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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 1, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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link where you can register for free tickets that is it for today, have a great week will see you next "fox news sunday" steve: breaking tonight biden and pelosi again the democrats delayed of the other massive spending bill for a third time. they could not get it done the end of september the first at last week now they have delayed it again this morning the promise tuesday but tonight not tuesday. who knows. we are still working on it. what a complete shambles. welcome to the next revolution this is the home of teeeleven teeeleven.
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>> this sunday the struggling biden pregnant on —- presidency. >> handling a crisis is most important 80 economy. >> americans have lost their confidence and president and the optimism for the country. >> and then that includes a near majority of democrats you are saying that the approval rating is at a dismal 42 percent republicans have double-digit leads in dealing with border security, inflation, crime, natl security, the economy and shockingly i'm getting things done. about the only good news for the president is that the midterm elections for another year. steve: that's nice halloween candy. they would say a guy buys that
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perry in a pet store to find it dead but the owner insisted is alive it is resting. as he repeatedly bangs and on the counter then drops it lifelessly to the floor this is the week it became clear that the biden presidency is in fact dead. it is not resting or in a temporary spot. just like that parrot that has ceased to be and gone to meet that maker. and then to with that infrastructure will ever refuse to be the far left. >> and in the words of the daily news headline they told biden dropdead and that's when
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the presidency died. the three central miserable dynamics were all on display and why did he delay the trip to europe to beg for the infrastructure bill? there was no real-world justification it's all about biden's ego he wanted to show off and not be embarrassed or humiliated but in the end he was. by his own party and it was all totally unnecessary not driven by the national interest but the personal vanity. is exactly the same with afghanistan. and then not if it wasn't traded vanity thing that we could be the new fdr and the new lyndon johnson and then
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winning with 57 percent and that party had a majority of 23 and the senate and 196 the house. lyndon johnson one with 61 percent what is biden even thinking putting himself in a category? and barely got a majority of the popular vote. democrats have eight more seats in the house. and then to link the bills to centralize power with bureaucracy all because of his vanity. biden is a complete narcissist all he has ever wanted is to be president hardly anybody else agreed. biden has zero authority. in the primaries for and then
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visit new hampshire he only survived because of clyburn he did not persuade anyone or inspire anyone he just had ted not be bernie sanders so they all fell in line even know they knew how decrepit he was in the general election biden did make an argument just a vacuum i'm not bernie and i'm not trump can anybody remember a single substantive thing biden said he's never seen such an empty presidential campaign with a big bunch of nothing from the non- entity and now we have even less as everyone can see how he is failing and fading physically and mentally. >> and what am i doing here? steve: good question that brings us to the third finding of the biden dynamic machine politician who believes in nothing but advancing his own
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career that my the trip to capitol hill made no difference he making on for another three years but is this week showed it's totally irrelevant to what is happening. and in sports arenas or in america or protest against vaccine mandates but now it is video games streamers and airline pilots and it has made its way to halloween decorations. ♪♪
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steve: anti- biden chance this is in around. but no doubt passing the two bills and even this week will that make things better? it doesn't in political terms because after all the public haggling it is a defeat and about work in policy terms because it's such bad policy. who thinks spending more money is a smart move when it's on —- inflation spirals out of control not even the chief economic advisor told "the new york times" this week that biden's first giant spending bill is too much the original sin wise an oversized american rescue plan that contributed to the higher output but also higher prices who thinks increasing welfare payments is a good idea when businesses cannot find workers because biden paid them to stay home?
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how can they fix the multiple cascading disaster he cannot fix the morning on —- the crisis be tells i.c.e. not to pay people if you do that they come in ever greater numbers he will say were now enough for open borders it is the core ideology he couldn't challenge even if you wanted to you can't fix the energy crisis if you just continue to virtues signal for cutting energy production if you had no ignore that by any advice and hannah country over to the same terrorist monsters who harbored bin laden so here we are a president and opposite that power the presidency that has ceased to be an has expired and has gone to meet its maker this is an x
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presidency. do you agree? let us know we think and share the message when we post it. we will get perspective from tammy bruce who is standing by that first tennessee senator hagerty. your attitude was a lone voice against the first of the bills. so just tonight we are learning they delayed the vote again all procedural steps in place to have it on tuesday now they say not tuesday. and then to push more of what he wants. and bernie sanders does even want to deal? i have a feeling he would like the whole thing to blow up to say see?
