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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  October 31, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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chris: president biden overseas on the world stage at home his domestic agenda and presidency aligned. ♪ >> no wonder everything they wanted including me. but that's what compromise is. chris: mr. biden looking for a win as he meets with foreign leaders after a last-minute stop on capitol hill to unite democrat at odds over the massive social spending plan.
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>> this is not what i thought was coming today. chris: we will discuss the gridlock of transportation secretary pete buttigieg and get reaction from senator rick scott head of the republican senatorial campaign committee about what the democrats disarray could mean to the 2022 midterms. >> totally unacceptable. >> the whole policy has been a disaster from day one. >> the white house is in talks to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to families separated at the border by the trump administration. will oscar send a panel about the politics of the potential payouts. chris: and the power player of the week. we will share how you can walk in the footsteps of the old guard of the tomb of the unknown soldier marks 100 years. all right now on "fox news sunday".
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hello again from fox news in washington. president biden is meeting with world leaders pushing the climate change policies and once again declaring america is back. but back here at home his own party continues to block his domestic agenda in his political team is closely watching the governor's race in virginia where a defeat could signal democrats are in danger of losing their control of congress in next year's midterms. in a moment will discuss the hold up to passing big infrastructure and social spending bills with transportation secretary pete buttigieg. let's bring in peter doocy traveling with the president and rome with the latest on mr. biden's efforts to win support overseas and at home. >> president by them left problems with inflation and immigration an ocean away and came here looking to benefit not
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just the u.s. but the entire world with movement on climate change at a press conference today we will find out how he thinks he did. the biden foreign policy is taking shape. he would like the u.s. to restart talks with the nuclear program by november. >> when we do like to talk to iran to resume. >> definitely soon. >> he would like to make nice with the oldest ally france after a sub deal went sideways. [inaudible] >> he's joining for a global minimum tax of 15%, janet yellen said the steel would remake the global economy is attempt to do the same thing at home has been blocked by progressives in the house and centrist in the senate. >> i'm hoping that something
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sticks that will get 50 votes. >> until the progressives know $1.7 billion bed back better will pass the senate they will not vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> so many people yes, no, doing the hokey pokey 1 foot in and 1 foot out. >> they hope to bring both bills tuesday as the president returns from overseas sit down with presidents, prime ministers in the pope. >> this is the first time the full g20 has met in person since biden became president one that is not prominently featured in the public sessions or the private meeting, afghanistan. chris: peter doocy reporting from rome with the president. thank you for that. joining a secretary of transportation pete buttigieg, mr. secretary president biden went to capitol hill on thursday and he told house democrats this, i don't think it hyperbole
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to say the house and senate majorities in my presidency will be determined by what happens in the next week. the immediate response, house democrats cannot muster the majority to pass as infrastructure bill, can you guarantee the house democrats as just your party will pass either of these bills this week and there is talk right now that they may try to pass both on tuesday. >> what i know where the closest we've ever been and it looks like were teed up for major action soon. the president is sounding that no emergency not is because the president needs it but because the country needs it you look at the need for action on climate before it's too late. you look at the need to support economy for the long run and make it more competitive. to deal with issues like inflation which will benefit, we will have better tools for fighting inflation if we pass this economic package.
