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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 25, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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bad for the environment, bad for you, and imposed on the powerless by the powerful for the profit of foreign companies. that's not an overstatement. we will be back tomorrow, 8:00 p.m. and overnight trip, the show that show that is the sworn enemy of line, pomposity, groupthink. in the meantime, the great sean hannity takes over the 9:00 p.m. hour. >> sean: as always, thank you. and welcome tonight to "hannity." as inflation rises, the economy stalls, the border spiraling way out of control in the middle of a pandemic and covid-19 mandates. now there's talk tonight, we may have to push that back, the recognition that there are tens and tens of thousands of crucial workers that have decided they're not going to agree with that. regulations having no end in sight, bidens poll numbers plummeting to the mid-30s, and now yet another all-time low according to gallup, since taking office in january, bidens approval rating has not plummeted a whopping 27% with
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independents. if other polls have his approving rating in the mid-30s. there's not a single thing that joe biden and his administration can claim as successful for you, the american people, and now we have a frail and a week and a cognitive mass and a deeply unpopular president desperately trying to sell his insane build back better new green deal socialism that he claims, falsely, that won't cost a single penny. needless to say, it's not going particularly well. take a look. >> president biden: the expression time is money. as one computer said, if you're on the train, and they say -- you know you better make other plans. >> sean: there you have it, according to biden we have to build back better socialism because "as one computer said -- computer, not commuter -- if you're on the train and they say portal bridge, you know you better make other plans. after stumbling and mumbling and bumbling through his prepared
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remarks, biden once again told the same, long, rambling debunked story about amtrak now for the fifth time and he just keeps lying. take a look. >> president biden: and goes up to me and says "joey, baby," and i thought they were going to blow his head off. true story. he said "joey, i read in the paper -- i read in the paper you travel 1,000 -- 1,200,000 miles on air force planes," because they keep meticulous tabs. "of the boys and i figured out the retirement dinner. travel 2 million -- 2 million, 200,000 miles. >> sean: only problem is that never happen. according to multiple fact-checkers, joe's story is not true it all and yet here we are listening to the same long ps for the fifth time here, and of course the biden administration, they have no problem lying about anything and everything. remember the dhs secretary lying
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about the border crisis, calling the mass migration -- this is only a seasonal problem. jen psaki circling back with a lie about the border crisis. migrants don't need to be tested for covid, they are not planning on staying here very long. and that she lied about oh, well, yeah, we're dispersing people all over the country at 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. in the middle of the night. that's not the middle of the night. that would be called an early morning flight. i have flown a lot, that is actually not true. and biden lying about covid-19, declaring that he could beat the virus as president, he's told that lie a lot. also lying about leaving americans behind in afghanistan 13 days before he did it. lying again about the number of americans he abandoned. we have a full report tonight coming up on that, but of course biden is also lying about his build back better new green deal socialist spending proposal by saying the $3.5 trillion price tag actually costs $0. i'm not sure what calculator he's using.
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that's about the biggest lie of all. also promising not to raise taxes on anyone making under $400,000 a year. it's actually a couple, so it's 200,000. and according to the joint committee on taxation, the original build back better new green deal socialism would hit americans making under $50,000 a year the hardest with a sneaky provision targeting those who deposit small sums of money into their own bank accounts, so they can spy on you. now democrats have come up with a new idiotic tax scheme, a levy on unrealized gains. in other words, phantom money. money that you might make in the future after you finally -- you get money, your money is taxed, you invest your money to buy stocks or some type of other assets, but don't worry, the biden administration is promising that only the super wealthy will be affected. this was another lie, take a look. >> i think what's under consideration is a proposal that
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the senate finance committee have been looking at that would impose a tax on unrealized capital gains on liquid assets held by extremely wealthy individuals. >> sean: you really believe her? because according to democrats this would only raise $30 billion of the three and a half trillion that they want in new spending, so will they extend this new taxed institutional investors, meaning all of us? in other words, will they include pension funds, 401(k)s? and by the way, what would happen if an asset they say is a capital gain eventually depreciates or your stocks go down -- i mean, the market can have an adjustment at any point, right? will the government handout billion dollar checks to billionaires during a recession? even "the washington post" is trashing the plan saying "biden's latest tax the rich scheme would be an unworkable
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and possibly unconstitutional mass." that's to say the least. now, it raises a ton of questions, but don't expect any coherent answers from joe because today he bragged to a group of preschoolers about his strategy, always avoid answering the press' questions, which probably is the one thing you can say he is successful at. take a look. >> president biden: when you're president, you seal these people here? they are with you all the time. they get to ask you all kinds of questions, and you try to figure out how you are going to avoid answering them sometimes. [laughs] anyway. >> sean: i'm sure the kids got that joke, joey. gordon to the rnc, joe biden has not held an official press conference and over 100 days. we all know the answer why. he is not mentally or physically capable of conducting a lengthy presser. forget about late afternoon. if you ever tried at night it would be an unmitigated disaster. you don't need a medical degree from harvard to figure this all out.
