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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 31, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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mark: hello america. i'm mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin," 4 over 40 years ago, i was a school board member in pennsylvania outside of philadelphia. i remember we had ruckus meetings back then. we didn't call in the fbi. that would have been absurd, as it is today. but issues today are more
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important. have you wondered why democrat don't defound career -- denounce critical race theory, that is critical racism theory, it is dig bigotry racism, born out of 1970s, founding father was derrick bell, he was considered fringe back then. you see how this has spread bike poison in our -- like poison in our collecting and universities, now in the elementary, middle and high schools, you are told to sit down and shut up. and just take it. there is an important gubernatorial race in state of virginia, these issues are front and center. they affect every classroom in the united states critical race theory has been embraced by the democrat party, media and by joe biden. there is propaganda, brain washing in the schools today.
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pushing critical race theory. and if we don't put an end to it we'll destroy the society, destroy the country. and the family structure, faith and the rest. why? because it is marxism. it was born at harvard law school, by derrick bell. he was a marxist. it is pushed by marxists, that is founding ideology behind this theory. think about it, if you are a certain race, you are opressed. even if you are not in your own life opressed, you are opressed because you are that race. if you are another race you are an opressure regardless, you could be the most righteous person on earth does not matter, it is because you are white. white versus all minorities, that is the americanization of marxism. it is pernicious, we have
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two great gift, republican -- guest, republican candidate for governor in virginia. and lieutenant governor in virginia. aat quick redo. a inside job with biden administration and department of justice. they colluded and conspired to go after parents. grandparents attack payers -- tax payers, citizens who had concerns about critical race theory ands transgender movement, a movement and other things in our school to indoctrinate our children. in part you recall that letter said:
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>> t what happened after this letter was sent, first of all, woman that signed it got a job two days later in the biden administration. in the education department. 5 days later, a memo appears, sign by merrick garland. we talked about here first on "life, liberty and levin":
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>> when garland was asked about it, he could not point to the problems. -- these meetings discussion of strategies for addressing threats again school administrators, board members, teachers and staff. for threat reports, assessment and response, as if it is domestic terrorism. they have no examples of violence, no pattern of violence as we discussed. now we know scott smith, used by national school board association, media biden white house, merrick garland and others as an example of violence, he was not violent. violence was done to him and his family, his daughter was raped in the girl's room
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in stone bridge high school in loudoun county, virginia. that boy was then sent to another high school, high raped again. he has been found guilty since, meanwhile merrick garland has not withdrawn the memo and school board has not asked him to withdraw the memo. and now loudoun county sheriff office was acalled by what the school -- appalled by what the school board was doing. including a complaint that board should have let residents speak in an explosive meeting on june 22, e-mail show loudoun county sheriff office rejecting what it said were extraordinary security measures, including an
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explosive sweep. by the superintendent for future school board meetings. a 5 person quick reaction force. undercover. deputies at l the administrative building, a special operation team on stand by, loudoun county sheriff, a good man, he said, stick it. we're not doing that to the people of loudoun county there is no justification for this the feds still have that memo out. where they want to target loudoun county, every school district where a parentnt dares to speak out. with a hot line, they call and fbi shows up. that is outrageous, these are parents. that is what this election in virginia is about. these are parents who' a quality education.
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loudoun county is known for its schoolys system, and school s.a.t. and other results are going down, they are plummeting because the ideological agenda of american marxist and democrat party and teacher union and superintendent association, you have parents here who are standing up, democrat, independents and republicans. a meanwhile, at a hearing the senate judiciary committee durbin, what does he say about the parents? they are not routine people, they are violent people, the same people we see on airplanes and other places, how about the people we saw with black lives matter and antifa? that you comeca you never denounced black lives matter or critical race theory? ever? why is that?
