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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 30, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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predict. >> for you and the wine in the book was greater looks great for the holiday season that's amazing to see publishing that is celebrating christmas as you said. all right, that does it for us and will see back here tomorrow for the sunday show. alec baldwin speaking on video for the first time since he fired a popgun on a set killing the film's cinematographer, trent one. good evening, i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪♪ jon: alec baldwin telling fox news digital of hutchins, she was my friend. let's go straight to christina coleman alec baldwin breaking silence on camera.
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reporter: fox news digital product with alec baldwin is living vermont, baldwin was an actor and producer on the film could face charges for wounding theft director and fatally shooting the cinematographer, halyna hutchins. a 42-year-old wife and mother. during the interview, i got a little tense, emotions running high. here is what baldwin said about halyna hutchins tran11. >> the dirt arrived, i took her to dinner. we were a very well oiled crew, shooting a film together in this horrible event happened. i've been told multiple times, don't make any comment about the ongoing investigation and i can't, i can't. what other questions you have? >> i forgot her name -- >> if you spend as much time
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waiting for us, you should know her name. >> halyna hutchins, i met with her husband. >> no details. >> i'm going to ask the question. >> i appreciate he was probably upset. >> the guys overwhelmed. >> there are incidental accidents on film sets but nothing like this. he's in shock, they have a 9-year-old son, we are worried about his family and his kids but we are eagerly awaiting the sheriff's department to tell us what to do. reporter: so far the shooting investigation has revealed and assistant director handed baldwin the remote popgun. for the woman in charge says she
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doesn't know whether live rounds came from her attorneys said the production set became unsafe due to various factors including lack of safety meeting. investigators found nearly 500 rounds of ammunition on the set, links and would appear to be live rounds. >> i do know an ongoing effort to secure limits the use of firearms sometimes extremely interesting but remember something i think is important, how many bullets have been fire- [inaudible] how many bullets have gone off in movies and on tv says before? how many? billions? [inaudible] nearly all without incident so it has to happen now is realize what it does, some new measures have to take place. robert guns, plastic guns, but
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that's not for me to decide. it's urgent you understand whatever other people decide is the best way to go terms of people safety from cooperate. >> he says he does not think production on the film will start up again. although santa fe sheriff says there was complacency and how to weapons were handled for the movie. it's unclear whether it will lead to charters, and ongoing investigation against, no one has been charged. jon: thank you. jon: the final stretch, ahead of tuesday's big vote, democrat and republican glenn youngkin are traveling throughout to shore up support in the very tight race.
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the latest fox news poll shows young can one point behind mcculloch but a.ahead, the states likely photoperiod fox team coverage, both campaigns with mcauliffe campaigns. we begin with alexander hoffman, the young can campaign in fredericksburg, virginia. >> he says he feels like his campaign is moving 70 miles an hour while his opponent is cruising at 45. he has the state, right now he's on his state for the fifth and final stop of the day, the miles seem to be paying off. likely virginia photos showing republican now leads democratic opponent carrie mcauliffe 53 -- 45% with 2% undecided. according to the washington post poll, youngkin is one point behind mcauliffe, while within the margin of error. the first event of the day started at 8:00 a.m. in alexandria where he was welcomed
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by a large crowd. his get out the vote to her continued south of frederick burke while touring the airport museum, young control fox news he's stealing diverse support. >> most important to virginia. >> state communities, independent. education ahead of the parents. reporter: while he is pleased by poll numbers, he reiterated photos today polls alone do not win election. jon: thank you. meanwhile, democratic candidate terry mcauliffe is bringing in more heavyweight to bring up support after his poll numbers fell in recent weeks. virginia senator tim kaine and house majority jim clyburn of south carolina ours on this final we can of the campaign. rich is live with that. reporter: terry mcauliffe is hosting a number of events, several here in the southeastern corner of the state.
