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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 28, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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reelected. jason miyares, good luck on tuesday. that matters. by the way, apparently, someone on another channel attended to fact-check out document on january 6th. [laughs] our documentary hasn't aired yet! [laughs] what they hate it already. all the more reason to watch it. they are lying, as you will find out monday. we will be back tomorrow. sean hannity takes over now. >> sean: all right, thank you, tucker, and welcome to "hannity." we begin this night with a fox news alert, the disgraced former governor of new york, andrew cuomo, has now officially been charged with groping a former aide, which if convicted could land cuomo on the sex offender registry. we have all the details coming up. also, a judge is now refusing to pause new york city's vaccine mandate for city employees, and now the fdny in new york is preparing to close 20% of all
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fire department companies in the city and take 20% of all ambulances off-line as the mandates now are set to take effect on monday. that's not all. the nypd also bracing for a massive street cop shortage. we will have a lot more on this straight ahead tonight. the impact on the economy, and we will tell you what it means for the ongoing worker shortage, and of course, the supply chain issues we have had. but first, we turn once again to the islamic emirates of afghanistan. >> announcer: americans held hostage, abandoned behind enemy lines. day 75. >> sean: 88 days since joe biden promised he wouldn't do it, 75 days since he has done it, abandoning hundreds of americans, thousands of green card holders, our allies, our friends, their family members, all left behind enemy lines by joe biden. he simply has turned the page, and today, he just jets off to europe, leaving behind a torrent of self-inflicted catastrophes.
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look at the economy. it is an unmitigated disaster, slowing down to its lowest quarterly growth since the height of the pandemic. the border an absolute nightmare, also. another massive caravan is on the way, but instead of fixing this crisis, the biden administration, they are now planning to give -- get this -- certain illegal immigrants a whopping $450,000. illegal immigrants. this is not a joke, as joe likes to say, and tonight, joe's precious build back better new green deal socialist of vision the country, it is stalled in congress with seemingly no way out. there is no reconciliation going on, even though biden gave such an impassioned final pitch before leaving for europe earlier today. take a look. >> these plans are fiscally responsible. they are fully paid for. they don't add a single penny to the deficit. they don't raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a
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year. i don't want to punish anyone's success. i am a capitalist. i want everyone to be able to come if they want to be a millionaire or billionaire, to be able to seek their goals. but all i'm asking is, pay your fair share. pay your fair share. pay your fair share. >> sean: what is the "pay your fair share." "pay your fair share." okay, it is getting bizarre. and this whole -- i know he still uses an abacus, we have something that is actually called a calculator, it works a little bit better, and you can't say trillions of dollars in spending won't cost you anything. nothing. keep in mind, democrats have tried this build back better new green deal socialism, you know, legislation, it funds actual infrastructure, we have that, you know, roads, bridges, tunnels, better known as the fbi f, and they are now to trillion
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dollar bills stalled in congress. great job, joe. tonight, the socialist left wing of the democratic party can't seem to come to terms with how much of your money they would like to spend and how much they want to tax you. the latest draft of the build back better proposal comes in at a whopping $1.7 trillion. a lot of that is smoke and mirrors because they only are funding x number of years when they really intend to do it for ten years. the far left buzzword of the day is equity. if it mentioned 44 times, and te climate, that is mentioned a whopping 110 times, but it is just not enough for the socialists. no, they are now nine solid nose in the house of representatives. congresswoman cori bush said she felt bamboozled. congresswoman tlaib reportedly screeched "hell no" and then stormed out of the meeting. aoc is now threatening to vote no. congresswoman jayapal just told
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congress there is not enough votes to get this legislation through the house. needless to say, nancy pelosi is very nervous. don't embarrass the president. we will get to that in a minute. biden told congress he needed this agreement before he jetted off to europe for this climate summit. that didn't happen. now pelosi report of warning fellow democrats not to embarrass joey while he is a broad. praising joe's -- this is my favorite moment of the day -- nancy pelosi, who struggles a little bit cognitively herself, nancy pelosi talking about, wow, how engaged joe is and he wrote the bill and his encyclopedic knowledge. joe biden? is this the same joe biden, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created by, oh, you know, oh, the thing, that guy? anyway, pelosi was a nervous wreck today. take a look. >> for those who said i want to see text, the text is there for you to review, for you to complain about, for you to add
