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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 27, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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about trump anymore. donald trump, donald trump, donald trump, donald trump. jillian: it is wednesday october 20 seventh. whose name is on the ballot? president biden talking about the former president while stumping for terry mcauliffe in virginia. parents tell us why they are voting republican. todd: did you hear this? >> isis k and al qaeda have the intent to conduct external operations including against the united states. isis k generates capability between 6 to 12 months. todd: a stark warning about a new terror threat to the homeland just months after the chaotic withdrawal of us troops from afghanistan. jillian: president biden touting social spending and climate agenda on the international stage but what message would it tends to world leaders if he can't get his own party on board.
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todd: if donald trump are on the ballot we would have received at least one email. maybe a tweet. no tweets. you are watching "fox and friends first". >> president biden heading to scotland for the social spending and climate plan to world leaders and states our eyes democrats are on the details. >> lauren blanchard joins us as the president's approval rating false to new lows. >> president biden wanted a big legislative win in his pocket before heading overseas tomorrow. members of his own party keep changing what they will and won't accept. health progressive say and agree on framework of the social spending build back better bill isn't good enough to move forward on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> not enough.
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>> reporter: senator joe manchin is against the policies that would require banks to report account data for those with 10,$000 coming in and out to the irs. manchin alone could tank the entire bill since it does not have any republican support. >> last thing we need to do is pile on with another massive reckless tax and spending spree. >> they do not have a mandate to do this. this is a 50/50 senate, a 3 seat majority in the house, the american people are not asking for any of this. >> president biden hoped to world leaders with a smooth running democratic led congress and historic climate initiative when he arrived for the g 20 in rome and the climate conference in glasgow. >> you have a sophisticated set of world leaders who understand politics in their own country and understand american democracy so i don't think world leaders think this is a binary issue.
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>> reporter: democratic leadership wants the infrastructure bill passed this week because it includes funding for highway projects that will agains if not extended. that means thousands of transportation employees won't help the president's low approval rating. todd: former democrat congressman tulsi gabbard calling out her own party. >> those putting the interests of the american people ahead of political interests, putting interest of the country ahead of their own partisan power or ambition and that is what bothers me what we are seeing with the democratic party now is instead of doing that, putting the interests of the american people first we see them pushing their own interests, the interests of the powerful elite and instead of truly serving the american people they are treating us as though we are the enemy.
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>> reporter: biden made some concessions on his spending agenda including stripping his plan for free community college and cutting his proposal for paid family leave. jillian: we will get an update on the investigation into the deadly shooting on the steps of the movie rust. cinematographer hutchins was killed and joel sousa was her projector baldwin firing the weapon he was told was cold while rehearsing the scene. according to the new york post prosecutors are not ruling out, charges. the district attorney is focusing on why live ammunition was on set and safety protocols were allegedly ignored. todd: a story you need to pay attention to. special counsel john the room will call the top lawyer to testify against former clinton campaign attorney michael sussman. todd: the latest on durham's investigation into the origins of the russia probe. >> reporter: good morning.
