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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  October 26, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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wine, but i'll be in oregon wit you, emily. >> building a wall around his >> but he'll still have his s beach house. >> exactly. you guys, thank you to everyone for joining us. cheers to you all and now here's "america reports." >> thanks, now i'm really thirsty. fox news alert to kick off "america reports." president biden heading to virginia tonight. campaign for democratic gubernatorial candidate in an election that is widely considered to be a referendum on far left policies. welcome to tuesday edition of "america reports." i'm john roberts in washington. great to see you, sandra. >> i'll take it neat. i'm sandra smith in new york. polls show the candidates locked in a close race weeks after he expressed concern over the unpopularity in the state. education has become a top issue as critics say the biden administration is trying to silence those concerned parents. >> this comes as a student is
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found guilty of sexually assaulting a high school classmate in virginia. the father of the teenage victim became a symbol for unrest at school board meetings nationwide. he was arrested for trying to stand up for his daughter after the school superintendent insisted there was no sexual assault. >> we've got fox team coverage. it begins now. jason is standing by to weigh in. mike emanuel is in loudoun county. >> to alexandria in arlington. hi, alex. >> hi there. democrat terry mcauliffe has bought in a slew of high profile democrats to drum up enthusiasm for his campaign. tonight, president biden will make the short trip over the bridge here to arlington. he wrote this on twitter. "folks, terry mcauliffe has been here before. he knows what to do and how to deliver results for virginia." mcauliffe has seen a recent dip in the polls and said that president biden's approval rating hasn't necessarily helped the campaign. in virginia, the latest fox news
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poll shows biden has a 50% favorability rating among likely voters. kind of a tossup right now. mcauliffe is in a dead heat with the republican. with a week to go, they are not holding back any punches. in a new add, he calls out mcauliffe for blocking a bipartisan bill that would have required parents to be notified of explicit material in assigned reading. the ad features a mom that took issue with the abuse depicted in the book "beloved." he came back with a statement, the book banning and silencing esteemed black authors is a racist dog whistle. >> taking care of our children and making sure they have a quality education and safe in schools, that's not a culture role but fundamental right in virginia. that's what i'm standing up for. >> today, mcauliffe is criticizing youngkin for his
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stance on gay marriage. a lot of back and forth here and a lot more to come as the president is expected to arrive here in arlington just before 7:00. john? >> john: terry mcauliffe finding a lot of dog whistles these days, no question about that. sandra? >> sandra: some high school students in virginia staging a walkout today after parents accused a loudoun county school board of covering up a sexual assault. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel is live in loudoun for us. what can you tell us about this case? >> it was back in may when a male student assaulted a female student, sexually assaulted a female student in a girls bathroom. scott smith is the loudoun county father who demanded answers after saying that his daughter was sexually assaulted in school. smith was arrested at a school board meeting in june after an activist told him his daughter was not sexually assaulted. now, there are calls for the superintendent and school board members in loudoun county,
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virginia to resign. his family attorney saying the following the judge's ruling "the smith family stands stronger than ever in moving forward to ensure that those responsible in the loudoun county school system are held accountable so that this may never happen again to anyone else's child." that incident was one of the multiple reasons school board meetings in loudoun county, virginia have been very emotional and spirited. since then, the national school boards association pushed the biden justice department to crack down on school board protests to characterize those involved as potentially domestic terrorists. >> think the attorney general has been quite clear that the job of the department of justice working with state and local law enforcement is to prevent violence, to prevent threats of violence, whether it's in school boards, whether it's in hate crimes, whether it's against election workers. whether it's threat against judges who are members of congress. >> the national school boards association president is viola garcia. on october 1st, garcia was appointed to the national
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assessment governing board overseeing student progress, a key organization that determines federal education policies. back here in loudoun county, we expect another school board meeting later this afternoon. sandra, you might want to pass me off to fox weather. we have an emerging situation out here. >> we see the flags blowing. we hear the wind, mike in loudoun county. john? >> john: let's bring in jason, former utah congressman and fox news contributor. good to see you. let's talk about viola garcia appointed to this national assessment and governing board. she is, as mike mentioned, the president of the national school boards association and the one that sent that letter to president biden asking that people who disrupt these school board meetings potentially be characterized and considered as domestic terrorists. apparently, the association had been talking to the white house for weeks before this letter was sent and then her appointment to the department of education board came two days after she
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sent that letter. your take on all of this? >> let there be no mistake, this letter wasn't some accidental letter that went out by one person who did something in a rogue way. it was a very concerted effort that took months to craft. and then it was sent. and now, the school board association is trying to say, well, you know, we kind of take part of it back. but no, the white house is rewarding her for playing ball. and the way i read this whole situation is this was a brushback pitch. this was meant to intimidate parents. it was meant to say, look, the f.b.i. is going to get involved. you're not going to want to be one of those parents who is actually engaged with your children's education. but i think it's having the exact opposite effect. but i think the effect from the white house and make no mistake, these things come out of the white house, she is getting rewarded for being a team player and by this appointment. >> john: as you mentioned, the national school boards association has at least
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partially walked back this letter saying that some of the language in it should not have been used. yet, she is still on the board at the department of education and the attorney general still has not called off the f.b.i. >> that's because they want to send a signal to parents, don't get involved. don't be engaged. if you do so, you're going to create problems for you and your family and it's just too dangerous to go out there and do this. let big government take care of it. let those in charge take care of it. that is the fundamental difference between the republican approach and the democratic approach. that's why youngkin who should be losing by all accounts by about 10 percentage points has a real shot at actually pulling off this election because parents are fed up with it. they don't see it as a republican and democratic issue, they see it about their kids. in this case, the republicans, youngkin is in the right position on this, and terry mcauliffe has said multiple times what he's not supposed to say outloud which is we get to
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decide these things, not you, the lowly parents. >> yeah, and barack obama, the former president kind of doubled down on that over the weekend. terry mcauliffe had questioned whether or not parents should have a say in what their kids should learn in school. barack obama dismissed this whole thing out of hand. listen to what he said. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trumped up culture wars! >> jason, what's a parent to think? they're being told by the democrat who wants to be governor you don't have a say in what your schools are teaching. you got the former president who comes in to the state of virginia, campaigning for terry mcauliffe saying this is a phony trumped up culture war. >> totally tone deaf, trying to dismiss as some sort of radical and this is the fundamental problem for democrats. they want to pick on donald trump and they want to pick on other things as trumped up right wing conspiracies. but republicans are out there talking about the future and the way it should be and engaging parents in their own education.
