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tv   Watters World  FOX News  October 23, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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we thought it would be a good idea to proud source, facebook is looking to repent. we took a poll to see what facebook should change its name to. number one recommendation, honorable mentions include face grub, fake book. we'll see you back here saturday night. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ rsh jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. problems aren't progress. inflation, hostage crisis, gas crisis. empty shelves. labor shortage, high crime. pandemic. chinese missiles and a stalled agenda. the biden presidency is facing all these things at the same time. the alarm bells should be going
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on right now. but not in biden's fantasyland. and joe biden is totally fine. >> i can tell you what, i would like to learn. jesse: does anybody know what's going on here? >> you told us in a town hall i think it was in july, it was just near-term inflation. jesse: the president frozen in time. when he unfroze he short-circuited. >> go through los angeles and -- um -- um -- what am i doing here? >> is it long beach? >> long beach. jesse: gas prices in california are over $7 a gallon. does biden have a plan to reduce
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gas prices? >> we'll see prices come down into the winter -- into the year 2022. i don't see anything in the near term that will reduce gas prices. jesse: it's your job to reduce gas prices. they are going to drop next year? how? it's the highest number of border crossing since 1976. >> do you have plans to go to the border. i've been and i know it well. and i guys should go down but i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get down. jesse: fox couldn't find any evidence that he has been to the border in 40 years. i guess i should go down? he took off monday and friday this week. no events, four-day weekend.
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he has the lightest schedule of any modern-day americans. in the first 9 months of his presidency he did just 10 interviews. even ronald reagan did more interviews than you biden and he got thought in the chest the first year. biden got elected on things returning to normal. but it's not normal. you can't fly, you can't shown. >> you can't get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time not to mention all sorts of other things. >> the tragedy of the treadmill delay. >> the serious point is why didn't the president act
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somebodier in a more a -- sooner in a more aggressive way? jesse: covid preys on obesity. you would think they would want americans to work out. >> it's crazy. i think it's outrageous. >> it really affects people living on the edge. >> we have a huge impact. you have less of everything. jesse: inflation is the top issue voters are concerned about. but the worst paper in america, "the washington post" said americans are spoiled, we should get used to empty shelves and delayed deliveries. american consumers, their
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expectations pampered to and catered to for decades are not accustomed to inconvenience. we do ourselves a favor by lowering expectations. it's not biden's fault, it's our fault to expect to have turkeys for thanksgiving and presents for christmas. it was like jimmy carter telling us to wear sweaters which home heating bills were sky high. we are making progress and none of this will cost a thing. >> all of this is paid for. it won't raise one single set. >> do you still believe build back better won't add a dime to the national debt. >> because it won't. jesse: the border is closed, and empty shelves means the commission recovering. that's the spin.
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these are soviet, russia-still lies. >> that's why you come to me. >> here is another beauty from the white house. the white house is flying illegals into cities in the middle of the night. >> why is the administration flying migrants from the border to new york in the middle of the night. >> i'm not sure it's the middle of the night. >> 4:29:00 a.m. >> earlier than you would want to take a flight. jesse: they think we are stupid. but they are the idiots. china just launched a hypersonic missile that in a few years could evade our missile defense and obliterate l.a.
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the state department is observing pronoun day. it's no wonder his polls are dropping. he's an income even if the liar who is making their lives more difficult. don't disagree with the biden agenda they will send the feds after you. remember the letter sent to the doj saying that angry parents should be under the it yot act. they threatened parents just for exercising their first amendment. sounds like the russia hoax they used on trump. now they are using that on you.