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to, or subtract from, whatever it is. we have agreement on most of those things. now when people see the language they may say this goes further than i thought, i don't know. we will see what they say back. you have to remember that we planned for $3.5 trillion. we were totally ready, and i say this because i feel some level of responsibility for working everybody so hard, to be on time for september 15th. and then, the rug was pulled out when they said we are not going that high, but in the meantime, the clock did not stop taking on the calendar. >> sean: all right, there are a few things in the draft text pelosi is referring to. $100 billion universal child care, $20 billion climate change, $10 billion for community health clinics, $9 billion per month the government handouts to families with children, $5 billion for the cdc, $5 billion for a fleet of new electric vehicles for the
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federal government, for billion dollars for the electric vehicles for the post office, and we can go on and on all night. this is far from a done deal, so as pelosi likes to say, they will probably have to pass the bill before any of us find out what is actually in the bill. in fact, earlier today, pelosi wasn't exactly eager to answer many questions, looking very uncomfortable after the disaster which is not joe biden was squashed again by the liberal wing of his party. take a look. >> madame speaker -- >> madame speaker -- >> madame speaker -- >> madame speaker -- >> simple question, are you holding an infrastructure vote today? have you made that decision? are you holding infrastructure vote today? are you holding in infrastructure -- are you holding -- >> sean: oh, clearly pelosi has a lot on her mind, not only does she need to secure enough votes in the house, which she has been unable to do.
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also, democrats can't afford to lose one single vote in the u.s. senate. and right now, well, senator manchin, senator sinema, they are still undecided, and some on the house side are starting to revolt. one democratic congresswoman has already calling for the two undecided senators to be ousted from the party, and in the coming days, we will know one thing for sure, is aoc, is the squad all talk and no action, in other words, are they really just swamp creatures already to washington, d.c.? there to get along because they like to be called congresswoman or senator, whatever they happen to be, or actually socialist, with a backbone, and ideology, are they willing to fight for the things they said they are going to fight for? this is going to be very interesting as it all unfolds, but one way or the other, the good of the country, well, build back better should never see the light of day. it is an unmitigated disaster. capitalism, the greatest wealth
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producing system effort designed by mankind, that's right, you get life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, thank god we get all of these rights from oh, you know, the thing, that thing, god, the creator of everything, and down by our creator, if you think supply shortages, labor shortages, inflation is bad now, you wait until the federal government spends another $2 trillion on their big government womb to the tomb, cradle to grave socialism. add to that the ongoing vaccine mandates, this is now about to hit full force, and now thousands of nurses and cops and paramedics and military personnel and firemen, emergency responders, they are all going to be out of work. now it is not a matter of vax or don't vax, they have decided for whatever reason they are willing to give up their salary, benefits, and pension because they believe in their decision. whether you like it or not, seems like they made up their mind. in new york city alone come up to 40% of police officers and
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firefighters might be out of a job as soon as monday. that will be an unmitigated disaster for the city of new york. anyone actually think this is going to make new york more safe, more secure? anyone think this will make america a better place? of course not. this will be bad. and according to biden's own chief propagandist, jen circled back psaki, our woes have nothing to do with biden's policies, and said according to psaki, the supply chain crisis, you americans, it is your fault, it is what she said, take a look. >> what is your message to americans who are so, so worried about getting their christmas gifts on time, halloween, is this going to be happening? >> well, so many people across the country are purchasing more goods online. may be some of it is from habits that developed during the pandemic, when people weren't leaving their home. some of it is because we have seen an economic recovery that has been underway for the last nine months, where 5 million