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good luck with that, democrats! because you know what? those centrist people and 10% or 15% of the electorate, they care and they will show up and they are not going to like what the democrats are trying to say. hey, get out of your kids' education. that is not a winning formula in this country. >> john: tell the 14-year-old girl that was raped in the bathroom of her school that it's a trumped up war. she might disagree with you. thanks for kicking us out today. sandra? >> sandra: former campaign attorney michael sussman appearing in federal court earlier this morning. sussman was indicted last month for lying to the f.b.i. the indictment alleges that he lied to the f.b.i. about trump's ties to russia and breaking this morning, government prosecutors say they plan to call former f.b.i. general counsel james baker to testify in the sussman case. all this comes as garland is confirming that the probe is still ongoing and that the investigation budget has been
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renewed. durham has been investigating the origins of the russia probe since may of 2019. john? >> john: all right, mike emanuel mentioned it a second ago. a fall nor'easter slamming the east coast bringing threats of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash flooding through tuesday. new jersey and new york have issued states of emergency although forecasters do not expect the storm's impact to be as bad as hurricane ida. up to eight inches of rain predicted across the northeastern states. it comes as a bomb cyclone is blamed for record rainfall, power outages and mudslides on the west coast in recent days. that storm came through here last night. it rained a lot. at one point, i had to drive and pick up my son from music school and literally could not see on the way back home. >> sandra: yeah, the streets are flooded around new york city. hard for a lot of folks to get in. but a lot of people have adapted to work from home and now you get inclement weather, you stay home. so many people did. john, this is a good time to put
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on the fox news -- or the fox weather app. i downloaded it yesterday. it was the number one downloaded app yesterday. it is awesome! so there you have it. go to to watch. >> john: fox is all about weather and you will get it on your phone 24/7. >> sandra: all right. shipment of cars meanwhile coming across the southern border has some extra cargo. stunning new images of what texas state troopers found on those trains. plus this. >> i don't think we're about to lose control of inflation. >> john: treasury secretary janet yellin going after the former treasury secretary for saying the administration is losing control of inflation. who is right? wasn't this all supposed to be temporary? our economic panel is up next. don't you go away. [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease,
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>> john: one of the leading voices of the defund the police movement is now blaming police for the spike in crime in her district. congresswoman ilhan omar accused the minneapolis police department of being "dysfunctional". her comments come as crime has surged 17% in minnesota over the last year. omar took to the podium in a town hall in minneapolis on saturday. >> to not fulfill their oath of office, and provide the public safety they are owed to the citizens the minneapolis police department is the most dysfunctional police department in our state and probably in the country. >> john: critics say low morale and public scrutiny are driving
10:17 am
police away from the job following the death of george floyd. omar says she intends to back a ballot measure that will replace the entire police force with the department of public safety. not sure exactly what the difference would be between a police department and the department of public safety. but blaming police for the rise in crime? >> sandra: one would assume a lot of differences including whether or not that person arrives in your home in an emergency is armed and the capability and the training they receive, john, the morale of these police departments is brutal at a time where a city like that is facing a spike in crime that is driving a lot of the residents away. and really hope somebody finds a solution to the situation. just brutal. all right, we'll have more on that coming up. meanwhile, big questions over inflation and whether the biden administration is ignoring what's happening. are they losing control of the situation? former treasury secretary larry someers, i should say former obama treasury secretary firing back at the current secretary janet yellin after she said
10:18 am
somers was flat out wrong on his fears over inflation. responding to the claims that inflation will come down next year saying "i hope she's right but i think it's much less than a 50/50 chance." he goes on to say if the treasury cannot fully recognize the inflation reality, they are unlikely to deal with it successfully. let's bring in our panel, president of the american action forum and former c.b.o. director. and the chief economic advisory at allianz and great to have you both. how do we look at this? clearly, larry somers is looking at the situation saying we're looking at a congress that is willing to back more massive spending plans under the current administration and how can prices ever come down if you continue spending all this money. >> i think the facts are more on larry's side here. we have wage inflation in 5%,
10:19 am
part of the cost push on consumer price inflation running near 7%. behind that, there's pipeline inflation pressures that are double digits. and the important thing is people now are expecting inflation. inflation expectations have marched up steadily. those are all the ingredients you need for steadily rising inflation. only thing that stands between this and that are good policies. as we hear the discussions continue on capitol hill, the bill they're discussing turns more and more into a front loaded spending bill with some tax increases maybe in the out years. that's a stimulus bill. that was the mistake that was made in march, repeating that mistake again is a recipe to ratchet inflation up and not bring it down. >> sandra: quite clearly, this is something very tangible for the american people. we feel inflation when we put gas in our tanks and looking at multiyear highs for the price of energy. when we heat our homes this winter, we'll see it show up in our home heating bills and seeing it on the dinner table. there are forecasts that we are going to, according to "the new york times," get walloped in the
10:20 am
wallet with the costs it will take to put the thanksgiving feast on the dinner table. "the new york times" saying "nearly every ingredient from the turkey to the after dinner coffee is expected to cost more for a host of reasons." so if we're all feeling this, and even larry summers is saying this is a problem that's not going away any time soon, why does janet yellin not see and feel this? >> so it has been their view and i've disagreed with that view for months that inflation is transitory, but yes it's going to go up but come straight back down again. there's enough evidence here and doug just said it to suggest that inflation will be more persistent and higher than what both the federal reserve and the administration expects. now, i bring the federal reserve in because while i disagree with doug, this is not a biden administration issue. a lot of the things in front of congress today would enhance
10:21 am
supply responsiveness, would increase labor participation which means it would address the supply problem which is pushing inflation higher. this is a federal reserve issue and the fed has been behind the curve for too long. >> sandra: interesting analysis. some are making the case there's something this administration could do to alleviate at least the supply chain crisis that is leading to a lot of these high prices and empty store shelves. kevin mccarthy was on "fox & friends" this morning and he had this warning. listen. >> why is inflation here? because of the spending of what the democrats have done, the trillions of dollars. the supply chain, most expensive thanks giving we've ever had. our shelves go into the stores you don't believe it's america where we do not have our shelves have become empty. it's based upon the democratic policies. >> sandra: you can respond to that, doug and react to muhammad, obviously, a bit of a debate, i guess we have of our own here, yeah.
10:22 am
>> well, i agree and disagree. certainly with the fed, they have been behind. and right now, they're paralyzed as they await appointments and, perhaps, the reappointment of jerome powell as chair. so that's not a good situation. in the end, the fed will be responsible for the inflation rate. supply shortages are -- and, you know, problems are real but they're always relative to demand. and they really exacerbated the problem with the stimulus bill and really shouldn't do it again. i think that's just a really principle part of this story and larry summers was the first to point out the mistake that the $2 trillion stimulus was in march. that's what lit this flame and made inflation take off. and so don't make anymore mistakes. the fed should start moving more quickly and that would give us a chance for this to come down. but it's not going to come down overnight. it's not going to come down to 2% any time soon. >> sandra: correct me if i'm wrong but the whole case the fed was making on this inflation and high prices being transitory was based on the covid relief when
10:23 am
all that pent-up demand, people went out and using services. they were buying goods. and you got that spike in demand. and the idea was that was pent-up demand and that would slow things down. if we're still pumping money into the system and congress implementing trillions more in spending, how can the prices come down? in fact, won't they go higher? final thought. >> they will go higher and the fed has misread the inflation dynamics in a big way and it's still to this notion that it's transitory. first thing you should do is stop injecting $120 billion every month. you should stop that. do we really need the fed to buy $40 billion of mortgages and push house prices even higher? no! >> sandra: why are they not getting that? i have to leave it there. why? why is there not a willingness to change their strategy? i have to leave it there. i hope to have you both back.
