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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 1, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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matters. steve: exactly. but yet they go on about how republicans are dividing the country. and then playing the race card in a disgusting manner don't in a disgusting manner don't >> now i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with apzeke miller. you have a he question. todd: president biden departing for a cry matt summit this morning, shortly after taking questions from reporters in rome with a little help from his notes. >> one question the president is not taking, while his administration write 450,000 checks to illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border. todd: we're less than 24 hours away from election day in virginia where the gubernatorial race is expected to set the
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stage for the midterms one year from now. "fox & friends first" on your monday morning starts right now. ♪ it's a beautiful day. ♪ don't let it get away. ♪ it's a beautiful day. ♪ >> and you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm carley shimkus. .todd: yes, you are. i'm todd piro. it's awesome to have you officially be the new host. you are a dear friend and you're much taller than me. i'm looking forward to being shorter than you. .carley: there are shoes that are impossible to fill. i'm happy to be here. you're going to talk about -- todd: i'm going to get shoes -- you're talking about tom cruise
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getting shoes. carley: we are launching a brand-new look. it feels like i'm in heaven right now. tv heaven. it looks gorgeous. a lot of work went behind the scenes. todd: the folks did an amazing job, a lot of yellows, blue, brightening for your morning. it's the start of a new day. we begin with a fox news alert. president biden traveling to the united kingdom to attend the united nations' climate conference in scotland, the summit kicking off as the agenda talls. carley: we begin with alex hogan who is live on the ground in scotland where the president is set to speak this morning. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carley and todd. as you mentioned, this will be a very busy schedule on tap for the 26th conference of the party's top 26. 120 leaders from all around the
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world will be here in scotland for what's been dubbed as the best last chance to tackle climate change. be president joe biden as you mentioned will touch down here after arriving from rome. he will arrive later this morning. and before the opening session, he'll meet with british prime minister boris johnson and u.n.'s secretary general. among those not in attendance are some major world powers including russia and china. >> the disappointment he relates to the fact that russia and including not only russia but china basically didn't show up in terms of any commitments to deal with climate change. there's a reason why people should be disappointed in that. i found it disa ayou pointing myself -- disappointing myself. >> reporter: biden has laid out the most far reaching climate
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bill in u.s. history, $555 billion plan would invest in electric cars and clean energy like wind and solar. the white house says the proposal could slash emissions by 1 billion tons by 2030. this comes as biden faces plummeting approval ratings. 54% of people say they disapprove compared with 48% of a disapproval rating back in august. the president acknowledged the numbers last night to reporters, arguing that that is not why he ran for office. you now, an estimated 25,000 delegates will be here, again, from around the world, among those not in attendance, queen elizabeth. however, other members of the royal family will be here. carley: back at home, house speaker nancy pelosi is pushing to he vote on president biden's spending bill and the
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infrastructure bill as soon as tomorrow. todd: griff jenkins can is live in d.c. >> reporter: good morning, todd. carley, congratulations. there's a lot of pressure on speaker he pelosi who failed twice to deliver on infrastructure with tomorrow's vote in he question as the president overseas presses on his party. >> the build back better framework, which is god willing going to be voted on as early as sometime this coming week, i believe we will pass my build back better plan and i believe we will pass the infrastructure bill. >> reporter: but democrats remain deeply divided as progressive drive the narrative, unable to get the math to work. >> look, this is not about senator sinema or senator manchin, it's about 50 senators and the outrage. >> they make up the 50 senators. >> so do we all. >> reporter: the president of
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the unified democrats with the scaled back $1.75 trillion framework you see here, $555 billion in climate investment, free pre-k and one year extension on the child tax credit. it doesn't have paid family leave and it's still no deal on prescription drugs as the administration put cabinet officials out yesterday to the sunday he shows to put a positive face on it. >> this is where you've overpromised andunder delivered. >> this is not over. this is not as if we're donend a we're going to go home. this is a compromise. >> reporter: republicans opposed but they think progressives will he prevail in the gleaned the progressives will get their way, the bernie sanders socialist wing of the party will get it all, there will be a ton of spending. >> reporter: now we wait to see what happens tomorrow. we learned over the weekend that speaker pelosi wanted to hold
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votes tomorrow, now that's being walked back in some reports. we'll have to find out what she's going to do. obviously the president he hopes something happens before he gets home from his overseas trip. carley: let's bring in the president of the copenhagen consensus. i guess the headline is that the g-20 leaders including the president want to be carbon neutral by around 2050. is that an attainable goal? >> it's going to be very hard and it's going to be phenomenally costly. just for the u.s., the estimate shows that the cost of almost getting to net zero in the most impressively efficient way would cost about 12% of gdp, more than $11,000 per person per year, that's going to be hard to pat. todd: i was under the impression the world was going to end in 12 years if we did not
