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tv   Surviving Bundy With Nancy Grace  FOX News  October 31, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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matters. steve: exactly. but yet they go on about how republicans are dividing the country. and then playing the race card in a disgusting manner don't forget set your dvr so you never miss a show you will see you next sunday with "the next revolution". ♪ ♪ young coeds were killed iny their sleep, beaten and strangled. >> police in pensacola, florida are holding tight security tonight in sleigh -- sleighing of 2 tallahassee coeds last month. >> bundy was arrested. >> you can be a victim. >> you are scared.
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it could have been you. it could have been any of us . ♪ ♪ >> day after day, glib bundy helped run his own defense. >> what detectives have said is that i might have been his primary victim that i
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was chosen that he had come and to look through my window. >> he knew there was -- many times. >> i thought it was just a flash. seeing him. i thought nah . just by imagine ache -- my imagination. >> it is is amazing to me as this moment in this room, at this table, we have bundy's first known survivor and his last known survivor. all together. at the same time. >> bundy gained legacy.
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>> you were the first known victim of ted bundy. >> i was a student at university of washington. i was getting ready to go back-to-school. normal day. >> do you think bundy had been stalking you, following you? >> yes, i do, i remember going laundry, i remember, i saw some guy, older guy, kind of cute, he would look at me, and turn away. i would look at him, high would turn away -- he would turn away. i thought that is weird.
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i think he has been stalking women for a while. >> do you know the person looking at you in the laundry to be ted bund sne. >> no, i don't know that. >> do you think that? >> possibly, yes, a few evening later, i'm in my bedroom reading, i thought, i saw a flash, i thought that some guy looked at me, was looking at me, i looked back, i thought no. nancy: through the window. >> yes. nancy: what did bundy do to you? >> at first, i thought they took some part of my bed frame, and then smashed by skull. then they ran something he -- ran past of my vagina,
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split my bladder. >> the -- i wonder if you could have felt it if you were awake of the pure evil, rage, anger in the room for a man to have torn, tore a piece of the bed post off? and struck you so badly in the head. and then to have the idea of ramming a bed part of a bed post up you. tearing your bladder. >> i am grateful every day. grateful every day. >> to just be alive? >> yeah.
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>> i was walking at the department store. i got off in the afternoon, my dad i called asked if i could cook dinner for them. i did. then i went back to my roommate went to a wedding, she was tired. she wanted to go to sleep, i might as well turn off the light. that was probably about maybe 10 or 11. there were a few rooms on the ground floor. a hallway that was hidden, everyone else was to second floor. no men were allowed on the second floor unless it was move in day. that is really why he was noticed. it was not a dorm where
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there might be a guy walking down the hall, and you wouldn't think anything about it. at that time of night there should not be any men in the house, he was seen running down the stairs. >> by? >> a sister. >> what weapon was used in. >> i log. >> a log. >> a wooden log, he picked up off of a wood pile somewhere. >> my roommate got hit on the side of the head. she had a -- her quarter of her mouth was slit. her jaw was broken. it was unhinged. she had a gash on her shoulder. i think i heard that -- --
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>> were any of the girls in the house rained in. raped? >> lisa. nancy: tell me your recollection. >> i remember feeling i was scared. i remember being put into ambulance, and i asked if kathy was okay, my roommate, they said something like, she will be okay, you need to worry about yourself. we were okay. i think he had not seen the light at the sorority house i think he would have killed
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us. >> on 15 day of january. 4:41, drawing of cheryl thomas. to commit aoffense battery there in. bundy did make an assault on cheryl thomas. >> we have been rehearsing. we had our costumes, it was dress rehearsal time. i rehearsed all day long, i had a date, it was a first date. went to a disco. it was big daddy's. we danced during the night, by the time i got home, it might have been midnight. i was tired. i had a busy day. i remember i had a peanut butter and honey sandwich, i went to bed.
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nancy: did you have a roommate? >> i had another dance major, nancy that lived next door to me, we have a wall between us, but we did share the same porch, she had a roommate, debbie, no one lived with me. nancy: do you remember if you locked our doors or windows. >> i remember them -- asking, do you dance in front of your window. i am a dance major, i am dancing in my living room. i never envisioned anyone would be looking through my window. they wonder if he prepared my kitchen window to open it, as if he was scoping my house prior to. nancy: when was your attack.
