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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 26, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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that here. great to see you. >> thanks, tucker. we will be back tomorrow. the sworn enemy of of lying pomposity, smugness and group think. and now ladies and gentlemen the great sean hannity takes over the 9 p.m. hour.ow >> sean: thanks and welcome to "hannity." >> americans held hostage abandoned behind enemy lines. day 73. >> sean: we won't give up thinking about and praying for and reminding all of the country that it's now 73 days.da tonight the official number of americans still trapped in afghanistan continues to rise. first it was they told us under 100. then a couple of hundred. now getting closer to 1,000 tonight. in other words, the biden administration didn't know how many americans that joe bidenn left they don't know how many thousands of green card holders
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he abandoned and their families. day 73. this is still a complete disaster. what will happen if isis or a terror group gets ahold of these americans? what do youu think their future will hold fors them? according to one top pentagon official, isis-k could have the capability to attack the u.s. in 6 to 12 months. guess what? joe biden doesn't care. he turned the page like it never happened. the media mob turned the page with him want tonight joe isoe a few miles away from the white house, he is in northern virginia campaigning forer long-time clinton hack terry mcauliffe. take a look. >> my name is joe biden. i am jill biden's husband. the reason i am here tonight is my wife jill teaches full-time at the virginia community college. >> [cheers and applause].
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>> and terry mcauliffe will be her boss. terry mcauliffe doesn't like to talk about it now, but to wi the republican nomination, he embraced -- to win the republican nomination he embraced donald trump. this it will be dedicated to the passenger rail and [inaudible]. it's a big game changer. vote, vote, vote. >> sean: kind of joe to dedicate his time and energy to the mcauliffe campaign. not often he gets away from the white house this late at night. probably took a long nap to campaign for terry mcauliffe who announced that joe's horrible performance in office was dragging him down. he is the reason why this is such a tough race and the blue state of virginia.ok
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take a look.ts >> we got to get democrats out to vote. we are facing a lot of head winds from washington. the president is unpopular today in virginia. we have to plow through. >> sean: joe biden is unpopular. after a series of massive self-inflicted crises his terry mcauliffe, everything joe biden touches implodes. afghanistan could have been prevented and the border. his handling of covid-19. more dead americans in 2021 than in 2020. the economy, biden inflation and gas prices and foreign policy and china and iran and north korea and russia. he couldna not negotiate a submarine deal with australia without causing a crisis.
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this seems like a last-minute hail mary between 2 dishonest career political hacks who dedicated their lives to the sewer of in washington, d.c. sara carter on the ground in virginia asking democrats what they thought about biden's terrible first 9 months in office. this will be interesting. >> very interesting. people showed up, but because glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe are neck and neck with only 7 days left. a lot of terry mcauliffe supporters are avoiding reality. it's about terry mcauliffe himself. his support for critical race theory in the schools. his statements he made that parents should be hands off on
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their children's education. listen to this. >>st any concern with terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin getting so close in a state like virginia? do you think that maybe mcauliffe's actions in the schools when he said parents have to stay out of the public schools system, that affected it a little bit? >> terry didn't say that. >> the way i look at public education, while parents involvement is important. if they want more control over their child's curriculum, there are other options other than public education. >> do you think it has anything to do with the fact that there is a lot of parents in loudoun county and any of that, with the schools and what mcauliffe said about being hands off? that could have affected this
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in the end. >> [inaudible]. >> sean, some people were rude when i pressed on those questions. that's understandable. they are backing terry mcauliffe here because this is a blue area. this is why biden showed up here. arlington is more blue than reds when you talk to people who support glenn youngkin, they will say you will never see a rally like this in loudoun county right now. >> sean: about how many people showed up tonight? >> well, estimating around 2000 people. that's give or take. it was extremely small compared to the rallies we saw with president trump and others and because this area is so blue. we expected a lot more people. that could have been due to the chilly weather. we don't know. biden did not draw in the crowds expected today andpe neither did terry mcauliffe.
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>> sean: donald trump got crowds of 40,000 people and 30,000 outside. >> yes. >> sean: it didn't seem like you got recognized. that's good probably if you are associated with this show in hostile territory. >> i was completely honest. >> sean: thank you. with more reaction author of a big book. this book will matter. we are going to have to rebuild this country beyond biden. rebuilding the america we love. available at former speaker of the house newt gingrich. i don't think the commonwealth of virginia is any longer a purple state. c it's a blue state. i am looking at polls. they are encouraging.