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biden is also desperately trying to avoid being held accountable for all of these many self-inflicted crises that he caused. remember the economy is a disaster because of him. gas prices are spiking dramatically because of him. energy dependence is back because of joe. not good for national security, not good for the economy. there's a massive worker shortage all because of joe biden. nationwide surprised nomadic supplies chains disruption because of joe biden. the afghanistan distro was a disaster, one that could have easily been preventable. same with the southern border. it's in chaos because of him. every single one of these crises easily preventable. but joe biden and the radical left are either unwilling or unable to the right right thing. coming up, a new report on the latest migrant caravan -- yep, they are making their way right to our border just to be processed in and dispersed in an early morning 4:00 a.m. flight, as jen psaki says, we have a shocking development tonight out of afghanistan.
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pay attention to this, we will have it in a minute. first joining us with reaction, arkansas gubernatorial candidate sarah sanders, the author of the new best seller "for such a time as this," outnumbered cohost kayleigh mcenany. sarah, we start with you. i just go back to the time that all -- you and sean spicer and kayleigh -- boy, if one little i was not dotted or t not crossed, the media would rip your head off. a 4:00 a.m. flight is an early morning flight when there dispersing illegal immigrants. you know, how many more lies can they tell and the media just keeps going along with it? >> you know, i don't think that the media cares at all, but certainly the american public does and you can see that reflected in joe biden's absolutely dismal approval numbers. people are sick and tired of his
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weak and incompetent leadership, and they are completely rejecting his socialist agenda. americans want secure borders, not open borders. americans want safety and security. they want lower taxes, not higher taxes. americans want more freedom, not more government control, and you can see this day in and day out by their absolute rejection of what is coming down the pipeline from the biden administration, and in these numbers that we are seeing come out that show his just pathetic poll numbers day after day, and it's because even though the american media isn't covering it, the american people are paying attention to it, and they don't want it and they are tired of what this administration is delivering. >> sean: you know, kayleigh, if i was to ever advise donald trump, i would say you need to say little to nothing at all at this point. because every day on everyone of these major policies, afghanistan wouldn't have happened, we would still be energy independence, we wouldn't
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have soaring prices for energy, we wouldn't have chain supply issues, we wouldn't have a crisis at the border. he certainly did a much better job on covid. i would say if the president would just leave, just let joe continue to make the case for him, they would probably read election integrity reform. signature verification, voter i.d., chain of custody, updated voter rolls, partisan observers get to observe. if those changes were put into the system, i'd say probably joe is handing him the keys to the white house every day if you wanted to run again. >> no doubt about it. i'll never forget, sean, i was sitting on a cnn set, eight on one democrats and i was the lone conservative supporting president trump and i recall a cnn commentator, leftist, say it looked, wages are going up on obama's watch. if only we could get that message out there, you know, hillary was -- would sail into
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the white house. the difference now is you don't need to tell people that wages are going down. you don't need to tell the product prices at the grocery store going up, that afghanistan was a failure, that was a moral scar on the country that will never be forgotten. you don't have to tell people, you don't even have to make a case. you simply have to let joe biden be the absolute incompetent buffoon that he is, admitting he won't to questions because he can't answer them, he can't govern the country, is not a successful commander in chief. i totally agree with you, sean. at this point he's essentially handed president trump the key to the white house. >> sean: sarah, if donald trump or president, i argue afghanistan never would have happened, based on he would obliterate them once the taliban went on the move and started taking over every province. we also have bagram and it was conditions based anyway. the chaos at the border we know would occur. the president got is energy independence, he wouldn't have got, given that up and that
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means inflation would be down considerably because everythinge buy would cost more. about -- heat and cool our homes, every tool we buy. of that adds to the massive spike in inflation. i don't think you'd see the hostilities of china, north korea, iran, and russia either that we are now seeing. all of its preventable and joe seems checked out. the american people see that do you think? >> absolutely they see it. under president trump our country was winning. our allies actually respected us and our enemies actually feared us in right now they are all laughing at us because joe biden has continued to fail in every single thing he touches. he screws up. we were doing incredible under president trump. our economy was booming, ari border was secure, we were actually being tough and pushing back against china and other countries who had been taking advantage of the united states for far too long.