10:24 am
it seems like there's bipartisan agreement this is not coming to an end any time soon. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> sandra: john? >> john: sandra, alarming new details emerging in that fatal movie set shooting involving alec baldwin. what we're learning about the person that handed baldwin the prop gun and why he had been fired from a previous job. >> sandra: plus an f.d.a. panel expected to vote today on recommending vaccines for children ages 5 to 11. how soon could that approval be coming? our own dr. marc siegel will join us straight ahead.
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>> john: an f.d.a. panel is meeting as we speak to consider recommending pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. the vote will be the first step in approving the rollout of vaccines for younger children. let's bring in fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel, also a professor of medicine at n.y.u. medical center. good to see you this afternoon. any reason that you can see that the f.d.a. panel would not recommend this for kids? >> i think they will. i talked a couple of weeks ago someone on that panel and said look, i need to see the data first but i also talked to dr. david kessler, chief science advior to president biden and he's looked at the data for covid-19 and he's looked at the data and says it looks very safe. and over 90% effective. it's only 2200 kids, keep that in mind, john. we looked over a million kids for polio before it got
10:30 am
approved, but we're in the middle of a ferocious pandemic here. and i know the advisory committee is going to find that it's very effective in 1/3 of the dose that we're giving adults and find that it's safe. so i predict that they'll vote yes and the f.d.a. will vote yes across the board and we'll see it in pediatrician offices in early november. >> john: i was going to ask you about that. let me get you to back up a little tiny bit there. how does this vaccine for parents at home who are considering this differ from the adult or older children dose? >> well, only in dose. it's only 1/3 the dose which is good news for those who are worried about side effects of the vaccine. i'm not that worried about it. i'm not trying to downplay that. in other words, people are worried about myocarditis. that's maybe 5 in 100,000 teens got that at a much leftier dose. i'm worried about long covid in kids and also the idea that kids can spread it to those around them. we're seeing cognitive changes
10:31 am
in children long term who get over covid and we've seen over two million children get infected already and 150 plus have died but the death rate is relatively low, obviously compared to the rest of the population but i'm concerned about longer term side effects. i think this is another tool, a public health tool. but john, i'm particularly interested in the idea that they want pediatricians in the loop this time with smaller needles in the doctor's office who can have a conversation about this with a parent and a child. >> john: that's comforting, i think, for a lot of parents. in terms of the myocarditis that you just mentioned the f.d.a. did point to that in the briefing book. they said the overall analysis predicted that the numbers of clinically predicted covid-19 predicted would clearly outweigh the myocarditis cases. the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risk of any form of myocarditis that is heart
10:32 am
inflammation and can lead to problems for some kids. >> that's well stated by you. it depends on how much covid there is in the area. we're way more worried about covid. if you want to go slightly slow and slightly, you could argue let's give it to the higher risk kids first who are more at risk of severe outcomes and roll it out to them. in the first month or two, we have 28 million kids in the united states ages 5 to 11. we're going to quickly see how this works over a million kids, and the studies looked very, very safe. i'm expecting the same. especially at 1/3 of the dose. i mean, the c.d.c. director said look, children are not small adults. they're their own metabolism, we have to look at kids very specifically but this committee, i have a lot of confidence in. i mentioned a pediatric infectious disease specialist probably top in the country and he's going to be pouring over this data today. he says that what the committee says is would i give this to my 5-year-old? if he says yes, then i would. >> john: on that point, one
10:33 am
quick question. the vaccine is 91% effective in preventing symptomatic illness. many parents at home say look, a lot of kids get this and never show symptoms. how could it change the whole equation here? >> well, i think it's going to be very effective at preventing asymptomatic illness as well. that's a really good point you just made. and if you decrease asymptomatic illness and the amount of virus somebody is carrying, their chances of spreading it around the school and out of the school to high risk people, i have a personal story of someone who got very sick even though he had the vaccine, very high risk because his child brought it home from school. and you know, again, we want to protect our children but we also want to protect those around them as well who may have had the vaccine but could get a breakthrough case. let's get everybody vaccinated and protect the society. >> john: very good point. thanks for the house call. appreciate it. good to see you. see you again soon. >> thanks. >> sandra: there are brand new details emerging in the tragic movie set shooting that led to the death of cinematographer
10:34 am
hutchins. we're learning that alec baldwin was handed that prop gun by a crew member previously fired after a 2019 safety mishap. matt finn is live with the latest breaking details on this case. >> hi, sandra. the sheriff and d.a. have their first scheduled news conference tomorrow in new mexico. we anticipate learning much more about this investigation including the big question of whether there might be some charges and there are more new concerning details emerging about just how potentially dangerous the new mexico set of the baldwin movie was. a hollywood veteran prop master now tells "the l.a. times" that he turned down working on the movie "rust" because he felt there were massive red flags calling the baldwin film "a slap dash production with an overriding focus on saving money instead of concern for people's safety." he turned down the job in an e-mail telling the l.a. times after i pressed send on that last e-mail, i felt in the pit of my stomach that is an accident waiting to happen.
10:35 am
last thursday, baldwin accidentally shot and killed 42-year-old cinematographer hutchins on the new mexico set. a search warrant indicates that the assistant director handed him a gun that was believed to be cold or not loaded. when baldwin fired it, he hit hutchins in the chest killing her. he was reportedly fired from the movie when a gun unexpectedly discharged injuring a sound member. halz was remorseful for that incident. trial attorney jeff harris who handled two wrongful death suits on film sets including "midnight rider" and the show "the walking dead" says he, like everyone else, wonders how a live round got on to the baldwin set. >> it's still not clear that's what we're talking about because, you know, there's really no reason why a live bullet would ever be on a movie set. so generally speaking, when they're referring to live rounds, they're talking about blanks. but on the other hand, i can't
10:36 am
see how a blank could have caused an injury like this. >> authorities are looking into the role that the 24-year-old armorer had on that set. >> sandra: there's more questions than answers about all that still today. matt, thank you. and john, there's one thing for sure and i know so many in our audience are gun people and most gun people are super safety conscious and you are very aware if someone is around a gun and they are not, that you quickly notice and clearly, there was some red flags about that person on a movie set back in 2019. >> john: the lead store on cites a report that suggests at least one of the guns that was being used in the movie was used earlier in the day by a couple of crew members to go plinking and could possibly have left a live round that was in the gun? >> sandra: lot of circumstances that the investigation is still looking into for sure. all right. >> john: massive caravan
10:37 am
crossing mexico and heading for the united states. folks along the border say they feel abandoned by the white house. >> the biden administration just continues on this illegal immigration route and all it's doing is encouraging more and more people. it's only going to get worse until this administration stands up and does something. >> john: some of those mike migrants openly pinning their hopes on joe biden. we're live from mexico come up next. >> sandra: where is vice president kamala harris in all of this? why some say harris is spending less and less time with president biden. katie will join us live next. veteran homeowners. while some banks and lenders are raising their rates newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate.