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and then to give you what you want. >> that will could be then you talk about the death of our presidency is all stuff inflected words. whether it is collapsing borders that has that debacle and the destruction of our economy and inflation gas prices he's put us in such a precarious position around the world looking at just you have articulated to shake his head and say all tricks and no treats for this administration. steve: so if you look ahead it seems to me they are in this position and they get nothing for this argument or both of the bills together.
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what you think will happen? i keep wanting to see republicans come to their senses even one is called a bipartisan bill and many aspects of that would do so much damage to think those republican colleagues might peel off quick. >> it's very hard to say that when i stood up against the bill thank you remember the history of that 2700 pages plus dumped on us they don't know what was in the bill when it came through it was promised to be paid for it turns out it was over one quarter of a trillion dollars in the red in the whole there are many things that had nothing to do with infrastructure that's what you and i would call it. but it was 23 percent hard infrastructure the rest a doorway into the big massive social spending plan they are fighting over right now is green new deal provisions they are trying to destroy the fossil fuel industry as you
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know it will be devastating to the economy and the american public had an opportunity to wake up. first i stopped the bill when i push back in several colleagues moved over but not enough but i promise then this would become hostage that nancy pelosi and the liberals would use to force those people who voted for the bipartisan bill to come on board with a massive social spending plan that bernie sanders is offering. steve: exactly. that is what they fell for that is why i am so glad to have you here tonight because you said no. don't you see what's going on? they are saying this is it meant to say it's just roads and bridges but it is all one thing so i am so pleased you could put a spoke in the works but i guess will see what happens.
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free i think that's what the people want to see especially the economic crisis. great to see you tonight. tammy bruce? let's talk about the political ramifications in the context of the big election which is taking on a huge proportion especially for the democrats they are panicking by the virginia governors race. and they are going into it with disastrous pulling for biden. as well as all of the actual crisis. and then it's dead and it's over. >> everyone should hear your monologue. about what has happened and at this incredibly important scenario where everyone will go to save the planet saudi arabia china and russia don't show up.
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they just didn't show up. that is how the bad guys and the marginal that guys in the world think of the world and what they must do because you are right there is no american presidency there's nothing that they decide boris johnson says it's a job in the ocean. because no one takes joe biden seriously there is no reason to show up there is no price to pay. no leadership in the united states. they are all doing their own thing. so the democrats worry about their own agenda. it is the worldwide socialist agenda which is only been able to function because america hasn't bothered they supported the rest of the world and that's they've been able to have their nonsense. in this case the other bigger problem is the fox news nbc poll is a disaster.
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and then appearing for terry mcauliffe and that's when the numbers crashed. is not biden and a man who walks on water. it crashed. it tells the democrats not only how they then wrong and americans don't want what they are selling that it tells them that actually now it is such a big disaster that it ruins their narrative and americans are divided. and that is a narrative that democrats and independents and republicans all at the same thing. we want our children to be learning and american cities to be safe in the future for our families trends and everything and these democrats have smeared every american especially their own. especially democrats especially people of color especially women that we would
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believe and want this garbage. nobody wants to end the election on tuesday will show that to everyone. steve: natalie what he said in virginia has strong words on that but very quickly what you think about the democratic argument that it is a mess but they will pass the bills and then after that bidens numbers will recover? >> they live in a wish fantasy world where counting hairs that come out of their navels. it is the cocktail party conversation. that is the world that they wish that the media reflects back in that has failed because the squad who are they afraid of? nobody. that we need to see the republicans step up more and she shape this argument as
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lieutenant governor. steve: great point tammy. it interesting to see what happens. great to see you. and then running for reelection next year? >> i cannot focus both on every election and the congress in a broader fight nationwide this is not the end of my political future. >> he was to have broader national much more important that weight is not the real reason is that the fact the announcement came just hours to fight that competitive primaries those that would've been fighting for the seat gop
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congressional candidate what do you think so you will be facing off against kensington? >> this guy embodied everything that was wrong with elected officials a career politicians spending the last term and congress bashing his own party instead of fighting against the radical progressive agenda. while we were waiting to take them on with a lot of support natalie and illinois that nationally, i think america is happy to see somebody like him gone for good. and it's time we have real servant leaders back in congress that want to do good work for the people and provide a voice for americans. were coming up on real bad issues they are kitchen table issues that economy is hyper inflation he was nowhere to be fine on —- to be found biden was on cnn boosting his own
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profile talking poorly by his own party we have had enough of these career politicians and we need real servant leadership. steve: that is the new district. that quickly you are still fighting will be stealing congress? >> absolutely catalina for we have over $1 million and then to bring back positive changes we are not going anywhere. steve: you're always welcome here you are appreciated. we will be right back.
