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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 1, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> now i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with ap zeke miller. do you have a question? carley: it is monday, november 1st. president biden departing for a climate summit in scotland this morning, shortly after taking questions from reporters in rome with a little help from his notes. todd: one question the president is not taking, will his administration actually write $450,000 checks to illegal immigrants separated from their
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families at that time border. carley: plus, we are less than 24 hours away from the election day in virginia where the hotly contested gubernatorial race is expected to set the stage for the midterms. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ todd: you are watching a very special "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i am todd piro. of that doesn't matter today. what matters is that you are carley shimkus and you are the new co-anchor of the he show. carley: i am honored and excite todd be here. remember when jillian said she was going to watch this morning. if you are, we love you and good morning. good morning to you and everybody. and also it's a special day because if you've noticed, the studio looks a little different. there are some new exciting graphics. and it took a lot of work. todd: huge shoutout to the team that did this. carley: and they're beautiful. i feel like i'm in tv heaven.
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we're going to start with a fox news alert. president biden is en route to scotland this hour ahead of today's united nations climate conference, the summit kicks off as biden's climate agenda stalls in congress and his approval rating plummets. todd: griff jenkins is in wash washington. we turn to alex hogan who is live on the ground in scotland. alex, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, todd and carl carley, this is 12 dayf conversations, leaders from around the world will be here for the 26th climate change conference. this was supposed to take place in scotland last year. however, thats was put on pause because of the pandemic. this morning, president joe biden leaving rome where he was over the weekend. now arriving here in scotland, again, to deliver a speech at the summit today. before then, he'll meet with british prime minister boris
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johnson, and the u.n. secretary general. biden calling out certain world powers for not making an appearance, including russia and china. >> the disappointment relates to the fact that russia and including not only russia but china basically didn't show up in terms of any commitments to deal with climate change and there's a reasons why people should be appointed in that. -- disappointed in that. i found it disa appointing myself. >> reporter: biden has laid out but not yet passed the most far reaching climate bill in u.s. history. it would invest in electric cars and clean energy like wind and solar. the white house says the proposal could slash emissions by $1 billion by 2030. this as biden faces plummeting approval ratings. 54% of people say they don't you
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approve of his performance, up compared to the 48% of the disapproval rating in august. there's been a gloom owe outlook for this -- gloomy outlook for this conference with some world leaders saying they don't believe the climate actions will be enough because of what they're seeing and the projections of what they could see in recent years. that's why there are conferences like this one, about 25 you 25,0 delegates from around the world will be here for the conversations around not only solidarity but of course action. todd, back to you. carley, congratulations to you. carley: thank you so much. alex, thank you. todd: back at home, house spike speaker nancy pelosi pushing to vote on the infrastructure bill as soon as tomorrow. carley: griff jenkins is live in washington. griff, good morning. >> reporter: carley and todd, good morning. the stakes are high. there's real pressure on speakerrer pelosi who failed twice to deliver on
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infrastructure votes with the president pushing on her for results. >> the build back better framework which is god willing going to be voted on as early as sometime this coming week. i believe we will pass my build back better plan and i believe we will pass the infrastructure bill. >> reporter: but democrats remain deeply divided as progressives drive the narrative, unable to make the math work. >> look, this is not about senator sinema or senator manchin, it's about 50 senators and the outrage. >> but they make up math. they make up the 50 senators. >> so do we all. >> reporter: the president's scaled back $1.7 trillion framework intended to unify democrats with $550 billion in climate investment, free pre-k and one year tension on the child tax credit. it doesn't have paid family leave and there is no deal on prescription drugs. as the administration is
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struggling to put a positive spin on it. >> this is a case where you over promised and under delivered. >> why, why. >> paid family leave and prescription drugs. >> the fight is not over. this is a compromise. >> reporter: republicans remain unanimously opposed but senator rand paul thinks progressives will prevail in the end. >> the democrats have realized it's two for one. the progressives will get their way, the bernie sanders socialist wing of the parties is going to get it all. that is there is going to be a ton of tending. >> reporter: will there be a vote tomorrow? new reports suggest it's unclear many we'll see what the week brings. todd: will the vote be this week? we've been asking that on mondays since the last -- carley: it was supposed to be halloween. transportation secretary pete buttigieg says as long as the covid pandemic continues do not expect much relief from the supply chain crisis.