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more people are working, on a claimant rate cut in half, leading to a massive increase in volume. that is what is happening at ports. we are addressing and attacking the supply chain issues, even with the increased volume, which is the root cause here. >> sean: jen, that economic recovery is stalled. inflation is here to stay. talk to lawrence summers, maybe he can help educate you. just to recap, in the wacky world of biden, your online shopping habits, that is what is causing the supply chain crisis. build back better costs nothing. we are supposed to believe that. we are really supposed to believe that joe biden, the cognitive mess that he is, has encyclopedic knowledge on anything? i don't even think he knows what day of the week it is. the world is going to end in ten years because of climate change, and the most important thing right now for nancy pelosi is that no one embarrassed joe while he is out abroad. maybe, just maybe, joe biden should have stayed in washington until he got the deal done. here with more, from rome, in
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italy, our very own peter doocy, pretty early in the morning, sir. now, biden has said he needed this done before he left. he goes and makes the pitch today, and he leaves in his wake an unmitigated disaster of democrats and an all-out civil war. >> and sean, part of the reason he said he needed it done before he got here is because he claimed that when he talks to world leaders, his counterparts on the world stage, they are asking him "hey, can america get anything done anymore or what?" so he wanted something to show, especially on climate, because the next part of this trip is going to be climate entirely, and right now, he has nothing to show for it, and it is not pundits and it is not people below him on his staff who are raising the stakes here. it was joe biden behind closed doors today. he said at that meeting, privately with democrats, he said "i don't think it is hyperbole to say the house
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and senate majorities and my presidency will be determined by what happens in the next week." he was referring to that vote, they wanted it to happen, it did not happen even though speaker pelosi said in order for us to have success, we must succeed today. they did not in that way. now the president is here. he wants to talk to world leaders about having a new global minimum tax on corporations. he wants to talk about reentering negotiations with iran about their nuclear program. he wants to talk about climate change. but there are 19 other major economies -- leaders of major world economies here. they might want to talk about something else. this is the first time, after all, that they have gotten together since the afghanistan pullout that caught a lot of them flat-footed because they had been reassured by the united states that they had it handled. president biden is on the ground right now, air force one touched down a few minutes ago here very early friday. air force one touching down in a foreign country is usually the
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ultimate show of the power of the u.s. presidency. you see it right there. and it must have been a pretty good feeling for a president who earlier today did not have the power, despite pushing for it, to bring together the progressives and the moderates in his own party at home. sean? >> sean: all right, peter doocy, thank you. by the way, we want to correct one report that the pollster put out there that andrew cuomo would be in the registry, he would not be added as a sex offender, even if convicted of the misdemeanor, the charge of forcible touching would require the victim to be . we will get a legal analysis coming up from gregg jarrett. here with the very latest, though, on the democratic infighting on capitol hill, we call it the hitchhikers guide to all things swamp and sewer, washington, d.c., chad pergram is with us. i loved your note you sent out internally at fox news today, the hitchhikers guide on how the left rolled both biden and pelosi today again.
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you want to break this down, chad? >> good evening, sean. well, the president came to the capital for the second time in a month and he failed to close the deal. the stagecraft of a presidential bid visit did nothing. they can't even convince progressives to support the bipartisan infrastructure built. they are holding the bill hostage. >> if they vote on the bill today, i am a no. that has not changed. i have held steady with what we talked about as progressives, at least some of the progressive caucus up until now. we don't have that right now. also a bit bamboozled because this was not what i thought was coming today. >> democrats can't pass the bill, liberals both, they lack the votes. democrats don't trust democrats kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. >> i don't think we have really heard any sort of commitment and
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what the senate is actually going to be able to pass, but we need a little bit more than an iou. >> moderate democrats are seething at liberals. >> i'm disappointed. and not because i'm a democrat, mind you. i am disappointed because i am an american. i am disappointed because i work with 20 democrats and republicans on the problem solvers caucus that helped put this bill together. the country needs it. 19 republican senator voted for it. we should all be disappointed. >> house speaker nancy pelosi doesn't lose votes on the floor if pelosi had the votes, the house would have voted on the bill tonight. progressives now control the votes, not pelosi, nor the president. sean? >> sean: all right, great analysis. thank you, chad pergram. and that is nancy pelosi's m.o. she doesn't lose votes on the floor. she had the votes, she would've called for the vote. joining us with maurice congresswoman elise stefanik and former senior counsel to president trump, kellyanne conway. good to see you both.
