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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> although, they do have a lot of processed meats. [laughter] thank you very much. we are going to be looking at the impact of this fda approval of this pfizer drug for kids, and moderna is looking to do the same. big subject tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: i'm jesse watters along with dagen mcdowell, geraldo rivera, dana perino, and greg got felled. 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ liberal woke education policies facing a huge referendum, with the dead heat virginia governor's race becoming the epicenter of what is a massive national plight. president biden campaigning in virginia, after being accused of using the doj to silence the
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opponent. controversies in that state pilot. students in this county staging a walk out. that's over an alleged sexual assault at the school board is being accused of covering up. a boy was reportedly wearing a skirt and was found guilty on monday of sexually assaulting a woman. people have to sign an nda to view their race form. president biden calls "fake outrage." the democrat in this race says parents should not be telling schools but they should teach. this clip from 2019 is getting a lot of attention. >> we do not do a good job in our education system talking about diversity, inclusion. how do we deal with one another if, to me, it is as important as your math class or english class and so forth? >> jesse: when it rains it pours. that's not a good clip.
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it's before it's interesting that the education issue has prevented democrats for making this race about president trump. now, they have to defend an issue on their merits. when you have education, it can be bipartisan, or more importantly, you can swing independent tests. if you look at president biden's numbers on independents -- they have lost some democrats, but independents help them get elected, especially in north virginia suburbs. tonight, that school board meeting, et cetera on the agenda they set aside time to discuss pickle ball implementation! there is no time to set aside to talk about the rape of a student. the students who walked out of trying to send a message. "is anyone going to care about us?" i think people have voted in some ways. the most important county, you have all these people that want to live there, because it has
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the best schools. 10,000 students fewer than before 2019. it's not just about critical race theory. these schools shut down in 2020 during the pandemic. even if they have all the information, money, science, the teachers union refused to open back up. i think that's why a lot of people left. that's one of the reasons this issue, i think, surprised the democrats. what i think might surprise them, unless they wise up, is this is not just a virginia issue. this is a national issue, and republicans might -- they will have lots of things to run on for 2022, but education might be one of them. >> jesse: terry mcauliffe did not have to throw one with the crt people. he could have said "this is a little crazy, we will take a look at it." he didn't have to dismiss this as a bunch of racists who don't like what's going on. >> greg: i think he thought he had an easier battle. he probably did. this is the thing that has been driving me nuts for a week, how
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the news decides when to turn the spigot of news on or off. a young girl is raped by a boy, after he had assaulted something else. adults knew about this. when you think about how horrible this is, it should be a national start. it is insane that this kid raped somebody in the school, then raped another person wearing a skirt. but, it's not a story. you couldn't find it anywhere. it made me doubt whether this story was real. i was reluctant to touch this, because it was like the third rail. you don't want to jussie smollett. why is nobody talking about this crime? now, we know that it is croup, the rapist has pled guilty. the debt of the victim being arrested, humiliated, and called a domestic terrorist by the school board! this is an indictment of the corporate press. if it was not for the daily wire, no one would know about
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this. they have covered this up for the sake of an election. i'm trying to think about why you would cover up a sensational story like this, a story of a doublespeak 24, a young girl raped in her school by a guy that might have been using a skirt as a ruse. that's a huge story! some sympathy towards the suspects, and antipathy towards the victims. if you vote for terry mcauliffe, you are voting for the same corrupt system that condoned a rape because the suspect may have worn a skirt? who knows? l if you are voting for terry mcauliffe, you are voting for rape. [laughter] >> geraldo: that is outrageous. talk about hyperbole. >> jesse: go ahead, geraldo. >> geraldo: that scared me. when you see that -- >> greg: what would you do, geraldo? you would kill them! >> geraldo: that's an excellent question. what would i do? i'm merely telling you as a
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consumer of news. that was way over the top. >> greg: how could you not be over-the-top? your? your kid got raped! >> geraldo: listen, the rape -- i agree that it is outrageous, the crime that was committed, and there is a finding of guilt, the child and the guy apparently had another victim. i think it's horrible. i also think that it is way, way an exception to the rule, as these kids struggle with gender identity and the rest. i believe that terry mcauliffe is right. i believe diversity and inclusion are as important as english and math. we are living in a brand-new world. if you try to curtail -- this has to play out. we have to see where this goes. we have to be patient. we have to be loving to our children.
