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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 1, 2021 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> rachel: thank you for watching "fox news primetime." if tomorrow brett and martha will have special coverage of the region's governor race. until then, tucker carlson is up next. thanks for joining me to might. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for a couple days now you've heard a lot of hyperventilating over a documentary we made about january 6th, it was called "patriot purge." all of the outreach has been based on the trailer, one minute and 24 seconds. and the upshot it has been we have a monopoly on that story! we will tell you what the truth is. it's hilarious. tonight, that series has begun. it's out on fox nation and in just a minute we will show you a
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big chunk of the first episode and you can make up your own mind about was telling the truth. but first tonight, tomorrow is election day and glenn miller is an attorney from mclean right across the river from washington. like most lawyers in the suburbs he's a democrat, in 2016 he voted for hillary clinton. last fall he voted for joe biden. and get tomorrow he says he's voting for the republican, glenn youngkin, in the virginia's governor's race. at the rally over the weekend he explained why. the tipping point, miller told "the new york times," came one day as he was working from home and hurt his teenage daughter's teacher make a comment during the virtual lesson about whiteman as modern-day slaveholders. glenn miller, this was too much. there are a lot of people like me, miller said, who are annoyed. yeah, and annoyed for a good reason. democrats have been yammering about race nonstop, particularly the dangerous racism of white people. literally without ceasing for the last year and a half.
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it's all the talk about, it's a kind of mana mania. not surprisingly there were questions about race that have dominated the virginia's governor election and in a normal year that would seem odd. in this case, both candidates are white and the state they are hoping to run doesn't, objectively speaking, have a lot of race problems. virginians of all colors tend to get along pretty well, as they do nearly everywhere in america, no matter what they tell you and cnn, and get listening to terry mcauliffe, who is the democratic nominee, you get the impression that it's eight and 55 enriching. as we speak, humans are being auctioned downtown. in terry mcauliffe's telling, nothing has changed in virginia, and so for months, mcauliffe is offered a one-word expo nation virtually every question he's asking the answer answer of course is racism. every terry mcauliffe doesn't like is racist. seriously, terrifyingly racist like slavery. on the other hand, whatever terry mcauliffe does like such as accumulating more personal power for himself is by definition the answer to racism, in fact the only answer.
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it's a very simple and very familiar formula. it's also incredibly divisive, not to mention stupid and tiresome. the question tomorrow is our virginia voters finally fed up with this garbage? does the race card still work? is there a single sane person who believes that white racism is the root of all of the state's problems. we are going to find out tomorrow. polls suggest that mcauliffe is going to lose this race and if he does, there's going to be an earthquake within the democratic party. terry mcauliffe was the governor of virginia just four years ago. joe biden won the state by ten points last november. the most famous democrats on the planet from the sitting president joe biden, to the former president in barack obama, to kamala harris herself, have personally campaigned for terry mcauliffe in the state of virginia. so the democratic party has left nothing on the table, and there's a reason for that. democrats understand this election is a referendum, not simple he on sleaze ball who wants to be the governor again for some reason, but a referendum on the performance of our entire leadership class, a referendum on them.