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>> sandra: ennis canter continues to call out human abuses in china, he's blaming nike for allowing forced labor practices in the country. listen to this. >> when it comes to china, nike remains silent.
10:42 am
you are still to speak up. who makes your shoes in china? do you even know? there are so many forced labor factories in china. nike claims that they do not allow any forced labor in their supply chains. yet, they don't have the receipt to prove it. cody: he posted that video on monday to his twitter feed. the nba star has been a consistent critic of china. last week, kanter posted a video calling the chinese president a brutal dictator. john? >> john: we've got pete coming up in the next hour who will be talking more about this and after ennis kanter called him a brutal dictator, china stopped showing nba games and the nba look at china as a very lucrative market. >> sandra: lot of impact on that and putting himself out there. when you talk to pete, pete played basketball for princeton. little known fact. >> john: well, couldn't get into harvard? is that what you're telling me? >> sandra: i'll let you deal
10:43 am
with him later. >> john: texas state troopers discovering a group of migrants trying to sneak into the country by hiding in a shipment of new cars. this is a massive migrant caravan heads for the southern border. some 3,000 people moving towards the united states. fox team coverage now, katie will join us in moments with her thoughts but first, griff jenkins is at the mexico-guatemala border with the latest on the caravan headed for the united states. griff? >> hey, john, it's day four. rest day for the migrants here and mexico. government officials handing out a pamphlet to aid the migrants. you can see them resting in the shade and vendors are out trying to sell to the migrants. in the distance, you can see a health organization here tending to blistered feet, fatigue and some running a fever. the leader of the caravan says they'll roll again tomorrow morning. he's an american who voted for president biden but upset with him. and a lot of people have been
10:44 am
asking, who is paying to fund this caravan? well, i asked the leader exactly that question. here's what he said. >> this is a way that they go, what happened happens and a lot of times people of good will like the churches or other people to give them food. if not, i don't know. but i'm not getting funded. john, just the last look here, you can see folks resting in the distance, a chihuahua named princessa making this journey and so are so many children and it's taking a toll on them. they'll roll again tomorrow. they're more than 2400 miles if they're going on the same path of two years ago. so far, they have been. they'll head to the texas border. we'll have to wait and find out, though, what their final path is, john? >> john: interesting he says he's not getting any funding when he claimed earlier in the week that mexico was funding some of these caravans. griff jenkins for us today.
10:45 am
thank you. >> sandra: thousands of migrants heading to the u.s. to enter the country illegally. it appears democrat may want amnesty for them. for a closer look of all of it, we bring in katie, fox news contributor and editor for great to see you. do you think that democrats are so desperate that they'll push for amnesty in this spending bill? >> they are really desperate for a number of reasons. first is that the biden administration took this big risk that they miscalculated on being able to push through this multitrillion dollar piece of legislation thinking that joe biden would be the next f.d.r. when they have a split senate and nancy pelosi has a razor thin margin in the house. now they're facing this down. negotiations are ongoing and looking at the 2022 elections for next year and thinking, the only time that we have to do this is now. so they're throwing everything into this bill hoping that they can get it all passed together
10:46 am
as a last shot. longer this thing goes on, the longer the negotiations drag on, and they don't get a deal from the white house end, the more we find out what's in it. whether it's the amnesty push or whether it's the i.r.s. wanting to snoop on people's bank accounts and other measures that americans are looking at this and saying no thank you. and key players like senator joe manchin are looking at it and saying we shouldn't be doing a large majority of what they're trying to push through in these massive pieces of legislation. >> sandra: as i mentioned, senator mitt romney had a lot to say about what he is talking about, desperation on the part of democrats to get this bill passed. listen. >> the democrats are pretty desperate. they want to get something done for the president because he's kind of circling the drain with the electorate in the country. and as a result, they're willing to do almost anything, i think. so i think you're going to see legislation passed, but the real problem is the legislation is not popular with the american people and it doesn't address the concerns people have. >> sandra: because if it was so
10:47 am
popular you wouldn't have to see this administration and president biden spending so much time selling it, katie? >> well, they're trying to sell something that's not necessarily written yet, right? negotiations are still ongoing. don't necessarily have a final bill at this point or even a final number in terms of what they want to spend. americans are smart. they're looking at their own pocketbook, they're looking at the fact that we spent $2 trillion in a so-called stimulus package earlier this year that has spiked up inflation and now they're thinking, are we really going to spend trillions more dollars? i mean, the idea that we are talking about now a pared down piece of legislation that is going to cost $2 trillion instead of $3.5 trillion really is astonishing given how much money we spent over the last year and a half to combat covid. so democrats are desperate. joe biden's approval ratings continue to go down across the board in poll after poll. they want to win. and finally, you know, sandra, joe biden promised the
10:48 am
international community, you've seen this a lot in the press briefings that he would come to the table with an agreement domestically about how the u.s. was going to fight climate change. he doesn't have that agreement yet. he's leaving to go overseas in a couple of days without anything to say this is what the u.s. is doing and therefore, other countries should do it, too. he's failing both internationally and domestically. >> sandra: final thought i want to get on "the l.a. times" piece, they're reporting on kamala harris and joe biden and their relationship and what they called in the headline "a shifting role for kamala harris. fewer public events with biden. only about a fifth of the activities listed on harris' public calendar in september and october have involved biden compared with roughly 3/4 of them in january and february. this month, harris had seven activities with biden on her public schedule. six of them behind closed doors." what is happening here? and, perhaps, are you seeing the president put a lot of these big problems off on kamala harris? and she can't answer for them
10:49 am
so, therefore, we don't see or hear from her. >> right, well, i would say that, yeah, she's been tasked with a number of big topics and issues that she has completely failed to deliver on. other thing is the vice president is very unpopular, and you don't need a president who is also suffering from a low approval numbers and polling that is nose diving on a weekly basis by continually pairing him with a vice president who is also unpopular. and so there has been some misgivings as well from the white house side of things on the vice president's schedule and some of the ways that they portrayed her, for example, going to vietnam while afghanistan was falling apart. >> sandra: a lot to that and interesting observation from "the l.a. times" no less. great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thanks, sandra. >> john: social media executives are testifying before a senate panel. are tiktok and others hurting america's kids? congresswoman kathy mcmorris
10:50 am
rogers will join us on that just ahead. ♪ darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. bogeys on your six, limu. applebee's. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> john: there's an old saying
10:54 am
that cheaters never prosper. but the houston astros are heading to the world series again. connell mcshane, lucky guy. >> it's like a branding right for the astros. this used to be enron field. after that scandal at that company, it's minute maid park these days. in a similar fashion, the team is hoping to use the world series to rebrand and rebuild its image. the team name was scarred by that cheating scandal that was involved in the 2017 championship season. they're trying to make people forget about the past. >> i don't think we're playing here in the world series because we're motivated to prove to people that we're a really good team. we're here because we worked hard for the moment of spring
10:55 am
training. >> game 1 tonight. and ken rosenthal is the reporter that broke the story about the sign stealing scandal in late 2019. we talked about the rebuilding of the astro's brand. >> in terms of the brand, this is a different team. four players remain from that world champion team. it's a different time, too. baseball has new rules. it's a different landscape, a different game. if you win this year, you can say we've done it under the present rules. >> on the other side, the atlanta braves a great on-field story this year. they had so many injuries but came back. they didn't have more wins than losses until august 6. but they'll be here tonight. >> john: first pitch is 8:09. make sure you put it on folks for all of the coverage.