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and under joe biden, they know not only is he not capable of running this country, but he's not capable of standing up to any other country either, and so they are walking all over him and it's the reason everything he touches he ruins, and not only do i agree that if he continues down this path he's handing over the keys to president trump, but he's also giving republicans back the house, the senate, and i sure hope that we take a number of governors offices as well because we are going to need strong conservative governors across this country pushing back against this president for a long time. >> sean: last word, kayleigh mcenany. >> yeah, watch next tuesday, sean. i have a very strong feeling that terry mcauliffe's fatal mistake, sean, is inviting the unpopular president of the united states to his state, there to virginia, where he has a 43% approval rating. he welcomed joe biden and barry well might have lost to glenn
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youngkin in doing so. >> sean: this is a blue state, i wouldn't think the commonwealth is in play. thank you. now let's turn our attention to mexico where another massive migrant caravan is on the move headed to our border. griff jenkins joins us with a full report. >> sean, it's day three of this new migrant caravan. they made at just 25 miles north of where they started in mexico. take a look here at this open air basketball court. you can see a lot of women and children packed in. it's as where they will spend the night. they had a rough day, they had to stop for three hours in the shade because the heat was so bad. we saw a pregnant woman -- they got hit by tropical storm. but as you look at this video, let me show you some video we shot from a bridge that really speaks to the magnitude of this caravan, 3,000 strong. they were chanting liberty and "yes we can" but once the barack obama presidential slogan
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of 2008. this caravan being organized by the same organizer of the 2019 caravan. he wants the mexican government to do more for these migrants, but he's also blasting president biden for his handling of this crisis. take a listen. >> all the bag administration is doing is throwing money at it. it's not really fixing anything. i don't even think they care about it. so when i see this, it hurts me >> he says the migrants will start marching again before dawn tomorrow but the mexican officials won't tell us whether or not they will attempt to stop them, although we have seen them monitoring all around the routes, the same routes as 2019. they've got another 2400 miles to the u.s. border. sean. >> sean: thank you. now let's focus on another major ongoing fighting-caused crisis, this one in the islamic emirates
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of afghanistan. >> americans held hostage, abandon behind enemy lines, day 72. >> sean: day 72, yes, our fellow americans, families, thousands of green card holders, siv applicants that we promised if this day ever came we would not abandon them. they were all abandoned by joe biden. day 85 since biden promised he would not leave any american behind. it's 56 days since your president even mentioned all the men, women, and children that he deserted and completely abandoned to taliban terrorists. in september, according to defense secretary lloyd austin, said fewer than 100 americans remain trapped and apparently lloyd austin was either lying or was being lied to, the fact the bag administration just told congress that in fact hundreds of u.s. citizens today remain in afghanistan. 72 days later. joe has turned the page, his press secretary and the media mob also have abandoned any
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mention of their fellow americans, and that's not all. according to the secretary of state, antony blinken, there are still "thousands" of u.s. green card holders -- yep -- trapped behind enemy lines in afghanistan, people that have a legal right to live in this country. thousands along with their families. and meanwhile, u.s. soldiers stationed in syria were recently attacked by iranian drones carrying explosive charges. thankfully no american casualties. tonight is unclear whether the biden administration plans to respond in any way. here now with more, former secretary of state, fox news contributor, mike pompeo. let's skip around the globe a little bit, let's start in afghanistan. they told us it was under 100, now we know it's hundreds, now we know it's thousands of green card holders. day 72, mr. secretary. i don't see a lot of hope for those people getting out alive and my fear is a mogadishu or isis capture of americans and then we know what's going to play out publicly.