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it didn't have to be this way. if terry mcauliffe had been wise enough to keep this race nonideological, he would, without question, have won it. white and i was, fix 66, lower the cortex, shorten your commute store, make airport slightly less horrible. who wouldn't vote for those? but no, instead of promising to improve the lives of the people who live in virginia, mcauliffe instead found himself defending joe biden's lunatic, openly racist equity agenda, something that unless you're directly benefiting from it as a consultant, you probably hate. if the equity agenda is rooted in hostility and hatred. it is immoral and on some level, most people understand that perfectly well. and yet here was terry mcauliffe live on television explained that parents and insisting they have a role in their own child's education must be racism. >> people trust men education but it's in the forefront here in virginia as it now is in others, you see what happens in
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georgia and florida, talking but this critical race theory. and as i said before, and i will say it again, it's never been taught in virginia. i really hate it because it's a racist dog whistle. >> tucker: terry mcauliffe never recovered from that interview and the polls showed it. and he didn't recover because what he said was a lie and everyone who had school-age children in virginia knew what was a lie. and if you're interested, take a look at the virginia department of education's website. "teachers must embrace eerie such as critical as terry, settler colonialism, black feminism, disability, other race studies and kregel theories." that's from about the state of virginia recommends. that book goes on to instruct teachers to avoid phrases like "work hard," or "be nice" because those are expressions of white that all her colonialism. the virginia department of education also promotes race hustler formally known as kenny rogers. gotten quite rich by -- people who love to be told he may are
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powerful and naughty as they send their kids to private school. it tells you how low their standards are that he's done all this despite being stupid. how stupid? this is an actual tweet he sent over the weekend. "more than a third of white students lied about their race on college applications and about half of these applicants lied about being native americans. more than three force of the students who lied about their race were accepted. so in other words, kendi is telling us america is such a white supremacist country that white kids can't even get into college without pretending not to be white. right. so eventually, gears turning slowly, kendi realized the tweet might not be helping this case, so he deleted it. but the point remains, these are the people providing the education to children in virginia, and if you live there, that's a problem, even if you're a democrat. so no wonder glenn youngkin is winning. it's all too much.
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and yet interestingly, weirdly, terry mcauliffe has not corrected course, he has instead doubled down on this stuff, which again, no one really likes. at a campaign event just last night mcauliffe told the crowd he identified the actual problem and you'll never guess what it is. it's too many white teachers. >> we've got to work hard to diversify our teacher base. 50% of our students or students of color, 80% of the teachers are white. >> tucker: to his credit, mcauliffe's opponent, glenn youngkin, who has really improved with every day of the campaign, as people do sometimes in his campaign, has called this kind of rhetoric for what it is, it's a racial attack. it's also an assault on the founding principles of the united states, which, to sum up, is a christian belief that all people, regardless of their skin color, are equal before god. >> but friends, let me be clear, one of the things we're not going to do in our schools is teach our children to view everything through the lens of race. we know it's not right. we are all one body of, how can we teach our children to be divided up with buckets and with
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one group being privileged and the other being victims. it steals there, we know that. so on day one i will be on critical race theory, it will not be in our schools. it won't. >> tucker: well, exactly, nicely put. i mean, these ideas aren't just annoying, their poison and they end with rwanda and anyone who thinks it through understands that. if you want to unite the country, which it badly needs to be united, you would emphasize our equality value. we may be different in many ways, and we are, but we are all worth the same, period, and anyone who doesn't believe that should not be within 100 yards of power ever. unfortunately for the rest of us, the racial unity message which we so badly need does not get democrats elected. so last week democrats in the virginia conducted another fake race hoax to make voter save each other. political operatives posing as neo-nazis showed up outside a glenn youngkin event showing torches. they stayed up long enough to be