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barack obama must leave one of his mansions, or a yacht, with one of his billionaire friends to fly to loudoun county for a few hours to help his friend terry mccauliffe, terry mccauliffe whose policies are identical to joe biden t whether it is inflation or taxeser immigration. barack obama breitbart writes, calls outcry over loudoun county rape cover-up phony trumped-up culture war, we don't have time to waste on this trumped-up culture war, this is obama. the response to, that was quick and harsh, barack obama is ignoring, covering up rape that took place in loudoun county school system, obama makes this statement, now a judge found
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this kid guilty of rape. but obama comes in they don't care about the rape victim, they don't care about the education to children or about concerns of the parents. how to we know? terry mccauliffe said throughout the race. that this radical racist ideology is a racist dog whistle, his opponent glenn youngkin is usin to divide the people, a racist dog whistle, now the parents and the rest of us have been watching over last year and a half. when there was virtual education, and we saw what the kids were taught. in people are making millions writing books that are used in classrooms and software that are used in the classrooms, here we have virginia department of education promoting a book, that says teachers must embrace theories such as critical race theory. despite the m fact that terry mccauliffe said we don't do that in virginia. they provide resources for
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-- equity initiatives with a tab titled what we're reading and resources in recommending that include books by antiracist so-called activists. quote, lastly she wrotes teachers must embrace theories such as critical race theory, settler colonialism, black feminism. and love wrote. -- it goes on. but mccauliffe said it is a dog whistle, there is a reasonov that former governor of virginia first african-american governor, douglas wilder has condemned terry mccauliffe. he said you ran in a primary democrat primary against two
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black women. and defeated them. you did almost nothing as governor for the black community. he condemned kamala harris for swinging in to virginia, with her videos. he said you have exposed over 300 black churches, to tax audits and worse, perhaps pulling theirer charity foundations he has condemned them both. he said, it is not about democrat party, it is about the citizens of virginia. including the black citizens of virginia. democrat party has lost connection with them. that is the bottom line. lost connection with the country. critical race theory. a marxist racist theory that's turns american against american, democrat party not only embraces it but celebrates and promote its from president to member of congress to school board, and thugs that lead the teacher union. >> when we come back. glenn youngkin and winsome
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mark: welcome back in, an honor to have glenn youngkin on program. republican candidate for governor of virginia. glenn youngkin, i want to ask you, why did you decide
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to run for governor? you were doing fine in private sector. you have never run for public office. terry mccauliffe has spent most of his life as a career politician. why is this your time? >> i want to thank you for letting me join you. summer before last, 2020, i was busy coleading carlyle. it was my dream job. i spent 25 years there but i fell that virginia was heading in the wrong direction. and republican party in virginia failed to win a statewide election since 2009. if we can't win we end up with single party rule, we see it has taken virginia in the wrong place, turning to us california east. on friday night, i asked my wife if she would support me. the next day, say she cried and asked if i was having a mid life crisis, i said no
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effecter verge is having a -- i said no, virginia is having a crisis, we agreed and pressed forward and prayed over it and here we are. our d momentum is huge right now, it feels like i was hoping it would. virginians would come together and they would see clarity of virginia that is about most important things of low taxes, good jobs and safe schools. and safe communities. that is what we'll get done for virginians. mark: you are a native of virginia, n you were born in virginia, why do you think democrat party and terry mccauliffe in particular embrace critical race theory, radical race theory. you would think that he would denounce it. the democrat party would
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denounce it, he pretends it is not happening and then accuses you using it to divide people. >> i have not understand why he has been so dismissive of what we know is happening in the schools. i found first instances of it introduces to our school system burying his administration. where they started to use -- training material to introduce critical race theory into classroom. what we know is teaches children to see everything through a lens of race, then divide them to buckets, and have children called privileges andnd otherred victims. it is wrong. forces our kids to compete against each other and steals their dreams. the immortal words of dr. dr. martin luther king, jr. on day one i will ban it.