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>> sean, this is tragic. they clearly misled the american people, not only the president, but the secretary of defense, as you talked about. for the longest time they talked about barely triple digits. we now know that there are tens of thousands of people that have a right to return back to the united states of america. our government has done almost nothing to bring them back. this is worse than just incompetence. this is an absence of caring about americans and those who have a right to come to the united states of america. have we completely abandoned them? the president won't even talk about these things. we are not serious -- our state department twitter feed today, we're talking about intersectionality and pronouns. we've got americans behind enemy lines in afghanistan. this is a deeply troubling to it is disconcerting, it is horrific to the family members of the people in the united states. i am now counting on private-sector efforts to do this. >> sean: but they are not helping.
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>> exactly. i hope the government will at least not get in the way of these private groups or trying to get folks home. >> sean: the state department sent out a memo saying if you have a charter flight you're not allowed to land in the u.s., even with u.s. citizens aboard and if you get a country that will accept your charter, our permission will not be forthcoming if necessary. let me move on though to iran. we see they are now hostile military actions against americans on top of our envoy to iran basically acknowledging that it looks like iran is going to be a nuclear power, and they seem to be willing to accept that. i'm not willing to accept that. >> president trump and i weren't willing to accept it either. we may clear this wasn't going to happen on our watch. now countries in the region, certainly israel that the iranians continue to threaten to wipe off the face of the map, but arab states as well can see that america is not serious about defending them from the risk of proliferation in the region, nuclear weapons in the hands of perhaps multiple countries, if the iranians get a nuke others are going to want
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one too. this is serious business again and it all comes back to an absence of strength. president biden has demonstrated weakness. with respect to iran, the iranians launched missiles into israel within days of them taking office. they would not have done that when we were there. they launched missiles from gaza strip into israel and united states took days to say they had the right to defend themselves. >> sean: what about china? the flying of their fighter jets over taiwan airspace. talk about endless talk of reunification and then russia gets a waiver to build the pipeline. it seems like preferential treatment for russia and china and then my imagination takes me to the fact that the biden family has made a lot of money from both of those countries. fair question? >> fair question. common theme. we had america first, these folks have a woke idea of national security whether it's climate change or whatever it
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may be and they don't understand that american power matters in the world. we don't need to send tens of thousands of our soldiers to demonstrate the power. we need to allow our energy companies to produce, our commercial providers to have the economic power and demonstrate the economic power and unleash our military in a way that is not political but forceful. these are things the biden a simply refuses to accept. they've adopted essentially obama policy of apologize for america wherever they go. it puts not only the united states at risk but our friends and allies. not only in taiwan, but in japan and south korea and israel. this is serious stuff, sean, and this administration better get a handle on how to reestablish deterrence or credibility, or we are in for an awfully long next three years. >> sean: great to have you always always great when we come back, polls are dead even, three poles dead even for the virginia gubernatorial race. it's tightening and terry mcauliffe is getting nervous. sara carter was at glenn
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youngkin's rally earlier tonight. she will join us with a live report and you won't believe dr. fauci's latest scandal, this time it involves funding for reportedly inhumane testing on dogs as well as an update on what he did and did not really know about the virology lab and gain of function at coronavirus testing. straight ahead. [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, big breaking political news out of the commonwealth of virginia, with just one week to go until the gubernatorial election, msn has now released their final ball. the race, like two other polls, is dead even between republican glenn youngkin and democrat terry mcauliffe buried 48-48. now three dead even polls in a row, although one paul has youngkin up by a whopping 0.8%. sara carter on the ground in virginia. you've been there with the campaign today. what's going on? >> you can feel the energy, sean. it was just searching here in suffolk county. about an hour ago glenn youngkin wrapped up his rally, but there were hundreds of supporters, republicans, independents, and i bet you even some democrats, and they said they're here as a referendum of what they say is a dangerous leftist agenda that is
