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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 24, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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eric: virginia governor race is nearing the home stretch with both candidates making campaign stops across the state. former democratic terry mcauliffe from heavy hitters is party including former president barack obama as he tries to capture the statehouse yet again. hello and welcome to fox news live i am eric shawn. >> i am alicia acuna and for arthel neville. polls show the republican lane
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is gaining ground on his opponent. the clear politics average polling data shows him leading by less than two points. with over a week until election day. we begin this hour with mark meredith live in newport where he just wrapped a speech in his meeting with supporters. >> good afternoon to you, we are here in newport new virginia, we saw glenn yanking as he wrapped up into her all around the state he lost the bus to her yesterday and tried to see much as virginia because as you were talking about the pull show this is a close race you can see the crowd behind me there pretty fired up to hear from glenn he wrapped up his speech a few moments ago. what's been interesting the republican has a shot at the governors manchin that was considered not possible not that long ago but as he said that is not the case anymore. >> nine days out, nine days out from making the statement that
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is absolutely going to send a shockwave across america. a statement to say not here, number progressives, no more left liberal policies. >> the university says a recent survey is a tie with democrats mcauliffe losing from only a few months ago and we had early voting underway in the ballot 30 being sent back in. republican spending a lot of time speaking about education an issue that usually democrats will dominate on statewide races, now terry mcauliffe is calling on the number of high-profile people that he can to try to help his campaign that includes former president obama who campaigned with him yesterday, vice president harris and today in charlottesville with getting help with stacey abrams a democratic activist when he urged democrats not to stay home and how close is races. >> we do not want another trump, i like to say trump and khakis
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we don't need donald trump we need a real governor in virginia. that's why i need your help. >> i know virginia and georgia are together. what you all do here in the next nine days will determine the next four years for this country. eric: we just had a technical snafu as you can see in mark meredith shot first. we shall continue with our coverage. youngkin is making education a controversy that we seen a centerpiece of his campaign. he's calling on a local school board for not disclosing an alleged sexual assault when it happened. this comes as the national school board association is now apologize for the letter it sent to president biden that compares
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the actions to parents protesting school system policies and educational content to domestic terrorism. alexander hoff has the latest on that. >> republican candidate glenn young can told fox news a newly uncovered e-mail sent to school board members confirm what they knew they were aware of an assault that they claimed not to be. here is youngkin this weekend. >> there must be resignations of people have not resigned i don't understand how they could possibly go to the next school board meeting. we had administrators at the school board who was covering this up. >> on may 28 superintendent santos this afternoon a female student alleged that a male student sexually assaulted her in the restroom. and on june 22 with the father of the girl who reported being raped in a bathroom by a male had concerns to the student gender policies, he said the superintendent publicly denied that the bathroom assault
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happened. >> i had never been to school board meeting before, i did not know what to expect but i believe they had full intentions and trying to shut that thing down early. >> scott smith was arrested at the meeting as he was cited in the national school board association original letter to president biden with a like in the action to domestic terrorists. that sparked a justice department controversial decision to intervene, on friday the nst apologize for the choice of words. >> they apologized because they got caught and they embarrass the d.o.j. and expose them for the political hacks that they are. what they have done is ignite a firestorm. >> superintended zigler apologize for the handling of the loudoun county case. the same suspect one to be accused of another sexual assault this month at a new school. eric: thank you. alicia: the issue of education
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is also taking on nationwide significance many parents were concerned the education officials are pushing policies that do not align with their values are battling these officials had on by running against them in school board elections. laura joines is now the executive director apparent activist groups best, building education for students together in the director of education reform for freedom works. thank you so much for being here. can you explain to us what your group is doing to get parents more involved in their kids education. >> i appreciate that question, first of all i want to speak clear on this parents that i work with are not domestic terrorist and they have over exaggerated the fact that parents who are speaking out at the school board meetings are speaking out on behalf of their children, what were doing is out educating our parents on the issue, on the topics because we