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congresswoman, we will start with you. we see what is happening with the democratic party. this started out at $3.5 trillion, although if you use joe's math, it wouldn't cost us zero, zero, pay your fair share. with that math doesn't work. now it is 1.75, manchin still saying he is sticking at 1.5. do you see, you are on the floor, did democratic progressive caucus going along with a manchin-sinema-style bill? >> absolutely not. democrats are in utter disarray, sean, and this is a lame duck speaker of the house. nancy pelosi is a lame duck, and we know that both joe biden and nancy pelosi and the entire democratic party is being controlled by the far left socialist progressives that you played earlier today. the cori bushes, the aocs, the camilla jaya pauls, who do not represent every day working americans and when it comes to the price tag of the bill, sean, they are cooking the books. this is going to cost the
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american people over $10 trillion if you look at it in a 10-year window, they are just expiring these programs which they have every intention to try to continue in perpetuity. they are cooking the books to hide the price tag from the american people, and it is not just the fact that it is the largest tax increase and the largest spending bill in our nation's history, it is riddled and loaded up with far left policies like mass amnesty for illegal immigrants, heat your home taxes we are heading into what will be the most expensive winter ever in our nation's history, so this is absolutely a bad deal for the american people, but the progressives -- they are controlling nancy pelosi right now, who is a lame duck speaker of the house. >> sean: can you see a scenario, kellyanne, we both have been doing this for a long time, is there a scenario here, because the margin is so tight in the house, 4-vote difference, that maybe the squad caucus pushes pelosi out?
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>> well, they may. i think her days are numbered, as they were, to keep the house, which they won't, they are walking into the kind of shellacking that president obama claimed he had suffered after the 2010 midterms, and for much the same reason: overreach. senators manchin and sinema, who are more aligned with public sentiment, if you look at the fox news poll, 53% of those polls said they are extremely concerned about inflation. no other issue cracked 50% on that measure. and you have a democratic president and a pelosi who is not responding to what economic concerns are vexing americans. in fact, in other polls, 58% disapprove of joe biden on the economy and 60% said biden is not doing enough on inflation. the answer to inflation is not this out-of-control spending that elise just described. the answer to inflation is making sure the supply chain is not disrupted, making sure the cost of everyday items are not exploding, and this is even
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before we get to thanksgiving, christmas, the jewish holidays where people are spending money, and they are going to blame joe biden for the expense of those. look, if joe biden can't convince liberals in his own party to spend other people's money, how in the world will he convince global leaders on the world stage to do any of this? joe biden's presidency, sean, it is a man-made disaster. they have gone disarray to total dysfunction, and i think progressives are playing pelosi's game against her and they are going to prevail. they are 96 strong and that caucus and they are playing the long game here. they want us to reconfigure the federal government's relationship with each and every one of us through spending policies. and they will play the long game here. i think sinema and manchin should come over to the republican party, called ronna mcdaniel's tonight, called donald trump, call whoever you want, because we won't chase you into bathrooms, run millions of dollars against you and your own state only because you agree with the
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majority of americans that we don't need more taxes and we don't need more spending. >> sean: you know, congresswoman, we have the most deaths from the pandemic in 2021, the weakest growth since the pandemic with joe biden, i mean, literally, the slowest growth on record to this point. and a vaccine mandate looming. we have less than a minute, we will give you the final word. >> well, we have seen that instead of dealing with issues that are impacting every day americans, whether it is inflation, the supply chain crisis, democrats are trying to shove through this multitrillion dollar package, and when it comes to the vexing mandates, sean, i am from my home state of new york, i represent new york's north country, we are facing historic labor shortage and the vaccine mandate is only exacerbating this. this is what kellyanne is referring to when this is about remaking government, where government is controlling your lives. that is not what the american people want to. democrats are woefully out of touch, and i don't think nancy pelosi is going to be able to deliver this over the finish
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line. joe biden is right that this is going to be the determinant of his presidency, and it is an utter failure. it has been crisis after crisis. >> sean: all right, congresswoman, thank you. kellyanne from always great to see you. when we come back from a brand-new fox news poll just released all just released, showing glenn youngkin leaving over terry mcauliffe. also, former disgraced governor andrew cuomo just been charged with a misdemeanor sex crime. gregg jarrett will break it down for us straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: big breaking news out of virginia tonight, in the commonwealth, where a new fox news poll has republican glenn youngkin surging ahead of democrat terry mcauliffe by a whopping eight points. remember, this is a massive shift from just two weeks ago, where the same poll had mcauliffe up by five, and get this, we are also learning tonight about a major blunder from the mcauliffe campaign after they mistakingly emailed a fox news journalist "can we kill this" when they were inquiring about whether or not terry mcauliffe hired an attorney with, oh, let's say, background, with a questionable background, marc elias, who is a clinton attorney, to possibly challenge election results, something both candidates said they wouldn't do.