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it's what we have been warning you about. the democrats are so predictable. they will sell you a dream and offer up a nightmare. i'm for america to wake up. joining me, former trump advisor kellyanne conway. i missed you so much. what have you been seeing and hearing from the people of this country as you watched the first 9 months unfold. >> gallup shows biden's approval by independents has done down 21 points. independents call themselves independents because they are paying attention to politics. not because they are not. they refuse to pledge allegiance
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from either party. they don't like washington and politicians to begin with. they look at joe biden and they see someone who is a product of 47 years in washington. the democrats don't have a messaging problem, they have a fact problem. they say everybody loves the build back better plan, they want childcare, roads and bridges. we like chocolate chip cookies and newborn puppies, too. we should have listened to the democrats who ran against him that didn't want him to be president. america doesn't want biden now. the democrats don't want him in the future. kamala harris is making moves, she has made history yet again by having the highest disapproval ratings of any vice
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president we have been polling for vice presidents. people will say that's racism and sexism. they watch her and listen to her. she doesn't seem to be good at anything we can see. now you have pete buttigieg allegedly off paternity leave. saying joe biden is running for a second term. you see joe biden. it's hard to watch him. you can't believe that that's the best we can do. even the mainstream media isn't giving him a pass. i think people know what they see. they will judge his mental acute and whether he's up to the job. but he should be made to eat and own his own decisions. if we have sympathy and excuse his conduct his themes will go back up. you had a great open about
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everything that's gone wrong and the lies he tells. inflation is seasonal. it's not. we are an inflation nation. and people feel that at the gas pump. it's a true crisis. joe biden actually said, my wife has been to the border. she went in 2019 when he wasn't president. this is the advice i gave donald trump. my main advice was let biden speak. jesse: he barely talks to the media, and every time he gets a chance to he runs and turns the other way. he's not doing the basics of a politician. he's not even projecting that he cares.
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i'm on this, we got this. that's the bread and butter for the democratic party. he says there isn't much i can do about gas prices. can't do much about the supply chain. doing the best we can. make shop earlier for christmas. he's been a politician for four decades. he can't even do the bare minimum. people are whoa, whoa. at least show me you care. >> does he care about people? is he compassionate. that's the personal attributes pollsters look for. this is why people have lost faith. losing competence in his -- confidence in his competence. in less time than it takes to have a baby these people have unraveled. a guy who never held political
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office, donald trump, was so much more able to do this. you had a president comun kairgt with people for free. everybody received a presidential communication instantly. the billionaire ceo, the plumber on the job and the stay at home mom. nobody can say it's trump's fault. jesse: i wanted to ask the most important question of the day, can the eagles turn it around? >> they need to. my mother just ordered that day. my son -- they are now director's items. there are things called runningbacks and field goals. if it's 4th and goal from the 4, you can kick a field goal.
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jesse: higher education hitting a brand-new low. liberal colleges are so busy trying to indoctrinate our kids, they are getting dumber by the day. now they are getting dangerous. watch what happened in berkeley. >> there is no way i can raise money for the taliban, right? i'm trying to raise money for the taliban. america is destroying the world and we want to secure it for a strike against the american homeland. strike u.s. to teach them a lesson. life means nothing for them. we want to be able to train our fighters to fights back and create a safe space for enemies of the united states.
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we want to do it again like we did it in 2001. >> $50. >> dude, come over here, my brother. jesse: here to react, former vice presidential nominee and governor alaska, sarah palin. i'm laughing, but i'm angry. >> that angers any patriot in america. this was selective. the clips we just saw. surely this guy interviewed thousands and thousands of students and found a handful of governor balls. they have to be clueless. this can't be real. and i hope their parents watch this and understand what it is that their kids -- that they are paying tuition for, that their kids are supporting, this is
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outrageous. >> the enemies of the state here at the university of berkeley. probably the most liberal school in the country. did they become radicalized once they went to berkeley or did they always hate america and now berkeley is making it worse? >> inherently anybody at berkeley applied to go to berkeley knowing what you are getting into and knowing the peer group around you, you are going to be one team that is so liberal that you are very much out of touch with the rest of the country. i think people who would choose to go to that school without a mission of changing the school, but being part of this liberal zoo circus they are part of, i think they didn't like america to start with. >> if these were conservatives
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doing this, i am sure the fbi would be knocking at their door. but these people can get away with anything. this our esteemed vice president kamala harris. i gets was her 57th birthday. happy birthday. she yelled surprise at her own birthday party, then kissed her husband with a mask on. watch. >> surprise! jesse: perfectly natural. walk into a surprise party with a mask and kiss your husband and yell surprise! here she is acting very surprised again when the actual president comes in to wish her a happy birthday.