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this is just outside of the door area. what we have going on here, a number of congressional democrats coming here, house majority jim clyburn was here along with bobby scott, senator tim kaine. earlier today it was governor ralph, a democrat at an event near virginia beach. the strategy? hit democratic areas between now and election day and get the voters to the pole. near richmond, in the washington d.c. suburbs of northern virginia. after this event, mcauliffe addressed reporters, we asked him about the antitrust group taking responsibility for a number of people who dressed up tiki torches glenn youngkin event and on top of that, i call up of policy staffers retweeted some of the images. >> i've never dealt with the project, they are a bunch of republicans who disliked donald
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trump. i'll let them speak for themselves. we have nothing to do with it, these are the republicans greatly despised donald trump. >> i don't know what staffers are retweeted. i'm sorry. reporter: democrats have argued congress in washington can get the massive spending bills that would give a boost to the campaign. he's downplayed the electoral benefit from a national democrats are using them to pitch to virginia democrats ahead of election day. >> you get to pay it up next. [inaudible] >> early in person voting is just wrapping up here in
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virginia, more than 1 million virginians have cast their ballots. terry mcauliffe says giving him an advantage, early voting started. in the middle of september so that was during a time when mcauliffe had better poll numbers and he has right now. jon: what a race to watch. rich, thank you. president biden meeting with world leaders of the g27 summit were pushing to resume nuclear talks with iran is among the items on the agenda. peter doocy is live with the latest. reporter: good evening, you can't do this of resume, dinner diplomacy. they had a very late and quincy sit down with the other g20 leaders salmon, risotto, seabass and a cream dessert on the menu. no cameras were allowed inside and no real insight into the president's thinking of anything he saw or heard today because
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really hasn't been saying anything on camera. he's been kept away from the press with the exception today of this moment. >> when would you like to talk? [inaudible] >> what is the next step? reporter: when the presidents says the talks of i iran are to resume, is mistaken. the plan is to do that by the end of november, something these leaders can do right now, endorse higher global minimum tax. right now, 0%, all 20 leaders privately today from zero to 15%. that doesn't immediately make it the law of the land in the u.s. but the biden administration hope to happens from treasury secretary janet yellen says this will remake the global economy, more prosperous place for american business and workers rather than competing on our
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ability to offer lower rates, america will have the skills of our people, our ideas and capacity to innovate which is a race we can win. resident is in for the night, he'll be here tomorrow for more meetings at a press conference before flying on to scotland or climate summit. back to d.c. late tuesday night here in europe after lawmakers on capitol hill hope to have a boat on both of his but spending bills. jon: we have mama ahead. thank you. fox news can confirm the house is working on a plan to vote on both president biden's infra structure package and larger social spending plan tuesday. correspondent chad program joins us live by phone with details on this. >> good evening. the boat on both social spending
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plan and infrastructure tuesday at the back to back boat would placate concerns with progressives on everything often and the bills moved in tandem. serious concern about letting the bills got too long. democrats have the possibility of support for both measures if republicans glenn youngkin wins the gubernatorial race tuesday. they want to be settled as soon as possible. the house rules committee would presume it's meeting monday which started thursday, the rules committee serves for bills to go to the floor. the progressives are starting to do some cleanup here, too hard on some issues and potentially jeopardize the demonstrative the senate to line up. all the house must do what the infra structure built is vote.
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the infra structure plan early august about house has to think from we have seen the house on the precipice of voting for four, nancy pelosi will call the roll call vote if they impact the numbers to pass the bills. jon: a lot of back-and-forth and missed deadlines on all of this. chad program, thank you. the closely watched forget junior governors race and backstretch with three days to go when the brothers head to the polls from our next guest at this rates is the starting line defeating democrats in next year's midterm. david drank several elections in virginia, he joinss with his analysis on this content as well as the race for new jersey governor. thanks for being with us tonight. glenn youngkin, the republican candidate, his numbers have been surging especially in the past couple weeks, how confident are you that you can flip virginia
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red? >> i imagine it's very powerful because it depresses and inspires. what we know, with chad's reports a second ago, democrat complete panic mode. whether it now, the house is going to rush a vote on the biden spending bill to keep progressives happy. part of the slide has been because progressives are not getting the full agenda they want out of congress which makes it bizarre mcauliffe would bring in congressional democrats like clyburn and the president and vice president when they are the people upsetting democratic voters interact with the fact that terry mcauliffe is saint donald trump is not the one about after having campaigns this entire year on the selection about donald trump. as has everything you need to
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know that youngkin has the momentum and has had a and that is the trend you've seen in the polls and why republicans are on the verge of a big night tuesday. jon: it's still a tight race, what if he doesn't win? >> we like to think positive here, john. let's not be negative. the good news here as we continue to see the trend going our way. there's going to be about 1 million early votes today is the last day to early vote. mcauliffe needs to get a huge percentage of these early votes at a time when you see republicans voting in higher numbers in the early voting. what we know is once election day rolls around, youngkin is going to win a large portion, big double digit went on early voting. donald trump 125% of election day voters in virginia in 2020. youngkin is on the verge,
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pulling what suggest he's going to get weaker percentage than that so if mcauliffe can't get a big big when out of this early voting which stops today, youngkin is going to win and potentially seen entire state pick, attorney general and double digit when on tuesday for republicans. jon: would you agree mcauliffe and the democrats in general have tried to make the election about donald trump? would you agree and how effective has been? >> almost every stop when terry mcauliffe today said the election is not about donald trump. every stop, every time he gave a speech in her interview, terry mcauliffe mentioned donald trump in what he's finding out is voters are more worried about