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do something. now we're extending this to 2050. what gives? >> well, so fundamentally we've been told we have a very few years. back in 1972, the first environment summit, we were told the world has only 10 years left. so we keep hearing this. look, what we need is a solution to climate change. it's a real problem. but the way that we're about it, namely trying to do this without the technology in place, is just going to be incredibly expensive and going to lead to most nations not actually completing this. so there's lots of good will but it's not actually going too happen. remember, the u.n. did a survey the last decade and that's the paris agreement and everything else, they said we can't tell the difference between what actually happened and if we had done nothing for climate since 2005. carley: i think it's interesting timing that a few weeks after the biden administration begged opec nations to ramp up oil production, because gas prices
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are so high, he's now overseas talking about how we have to move away from oil and gas. >> and shows what happens when leaders realize their populations are suffering at the gas pump or they're just freezing, then of course you bring back the pipelines. unless you can make the transition fairly cheap, you're not going to get most people to buy in on this, not in the rich world and certainly not in the poor world, china, india, most of africa, other much more important issues like lifting populations out of poverty. todd: part of the agreement reads as follows, how you to wee the impact of climate change at 1.5 celsius is lower than 2 celsius. it will require action and commitment by all countries. how can they do this cheap? >> this has to be about
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innovation. switching will cost a fortune, 12% of the gdp for the u.s. that's not going to work. if we can innovate the price of green energy, that could be solar with lots of batteries, it could be fusion, it could be fission, a lot of other ideas. if we can get the price of green energy down below the price of fossil fuels, everyone would switch, not because their armies twisted in glasgow, but because it's cheaper. carley: you have to think of you how to create high paying green energy jobs. president biden is facing t criticism for flying to talk about climate change on air force one. obviously he needs a private jet for his own security. there's the hypocritical image we see of rich world leaders flying around on private jets while talking about climate change. >> well, of course it's ironic.
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if the big scheme of things that's not really what matters. most other people would like to be able the to fly and eat meat and all these other things. that's why we have to recognize you're not going to solve global warming by telling everyone you have to do less, could you drive less, eat less meat, could you do these things that leave you less comfortable. the only way we solve global problems is through innovation. that's how we've done it in the past. that's how we're going to fix t. fix.todd: he has a lot of great ideas on the climate. he also has a lot of plans behind him. carley: your backdrop is usually. jen psaki skipping the president's trip the to europe as she testses positive for covid-19, this after several members of her household came down with the virus. psaki who is fully vaccinated says she is only experiencing mild symptoms.
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she last saw president biden on tuesday. they sat six feet apart and wore masks. todd: there will be an appeal on the texas heartbeat bill that bans most abortions after six weeks. the second will be in december and it will be on the mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. legal experts say the mississippi you appeal will be a more direct challenge to federal you abortion law. defenders of the bill hope to overturn roe v wade. carley: virginiaans are one day away from deciding who their next governor will be. candidates glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe are making their final pitches to voters. todd: marianne rafferty joins us live. i was there all weekend covering this, education is the only issue that people are still talking about. >> reporter: yes. everyp one talking about it. one day out from the l election in virginia and a tight
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governor's race that could be a bellwether for future elections if republican glenn youngkin with pull off a wind. youngkin and terry mcauliffe are crisscrossing the state in a mad dash to make a final pitch to voters. terry mcauliffe praised the state's education system in an interview with meet the press despite sending four of his five kids to private schools. >> we have a great school system in virginia. dorothy and i have raised our five children. of course parents are involved in it. >> reporter: a key issue among parents, critical race theory, viral video shows the mother of a 6-year-old telling the louden county school board why she pulled her daughter out of public school after she's came hope upset after a history lesson. >> my 6-year-old asked me if she was moreyville because she was a -- more evil because she was a white person, something
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she learned at her school. they are not your schools. had they are our schools. >> reporter: both candidates sparring on the campaign trail. >> there's no place for critical race theory in our system. i'm going to ban it. it teaches children to see everything through a lens of race and to divide them into buckets and have children that are called privileged and others that are victims and it's wrong. >> reporter: mcauliffe denying crt exists in virginia public schools, despite new evidence from 2015 when he was governor that shows his education department at the time explicitly encouraged teachers to embrace the controversial curriculum. and former president trump is expected to headline a telerally for youngkin tonight in hopes of rallying voters, youngkin says he will not participate. todd: marianne, thanks. carley: let's talk about baseball, shall we, todd.