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>> [laughter] oh, joe, really? thank you. this is my favorite. i am going to hang this up with great pride. thank you, mr. president. >> you are welcome. jesse: it's not staged at all. you are just working at your desk with your mask on with cameras on waiting for the president to come in and wish you happy birthday. >> every time you show these clips i think this can't be our country. these are episodes of "beef." my team, we would text each other after the show saying that's hilarious but it could never happen in real life. now we are texting, beef had
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nothing compared to what kamala and joe are presenting to this country. we like to tell children anyone can grow up to be president. well, i think the democrats took that too far who they settled for and the country evidently accepted. now you are seeing a fundamental transformation of america. jesse: i have to say good-bye to sarah. she is going to play a tune on the piano. should brian laundrie's parents be charged for aiding and abetting. and will alex baldwin be charged for killing a crew member on a movie set. watch: serena williams... wonder woman.... serena... wonder woman... serena...
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welcome to fox news live, i am ashley strohmier. the president and turkish for ambassadors out of the country. ambassadors including u.s. envoy asking to resolve a case involving a man held in prison since 2017, he was charged with financing nationwide protests.
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the deepest risk decades. convoy of 2000 microns on their way to the u.s. they moved out of the city, a city in the southern part of mexico this morning with a been stuck fighting for refugee or asylum papers. minor scuffles as they pushed through find as mastercard. artist similar to migrant caravans through mexico in 2018 and 19 but know where your it's march. ashley strohmier. back to water's world. for more headlines, log on to ♪♪ now back to "watters' world." jesse: the manhunt for brian laundrie is over. police found his backpack and notepad and bones in a nature preserve. dental records confirm those are his remains. the area laundrie was found had been under water until now.
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he's the only person of interest in the murder of gabby petito. but the focus is shifting to his parents. the laundrie family notified the fbi that they wanted to help search for briern. they help search and his remains are found. many of us wondering, should the laundrie parents face charges. suspicious camping trip and iphone shopping spree requires some answers. maureen, we'll start with you. i don't like what i'm feeling from the laundrie parents. should i thought be suspicious here? >> well, i do agree that their behavior has been suspicious. but i also agree they have a right to remain silent. i think a lot of this will hinge on what the medical examiner
8:30 pm
comes back with. if the medical examiner determines brian laundrie died close to the time he went on the run. i think their culpability dissipates. but if they make the determination which is doubtful at this point since they were skeletal remains, that he disappeared a week ago, that's entirely different. jesse: he could have been in communication with his family or with his attorney? >> correct. he did go on this quote-unquote camping trip before he was a fugitive. and before someone is a fugitive, you could give him $2 million, a plane trip and a truck load of supplies and there is nothing illegal about that. if they helped him materially after he went on the run, then that's a different story. with him having died, i don't
8:31 pm
really see the authorities piling on at this point. jesse: i feel like the country needs answers. the petito family deserves justice. if there is any way they harbored him, aided and abetted him materially, i think the prosecution needs to look very hard, the fbi very hard at what they knew and when they knew it. >> i think you and i talked about this before. i have been kind of a skeptic over whether the parents had any liability. the problem is and you mentioned the word. enormous coincidence that happened in the last 36 hours. apparently they told the lawyer and the lawyer texted the authorities that they were going to go search. lo and behold they and the authorities show up at the same time and within a short period of time find a notebook,
8:32 pm
backpack and remains. most people in the criminal justice system don't buy into coincidences. i think that will reignite the authorities to take a look at him. i wouldn't be so sure people aren't going to focus a lot of the animus they had towards the son. the opposite of visiting the sins of the father upon the son. it will be visiting the sins of the son on the parents. alex baldwin was shooting a film and discharged a live round from a prop gun killing the cinematographer. halyna hutchins. and shooting and wounding the director. i can't imagine why he would be handed a loaded gun or what kinds of precautions they were taking that weren't followed on
8:33 pm
a movie set. what is going to be the result of a death like this? >> well, look, i'm old enough to remember the twilight zone prosecution with john landis and there was a death on the set there as well. and, you know, any time you have a high profile situation like this and a death and a clamoring for somebody to be held accountable, i know mr. baldwin is cooperating as i'm sure he feels awful about what happened here or how this transpired. but it's hard to explain how this happened, and it would not surprise me at some point if you saw some kinds of involuntary manslaughter charge against somebody here. obviously somebody -- somebody didn't do what they were supposed to do. jesse: if someone handed this