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we have to be supportive. >> jesse: i don't know what this means, geraldo. >> geraldo: a guy wearing a skirt is not the definition of all these kids struggling. >> jesse: right. >> geraldo: as a 16-year-old -- >> greg: you should be pissed! >> geraldo: -- i see these kids going through changes, we are in the midst of something peer to be when it's not about that. >> greg: geraldo, you get more angry over people who don't get the vaccine than you are over a rapist! >> geraldo: that's bowl >> geraldo: that's bull crap. >> greg: you are talking about this while we are talking but it's been 26! >> geraldo: would you care if he didn't have a skirt on? >> greg: i would be a rich! forget the skirt. there is a rape. stop pretending you did not hear it. >> dagen: that's one of the
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most absurd things you have ever said in a world of absurd things, geraldo, that greg would not care about a rape if it was just a boy in trousers. that's ridiculous. the superintendent and lambton county covered this up. he said he had no record of it and said the predator does not exist, went on to sexually assault someone else. the victim was shamed today, which boggles my mind. this is not about the county only, loudoun county. this is about children being in schools at a young age when they are being grilled about their sexual identity when the parents are not okay with that. it is the introduction of pornographic material, which i have seen, for children that are extremely young. it's about changing an end
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and is about changing an entrance exam make sure that too asian kids do not go to school there. it's a dumbing down of the educational system, controlled by the unions that is already destroying the lives and livelihood of children and their futures to come. terry mcauliffe is an old-school shape shifting smarmy bush league bill clinton democrat. >> jesse: who will win this election. >> dagen: no he won't. >> jesse: i am saying it on the air. >> dagen: parents are sick of democrats who stand up for the union at all costs. let me finish. the fact that he cannot disavow the cesspool of the loundoun county school system and everything else going on throughout the state that he routinely stands up for crt, which he introduced when he was governor last time, he shut down three bills that would provide -- >> geraldo: may i have a brief rebuttal?
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>> dagen: -- he has not stood up for children or parents. he has taken a side. quite frankly, with what barack obama said the other day, he built the bridge. >> geraldo: what did you call him? >> dagen: barack obama. geraldo, you need a hearing aid. [laughter] >> geraldo: i wanted to say one more thing. if you believe -- [laughter] -- you are trying to put me here for a half a century. [laughter] if you believe teachers are leading this crusade, you are not looking at the children. the kids are in charge. they are going through a metamorphosis. you are going to watch. there's going to be a lot of things have done much happening. >> jesse: geraldo, that's gibberish. none of that makes sense. >> dagen: i have witnessed this, were someone i know who i'm close to have child who was threatened with murder when she was a young child. you know the school district did? nothing. they pulled the kid out of
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school. it was in virginia. this goes on every day. the unions and school districts do not stand up. >> jesse: are you friends with perry? about you are, geraldo. [laughter] we will find out next. that's what you are saying what you are saying. massive backlash to vaccination mandates, workers fearful of losing their jobs now taking to the streets. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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when you're driving a lincoln, stress seems to evaporate into thin air. which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes.
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behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: thousands of new york city workers taking to the street shouting "we will not comply" over vaccine mandates, forcing them to get the job or lose the job. the nypd -- has led to a lawsuit to overturn the new rule, and says there are no widespread covid infections among officers with the current vaccination or test policy, and firefighters are not happy about it either. >> we are not anti--vax. we are anti-mandate. nobody wants this ramp down
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their throat. he biden administration, i understand the president's statements. i hope he can walk that back. i hope he does not believe that first responders should be fired without the city or municipality coming to the table and dealing with the directly affected units. we have a lot of good points backed by science. the testing, vaccination plan, it works. >> john oliver marking police officers who choose the vaccine. >> police are supposed to be keeping the public safe. that is the point of their jobs! >> they don't seem to give much about that. if an officer wants to quit over this, let them! let the individuals who clearly don't care about this stop being in charge of public safety! it's really that simple. >> dana: one of the things he said is that if there is a public safety concern, they should be fired. there has been a shortage for the nypd because of the pandemic, but remember the protests -- there's been a ton
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of retirements and lack of new recruitment, so might not be the best time to suggest a bunch of firing right before the holidays. >> jesse: biden is going to ram his head against the wall, because it's not flexible enough to deal with this situation. it reminds me of when he proposed to jill biden eight times before he got a "yes." >> geraldo: that's true? [laughter] >> jesse: i'm not saying that marriage isn't great, but i'm saying most people might have pivoted and done something differently. [laughter] that's what makes great leaders. they are applicable, dynamic. a general might change his strategy when it runs into resistance in a battlefield. a car back, dana, you know. >> dana: got to change it up! >> jesse: pick up the first down, a quarterback. that's what good leaders do. biden does not do that. he's facing labor shortages, inflation, crime wave, retirements, and all he is doing is staring straight ahead. you can't do that. there's off ramps.