10:56 am
connell mcshane, thanks. >> sandra: sandra? >> sandra: we'll be watching. game one. people in one san francisco neighborhood say they've had enough. burglaries, vandalism are playing that city. we'll have that and more in a brand new hour. there's the line-up. there is n. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee. well, she may have a destination this one time, but usually -- no, i-i usually have a destination. yeah, but most of the time, her destination is freedom. nope, just the coffee shop. announcer: no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. voiceover: 'cause she's a biker... please don't follow me in.
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11:00 am
veteran homeowners. three reasons to do a cash out refi right now. home values are high while rates are low. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. and you could take out $50,000 dollars or more. >> sandra: a brand new hour of "america reports" begins now. new stories at 2:00. first the nba was a-okay with blm. now the top sponsor, nike, all for plastering the court with slogans. you'll remember the same company that backed colin kaepernick and his protests. today it has one player asking, where are the woke warriors now? >> john: he's accusing the league of hypocrisy for caving to china. pete hegseth is here. you know he has a lot to say.
11:01 am
>> sandra: one company swears they won't go woke. netflix giving to dave schapelle. the comedian is finally speaking out and he has a message for anybody that is offended. >> john: private security firms have had big business in the south sudan. now families are hiring guards of their own. >> sandra: so where are police and the prosecutors? we have some ideas. we're talking about san francisco. it could easily be an american city as violent any american city as violent crime gets out of control. i'm sandra smith in north. families that feel like they need private security. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. good to spend another hour with you. it's a busy one. starting off with america's crime crisis.
11:02 am
>> sandra: families in san francisco say they've had enough. burglaries, break-ins, property crimes. now some homers are hiring their own private security. >> john: residents say they don't feel safe on their own block. claudia cowan has more. >> it's another sign of the growing crime prop here in san francisco. fed up with having their cars and homes repeatedly broke into, more residents are hiring out to protect their family. this is a growing trend in many upscale neighborhoods like the marina district where one person said they don't feel safe in their neighborhood. we have an alarm and cameras but want the extra security of having someone have eyes on our place. many residents are getting the extra eyes through the san francisco patrol special police. a private security program over seen and managed by the police
11:03 am
commission. residents pay $65 a month for uniformed security officers to patrol the area once it gets damage to combat break-ins and the growing number of homeless people sleeping on resident's door steps. one client says his list has doubled from 70 to 150 in the marina district alone. the biggest problem is car burglaries. it's not uncommon to find broken glass and stolen property and empty luggage on the street. shop lifting is a huge problem as well prompting walgreen's, cvs and target to close for good. the crimes take seconds and thieves don't care if they're seen or caught because these crimes are rarely prosecuted. that is a big reason san francisco's progressive district attorney is facing a recall likely next year. meantime, john, residents are
11:04 am
taking matters into their own hands to protect property and families. back to you. >> john: it's affecting communities in different ways. sandra? >> sandra: let's bring in head of research at policing and public safety initiative, rafael mangual. thanks for joining us. i don't know how to explain to anyone what is happening in that city. we're to the point that people are -- families are hiring their own security to feel safe walking down the street? >> that's right. this is really just another illustration of a stubborn reality that those pushing to dismantle the criminal justice system have failed to grapple with. that reality is as bad as things get, the well-to-do will always do whatever it is they have to minimize their own risk. we saw this with the suburbanization spike of the 70s and 80s and seeing it now with private security hires. the problem that we have to
11:05 am
grapple with here is what about the people that cannot afford this luxury? they get left behind. they have to bear the cost of depolicing, decarser ation. it's always poor low income neighborhoods that are baring the brunt of the crime that are the result hoff the terrible policies. >> sandra: i can't imagine you're going to tell me the decision makers or leaders or lawmakers in the state are going to wake up and see it's the less fortunate that are going to have this greatest impact and lose their security because they don't have the funds or the money to go hire the private security like some of these families in a rich city like san francisco. it doesn't help that some members of congress like ilhan omar are blaming the police in
11:06 am
minute -- minneapolis that she said this. >> they will not fulfill their oath of office and provide the public safety that they owe to the citizens. the minneapolis police department is the most dysfunctional police department in our state and in the country. >> sandra: in case our audience couldn't make out the final words from the congresswoman there, she said the minneapolis department is the most dysfunctional police department in our state and probably in the country. blaming those in blue for the problems that minneapolis is having. >> yeah, this is actually really quite rich. especially coming from her. she was happy to reduce the capacity of police to do the things that we know reduce crime
11:07 am
a few months ago. this is in total tension with her prior support for defunding the police. so you know, really strikes me as a ploy to shift the blame away from her party's policies and on to an embattled institution and a transparent attempt to have it both ways. either she was wrong to support defunding the police and if so she should say that or, you know, the reality is that reducing the capacity of police to do their job, encouraging them to leave the force will have negative consequences like what we're seeing in minneapolis and across the country. >> sandra: i wonder what happens next with all of this. i've got 30 or so seconds left. with the great political divisions that we have in this country and a debate over something as simple as supporting our men and women in blue, how do you -- what is the solution? when do people come together on this issue even in this very divided environment? >> well, i think the solution is
11:08 am
to do the things we know worked in the past to properly fund our police departments, do our best to recruit and retain high performing police officers so that they can do their job and to back the efforts through prosecution and incarceration when appropriate. unfortunately the way things are going, i fear that crime is doing to just have to get a lot worse before people wake up to the reality that taking our foot off the gas is not the way to go. >> thanks for coming on, rafael. thank you. >> sandra: >> thank you you. >> sandra: for some of the lawmakers in california, the very people that they say they're setting out to help with all of this happening and now the need for private security for your family to feel safe that is expensive. those that don't have the means, rafael is making the point, they'll deal with that spike in crime, not the people that have the means to hire private security. >> john: as i said with claudia cowan, stores closing because of
11:09 am
shoplifting, that doesn't help any community, a small group of people are ruining it for a larger group. it's a shame to see happening in this country. we've seen congress take big tech giants like facebook and twitter to task. now it's tik tok's turn. several social media companies get grilled on what they think is more important, the safety of kids or raking in cash. that is coming up next. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein.