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the astros get back in the world series with a big win on the road in atlanta. >> to the active roster. and he floats one into left center. that will get down. score one and score two. carley: atlanta's adam duvall sending the park into a frenzy with a first inning grand slam. the astros came back from behind twice to hand atlanta the first loss at home this year's mlb host season. the astros trimmed the series deficit to 3-2. game six will be played tuesday night back in houston and you can catch all the action on fox. todd: when you are in atlanta, the braves win. when you're physical not there, they lose. think about that. carley: i've got the power, man. todd: yes, you to have the power -- you do you have the power. cowboys defeat the minnesota vikings thanks to the backup
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quarterback, cooper rush. >> third and goal. the end zone, it is a touchdown. todd: if only my giants could find players like cooper rush. wait, they had him on the roster and cut him. great job. 's go to the saints versus the braves. new orleans fending off a comeback from tom brady and the bucs to beat tampa bay in the superdome. this is a wild game, tennessee titans get the wins against the indianapolis colt. the kicker played the hero with a 44-yard field goal. it went into overtime. this game is wild. mike white for the jets leading the new york flames to a victory over the cincinnati bengals, 34-31. carley: were you able to watch any of those games? you were in virginia. todd: i watched a little bit of one of the games, the bears on
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the 49ers on my phone. carley: did you enjoy the game? todd: i did. i also enjoyed the six hour train ride, i got to see the munch kin in her costume. carley: new york city issued a statewide call for volunteer firefighters you amid working shortages after mayor de blasio enforced the vaccine mandate over if weekend. todd: we have a big day ahead. not just because it's your first he show as a co-anchor. cheryl casone, joe consistent jd wolf, don't miss a moment of it. ♪ (low humming) (silence) (tapping and clapping rhythmically)
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todd: new york city reportedly looking for volunteer firefighters from long island and upstate new york, citing an e-mail from an nypd sergeant to 350 volunteer firefighters throughout the state as new york city's covid vaccine mandate for city employees will be enforced today all unvaccinated will be paid on unpaid leave beginning today. carley: listen to this.
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an unvaccinated colorado teacher put on unpaid leave through the rest of the year, this comes despite the fact that he was granted a relidges us ex. -- religious ex. exemption.teacher joins us now. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. carley: tell us your story. you filed for a religious ex ems exemption from getting the vaccine. what did the district say? >> they informed me that despite the exemption that my presence would cause an undue hardship and myself and my colleagues would be placed of on unpaid leave. carley: what was your reaction when you found that out? >> well, you remember when -- i don't know if your viewers have seen clark griswold when he got his letter from the boss about being in the jelly in the month club, it was like a bag over the head and a punch of the face
1:23 am
quite honestly, gut wrenching and surprising because we took all the steps necessary in order to be granted our exemption so it was a surprise in the worst t way. carley: your school district originally told you were not allowed to talk to other teachers or students even over the phone. why is that? >> that's a million dollar question. honestly, we didn't do anything wrong so there was no reason to be punished that way and basically i -- i'm at a loss for why they would have said that. and in response, we did file suit basically saying that that was discriminating against our freedom of speech rights and since then they did -- they sent us a replacement letter. they didn't send an apology but
1:24 am
they sent a replacement letter. carley: the school district, westminster public schools released a statement saying all a decisions were made to support the health and safety of the wps community and to ensure the continuation of in-person learning with as few disruptions as possible. what's your response to that? >> i guess i would key in the word disru disruptions. the economist thomas soul is good at mentioning the question, as compared to what. if our presence would cause disruptionses due to quarantine, we also have to weigh what our absence might cause in terms of disruptions both for our students and our colleagues. i know that myself and many of the staff in my similar position are seasoned and experienced veterans that are not easily found in the job market today. and so although a potential quarantine could cause a disruption, it seems wise to look at what disruption to learn for students has caused by our
1:25 am
absences as well and i'd point out that we've been in-person since august, all the way through october 15th without any incident whatsoever so i'm not sure why on october 18th all of a sudden our presence is so detrimental or potentially disruptive. carley: you're not alone here. there are a lot of teachers and firefighters and police officers and even nurses who are losing a job for refusing to get vaccinated. i wonder why the rules are so rigid. it seems unrealistic to think 100% of the people would follow this mandate. >> very much so. and you wondering it, we're wondering it, i think the whole world is wondering it. and maybe if we keep wondering and if we keep asking questions, you know, a light will shine on it and it won't be so dark for all of us in this situation. carley: benjamin or mr. h as
1:26 am
your students call you, what do you think is going to happen? do you think you'll be able to get your job back? >> that's all of our hope right now. we hired legal counsel to open had us do that. i -- to help us to do they that. i appreciate you having me on and be able to tell the story. i think if we tell our stories it gives us a chance to see the humanity about this, the actual humanity. that's good for all of us to take a minute and look at that. and maybe that will just make things better for everybody. carley: benjamin, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. best of luck. i know how important this job is to you and your family so we're rooting for you. appreciate it. >> thank you very much for having me. you have a great day. carley: you're welcome. you too. todd: hopefully he can get his job back and watch christmas vacation the movie you mentioned, because having a job is the twist that keeps on giving all year. time now, 26 minutes after the hour. remember these images, those
1:27 am
unaccompanied migrant children now flooding the public school system in one state, leaving teachers struggling to educate numerous foreign students. more on this when "fox & friends first" continues.