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obviously mcauliffe knows he is in trouble. i understand why he brought in obama and maybe even kamala harris and jill biden but why joe biden with a 35% approval rating, why bring him in? >> the only thing that makes sense is they are trying to mobilize their base which has been more passive and less inclined to vote. they can't turnout the democrats, this is over. they can't compete. i agree with you. when the "new york times" reported that thanksgiving this year will be the most expensive dinner in american history and you look at the gas prices and inflation in general and biden's failure to deliver.
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from my perspective you have glenn youngkin who is very much into virginia issues campaigning on things like the loudoun county situation which is really horrible. a young girl was raped in the girl's bathroom by a guy covered up by the board of education. the boy was transferred to a different school where he also harassed another girl. the judge found him guilty and put him in jail. all of that was done despite the school board. that's where this whole fight started over the school board. loudoun county which was more likely to be for the governor, i think now it will go for youngkin. that's a huge swing from where they have been. i think this could get down to the point where either youngkin wins by a big margin or it comes
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down to a very late count in fairfax county which is the biggest county voting. they already announced they will vote very late. it will be interesting to see if that's like georgia or whether the youngkin lawyers are better able to stop any funny business. right now i would say youngkin is on offense and the governor is on defense. i think this is still a purple state. it was drifting blue, but this administration is going to turn most of america red. i think virginia is caught up in the same wave as most of the country outside of the heavily unionized states like california or new york. in new jersey republicans are within 4 points of the democratic governor and that's way traditional blue state. >> sean: as the swamp has grown so too has the democratic population.
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let's talk about this from two perspectives. one is youngkin pulls this off which would be a huge political earthquake. then in terms for a republican conservative you have to win floridaat and ohio and georgia. georgia a lot more democrats even in your old district. then north carolina and then pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. then you have to go out on the west coast in arizona and nevada. it's never easy. for a republican you have to run the table. if this one week from tonight youngkin pulls this off, did that reconfigure the electoral map in the country? >> sure.
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i don't believe in artificial gains. in 1980 jimmy carter was a disaster and ted cruz said it right when he said that biden combines mcgovern's radicalism with carter's incompetence. reagan won the biggest victory against an incumbent president in modern history. the country gets to change. even in northern virginia -- i live in mcclain. in northern virginia. you go to the local gas station and you are stunned at how much you pay. and at the store i talked to somebody who paid more than twice as much for a chicken as they paid 3 months ago. t if you are a normal person, the best phrase to describe the democrats may be it ain't
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working. it ain't working on the border with inflation or energy. they get a 54% increase with heating costs in maine they will be annihilated nextn year in maine. >> sean: i should not have asked the question because i lived it with you. before you became speaker i was the mc the night you became speaker of the house. republicans were out of power in the house of representatives for 40 long years. not only did you bring republicans back into power, but they have been in play ever since. things have changed. ii would hate to think of 40 years in darkness again. sometimes -- i can't foresee a time where new york or california ever goes red again. i can't see >> oh, i can. look, things change
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dramatically. in '94 we won in downtown chicago. we beat the speaker of the house in washington. nobody would have projected that. all i am saying is if you have the continued process and youngkin hasas done a very good job of focussing on virginia am it's fascinating. the former governor is spending all of his time on national issues and politicians because he has nothing new to stay about virginia. youngkin is talking about parents having rights and creating jobs and about safety in places like richmond where there was a lot of crime recently. he is down in the weeds where people live, talking about virginia. meanwhile you have this desperate man -- why you would have kamala harris do a video
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that was probably illegal. if you are a black church you are allowed to politic. if you are a white conservativep church you worry about the johnson amendment says you can't politic. kamala harris the idea she will convince anybody of anything is absurd. what they have done, they are drowning and bringing in the last piece of driftwood. the lastgi two pieces were harrs and biden. they are driftwood. >> sean: that was a great night in everybody's life. we need the road map beyond biden. when your book comes out, i want to talk about your idea for a new contract with america. now an obvious fact. the radical socialist democratic party is trying to transform the country. nancy pelosi not really in
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charge and neither is chuck schumer and joe biden is a cognitive mess. alexandria ocasio-cortez and the squad and bernie sanders and elizabeth warren they rule the democratic party with an iron fist. any democrat that gets in the way are accused of being racist and maybe even a russian spy and get harassed and stalked in public after refusing to rubber stamp the $3.5-trillion green new deal. activities following krysten sinema into the bathroom and filming her in the stall. confronted her on an airplane and earlier today she was with senator tim scott of south carolina.