6:29 pm
not only growing here in virginia, but across america. take a listen. >> what are you hoping to hear tonight from youngkin? >> i'm hoping to hear how he's going to turn every thing around in the state of virginia. >> why it's so important as a parent that you elect a new governor, and is it based because on what you heard mcauliffe said, you should stay out of your child's education? >> exactly. it right now we are not even allowed to walk in the school to pick our children up. we have to speak through an intercom outside to even ask them to come out. >> do you feel this is a referendum for the whole nation? virginians are speaking out against critical race theory, against mandates, and telling democrats that. >> is everywhere right now but virginia is somewhere we can do something about it right now. people are charged up, all eyes are on us and we are ready to go swinging. >> continuing with the p.r. scheme and telling parents that on of the rights, you know, to
6:30 pm
know with -- what is going on with the education of their children. >> it's going to go across the country. >> what are you hoping that is going to resonate across the country? >> we don't want to in suffolk, we don't want and in virginia, nobody else wants it and the rest of the country. we want our country back, our state, and our cities. >> sean, they say this is a red wave, a wave that's going to sweep from virginia across the country and come 2022 there wasn't a person that i didn't talk to that didn't say the republicans were going to take back the house and the senate. sean. >> sean: but you know, it's funny because obama went down there and said it's a phony cultural issue about parents not being involved in the kids education, which terry mcauliffe said and then obama throwing out the lie that oh, republicans want to make it harder for you to vote and meanwhile, obama i think only got 2,000 people to show up at his rally in richmond, not exactly a trump style rally by any definition. >> right, sean, and i can tell
6:31 pm
you this, talking to teachers and talking to parents, and i can't even begin to tell you, i think everyone and there was singing it the same exact song. they were saying look, we want the government out of our kids' education, we want to be in charge, we don't want to be called the mystic terrorists. i heard that over and over again. we want to be able to talk to our school boards and we are tired of mandates, give us a voice, that's what everyone has said, give the american people a voice, and i think that's the message that they are sending across the country. >> sean: all right, sara carter on the ground, investigative reporter. thank you. terry mcauliffe is losing ground and in desperation mode and is bringing out all of the big party titans, barack obama, to smear republicans, inflame tensions and cover up his failed record. take a look. >> all across the country democrats are trying to make it easier to vote, not make it harder to vote. and pushback on republicans who are trying to systematically prevent ordinary citizens from making their voices heard. >> sean: just an old typical
6:32 pm
democratic phony lying talking point. of course there's no evidence the g.o.p. is trying to prevent anyone from voting. signature verification, voter i.d., those are all things joe biden has in his state. with no early voting with georgia and no drop boxes like georgia. just like there's no evidence at all that stacey abrams won the georgia governor's race, the big lie that the democrats always like to talk about. that's not stopping terry mcauliffe from spewing more bizarre election conspiracies himself. take a look. >> she would be the governor of georgia today had the governor of georgia not disenfranchised 1.4 million georgia voters before the election. that's what happened to stacey abrams. they took the votes away. >> sean: soak in deep blue virginia really go read a week from tomorrow? the race is dead even. the democrats are on defense and biden will campaign with mcauliffe tomorrow with a
6:33 pm
whopping approval rating in the mid-30s. here with reaction, fox news can bidders ari fleischer, leo terrell. you have to bring in obama, kamala harris, joe biden, not very popular, jill biden, maybe a little more popular, and stacey abrams. is that going to work? you know this state as well is any, ari fleischer. >> no, it's not going to work. i think glenn youngkin on the strength of his individual record, is common sense as a businessman, and he's just a smart, sharp, reasonable guy. i think the odds are very strong removing in his favor, sean. it's going to be a massive upset but let me talk about what barack obama just said because it is so upsetting. this is the typical stuff the democrats throw at the end of every election. this is the heir to voter i.d. is racist. they say now that republicans are trying to suppress the vote. let me remind barack obama that 2020, 159 million americans
6:34 pm