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the urgency of supporting families with things like that tax credit, the tax cut effectively for something like 35 million families with children in this country putting money directly in the pockets of americans who know best to spend for their families. making sure we have preschool crosses country, so many things that we need to do on the family side in the stuff i've been working on all year, getting our roads and bridges and airports and so much more those urgently needed improvements that we needed for years and honestly decades. chris: you want talk to the answer three or four times you use the word urgent, let's look at some of the issues as we talk today are still unresolved, allowing medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, paid family and medical leave, raising the cap on state and local tax deductions. defeat up the irs to go after tax cheats. here is bernie sanders. >> it's a major major point but
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clearly to my mind and has major gaps in it. chris: you talk about teed up for action and urgency. can you guarantee the all of these issues among democrats and republicans, can you guarantee that all of these issues will be resolved by the democrats this week? >> what i can tell you what's in the framework is utterly transformational and historic. finally getting preschool for every kid in this country, making childcare affordable for every family in this country. the biggest action on climate and u.s. history, obviously all the transportation work, these are huge benefits, if you think what it would mean to american families who are looking at the electric vehicles coming on the market to get the discount of up to $12500 so you could buy one of these electric vehicles and never have to worry about gas prices again. these are real concrete things for the american people and
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taken together, the framework that's been put forward would represent one of the biggest achievements of my lifetime for any member of the house, the senate and any president would be proud of that. is there is more that we could work on and more to do, of course there is but what we have on this table in this framework is historic and good policy and good policy is good politics. chris: your good spokesman for the administration but you did not answer my question so i will assume the answer is no you cannot guarantee the democrats will pass one level on both bills this week. >> were the closest we've ever been, i don't speak for members of the house of the senate but i tell you this administration is ready to go in the president put forward this framework with this particular shape because he is confident that he can get through the house and the senate that is after engaging members of all corners of her democratic party not to mention an awful lot of republicans over the course of the year there is so
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much back and forth and give-and-take and what we arrived at is not perfect did not what everybody wanted but it's enormously important, beneficial, good for the american people and that's why we think it will and must pass. chris: critics say instead of focusing on these issues that the president and democrats in the house and senate should be focusing on the issues that americans care about most. you mentioned one in your first answer that's inflation. gas prices have jumped from $2.14 a gallon a year ago to $3.41 now great natural gas prices have more than doubled in mr. secretary, in september, consumer prices rose at the fastest pace in 30 years. i am not denying or denigrating some of the social policies but that's what americans are most concerned about, inflation.
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>> i'm so glad you race this this is extremely important. this bill will fight inflation. the reason it will fight inflation among other things, we have a drag on our economy and labor supply because a lot of parents are not going back to work because they can't find childcare, you will see politicians maybe on this program saying up is down and black is white and somehow saying the opposite but let me be clear this bill will flight inflation. this is very important, 17 nobel prize-winning economist have signed a letter in the package will help fight inflation. another wall street analytics that we talked about on the president's bill will fight inflation. chris: this administration has been minimizing inflation for months. you know the word that's being used by this administration, transitory the fact that it is
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transitory and you want to talk about experts of former secretary of the treasury under bill clinton under the top economic advisor to barack obama, larry summers has been talking about inflation for months and a lot of people worry when you take an inflationary overheated economy and you have $3 trillion which is what these 2 billion bills would do, 3 trillion in government spending you will make it worse and there's a lot of economic experts that say pass or not pass it, inflation will continue well into 2022. >> let's break this down, long-term and short-term, that is definitely true 17 nobel prize-winning a economist are those that we talked about doing things to allow americans to get back to work, putting money in their pockets and making childcare more affordable will help with inflation in the long run, there is a short-term transitory the ones that we are already seeing slow down a little bit but very mindful because that's impacting
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americans. that is a consequence of the economic effects of the pandemic. there are so many things that are happening in our economy, distortion, disruption, things in our supply chain that are affecting crisis, a clearly direct consequence of the pandemic which is why the best thing we could do in the short term into deal with the transitory issues is to put the pandemic behind us which is where the president decisive leadership is so important, the best thing in the long run for supply chain is better infrastructure so the goods can move smoothly and better pro-family policies like childcare. chris: let's talk about the backups in the supply chain, since the president announced two weeks ago that the port of los angeles was going to 24/7 operations the number of container ships rating offshore has not gone down, it's gone up from 56 - 77. one day last week at terminal. long beach announced 2000 appointments for truckers went
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unused. goldman sachs as the port congestion is not going to ease until the second half of next year. >> they are definitely going to continue to be issues especially as the pandemic continues. if you have the third-largest container port in the world and china shutting down because of a covid outbreak in late summer you will feel that in the fall here on the west coast. we are taking the actions that we know that we can as an honest broker in the administration, phenomenal work by reports envoy working to get the gates and the ports open longer in the truckers and the real players, expanded hours, all of that is good but were talking about global imbalances between demand which is off the charts right now and supply wishes racing to keep up. in many cases supply is up, americans are buying and getting more than ever before but it is
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still not keeping up for the long-term the best thing that we could do is invest in the infrastructure for the very short-term there is stuff that we can take in and around the ports and in the medium-term risk of repeating myself if we really want to see all of the disruptions we have to in the pandemic that's why getting everybody vaccinated is all about. chris: 30 seconds left, inquiring minds want to know your twin children penelope and gus, are they going out tonight for halloween and if so how will they be dressed? >> my husband on costumes that is like a traffic cone at the little hard to describe it they will be dressed up as infrastructure and i cannot wait. chris: even if you can't get the house, they will be infrastructure. >> we will get both. chris: how are you dealing with the lack of sleep?