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>> i think yours 2 or three in morning. mine was 4:30. that gave him time to come from the coyote and i could imagine the rage he must have had to continue on to my duplex for evidence that ted bunny wore a hose over his face with eye holes cut out, and a knot and pulled it off and dropped witht by my bed, they had a hair sample from this to connect him to the coyote. i had a big chair in high living room, he shoved it under the door. he didn't want gone to come in. i know they maybors heard me moaning and they heard something, they rang my
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phone. nancy: what time? >> 4:00. i didn't answer. they could hear through the wall, they heard my phone ringing, i didn't answer, they heard running. inside the house, i don't know if he was pushing chair under the front door. then they heard running further back in the house, probably to the kitchen. and they were so scared, i'm not answering they called police. police are already at the house, they came and had to break in to the front by pushing the door in. found me on the bed.
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>> i woke up in the hospital. >> when you woke up in the hospital, what was your first recollection? >> i just could not believe what happened. >> you wake up. did you know where you were?
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>> i remember seeing my dad. my father. my roommate looked like she was crying, i thought something really bad happened. nancy: were you in pain when you woke up. >> no. nancy: you saw your father. >> he was smiling, i said dad what happened. he said you had a small bump on your head. >> your dad said you had a bump on your head. i had a skull fracture. nancy: what did you later learn? >> the top -- cops came and interviewed me, and wanted to know if i knew a guy named ted, i said no. nancy: how did they already have a name. >> because they had some
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inink -- they heard about a guy in a volkswagen bug had been in the neighborhood. nancy: what was your physical diagnosis. what did bundy do to you. >> i had speech -- understanding, i lost 50% of my hearing. i had lost 40% of my vision. i could not read the newspaper any more, i couldn't read my books any more. i can't do anything. talking to your friends and to your family. i was petrified to talk to anyone on the phone, because i could not get a word out of my mouth.
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you start with the abc's, you go back to learning them and you start from there. nancy: because of ted bundy. >> i have been through a lot. physical aspect, it was getting back to normal, that is what i wanted to do, i tried to work hard on getting my speech back. and my reading back. back to normal, getting back to my life. back to my friends. nancy: how did it make you or did it make you take a different --? >> i took a different fact for my career, where you don't have to speak. nancy: before that what did you plan to do. >> to be a lawyer.
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i was a kid then. >> can i ask you, life has unfolded, do you think it affected your personality at all, what he did to you. >> yes. overtime i was confident. i told you before, my confidence was shattered. >> she thought her life was in danger. >> set of remains, a third set of remains and a fourth set of remains. >> women advertised as escorts. >> beautiful beaches of long island, new york the latest backdrop in a murder mystery. >>
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>> welcome to fox news live. president biden arrives in glasgow scotland tomorrow to participate in a global climate summit. hoping to convince americans back home his effort to save
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the planet is on track. congress votes next week on a climate change bill he proposed. president is asking russia, china and saudi arabia to climb onboard. >> two days remain until virginia voters pick a new governor, democrat terry mccauliffe enlisted help of president biden and kamala harris during final days of campaigning, republican glenn youngkin opted to not use profile republicans to stump for him. >> now back to surviving bunding, nancy grace. ♪ ♪ >> i remember being in the hospital i get i was going to throw up, i asked if i
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said i was going to throw up, i think nurse. i said it a bunch of times, i told you there was a basin next to your head, i remember turning over, throwing up it there of blood. that is the last thing i remember until i woke up. nancy: a nurse came in seemed like just minutes later, my mom and dad were there. and my injuries were, i had a skull fracture, every bone in my face was broken, a broken jaw, my front teeth were missing. nancy: every bone in your face was broken? >> yes. my teeth were missing. nancy: your teeth were missing. >> mm-hmm. my front teeth.