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steve: white house press secretary test positive covid-19 after a few days after being close contact with biden but first last week the left-wing websites late published my daughter has a wonderful throughout the pandemic. post left her home and then the letter goes on in the living room sitting on the same couch not socially
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distance each putting their hands into the same bowl of chips i understand it's normal for her to make mistakes but this isn't foreclosing the refrigerator she put her life at risk how do we build the trust back? one long unbelievable stream of paranoia. why would any parent think like that? the establishment mediated it seems to be any opinion that they agree with. with the real risks of coronavirus over 70 million children 600 for our recorded having died from covid-19 each year in traffic accidents is the mother who wrote that craze letter to slate stop her child from getting in a car now they tell us kids have to wear masks next year as well ac will help with the flu there is no evidence it helps
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if anything. but on thursday in america right next to the 81 -year-old woman biden wore a mask you cannot be too careful they are higher risk even when vaccinated but friday in europe up close with another elderly person no need for a mask. outdoors the virus is incredibly dangerous you must wear a mask. but once you get to the bottom of it you can take off your mask that's just science. and then while they are insulting our entitled intelligence they are totally unjustified with these mandates showing actual harm tomorrow in new york nearly one quarter of all police officers 35 percent of firefighters and 20 percent of paramedics stand to be fire they are firing health workers in the middle of the pandemic
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in the middle of a crime wave it is so infuriating. and said look at the firefighters in seattle. turning in their boots and masks to protest nearly two years into this if you like the biggest threat we face in the pandemic of lunacy of the people in charge here with reaction johns hopkins university professor. i don't know where to start. let's just start with the whole attitude to chat to children. to approve the vaccine for younger children already in california they are talking about making it under three you cannot send your kids to school if they don't get the vaccine. the data does not support any of this. what kind of world are we in where parents are so bombarded with this misinformation? so to think about the risk.
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they literally think their daughter putting their hand in the bowl of chips is a life-threatening decision. >> people have lost their mind. if you look at children, they are at the absolute lowest risk of covid in the united states and if you look at the highest rate of myocarditis kids one out of seven boys who get the vaccine will get it in a recent study new england journal of medicine, 136 died from the vaccine. parents have a reason to be concerned looking at the hospitalization rate it is one out of 167,000, 23 times higher on a weekly basis. but the problem with the zero covid goal that is what you're hearing between the lines is that it did ignore its suicide
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rate and the depression all the harm we are doing to kids is not even reported suicide rates. >> . steve: you are so right and to keep talking about the information and the data and all around you see parents and their reaction to the approval of the vaccine. i can now give it to my kids it is great news the state legislature was weeding out this would be a fantastic fifth birthday present for her child. what is that about? >> science has been taken over by tribalism there is the intense excoriation of anyone who does not follow the simple edict coming from on high from
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the white house like vaccinating kids if they have the comorbidity they are at risk if they have the infection and know there is no science to support they need vaccinated in the middle it is a personal choice parents would be concerned about the rare risk of severe adverse events it is a personal choice. if you look at georgetown university and test positive with no symptoms they take you into a hotel room and tell you that you cannot be for ten days if you do you could lose all tuition and be banned from campus. they are fully vaccinated. they are on a camp this of all fully vaccinated students. people have lost their mind they are chasing the elusive target of zero. steve: any quick final comment on jen psaki? >> she has nothing to worry about. she is 42 years of age. she appears healthy and has been fully vaccinated. she is far more at risk of
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other infections than of covid. >> the vaccines prevent serious illness and death. they don't prevent you getting covid or spreading it so it undermines the case for for their mandate. there is so much and we don't even have time to get into the masks. maybe another time. great to see was always. great to see was always. we will be right back.k. regina approaches the all-electric cadillac lyriq. it's a sunny day. nah, a stormy day. classical music plays. um uh, brass band, new orleans. ♪ ♪ she drives hands free... along the coast. make it palm springs. ♪ cadillac is going electric. if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script.