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>> sandra: big tech in the hot seat again. another blockbuster hearing on capitol hill. everything from kid safety to ties with china are topics. aishah hasnie is reporting live for us. hello, aishah. >> sandra: good afternoon to you. yes, it will the first time that
11:15 am
a tik tok executive came to the hill to speak to senators and plenty of senators had a lot to say about its ties to china. watch. >> does tik tok consider a parent company in beijing to be part of tik tok's corporate group? yes or no. >> the data on the app is of low sensitivity. >> are you willing to answer the question? it's yes or no. >> yes, it is. >> yes, it is. >> senators quizzing executives of snap cha criminals using the platforms. cartels were using tik tok to get teens to help bring in illegal migrants across the southern border. marsha blackburn telling us there's a bipartisan support for holding these apps liable for any criminal activity that leads to harm. things got heated again when
11:16 am
senator markey asked snap chat if she would support the child privacy protection legislation. >> do you support it enough? >> i think, senator, we would love to talk to you more -- >> listen, this is just what drives us crazy. we want to talk. we want to talk. this bill has been out there for years. >> bipartisan frustration for sure. now it's just a matter of seeing what the lawmakers are get done when it comes to regulation. sandra? >> sandra: aishah hasnie on the hill for us. john? >> john: on the house side, republicans are demands information from big tech on how their products might affect teen mental health and how they protect that that. congress woman rogers is here with us. so congresswoman mcmorris-rogers, you have sent letters to tik tok, snap chat and youtube on the mental
11:17 am
effects of young americans. what are your concerns? >> as a parent, i would say my biggest fear big tech. we're learning about how big tech functions. they built these platforms, algorithms to not just engage our children but to keep them on these programs as long as possible and that they know that it's actually impacting their mental health. i remember when mark zuckerberg was in front of our committee and i asked him about it, if they had done research. they said it was inclusive. they know whether it's passive observation on these platforms that it is -- absolutely is harming or kids and we must have answers and we must hold them accountable. >> john: let me take you to the research. this was an internal study by facebook about their instagram platform that found that we can make body image issues worse for
11:18 am
one in three teen girls. teens blame instagram for anxiety and depression. you're not just concerned about that you're concerned about the chinese communist party taking a seat on the board of byte dance, which is tik tok. you asked -- >> so two other concerns there. possible censoring of conservative content and what data might be shared with the chinese communist party. >> yes. there's a close relationship with big tech and the chinese communist party. it's of grave concern when you consider how much information these tech companies are collecting on us. think about our children in particular. it's clear that they know that
11:19 am
they are preying on our children's vulnerabilities, especially young women. as a conservative, very concerned about their continued effort to silence constitutionally protected speech, political speech and silence conservatives or their platforms. we must hold big tech accountable and stop the censorship and protect our kids. >> the head of tik tok's public policy, michael beckerman addressed one of those questions a short time ago. here's what he said. >> we don't share information with the chinese government. our research shows there's no overt data transmission to the chinese government and our testing, tik tok did not contact any services in china. >> john: he says tik tok doesn't share any data with the chinese government. but there's a law in china that all they have to do is ask and they get the data. >> that's true. we would like to better how much data is actually stored in china. how many of these apps, platforms are collecting data, collecting personal information
11:20 am
and then storing that in china. these are the kind of answers that we need to understand. it's clear that there's a closer relationship with big tech and the chinese communist party than we fully understood before. that's one pillar of our big tech account ability platform. >> john: a quick question here. studies have shown that social media and video games can be as addictive as hard drugs. they hit the same pleasure centers that cocaine does. because of that, does there need to be more oversight over this? >> we need transparency for sure. we have a mental health, a suicide crisis, certainly covid has contributed to that. social media, even before covid, the number of suicides in high schools in eastern washington was alarming. the numbers are escalating right now. big tech has done research. they know their platforms are having a negative impact on mental health, on our children's
11:21 am
mental health and we must hold them accountable. >> john: my wife who you know well and i are with you on this, congress woman. we have 10-year-old twins and access to this stuff is our biggest concern with them. >> thank you. >> john: thanks for coming in today. >> sandra: everybody is worried about it, right? >> john: we have to hide devices in our house. they go looking for it. used to be kids stole control. now they're on social media all day. >> sandra: there's no playbook. kind of a pioneer as a parent in the social media world. >> john: making it up as we go along. it's neck and neck in virginia in a race that could be a sign of things to come. terry mcauliffe is bringing in the big guns. with president biden's numbers flailing, will he make a difference? >> john: and also the nba player calling out nike for keeping the
11:22 am
nba quiet on china's human rights abuses. more next. terest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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11:27 am
>> john: and nba player taking a shot at the swoosh. nike under fire for turning a blind eye to china. what about the league itself in pete hegseth on that moments away. first, president biden heading out to virginia for a get out the vote for terry mcauliffe rally. with the president's approval ratings in the tank and his agenda stalled, there's big questions if his visit will give mcauliffe a lift. rich edson has more. >> good afternoon. the president is trying to get movement on all of these fronts. sagging poll numbers, the president campaigning for these democrats and now trying to get his domestic agenda moving. you have more congressional democrats coming to the white house today all in a way of
11:28 am
trying to assemble this multi-trillion dollar social spending package in a way that attracts moderates like joe manchin and the liberals like congress woman jayapal. >> lead the mechanics to speaker pelosi and leader schumer. they want both pieces done. we're in regular touch with congress woman jayapal that we've been working with through every stage of this process. >> quite possible they'll try to jam something down our throats this week. it's hard to know. they keep changing the price tag. it was $3.5 trillion, which will be more with inflation. >> democrats are negotiating with themselves to bring the social spending plan down to about $2 trillion. on top of that, also dislodge a stall trillion dollar infrastructure plan. the president leaves thursday for europe for the g-20 and climate summit. he's been appearing with the
11:29 am
democratic candidates in the two off year governor elections. new jersey for governor phil murphy and virginia for the former and aspiring next governor, terry mcauliffe. the gallop pop shows the president's approval among independents is 34%. the lowest of his term and a drop of more than 21% since june. overall, the president has a 42% approval rating. >> john: the gallup numbers are better than other polls. rich edson at the white house. thanks. sandra? >> sandra: terry mcauliffe's comments dismissing parent's rights in the classroom helped fuel his comments. now more comments that he made on critical race theory and other controversial pushes in schools could haunt him. here's what he said in 2019. >> we don't do a good job talking about diversity, open any. we don't. how is it we deal with one
11:30 am
another is as important as math class, english class and so fort. >> sandra: so equating it with math and english classes at a time when we have lost learning due to the pandemic. so many parents are concerned about their kids catching up, which is that, math, science and reading, john. so it is no shock that this is become acc front and center issue with that election. >> john: a lot of parents that believe that schools should teach kids about reading, writing and arithmetic and leave the parents to give them the social skills that they need to exist in the world. there's people 0 the other side that say social emotional learning is a good thing. the debate continues. now the nba player that was slamming one of the leaguist biggest sponsors over china. ennis canter calling out nike for staying silent on human
11:31 am