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photographed, and then terry mcauliffe's campaign team work-related pictures of alleged whites and pharmacists claiming they were youngkin supporters. he's a racist! many members of the media did the same of course. and then, within hours, the light collapsed and that's when we learned that the lincoln project was what they said they were come up behind this. watch. >> you get crushed by people on the right is a dirty tactic. you stand behind what was done, and is that being what you guys that you will post? >> no. listen, every day i hear people pleading with the lincoln project to help show democrats how to win, how to play hardball. you know, this is an example. >> tucker: so they told us for ten months that january 6th was an nazi rally. there are rallies everywhere, there aren't any rallies in this country ever, because there's not that much racism because it's a really nice country but they have to tell us that there are and at this point, they had to make one up, they had
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to make one up so they stage make one -- you've got to wonder under the current rules, to which we are all subject, whe lincoln project still on twitter and facebook? has bank of america closed its accounts on moral grounds as they've done to so many people on the right? are these creeps at the lincoln project, some of them apparently covered for their tribalist colleague, have their donors been doxxed and exposed and driven from their jobs and their homes? no. some of their biggest donors include hollywood film producer, given them half a million dollars. jeffrey katzenberg has given them 100 grand. donating a million dollars to the lincoln project. all of these people are funding a group that staged a nazi rally and blamed their political opponent and then didn't have the decency to apologize for it. that's a story, but it's not
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being covered. instead the media spent the weekend obsessing over whether a southwest airline pilot may or may not have offended joe biden over the p.a. system, and if so, put that man in jail. so they are trying their best at every level they are trying their best to drive professional sleaze ball terry mcauliffe off the finish line -- across the finish line. in spite of all of these efforts, the line, the misdirection, a lot of people in the state, not just republicans, realize what's actually happening and who's behind it. tomorrow they can send a very clear signal to people doing it. stop dividing us by race. stop indoctrinating our schoolchildren to hate us. stop treating parents like domestic terrorists. this is not about whether a republican or democrat wins tomorrow, this is about where we go from here as a country. candace owens is the host of candace, we can think of anyone better to analyze the current state of the race in virginia then she, or her. i'm falling down in grammar, but i'm grateful to see you tonight. thanks so much for coming on. what do you is at stake -- you
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think i'm far off to say that this is more than just a governors race in a swing state? >> you are not far off the market all here. that's exactly right, it's a referendum on joe biden's presidency and a referendum on democrats as a whole. this is one of the things that actually am very optimistic and excited about. i think for the first time -- i know americans have been feeling so down, pessimistic of -- what's happening in virginia is something to be excited about, namely because what you have is finally an issue that can unite the left and right, and that issue is children. this was the bridge too far. you know, the left, okay, climate protest, let's talk about abortion, some issue we can divide and yell at the met. talk about gun laws, divide. but when it comes to children, this is something different. people are suddenly realizing wait a second, now you're talking about innocent children that continue to be the target by the government. people have been saying you know those people without were crazy that were telling us they were coming pro-children, people without were crazy that were talking about the border wall?
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well, with trump removed, and i'm going to say this honestly, it is the one silver lining about it joe biden presidency, i can't believe i'm going to say this, but i think god for a joe biden presidency, because for the first time, people that saw us as such adversaries are seeing is clearly for the first time, there realizing wow, they were just spouting this stuff ridiculously, they were actually talking with something very real that i now see, it is our children that are being impacted by this. >> tucker: it is such a smart point. i don't understand mcauliffe's reaction. i've known terry mcauliffe are 25 years, he's very canny. he must know this, why wasn't he able to pull back? it's just the teachers unions have too much power? why would he continue to tell parents they have no right to influence their kids education? >> right, this was really silly at have to say, to be honest, it's always really bizarre when a white person steps to the plate and decides on if you don't agree with me you are a racist, it doesn't really make common sense, it defies common sense and if you want to talk about a black person that ran successfully, barack obama, for presidency, he didn't run a