8:34 pm
gun to him that was loaded and they night was loaded, that's obviously something the investigators will have to look at. >> definitely, jesse, the number one thing to think about, no matter what the gun is or the firearm or whatever type of projectile, you don't ever point a gun taken in area where someone * is standing. who was the prop master. fit turns out there wasn't a prop master on set, that will be a huge problem for the producers. i don't see alex baldwin being held responsible for this unless he was a producer that decide not to hire a prop master to save money. if that's the case, then a lot of people are in trouble. jesse: there is a chain of custody you have to go through before you receive a weapon on a
8:35 pm
set. someone will have to be he will accountable. you have got to look obviously. >> you have to double-check every single time. when you are an fbi agent on the firing range and you have been shooting for 30 years. you still double-check every single time. you have to have people on set. jesse: thank you so much for your insight. we always appreciate it. anti-joe biden chants sweeping the nation. curt schilling warming up in the curt schilling warming up in the
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8:40 pm
spoken. when the media tried to cover for him saying a nascar crowd was saying let's go brandon. and another rally cry was born. >> let's go brandon. >> let's go brandon. jesse: the media is totally getting frustrated with the president, but they still aren't talking about the chant that's sweeping the nation. let's bring in curt schilling who has probably heard pretty much everything yelled from the stands. what do you make of this chant? this thing is everywhere. >> there aren't as many things as there used to be that make me say i love my country. but this is one of them. in a microcosm.
8:41 pm
this is the world we live in. we know what we heard. we heard what we know. we know what they were saying is what we are feeling. and the media is trying to tell us something else. and i guess at some point for me a lot of it is i get to a point where i get physically angry now because they really do think we are as stupid as they are. jesse: yeah, they do. that's why they lie to us with such impunity. i remember in one person booed during the trump presidency, that was a huge story everywhere. now you have a chant that you can't deny. they are international. they are coming out of cop cars. and the media won't even touch it. >> we are laughing about it but it's tragic. i was trying to couple a sports analogy. sports is so easy.
8:42 pm
it's why liberals hate it so much. they tried to introduce participation as an actual finish and have been failing horribly at it. i'm thinking to myself, this would be like playing a football game every day for a year, and handing the ball off to joe biden and he fumbles every play of every game every day. and the referee being the media callal penalty on somebody else. and they keep doing it. and they do it because they can do it now with impunity. it's why a channel like cnn doesn't get a million viewers for any show for 3 oh straight days. the media in many ways committed suicide. they are the last ones to know the trigger got pulled. jesse: i think they are the last ones to know.
8:43 pm
you mentioned cnn. they are losing the peppa pig reruns. >> first it was peppa pig. now now it's peppa pig reruns. jess require was an episode you already saw and would rather watch that. >> the thing that i try to tell younger people, you work in a business, jesse. it's a multi-billion dollar business. media is big business. when media companies and subsidiaries and congolmerates, they they stop doing the things they do for ratings and money, you have to be afraid of how that's playing out. they are clearly not doing programming at msnbc and the other idiots they subject america to. when they stop worrying about
8:44 pm
ratings that means they are not worried about revenue. if they are not worried about revenue, what are they worried about? jesse: they just want to tell the narrative. and the narrative is so bad for their so-called viewers, they would rather watch reruns much peppa pig. >> you don't work for a non-profit. they are revenue generating publicly held companies in many cases who decided they don't need to make money anymore and that should scare people. they are getting money from somewhere. jesse: they should. and they surrendered because i think political ideology is more important than putting on a compelling honest newscast. i want to play a sound bite from parent rogers. >> i'm not part of this woke
8:45 pm
cancel cultures that gets off on trying to silence people all the time. jesse: do you think that opinion is held by a lot of athletes? >> welcome to 2021, aaron. i don't say this -- i'm not lauding myself. but from the athletic side of things, i think i was the kickoff. i believe what happened to me -- if you google me you are going to come up with racist homophobic transphobic, every phobic you can ever imagine, when none of the events that would support those accusations have ever happened in my life. but the same media aaron is talking about, the cancel culture, in addition to being -- i moved to tennessee, and i came to realize the dumbest people i met in the last 20 years graduated from harvard.