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>> there are definitely going to continue to be issues, especially as long as the pandemic continues, if we really want to see all of these disruptions end we've got to end the pandemic. that's what getting everybody vaccinated is all about. carley: buttigieg also saying short-term solutions include keeping docks open longer hours and passing p president bidens' high priced infrastructure bill. many shelves empty in stores across the country as car he grow ships are backlogged and the nation continues to struggle with labor shortages. todd: jen psaki skipping the president's trip to europe after she tested positive for covid-19. psaki says she is only experiencing mild symptoms. she last saw president biden on tuesday where they sat outside more than six he feet you apartt and wore masks. all eyes on virginia. glenn youngkin, terry mcauliffe
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making the final pitches to voters. carley: brook sigman joins us now with a clash over what should be taught in classrooms, and that's the big question, brooke. >> reporter: good morning, carley, todd. we are one day out from election day in virginia and what is expected to be a tight governor's race that may serve as a bellwether for few churr election -- future elections, glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe are crisscrossing the state in a mad dash to make it their final pitch to voters. education remaining a hot topic. former virginia governor terry mcauliffe in an interview on meet the press praised the state's education system, despite sending four of his five children to private schools. >> people trust me on education. we have a great school system in virginia. dorothy and i have raised our five children. of course, parents are involved in it. >> reporter: also a key issue among virginia parents, critical race theory. viral video showing the mother
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of a 6-year-old telling the louden county school board why she pulled her daughter out of public school after she came home upset about a history lesson. >> my 6-year-old came to me and asked if she was born evil because she was a white person, something she learned in a history lesson at school. i refuse you to allow you to he destroy our schools. they are not yours schools. they are our schools. >> reporter: both candidates sparring on the campaign trail over crt with youngkin vowing to prioritize banning it. >> there's no place for critical race theory in our school system and on day one i'm going to ban it. it teaches children to see everything through a lens of race and divide them into buckets and have children that are called privileged and others that are victims and it's just wrong. >> reporter: mcauliffe denying crt exists in virginia public schools, despite new evidence from when he was governor that shows his education department explicitly encouraged teachers
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to embrace the controversial curriculum. former president trump is expected to headline a telerally for youngkin tonight in the hopes of rallying republican voters but youngkin says he will not participate. carley, todd. todd: thank you very much. carley: thanks, brooke. the time is now nine minutes after the hour. don't fire the heros, that's the message first responders and other frontline workers are going to send to congress today. todd: two firefighters from d.c. right now ahead of of a vaccine mandate protest join us live, next.