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prosecutors revealing durham recall general counsel james baker to testify against sussman. sussman, former clinton campaign attorney charged with lying to the fbi in 2016 as he pushed claims of secret trump russia communications. durham claims sussman lied when he told baker he was not working for his client when he shared false claims of covert communication between russia's out the bank and the trump organization but durham says sussman was working for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. sussman has pleaded not guilty and after he was indicted his lawyers criticized the case. they said durham brought a false statement charge on the basis of a purported oral statement made more than 5 years ago for which baker is the single witness. they say there is no recording and no notes by anyone in the meeting. meanwhile house intelligence
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committee chairman adam schiff revealing he regrets calling robert mueller to testify on the russia probe in 2019. adam schiff saying in his new book, quote, it was heartbreaking to see mueller having difficulty answering the most basic questions. this was not the bob mueller schiff said he knew and had he known, he would not have pursued his testimony with such figure saying, quote, he in fact would not have pursued it at all. mueller after his years long investigation testified there was no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 election. john durham is continuing to investigate the russia probe and sussman's trial is expected to begin this spring in 2022. jillian: let's turn to the border crisis. thousands of migrants in mexico are about to start day 5 of their trek to the southern border. todd: but who is funding this
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caravan? griff jenkins is in southern mexico and asks organizers where the money is coming from. >> reporter: a rest day 25 miles north of where they began their journey four days ago. children playing in the street, healthcare aid workers along with vendors selling to the migrants. while we have seen government agencies try to help the migrants along the way, even giving a pamphlet to assist the migrants we haven't figured out who is paying, how this caravan is being funded. we asked the leader that question. here is what he said about being funded. >> i don't leave my money, this is the way they go, what happened happened. the churches or all the people given food, i don't know but i am not getting funded. >> reporter: you see the migrants trying to beat the heat
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under the shade and under this tent a local medical group providing aid to people whose feet have blisters and babies that have trouble making this tough journey. they will soon start marching again, a long way to go, trying to get to the us border. todd: you can see the chaos at the southern border but you know who is ignoring it, the mainstream media. a look at their lacking coverage. jillian: the white house placing blame as americans see a price surge at the pump but other policies the problem? coming up. ♪♪ was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating.
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jillian: the homestretch in virginia's governors race and is election day approaches democrat candidate terry mcauliffe leaned on president biden. todd: details on the neck in neck race. >> president biden is something for terry mcauliffe just days before the election of the new governor, some see his involvement has a liability with
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his falling approval ratings, the president taking the opportunity to attack donald trump, saying his name 22 times in 15 minutes and comparing republican candidate glenn youngakin to his former campaign rival and calling him an extremist. >> iran against donald trump. [cheers and applause] >> president biden: terry is running against an accolade of donald trump. >> reporter: despite support from the president and other prominent democrats the latest polls show the race tighter than ever. suffolk university poll has the race tied with mcauliffe at 45.6% and youngcan at 45.2% but mcauliffe facing new back lash for inflating the state's coronavirus numbers. the washington post giving mcauliffe four pinocchios for us making several exaggerated claims including that there were 8000 new cases on a single day in september whenever only 2000.
2:14 am
also stating there were 1100 in the icu when there were less than 40. youngcan had this to say. >> there is no enthusiasm for term,. no one is showing up to vote as we are seeing big enthusiasm on our side and this is happening across virginia. this is no longer republicans against democrats. it is virginians coming together to make a statement that they are ready to elect a different kind of governor. >> reporter: member of the black virginians for glenn youngcan collision is ready for the change explain why she's voting for youngkin. >> never feel there's a differential between black and white, privileged and underprivileged. i look at him as someone who wants to do the right thing, that in turn will make this estate where businesses want to come. >> reporter: the election is only 6 days away. todd: coming up fast.
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thank you very much. jillian: republican momentum could be building other races as virginia has shifted to the left, new priorities for voters could change the outlook of several state races. you discuss is david aross. you heard it is neck in neck between mcauliffe and youngkin according to new poll information that has been released but the same survey indicates youngkin holding at 11 point edge among independent voters and they swing voters to watch out for because that could swing things in one direction or another. do you see that happening in virginia right now? >> that is very believable. we have serious issues on the table and for all the people looking at the issues there are important things that guide
2:16 am
their votes. i could see that happening, spent a lot of time in the neighborhood and groups of people and that is what the conversation is about, education, education policy, safe neighborhoods. those are hard subjects for terry mcauliffe to speak about. people are hearing what they want to hear. ready to turn us in the right direction. jillian: you your self running for reelection, can you tell me what the voters have been expressing is their biggest concern to you? >> a lot of people are just in our that the beautiful county they moved to and there are some wonderful people here, it hurts to see loudoun in news as the epicenter of some nasty
2:17 am
controversies, but they came here for good schools in many cases, good jobs, good schools and they don't like what they are seeing so they are in shock. they send kids to good schools because education is important but loudoun has gotten off focusing more on cultural indoctrination and whether people have children in schools or not they see that as wrong and divisive and counterproductive to children getting the education. jillian: are you seeing first time voters who perhaps are awake to a lot of the issues, loudoun county being at the center of a lot of issues at the forefront of people's minds right now? >> most people say they are going to vote rather than admit they are not engaged but in the conversation i have going to neighborhoods, we focus on newer
2:18 am
neighborhoods, i do sense a sincerity like when i ask people participating election. and a lot of questions that revet. i sense a sincerity when they say i am going to vote. i am hopeful they will come through in new numbers and see a good turnout and see some informed voters. that's what we once. i say if i lose i want to the satisfaction of knowing people understood what i was about it didn't buy into a smear campaign. so we are heading in that direction, good information that outlets like fox news puts out that other people won't cover.