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you have religious exemptions, you can say "we will delay the implementation," "work with us, we will pay for testing." probably cheaper to pay for testing daily or weekly they are not to pay everybody on employment insurance or all the taxes you are going to lose when people are not working. biden doesn't see that. a lot of the american people feel like "you are supposed to unite us against the pandemic, and instead of doing that, you are dividing us against the unvaccinated." if you are in a protest, don't cause traffic. [laughter] >> dana: geraldo, the floor is yours. >> geraldo: i consider myself an open minded, inclusive person. i'm friends with all kinds of people, even with greg. [laughter] >> greg: barely at this point! [laughter] >> geraldo: with 700,000 dead americans, i have zero patience for people who are not getting vaccinated. i am all for, 100% in, for vaccine mandates.
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furthermore, the thing i detest his vaccinated people who are cheering on the unvaccinated to stand up for their freedoms. >> jesse: you don't like people standing up for their freedoms? [laughter] >> geraldo: this is like a mob on the street telling the person on the ledge "jump." when you are vaccinated, you want people to be vaccinated, and to pretend that it is a civil rights issue -- the government, supreme court has ruled on this. the law is settled. >> jesse: it is a state issue, geraldo. >> geraldo: it's not. >> jesse: it is. massachusetts is in the -- >> greg: i always have one of my productions go correctly. my prediction was that geraldo hates the unvaccinated more than he hates the rapist. >> geraldo: you say things that are so crazy sometimes. [laughter] my ears get read.
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>> greg: john oliver, i think he either bought or sold a $10 million apartment, though upper west side or something. the person who says "go ahead and fire cops," they can say that because he lives in a place where he does not need them. he does not go to the bronx, harlem, the lower east side where there was just a horrible, violent crime in which a woman was beaten. he doesn't have that problem. to him, a bigger "i'm going to own these unvaccinated cops," is to tell them to get fired and we are watching sleight-of-hand again where the media makes the vax mandates, being against that as being the same as being against the vax. the fire team made it clear that that is not what they are talking about. people have different reasons for getting vaccinated and not getting vaccinated, but what we are doing right now, and i said this to you before, geraldo, you are falling for it: the media is
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creating a duopoly of opinion. you were either pro-vaccine or a redneck trump supporter who wants your family to die. if you look at the protest of barclays center, was it after before the basketball game? >> jesse: there it is. >> greg: it was like a benetton ad from 1986. so, there's a difference between protests in conflict -- we can disagree without falling into opposing camps -- if you do so, you are being manipulated. that's what i'm saying. >> dana: dagen, the december 8th deadline is falling on police officers and businesses before the holidays in the middle of a supply chain crisis. to jesse's point, is there likability here? >> dagen: none with geraldo. there's no flexibility. you are either vaccinated or evil, and deserved to get pushed off the edge of the building.
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my prediction is that they do not go through with this order. if they are going to have 25-30% of truck drivers who leave the job. in terms of these bureaucrats, particularly with the first responders, the very people who were there on the job every single day at the height of the pandemic, where we didn't know how easily it was spread, before the vaccine, even before masking -- you are going to fire them now? the calculation -- these politicians seem to have made the calculation that a bigger threat to public safety and security is to have 20-30% of the police force -- >> geraldo: it's not that -- >> dagen: -- let me finish. they would rather have those people not working them have 20-30% fewer cops protecting people. meantime, you have john oliver,
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i guess from his studio to his apartment, he can roll down the window and throw some pepper spray and swiss army knives to people who have no ability to protect themselves. >> dana: up next, democrats defund disaster. wait until you hear what a squad member is blaming for the spike in crime. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> geraldo: beautiful, rest in peace. this outrageous spin coming from some of the radical democrats who pushed to defund the police. the home city of minneapolis sees a dramatic increase of crime, murders up 116%, violent
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crimes spiking nearly 30% since 2019. congresswoman ilhan omar blaming the rise on cops. >> we are currently seeing this in our cities, and the rise that is happening is due to two things: one, the police have chosen to not fulfill their oath of office, and provide the public safety they are owed to the citizens they serve. minneapolis police department is the most dysfunctional in our state, and probably in the country. >> geraldo: maybe the cops cannot do their job because they burned down the precinct. [laughter] >> jesse: and you are back, geraldo! [laughter] >> dagen: she is clearly