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comments that parents shouldn't be involved in their children's education, comments that this is about donald trump because what they are seeing is a president not focused on what they care about, doing many things they disagree with whether the spending bill, whether the tax increase the president is talking about, whether the energy policy, whether it be the border or afghanistan, paul numbers particularly amongst the deadline for new york city workers to get vaccinated against covid has passed many of them still have not got the job. what is it mean for new yorkers
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come monday morning? after the break. ♪♪
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know and another micro caravan making its way across mexico headed to the u.s. southern border. take a live at la jolla texas
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from our drone camera border. outrage growing over report the biden administration considers paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to any migrant families separated out the border during the trump administration. those payments could total more than a billion taxpayer dollars. spring is live with more on all about. >> dhs is not commenting on the "wall street journal" report, it could be as high as $450,000 for each illegal immigrant who crossed the border in 2018. when separated from a small child from of the child and adult were sent back to mexico and it led to a lot of lawsuits in the administration, getting rid of the lawsuits with a big payment. we will see how it turns out. texas is trying something unique along the border in hopes that cracking down on illegal operation creating a deterrent and it starts with enforcement
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in places right where i am here, private property. we have seen mentors have been suffering damage first many years. permanent gets trampled, keeps the shadows from escaping from mentors of but up and now state troopers and national guard soldiers are doing patrol on the poor ranchers. when the catch illegal immigrants, they sent them to prosecutors who then pressed charges for trespassing for some, there could be serious jail time. >> we have got to the punishment phase. but for class a misdemeanor, you can get up to one year maximum so i have a feeling there would be a couple that will get one year especially repeat offenders. reporter: to make room for new trespass cases, the present in texas was cleared out bringing
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1000 beds for migrants, court appearances are done by zoom and thanks to three judges on loan, 60 cases in a week for they are giving that many new ones each week. the support they are getting but don't want to be targeted getting involved. >> i want to be the one that says rs them. i don't want to be the one that says do it. it's not my place. >> the national guard putting up a show of force and evil path and other high traffic areas. this week we started seeing lines of military humvees, roughly 3000 national guard soldiers are involved in preparation for that big caravan of something like 4000 migrants deep in southern mexico making its way to the parker. jon: dan, thank you.
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with the new york city vaccine mandates now in effect, thousands of new york city workers including police will be placed on unpaid leave beginning monday morning if they refuse to get the shot. new yorkers worry what staff shortages could mean for their safety amid a rise in crime in the city. more, if in new york. reporter: staff shortages resulting from the covid-19 vaccination mandate could result in new york being more dangerous and a dirtier place because there will be fewer cops, firefighters and sanitation workers on the streets. first responders have been the most vocal, criticizing the vaccine mandates among them, city firefighters calling in sick and protesting resulting in fire hazards being temporarily out of service. the department would not comment on a report of the 10%, 26 firehouses currently not in
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operation. the department has a contingency plan in place but deals with staff shortages and the fire commissioner said the excessive sick leave by firefighters because of congratulating mandate for state employees is unacceptable contrary to the coast to serve and endanger the lives of new yorkers faith despite these actions by some promote the department continue to respond to calls for help union leaders and firefighters said they do not support calling in sick and protested he mandate. >> we don't condone job and for anybody, if people a doctor examines them, they get put on medical leave, they don't decide among themselves and tell them they are entered, they don't decide themselves. >> the current vaccination rate for members including civilians, total of 77% but lagging behind
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our firefighters at 72%. the latest figures for the nypd show 40% of its employees are complying with the mandate in the vaccination mandate applies to virtually all new york city employees. new yorkers can get vaccinated this weekend and still show up for work monday morning and in that case, they will not lose any pay. jon: david, thank you. democratic inside style is passage of president biden's big spending bill. a huge vote might be scheduled for two-step. democrats would count on the president's favorite president biden's approval rating continues to drop will talk with white house reporter, phil whiteman just ahead. ♪♪
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this is the fox report, it's the bottom of the hour. here's a look at our top story. in upstate new york sheriff defending his filing of criminal complaint former governor andrew cuomo without consulting prosecutors for the alleged victim. county sheriff said he is confident which accuses, a forcible touching of a woman last december. if convicted, he could face up to a year in jail or three years probation. chicago's vaccine mandate staying in place to the dismay of city workers there, city council voting down a proposal to repeal the mandate as well as an order trying to script the mayor's right to issue regulatory. people in minneapolis will vote tuesday on whether to keep the city's police department or replace it with department of public safety. the out of the ballot mike
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defined police movement following last year's police killing of george floyd. more on these and other stories, download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen or fox welcome crime is one of the many issues on the minds of voters across the country along with inflation, rising gas prices, the delta variant in several foreign policy. president biden's approval rating has plunged booker passing his infrastructure and social spending bill help them turn the tide? let's bring and clear politics white house correspondent philip, phil, it's good to be with us on the saturday night. i want to put the results of a poll from earlier in the month, several weeks ago president biden's approval ratings, his approval rating in this poll stands at 38%, the economy at 39%.