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jillian: thank you for joining us this morning and we will be watching your race and the others to see how things shake out. thank you. todd: 18 after the hour. airlines under audit. workers being laid off for not getting vaccinated could violate the terms of those airlines federal relief funds would get ready for an expensive dinner. we are not talking tonight but last thursday for the third or fourth thursday in november. the surging prices for your thanksgiving favorites and how the supply chain crisis making it worse. i was close. ♪♪
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todd: get ready for a very expensive thanksgiving dinner as the price of turkey jumps 27% and other favorites are taking a bite out of your wallet. the vice president of industry
2:24 am
relations of the food industry association telling us what to expect this holiday season. what do you want us to be prepared for as we get ready for turkey day? >> thank you for having me this morning. over the next several months consumers will be short-term grocery price increases as a result of the supply chain challenges and related inflation we are feeling. there are several numbers floating around from 27% on turkeys based on usda information that is out right now we are looking at 22% which is $3.80 on 15 pounds grade a frozen turkey and that depends how the retailer plan their holiday season. summer retailers take ownership of their frozen grade a turkeys in advance of the holiday season. as early as last spring. others have contracts for those birds.
2:25 am
we are talking anybody buying those turkeys on the open market but with all that said, thanksgiving dinner will cost slightly more but we are seeing price increases impact all consumer goods this winter everything from toys to cars. todd: you should buy your turkeys on the open market, not the black market, don't know what a black market bird looks like. what softens the blow if you're trying to buy for thanksgiving dinner? >> plan your menu ahead. start planning for thanksgiving, christmas, hanukkah, whatever holiday you are celebrating, sign up for your retailer loyalty and reach out to registered dietitians. they have a great way of helping and reduce your pricing. through the loyalty apps retailers are constantly sharing information around bags and
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coupons and many retailers use the turkey as a loss leader on the front page to bring the consumer in. they want to get your entire meal. the thing for us consumers is there's a lot of competition in the grocery industry and every grocer wants to have their food dollars so that will help. todd: do you advise people having a jillian thanksgiving were just one big pile of mashed potatoes on their plate? jillian: i like it. >> i encourage everybody to have the thanksgiving they are used to having. we will see families get together this year and we look forward to it. todd: doug baker, thanks, happy thanksgiving. jillian: not anti-turkey. that was the implication. todd: she loves the bird. jillian: the white house warning americans of supply issues leading to higher prices at the pump. todd: cheryl casone is here. jillian: nothing to say. todd: increased gas prices, help us.
2:27 am
>> reporter: white house press secretary jen psaki saying it is not a real tory issue. it is a supply issue. >> there is a range of options. he is quite mindful of the impact of any increased costs on the american public as relates to gas prices. we remain concerned about trends we see where even if supply has increased at times over the last several months we have seen heightened prices. >> reporter: he promised to put more pressure on opec and wants the ftc to investigate the surging gas prices. republicans overseas on oil, not the answer here, in a letter they wrote, quote, it is not in america's interests to rely on these nations for energy. instead of eliminating barriers to american produced oil and natural gas and infrastructure will increase american economic and job growth, enhance national security and lower energy prices for american families. we are saying as $83, 7 your
2:28 am
high yesterday. a lot of talk about $100 a barrel. jillian: airline compliance is about to be audited. >> reporter: the inspector general audit major us airlines in the wake of layouts tied to the vaccine mandate after republicans called to raise the question a are airlines in violation of the cares act, which gives assistance to keep people working, writing this, to address issues like rates the concern systemic programmatic compliance. into this matter within fiscal year 2022 as resources permit. in addition to the 3 air carrier. and questions at this point whether recent cancellations and delays were tied to the vaccine mandates. we had a lot of interviews and soundbites and people saying that it was but is it the truth?