voted. when barack obama ran in 2012, only 129 million americans voted. so turnout surged under donald trump because of the interest on both sides in that election, so don't give me this republicans are suppressing. it's the typical thing the democrats say at the end just to rev up their base on the basis of fear. >> sean: that's like al gore, that's how long this playbook goes back. republicans got the wrong agenda for african-americans, they don't even want to count you in the census. but if you want to go to the dnc convention you need a picture i.d., if you want to go to the white house and visit joe you need a picture i.d. if you want to go to the capital you need picture i.d. and now with that these vaccine passport mandates everywhere. joe biden never lifted a finger to make voting more accessible in delaware so we know it's one big talking point lie here. my question is, you know, is this -- if this is real and we find out either a week from tomorrow or early on a week from wednesday that in fact youngkin
6:35 pm
pulls this off, what does that mean? >> i tell you exact what it means. first of all, as already said, these talking points are old-fashioned democrat a talking points. air jim crow talking points and that's not the issue in virginia. the issue in virginia are based on american issues. education, these parents are fighting for their kids and the democrats won't touch them because they are on the wrong side. critical race theory is evil, wrong. parents across the country don't want this. virginia is the bellwether state on critical race theory. they reject. on the fact that they can feel a sexual assault. this goes to the heart and soul of americans, children, and parents are fighting back. that sound piece that you played at the outset is a reflection of parents fighting for their kids, and that's why you're going to see a red wave starting in virginia because what's happening on the republican side is they are putting children
6:36 pm
first. not these democratic talking points. >> sean: ari, as i watch this, you know, this is not a state that's purple anymore. this is a blue state. when you look at the early voting numbers, what do you glean? >> well, anytime you have a race where terry mcauliffe is basically the incumbent, the previous sitting governor and the challenger is dead even a week before the election and you used to be down, it's obvious to see which way the momentum is, so terri's task is to turn the momentum around. i hardly see how bringing joe biden turns anything around, so this race has been following a pattern that's been moving in a youngkin direction for a while. the implications are going to be as deep as one scott brown took massachusetts under barack obama. it will almost be as deep and that's because virginia is just not as blue as massachusetts, but the shock to the demo critic system, particularly after bringing all those heavyweights, is going to be serious. it's a real canary in the coal mine for the trouble the
6:37 pm
democrats are likely in in 2022. >> sean: is a just as effective if it's close and youngkin fell a little short? >> i'll tell you right now -- >> sean: ari, say that again? >> go ahead. >> sean: leo. >> you have to win. you have to win. biden carries the state by ten percentage points. youngkin has to win the election. i don't care how close he has to win it, because that sends the message that virginia is in play in 2022 and 2024. that sends a resounding message. >> sean: all right, ari fleischer, leo 2.0 terrell, thank you. also breaking tonight, another scandal surrounding dr. fauci, a new bipartisan letter from two dozen lawmakers pressing fauci for answers following new evidence that his nih-funded sick and cruel dog torture experiments in tunisia -- according to the claims from the group, fauci's nih funded a
6:38 pm
whopping three hunted $75,800 grant to "drug beagles, lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so the insects could eat them alive." okay? true, that would be sick, repulsive, disgusting, and just one of the many failures that fauci needs to be held accountable for. we reached out to the nih for comment, they responded in a statement a part that said the goal of the research was to determine if the experimental vaccine prevented dogs from becoming infected natural setting. it's an important research goal in this case, the researchers are supported through multiple different funding sources. the nia grant ended in the july of 2021. they also added viral images of caged beagles in an academic manuscript were not part of a federally funded experiments. we are continuing to follow the story and remember, fauci is
6:39 pm
still under fire for appearing to lie about whether they funded gain-of-function research, including to congress, because look at this. the group picot health alliance, which received u.s. taxpayer dollars from the nih i'm a and subcontracted with the wuhan virology lab on coronavirus, gain of function studies, is calling out fauci. "these data were reported as soon as we were made aware in our year for report in april 2018," undercutting the nih claim that the disclosures s late and undercutting suggestions that fauci knew nothing about any of this. with reaction, the author of "do what you said you would do," republican congress men jim jordan along with fox news contributor lara trump. i know this issue about the dogs in particular has got you quite angry. between that and gain of function that they lied about, that also has me worked up.