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44% thinks he's honest. at 55% who think he's not confident in running the government. those numbers have to be horrifying to the white house staff we met and the numbers reflect the reset button because if you look back to the campaign, a promise that president biden made, he was the elder statesman who could step into a crisis. he was going to unite the country here at home and restore our image abroad. just this week from what we see? heading to the climate summit and he's going to empty-handed because of democratic inside. the first casualty of the inciting has been his agenda. he's thereby showing up with a promise that eventually he can deliver on some of the climate pledges if you can get moderates and progressives to come to some sort of peace and perhaps he can on tuesday as chad reported
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earlier in the hour, baby the next vote will be successful but thus far, there have been a lot of falters. jon: it is successful and if he does when, those are two different questions not necessarily either one but if he does get a vote or we know about, visit help prop up his administration and bring the numbers? >> we are going to find out because the president pulled out all the stops. he showed up on capitol hill and gave a frank conversation the state of his presidency could be on the line and it wasn't just him, he reminded them their congressional majorities in the house and the senate could depend on getting something done. we saw a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure package, it was scuttled. it looks a lot like what
3:37 pm
happened four weeks earlier. now we hear while the president wanted a vote before his plane touched down in rome, there could be a vote next tuesday but the thing is, that's not going to help terry mcauliffe in virginia at the governor's race. glenn youngkin is more than happy the democrats bladder on that but the question is, with a win on this, will it be enough to increase poll numbers? democrats are going to need a power hitter in the midterms and they are going to need to from behind joe biden with an accomplishment. thus far though, a lot of fits and starts but we will see. jon: quickly on that virginia race, how numbers are democrats? when you is one point ahead. >> they are incredible enormous, they are looking at the pulling and seeing youngkin has momentum.
3:38 pm
he had on the education issue and thus far, he's brought in the president and vice president, he doesn't seem to be picking up a lot of heat. certainly you can is optimistic but talking to a gop source who told me this is like an away game where you are playing, you probably don't expect to win, you know it's going to be uphill and more difficult but republicans are tickled pink it's a close race and they come up short a little bit, they're going to show it as an alarm bell. jon: the administration according to "wall street journal" looking at for $50000 for a family member to the families who cross the border illegally and were separated, adults from their children only under the trump administration, that haven't under the obama administration but under the trump administration, the want to pay for $50000 when they are considering that.
3:39 pm
how will that fly in washington? >> distinguish you pointed out between child separation under the previous administration versus other administrations is interesting and in of itself. we know child separation as part of president trump's zero-tolerance policy was not popular but this proposal to spend for $50000 to reach a settlement with anyone affected, it seems to reflect a failure of democrats to read the room. republicans are already pushing back on this proposal and you've got to wonder what the conversations will be like at townhouse with democratic members, voters are saying i'm worried about inflation, i am frustrated with things that returning back to normal and there are payments which are ten times the annual median american income going to an individual to break the law. it's a difficult conversation but i don't think democrats want to have when there are difficult
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conversations currently happening. jon: interesting the white house would be considering such a move at a time like this. philip, thank you for joining us this evening. in a new report, the director of national intelligence says u.s. agencies remain divided on the origins of covid-19 tanning we might not never know whether the virus leaked from a lab wuhan. details on that. >> the most detailed report u.s. intelligence released in days. the conclusions are the same released in august, this tells fox the only change is supporting evidence made public friday. overall proverbial smoking gun made solutions, here is what the report says. for intel agencies gives the national exposure theory that this occurred in animal to human. one intelligence giving monarch confidence or laboratory associated, this is the
3:41 pm
so-called slab leak theory in wuhan. agencies can come to any conclusion put out for additional information, china has not been helpful. part of the justification the lab leak theory is the fact that employees from wuhan institute of virology located in the same city in china for the first of the cases were discovered in 2019 conducted research on other coronavirus us in the past. lawmakers such as senator tom cotton at the start of the pandemic. lawmakers don't think it's a coincidence. many gop lawmakers questioned doctor fauci and others for using taxpayer dollars to fund gain of function research wuhan lab increased transmissibility. >> the real question is not whether it was a gain of function, it's just what was it? was funded, what was happening in the wuhan map and that's what we need to get to the bottom of. >> reports has china's cooperation most likely would be needed to reach a conclusion in the assessment of the origins of