2:29 am
todd: that put them in a catch-22, interesting to see how they leave out of it. an important step toward protecting kids online. >> reporter: youtube and tick-tock will address social media's harm on kids, something that needs to happen now. >> the problem is clear. big tech praise on children and teens to make money. how are they making this money? we all know these apps receive a certain amount of money by incentivizing children to stay on their apps longer and longer. >> reporter: companies share internal research data on kids and teens with lawmakers in the wake of the journal, extensive reporting on facebook and instagram, they knew they were harming kids, teens but did nothing to address it but chose profits. todd: hopefully this is all bipartisan. >> reporter: we are awaiting an update from police on the investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of the movie
2:30 am
rust as questions swirl over who was responsible for the weapon before it reached alec baldwin. todd: four pinocchios, the washington post slamming terry mcauliffe for misrepresenting covid cases in virginia. joe concha is on deck. sources tell me he's got the power. ♪♪ i've got the power ♪♪
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todd: washington post awarding terry mcauliffe its worst falsehood rating for misrepresenting covid 19 numbers. jillian: glenn kessler writing the reason for mcauliffe to hype the numbers here and four piano feels, offers inflated figures for child hospitalizations. he is setting of the year for all of the children hospitalized with covid 19 in virginia over the last 19 months which is still insulated. joe concha, let's pull up these numbers so folks at home can see them for themselves and you can see the 1142, that is his claim but there are 35 children hospitalized. what a difference.
2:36 am
>> that is 1107, that is the difference. not very good at math but did that in my head quickly. four pinocchios, women washington post of the facts check, there is no fifth pinocchio, four is the worst rating you can get in terms of did you tell a lie and mcauliffe did. hard to imagine a campaign going worse than the mcauliffe campaign is going right now. a guy who sides with teachers unions against parents, says parents should not have a say in what children are taught and tries to make glenn youngken donald trump's long-lost evil son and that is not working and it is hard to see what mcauliffe's positive bumper sticker is, how to make lives better and doesn't have one. he thought this would be a cake walk, it is virginia but poll numbers went south and it became and issues based campaign and youngken has all the momentum. will be enough in a state president biden won by 10 points, we find out less than a
2:37 am
week from now. jillian: his neck in neck right now, 45.2%, 42.6%, do you think this totals up quick, to give either of these the edge? >> it doesn't help mcauliffe because the question is do i trust this guy to make my life better, he was governor once and glenn youngken ran a good campaign and hasn't had the four pinocchios, who is finishing with the momentum? >> no one will mistake the fact checker for somebody who works on fox news any day. mainstream morning is ignoring the massive migrant caravan headed to the us border. you see zeros across the board. looks like the scoreboard for your bears. let's talk about stories that were included.
2:38 am
a haunted house, brian gosling 10 in the new barbie movie. should we expect anything different? >> i will fact check you. 0 minutes on the border crisis. my bears put up 3 points. both say 0 when we lost 38-3, torched what used to be a good defense. before we go off on a tangent, a classic case of sizzle awarded over stake. the border crisis is a major story. we are in case to have 2.4 million migrants illegally entering the country this year alone. what is 2.4 million, that is triple the population of boston or denver or washington and elected officials from the president who refuses to visit the border to the absentee border czar in kamala harris and
2:39 am
refuses to address this issue. i saw this recently, she said this during the bush 43 administration, quote, it is our obligation, to keep american people safe and borders first line of defense, democrats support enforcing laws against those who came here illegally and those who hire illegal immigrants. common sense like that, the result of pelosi's removal as speaker. we used to have biden and pelosi talking common sense about the border, now they refuse to even address it and the catastrophe continues down south. jillian: let's hope the catastrophe for your bears does not continue. >> eagles and giants. let's look at this. oklahoma city, this morning, moving east across the state bringing heavy rain and possibility of a tornado. jillian: severe weather causing a headache for drivers and visibility near 0.