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todd: welcome back. it's a matter of life or death as vaccine mandates leave emergency services dangerously understaffed in some parts of the u.s., now front line workers with rally at the capitol in a last ditch effort to keep vital jobs filled. d.c. firefighters join me now. great to see you. will, are people going to buy because of first responder shortages caused by vaccine mandates? >> thanks for having me, todd. and you know, obviously we don't want that to happen but just yesterday there were 26 fire houses that were closed down because of staffing shortages in new york and unfortunately someone lost their life in a fire because the first two companies, the ones that would be the first engine companies
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that were to respond were shut down because of shortages. we don't know what will happen. we know that's a distinct possibility. that's what we definitely want to avoid here, especially in d.c., it's incredible that they're going to these p lengths because we're providing negative tests before coming into work so we're not a threat for spreading covid. we're providing these negative tests. yet they're still saying because you haven't made that same personal health choice that we want you to make, that you're going to need to lose your job and that's really going to jeopardize the entire city, put everyone in the city at risk and that's why we're so vocal about it and speaking out against it. todd: time is of the essence when a fire is involved. i think we know that by now. katie, you and your husband are both firefighters. how are you going to support your kids if you're fired? >> right. that's exactly the issue that we're faced with. being a mother of four kids, cancer survivor, my youngest daughter has had two open
2:16 am
heart surgeries. when we make a decision it's based on a medical decision and my faith had. .who i don't turn to is random doctors, random scientists, politicians, and no offense but news anchors. you know, it's a very personal decision. and it's not one that's to be made lightly. todd: there are twos questions that i find to really get at the heart of this. i'm going to ask them to each of you now. will, first to you. has anyone ever refused your help at a fire because you are not vaccinated? >> definitely not at a fire. but i think also the other thing we're not -- that needs to be talked about is medical emergencies. there could be extended response times for that. the other day i was on a call with an unconscious kid in my arm waiting for a medic unit to come from a across the city. that's fully staffed. with us losing hundreds of
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firefighters, i can't imagine how long response times could be. people on the side of the city where i work, 7 and 8 in d.c., have the lowest vaccination percentages at 37% and just 30% vaccinated. the people that will be impacted the most by the vaccine mandate are people that have chosen not to take it. others will so no impact from the mandate, they're the ones that making the policy and enforcing it on the estimate they're not going to see the cost. todd: has a anyone asked you if you are vaccinated when you're on the scene of an emergency? >> definitely not. when we're there it's because it's an emergency. todd: katie, has anyone refused your help at a fire because you're unvaccinated. >> absolutely not. like will said beforehand, we're tested, we have a negative test upon beginning duty. that's not an issue, we're not going to spread covid to them.
2:18 am
todd: no one has ever asked you on the scene of an emergency that you responded to quickly, because that is your job, hey, katie, are you vaccinated? >> absolutely. and i would say the people that say unvaccinated people just don't care, we do care. we have chosen a job where we run towards danger, not away from he it. we're able to do so because we have protective gear, because we were taught the skills and because we care to do so. we chose that job. todd: will and katie, please keep us posted. we're certainly praying that this works out. we appreciate your time this morning. >> thanks for having us, todd. carley: it's 19 minutes after the hour. colin kaepernick sparking a new controversy with his netflix documentary. the annual nfl tradition that the ex quarterback is comparing to slavery. and president biden rolling around europe with a gas yo guzg
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carley: president biden set to huh you del up with world leaders today in scotland as the united nations climate change summit gets underway and he apparently thinks things are heading in the right direction. >> the united states and the european union have reached a major breakthrough that will address the existential threat of climate change while also protecting american jobs and american industry. when i think climate i think jobs. todd: this comes as big poll lieutenant -- polluters refuse to sign on. nigel farage is here to discuss. you heard the president there. do you think jobs when you hear
2:24 am
climate? and if not, what do you hear instead? >> what i hear, c o2 reductions, are two things i hear, number one is the closure of refinelies, chemical plants and the migration of jobs to india and to china. so we in the united kingdom have reduced our c o2 since 1990 by 44%. so we have reduced output the most and we've done it by outsourcing jobs and industry to india and china. it is frankly madness. it makes no difference to overall c o2 output. it adds to it because the goods that are being made there are shipped back to here. so some of this is utter nonsense. of course there are jobs in wind energy, of course there are jobs in solar but nothing like the
2:25 am
amount of jobs and manufacturing that get of lost. i'm not for one moment suggesting you don't want to cleaner, better world but the way we're going about this is literally handing the mosten nor us muse strategic -- enormous strategic advantage to china. carley: here is president biden on china and russia as it relates to climate change. take a listen. >> russia and china basically didn't show up in terms of any commitments to deal with climate change and there's a reason why people should be kiss appointed in that -- disappointed in they that. carley: i was reminded of the fact that he gave the green light to russia's nord stream 2 pipeline which allows russia to create more oil and gas lines while killing the keystone xl pipeline at home. in that instance, he, president
2:26 am
biden, was part of of the problem. >> absolutely. that's the same thing we've been true. have it done by russia and other countries like that. i mean, it's complete madness, totally hypocritical. what he could have added is, okay, chinas' not going, russia's not going, india is going but i think very reluctant to change much in terms of coal use in india. so you basically got about 40% of the world's outputters of c o2 who are not going to budge an inch and the rest of us are supposed to have extensive energy in return. it doesn't make sense. todd: quickly, he can't even pass his own agenda with his own party and that agenda includes a huge climate change component. now he's playing big shot on the world stage. how ridiculous does the united states look because of that? >> well, the truth of it is, ever since the afghanistan
2:27 am
withdrawal don without any consultation with your long-term allies, america's reputation is frankly down the tubes. and i think biden looks posturing, ineffectual, and i'm sure boris johnson who is chairing this is pleased that biden is there because he's gone absolutely crazy on this green agenda. but frankly, most people seeing this will know what is the point of us closing down industries, putting up everyone's fuel bills at home if india, china and russia aren't going to play the game. carley: i saw you post a tweet, every world leader or dignitary that arrives by private jet is an eco hypocrite. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. todd: let's get to the weather now. carley: senior meteorologist janice dean is here with our fox weather forecast. good morning.