7:28 pm
after the initial hit. i did this. i predictioned myself. -- protected myself, i had a broken arm and crushed fingers. >> did you go -- -- >> i did. only thing that was an opportunity for me. is my sister that woke up that night that saw that and lived through that were told to pack up and leave, i felt won't i get out of the hospital, i was a survivor. >> i woke up in the hospital but i was unconscious for three days. then i had amnesia afterwards because of the
7:29 pm
traumatic injury to my head, my parents are by my bed, i didn't know what happened. nancy: what were your injuries? >> i had multiple skull fractures, i must have been sleeping on my left side, it was along here where he -- skull fracture was so bad it severed the nerve that carries hearing to your brain. it broke my jaw. i had multiple contusion on me left shoulder, it was dislocated. i had spinal fluid coming out of both ears because your brain has been traumatized. all upper body injuries i had. nancy: did you return. >> i had to go home and recuperate, they balance was so bad, i was bound and
7:30 pm
determined i would dance again, i took a young ballet class. where i'm tallest 21-year-old in the class. with these little you know fourth graders in there wondering why this tall girl was in there gripping hold of the bar, m. >> i could adapt, i could make my brain adapt. but i was going to try. i was getting up and trying again, i compensated for the plans problem i had -- balance problem that i had. as a result of the injury. nancy: did you go on to dan again. dance again. >> i transferred to texas christian university in fort worth. i was hoping i would get it behind me and move on, i got
7:31 pm
may bachelors in ballet from tcu, i thin went and got my masters. deaf college in washington d.c. i worked with deaf dance determine, i was interning there and i worked on my masters i would teach ballet to the deaf students, they have an awesome speaker system. that the deaf an -- dancers can hear the rhythm on the floor, it was nice to get to work with them.
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not caught the person. i didn't know who could have done this. i did have fear. >> tallahassee police don't have much to go on right now. the students at school are frightened. the girls travel in groups at night. >> i think nightmares. >> i recognize bundy in my dream, there are people around, but no one knows who he is, but i know who he is, i am going throughout my dream. i would have that dream knowing who he is and no one else knows. >> theadore robert bundy changed two counts
7:38 pm
burglary. >> do you remember walking into the courtroom, seeing him sitting there. >> i knew he was there. i didn't -- i was so afraid i would trip or that was my one thought, don't trip. get to the seat. then on the way out. i didn't really want to look at him. i didn't want to give him the feeling he is of any importance. nancy: you did not look at him. >> i had to glance at him for a minute. >> he was -- he requested depositions from us. i had to fly home. to tallahassee, i didn't not want to show any fear or cry, i didn't want to show any emotion that would give him the
7:39 pm
satisfaction. >> when you first saw him. were you surprised at what he looked like. >> what do you expect? a person that has done the things they do, and hates women. trying to destroy women. what do they look like? i don't think you have an idea of what they could look like, i saw his picture. i just thought, you know, wow. what could make a person this person that looked so -- i could not picture him. him.
7:40 pm
>> if he had not gotten away in colorado, twice, the murders and rapes that occurred in florida would never have happened. >> they couldn't piece together quicker that they had serial killer on the loose.
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>> my christian up bringing tells me to take another life under go circumstance is wrong, i don't believe that state of florida is above the laws of god.
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♪ ♪ >> after escaping from jail in colorado, where he did face a murder charge, bundy was -- in tallahassee, a year ago this week, he issued an eerie prediction. >> he said he was going to get me. >> you got the indictment. that assault you get. >> theodore bundy was wrong, what the state got was two death sentences against him. >> on such schedule date you be put to death. by current of electricity
7:46 pm
sufficient to cause your immediate death. such current of electricity shall continue to pass through your body until you are dead. >> after so many years bundy was finally executed. >> witnessing an execution is never a pleasant experience it is sobering and gut wrenching but i took the satisfaction as pot prosecutor in case we were seeing justice turned out. >> bundy was finally dead. >> how did you feel when you found out -- >> bundy is dead? >> i was happy. >> i'm happy just saying it. >> i am. my old -- roommate that day, that day he died, i had not talked to him for years.
7:47 pm
and he gave me a call. we talked for a while. and i think he was just as affected as i was. >> i just had a second child. and somebody asked me if i was going to wake up and wait for the execution to happen. and i said, if i could sleep right now, i'm sleeping. and i woke up and turned on tv. saw it happened. nancy: what did you feel? >> relief. he would never hurt anyone again. >> do you remember when you found out? >> bundy is dead. >> i was at work. and i didn't share with people that i was a bundy survivor. no one knew around me, but i knew it was happening. and it was not a happy feeling. it was the more of a relief.