2:30 pm
running for the most despicable member of the squad. i would think she wants that sash and a scepter. it shows not only is she demonized and vilifying the police. it shows other than her hating the police and all jewish people, she has a hatred of her constituents, the people she represents, because she has made their homes and communities less safe through her demonization of cops. this is idiocy and insanity. >> geraldo: isn't it possible -- in my day, i remember cops had the blue flu. when they had a labor issue that went against them, they would just not show up. i'm not saying that -- i'm just saying that historically, it is not unprecedented. to be when you are not seeing the blue flu in minneapolis. you are still seeing people on patrol, but less patrols because of the defunding forced a lot of
2:31 pm
people into retirement, or that cut the head count. i think what she is doing, omar, and a lot of liberal democrats do this -- she paints her constituency as victims. they don't have free will, everything bad that is in a neighborhood, none of that is their fault. it is republicans, it is white america, it is capitalism, it is police. none of it is their fault, right? they don't get the blame for everything. see what that does? she set herself up as saying "you need to give me money, give me power." we can't make this neighborhood better. "it's always going to be victimized. there's nothing we can do to become a better neighborhood, because we are victims for the rest of our lives." that's how she plays into white guilt. "this is impoverished, there's a lot of crime. give us the money." where does the money go, geraldo? it goes to her and her hustlers who keep the people down there and keep her in power.
2:32 pm
that's how the game is played. >> geraldo: putting aside the ad hominem attack on congresswoman omar -- >> greg: god forbid. [laughter] >> geraldo: -- the civil rights issue of our time, the inconvenient truth is that over 90% of -- black men killing other young black men. that's the truth. we don't talk about it. no democrat, no republican speaks about it because it has an echo of racism. if you bring up, you are a racist. >> dana: i think our network does a good job of covering that issue, especially in chicago, for example. that is something, especially over the summer -- every monday morning, "look what happened over the weekend." i remember on the fourth of july weekend, when you had record numbers of deaths by homicide and injuries, including children. if you watch network news that night, not a mention.
2:33 pm
to your point, it is not talked about enough. be my guest, congresswoman. knock yourself out. if this is going to be the issue you guys want to run on in 2022, i think republicans would love that. it's going to be very difficult for the democrats to separate themselves from this, partly because president biden continues to do with the left wants him to do. there is not something strange today, i noticed. aoc is too quiet. she is keeping her powder dry. they want to get some sort of a bill, but they are on the edge of getting mad at joe biden. that will be a big fight. the last thing, this administration just put out this gender equality peace. what's in there? a big no cash bail provision all across the country. we cover it here. we've seen how bad that issue has been. >> geraldo: in that regard, let me say that it is overshadowed by the virginia governor's race, but we have a big election, greg, in cleveland, for mayor, here for
2:34 pm
mayor in new york. in cleveland, they have issue 24, which is to install civilian police review board between the federal monitor and the police high command to check everything cops do. there is still a defund the police movement, effectively, not talked about so much as dana suggests, but it is out there. i don't think it's very popular. i think that's the real referendum in virginia and everywhere else. it's not schools and so forth. it's really "are we going to let cops be cops, or try to make everybody woke?" >> greg: well, omar, she called the police dysfunctional. as far as i can tell, none of them married her brother. [laughter] >> geraldo: he always goes there. >> greg: she deserves it. [laughter] she is the kind of leftist you would design and a lab to subvert the american system, is democrats look on like they are helpless bystanders shouting "you go, girl."
2:35 pm
also, it is republican's fault. there is this pernicious idea that "it's time for the democratic party to terminate --" you saw what happened when you won. your experiment in radicalism has failed. you have a record homicide rates, looting as recreational behavior. minneapolis is dead! they killed! it's a dead city! that used to be a beautiful place! the experiment failed, people died. democrats need adults to take over. the problem is, i don't think they exist anymore. they all went to scotland. >> jesse: glasgow. [laughter] 's before i am so frustrated about that. >> jesse: you did not get invited? speefour no. [laughter] they are sending half of the freaking federal government to glasco. >> geraldo: straight ahead, is kamala harris jumping ship and abandoning a sinking joe biden?