2:28 am
>> good morning. congratulations to you, my friend. carley: thank you. >> well deserved. carley is one of the hardest workers here at fox. todd: she is always here. >> absolutely. we miss you, jillian. we know you're watching from home with your pjs on. it's going to feel a lot colder than it is right now here in new york city. 58. i mean, temperatures in the 50s as your daytime highs tomorrow. so we've got a cold front that's going to move through, temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below average or below normal over the next couple days. we've got the cold air pouring across the great lakes. that could bring wintery weather for those areas. detroit, 46, 53 in philadelphia, these are daytime highs tomorrow. let's take a look at what we're dealing with. we have a new system moving in across the west and that's going to push over the rockies and the plains states, bringing us snow, first snow for some of these i aas, not for the rockies. they've already seen some but in towards the northern and central plaps, not a blockbuster storm
2:29 am
system but it's a taste of what's to come for some of these areas. there's the forecast today. so we'll see the rain move across the west and that cold air sinks as far south as the southeast and real quick, because i know we have a big election day tomorrow, there's the forecast for virginia. not too bad. carley: janice, the weather does affect elections. >> you are correct. carley: so this is a great thing to see. >> yes, more people will go of out to vote because they don't have inclement weather. carley: yeah, that's right. >> i love the new graphics, by the way. carley: it's very weather themed. >> i see clouds there, so mostly sunny skies. todd: doesn't it look mostly sunny. carley: it looks like your book cover. >> i had everything to do with it. carley: were you in the meetings? well, you did a good job. >> happy monday. todd: fox weather, the app is there right now, the new fox weather app, available to download, scan the qr code on your screen.
2:30 am
>> it's an awesome app. carley: janice, thank you. todd: president biden referring to notes to determine which news outlet to go to when he was at the g-20. who is running the show? concha runs our show at least during this segment. carley: naturally. plus, the candidates for virginia governor delivering closing arguments one day out from election day. we'll check in with lawrence jones whose on the ground in roanoke, next. hey, lawrence. .♪ living in america. ♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms belly pain,discomfort, and bloating.
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>> i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with ap. carley: president biden once again taking out a prepared list of reporters to call from. todd: joining us now, fox news contributor joe concha. will fox news ever lead off the list of questioning and will joe biden ever hold an impromptu press conference for the remainder of his term? >> when the houston texans win another game, maybe, maybe then. not a very good team there. maybe then, peter doocy or jacqui heinrich will be on the list. that will never happen. jen psaki will make sure of it. we've seen this movie before. this is what the president has done going back to the campaign. not only is he given hand pick lists of reporters to call on, he announces it to the world that i am told to call on first. why not be the guy who is supposed to be the leader of the
2:35 am
free world and call on report is at random and see how it goes. the president is script sed, he is packaged, he is protect thed and it's obvious when we watch the so-called press conferences, todd. carley, hi. carley: hi, joe. let's take a look at other of times when president biden admitted to using a prepared reporter list. >> i'll take your questions. as usual, they gave me a list of people i'm going to call on. jonathan, associated press. >> ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. the first person i was instructed to call on was kelly o'donnell, nbc. carley: joe, i think that we're so hyper focused on every move that the president makes, especially as it comes to how he handles reporters because we're in the media. do you think voters notice as much about this and care as much about it as people in the media do? >> yeah. i think at these things called polls. and they're very revealing.