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>> sleep is a distant memory but were adjusting my day starts at 3:00 a.m. and it is what it is, as every parent knows. chris: getting up early to do our show is no problem. thank you for your time today always good to talk with you. chris: will get reaction from rick scott on the democratic and what do they mean for his efforts to win back control of the senate and next year's midterms ♪ ♪ regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq.
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chris: welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> you just heard my conversation with secretary boody judge what you reaction to what he said aware the president's domestic agenda stands right now. >> the secretary of transportation with the core issue you would sit down with everybody and figure out what the problem is and then you would solve it typically is by government regulation or redtape hurricanes in florida so i was constantly on the phone with
11:20 pm
everybody involved delivering fuel even though nine times the normal average we did not run out because we kept solving the problem all it will is cause more inflation. look at what it's doing to families in the country with gas prices at 55% go to the grocery store food prices are up all caused by government spending, if you look at inflation, the border, parents involved in schools, military support, there is nothing that they're talking about doing that solve the problem. solve the problem for every family, my mom struggled to put food on the table, inflation hurt her, fix it, they have no fixes in this administration there like commentators will have a problem for next year,
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no, go solve the problem. chris: that the real insult to compare them to commentators. let me ask about the infrastructure bill, this is not a political game it affects real people and while 19 senators voted for the bipartisan infrastructure plan that passed the senate with a healthy bipartisan geordie you opposed it and i want to put up some of the things that would be affected in your home state of florida weather 3500 miles of florida highways are important in you voted against $13 billion to prepare them. here is jen psaki. high-speed internet to every american, are you against that, i would ensure they are in poisoned water, are you against that? >> you also voted against money and infrastructure bill to help your home state of florida deal with extreme weather, why did
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you impose the infrastructure bill with 19 republican senators supporting them. >> i believe in spending money on roads, bridges. >> i spent $85 billion in eight years as governor let's look at the bill that passed the senate, one is not paid for, i paid for my infrastructure i actually pay down debt i balance the budget they said it was going to be paid for the wasn't paid for less than half of that bill was roads, bridges, airports and seaports, you put a bill in frenemy that'll be roads, bridges, airports and seaports paid for i'm very interested in doing something like that i'm not going to bankrupt this country, has almost $30 trillion worth of debt that bill by itself was a quarter of a trillion dollars of debt this is
11:23 pm
got to and this is hurting the poor, this is not hurting the rich is hurting families like mine growing up i could not put food on the table. this ridiculous inflation, we have to live within our means like every family does. chris: you talk about that, deficit in the trump tax cuts which are passed in 2017 the year before you were elected to the senate, estimated by the budget office, it is going to increase the deficit by over $2 trillion over 11 years, should the trump tax cut be repealed? >> i cut taxes and fees 100 times over $10 billion and i actually balance the budget and paid off a third of the state debt. you can do both the reason in the way that you do it there is 4000 and the florida budget i went through every line saying
11:24 pm
i'm not going to waste anybody's money we have to do better at the federal level. chris: respectfully when donald trump was president you had the tax cut which added $2 trillion to the deficit according to the c.b.o. and you did not have the spending cuts, the question is if you're not can have the spending cuts, should you repealed the tax cuts, if the debt and deficit are so valuable. >> first off i'm not raising anybody's taxes i want lower taxes, i want to watch how we spend our money i been in the senate two years and nine months, the amount of waste is staggering american should be furious with the way money is spent in the senate, and all congress. it's your money is not government money we have to figure how to live within our means i do at the state level and the third estate that is only a billion dollars,
11:25 pm