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mark: it dehumanizes the individual. let me ask you, you are familiar with loudoun county school board. they have been running rough shod over parents of taxpayers, you get one minute to speak, you have to stand outside in rain. you have denounced that school board i believe, i believe you also asked for those members to resign. >> i have asked for them to resign, a full investigation of the loudoun county school board, and school superintendent, and common -- commonwealth attorney there. they are not listening to parents, it came to a level when they secretly moved a young man from a school,
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they moved him to another school while he was being investigated, and they head that from the public and he allegedly sexually assaulted another young women, they are guilty of gross negligence and not fulfilling their constitutional duty, to ensure our children receive aha quality education. as parents school up for this, and made their voices heard, what happensns is that my opponent and terry mccauliffe and joe biden, they go to the national u.s. attorney general and next thing you know the department of justice and fbi are investigating the parents, this is fundamentally wrong, all of a sudden then department of justice is turned into a political tool to silent parents and strip them of their first amendment
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rights, not to mention right they have in virginia to be fully engaged, have a say over their children's education. virginia law says they have a fundamental right to make decisions with regards to their children education, we see the school board in loudoun county, we see the common wealth attorney and federal government trying to interrupt that right, and make the parents there sit down and be quiet. when i am governor, it will not work that way, i'll stand up for parents, and students, and teachers who ask me, glenn help me teach the children how to think not what to think. that is why we have so much support, people at our web site givingng us encouragement to stand up for their children too through this election in virginia. mark: when we return, i am
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as of now proposed price cut less than some lawmakers would like, but a deal could be reached this week. >> and u.s. and eu will team up to take down quote, dirty steel together, agreement will not only try to eliminate carbon emissions but let's establish transatlantic partnership that was damaged in 2018 in response to trump administration taxes to eu steel and aluminum. >> now back to "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back america. glenn youngkin, it is interesting, joe biden ran as a candidate who said he would unify america. you a seem to be unifying citizens of virginia, republican base, and party.
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a lot of independents have moved toward you, even democrats. who appear to put their children and quality education ahead of this bizarre andsi wicked ideology. yet terry mccauliffe denies it is takes place, we know it is. it bringing in a conga line of individuals who are quite radical. support critical race theory. what do you make of this. >> it is the clear playbook that terry mccauliffe wrote. he really is the godfather of modern day progressive democratic party, he needs to take spotlight off his failed gubernatorial career, he does not have a plan for virginia, all virginians know it, he is deflecting attention are away from him.
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anyone that has failed as democrat, has been invited to come in and campaign for terry mccauliffe, virginians know it is asia -- charade, we're on a 10 day bus tour. we're seeing thousands of virginians come together, say, glenn we're for things you stand for, low taxes, best tools, great jobs, and safe community, we seeing independent voters vote with their feet, the minority community come strong with us, we were endorsed by hamilton roads black caucus, democrats are a walking across the aisle in mass, virginians' a better virginia, they know glenn youngkin will work with everyone to deliver, based on fundamental kitchen table issues. this is what virginiaians
8:30 pm
are voting for, most amazing is that these values, are universal. they are not party values, they are virginia values, we talk about virginia promise we can deliver together, on ballot is virginia, it is terry mccauliffe and big governmentin control. against virginians, independents and liberty. this is why we see so much momentum, polls had huge momentum, we just racing by, polls don't win elections, votes do, we encourage everyone to please get out and vote, on tuesday, let's up as virginians and make it happen. mark: glenn youngkin, they hired terry mccauliffe and his campaign -- in his campaign a lawyer when is involved in russia collusion issue, the money guy between hillary clinton and dny and dossier put out, very problematic. his colleague and partner was indicted for his activities involved in this,
8:31 pm
he set up his own law firm, hundreds of billion -- million in dark money goes to his coffers to help him defeat republicans who runwayses. are you concerned about this even if you should win that terry mccauliffe, he is not an up right guy, that terry mccauliffe hiring this guy markleiace will try to do all they can to undo the election. >> this is right out of his play book. he wrote it. as i i said, this is what a failing politician does when they see the sun setting on their 43 year political career,s he can hire as many lawyers as he wants, virginia voters are making a bold statement, it is not going too be a close election, you can see us pulling away, making a statement to win got must governor race bulieutenant
8:32 pm
governor race with winsome sears, and we'll win back control of our house of delegates and we're winning races all over. a lawyer here and there will not make a difference, this will be an overwhelming victory. mark: i know to underscore the point people in virginia, polls are polls, if you don't turn out and vote, the polls could turn out to be wrong it is special on election day that -- it is important to election day an army of patriotsts turn out and vote, the race is being watched in the white house, and country, and so-called moderates in house of representatives. and senate. i do' to say this to you glenn youngkin, you came out of nowhere, you sacrificed your career, you used a lot of your own money in this campaign to counter the democrat money. you run ayo hell of a campaign. you brought. quality
8:33 pm
education to the fore, something that i have cared about my life. you are the quality education candidate. for once, finally a republican has take than issue and run with it the democrats do not believe in school choice or quality education or anything of the sort, they believe in the teachers union they represent them at the precincts, final words? >> first, thank you for those kind comments, when this started, i had 2% name i.d., and toll 3% margin of error after last 10 months we have an amazing group of people around us, but this is about virginians, coming together aroundut a fellow virginian, whong is, i have a moment to think about what we can get done, i want optimistic of all change we canic bring, we're standing up for american. so virginia has a chance to like we have from founding of this great khan
8:34 pm
country, come out and vote, make your voice heard, and make change happen for the future. thank you so much for having me on your show, everyone is join us. and let's go get get this done. mark: for my sake and my family's sake, i wish you all of the best, sir. god bless you, good luck. >> thank you soou much, god bless you too. mark: we'll be right back.