abuse. >> you do not speak about discrimination against the lgbtq community. you do not say a word about oppression of minorities in china. you're silent. >> john: let's bring in pete hegseth, this is a bold position for kanter to take. it's not only nike but the nba on a broader level. they're trying to get into the market because it's lucrative for them. >> it's true. it's a bold move because it could cost him his career. this is something that athletes in the nba don't and won't say. had he been, a general manager said free hong kong a couple years ago and he was forced to backtrack immediately and banished effectively. boston celtics games in china not broadcast to this day. china controls the nba like china controls nike and disney,
11:32 am
like china controls microsoft. what they do to the main players in those places has forced them in to silence, censorship, self-censorship. they've believe that they want the market of china more than to stand up for their values and belief. it takes someone like ennis canter from turkey, whose family has been banished to for speaking out about erdogan, he understands what tyranny looks like. he comes to a place like america and sees nike and the nba kowtowing to xi jinping? a brutal dictator suppressing his people and free speech. he's simply wondering, i thought this was america, the first amendment exists? what he doesn't -- he does realize, wokism has taken the leagues over. it's more about profit than speaking out other than woke issues. it's okay when lebron james talk about but not the dictatorship
11:33 am
in china. >> john: nike insists that canter and others are mistaken. we're concerned about forced laborner the uighur region. nike does not source products from the xuar and we confirmed that we're not using tech tiles from that region. nike's ceo bragged about nike's penetration, if you will, into the chinese market saying we're the largest sport brand there and a brand in and for china and the biggest asset in china is consumer equity. consumers are strong to the nike and jordan brands in china. it's real. it's money. >> a brand of china and for china. founded in the united states of america, frankly, has the love and adoration of an entire generation of athletes. but with statements like that,
11:34 am
they expose precisely who they work for. which is why they will take the cheap labor there and be silent on any social issues just like disney won't make movies that are critical of china. like microsoft is happy and other social media companies are making tweets over social media in china that they say they wouldn't do in america. these are compromised companies. these are compromised leagues that don't really represent american values. we're at an inflection point where ennis canter are speaking the truth that other people don't want to say. people that pay taxes and believe in the flag think it's about time to decoupele overselves from the communist chinese that know that we're compromised and militarily. they want to take advantage of that in the future. our companies need to stand up and decide whether they're american companies or not. they're not.
11:35 am
they're globalist. >> john: sandra was an athlete in college. she has a lot of thoughts. >> sandra: i told our audience that you played basketball for princeton, pete. >> john: it's true. i make have worn nike sneakers in college that were given to us by nike. so i'm familiar with this. >> sandra: love it. >> john: canter is calling out the woke mob for tackling issues in the united states but not carrying about what goes beyond our borders. >> we painted on nba floors, slogans on the backs of jerseys and helmets from a statement which you can say black lives matter is one thing. look at the organization behind it, we've seen is a marxist movement. we know that. the nba says let's kneel, let's paint it on the floor. it's our slogan for two seasons. if you speak out about the biggest threat facing our freedom in the world, the communist chinese, that's not accept able?
11:36 am
if you can't speak your mind in america, you're not free. >> sandra: thanks, pete. >> thank you. >> sandra: saying no to woke. speaking of which, dave schapelle responding to the backlash over his comedy special. next to the critics that want him cancelled. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> sandra: steve schapelle has a message to all the people that he's offended. that's in 90 seconds. first, a nor'easter slamming the coast in boston. katie, seems like things have calmed down a bit here but expected to pick up soon. >> hi, sandra. that's right. we're going to get a little break right now. if you step out, you won't see rain in the tri-state area. you'll notice solve wind. what happens when we have an early nor eastner the fall like this, we still have a lot of leaves on the trees. think about the rain weighing down the leaves and the branches. that's when the wind is a big concern. outside the nassau couy emergency management. they have personnel on stand by monitoring the traffic and the roads. the big concern is a potential
11:42 am
for downed power lines and trees. in new jersey, i got off the phone with the chief of police in union beach where they were dealing with more than a dozen water rescues. drivers were stranded but luckily they saved everybody. in north jersey, more flooding. even with the rain receding, the fox forecast center says they're trying to be overprepared this time. >> the entire eastern seaboard was caught off guard with the volume of rain. we're seeing a lot of rain. there's every reason to believe we need to be careful. >> for now, more than 7,000 people without power in new york and new jersey. sandra? >> sandra: a lot of people will face a tough commute here. a big welcome to you.
11:43 am
we've been celebrating the launch of fox weather. we downloaded the app yesterday successfully and been watching it because the timing couldn't have been better, right? >> exactly. if you have the app, it sent you an alert last night and said don't forget your umbrellas and rain boots. there's rain in the area. love the app. obviously, i have my rain jacket in the car. >> john: i have the 3-d weather radar going on, the nor'easter and i just created a plan for my daughter's wedding friday and i know what the weather will be like. it's going to be partly cloudy and 70 degrees. she's getting married. >> me too, john. i'm getting married in two weeks. the first thing i did. i set it up. sunny but chilly. >> excellent. >> sandra: there you go. the best reason to watch fox weather. getting ready for your wedding. katie, congratulations to you for multiple reasons. fox weather and your upcoming
11:44 am
nuptials. john, look forward to hearing about your daughter's wedding. >> john: should be fun. thanks. dave schapelle defiant despite the calls for netflix to cancel the comedian over his comedy special. alicia acuna has more on all of this. hi, alicia. >> hi, john. dave schapelle posted a five-minute and 16 second video to instagram. it begins with him denying that he refused an invite to meet with transgender employees at netflix. he said if he had been invited, he would have accepted with stipulations. >> to the transgender community, it's more than willing to give you an audience, but you will not summon me. i'm not bending to anybody's demands. >> schapelle says he has conditions hike he chooses the time and place of a meeting and jokingly or not, that might
11:45 am
admit that comedian hannah gaspy is not funny. at the top of the list is this. >> first of all, you cannot come if you have not watched my special from beginning to end. >> schapelle's netflix special "the closer" that innighted this thing was released october 5 and included a line in which the comedian says that gender is a fact. he was condemned for defamation against glad and netflix employees staged a walk out after he was freedom to artistic expression was protected. employees at netflix say they want a safe environment. >> we're not getting respect in the entertainment industry to begin with. to have somebody like dave schapelle's special not be notes
11:46 am
that it's promoting discrimination and hate conversation is hurtful to the activism and the cause that we're trying to progress ourselves in the industry. >> schapelle says this is about corporate interest and what he can and cannot say. the market may be deciding what will and will not fly here. because a couple days ago, he sold out his london show. back to you. >> john: alicia acuna for us with the latest. thank you. >> sandra: the disaster down south and a caravan making its way to the border. there's a warning that cartels are using tik tok to recruit american teens. bill melugin is live with more. hi, bill. >> good afternoon to you. that's right. drug cartels continue to reach out to american citizens on social media in an effort to entice them with quick cash to get involved in human smuggling. some americans are falling for
11:47 am
it. take a look at this video given to us by dps. two women are being pursued by texas dps. the driver has a gun in her lap what happened here, these two women drove into del rio from austin, picked up five illegals to smuggle them after a seeing a cartel ad and were trying to get away. they crashed live on their live stream. both women were later arrested. we talked about the cartel ads. take a look at this video. as fox reported through the border crisis, the cartels are posting on tik tok, what's app trying to entice younger americans with quick cash. they will offer thousands of dollars for a single ride to get migrants across the border or deeper into the united states. they do this constantly and americans are starting to fall for it more often according to texas dps. migrants sometimes will smuggle themselves. take a look at this video yesterday out of texas. we were working the train yards there. a wild video.