$10 billion that is a lot of money we should watch how we spend every dollar. chris: i want to ask you about a non-budget related issue that involves real money when there is a report out this week that the biden administration is considering giving huge payouts, up to $450,000 per person to families that were separated at the border during the trump administration. the argument that they make, if this goes to court and the settlements may be bigger what is your thought about that per person for people who came across-the-board in the first place illegally. >> what we think why would we be doing this they broke our laws they broke the laws of the united states of america and the biden administration wants to write them a check the same administration wants to snoop into your bank account and take
11:26 pm
more of your money, this is wrong we have to do logical things, secure the border, balance the budget, watch how you spend money, cut taxes this is what americans want they don't want the crazy radical socialist agenda with the biden administration coming up with. it makes you mad what is going on in this country. chris: finally you're the head of the national republican senate committee at the senate committee. but i want to ask about the governor's race in virginia on tuesday from red, purple and now blew right at this point glenn youngkin a republican is an annex in that fight he is the head of democratic former governor terry mcauliffe. if youngkin wins and if he does well in the suburbs which was pleading support for the republicans, what kind of blueprint will that set for you
11:27 pm
as you charge senate races in the 2022 midterms? >> the 22 is going to be a great year for the republican senate were getting get the majority back and part of it will happen with glenn youngkin's race read suburban voters are coming back in there saying this idea that parents shouldn't be involved in schools at the democrats want is wrong. the border is not secure it's wrong the fact that this critical race theory and parents are coming back we will win the hispanic vote in the suburban vote and will have the majority in the u.s. senate, if you want to help go to and help us raise money to get more republican senators we will change his country. chris: you see terry mcauliffe, he's campaigning as much against donald trump as he is against glenn youngkin. there is some feeling that the help gavin newsom in the recall in california, does the tightness indicate the donald trump is not a strong weapon anymore for democrats? >> clearly not but why are
11:28 pm
people going to vote with us, they want a secure border and parents involved in schools and they want to fund the police and they don't want this ridiculous inflation and they like that they will show up and do something and come up with problems in simple commentators and say we have a problem but no solution. chris: again stopped attacking the commentators. >> they got elected to do something else. chris: good for the country they were not elected. thank you for joining us will the following developments on capitol hill closely this week. coming up will bring in our sunday group to discuss talk of big payouts to families across-the-board or illegally and then separated. that is next. do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin
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chris: jim jordan acting two reports. the biden administration may
11:32 pm
give up to $450,000 per person to families that were separated under the border under the trump immigration policy. it is time for the sunday group, former republican congressman jason chaffetz from usa today susan page and charles lane of the washington post. the wall street journal broke the story this week there are 900 claims that have been filed, people say they suffered emotional distress when families were separated acting 2018 by the trump administration and rather than go to trial, the biden administration is considering a very healthy expensive settlement. it may make sense legally but it's hard to defend politically. >> a lot of americans differ distress of separation at 2018 but this number seems really high, the attack ads right
11:33 pm
themselves of this kind of payout happens. we know from the beginning president biden's lowest approval ratings have been around the issue of immigration this was when they get the numbers even worse. chris: literally, this would be a bigger payout than the u.s. military, the u.s. government pays to the next of kin to americans killed in combat and wars, i fully understand why it is so hard to stomach as susan said they came into the country illegally but on the other hand there's a lot of smart lawyers that you go to court and very sympathetic mother gets up and starts talking about all the pain of being separated for an extended period of time from a child, the jury may award her a lot of money and that set the standard for 899 cases. >> i think they should go to court i think this is a holy offensive not only a service member killed in battle, it's
11:34 pm
