compromised, much lower than where president biden started. third, this is less than 1% of our gdp and actually will bring down inflation, 17 laureates said it will bring down inflation because it will bring people back to work. demand increases supply, this will increase supply by increasing labor participation. >> sandra: congressman, i'm running out of time. you're going to have to explain to me. i've seen that, seen the forecasts. i have found no instance in american history where we had deflationary environment where government was spending more, why is this time different? >> ro: this time is different because of the pandemic, this is what sfaun other laureates think, not me. people are spending more, because they have been couped up in their housess and demand is exceeding supply. we have supply chain shortages and labor shortages, that is a
11:53 am
known fact. we need more people working and need more investment in supply chain. if you have demand and supply, demand high and increase supply, that brings prices down, economics 101, what the nobel laureates are saying. >> sandra: on the record, you're optimistic you will get this done and he'll be able to carry out his agenda? >> ro: i am and the progressives are ready to compromise and i'm confident the president will succeed. >> sandra: appreciate you joining us. please come back. john. >> john: giant surprise in place you might not expect to find it, monster tuna keep turning up around a major american city, there is a tip off right behind him, looks like the tuna could be the statue. we'll be right back. (kids playing) pnc bank believes that if your phone can help you track your pizza come on, cody. where are you, buddy? then your bank should help you track your spending.
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>> sandra: a whopping 600-pound blue fin tuna was caught a few miles off the cost of new york city. >> john: two of the fishermen talked about their catch on "fox and friends" this morning. listen here. >> what i have seen this summer is like nothing we have ever seen here before. it's a bite that you would see in gloucester, massachusetts, out or banks, now north carolina and now here in brooklyn. >> this is the fresh sushi i've ever had. doesn't get much better than cutting up your own pieces here at the dock. >> john: not only the freshest sushi he's ever had but the most he's ever add. can you imagine how many tuna rolls you could make? >> he made a lot of friends with that big catch. that is awesome.
12:00 pm
the charter boats, their phones are ringing off the hooks. >> john: i wonder why they're closer to shore. >> sandra: i don't know. it's a phenomenon. >> john: maybe they heard the restaurants are open. >> sandra: thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: have a great weekend. see you monday. i'm john roberts. "the story" with martha maccallum starts now on fox. >> martha: that's a lot of money right there. thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. here's where the big stories are nowing now. new developments in this awful, awful story out of new mexico. alec baldwin firing a prop gun on the set of his movie and killing the woman to the right, a rising cinemaing to


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