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steve: over the past few days smug self-righteousness army and cnn anchors pining at the fossil fuel jets bound for the virtues signaling frenzy of the united nations climate change conference kicking off today in scotland. >> and then to address climate change. >> biden is taking 31 —- 13 cabinet members especially when one of them john kerry who better to save the world from imminent doom than a
12:37 am
pompous windbag or a windsurfer? the other problem is this ludicrous summit is taking place as the world braces itself for the crisis. and with the coal-fired energy vladimir putin holding hostage after they make dependent but that's okay of course the two key ingredients are carbon and slave labor and the battery technology devastating ecosystems it sounds good for the future all two.2 percent of them and i want to take money from working americans together to rich people to buy more tesla which is a rare
12:38 am
point of consistency in energy policy in the biggest single item in the spending bill is $550 billion of climate handouts to corporate america. of course the most promising power source has been damaged for the high profile green zone is only one who claims climate if they cannot be taken seriously it's impossible to take any of it seriously they demonize countries like america which under trump reduced carbon emissions thanks to natural gas and praise countries like germany was carbon emissions are rising because angela merkel idiotically is against nuclear power they clampdown on domestic fossil fuel the import more of that from authoritarian dictators and then make us more reliant on energy that is less reliable to help the poor countries to sacrifice their economic progress in your dependent on which countries then call that environmental justice it is
12:39 am
all massive incoherence and sanctimony. the only saving grace is that finally everyone can see it for what it is. joining us now the author of the populist never michael shellenberger. what you expecting from this summit in glasgow the next few days. >> i'm afraid it's more bad news. we are entering a very serious energy crisis gasoline prices have gone up 60 percent the last year, highest levels and seven years. some of that is coming back from the covid pandemic is significantly from oil and gas but the demand is rising and the reason for that it is the demand for climate activist making on energy companies but also spending public investment and things like solar panels and wind turbines imported from europe.
12:40 am
steve: what they keep harping on about it to get commitments on in a genuinely don't understand it and i don't know what it means but is the phrase they talk about net zero carbon 2050, what does that even mean? >> very little. is very straightforward if you want to reduce carbon emissions and we have to switch from coal to natural gas then build nuclear power plants. it's not more complicated than that. at some point we move will move towards hydrogen gas but in the meantime we have a whole infrastructure based on oil and natural gas so when you stop producing those things as united states did because climate activist and you see great big energy price spikes like they are experiencing right now it will make it worse another half trillion dollars for solar and wind makes electricity less
12:41 am
reliable and increase the price of oil and natural gas which punishes poor countries the worst. we suffer as consumers but the biggest impact is on poor countries like africa which we actively deny natural gas even if they sell it to europe for countries like norway and others to use and consume in europe. steve: why are they so adamantly against nuclear power? >> i think there's a few reasons. of course people still have a hangover and associations of nuclear weapons. but the bigger reason is if you have nuclear power you don't need united nations climate conference we don't need unreliable solar panels and wind turbines you can just create electricity without any carbon emissions the lowest of any source of electricity that makes united nations irrelevant that there is no justification to make it expensive and for to control
12:42 am
poor countries and keep them down while raising gasoline and electricity prices. steve: you are exactly right. great to see you. by the way check out his new book absolutely fantastic the subtitle is why progressives ruined cities. if you want to see what's going on in crazy california. we will be right back.