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sir? you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 2. try it for free. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: kamala harris looking for the lifeboats on biden's sinking ship. that is an analogy. [laughter] not wanting to put her future political ambitions in jeopardy, the vp has been shunning public events with the big guy, used to be by his side all the time, but now the two are in the decline. they reportedly appear together 18 times since february, but just once in september and once in october. dana, apparently she is unhappy because she did not get fun jobs. she wants to have fun. >> dana: i don't know if she understood what the vice president's role was. with any story, a well lay or will they not break up, you has
2:41 pm
to ask who is breaking up with who. i think her team or somebody putting out the story like this to say that she is like "i don't want to be a part of him." don't you think it would be the opposite, that the west wing is saying -- yesterday, she put out a national gender strategy, the national gender strategy. she's not going to glasco with the rest of the federal government, but will be going to france. >> greg: that is good, a big hotel room. >> dana: taylor and -- >> greg: there you go. jesse, she failed at the border, so why does she get a second bite of the apple customer >> jesse: there is a gender strategy. >> greg: they give it to a woman, how is that? >> jesse: i will say no, she is the worse female vice president in american history. >> jesse: i back you on that. >> jesse: everybody does. they're both avoiding each other because they don't want all of
2:42 pm
their bad poll numbers to rub off on each other. it's pretty funny. her numbers are historically bad. she's less popular than mike pence, than al gore, then dick cheney, then joe biden was when he was with barack obama, and now she is complaining like she has not been in great roles. she got the border. she went over to asia to look at the supply chain crises firsthand. the only thing that came back was "do your christmas shopping early." now, she's traveling all over the country, and she is pushing biden's agenda. permission to make a sports analogy? this would be like a wide receiver dropping three presses stomach passes and then saying he's not getting the ball enough. >> odell beckham. >> jesse: >> jesse: i will take this opportunity to bring up the hostage crisis that kamala harris could figure in in a very prominent way. there were 16 american missionaries being held by
2:43 pm
thugs. they are threatening their life, demanding $1 million for each of them. 16 americans are being held hostage. nobody is talking about it. they are going to hurt these people. if our people do not go in there and free americans -- americans are being held hostage. people are talking about afghanistan, here and there. this is just a couple of hundred miles from the united states. 16 americans, five children, one of them an 8-month-old baby held hostage. kamala harris could get involved in the issue. >> greg: a big bag of money. >> dagen: does she really want to do anything, other than that space jam video customer she had that look of like "where's jennifer lawrence, will smith, and de niro question what i thought it would have different actors." >> greg: that's on her birthday. [laughter] >> dagen: she will be in norfork with a campaign for terry mcauliffe on friday.
2:44 pm
she's getting to hang out with a celebrity there. she has one thing going for her, and she should stand up next to joe biden as much as possible. she's the only one of the two you would ride in a car with. she looks like she is capable of driving an automobile. >> geraldo: what are you saying? [laughter] >> dagen: i'm saying he is inching closer to puree food. [laughter] >> geraldo: how about me? >> jesse: we've seen you, geraldo. you are fine. [laughter] as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dagen: welcome back. time for "the fastest." first up, what would you do if this happened to you on an airplane? a plain passenger sparking outrage online over a photo, showing her or his long hair draped over the back of the seat. do you think it's real, the hair, greg customer >> greg: i would say it's tiny tim, but no one would know who i'm talking about. on a scale of 1 being real
2:49 pm
and 10 being fake, this is fake. they get their online noise, gone viral story. this is the first one that is fake, ever. >> dagen: hair does smell though. >> dana: i don't think it's fake. we did this on "america's newsroom" the other day, and bill hemmer defended her. >> why? speefour i caught him off guard and he wanted to be contrary. [laughter] >> greg: there is no defense for that. >> jesse: problem is when you undo your tray table. i can almost take that, but then you undo the tray table. if it's a guy -- >> greg: just sneeze into it. >> jesse: into her hair a question mark >> dana: poll on it. [laughter] >> jesse: you would do that? you would never be in coach. [laughter] >> dagen: or on a commercial airliner. [laughter] >> geraldo: i think you can be as outrageous as you want. i don't care if your hair can stand straight up, goes this
2:50 pm