11:48 am
we found 23 illegal immigrants hiding inside of a coal car in the blistering heat. all 23 of the illegals were single adult men. dps had to pull them out one by one. every one of the guys were arrested and taken to jail for criminal trespassing. they were not handed over to border patrol. take a look at this video from yesterday. more illegal immigrants hitching rides on the trains out there. texas dps stopped this train. they pulled off five single men, arrested them as well. they were taken to jail for criminal trespassing. they're not handing them off to the federal government. texas dps found 19 illegal immigrants hiding in new cars being shipped on one of these trains to san antonio. they try to behind they faces through the windshields. some of the seats still wrapped up. brand new vehicles.
11:49 am
goes to show high far they will go to avoid apprehension. we talk about the migrant caravan heading our way. take a look at this video. we went in a helicopter with texas dps in del rio yesterday. what you're looking at is the texas national guard is starting to surge massive amoun of resources in del rio in and around the international bridge. this is where we saw the 15,000 haitians last month. governor abbott says he's not going to allow a repeat of that del rio situation. he says that that caravan will be coming here, texas wants to send a clear and firm message that they will not be allowed to enter the state of texas. now back to you. >> sandra: bill melugin live for us. we'll see you more next hour. thanks. >> john: a remarkable way people are trying to get in this country. if you think santa's elves have it hard, wait till you hear from a toy store owner. why her holiday cheer is like a splitting headache. she's here to tell us about it next.
11:50 am
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>> sandra: mom and pop shops bracing for extra challenges this holiday season. our next guest is turning wholesale vendors down because the supply chain is still packed up. just the store name makes me feel good. but welcome. what it is that you're seeing with your stores? >> hi. thanks for having me. we are seeing lots of chasing products. i'm watching for orders that i placed in january or february that are just now showing up. i've never been so interested in the global supply chain as i am now. it's been a wild ride this year. >> sandra: i was reading that anybody some cases your chasing the product for your stores. in some cases you're having a toy maker say i have the product but i don't have a bucks to put
11:56 am
it in. that supply chain thing, you're feeling the pain from it. so why do you think this is happening from your view? >> it's the pandemic snow ball. so many of us are facing shortages of employees, staffing. so if you fold that out to what is going on all over the world for the past 1 1/2 years, close to two years now, you can't -- there's no shortcut to getting things done quickly. so manufacturers that lost employees, staff, replacing people, replacing with it unskilled labor. it's not an easy or quick fix. you talk about somebody missing packaging. you know, there's so many bits and components that go and each and every box of toys that we sell. if one piece is missing, it can't ship a lot of times. >> what is your forecast for the holiday season? i'm sure you've seen the headlines on tv. big warnings that the holiday shopping season, you might not get what you want for your kid.
11:57 am
the store shelves might be empty. a struggle to get the hottest toys what is your forecast for those that might not have started shopping yet? >> so people have started. they've been heeding warnings. we're in full-on holiday mode. to do this interview, i back-pedalled out of my store because it was busy, which is wonderful. we're excited how busy it is. we're asking customers to be flexible and understanding. i'm trying to be really honest with everyone about what is coming, what might not come and i can't promise unless it's in my hand. >> sandra: good for you. really quickly, would you say you're seeing people shop earlier than you ever have because of the warnings that you might not get what you want? >> 100%. we're seeing business like we would normally not see until late november now. people are really anxious and nervous. i'd say they have reason to be nervous in some cases.
11:58 am
this isn't the year to wait till the week before the holiday too make all of your children's wishes come true, especially if they need specific things. so, you know, if you hunterly, you will find let's of great stuff. our stores, we've been preparing for this time for more than a year. i've been stocking. i said hoarding for the holidays. >> we wish you the best. i know you've been in the toy business since you were 17. you've seen a lot. we wish you the best. that you have a great holiday. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for letting us share our experience. i i appreciate it. >> sandra: john? >> john: a big night. the fall classic set to get underway in a few hours on fox. a couple of big questions. can the braves continue their magical run? will the astros finally be able to put the cheating scandal to bed?
11:59 am
jeff paul live in houston with the latest on that. hi, jeff. >> yeah, john. the astros getting a lot of boos from opposing fans and stadiums and ball parks because of the sign-stealing scandal. this is the first time they're coming back since 2019 when news of the scandal broke. yes, the astros players say they're focused on one thing. winning four games. they're not letting the outside noise impact them. the other big story line, fans are back. last year limited seats sold. this year they're filling out stadiums. the only recommendation is folks not vaccinated to wear a mask. only a recommendation. all of that comes as huge welcome news for businesses here in downtown houston. >> the energy is -- it's so different from what we've seen in the last 18 months. people are just happy to be a part of it. >> yeah, first pitch at 8:00
12:00 pm
eastern, 7:00 local, john. >> john: thanks, jeff paul outside minute maid stadium. sandra, who are you betting on? >> sandra: i feel like i'm going with the braves. >> john: they've had a sweetheart season. the way they have got the momentum can serve them well here. >> sandra: just for that, i'm taking the astros. bet ago buck. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks, guys. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in new york. we have brand new developments this afternoon in the mystery of what really happened on that set at the alec baldwin movie set where halyna hutchins was gunned down. first, this story for you today. turns out that this woman, the head of the national school board association, that lobbied the white house to investigate the riled up parents that they're meeting shortly thereafter got a whi


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