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campaign of race, right? so he is showing of the people actually don't really respond to that rhetoric, so i don't know why they jumped on this. to me it seems like there is some -- an ecosystem of democratic party, and they said this is what we're going to run on, we are going to keep doing this, we are going to keep doing what we did for the last four years with trump. people are tired of it and things started to shake when they started showing the pornographic material being shown in school. when parents are the fly from, this is a book you can find in the school library, when terry mcauliffe said the reason i vetoed this bill that would allow you to see that material that is in the library is because i just don't think parents have a right to see what's going on in schools. can't really come back from that. and suddenly they realized, parents, i don't have control over my child. when did this happen and how do we go back, protect the children? >> tucker: exactly. terry mcauliffe is now my kid's dad? i don't think so. candace owens, i appreciate you coming on, we always do. >> thank you. >> tucker: so when we come back we are going to show you
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the fruits of something we've been working on for a number of months now, trying to get to the truth of what actually happened on january 6th because it matters, and we will explain it why it matters to you specifically. the series is called "putrid perch," out today on fox nation, we will show you a chunk of it when we come back. but first, it is worth noting who was so mad about the series because this is one of those moments where people reveal who they really are. a bunch of people in washington told you we are not allowed to see this. liz cheney said we should be fired, taken off the air for daring to look at what actually happened. on january 6th. what's interesting is that she kept evolving, she claimed she was conservative at one point. now check out this picture, her new friend, liz cheney posing with her pal anna navarro of cnn. what's interesting, in her home, anna navarro is way more radical and much more bigoted than anybody who was arrested on
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january 6th, she is much farther from the mainstream of american thought than, say, ashley babbitt, anna navarro believes openly that people should be treated differently based on the color of their skin. in august, we can give you a thousand exam post, here is one, navarro told cnn viewers she is disgusted by the sight of white men. >> it was all about representation. my little melon needed cynical heart, my immigrant myelinated woman heart felt so full last name. actually today was david and john was the first time i see a white man like an eight hours other than joe biden last night they've had 240 years of her visitation, they're going to be okay. >> tucker: attacking people on the basis of their skin color, that is so much more damaging to this country and anything that happened on january 6th, period, i do have to wonder why this is liz cheney's new friend. was liz cheney always a left-wing wacko? no, she didn't seem like it, she
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seemed kind of conservative, always a neocon, but what's this? people are changing in this moment. and by the way, while we're at it, that's not the only question we have, we learn something else really, really interesting and it's about someone else who tells you he's really conservative, lindsey graham of south carolina. he's always running around telling of he's going to have another hearing into this, conservative, i'm conservative, we just learned from this very long "washington post" rebuttal to our documentary series that on january 6, lindsey graham was running on the capital ordering the capitol police to murder the protesters. "you've got guns, use them! we give you guns for a reason," shrieked lindsey graham. shoot american citizens for the crime of trespassing. really? this is the conservative position, unarmed protesters? they shouldn't have been there, we've never defended that, and never would. but tell them? what the hell is wrong with you, lindsey graham? how long before your ordering drone attacks on people whose
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politics you don't like? what a revealing moment this is. as we set a second ago, our investigation into what actually happened on generally sixth is on fox nation, we will give you a big chunk of it in just a minute, but during the break, you can get free access for 90 days, "patriot purge," and all our documents, go to we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: almost immediately after the events of january 6th, in fact while it was still going on, we noticed the democratic party, its leaders, members of the media, lying about what had happened. in very specific ways and then of course lying in very general ways about what it meant. and they kept it up, and so at a certain point several months ago we thought it might be worth finding out for ourselves what actually happened and what's happened in the aftermath. the result of our month-long investigation is called "patriot purge," it's a three-part documentary for our tucker carlson originals series. the first episode debuts today on, part two comes out tomorrow morning at the third part and wednesday. we want to play you, though, a chunk of the first episode you can judge for yourself what we found. here it is.