way, that way, any color you want, just stay out of my space and your neighbor's space. >> dagen: you are not going to have all that hair getting off that plane and sitting in front of me. up next, officials say a colorado hiker who had wandered off the trail and got lost for an entire day ignored repeated phone calls from rescuers, because the person did not recognize the number. thankfully, the hiker found his/her way back, but had no clue of the search effort. >> greg: i feel like this is not true, but i would like it to be real. i don't understand, why engage in activities where you could get lost questioning >> jesse: like hiking? >> greg: yes. there's only one reason to go hiking. >> jesse: to kill your wife? >> greg: yes. [laughter] >> jesse: adventure? >> greg: i have no need for that. >> dana: he probably did not know he was lost. if you were lost and worried, of course you pick up the phone. >> dagen: "quit calling may
2:51 pm
come a lady!" [laughter] >> jesse: i thought it was a woman. >> greg: that's why they wouldn't pick it up! you know what this is? this person almost died because of the extended warranty spam calls! >> dagen: jesse, i will give you an opportunity to retract your assumption. >> jesse: if it's a man -- playing on stereotypes -- bad jesse. [laughter] i would just think that a guy does not like to ask for directions, right? perhaps, that's what it was. >> dana: the article was written weird. they call them a hiker, they got back to their home. >> greg: there you go, gender pronouns. >> geraldo: gender pronouns. >> dana: what are you looking for? >> dagen: thank you. >> greg: they strike again. >> dagen: did they not ask for directions? they also do not put the address in the gps before you put the car there. >> jesse: he knew how to get
2:52 pm
there. >> dana: true, so annoying. to be through annoying. >> greg: i will not sit through this ale bashing! [laughter] >> dagen: feathering the accelerator, gg. google it. [laughter] "one more thing" next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. we have jesse's unfriendly neighborhood dispute. let's see that all right. this is unfriendly neighborhood dispute. over the weekend i'm in huntington, long island i'm watching my daughter's flag football game. there is a bunch of parents just watching the game, just minding their own business. taxpayers, i remind you. all of a sudden you hear this commotion in the parking lot which is only 15 yards away. the woman says he is writing us all tickets, turns out some guy
2:57 pm
on the fly working for the huntington department of public safety just secretly started ticketing dozens of parents as they were watching this game didn't say hey, guys, you might want to move your car some boaters might want to come through the pelosi, no, no, no, no, no. on the slide slapping $100 tickets on people. i go up to the guy, confronted him. got his name. got going to say his name on the air. i got his name and badge number. i know his boss and boss' boss. the question we pose to the audience, go to our instagram page and vote. is it okay to give parking tickets en masse without a warning? who does he really work for? he works for us, right? he could have just said hey, guys, can you move your cars? there were no lines there. nothing to show that you can't park there. >> greg: one more thing is now an opportunity to settle
2:58 pm
vendettas? >> jesse: dana. >> dana: tomorrow can you do the other neighborhood dispute? >> jesse: yes. i will do the -- >> greg: he did not. >> jesse: geraldo, don't blow it. >> dana: i wanted to show you picture, a video of our staff when they hear there is free food. [laughter] deign truction team on "the five" they work very hard and get hungry and they stampede. i thought that was. >> greg: did you ever eat buffalo? >> dana: yeah. yeah. >> greg: all right. tastes like chicken. we have breaking wind news. not only humans that get the runs, check out the actual port-o-potties do, too. this was exclusive tape. exclusive tape for fox news. on the loosely via stadium in santa clara. i got this before fox weather got it. >> jesse: you watched. >> greg: editorial fox weather? >> dagen: how do you know this
2:59 pm
isn't a race? >> greg: race for the bottom. >> geraldo: race to the bottom. tonight's edition of geraldo news starring geraldo features geraldo's daughter sol, she a wonderful, wonderful child, not child, 16. she loves to cook. she has her own youtube that she has started devoted to her love of ethnic cuisine and bringing communities together through shared culinary experiences. she did the soul food. this is the jewish deli. she did -- what was first one? >> jesse: did she get her mini cooper yet? >> geraldo: not yet. she has a great loaner. go to youtube, soul food. sol food. she is wonderful. she a great cook. and her recipes are wonderful and. >> jesse: great indoors. >> dagen: halloween costume how about a human kit kat, the
3:00 pm
hershey company not for sale but a good idea. i hate halloween. that's all i have to say. >> i shouldn't say that happy birthday. all right. well, knocking on your door. >> i hope not. >> dagen: i do have poop bags. >> "special report" up next. >> bret: do you have your costumes yet? >> jesse: oh, you should see my mask. >> bret: all right. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. president biden will campaign later this evening for virginia's democratic gubernatorial candidate who not long ago conceded the president is not very popular in the commonwealth and while terry mcauliffe can use all the help he can get right now according to the polls, the president is still trying to get help on his stalled domestic tax and spend agenda. as democrats struggle to get two


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