2:36 am
you have to look beyond overall approval and disapproval which is horrible for the president, mostly in the low 40s, some in the upper 30s. rasmussen found that 27% of likely voters, carley, are very confident that joe biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being president of the united states. imagine, a quarter of the country feels that our president is up for the job physically and mentally. another cbs poll found that the majority of americans don't think the administration has the competence, focus or effectiveness to do the job. the pessimism may stem from the fact that the president conducts himself in a scripted and protected manner. he hasn't done one one on one interview. he hasn't done that in 10 weeks. he doesn't have any good answers on rising inflation, supply chain crisis, skyrocketing gas prices, violent crime, the never ending border crieses, hundreds
2:37 am
of americans left behind in afghanistan. the administration is failing on all fronts and it's very clear to many americans. todd: 42% approve, 54% disapproval rating and do you think we're headed in the right direction, a whopping 71% say we're on the wrong track. and this isn't rasmussen, this isn't bright bart. this is -- breitbart. this is nbc news. doesn't president biden have to change course, each if he doesn't want to, purely for political survival. >> change course? maybe get new players on the field. i would look at ron klain, the chief of staff. clearly, he is one of the main influencers, calling all the shots here, not doing a very good job. no one gets fired or reprimanded over anything in this administration. after what happened in afghanistan, not one person was reprimanded fired. when you find that nearly three quarters of the country believes we're on the wrong track, that's
2:38 am
incredible. there's been a considerable drop in covid cases and death. the white house can't blame the pandemic as far as how americans feel. this is about the other factors i talked about n the poll, this is the key thing. even half of democrats agree that we're on the wrong track. if glenn youngkin wins in virginia, democrats are going to run for the hills as far as this administration. carley: also his approval rating among independents is scary as well. joe, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> carley, congrats on this. you get to get up every day at 1:00 a.m. this is awesome for you. carley: more than happy and willing to do it. joe, thanks so much. todd: you heard joe mention, all eyes on virginia. glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe clash over education, critical race theory. carley: lawrence jones joins us from roanoke as both candidates make their final pitches to
2:39 am
voters and we mean final, lawrence. >> reporter: that's exactly right, carley. congratulations. good morning. this is a tight race. as you know, youngkin has finally taken a lead in the real clear politics average, he's up plus one. he is setting up behind me right now for one of his last events. he's he noting that this education is about parents. the take a look at what he had to say yesterday. >> critical race theory, it's never been taught here in virginia. his whole campaign has been dog whistles which is critical race theory. critical race theory has never been taught in virginia. it is not taught today, nor has it ever been taught. >> reporter: of course, that was actually mcauliffe saying that crt was not being taught but here is a look at him back when he was governor essentially admitting that crt was taught. and of course, i think we have
2:40 am
the sound of youngkin saying this is about the parents, this is about education, this is about a movement of those parents. take a look. >> this movement is parents standing up all over the commonwealth, standing up for the values we hold dear, for the moment we say the left liberal progressive agenda that is trying turn us into california east, we're saying no, not here. >> reporter: that hasn't stopped the lincoln project, people that used to be former republicans, now democrat, staging this event. you've got to see this. folks that are essentially working for the democratic party with tiki torches referring to the charlottesville moment right there. they pretended to be supportsers of youngkin. when they got caught they said it was an effort to be symbolic so this is getting ugly down here, dries. guys. but a he clear moment of he
2:41 am
deception. it shows the desperation for the other side right now. todd: to your point, in the video that rolled when you were speaking there, we saw the 2015 mention on the department of education there, website from virginia, where it goes through critical race theory, despite terry mcauliffe saying, oh, it's not there. it's a blatant lie. there it is right on the screen. lawrence, this is going to be fascinating to see how tomorrow plays out. carley: election day is one day away. lawrence, you are on the ground for us in virginia covering it all. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. we'll see you coming up on "fox & friends" as well. >> reporter: you bet. congratulations on your first day, carley. carley: thanks, lawrence. you're the best. colin kaepernick making a controversial comparison between the nfl and slavery. >> before they put you on the field, they poke, prod and examine, no boundary respected. carley: jack brewer is coming