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>> the domestic war on terror is here. it's coming after half of the country. >> the january 6th assault on the capital, and the tragic death and destruction that occurred underscore but we have long known, the rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat. the bag administration will confront this threat with the necessary resources and resolve. >> america is not a place where you hold people for months in solitary without charges. >> this is what guantanamo was set up for for al qaeda terrorists who are not u.s. citizens. >> you don't do that. that's not america. the gulags. >> you thought the first war on terror was dysfunctional,
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unjust, counterproductive, wait until you get war on terror 2.0. >> and our office wants to ensure that there was shock and all, that we could charge as many people as possible. >> fbi, come out with their hands up. >> people who were witnessing this inside baghdad, it must be shock and awe indeed. >> the new secretary of defense ordered the entire u.s. military to "stand down" while investigators cleansed the ranks of political extremists. >> purging out of the military any dissenting voice. >> either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> january 6th was a honeypot. they're going to use this event for every bit of political persecution they can milk out of
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it. >> coming down on me. >> [indiscernible]. >> in the years after 9/11, the media and the national security state. >> you can't distinguish between al qaeda and saddam when you talk about the war on terror. >> used exaggerated threats and outright deception. >> contacts that claim al qaeda and saddam hussein's regime, there are others buried >> we know they have weapons of mass destruction. >> to associate certain ideas with certain events. >> 9/11 to he saddam hussein. >> this is the first war on terror. now it's happening again. >> january 6th was worse than 9/11. >> the very same corrupt interest in washington that pushed iraq war under false presenses are now pushing the lie of a domestic white terror
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organization. >> terrorism and white to premise he is the most lethal threat to the homeland today. >> they are tying white nationalist terrorism to trump voters. >> you voted for the person who the client supported. >> they are trying january 6 to 9/11. >> i would like to see january 6th burned into the american mind as firmly as 9/11. >> they are tying millions of law-abiding americans to al qaeda and isis. >> pushing them more into this violent white extremism. that's the way bin laden did, sort of inspiring people this way. >> you link two concepts together even if they don't belong together. >> no external terrorist ever did this to us. we never worried like this even after 9/11. >> you put it in it headline, you shove it in people's throats enough. >> not al qaeda. weitzen premises. >> than they come to believe it. >> january 6th is being used as a pretext to strip millions of americans, disfavored americans,
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of their core constitutional rights. and disdain to spain them. what exec we have been a januar? how much of what we were told about that day is a lie? ♪ ♪ if permanent washington is willing to launch a second war on terror on its own citizens, what else are they capable of? >> tucker: so that's a piece of original reporting, it's rigorously factual, it's not primarily an ideological document, it's a record of what actually happens, corrective to the lies that you for the past ten months. we want you to see it, we want as many people to seat as possible, it's on fox nation come as we said but we are offering effectively at no cost, the entire series for 90 days, right now and see it. we want to begin tonight by speaking to someone who was there. a lot of the footage that is aired on all kind of different channels was shot by a man
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called elijah. a reporter in the crowd that day and all the aftermath of that day as well. he joins us now. thanks so much for joining us. since you were there, you were right up front, the tip of the spear, as they always say in washington. it didn't seem long from the perspective of people watching some tv before this became harnessed by political interests in order to make political points. did you see that happening? >> yeah. i got a call while he was and said the capital documenting, by the way, work my hardest to get the footage out to the public, to show them what was happening. that's my job, simply put, what is going on, the public deserve to know what was happening. and as i'm getting the footage out, i get a call from the ceo of my company, blaze media, and he's telling me they are coming after you already, people are alerting the fbi, what really shocked me is in the process of this, a sitting member of congress, represented eric swalwell was already weaponizing the fbi publicly and tagging them and getting my name
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out there knowing that i'm a federally credentialed reporter. doing my job alongside other left-wing outlets, but chose to begin to weaponize the fbi in the middle of this event against a political adversary. >> tucker: a sitting member of congress is trying to clamp down on the reporting taking place in real time by using the fbi? >> yeah. he actually did. and realistically speaking, i know that it has succeeded because the fbi even shortly after they started leaking information to reporters saying not even that i knew or my attorney didn't know, but he started leaking information to somebody saying that they were investigating me for wiretapping charges. i didn't know about this peer they wouldn't tell us about this but the fbi was not only leaking information to liberal reporters, but already a sitting member of congress was boasting about alerting the fbi saying oh, here he is, check him out, knowing for sure that i have a credential in d.c. to becoming these types of events and have been successfully doing so for