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want them to be informed when they go before the school board. but what we see across the nation, the school board's numbers are ignoring the parents. we are asking them to go to the next level and run for school board because we have to take the school board seats back. at best for offering a free training, six-week training to any parent that wants to run for school board because we need more parental rights in their school districts but we have to get more parents on a school board. >> republican glenn youngkin has seen by many by brought himself to a neck and neck position against democrats. in large part due to two missteps by his opponent. but because he is crystallized parents boiling frustration. take a listen to his rally last night. >> we have watched our schools stay close, our curriculum becomes of the we cannot
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recognize, we watch materials in the classroom be completely unacceptable. we have watched decisions be made by government that made us think that our leaders did not want us involved in our children's life and then my opponent came out and he said the truth is hard there's no place for marriage and the kids education. alicia: your thoughts? >> parental right is on the ballot in virginia parents in virginia are fed up. we see with going on in loudoun county the way that the schools were opening up in just a lack of communication were in that time. now all the mask mandates, the vaccination mandates, parental rights is on the ballot in virginia and i think that young ken has been the leader in the voice for the parent, this is not a democrat or a republican issue all parents are concerned about what is going on with their rights as a parents being
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stripped away. alicia: as you are trying to recruit parents to run for the school board, not every school board meeting looks like what we have seen at the battles of loudoun county but there has been enough coverage of meetings that look similar, shouting protest, folks being escorted out by law enforcement. is there a chance that some of the best people who would make great school board candidates to stay home, because what they're saying does not seemed like a safe gamble for them or their family? >> the individuals that we are speaking with are very engaged in what's going on on the local level and we really need individuals to step up and run, it is not for everyone. and not every school district like you said is going through this but what we see across the nation is a sweeping curriculum of critical race theory, anti-american content coming in to every school district. we need the boys and we need the eyes on the board that can keep
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up with that and let parents know what is going on and transparency is a huge issue for parents. we cannot even have access to even look at what's going on with them in the classroom. >> laura zorc best in freedom works, they get so much for your time. eric: president biden hosting chuck schumer in west virginia joe manchin at his home in delaware this morning to discuss the massive spending plan that he wants to push through congress. as you know senator manchin is doug and his hills on the trillion dollar price tag that he wants to spend no more than one and a half trillion dollars. is there any movement, david spunt live in wilmington, delaware with the latest. any breakthrough? >> we don't know yet is the short answer. we know their working breakfast with senator manchin and schumer in wilmington, that gives you an idea of how important this issue
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is to the president to have joe manchin here because after all like you said manchin is the one that democrats are recording. senator schumer has lost step with the president on these issues. it's manchin that they need. i also spotted domestic policy advisor susan rice, she was appear alongside biden ally, she was appear as well. the original package that the president counted around three and after you dollars that figure nowhere near that, it's less than 2 trillion. the issue is under negotiation to raise taxes on billionaires and corporations also climate priorities in child tax credits. senator manchin shot down reports just a few days it ago he is considering switching parties, he's negotiated in good faith. kyrsten sinema from arizona continues her silence streak ignoring questions, repeated questions from the press. >> senator manchin has been a
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straight shooter, you know exactly where he stands, i disagree but i respected. mike concerned with senator sinema, why are the roles different for her, why doesn't she go on shows and explain herself into if she shifted her position, explain it. >> the president leaves thursday for rome he will have meetings there also at the vatican with pope francis over the weekend then to scotland for a climate summit, the president wants to bring something to world leaders on a climate front that's what he wants to show that he could get his agenda passed but will this be the week that he gets this done house speaker nancy pelosi telling colleagues soon as in just days. >> 90% of the bill agreed to and written we just have some of the last decisions to be made it is less than we had projected to begin with but it is bigger than anything we have ever done in terms of addressing the needs of