more than the victims of 9/11 that were paid out, i don't think there is any american that would understand why this would happen why the biden harris administration would do this. if you talking about separation you're talking about two people the payment could be $900,000 which is an absurd amount of money, these people are fleeing because of asylum and being oppressed and telling them that the united states did not treat them, i don't believe, this is absolutely absurd is be what the reports are and have not been denied by the administration it seems to be true, the administration is considering this they have not put into effect yet they will be quite a debate, months of bitter and expensive campaigning we will finally get to the vote in the virginia governor's race on tuesday, glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe are busy making
11:35 pm
the closing arguments, take a look. >> we know one side terry mcauliffe thinks the government should stay in between parents and their children, on. >> i'm ready because of donald trump. >> what strikes you about the virginia governor's race and how much of a bellwether could turn out to be for the 2022 midterms. >> so many things strike me about it, the most obvious this is now a blue state that joe biden one by double digits in 2020 in a veteran former successful democratic governor running for the consecutive second term but another term is fighting for his life in the very part of the state, the northern virginia suburbs that had been a bastion of democratic support. i think the issue that it is
11:36 pm
turned into is education and specifically in virginia there are a lot of parental discontent with the closure of the schools during the pandemic and how that was done, perhaps that is more in people's minds then these other issues such as critical race theory and transgender students, those things are significant. but if the democrats lose in this race and i think there is a good chance that they will it will send a signal that republicans have found a formula to recover in the suburbs that have been the weak point in the last election cycles and it will signal the attachment of any republican to donald trump in this very aggressive way that terry mcauliffe is been trying to do. a fox news poll has youngkin up eight but a washington post pulled this morning has
11:37 pm
mcauliffe up by one. i want to dig down into the pool and look at the internal numbers, they are very interesting, 43% approve of the job joe biden is doing this is in virginia over trump a year ago, 43% approve, 56% disapprove that tracks national numbers and on education which we've been saying a big issue in this race, 44% mcauliffe to do a better job, 52% trust youngkin. how big of a drag is biden for the democrats and how big of a boost is education for the republicans in this race. >> biden has not been the asset that they hoped he would be that is one of the signals that we will look for in the midterms the approval rating traditionally has its way when it comes to the midterms, we will see next year, there are two things to look at with the
11:38 pm
way virginia might serve as a template for republicans next year, one on the demographics and what happened with the suburban voters do they come back to the gop the other is the issue this has turned into a culture war election where they're fighting about teaching racism in schools and treatment of transgender kids it is not an election that is turning covid in the economy which we might've expected six month ago. chris: if youngkin goes on to win on tuesday and is very much in the air, if he wins and it seems to be turning this state blue what will that say for republicans and how big of a blueprint will virginia be for how they pursue the 22 midterms. >> as you pointed out joe biden won the state by ten percentage points. if youngkin does anything better than that you will show what the
11:39 pm
democrats really need to be worried about are the true centrist, the true independence who are swinging to the republican side of the aisle, not only education and who gets to make these discussions but i think they're looking at their own pocketbook, they're going to the gas station and spending $100 to the left the suburban and the going to the grocery store not been able to find what they want and when they do find it expensive. you getting all the wrong places. as terry mcauliffe said himself, joe biden is a headwind and i think you have a poor communicator in joe biden kamala harris, they cannot roll into town and be able to command the airwave and create a message like barack obama or clinton or trump, they are not capable of communicating and driving about in a positive direction for democrats. chris: also strikes me as mcauliffe loses on tuesday, these both on infrastructure build back better which are
11:40 pm
tough for the build back better goes too far, progressive thinks it doesn't go far enough they may run for the hills if mcauliffe loses on tuesday. we have to take a break but coming up the race for governor of virginia and the homestretch and what it means for the state in the country next.