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another far left activist chased her down at the airport.ha take a look. >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]. >> sean: joe manchin has been targeted. the attacks are so bad that manchin said it would be much easier just to switch parties. let me be clear. no one deserves to be stalked harassed at home or in public or not in a bathroom stall. manchin and sinema are caving. they are both agreeing to a 15% minimum corporate tax. they think that will fund the build back better green new deal socialism.
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this won't harm corporations.. corporations don't pay taxes. they pay their employees less and pass the cost on to you. it will hurt you further on top of biden's inflation and the high energy prices. this tax will get passed on to you. everything you buy will cost more. on top of what we are already paying. every car and every bit of w gasoline and heating and cooling your home and food and grocery and going to the drug store. if you live this west virginia or arizona, your costs will go up significantly. this is in addition to the current wave of inflation caused by joe biden. power the only thing that matters.oe anyone that doesn't walk in lock step with the radical basis has no future. the former democratic congresswoman tulsi gabbard. you had conversations with
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senator sinema. what is she saying? >> i have known her for many years. she is not one to sway to political pressure. she does her research and will do what she believes is right. you can agree with that art or disagree with that. the most important thing happening across the country is that we have real leaders leading our country and that means those putting the interest of the american people ahead of any political that's what bothers me so much. instead of putting the interest of theng
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country ahead of their own partisan power or ambition. that what bothers me about the democratic party. instead of putting the interest of the american people first they are pushing their own selfish interest and the interest of the elite and treating us as though we are the enemy. if you disagree with the democratic party you are called a racist or a russian asset. if you are a concerned parent who wants to be involved in your child's education you are targeted by the department of justice as a domestic terrorists. you can go on and on. it shows how destructive this leadership is. >> sean: assess the biden presidency. i can't believe we abandonedis americans in afghanistan. that shocks my soul and conscience.. i can't believe that joe biden is allowing the disaster at the border to happen. i can't believe he removed america from energy independence. we have more people dead from covid in 2021 than in 2020.
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he was handed 3 vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. i can't believe inflation is through the roof. i can't believe north korea's aggression and putin's aggression. is anything working? >> you are pointing to the challenges the american people face. afghanistan that hits close to we have to remember there are still americans who are still stuck in afghanistan now even though they may not in the headlines every day. this is where the american people deserve that kind of real leadership where they can trust those with power in the government will look out for us. it's not surprising that the american people wonder how can i trust my government when my government sees me as the enemy?
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without this faith and trust we have leaders who are working to solve our problems. the every day serious problems that the american people are facing across the country. what are we left with? >> sean: a question, i don't remember when you were running in the primary, i don't remember you standing out this much from the crowd. did i just miss it or -- >> yes. >> sean: that's a fair answer. >> i called it straight with the democratic or republican party. there are things i agree based on substance and not partisan politics. i will say so and take actionan based on what is in the best interest of the country. >> sean: it's obviously
11:23 pm
a passion you have. do you have a planned future? any thoughts of running in the future? >> there are many ways to serve. my sole focus in or out of office, my commitment is to serve the american people and defend our constitution and our freedoms.. >> sean: well, we share a common purpose. that's what i believe in liberty and freedom and our constitution. state ahead the biden economy continues to crumble, experts warn this thanksgiving will be the most expensive in history. pete and joe react next. pete and joe react next.
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>> sean: rising costs and the supply chain mess are at the center of biden's failed economic agenda. it's hitting your kitchen table. this year's thanksgiving is set to be the single most expensive ever from turkeys to stuffing and corn for all of the different ingredients. all going up. the cost of everything. turkeys, for example, alone are up nearlylo 70% from only 2 yeas ago. the rising prices across industries from food to lumber to used cars and new cars and much more, they are not temporary like biden and jenar psaki have told you. even obama's guy said it's here to stay. it looks like it is true. americans across thetr country e taking notice.