8:46 pm
jesse: at the top of the show we had berkeley students trying to donate to the taliban. that's one of the best schools in the country. i think your point has been proven. >> it's not one of the best schools in the country. they have got an entire generation of people believing things that aren't true. when you let the media dwrieft narrative like they have, they can cancel. look at justice kavanaugh. jesse: where is he? cnn isn't going to ask that question. i have got to move on because we've have to peso bills. >> keep doing what you are doing. stay the course, jesse. jesse: don't mess with the marines. is aoc in love, and a brand spanking new hooters
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jesse: time for triple play. armed thugs ambush a gas station in arizona. little did they know a marine
8:51 pm
vet was inside. he stays calm, disarms the gunman. robbers took off running and he held one of these other guise down until the cops came. he said the marine corps taught him not to mess around. >> one person with a gun, and they started to opt register. did a quick sweep. saw two other guys with no other weapons, i thought that's the guy i'm going to hit. once that happened, i was mentally prepared. it had to be done. jesse: joining me, kacie mcdonnell. when i go into a quickie mart i do a sweep for sweet tarts. >> what a boss. i want to be able to do that. be that tactical. i hope he got whatever was in
8:52 pm
that bag for free. jesse: free gas for the rest of his life, which is useful because gas is expensive in biden's america. would you ever do this or would you duck and cover. >> i would love to learn to do that. two bad guys? jesse: you are busy playing around in mansions. i don't think you will train with the marines. aoc does video things. here she was asked about bernie. run it. >> yes, i talked with bernie on the phone a decent amount not just because we are colleagues. he's legitimately my friend and makes me happy. jesse: i don't want to get too involved in aoc's life. you seem like you do. >> but there is something more
8:53 pm
there i was picking up with her and bernie. >> when girls play with their hair. i think so. you know that, come on. did you bring rookie to the show today? because it makes me so happy. jesse: we are not saying anything is going on because we would never do that. we are just trying to read the room. >> i heard the baby voice -- she and i are about the same age. i don't know about the baby voice and the hair twirling. we are not seeing bernie -- friends with benefits. we would never say that. we are just trying to analyze what's going on. i want to analyze something else. hooters is involved in some kind of controversy. they are having a short shorts policies. the regular orange shorts they wear, they are getting rid of
8:54 pm
them -- of them, they want them to wear these shorts. >> i can't even hide the front of my legging. a wedgy. there isn't anything covered by these shorts. jesse: what did hooters do? did they switch the policy. >> thank god for tiktok. the day high waist goes out of fashion, you willer in see in public. i understand the first part of it. it's not called peaches. there is no more on the t-shirt. shy waisted, peaches. is that code? >> she'll let you know. >> i heard one of the girls with
8:55 pm
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other side effects may occur. all flu shots are not the same. i raised my game with fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. ask your doctor or pharmacist for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent. jesse: big congratulations to our producer danielle who just welcomed her first baby. olivia jean arrived weighing in at 6 pounds 4 ounces. man yell and her husband nick congratulations from everybody at "watters' world." we are happy for you. be sure to follow me on
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facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thank you for being with us. there is breaking news from coast to coast. a shooting, a horrific accident on the scene of a major motion picture left one person dead and another one injured. the man holding the gun, alex baldwin. we have the latest on his ongoing investigation. plus the former host of america's most wanted john walsh is here on the outbreak of crime


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