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but there is one van equipped to handle them all. for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have been built, upfitted and ready to go. because we believe dreams - should never stay that way. mark: welcome back america, well. there is a fascinating candidate running for lieutenant governor of virginia, who did you not get attention i believe she deserves. winsome sears. she was first black female republican first female veteran, and first naturalize citizen delegate to serve in house of delegates, she is a
8:39 pm
much inize naturalize citizen, and an -- electrician in u.s. marine corps. winsome sears how are you. >> very well. i can't wait until november 3. november 2 is election, we sleep on the third. mark:: hopefully, you sleep happily. let me ask you, a quarantines -- a few questions, why did you decide to run for lieutenant governor. >> i saw that our children in virginia were not learning anything. i saw the scores of education. and it is the nation's report card that test our children in the 4, 8, and 12 grades. i saw that in virginia, by time our children were eighth grade. 35% of asian children could not do math. 45 percent of white children, 70% of
8:40 pm
latino children and 80% of black children. so even naacp said that school to prison pipeline has started if child is not reading on eighth grade level. we know that our children are doomed to failure. it something y is not done, either i could light the candle or 8 curse the darkness, to curse will darkness is to be a victim, i am not a victim, when you light the candle you find a solution, i am the solution. so, i am running. i'm running because we need to change things. mark, when n i knock on doors in anyny neighborhood, whether it is rich or a poor or in between, you find that parents tell you their children are not learning. so, what we need is for parents to have the ability to choose where their children attend school. we know and poor
8:41 pm
neighborhoods they tell me, rich people their children can go anywhere, they have choices,y we have none. i think when you talk to me about racism, you hear other side talk about racism. it is probably education. that child is doomed. there is no option for that child but to stay in a brick building, we want to give the parents the ability to choose, when that happens children willl thrive. they are not just going to survive but thrive, because thousand about is come -- now there is competition which is good for business and education. mark: winsome sears, a lot of time has been spent in schools now indoctrinating kid on critical race theory. and transgender movement. basically hate america. racism and so for. what does that do to students who should be taught the basics science, and english.
8:42 pm
history. so forth? >> when you find is that i'm going further out from virginia, i'm looking at the whole planet, we're acts as if we're on the planet by ourselves, everyone saw that hypersonic missile that china threw up it shocked everyone, shocked much. shocked. but why are you shocked, china has more honor students than we have students in all of america. further more china as economists predict, they will be number one super power. why is anyone shocked? i saw general miley was shocked, are you kidding me? >> we have to do something with our education system and now, already, 70% of current jobs, you need something past high school. if you areig not graduating school, you are doomed. where will you go? there are no doors open to
8:43 pm
you. and so we have got to have education at educational choice and now. we know that school boards are important, you know we used to -- well, it is just the school board, but now we know it is so important. get out and vote. every vote ison important. and by the way, the school board association, they want parents tooo get involved in their children's education, but teacher union, kept telling us get involved in children's education, the minute we do, they sick the doj on us, is this america? i wonder sometimes, where am i? we'll change it in virginia. and lead the way for the rest of the country come next year. >> you and glenn youngkin have made quality education your top issue. as i told glenn youngkin this is really remarkable that republicans are turning
8:44 pm
the table on the democrats, it is about time from where i sit. we litigated against these groups, landmark legal foundation to get school choice constitutionalized if you will, i always wondered why the republican party did not take it up as an issue, in particular with mine orbities -- minorities who are stuck in the schools. you know, it does -- it not lost on me that terry mccauliffe's kids went to a very expensive private school, and barack obama kids as well. and he is running for governor, and obama comes in to the state, he does not know anything about. heba trashes parents who are standing up saying we want our kids taught real stuff, not radical ideology, what do you say that barack obama into terry mccauliffe. >> your children have choices, when it comes to education. how aboutuc letting the rank andhe file the rest of us have
8:45 pm
that same choice. you decide that your children should go to other schools, my children did not attend private school, they attended public schools. yours you had at opportunity to sense them to private schools. why can't you allow the rest of us to that have same opportunity. mr. obama. why can't you allow our children to have that same opportunity for mccauliffe. seems to me it is hypocritical and we're seeing right through that, because your children are ther ones in danger of failing, we need better education systems because we need to create generational wealth or children can't always start at the bottom. education lifted my father out of poverty, he came to america with $1.75 in jamaica. my took any job he could fine, he put himself through
8:46 pm
school, he is now comfortably retired. i have to find my own way in this world as well, education will lift our children out of poverty. so they can have hope and a future. >> all right, we'll be right back. to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections.