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now, there is clearly massive momentum behind glenn youngkin. can a deep blue state like virginia really turn red? can republicans turn out their voters and deliver a massive political upset? here to make the case, republican of virginia new gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin is with us. seems like a huge jump, statistically almost impossible, if that poll is accurate or close to accurate, that would mean late breaking deciders breaking hard for you and with early voting seeming to be low, you are at a pretty close level with mcauliffe, i would say that gives you an advantage. how are you feeling about it? >> we are feeling great, sean. we are out on day six of our ten-day bus tour. the crowds are amazing. we just had a giant event in augusta county, had over a thousand people. there is energy on this campaign. it is no longer a campaign, it is a momentum. it is absolutely a movement,
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it's a movement to stand up for virginians, for parents, and to reject government control, and terry mcauliffe has demonstrated that he cares more about his own career than he does for virginians, he wants to put government between parents and their children. and if he doesn't like the answer, then all of a sudden the fbi comes in and tries to silence them. this is our moment as virginians to come together. we are winning independent vote by double digits, democrats walking across the aisle in droves, and what you are seeing in these polls is exactly what we are feeling on the road. >> sean: you know, you look at all the people mcauliffe has brought income unpopular joe biden, 35%, kamala harris, stacey abrams, even barack obama at terry's own events, he seems to be getting more press appearing then people showing up for his events. i think the maximum crowd they had with biden and obama was less than 2,000. and you are drawing huge crowds everywhere you go, so anecdotally, you feeling good about it? how do you analyze the early voting? >> yeah, so first of all,
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terry mcauliffe is doing exactly what the playbook that he rode as the godfather of the modern-day democratic party would do, which is bring somebody else in. he has asked everybody to come into campaign. if you ever held office and won or didn't win, he has invited you to come and take the spotlight off his failed record as governor and his failure to lay forward an agenda that embraces -- and i'm telling you, early voting has been great. turn out for us has been strong, turn out for him has been weak. i've said it all along, the only person excited about terry mcauliffe's terry mcauliffe, and sean, the big thing is, this race has become a national race. virginians are voting for the nation. i get so many emails and texts every day, our website at youngkinfordgovernor .com is overwhelmed by folks coming in and being part of what is going to not just change the future of this great commonwealth of virginia but sent a shock across the entire country that we are going to take our country back. >> sean: so, one of our
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reporters for fox news, i believe, says he is riding a story about mcauliffe hiring mark kelly us. now what is interesting about this, a friend of this program, jonathan turley tweeting out they are a host of election lawyers, but mcauliffe has hired a lawyer accused of lying to the media, currently involved in a major investigation that has already led to an indictment of his former partner. mcauliffe may be preparing to challenge any win by glenn youngkin. and the response was, they didn't mean to do it, but they write "can we get this story killed," "can we try to kill this?" what is your reaction to the hiring of elias and the campaign, obviously, feels they have an in with certain media outlets that they can get stories killed. >> well, first of all, this just is the exact playbook that terry mcauliffe wrote for the modern-day democratic party, and his campaign is absolutely failing.