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america's working families. >> the original deadline to get this done at the end of september now the new deadline is halloween, week from today, tomorrow president biden will leave delaware and had to newark new jersey to tout the spending plan before it comes to a potential final deal this week. eric: we wait to see what senator manchin has to say, thank you. alicia: breaking news out of new york city l large group of people of the berkeley center in brooklyn in support of next player kai re-irving the star point guard has been banned from playing home games because he has not received a mandated covid vaccine a similar protest against the vaccine mandate was held in times square last saturday they play the charlotte hornets in brooklyn tonight. new questions are being raised about the safety protocols on a
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alicia: alec baldwin seen meeting with the family of the
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photographer he actively killed. the investigation ramps up new details and the troubles that plagued the production mat is live in the los angeles bureau with the latest. >> more and more concerning details are emerging about the trouble movie set, now the family of the woman shot and killed is speaking out, the father of 41-year-old said he does not think alec baldwin is responsible for the tragedy according to a newspaper interview, her father who lives in ukraine he believes the props people are responsible for his daughter's death, the husband also posted a picture to instagram writing we miss you, the sister of 41-year-old photographer says she had a marriage that was an example to follow, real love and she leaves behind her husband and their 9-year-old son, a visual was held in new mexico for hutchins, she was killed thursday when actor alec baldwin inspired a
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prop gun on the new mexico film rust. the industry has been rocked by this tragedy and not everyone deserves to work in a safe environment. a former etf agent tells fox news it is critical that prop handlers and actors use extreme caution onset and it sounds like he might've been handed a live firearm. >> based on the injuries that were described that killed ms. hutchins, it sounds like this was a full on projectile not a piece of paper that would go in blank ammunition. but in actual live metallic round that is based on some reports that the round penetrated her chest, went through instruct the producer. >> the los angeles times is reporting a prop gun had misfired a few times on the set
1:20 pm
before the failed shooting and workers walked off citing poor working conditions. alicia: not fin live in los angeles. thank you. eric: to the gabby petito case, police continue to investigate brian laundrie's death, his remains will be examined by an anthropologist that after the initial autopsy came back inconclusive. charles watson is live outside of the brian laundrie home on what comes next. >> the hope is a forensic anthropologist could reveal any information at all on how brian laundrie died. once that is complete the laundrie family attorney tells the there will be no funeral, the 23-year-old remains will be cremated when the time comes since the discovery of brian's remains the parents have been held up in their home until today video shows chris and roberta get in the pickup truck and speed off our cameras lost
1:21 pm
them at 930 this morning and so far they have not been back home this is a live look at the parents home since the fbi confirmed brian's death, several flower bouquets had been delivered to the northport home and people paying their respects but as you can see none of the flowers are there as we speak that is because chris has repeatedly brought those into the home as they mourn the loss of their son and there is no question that there are a lot of unanswered questions right now surrounding the death of brian and griffin gabby petito who was found dead last month in wyoming and that includes level of scrutiny for the northport police department, more than a month in the fbi searching the carlton reserve to find brian missing at the time, one man that lives in the area, he said to him it makes sense. >> is very jungle like, very rough, it would be very hard to do the search that they were in here doing.
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>> you probably remember the area where brian's remains were found was underwater up until recently as for the investigation we asked the fbi whether the investigation is ongoing now that gabby and brian are dead. so far they have not responded with a comment. eric: a closer look on the fox news channel on this case nancy grace will examine the many unanswered questions in the deaths of gabby and brian, gabby petito investigation special with nancy grace live tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern time. alicia: we are tracking a massive caravan of migrants traveling through mexico on the way to the united states and buzzing through police blockades, details on the caravans progress and how the crisis is taking its toll on american cities along the
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eric: fox news is tracking another caravan about 2000 migrants who are moving north to mexico tried to come to our country eventually. that group storming through mexican security forces that have been set up as a blockade to stop them but that did not happen some of the protesters and migrants stormed right through the mexican police barricades it is expected they will arrive at the southern border sometime next week this comes after the border patrol says there was a record high number of encounters in the past fiscal year, a total of nearly 1.7 million migrants just over that amount at the southern border during the fiscal year 2021 that ended in september this number does not include the estimated 400,000 others the suspected got a ways migrants who evaded capture as they cross the border illegally.