2:40 am
janice dean. >> >> wonder who came up with this. don't think i came up with it but heard somebody at some point. you heard potential for severe weather across the plane states because of the cold front but also wants to point your attention to this nor'easter bringing hurricane force wind to new england as we have wind gusts in excess of 95 miles per hour for the massachusetts area around the boston region. this is impressive for a nor'easter so we will season damage with this storm system as it continues to move westward towards land and exit to the northeast over the next 6 to 12 hours. we have wind alerts, towards new england, including the boston area.
2:41 am
we will see this later this evening. it will take its time and we will see the result of strong windss. we will get on and off showers, we have a flood threat for any of the rain that moves in mainly across new england but we are done with the rain. it will be a wind threat and i'm concerned about power outages and trees down. future track across plane states with severe weather reports. we will see potential for severe weather on the coast including texas and parts of louisiana. there is the severe threat today. we will watch that nor'easter accident the severe threat as well as another storm moves into the west. hopefully i am gainfully employed next week. >> thank you, tracking the severe weather, download fox weather apps for this. >> my parents got a phone call to go back, that is how much
2:42 am
they loved it. still ahead, a big night in houston as the atlanta braves take game one of the world series. >> during the game, joins us live from houston next, good morning.
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todd: local graphic, the braves building a world series lead in game 2 in houston. jillian: will cain breaks down game one. >> it was game one to the atlanta braves. they got off to a heart start, third pitch of the night, first batter out of the park, home run for jorge, the astros had a rough start to his first ever world series and the braves win 6-numtwo but it is a long series and power of prayer on their side. inside the stadium it was an awesome atmosphere. astros and braves celebrating throughout the day.
2:47 am
little section celebrated a more calm and serene way and pent up a few extras for the astros. >> mayor peter. >> you refer to yourself or everyone else referring to you. >> do you like it? tell me how it works besides cheering for the game. are you saying prayers during the game? before, during and after. >> for unity and fun together. we enjoy it together. >> reporter: the rally back,
2:48 am
game 2, one piece of bad news, charlie morton broke his leg in the third inning and is out for the rest of the series. todd: could be a problem. they don't have a lot of starters. thank you. i love the rally. jillian: game 2 of the world series tonight on fox at 8:00. i know where he is standing. students, outcry over the district's handling. >> the reaction from that. >> not just parents anymore, students speaking out, hundreds of students walked out in protest of the school district's handling a sexual assault that took place on campus and later in the day parents spoke out at a school board meeting, two of those parents doing this on "fox and friends first".
2:49 am
>> last night's meeting was one like i have never seen before. and so we get the school board replaced and get a new superintendent we are not going to be able to heal or move forward as a community. >> the school board, superintendent in schools. >> this after a boy was found guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl inside a bathroom. the boy was transferred to another school where he's accused of assaulting yet another girl. the superintendent knew about the alleged sexual assault but was asked, he said he had no record of any such instance taking ways. he said he misunderstood the question. others say he is trying to cover up the situation. todd: i was unaware all our jails were filled with women. jillian: the white house released a plan to promote gender equity, eliminating cash bail.
2:50 am
cash bail and reform recognizing the farm particularly for black women and families but this comes amid increase in violent crime or murders in 2025, presented overall crime. many say in doing cash bail leads to unsafe communities which does more harm when talking about gender equity. >> like saying tree equity. >> can i put words together? 10 minutes until the top of the hour, lawmakers warning the white house vaccine mandate put a serious strain on healthcare industry which is facing a labor shortage. todd: it is my turn to put words together, diana heartberger and marian s miller meeks, don't go anywhere.