7:48 pm
>> sometimes its easier to people not know you are a bundy survivor. because i feel sometimes it affects their outlook of what you are like or they suddenly in a look so sad. and -- they look so sad, i just want to be cheryl thomas they know. >> does your family, your children know you survived ted bund sne. bundy? >> they do know, but i fill bad telling them. it such a bad story, i didn't want them to know they -- their mom had to go through that. >> i asked my daughter not long ago, i could not remember how it came up, she said, i was on couch, she put her head on my lap, she was looking up at me the bridge that i had at the time had silver on the back,
7:49 pm
she asked why are your teeth silver, i said a bad man hit my one time. and knocked my teeth out. >> your children have any idea, have they revealed you to they look ought and think -- look at you think, it is a miracle. >> i have not. >> hope they just think she was a rail good mom. -- really good mom. that is what is important to me, a good wife, and a good mom, a good friend. nancy: could you have children. >> yeah. i did have children. nancy: do they know about bundy? >> they know. they i said i'll answer questions if you want to know, they don't want to know, i'm their mother. you know. boys put their mother on a
7:50 pm
pedestal. we have never discussed it individually. nancy: your husband knows. >> yes. for years i never told a soul. i just wanted to be me, i didn't want to be a victim of bundy. i just wanted to be karen. you know. being a victim forever. >> she would be married by now, and have children. evil man came to our community and took it away from her.
7:51 pm
>> the funnest friend you had. she always had a smile on her face, she was funny. she was i don't think that i saw her upset or you know, not upbeat, that was just lisa. margaret was person you wish you were. she was really pretty. very classy. >> same amount of mercy that he gave lisa and margaret which was absolutely none. >> guardian angels? >> i have sometimes. i have. >> really. >> yeah. i lived in lisa's room.
7:52 pm
and people said, like after that, didn't you feel weird or -- no, because i felt she was watching over me. >> they are not here on the here at this table right now, because they did not survive bundy, but you did. do you think about that. >> the way i think about it, i hate to hear his name. i wish that instead we would say, the murderer of linda hailey and lisa levy you know. and not his name. i think about them a lot. >> i wonder were there people before? were there victims that we still to this day don't know about? >> i believe there are others. >> i do too. >> i believe there are. nancy: i do too. >> just before he was
7:53 pm
executed. serial killer ted bundy denied he was responsible for some murders of young women on the jersey shore. >> he killed a lot more than that, but we'll never know for shower how many women he has murdered. >> we were fixtures to him, we were not women. >> he did not know us. >> he just wanted a body. >> a body. yeah. - modern life, different schedules, different meals, different times. how do you keep everyone happy? with five cooking options the cuisinart griddler is the ultimate in versatility. it has a full griddle, a full grill
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replenish your body with vitamin c and b vitamins. dayquil severe is a max strength medicine for cold and flu relief. it's the daytime, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, power through your day, medicine. someone is feeling better. get your shoes. alright! try the new vicks convenience pack. nancy: how do you think surviving bundy has affected your life. >> it changed me direction as to know it was not going
7:58 pm
to be the way i thought it was going to be. i believe in your lives things change as you grow and you learn and you adapt and you move on. so, there were main positive -- many positive things that happened as a result of it. >> after it happened, you just feel grateful that it wasn't your parents that heard you died. you don't take that for granted any more, you know you are lucky. >> you have a second chance. >> you don't take anything for granted. >> no, life is a precious thing. >> you grab at it. >> how does it feel being in the same room at the same table together? all of you?
7:59 pm
within an inch of death at one time. >> a sister hood, i think. there a feeling we experienced that nobody el. els. >> we have that in common something bad awful happened we all moved on with our lives. >> he is not going to win this. ♪ ♪
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mark: hello america. i'm mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin," 4 over 40 years ago, i was a school board member in pennsylvania outside of philadelphia. i remember we had ruckus meetings back then. we didn't call in the fbi. that would have been absurd, as it is today. but issues today are more


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