11:29 pm
confidence in biden's ability to lead the country to an economic recover is plunging to 44%. all while biden's approval rating in the mid 30s. while he is deflecting blame and fuelling more division and avoiding any real solutions to the problems he created. here with reaction. "fox and friends" weekend co-host and joe chonca. pete, we will start with you. what i said about thanksgiving, pete, add to that a buck 50 more a gallon and $1,000 more to heat your home this winter and everything you purchase in every store costs more and costs more to transport it there. this is impacting every single american. the people suffering the most
11:30 pm
are poor americans and middle-class americans. >> absolutely. all of these things hit the people on the lowest part of the economic change. and newt gingrich is right. it has a chance to cross political lines. the dip in numbers is not among republicans. they already don't have faith i joe biden. it was among independents and democrats whose economic confidence plummeted in joe biden. columbus day is indigenous's people day and thanksgiving will cost more and gifts won't get here on christmas and they want to cancel president's day and let's cancel easter as well. they are lucy pulling the football out from charlie brown on thanksgiving. every time you give them a chance they fumble and lie and your life gets maybe we will see it in
11:31 pm
virginia, people will wake up tl the reality. your life gets worse when you hand it to the left.e >> sean: joe, i think newt is right. when everyday life for every american costs this much more and the people that joe biden claims to have a great compassion for are getting hurt the most. that wakes people up to the fact his policies are not working. that's how you get an approval rating in the mid 30s like joe right? >> this is the pain presidency. newt gingrich was great before. americans, republicans independents and democrats all feel the pain on inflation at a 30 year high. gas prices up more than 40%. food meat and sea food double digits. that's why thanksgiving will be so expensive.
11:32 pm
the pain of feeling less safe with violent crime across the country. the pain of fentanyl and addiction. this is the most under-reported crisis in this country. it's notting close. because of the border that is anything but closed. all of this stuff is coming in. no jen psaki bomb will fix this. no canned speech from the president will fix this. the president and vice-president won't visit the border and pete buttigieg won't visit the port cities in california or jersey. cargo ships are backed up like in long beach. it comes down to competency effort and messaging am the administration is failing on all 3 fronts. the american people know it and the numbers show it. >> sean: we could resolve the
11:33 pm
border issue, pete. go back to the trump policies. we could resolve the inflation issue in a big way. going back to energy independent and stop begging opec. we are importing more oil from russian that alaska. if you want to do a better job with covid, maybe you tell people now that we have breakthrough cases and about monoclonal antibodies and rescud our fellow americans he abandoned after saying he would not abandon them. >> that requires competency and the willingness to separate yourself from climate change and being beholdened to union interests. they have prerogatives that are divorced from results for actual people.
11:34 pm
the big divorce people say joe biden, you told me you were the unity candidate. the normalcy candidate. my life would go back to normal. but it's all gone south because the agenda behind your party is open borders and climate change and not energy independence and defund the police and demonize them instead of securing my life. your life gets worse and the turkey costs double and the gas tank is full and the account is empty. >> sean: joe. >> 100 days since president biden, 9.5 weeks since he had a one-on-one interview with any major news outlet. when you can't articulate your own arguments without using a teleprompter taking tough questions, that's why you are losing the battle. americans don't have confidence that this guy is up for the job because he can't do anything outside of a teleprompter and
11:35 pm
scripted events. >> sean: when the "wall street journal" makes it to where i have been for a long time he is a cognitive mess and not up to the job, i think people see what we are dealing with here. he is not up to the job. he doesn't have the capacity to change. he is literally being -- the entire agenda is pushed by the most radical elements representing the democratic party. coming up. as biden continues to push for forced vaccinations, they are facing backlash. what is the science behind vaccinating 5-year-old children?
11:36 pm
dr. saphier and dana weigh in straight ahead. >> \m \m dana wei
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number on your screen. >> sean: breaking news tonight the fda authorizing the vaccine for elementary school kids 5 to 11 and likely paving the way for vaccine mandates across the country. let's look at the data. the mantra, follow the science. children are at a very low risk of being hospitaled or dieing from covid. here are the number according to the cdc. it's a rate of around0.008%.
11:41 pm
139 kids 5 to 17 died of the flu in 2019 and 2020. does it make sense to vaccinate children with little risk? there are negativee consequences that we need to take into consideration. when it comes to mandates many americans have made up their mind. hundreds of thousands of americans in all walks of life are willing to be fired from their job and give up their income and benefits and give up their pensions and they made up their mind. there is nothing that flip flop fauci or biden or kamala harris will change the minds of hundreds of thousands of americas in key jobs.