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carley: welcome back. border patrol agents discovering 75 shivering migrants locked in a refrigerated trailer in texas. among them, a 4-year-old child, desperately trying to stay warm. cbp says the trailer was set to just 58 degrees and the doors were padlocked shut from the outside. cbp says the migrants were from val america and mexico. they were all taken into custody and the driver was arrested. meanwhile, president biden appears to ignore our own peter doocy's question about his administration's reported plan to pay illegal border crossers.
1:32 am
watch. >> mr. be president, is it true that we're going to give $450,000 to border crossers who were separated? carley: president biden scratching his forehead in i guess response to the question about the wall street journal report that the administration is considering payments of $450,000 to family members who were separated after crossing the border illegally during the trump administration. the payments could total $1 billion overall. house minority leader kevin mccartney would exceed payments from families of 9/11 victims. todd: the border crisis impacting american classrooms, thousands of unaccompanied migrant flown into new york under the cover of night are now flooding public schools in new york city and in staten island. long island as well. here to react, the former be president of the community education council of staten island. here are the numbers. let's take a look at the various
1:33 am
counties, all above 1,000 students. nassau, suffolk, queens and kings, where brooklyn is. how does that impact the education of kids whose parents pay taxes in those counties. >> good morning. thank you for letting me be here. let me start off by saying we all have a big heart and want to reach out to he's these children but basically this is joe biden putting illegal aliens pretty much first, before new york city public school children. they're flying these children in under cover of darkness and basically they're putting them at the head of the line. there are schools as you read in the article in the new york post, these children are not necessarily going into the top schools, they're going into schools in communities that already have difficulties and they're being put ahead of our students now. it's really an americans last policy by this administration. todd: what is it doing to already strained school budge he's? >> well, it's -- budgets.
1:34 am
>> well, it's a disaster. the budgets are locked for the year. you have a school with an influx of maybe 10 of children and another teacher could of be needed because they're not necessarily all going into the same grade n have special needs. it costs $28,000 to educate a general ed student. now you show in english language learners and students with special needs and it can drain the budget et of the school and they all right have teacher shortages. todd: what happens if parents speak up? are they branded as racists. >> not only as racists, we're branded as terrorists parents have been fighting against critical race theory. look at mcauliffe in the gubernatorial race, saying that children shouldn't have any say or -- or any say in their child's education. it's ridiculous that this is going on. todd: there's a language barrier that exists here. do any of these kids speak english? if not, are there enough esl
1:35 am
resources to accommodate them? >> well, i don't even know if they speak english. some of them don't speak spanish. we don't have enough resource as it is to take care of the children that we do have. forget about bringing in 5,000 students. it's crazy. todd: how worried are you gangs will use these schools as a he recruiting pipeline to bolster their ranks? >> unfortunately, i don't think it's something to worry about. it's a certainity. it's going to happen. again, according to some of the information that was revealed, these children are in their mid to late teens. so you know that it's going to be a factor with ms- 13 to use as recruitment. this is an administration that couldn't safely evacuate troops and citizens if afghanistan yet in the middle of the night they can send 5,000 kids to new york city. todd: if this is such a great program of bringing people to
1:36 am
the united states, then why do it in secret? why do it in the middle of the night? why not tell the parents whose kids are ultimately impacted? >> in my opinion be, it's really a numbers game. i doubt that the governor, the mayor, the school chancellor care about any of these children at all. what they care about is the dollars that come with each of these students into the new york city public school system. you have enrollment that is dwindling by the tens of thousands. and these kids are just going to help make that up. and again, like we said before, these are special needs students. these are not just everyday students that will walk in and assimilate into new york city public school system. these are students that are going to need special care. todd: they need a lot more than the average student there. that costs a lot. and that money is not going to be made up there by those grants from the feds. samuel, we appreciate your time this morning. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. have a good day. carley: the time is now 36
1:37 am
minutes after the hour. no mandate monday, a group of students in california are holding a walkout in protest of mask requirements, just a few hours from now. we are talking to some of them. todd: and video capturing this absolutely shocking moment that a molotov cocktail explodes in a brooklyn dely. deli. we'll show you more of that when we come back.