2:42 am
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carley: a travel nightmare unfolding for american airlines passengerrers, the airline canceling a quarter of the entire sunday schedule, leaving travelers stuck and frustrated. . todd: cheryl casone is here with what the airline says is to blame. cheryl: more than 2,000 flights have been canceled by american airlines as the carrier grapples with weather and staffing shortages. in a statement to the staff, the coo saying to make sure we take care of our customers we have adjusted the operation for the last few days this month by proactively canceling some flights. they go on to apologize in the note. winds were being blamed and it's also the staffing shortages that plagued carriers. american says they've got 1800
2:47 am
flight attendants set to return in november. todd: we've got to stop blaming the wind. it's been around forever. other vaccine mandates causing more dire consequences. cheryl: new york city facing staffing shortages condition the fdny, 26 fire stations temporarily out of service due to the covid vaccine mandate, that affects the workers of course. six manhattan, nine brooklyn fire houses closed as well as others in the queens, brooklyn and staten island. 80% of their members are vaccinated. the daily mail also reporting the city is now begging for volunteer firefighters from long island and upstate new york. the mandate again requiring all city workers get at least one shot by today. november 1st. carley: cheryl casone live for us. thank you. cheryl: you bet. carley: former nfl player colin kaepernick stirring controversy after comparing the nfl draft
2:48 am
process to a slave auction. he makes the claim in his new you netflix special. >> what they don't want you to understand, what's being established is a power dynamic. before they put you on the field teams poke, prod and examine you. no boundary respected. no dignity left intact. carley: here to react, former nfl player and ceo of the you br group, jack brewer. jack, good morning to you. >> good morning. congratulations on your new role. carley: thank you so much. so kind. there's nobody better to talk about this topic than you. what is your reaction to colin kaepernick comparing the nfl to slavery. >> first off, my dignity is in place and i did go through the nfl combine. i tell you what, this new colin kaepernick doctrine that's penetrating the minds and hearts of so many of our under-served black kids across america, it's the single largest threat to
2:49 am
black men in the united states of america. because right now, folks are thinking that they're victims and they're living in the most prosperous, the most opportunity in any country in the world and so this one hurts me because every day i get up and i go out and i try to help young african-american boys become men and try to instill those values and when you have someone like this who had the audacity to call multimillionaires slaves and compare a process he's of someone living their dream, going to the national football league, comparing that to slavery, it's gone overboard and i think colin kaepernick needs to do some soul searching. you just watch that video, you see how dark it is and to take the most fragmented, the most vulnerable population we have in america where we have kids that 70% of them don't have fathers,
2:50 am
a lot of them can't -- their reading and math proficiency levels rate against third world countries. you have kids that are already hopeless and then you go out and push this mentality and you're supposed to be someone that's a leader. think about the movement that got started, the opportunity he had to come and promote positivity to young black and african-american men, tell them how great the country is. he doesn't have that spirit. he has an evil anti-american spirit. it's sick and disgusting -- one more thing, carley, that even netflix, someone had that big and popular would even put something out like that to penetrate the minds of these kids should be illegal. carley: you know, how do you fight back against this logic, jack? because i know that this is something that you try to do on a day-to-day basis. >> the only way you can do it is through the word of god, through actually bringing spirituality back to kids and letting them know of, young black kids, i'll
2:51 am
tell you right now, you are kings in the kingdom of god. god sees you as a king. you are not a victim. we are not divided by race. we are one human race and anyone that doesn't believe that, they have evil spirits in them. they're sick. they have a heart issue. so you can't just go around and say that everybody is racist. if it wasn't for some white people fighting against slavery, we would still be slaves and so this -- that entire mentality has to be changed so the way we do it is we go in and we fight back against this nasty education system that spends all this money, 20, $25,000 per kid per school year and doesn't teach them how to read and write. we try to buy them shoes and clothes so they feel like they could be accepted when they're under-served. and that's working. and those are the type of things we need to be talking about in this country, not this colin kaepernick doctrine.