1:29 pm
>> we have documented over 400,000 got a ways many people literally cross the border and the border patrol was able to detect the entry but did not have the resources to respond and interdict them, how could you say you border security we know these terror threats as exist. >> the mayor doing this now he's a mayor of rio grande city. you have said border communities are in favor of securing the border, evie seen a slowdown or an increase in the influx and how does this affect your wonderful city? >> thank you, it continues to rise and the numbers continue to arise and we are taking the necessary steps to make sure that were preparing for a potentially having the influx coming in in the next few weeks but keep in mind i said prior, the border communities are in
1:30 pm
favor of securing the border we need to continue to have the resources necessary to make sure that we address this frankly we do not have the resources to sustain this level of influx coming in, keep this in mind we are at 1.7 but we were at 1.7 million back in 1986 and this is something that we have failed as a country to address we have not prioritized immigration reform and that is something that we need to absolutely do them border communities continue to make her statements to washington, d.c. to make sure somehow with this point we address the near future, at this point you have these continued influxes and we need some relief in the only solution is in d.c. eric: you made a good point, not nearly as high as we have now
1:31 pm
but over 1.4 million as you said in years past this is what you said in the past we had a humanitarian crisis under every president for the last several decades we have experienced his immigration crises and humanitarian crises before, you been calling on the federal government to do more for a long time, why wont they move? >> it goes back to we need bipartisan solutions and unfortunately we have not had those because it continues to be one of these efforts that we as a country have failed to do, at one point our politicians in d.c. going to take the necessary steps and have a bipartisan solution to this humanitarian crisis, you can call it humanitarian crisis and some people call it immigration crisis, you name it but the point is we have a situation in the border that needs to be corrected and at some .30 plus
1:32 pm
years we have had this, over 30 plus years of ineffective policies and under every president, independent of which political party has been in power, it's something that we as a country must do and i cannot state that enough it's imperative that we as a country address this and come up with a solution because if not ten years from today will have the same conversation. eric: we've been having a longtime. >> we've been having them for a long time that border communities are frustrated and would not had better solutions, keep this in mind border communities are effective besides having the influences pre-border communities we are much more than immigration crisis here in the rio grande valley we are a great place to live to work and have the
1:33 pm
american dream, we have 11 international bridges, billions of dollars in trade every conceivable commodity with destination anywhere, we are ascended the green energy capital of texas. we have a strong young workforce in a bicultural binational bilingual identity that serves as strength, we have space exploration, in fact we have one of the safest communities in the state texas and not the nation. we are much more than immigration crisis. eric: that is for sure i'm also waiting for a but, that would be washington, d.c. has got to do more and they have not done all these years what would you suggest what do you call on the federal government to do to try to get a handle over this issue? >> every president biden, trump and other presidents have had an opportunity to address immigration and become champions of the immigration reform without it we will continue to
1:34 pm
see a rise of illegal immigrants coming, keep this in mind. we are blessed to live in this country, we have people that believe our great nation is a land of opportunity, the land of hope and prosperity and they are willing to risk their lives and the lives of their families for the sliver of hope to pursue the american dream, this idea that we can rise above our circumstances, we are blessed, we are blessed to live in a great country that the world ever wanting to come to the u.s. i cannot say that enough. eric: we are blessed and we should remember that at the same time we need to see many and their calling him for the government in washington to finally try to do something about this issue the mayor of rio grande city on the texas
1:35 pm
border. >> the great city of rio grande city. >> you said you are much more of this whole immigration is crisis and you are. thank you. alicia: tomorrow is a big day at fox as we launch box whether it's a free streaming service with 120 meteorologist "coast to coast" delivering local, regional and national minute by when it programming throughout the day. earlier today i spoke with box whether meteorologist amy freeze to get a preview of the new state of the art forecasting. >> how can folks get the weather? >> it's exciting will be able to get it right onto your phone, your devices starting right now you can go to fox and the app instructions are there whether you have an apple or android, it's pretty easy to do, the exciting thing you might wonder what's different you can now get whether autobody
1:36 pm
different apps, this will bring tools that you've never seen before we have a live stream you'll see meteorologist like myself and people who are experts of climate available at your fingertips giving you a live stream of the weather we also have a 3d radar this is exceptionally cool because if you've never used technology like 3d radar you might think i would ever want that, if you're at a football game and the rain comes down you can see the storm coming not just as a 2d view but you can tilt it with the touch of your fingers and see the height of thunderstorms and see what the storms will be passing and tying them out real-time, it is super easy technology to use. you have a question? alicia: that is perfect who doesn't love that, you can also get this on your tv right?