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>> i can switch schools. i don't necessarily want to. >> i wouldn't be walking here if no one was wearing a mask. >> you don't have to. carley: that was ponderosa high school senior lexi wagner, she captured that audio exchange with her vice principal while being reprimanded for he refusing to wear a mask. michael wilkes said he was paid on leave for teaching lessons without a mask. lexi and michael join me now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having us. carley: lexi, tell us about what's now called no mask mondays and how did it start? >> so there a post about how i was threatened to kick out and i chose to leave and people
1:42 am
reached out to us and from there the protest was kind of made. we had a meeting and then it happened on monday and went from a small amount of kids to a large amount. carley: are these your friends that aren't wearing masks or are they also students you don't know? >> some of them are my friends, yeah, but most of them are a lot of kids that i don't know. carley: so what happens on mondays when you choose not to wear a mask, lexi? do you get to be with the other kids or what happens? how does the school handle that? >> you get to be with other kids who aren't wearing a mask, you go to a noncompliance room where there's no instruction and in some cases they take away your food from you. so that's kind of fun. carley: michael, you chose to support the protest. how did the school district respond? >> well, they responded by putting me where i am today which is on administrative leave and really not supporting my personal feeling that we should be able to support students who
1:43 am
choose to want to engage in the protest which is what i chose to do. i took it a step further by removing my mask myself. that was my own decision and i understood the consequences going into it. carley: lexi, why do you have an issue with wearing a mask? i was reading something that you said about how you think it's fine if other students want to wear one but you don't think it should be forced on you? >> yeah. i just don't personally like it. i don't think that it really anything in my personal opinion. beforehand, i was testing the waters, i was like i'll put it under my nose and after that i'm going to put be it under my lip and after that i put it under my chin and at that point i was like why am i wearing it if it's acceptable to wear it under my chin so i took it off he completely. carley: you were put on paid leave. would you say the district's hands are tied because this is a state rule, right?
1:44 am
that's the common excuse we have. we have to get past whether you're a teacher or administrator, we're complicit in continuing to agree and go on with indefinite mask mandates, the vaccine mandate and the common excuse that we have to do what the state wants doesn't hold up anymore many we need to unite with people that are like minded and say no no, to stand up to say no to the mandates in order for them to stop. if we enough that stand up and do that and put it on the line, we can can win. we've seen it with the brave bre southwest high pilots. we have some sheriffs say they're not going to enforce mandates. it's time for people to find folks that are like minded and learn the meaning of the word no. carley: i think it's about the freedom of choice, your and lexi's message are about that. if you want to wear a mask, but
1:45 am
not everybody will feel and think the same way. why would governor newsom and some in the district disagree with that? >> yeah, i think they want us to simply move in unison. california is the first state in the country that's chosen to threaten all the way down to children as young as 5 years old, what that they'll lose their education if they don't take the vaccine and so they put parents in this compromised position where they have to make this choice. it's essentially blackmail is what it is or he coercion. i don't know if they're trying to be trend setters or whatever they're trying to do. they crossed the line when it comes to our kids. i think people that weren't awake prior are you awake now and it's time for people to stand up at this point and no longer comply. carley: it may shape a whole governor's race in virginia. michael, lexi, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> no problem, thank you.