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i mean, the sun is setting on his 43 year political career. and by the way, they are not going to need lawyers because this isn't going to be close. what is happening in virginia today, with us winning independents by double digits at democrats walking across the island voting for us, this isn't going to be close, sean. virginians are making a big statement. they are making a statement that there is a new day ahead of us, low taxes, good schools, and a government that works for us, isn't telling us what to do all the time. these are universal values, and virginians are ready to step forward and make this race not even close. >> sean: it would be nice to have a governor that likes parental involvement in kids education, age-appropriate materials being caught, crt, draconian measures as it relates to covid, et cetera, et cetera, not being lectured that they have no business being involved in their children's education. i do not think that was a very good line by mcauliffe. we are going to be watching very closely, five days. glenn youngkin, thank you for being with us. and the bad news for democrats,
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it doesn't stop there, as biden and the extreme socialists are also getting low marks from americans on their spending talks, with fewer than half of the american people approving the way democrats are handling the debacle. according to gallup, american's approval of congress has now tanked to a whopping 21%, the lowest so far this year. here to explain more, trafalgar chief polestar from our friend robert cahaly, along with former clinton pollster mark penn. mark, we have known each other for a lot of years, and i have great respect for your work. i look at the fox poll max, i'm a little dubious, just my knowledge of polls, that kind of shift, that kind of jump, seems a little high to me, that's my gut. but with that said, it could be an indicator that late deciders are breaking heavy for glenn youngkin. your thoughts? >> well, when you look at that poll, there is a wide gap among likely voters and it is a one
6:35 pm
point race among all voters, so what this poll is saying is that youngkin has had tremendous momentum. i myself was puzzled in the last week or so, where mcauliffe brought in biden and harris. he knows that the democrat numbers -- >> sean: stacey abrams, obama. >> yeah, i mean, mcauliffe should have made it a local race about local issues and his performance, and instead he nationalized it. so i did think he made a major mistake in the last two weeks. >> sean: i think that is a great observation. robert, you're take when you see these numbers? i see it a little closer, my internal antenna is up. i see this still as a close race with a lean toward youngkin, for sure, and momentum moving his way. >> absolutely. a couple weeks ago, when we put out our poll, we had a lead for youngkin, and since that happened, all these major polls have come in, whether it was a quinnipiac or monmouth or emerson, they all had it within
6:36 pm
a point and a half. for the fox news is a little bit of an outlier, but i think it is about the direction, there is no question i think now that there is a lead. now, whether it is as high as the fox news poll, i'm not sure, but we are back in the field now looking at it and we feel like it is probably going to be a two or three-point ahead for youngkin, but you are right, a lot of people breaking his direction, and this has become a perfect storm of everything you could imagine going wrong. northern virginia being competitive, i mean, who would have thought -- >> sean: let me ask you this, robert. how do you analyze early voting? because it seems we are almost at parity. >> absolutely. early voting is where the democrats are traditionally just absolutely worn out republicans, and it seems like they are putting a lot of effort on all these events, but for some reason, they are not focused where they need to be, getting voters to vote. they spent two years being
6:37 pm
afraid to go to the polls because they were afraid to catch covid, and now they are dependent upon that. like he is lost in a corn maze or something. >> sean: mark, how do you analyze the early voting? >> again, i think this is all about parents and education. i think when you look at what is happening here, the suburban parents, particularly dads, are the ones that appear to be switching their vote, you know, from the democrat to the republican, as a result of this education issue. and obviously, the early vote is not showing the kind of lead and turn out and enthusiasm that you would get because of biden's numbers are tanking, and that is why terry brought in all the leading democratic figures, but i think that only accentuated his problem, rather than -- >> sean: all right, in the words of john mclachlan, predictions? mark penn, we will start with you. >> you know, if you'd asked me last week, i would have said mcauliffe by two. this week, i'm going to have to say it looks like youngkin by
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two. >> sean: and robert, your prediction? >> i'd say youngkin by two and a half to three, and he is on the short list for everybody's vp once he gets in there. >> sean: i'm agreeing with the democrat, mark penn. youngkin by two. we will know in five days. also breaking tonight, we have news in new york. disgraced former governor andrew cuomo is being charged with forcible touching over allegations he groped a former aide. the misdemeanor criminal complaint filed in alvin the city, that court system, alleges that formal "did intentionally and for no legitie forcibly place his hand under the blouse, shirt of the victim, and onto her intimate body part" peter went by the way, to clarify, because the alleged victim is not a minor, the former governor would not be placed on the sex offender registry, even if he were convicted, as one news article