1:37 pm
>> absolutely if you have an iphone with most apps have live streams with a couple clicks of a button you can project onto your smart tv and there will be other sources where we can stream listen like the fox news app you can see on your connected tv app, that is pretty simple a lot of families will enjoy, were giving future casting like you've never seen it before a lot of people ask what is my birthday whether what's it going to be like when i get married in a month or so you can now create an appointment inside of your app and watch the weather as it happens and see how good the forecast is several weeks out maybe several months out. alicia: that is fantastic i preordered on fox i preordered the app on my personal phone and my work phone, everybody needs to do that, box whether meteorologist, the fox weather app launches tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. eastern and available for apple and android devices. eric: a new era in the world of whether, meanwhile china and russia, they reportedly are
1:38 pm
testing a hypersonic missile it's leading to worries of potential arms race, do we have them and are we keeping up, that is next fox news life continues.
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alicia: two children killed at a dragracing event an hour outside of san antonio, texas. the victims were six and eight years old. a driver taking part in the event lost control of his car which crashed into the spectators, eight others injured. and fortified people reportedly her and a massive car crash near orlando, more than a dozen others suffered minor injuries. >> a powerful earthquake has injured one person, a magnitude 6.5 quake and it struck earlier
1:43 pm
today. it was quickly followed by a magnitude 5.4 aftershock shaking things up. thankfully no one was seriously injured, the woman that was injured was hit by falling debris and there was no reports of deaths or any major damage. alicia: the u.s. global rival are ramping up testing for the next generation of weapons reports indicate china and russia have successfully tested hypersonic missiles recently, meantime the u.s. suffered a setback with the latest hypersonic weapons when the pentagon says a booster rocket failed, let's bring in jim walsh international security expert in senior research associate with the mit security studies program, thank you so much for being here, we really appreciate it, we need your expertise on this in your big, big brain, if you can first explain in the simplest terms what makes
1:44 pm
hypersonic weapons different than cruise missiles or other weaponry. >> the missiles were used that were talking about our ballistic missiles, long-range, ballistic missiles like in it bm, you launch them and you log them up and they come down on the target far away, hypersonic weapon is one whether going up and down is really gliding it glides through the earth's atmosphere or launched from just above the earth's atmosphere and glides to its target the difference is not so much that is faster than every other weapon it's rather that it's maneuverable, when you shoot off it for the most part it lands where you tell it to land but it cannot move along the way and a difference for cruise missiles and perhaps in the future and hypersonic's is there maneuverable and the idea of your maneuverable and help to get around missile defenses that
1:45 pm
is the claim all these things are different ways to deliver a payload and in the old days you use a plane in the truck and we had different types of missiles that had different qualities in different strengths and different weaknesses. alicia: how concerned you think american should be about russia claiming successful testing and china denying theirs but the mechanic on say the u.s. was not cut out. >> i would not get too hyped up about this right now, i would not get hyped about hypersonic's yet, there is a concern any right to raise this issue, you said it right at the top are we heading towards a missile base, there is one in east asia between south korea which is operated under lucid restrictions in north korea which is been building, that is chugging away in russia, china and the u.s. is getting
1:46 pm
entangled and have their own arms race, that will be bad for all concerned, russia building were concerned, china building more missiles, that is bad but it's a missile race not the individual technology or platform that is important we have pretty good stuff ourselves. alicia: last week's townhall president biden said the united states has the world's most powerful military, take a listen. >> china, russia and the rest of the world knows we have the most powerful military in history of the world. don't worry about whether the be more powerful but you do have to worry is whether or not they will engage in activities that will put them in a position where they may make a serious mistake. alicia: i would like to get your thoughts on the statement in the question whether the hypersonic capabilities are more about china solidifying its own defenses as opposed to being aggressive to the united states.