1:46 am
>> thanks for having us. todd: a halloween party outside of chicago turned deadly, two people killed, more than a dozen injured by gunfire. about 200 people were at the party when shots rang out in the backyard. witnesses tell police there may have been two t shooters. it appears the shooting happened from an elevated porch. take a look at this shocking video shows a man throwing a molotov cocktail into a new york city deli. it happened of after an argument with staff. surveillance have shows him trying to -- video shows him trying to throw a second into the deli. he was arrested on a number of charges including arsonnd a assault. one deli employee suffered nonlife threatening injuries. if you don't like your sandwich, you don't throw a molotov cocktail into the deli. carley: unbelievable. todd: you know her, period.
1:47 am
you love her, period. join us in welcoming the new co-host. i'm going to go with carley shimkus, a look at her career so far. carley: oh, so sweet. ♪ she was an american girl. ♪
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or severe stomach pain, especially with bloody or black stools. the most common side effect is diarrhea, sometimes severe. if it's severe, stop taking linzess and call your doctor right away. other side effects include gas, stomach area pain, and swelling. could your story also be about ibs-c? talk to your doctor and say yess to linzess. todd: today, we're celebrating carley shimkus' first official day as our co-host on "fox & friends first." but she of course is no stranger to the "fox & friends" franchise. take a look. >> carley shimkus, fox news headlines reporter 24/7 joinses us live. >> we're here with reaction, lighting up social media, fox news headlines reporter 24/7
1:52 am
carley shimkus. carley: good morning. we begin with this. >> to the try to make sense of it all, carley shimkus. .carley: i'm going to try my darnedest. >> she thought she was going to handle the serious story. she got mr. potatohead. >> carley is always on her game. >> we're glad to have you here, carley. >> carley shimkus is live in france. >> bon jour, steve, ainsley and brian. >> carley shimkus was not in her office. they told me she's in indiana. carley: it's important to consider buying in america. >> carley shimkus is bringing you behind the scenes with some of the farmers. carley: i'm a city girl but i like the country life. >> i love you guys but we've got to fix this first. we've got to have carley -- carley: they're not -- are they?
1:53 am
♪ >> is just got on it and midway through i realized i didn't know how to stop. democrats took the field so you can scout out the opposition right now. >> that's right, carley. carley: you better watch out. >> it seems to appropriate. carley: in honor of the world series and our nation's past time. >> a great challenge has taken over the plaza this morning. >> now comes the mud. >> my favorite. >> good job, carley. >> all right. >> yeah! >> okay. you recognize that baby right there? it is our own carley shimkus. she brought her parents in to cook cake. thank you for sharing your daughter with us. we love her. >> i'm so happy everybody is here. this is really cool. the flag, images of patriotism around the country, that's what this is all about.
1:54 am
todd: the new co-host of "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro. carley: i'm carley shimkus. todd: good to be with you. >> good to be with you too. >> we love you, carley, congratulations. carley: i love you so much too. thank you so much. more fox and friends in just a moment. carley: oh, my gosh. i'm so thankful for that package. i think i'm going to cry there. were some things i saw that i totally forgot happened. i love every single moment of being a part of this family. it's wonderful. thank you so much, todd, for being my friend. on and off camera. todd: here's the deal with had that. the thing that stood out to me from that package, your mom, she looks so young. carley: my mom is watching right now. todd: i've never seen a picture of your mom. carley: my mom is beautiful. my daddies amazing and handsome. i have a feeling my mom is crying because they included a baby picture of me. you knows how parents are. todd: not because i said she's
1:55 am
looking young. carley: she will probably text me after this. i'm sure she is grateful you said that too. thank you to the producers for putting that together. they're probably sick of staring at my face. they went deep in the archives for that. todd: this is going to be awesome. fist t bump. carley: appreciate it. you do not want to miss it, a big show ahead on "fox & friends first." ♪ when i came to fox, it had been around you few years. it felt like you could do anything. i landed in the the middle of an election year. i basically said i'll stand on the street corner in in boston and a talk about the traffic coming in and out of town. i did not have a history
1:56 am
covering politics. they took a gamble on he me. but i would also encourage people to ask for the opportunity that you want. i mean, the worst that can happen is somebody is going to say no. now i get to sit at the big desk and work with brad but i never forget where it all began with saying pick me, i'd like to have this opportunity. people like it when you say i'm willing to take on that challenge.
1:57 am
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>> now i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with ap zeke miller. do you have a question? carley: it is monday, november 1st. president biden departing for a climate summit in scotland this morning, shortly after taking questions from reporters in rome with a little help from his notes. todd: one question the president is not taking, will his administration actually write $450,000 checks to illegal immigrants separated from their


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