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mark: welcome back, winsome sears. candidate forar lieutenant governor, republican ticket inin virginia. terry mccauliffe seems to have gone down line with radical left. massive tax increases and redistribution of wealth, and massive expansion of virginia government, he had joe biden campaign for him the other day. terry mccauliffet. position, and joe biden are the same. >> the same losing policy because as my grandmother said, they are cut from the same cloth. it is always tax up creates -- increases, that always give me more money out of your wallet.
8:51 pm
and i know how to spend it better than you do, even though you are the one that worked hard for it. we're not falling for that trick any more, that circus left town. we need real policy, real solutions, throwing money at a problem, you done investigate what the -- you didn't even investigate what the problem was. what is causing all this mishap. you know, in virginia we not had forensic audit of our state since governor wilder, that is over 20 years. time someone say, wait, what are w spending, how are we spending who is it helping? is the program working in virginia we have 10 programming doing the same thing. but, can they be done better? is it more that we want bottoms in seats to say,
8:52 pm
well everyone has a job. or there is no accountability. in virginia, we have intensivize people to pe come truck drivers, they can make quite a bit of money, great job, we spent 5,000 a person for a person to go to truck driving school, they graduate but it takes another 6 months for our virginia dmv to approve the license so they can go to work that is 30 million dollars that is lost. our tax money. that could be better spent, you know why, people they are notin waiting 6 months to get to the truck driving job, they go elsewhere, everyone keeps their job at dmv, and elsewhere except the taxpayers are out 30 million. this is kind of disconnect that i'm talking about that we need to fix. mark: if you are elected lieutenant governor, i
8:53 pm
believe would be first female black lieutenant governor in commonwealth of virginia, you are getting attention from "washington post" or major media? about your candidacy? and how historic it is. >> they are not concerned about, that i'm not the right kind of black person that may would support. it p does not surprise me, i'm not looking for accoladed. accolades, that is not why i am running, i am running to serve not to get accolades. i understand history and that, i'm not -- i didn't run for that. i ran because our children are not learning. and so that you know history is made, it is one day. well, it is done. people want to know, how are you going to govern? what are your policies? who are y you? what are you about? how can you help us?
8:54 pm
and how will you make sure that when you gets in, you will do no harm? which by the way, is the first rule. i believe, then secondly, how will you make it better than you found it? that is with any job, isn't it? for thising position as lieutenant governor of virginia. and i thinkve that people see in me someone who will serve them, i have a track record. i have integrity, i have done it before, i will do it again. >> are terrific, i wish you the best, people need to get out and vote. winsome sears. thank you for coming. >> thank you very having me. mark: we'll be right back. hi susan! honey? yeah?
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virginia. as i pointed out in american marxism. whether talk about presented towards or victims based on race, et cetera. assumptions are made on people on their an cress central characteristics. the marxist ideology preaches a distortion of man's nature. people are influenced by motivations, desires. it's the marxists who create categories foror their own convenience and revolutionary purposes,en while demanding a mobocracy. this is not to say others are
9:00 pm
unaffected by racial distinctions. this critical race theory is deadly to our country and we need to defeat it in every single classroom across america. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." steve: breaking tonight biden and pelosi again the democrats delayed of the other massive spending bill for a third time. they could not get it done the end of september the first at last week now they have delayed it again this morning the promise tuesday but tonight not tuesday. who knows. we are still working on it. what a complete shambles. welcome to the next revolution this is the home of teeeleven teeeleven


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