3:42 pm
covid. patient continues to hinder the global investigation, resist sharing information and blaming other countries including the united states. the report states one thing with certainty, china did not unleash covid as a biological weapon. jon: lucas, thank you. after major league baseball was the all-star game from atlanta earlier this year, the city is getting a bit of payback now posting three world series games. the braves are leading with game for a little more than an hour away. live report from atlanta straight ahead. michael
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benefits. months after major league baseball, the all-star game from atlanta in a dispute over georgia's new election law. charles watson is live outside. charles. reporter: those three games are expected to bring in millions of dollars for local jobs and businesses in the metro area. we spoke to one economist who tells us every world series game here in atlanta, it will generate at least $10 billion in revenue for bars, restaurants and shop owners here. the astros get ready to restricr
3:48 pm
brian can push back and set the move by the mlb was a move that would seal the game from hard-working georgians. some of the same georgians say they hope they learn not to interject itself into politics anymore and aside from the braves winning the world series, some of these fans have another dream there hoping for the championship by the commissioner himself. >> i hope the commissioner has learned and just let it be fourth. to be honest, we have to prevent the on the field, i don't think you'll get a lot from that. now the world series here, what can you say? >> what goes around, comes
3:49 pm
around. reporter: president trump expected to watch game for with a whole lot of fans hoping to get another win tonight. jon: pretty amazing how things have changed since the all-star game. charles watson, thank you. you can watch game four of the series on fox, patrick between the houston and atlanta braves begins 8:00 p.m. eastern time. syrian air defenses reportedly shooting down several incoming israeli today resulting in an unknown number of casualties. that and much more when we go around the globe next. ♪♪
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here are some other headlines from around the globe. state news agencies test air defense shut down incoming israeli missiles today fire tort domestic suburbs, wounding two soldiers. human rights monitor from the syrian opposition says the attack killed five iran allies and militiamen. more than 160 buildings including churches reportedly destroyed today by and showing
3:54 pm
by government troops setting up buyers in the northwestern part of the country. it appears to be the latest escalation of the ongoing battle between the burmese military installed government and opposition. british prime minister boris johnson is queen elizabeth was on good form during the weekly conversation wednesday. doctors told him 95 monarch after spending the night in the hospital earlier this month. that is a look at some stories from around the globe. on the east coast, people are battening down the hatches as a major storm system continues to bring heavy rains, strong winds and flooding to the mid atlantic this weekend. foxtrot a meteorologist live in the foxtrot center. >> good evening and as you said, because of the action is happening out there weatherwise on the east coast, a big area of low pressure, everything off to the west is dry and that's where
3:55 pm
we will focus. the heaviest rain lifting up to new england but there are still showers all the way back into the midwest, down to the southeast in the backside of the system where there is lightning bring rain. very heavy rain and there are areas for receipt what watches and warnings from washington d.c. and we have seen a lot of friends. we are seeing this heavy rain running up from boston to maine and eventually new england. peter track taking you tonight, otherwise temperatures across the country, i will leave you with atlanta, q3 the race currently, what are we expecting? for your forecast tonight, beautiful. removing out will be a good night for baseball. jon: we love to hear that. thanks. if you want the latest up-to-date weather information, download the all new fox weather app. scan the qr card on your screen,
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it is great. we'll be right back. ♪♪
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keep it here for justice with judge jeanine 9:00 p.m. eastern, two hours from offered her exclusive interview with former president donald trump. >> grade give the biden a ministration? >> you have to say enough. not an f plus, it's a failed administration. it's a disaster.
4:00 pm
by the way, i wish you would do well, i love the country more than i love anything. family, god, country, we have to take care of our country. i'd love to see him do well. i don't think there's ever been a greater embarrassment as an administration and we had everything ready to go. jon: that two hours from now and help fox report, saturday october 20 -- [cheering] [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> glorious wednesday, to days. before we get to the news, it's time for. ♪♪ gregson seven jokes. president biden canceled trick-or-treating at the white


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