6:39 pm
pointed out tonight. we have corrected the record and we apologize for that mistake. here to break it down, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. either way, not good. the issue here always comes down to evidence, doesn't it, the gregg jarrett? is this a case of he said, she said, or do you see other factors coming into play, and what a judge, for example, take into account other allegations against the former governor? >> it is altogether possible that a judge could allow one or more of the dozen other accusers to testify to establish a pattern of conduct, and even without that, a compelling and persuasive, a sincere witness victim can still obtaina conviction in a case like this. i wrote a column, seven months ago that said, wait a minute, this accusation of groping the young woman in the governor's
6:40 pm
mansion, that's forcible touching, that is a sexual assault crime, and the governor should be treated like everybody else. he is not above the law. finally today, seven months later, the criminal complaint is filed, and he will soon be arraigned. you know, the president thought -- formal thought that quitting the office in disgrace would somehow absolving him or erase any criminal culpability, it does not. the proper reckoning is in a court of law, and that apparently will now take place, so, you know, andrew cuomo is insipid rationalization, his vapid, anemic denial, that ain't going to cut it in a court of law where facts and evidence matter. >> sean: very, very interesting. on a legal matter, what is the worst-case scenario that he is facing? >> well, he is looking at up to
6:41 pm
a year behind bars. this is not felonious conduct as charged, but rather a misdemeanor, but that is a severe penalty, nevertheless. and, you know, andrew cuomo's conduct here is revolting and appalling, when you listen to this woman, who gave an interview to cbs news, what she described is really awful, that he lures her under a pretext to the governor's mansion, shuts the door, lifts her blouse, and against her will begins fondling her breasts. that a sexual assault. >> sean: if it comes down to her word versus his word, you are saying that conviction could still happen? >> if she is persuasive and compelling, the case can be won for prosecutors, especially given cuomo's track record and some of his remarks when he testified in the attorney general's investigation. that will come back to haunt him.
6:42 pm
cited as evidence in the criminal complaint. >> sean: gregg jarrett, thank you. coming up, you are not going to believe how much money the biden administration is now reporting lee considering. your money that they will give illegals who were separated at the border. plus, how the left's vaccination mandates are about to make new york city less safe and secure in ways that nobody is predicting from a straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now the biden open borders agenda hitting new levels of insanity tonight, get this, according to "the wall street journal," your president joe biden would like to hand out six-figure cash payments to 2017 ant '18 illegal immigrant border crossers over claims they were separated from their families and psychologically damaged. according to the report, biden wants to pay these illegal immigrants that came here illegally 450 grand per person to resolve a series of lawsuits filed against the u.s. government. so, we are now paying illegal immigrants were breaking our laws? oh, up to, let's see, a billion dollars in payments come up to a million dollars a family, and of course, we already give preferential treatment to illegal immigrants.
6:49 pm
what, they don't have any vaccine mandates? they don't even get tested because they are not going to be here very long, jen psaki says. why would we reward people with massive payouts when they are breaking our laws and not respecting our borders and our sovereignty? this is happening at the same time our first responders, police officers, firefighters, nurses, teachers, military, they are now being forced out of their jobs over biden's vaccine mandate. you think the supply chain crisis is bad now? wait until this hits. and while we let illegal immigrants waltz right across the border into the country, no vaccine, no negative test, no mandate whatsoever. that's unbelievable. in new york city, we are now facing a massive shortage of key staff. now, with the fdny, this starts monday, warning it may have to close 20% of all new york city fire companies, including taking more ambulances off the street. this is now turning into a full-fledged crisis. the fdny said this week that
6:50 pm
only 65% of firefighters and police officers and ems workers have been vaccinated. our far left city leaders are really going to terminate 35% of cops and firemen and emergency medical technical people? we are going to fire all these people? new york city? oh, okay. any community, can anybody afford to lose that many cops, firefighters, nurses, first responders, crime surging already, billion dollar cut to the nypd? at this point, people have made up their mind, this is not about vax or not vax, clearly people in these professions, teachers, nurses, firemen, policemen, military, they have made up their mind, they are willing to lose their income, their benefits, their pension, they have made up their mind, whether you agree or not. it appears we are on a collision course because a new york judge refused to cause the mandate for the city's workforce. the new york city firefighters union is now telling their members to defy the mandate.