2:52 am
carley: you do such good work on that front. it's such a beautiful mess and, we are all god's children. thank you for reminding us of that. jack brewer, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> god bless you. carley: god bless you too. todd: the president ignoring a question about the plan to get big money payments to illegal immigrants many former secretary chad wolf has a lot to say about that, next. ♪ here i am, stuck in the middle with you. ♪ yes, i'm stuck in the -- so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... of
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todd: happening today, the short will hear an appeal on the texas heartbeat bill that bans most borings two. high stakes appeal once abortion law. the second in december will be on a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. legal experts say the mississippi appeal will be a more direct challenge to federal abortion law. defenders of that bill hoping to overturn roe v. wade arguing life begins before the 2024-week viability mark. >> border patrol agents
2:57 am
discovering 75 shivering migrants locked in refrigerated trailer in texas. among them, a 4-year-old child desperately trying to stay warm. cbp says the trailer hauling pal plets of flower was set at just 58 degrees and doors padlocked shot from the outside. cbp says the central migration from mexico taken into custody and driver arrested. the houston astros get back in the world series with a big win on the r509d in atlanta. >> to the active roster, floats one into left center that will get down. score 1 and score 2. carley: atlanta's adam devalue into a frenzy with the first inning grand slam but the astros came from behind twice to hand atlanta their first loss at home in this year's mlb post season carlos career a finishing the game with three hits.
2:58 am
astros trim sear years deficit 3-2. game 6 tuesday, traveling today from atlanta to houston and you can watch all the action on tuesday on fox. tuesday is a big day. two really big things happening. what are they,ed to? todd: get into that election day. carley: you have the answer to that absolutely. todd: focus on the world series and then election day. i have a pattern i noticed when carley shimkus is in atlanta for the world series atlanta wins. when carley shimkus flies home, the anchor her first day of "fox & friends first" as the official owe anchor houston wins. carley: thank you, braves. clearly all me. i had a lot of fun when i was at the world series. can i tell you some things did i? i became friends with blooper. todd: wow. carley: he is the braves mascot. todd: are you tight? >> we didn't speak because he doesn't speak. is he great. i ate a lot of food. i talked to a lot of fans. so my world series experience
2:59 am
had very little to do with baseball the sport. but i had fun on all the periphery activities. todd: i true traveled this weekend quickly i went into virginia. obviously "fox & friends" coming up at the top of the hour, going to be all about the virginia governor's race. mcauliffe vs. youngkin. carley: did great job. todd: thank you. i will say the crowd support for young kin was unbelievable. whether that translates into a republican win. with that i did want to mention we did lose chad wolf. hope to get him later on this week. today was all about you. how was day one officially? carley: i had a great dime. i mean "fox & friends" has always felt like a family to me from the very first day i was allowed to be a part of the show. i remember when i was booked on the show for the first time and i like it was big moment for me. and it is still a huge moment for me. i feel appreciative and grateful and excited and so excited to spend 4:00 to 6:00 every single
3:00 am
morning with you. that's a big compliment because it's early. todd: that's early not even my wife. that's a long time. carley: thank you for being so sweet. everybody. that package was amazing, thank you. america, the whole country. todd: with that you want to take it. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> latest fox polling shows youngkin leading by 8 points in a typically blue state. glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe make their final pitches to voters. >> do not sleep. it's overrated. >> climate summit in scotland this morning. >> 12 days of conversation leaders from around the world. >>ing among his plummeting approval rating. >> firehouses close as workers quit over vaccine mandates. >> placed on unpaid leaf today. >> president biden i


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