2:51 am
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todd: doctors warning could healthcare labor shortages. jillian: two members from the caucus are here with us now. and we will, you know, let's get to that in just a second. the video that we were playing there was just an update on the alec baldwin story that we do want to bring you the latest on that investigation. we are expected to learn today on the shooting of the set of the movie rust the woman you just saw on your screen cinematographer halyna hutchins was killed and another hurt. according to the "new york post" prosecutors are not ruling out criminal charges. the district attorney is reportedly focusing on why live ammunition was on set and how safety protocols were ignored. sorry that was a little jumbled we did want to correct that error of the wrong script with the video we were trying to air. todd: thank you for doing that could.
2:56 am
jillian: get to two members of the caucus, joining us now tennessee congresswoman diana hydrocarbon barger miller-meeks. thank you for joining us i will start with you. this is something could impact every single american out there if your hospital or doctor's office or medical care facility has labor shortages. what does that look like? >> well, absolutely, we have a healthcare shortage now and if this mandate goes into effect, they have not seen anything yet, new york when they fired the nurses and physicians and they had to bring the national guard in. it's going to be bad because labor shortages are absolutely contributing to supply chain issues and the disruption in those issues. so, we'll see what happens. this is -- they haven't seen anything yet. todd: congressman miller meeks what i can't get past this notion bear with me it's wordy. if i have a heart attack and i
2:57 am
need help and time is of the essence, i don't care the race, gender, sexuality and definitely not the vaccine status of the person that's coming to save my life. why has it gotten to this point? >> well, certainly, all healthcare facilities want to keep their patients safe can't keep people safe if you don't have workers there. so, as representative harsh burger just said there was a hospital in new york fired members. hospital in new york closed down maternity washed ha because it it didn't have enough staff. we are not even talking about immunity. we're talking about vaccines so, there are people in the medical profession who have had covid-19. they have recovered from covid-19, they know they have immunity. so we should be talking about immunity not just vaccine. that doesn't mean that we want people to go out and have covid-19 parties arched get infected that's not at all what i'm says there sim mount from vaccines there sim mount from having an infection acquired
2:58 am
disease. i have put forward a bill to mandate insurance coverage for antibody testing both serology antibodies and t cell antibodies long term antibodies. going to create more problems in healthcare system. that's going to cost lives just as well as any of the process they are putting forward mandating the vaccine and increase vaccine hesitancy. jillian: before we move onto the next topic congresswoman hash burger. do you feel like offering being offered by the administration. >> well, not at the moment. we are are still waiting on the osha to enforce this mandate. all we are asking is, will you look at natural immunity if like you do the vaccine. if you have taken the vaccine, we know that these people who have had covid once or twice my friend mariannette was speaking about. we can do antibodies testing. and there is plenty of peer
2:59 am
reviewed studies that show that will natural immunity just as effective if not more effective than taking the vaccine. why not look at that or do once a week testing for these people? it's going to cause problems. and i don't think they understand at all how bad it's going to be. todd: congresswoman miller-meeks we are running up to the end of our show and i need answer answer to they question. begging my question to you if it's such a great plan why do they need to beg their own party to get on board? 30 seconds to you? >> they don't need to beg your own party. they are having difficulty among their own party to get it through. todd: quickly we have a little more time. are you worried about biden giving away the farm at the summit?
3:00 am
10 seconds to you. >> yes. i'm worried about giving away the farm. todd: wow, efficient do. not mess with a doctor named congresswoman mayor netanyahu miller-meeks. jillian: thank you for joining us, ladies. we appreciate your time have. a good day. have a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ >> todd: president biden can't stop talking about a former president while stumping for terry mcauliffe. >> doesn't want to talk about donald trump anymore. i do. donald trump, trump, donald trump. donald trump. >> this is a candidate running scared very scared and with good reason. >> today get an update on the investigation into the deadly shooting on the set of the movie rust. >> witnesses are cooperating so far. no charges have been filed. >> fda advisory panel is recommending pfizer vaccine designed for children. >> we are never going to learn how safe the vaccine is unless start giving it. >> that's why


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