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the entire year of 2020 -- >> tucker: it's terrifying and you have to ask why. why were they so intent on shutting down your reporting, and the honest reporting of others? so you happen to be standing very close to a man called ray epps, who was a leader of what we are told is a right wing extremist group. he has not been indicted. based on what you saw personally, did ray epps seem to be encouraging people to break the law that they? >> 100%. i did not see any violence occurring, i don't think anybody that was at the front lines went with the intent to do anything other than protest peacefully, there were barriers but there was one individual who was whispering in people's ears, the very people that instigated the attacks, the one who pushed the barrier are being prosecuted for injuring a capital officer, a female, who wasn't wearing a helmet, who still has head injuries to this day, i found out. they were being prosecuted but the man who instigated, who was starting the violence for some reason the fbi is no longer interested in him and i've
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spoken to prosecutors, i've spoken to defense attorneys because obviously my footage, i was a key witness, i was there and if there was anybody i would pick out as a journalist and say that's the man who would be key suspect number one, for some reason the federal government says well, we are just not interested. >> tucker: so we have a lot of tape of him the night before encouraging people to break the law into break into the capital and people clearly think he is a federal agent, they call him that. with your own eyes, you saw this same man encouraging people -- i want to be clear, you saw this yourself? >> i will say this, there was a man on a bullhorn, or a megaphone, and he was yelling people 27076 the front gate. he was saying -- they started yelling at him, so people were not encouraging them to go along with -- who we have now identified with wraps, the whispering in the ears of certain individuals which lead immediately after to the instigation of violence. >> tucker: you are saying this
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in public, it's on videotape, and this man has not been indicted and no one in the justice department will explain why and anyone who asks the question is denounced as some sort of conspiracy theorist, conspiracy theories are starting to sound like, spoiler alerts at this point. i'm grateful for your original reporting on that day, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: part two of the series comes out tomorrow, 90 days at fox nation free to anyone, right now on vaccine mandates are now in effect across the country and what's happening? oh, cities are falling apart, fire stations closing, no one to protect people from crime. great. we got details just ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so we are going to administer the conspiracy not tested. we will give you two facts, things that just happened and you ask yourself could they
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possibly be related. here's the first, joe biden tells american airlines and everyone who works there that they have to get the shot whether they want it or not. that's the first fact. second fact, this week and american airlines had to cancel thousands of flights over the country. are they related? well, not according to american airlines. high winds. that was the problem, another problem that no other airline seem to have this weekend. meanwhile, 10,000 workers in new york city have refused to take the shot. volunteers, there's no one working there. >> some first responders to vaccine mandates in new york city, 2,000 fdny employees calling out sick over the past week causing a number of fire department engine companies to be taken out of service. and so far the fdny says that those calls have not impacted response times but the fire to berman union saying morning
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dozens of companies could be closed today. >> tucker: oh, but it's not affecting services, right. los angeles county is one of the biggest counties in the world, actually. if the sheriff of l.a. county has pledged not to enforce these mandates because he doesn't want citizens to die. the sheriff joins us tonight. sheriff, thanks so much for coming on. we talked to you sometime ago and you had this position. i know you've taken a lot of heat for it. tell us why you maintain his position and what you think could happen if you were to cave on this question. >> well, the results are very obvious. for example, i have a 20% increase in people that are putting into retire early. that's over 100 people right there. another 300 plus our firing workers compensation claims. that's a 22% increase. i have 238 deputies now applying for out of county jobs that do not have vaccine mandates, and i have 1600 potential people that have 28 years or more of
5:41 pm
service, they could just walk away and not lose a penny and not even look back, and that is a huge threat to the department's already severe understaffed but the board of supervisors is just -- they don't care, apparently. >> tucker: so i've heard people say, well, you know, you lose a third of your firemen or 40% of your cops, there's -- just hire new people, bring in, i don't know, temp workers. are you comfortable handing out firearms and badges to people with no experience? >> it takes me almost a year and a half to replace an entry-level worker, to replace a veteran thirty-year expert in whatever capacity -- for example homicide investigator. those are decades it takes to replace somebody like that, and you cannot quantify the impact that it has on public safety, but i guarantee you, homicides will go up. a lot of things will go up and response times are going to get longer and longer. >> tucker: your priorities are so exactly the right place, i just have to ask you, are people
5:42 pm
thanking you for taking a stand on this? >> well, i've got a lot of people that are thanking me from across the political spectrum, except for one group, the woke left who somehow has embraced this idea like it's another cultural war to fight, a mandate, but where is all the data that supports mandates? they're not looking at hard science and hard data. they are going with, well, it feels good to have a mandate. >> tucker: man, why didn't you run for governor? sheriff, i appreciate your coming on tonight. it's very great to see you. >> you got it. >> tucker: thank you. so joe biden -- we almost didn't bring this, because it's just so sad, a president who fell asleep right in the middle of a climate conference overseas as his motorcade was idling outside. the very latest on that next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so joe biden left the safety of his soundstage in washington and went to europe and kind of fell apart, sad stories. bill has a for us.