6:40 pm
>> yeah, well this one is personal for me, sean, because for as long as i can remember i've been an animal rescue advocate, and animal welfare advocate by and large and i also have a beagle named charlie. what a horrific thing to see happen to any living creature, and as though we needed any more reason to dislike dr. fauci, as though we needed another reason that he probably shouldn't have his job. i mean, this guy has flip-flopped on everything covid from the very beginning. for member the very beginning of covid he told us no masks were required and then he went to two masks, three masks, mask mandates, vaccine mandate. there's a lot of question as to whether or not taxpayer funding went to gain-of-function research, as you were just referencing at the wuhan institute of virology, where likely the covid pandemic originated. he has tried to cancel football games and told us we can't have parties, has tried to cancel holidays. now he's telling us he doesn't even know if we can have christmas again this year, and
6:41 pm
then you look at this experimentation on the beagles, and the use beagles, by the way, because of their temperament, because they don't generally fight back as much as other dogs whenever they are put through this torturous process. his dogs were first debarked, which means they cut their vocal cords so they couldn't cry out in pain when they were being tortured to death, and then as you just described, horrifically put in a box with sand flies to eat them alive. now, i don't know anywhere else other than washington, d.c., full of a bunch of swampy people where you cannot perform well in your job and keep your job as dr. fauci has for so long, but if there was any reason we need to get rid of the sky, it has republicans, democrats, and everybody in between outraged, rightly so. this is despicable. dr. fauci has got to go. >> sean: jim jordan, do you have any doubt nih money now funded through eco-alliance went
6:42 pm
to fund the money for gain of function coronavirus research at the wuhan virology lab between dr. fauci's emails, the intercept leaks, and eco-alliance statements, do you have any doubt at all that dr. fauci lied about what he knew and when? >> no i don't, sean, it's a pattern of deception with the sky and lara is exactly right. he's got to go paired why he is still employed by the american taxpayer do not know. her member 22 months ago, a virology expert it sends any melting the virus looks engineer, not consistent with evolutionary theory. that's a nice way of saying this thing came from a lab. dr. fauci misled us on that for the past year and a half. then we have what happened last week that you pointed out. he misled us about the nih funding gain-of-function research through eco-health at the wuhan lab, and of course now we have this terrible disgusting story where our tax dollars were used to fund research that tortured animals. so again, this is -- this guy has got to go. he's been wrong on everything,
6:43 pm
and why he is the highest-paid official in our government i will never know. >> sean: all right, so what we -- now, if he's lying about it, you're basically saying they knew that we were funding this virology lab where we knew coronavirus work was being done and gain-of-function research was being done and the emails support it, the intercept papers support its, and eco-alliance is saying it. how is it possible at that point that he still works anywhere? >> well, you're right. we were funding it, most likely came from the lab, all the evidence points to that, and it was in fact gain-of-function research and worse yet, the eco-health who is doing this failed to report it, as you said in your comments, failed to report it for two years, but during that two-year time, get so much money they were getting from the american taxpayers? $21 million, so this guy has got to go but now he won't come in front of us anymore. you couldn't keep them off to become a couldn't keep him from testifying, now he refuses to
6:44 pm
come answer questions. >> sean: last word, laura. >> well, i have a great idea as to how to get him out. let's get donald trump to run again in 2024 and get him back in the white house, i think he will take care of this problem. >> sean: i think we got three votes for that but we will give you that assignment to talk him into it, how's that? because i think he tried to talk you into it. >> i'll work on it. >> sean: we will count on it. when we come back, we are learning a lot more about what happened on the set of "rest" come of the movie that left one dead, and other injured, is there a possibility of negligence in a charge and alec baldwin's future? we examine the charge next. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity?