11:42 pm
they made up their minds. in other words, for many people we had the debate about vaccineh or not vaccine. they are not changing their mind.. for whatever reason. prominent democrats and experts said he's mandates would never happen. people like pelosi and fauci and biden and so many others. we won't mandate this. look at your screen. that's new york city workers with police, fires and first responders marching across the brooklyn bridge to new york city hall to oppose new york mayor and biden's vaccine mandates. and in major sports demonstrators are protesting in brooklyn this weekend to support the nets star kyrie irving who has been removed from the team and all activities because he
11:43 pm
decided, i assume after consulting his doctor not to get the vaccine. we see one packed stadium after another and not one has been a super spreader as dr. fauci predicted. can we lose cops and first responders and nurses and teachers and military personnel? every community across the country will be deeply impacted by losing hundreds of thousands of workers. here with reaction dr. saphier and radio host dana lash. dr. saphier, i look at the numbers of the flu for kids and the cdc numbers for covid for kids. they authorized the use for kids 5 to 11. with that low number of deaths
11:44 pm
and kids having any trouble with this, does the science warrant vaccinating all of these kids? >> if a vaccine becomes available, a parent should have the right to choose whether or not to vaccinate their child. that's especially through for parents with pre-existing medical conditions even as common as obesity. i can't comment on the preexisting continues of the children who died because the cdc hasn't released the information. they are talking about a 2-dose vaccine and i expect the fda to grant this extension. where it go from here is important. next week the cdc meets. they have proven this vaccine is mount an immune response and in a limited data set appears to be safe. the cdc has to say do we recommend it? in the united states whatever the cdc recommends turns into a mandate.
11:45 pm
the cdc needs to scrutinize who should get this vaccine? next week thek cdc meets. so while they proven that this vaccine can mount an immune response and this limited dataset does appear to be safe, who do we save to recommend it. in the united states, whatever the cdc recommends turns into a mandate. the cdc needs to scrutinize who should get this vaccine? tailored to those with preexisting medical conditions? cdc suggests 40% of children in this age group may already have natural immunity. the cdc needs to get away from the universal vaccines because it turns into mandates. >> sean: they don't want to hear it. nearly 800,000 people in israel.
11:46 pm
i want to see the science but early indications natural immunity is 27 more times effective than the vaccines. we are waiting for the peer review am dana, there has been shaming and scolding. what fries me, if you look at cops and first responders and nurses and the military, these are the people who went into work at the height of this. many of whom got covid themselves and contracted it. for whatever reason, they have made up their mind they will lose their job and their
11:47 pm
benefits and pension. they were diving on covid grenades every day. they worked in a covid petri dish and now we are going to fire these people? that's our way of saying thank you for risking your life to save other people a lives? >> that's what i find so puzzling about all of this. following the science, a great number of these people have natural immunity. do you need vaccine induced immunity? why is natural immunity not an exception? ucfollowing the science that wod be an exception. i know people who work in healthcare who have to make the decision to whether they will have jobs even though they natural immunity. this is giving so many people hesitancy. officials say follow the science
11:48 pm
but we won't. >> sean: let's get an answer on that. we will follow this story. with we come back, we have a big update. we will continue to follow the story. leo terrell and greg straight ahead.
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the san francisco lawlessness continues to plague the city streets. violent crime continues to be disregarded by extreme left win district attorney and his failures are so glaring an
11:53 pm
obvious thatlu the been two san francisco prosecutors are quitting their office. the office accusing a mehenti down late sentences. letting criminals out of jail early and disregarding lies -- laws that he doesn't like. that is why nancy pelosi city i fleeing playing and here with reaction, greg mbo. they are incentivizing stealing. as long as you don't take $1,00 worth of stuff, did you get to walk out of the store. >> by the way, the golden boy i on a sought for climate change and during crime in the state o california. 150 families have decided to hire their own private securities because they can't depend on the police. it is chaos in this state because for -- he no
11:54 pm
longer cared. >> what does that mean for the role of law? >> it doesn't exist, sean. this guy doesn't care about victims of crime. he only cares about helping criminals. he has been setting killers free , setting career criminals free so they can commit more crimes, some of them violent, --e including and they were at the domestic terrorists and convicted in the bricks robbery and they murdere to the police officers and a security guard and the das that most of his time bobbing to get his dad out of prison and he succeeded today. is announced that his father wa granted parole thanks to the da
11:55 pm
who lobbied andrew cuomo in the waning hours, hours before he resigned in this great to commute the sentence making him eligible for parole. this is a practical da has no business being in office with a duty to enforce the law. he wants to disregard the law. >> the last 20 seconds, leo. >> it's not only in san francisco, we have george gascoigne. insidious you have those types of prosecutors who basically allow criminals to roam the streets. the people of the victims in th state of california. >> big time. at is why stores are closing. they've closed about seven walgreens. think you both. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema,
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possible and being with us. you make it completely possible. 2022 is coming. are you ready? a week from tonight it will be election night in america. important governors races. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham has a great show as perusual. >> laura: you asked me to get my dog on the set. laura: you asked me to get my guard on set, but zoe is currently in the other room and is in therapy because you miss gendered her last night as billy, you referenced my dog as billy and that sent her into a canine tailspin. don't give your whole resume out. we don't