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i've said this a thousand times is betting against the american people. chris: president biden setting expectations for his second trip overseas as president where he has made it with world leaders of the g20 economic conference in rome and then the un climate
11:44 pm
summit and saw, were back with the piano, as they say the president is in the g20 and headed to glasgow for the climate summit, given the gridlock on the domestic agenda in washington, how strong at hand is he playing with, this is why presidents love to go abroad, things are messy in washington, he is having a hard time on capitol hill, he goes abroad and has a very friendly meeting in east ms. over with friends that have been in some trouble, they managed to reach a deal on a 15% minimum global corporate tax, that is something the united states has been seeking for years. i think this is a pretty good trip, he goes to the difficult un climate and that's a big issue in there has been divisions over what the united states and developed nations, he does walk in with the promise of the $555 billion expenditure in
11:45 pm
the reconciliation bill, the biggest investment ever in climate change, this is been an example of why presidents like to leave the country especially when things are messy at home. chris: your intention waiting the positive when you say the $555 billion because he still is not getting a pastor congress, let's talk about the climate summit starting tomorrow in scotland because china which will not be at the summit, president xi jinping is not. because of economic demand is going to build even more coal-fired power plants in russia appears to be threatening europe which is a real energy crunch with natural gas, for all of the talk in the promises about bending the curve and getting climate neutral by 2050, is all of this talk going to come to anything. >> our intelligence community is often criticized but the
11:46 pm
national intelligence met on climate came out a few days ago in preparation for this and its key judgment number one of pending climate risk, geopolitical tensions are likely to rise as countries increasingly argue over the sort of things that you are mentioning. there is a lot of criticism of the kingdom of saudi arabia and australia which are large producers of carbon emissions for promises to go carbon neutral by someday in the future, i think the crunch is really starting to come, people are realizing the 2015 commitments made in the paris accord are probably insufficient on paper and are not even being met in practice. this glasgow summit perhaps will approve additional promises on top of that even before the
11:47 pm
supplementation. it is a major problem to and xi jinping are not personally participating in the g20 and will countries are participating in glascow because after all china admits 27% of the carbon it has a lot of work to do and it's hard to see how we get from here to there. chris: that is right we point out as ambitious expensive as biden's economic agenda when it comes to climate change it's a centerpiece the electricity plan which would give bonuses to power plants that went to alternative energy and finds two utilities that stayed with fossil fuels, that was taken out of the plan it ends up being $500 billion in corporate welfare and bonuses to companies and we see how that works out. president biden has gone to capitol hill twice in just over
11:48 pm
a month to push the domestic agenda and price he has come up empty. this is what he came up with or got from his own democrats on thursday. take a look. >> are you confident that all democrats are on board that president biden is coming to this today. >> i think were open to other mechanisms, and needs to be something more than a back of an envelope. chris: my experience and 40 years in washington, if you put the president in the room, particularly a room with members of his own party as opposed to foreign leaders, yet another result when it comes out, twice the president has gone to capitol hill to plead with house democrats for part of all of his agenda twice he came up empty, what does that tell you about the confidence of the white house? >> i think it shows that biden
11:49 pm
and harris who have not been an asset in this, they are very weak, twice he went to capitol hill and twice they walked out of the meeting and said why did he bother coming out of their he wasn't making a hard ask innocently didn't get what he was asking for, he's a week communicator in a week president and the democrats are acting as if they have a global or national mandate but they don't they have razor thin margins and i didn't think the progressives would hold the line as strong as they did, i did not think they had the backbone i thought they would cave so far they have shown their very strong, joe biden is in glascow where he is not at the pope underreporting were he's not is on the border. america understands and recognizes this, that's why think terry mcauliffe another democrats and people in these house races are going to segued into 2022 were going to a lot of trouble. >> the president's trip
11:50 pm
overseas, joe biden has four months, the whole presidency has framed all of this is a competition between the world's democracies in the world's autocracies. take a look at what he said earlier this year. >> were in a contest, not with china per se, a contest with autocratic governments around the world as whether or not democracies can compete with them and rapidly changing 21st century. chris: if that is the test between democracy and a talker see as joe biden is framing it, we are not doing so well. >> to get this over the finish line is damaging to biden one reason the approval rating are in the forwarding it's been trouble for terry mcauliffe but not good for nancy pelosi as a leader and a series of deadlines but if they managed to do it on
11:51 pm
tuesday they've done it before all the results from virginia and also means there will be a competing headline wednesday if the worst happens to virginia, if they get over the finish line and passed the heart of biden's domestic agenda i think some of the bad feelings over the messiness of the process will fade. >> just real quickly do you think the forget how messy this is been in the focus that he ended up with a one point to trillion and other infrastructure bill and 1.75. >> is not as much as it progresses wanted but it's a lot of money. chris: thank you panel see you next sunday, the power player of the week we will take you to the iconic tomb of the unknown soldier and explain how you can soldier and explain how you can walk in the footsteps of t (sfx: video game vehicle noises, horns beeping,) (engines revving, cars hitting one another.)