1:47 pm
>> china is still catching up on a lot of the stuff it still mostly a reasonable player not a global power and of course russia has its step back, it's not what it used to be but china is growing and their growth in the military will reflect their growth and their economy, their economy continues to grow in the military will grow, here's the context russia and the u.s. own 90% of the world's nuclear weapons, 90%, the other 10% are split between india, pakistan, china, south korea and israel, i don't see this as an immediate thing that i'm sitting at the edge of my chair, what i am concerned about is not that they're going to leapfrog or a crazy situation i'm worried about an arms race, possibly dangerous arms race. alicia: how is this different from threats posed by north korea? >> is a great question and smallest of all the nuclear weapon but on the other hand
1:48 pm
they seemed like the least predictable, you can make a great argument that says maybe north korea is more dangerous in china despite the big academy and the growing status but the u.s. and china are starting to get into some deep issues especially with taiwan and that relationship, the more happy i entering it is, the more dangerous it becomes you can make a case that both countries each in a different way pose their own dangers. alicia: i have about 85 more questions but don't have the time, i'm going to have to go thank you so much that was very helpful i really appreciate your time. >> thank you as always speak to take a look at this this is not how an inauguration is supposed to go the new governor of the province northwestern is given a speech, he slapped him in the face, right when he was giving
1:49 pm
the speech, the countries minister was in attendance making a rare breach of security the governor said he did not know the guy who slapped him was the semi-official iranian media says the man on the stage was taken up by security, he was angry because his wife got a covid vaccination from a male nurse rather than a female nurse. back here at home hunter biden is now on display at new york city, is he the next picasso or is it politics? ♪
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eric: hunter biden showed up yesterday in the big apple for
1:54 pm
some republican members of congress are worried that patron to buy his paintings could purchase political favor with the biden administration and the white house as proper measures on that had been taken. our critic today with the latest in new york. >> the artist hunter biden famously known for being the son of president joe biden has a new art show in the neighborhood of manhattan the george burgess gallery confirms exhibition is now open the new york post snapshot of hunter biden's likely into the space on display and reportedly offered anywhere from 75000 to half a million dollars biden's art career has drawn intense scrutiny from republicans who feared that the high-priced paintings could be bought by people or entities seeking to influence the president, gop congressman attorney general merrick garland on this very issue ironically comparing the price of hunter biden's work to his classical
1:55 pm
pieces. he is calling for a special counsel to investigate. >> this art arrangement is so suspicious that the obama administration ethics walter tweeted on july 10 of this year, hunter biden should cancel this art sale because he knows the prices are based on his dad's job. >> is potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars could be funneled through hunt hunter biden the white house has reassured the critics influence peddling that buyers will remain anonymous except for the gala ricin hunter himself will not discuss anything related to the actual selling of art, hunter's first show in l.a. to political figures, celebrities and were waiting to see if there's any famous faces that show up at the later show. eric: i wonder who's going to buy, here's my biden, picasso and here's hunter biden. we'll be right back.
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halloween is even happier. i could not resist that, no way, no how, so cute. eric: look at that little pumpkin posh tunes i can't take it. alicia: a wonderful way to end the weekend, that does it for us, great to be with you this weekend. eric: you too, thank you for watching on fox news. ♪ ♪ ♪ hello everyone i'm anita vogel with joey jones, nicole saphier and david webb, welcome to "the big sunday show", here is what's on tap tonight, joey. >> "saturday night live" with joe biden may not be who used to be. >> i miss the old me. [laughter]


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