6:51 pm
down in florida, governor desantis, he is once again becoming a beacon of hope for common sense americans. he is now planning to give $5,000 bonuses to any out-of-state law enforcement officers that want to relocate to florida. not a bad idea. the weather is better, taxes lower. here with reaction from a former white house chief of staff reince priebus and leo 2.0 terrell terrel. this is going to be a disaster. a top inflation, the economy, virtually no growth, reince. now we are going to take key positions like this and we are going to fire these people, especially nurses and policemen and military that were on the front lines of covid, in the worst days of this, saving other people's lives? >> yeah, our american heroes, the american heroes that were hung in there during the pandemic, every single day while we watch them on television go to the hospital every day, pick people up, haul them to the
6:52 pm
hospitals, get into their homes, get sick, and they are the first people we are going to throw under the bus. you know, on the supply chain issue, it is even more insane, because the american trucking association said just today that if the vaccine mandate is put into place, 37% of every trucker in america is going to be gone. that is almost a million truck drivers at a time that we need 80,000 truck drivers in this country, they are all going to be gone. 30% of the workforce is going to walk, and it is just going to make everything worse, just before christmas. you know what is happening, who is getting rich? lobbyists in washington, d.c., because now american business is going broke because of what biden's economy is doing, they have to spend tens of millions of dollars on lobbyists to bang the biden white house to only put these vaccine mandates in place after the holidays. so that's where american
6:53 pm
businesses have to spend their money today, on lobbyists in washington, d.c. it is a disaster, sean. >> sean: leo? >> i'll tell you right now, sean, both of those stories you mentioned are ridiculous. the illegal aliens getting $450,000? they don't deserve a dime. psychological trauma? are you kidding me? this is a backdoor way to give monies to the aclu lawyers and to funnel money to illegal aliens were breaking the law. i can tell you right now, the lawyer, reince priebus and i could go in there and win every one of those cases. they have to prove psychological trauma. the psychological trauma is when they broke the law coming into this country. >> sean: $450,000 a person. a million dollars. >> military service people who fight, who lose their lives, they only get $400,000 to next
6:54 pm
of kin. they are going to pay illegal aliens, criminals, more money than our service workers? they cannot win these cases. we need a republican administration to say no to these outrageous settlements. this is crazy. taxpayer money to criminals? >> sean: all right. >> crazy. reince priebus and i could go in there and went back every one of those cases. >> sean: that i believe. when we come back, the latest on alec baldwin and the shooting took place, where the actor is staying, that straight ahead. ♪ ♪ which leaves us to wonder, where does it go? does it get tangled up in knots? or fall victim to gravity? or maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. perhaps you'll come up with your own theory of where the stress goes. behind the wheel of a lincoln is a mighty fine place to start.
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♪ ♪ >> before we go, quick update on the alec baldwin film set shooting. the actor was spotted in photos obtained by tmz and a small vermont ski town picking up pizza with his family beard he also retweeted a
7:00 pm
"new york times" article and will continue to follow the story. is there any culpability? we will find out. please set your dvr, never miss an episode. you make this show possible, we could never thank you enough. in the meantime, let's not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham showed us last night, takes over right now. >> laura: hannity, i think the puppy was more popular than either of us for most of those two hours. >> not disagreeing with that part. how do you not like a puppy? anthony fauci doesn't like puppies. >> laura: i was going to put her head in a cage temporarily just to show people how it -- >> sean: don't go there. >> laura: just a temporary -- not hurting. just so people see. how would we like to be in a cage? and he had cage