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chris: the precision who guard the unknown soldier is the unmistakable symbol of a reverence for these fallen
11:55 pm
heroes. on november 9 and tenth ahead of the tomb's 100th anniversary arlington national cemetery has opened up the guards pathway, any of us can walk in their steps and share their solemn mission, here's our power player of the week. >> we want people to make that connection and realize the unknown gave not just our lives better liberty inner freedom and they gave their identity. >> karen is talking about the tomb of the unknown shoulder. >> we say at the arlington national cemetery, their hometown could be anywhere i'm really proud and honored. executive director commentaries. >> generations of presidents have come to the tomb to lay reeves and thousands of people are here every day making arlington's most visited site.
11:56 pm
>> our usual day will have 3 - 5000 people out here on busy holiday weekend we could have 20000 people a day out here. >> they have kept watch census 20s when tourist used to hold picnics at the tomb in 1940 the old guard was given the assignment and they remain a constant presence. >> they are truly special and literally training for perfection, not just perfection in the uniform but perfection in their steps. >> in the silence as the guard changes the solitary click echoes across the granite plaza. then walks 21 steps in front of the tomb, turns and pauses twice for 21 seconds each and then walks 21 steps back, signifies the military highest honor the
11:57 pm
21 gun salute. the sentinels watch is an ending, 24 hours every day of the year in heat and cold and snow in rain. >> no one is watching the honor will always continue. >> to mark the tomb centennial arlington is inviting the public to take the steps themselves. >> the public will be able to walk on the plaza similar to what they do every day if they guard the unknown. they can walk down the same path and they will be able to place flowers at the gravesite. >> like presidents and foreign leaders. >> we are making our own present-day history. >> what is the responses people have heard they will be able to walk in the footsteps. >> we want the people under public to be here will be extraordinary. >> it'll invoke the original dedication on november 11, 1921.
11:58 pm
>> the department of defense wanted to provide comfort and soulless in the ability to mourn for families of those that lost their loved ones. chris: it might. >> it could be their son, their brother, their husband. >> the unknown warrior was brought back to washington and honored in the u.s. capital, then he was brought to arlington and laid to rest, his race, creed and name forever known but to god. >> what was the reaction around the country. >> 90000 people came as he laid in state, then there was tens and thousands that were here that day with the funeral procession. >> in 1958 they elected a world war ii unknown those remains were interred alongside an unknown from the korean war. in 1984 remains from vietnam were also buried here. in the '90s dna testing
11:59 pm
confirmed his identity as air force lieutenant a pilot shot down in 1972. he was returned to his family. >> it doesn't matter how much time from the family with closure, comfort there at home and they're not alone. >> this is his fifth year arlington just like every visitor he is still humbled walk in the hollow grounds. >> what is it that he hoped the americans weather here in person or watching on tv, what they will take from this. >> we want them to connect with the unknown who represent all of us every day i come in and come to work i turned the radio off so i can reflect on those who we laid to rest and what we do to take care of our veterans. chris: if you would like to visit the tomb and lay a flower there on november 9 or tenth, please go to our website "fox
12:00 am
news sunday".com you will find a link where you can register for free tickets that is it for today, have a great week will see you next "fox news sunday" steve: breaking tonight biden and pelosi again the democrats delayed of the other massive spending bill for a third time. they could not get it done the end of september the first at last week now they have delayed it again this morning the promise tuesday but tonight not tuesday. who knows. we are still working on it. what a complete shambles. welcome to the next revolution this is the home of teeeleven teeeleven