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floundering campaign for virginia governor. >> we are at a turning point right now. here and around the world. because there a politics of meanness and the vision and conflict. of tribalism and cynicism. steve: he is against meanness and division in conflict and tribalism and cynicism so why did he say this in the same speech? >> we don't have time to be wasting on these son phony trumped up culture wars to fake outrage the right wing media has done to raise the readings the father protesters daughter school covering of the fact she was raped in the bathroom and those bureaucrats that covered up the daughter
12:49 am
as a father whose daughter was raped now portrayed as a racist then used to smear appearance rights across the country has domestic terrorist which in turn is used by the justice department to threaten parents to protest indoctrination in their schools with the fbi all by the attorney general his family is profiting from the exact same indoctrination appearance are protesting and the call that fake outrage calls it tribalism and cynicism? if there is a worse example of all of those things by that speech then obama let us know where it is. i like obama i think it's important to be fair so i will say this is obvious that obama is a devoted father and family man in that respect a great role model. what was she had done or said if it was one of his daughters raped at school and the school covered it up? the rape of a child and he
12:50 am
called that fake outrage that is not just a fake outrage but obscenity he dared to criticize republicans for being mean? i am done with these democrats pathological hypocrisy. hate and division from the people who play the race card at every opportunity. no more lectures on misinformation. trillions of dollars equals zero. no more lectures on compassion from the people who incentivize human trafficking no more lectures on saving democracy from the people who push ballot harvesting on gerrymandering for the people who just carved up the illinois congressional map to save their seats no more lectures on climate the people to bake all packages more oil no more lectures on the debt limit from the people who voted against raising it time after time after time. no more lectures.
12:51 am
the democrats are dividing america. they are pushing hateful political power. they are the ones hurting the poorest and most vulnerable.
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steve: answer closer we had jason chafetz. we all know about the ambassador circuit when you give many to presidential campaign if you are the donor
12:56 am
you get a ticket to paris or rome but with biden it is personal after as a vice president he was paid nearly $1 million for a nonjob at university of pennsylvania and now he repays the favor by appointing the president as ambassador to any and the universities chairman house ambassador to canada. jason, what is going on? >> let's not be shocked. he was appointed to be the benjamin franklin presidential practice professor. first of all benjamin franklin was never a president but number two, he never taught a class he showed up some events may be one dozen but never taught a class he was a professor paid nearly $1 million. only in america. steve: and with biden not just
12:57 am
a donation to political campaigns that takes it personally it is more corrupt than the normal stuff that we talk about. here is number two. near one —- an end by advocacy group says corporate america sucking up to china. >> blackrock the biggest money american manager where the investing in many? china putting in billions popping of chinese communist leaders bringing money into surveillance companies for the chinese military. steve: like this group a while back about those as i called will corporate coca-cola making hitting them hard now they are hitting this is a huge company. larry fink ceo going on how they will make the world a better place and so on. i think this is brilliant. >> but i guy named brian who worked at blackrock during the
12:58 am
obama ministration now they keep packets within the biden administration. basically has no position that larry kudlow had directing the national council of economic advisers. he was that guy they sent over from the white house to try to negotiate a final deal. if you want to know who runs the place behind the scenes for joe biden it is susan rice and brian dietz he is deeply tied into blackrock. this is not a coincidence. steve: they are all like that. we talk many times about steve but that is a brilliant they are all connected and the china thing is so pervasive because steve originally did the ideal back in the clinton era to get china into the beauty of. it really monster them, this china thing. >> brian dietz ways in charge of global sustainability
12:59 am
project he is helping in china now running the white house you can tell me that brian doesn't have a father for place i will go get employed i have in the past enable make me rich. it's all about china. and that needs to be exposed. they don't get confirmed by the senate. steve: the other connection as i mentioned earlier is that corporate america for their climate step at the same type of nonsense brian dietz was part of somali have you looking ahead to tuesday a big election in virginia what does it look like and what are the implications? >> true independence they are going away from joe biden in terry mcauliffe's own words what is ahead when for biden i think he's talking about policy action and i think he came home is off because he talks about policy that
1:00 am
matters. steve: exactly. but yet they go on about how republicans are dividing the country. and then playing the race card in a disgusting manner don't in a disgusting manner don't >> now i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with apzeke miller. you have a he question. todd: president biden departing for a cry matt summit this morning, shortly after taking questions from reporters in rome with a little help from his notes. >> one question the president is not taking, while his administration write 450,000 checks to illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border. todd: we're less than 24 hours away from election day in virginia where the gubernatorial race is expected to s


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