6:45 pm
or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: more troubling developments tonight surrounding alec baldwin, the fatal shooting of the cinematographer on the set of the film "rust," being shot in new mexico, as we are now learning according to one report, baldwin was given the set 'has gone by a crew member who had a previous safety complaint lodged against him on a production back in 2019 for allegedly disregarding safety protocols on the set. according to court records, baldwin did not know that the weapon contained alive round. hutchins was killed while baldwin was rehearsing a scene
6:51 pm
that involved him pointing a weapon at a camera lens and here to explain more, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett along with weapons master brian carpenter is with us. ryan. it guys, i just want to go through some of what we got here. chief electrician laying blame an accident on the armor and producers. then we've got report of at least two accidental gun discharges on the set of this movie in the days leading up to this fatal shooting of the cinematographer. in the discharges on october 16th, you know, prompting a complaint to a supervisor about safety practices. crew members asked, you know, not to be named. you have union members walk off the job as a result of a lack of safety on the set and then you've got, you know, other information that we are finding out too that there is a possibility of an involuntary
6:52 pm
manslaughter charge. you know, brian, let me ask you, what is the proper handling of a firearm on a set like this and how did of live round get in that gun? >> there are so many levels of safety protocols before it even gets to an actor. you start off with the weapon has been cleared before it's even put into the safe, which is usually on the props truck. it's moved from the safe to the armorers car depending on how many guns being used that day. it's cleared again. it's been moved onto the set, generally locked in a cart onset waiting for the scene to be filmed. at that point in time it's checked. for the third time. this is all within the time of your getting ready for that morning shoot. and then prior to handing off to an actor or an actress before the scene starts, you're going to get a double verification at that point. in other words you're going to take the weapon, you're going to call for the a.d., first a.d.,
6:53 pm
dp, director, key grip sometimes, definitely healthy actors. they're going to all check this weapon and make sure it's safe. depending on your relationship you have with the crew, it could be one, it could be all, but it's at least two. that's just before it even gets handed off. >> sean: it just seems like too many instances on the set. we don't have a lot of time but what of the legal -- what are the legal challenges that everybody there might face and alec baldwin himself. i don't think it purposely set out to kill this woman and i don't even like the guy but i'm just being honest, and i believe in the perception of innocence and due process and i have a hard time believing he would -- that that is something he's capable of him as naughty as he is. >> well, i agree. he can't be charged with murder, which is the intentional killing of another, because there's no evidence of that, but he could be charged with criminally negligent homicide, involuntary manslaughter, which is grossly negligent and reckless conduct. the failure to exercise due care
6:54 pm
to protect the crew, and you pointed out -- >> sean: even if somebody says this is a cold gone, it's safe. >> yeah, that doesn't matter because as brian points out, the safety protocols were violated here. the fact that there were two discharges earlier of a weapon put the production crew as well as, importantly, the on location producer, which is alec baldwin, on notice that there was a safety problem, he is duty-bound to take measures, failure to do so and result in a criminal charge against him. you've got an inexperienced armorer who should not have been on the set. you've got an assistant director who was fired from a different film for the accidental discharge. >> sean: does a lot of issues. >> that injured a crew member. see you got a myriad of negligence that could rise to criminal charges here. >> sean: thank you both. more "hannity" next.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for this evening. we always thank you for being with us. please set your dvr, never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham takes it from here and a little birdie told me you just had a doggy on the set, is that true? >> laura: i did! i held it up to my staff about 11 months ago and now it's a giant yellow mass of hair. so now i have to be very careful. a puppy. her name is zoe. >> sean: is the dog still there? put him on tv. or her. >> laura: she is in the closet because it's lightning. >> sean: going to sound like anthony fauci in a minute. >> laura: all right, hannity, i will bring zoe out tomorrow. >> sean: bring