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>> so president biden has previously said that climate change is one of the biggest threats to america's national security in the coming years, but as a global conference on climate change today, he appeared to have a little bit of trouble staying awake. take a look at this video right here. this was present by an earlier today in glasgow, scotland, where he was caught on video seemingly taking a little bit of a snooze during the opening speeches at the 2021 u.n. climate change conference, and eight eventually walks over to him, speaks to him and wakes him up, but as you can imagine, twitter had quite a bit to say about this today. former north caroline a congressman mark walker tweeted "biden is indulging in a climate summit in scotland and can even stay awake for a while and nation battles multiple historic crises. he's asleep at the wheel on all fronts." katie pavlich said "climate change is such an eminent and dire threat to humanity that joe biden fell asleep while people were talking about it." the present also been called a hypocrite by some for his 85
5:49 pm
vehicle motorcade that went white mike right through rome on friday as part of that climate conference. he was also part of another 20 0 vehicle motorcade in scotland. charlie kirk had this to say about that writing in part, "biden and his convoy will him it 2.2 million pounds of carbon during his five-day trip across europe and his two presidential cadillacs part of an 85 car convoy emitted 1,680 pounds of carbon to drive 92 miles to glasgow at 8 miles per hour, all to fight climate change." and tucker, all of this of course happening is president by just cannot seem to get his domestic agenda off the ground when it comes to build back better in his palm of his continue to plummet, we will send it back to you. >> tucker: ouch. great to see you tonight. ♪ ♪ our friend brian kilmeade, who we love to see always has a
5:50 pm
brand-new book, called "the president freedom fighters," about the life of abraham lincoln intersecting with the life of frederick douglass. cohost of fox and friends and we are glad to have it with him tonight. so lincoln and douglas. i know this book is packed with lessons for the moment we are living through. >> i think so. what douglas went through, what lincoln fought through. more lincoln about lincoln especially than anybody else in history but what i wanted to do is focus on how they intersected, where we were as a country then, never perfect, always trying to be, fought a war in order to get there and i just think some of the race problems that we have today is because people have no idea how far we've come and what was going on in the rest of the world where there was slavery on every single continent on the planet. we didn't invent it, nor did we have the market cornered on it. nor did we make excuses for. i also think you can learn to other things from these guys. they were self-made men. nobody gave them anything. if you look at lincoln, light
5:51 pm
years better than frederick douglass but as bad as anybody could have it. abject poverty, illiterate parents, one year collective live school, self-taught lawyer, one term congressman, then ends up getting this huge reputation and has his moment, rises up at the debates, gets the nomination and inherits a fractured country and tries to put back together. douglas is trying to fight for the freedom of 4 million because he fought for, he got it and became one of the most respected men on the planet. i know these are two rare individuals. i know they only come every generation and they also think as lessons there. the american spirit is put whatever you want in front of me, i will knock it down or die trying. that's the attitude we got to get back to. that's why i think this book works. >> tucker: such superior people and interesting that they intersected at this moment. were they close? i mean, did they know each other well? >> listen, sparring from a distance, met three times, were supposed to meet four times. the instant way they hit it off, worked together to recruit african-americans into the military, the way he put his two
5:52 pm
sons, frederick douglass, into the 54th massachusetts regimen, the way douglass actually wanted lincoln to pick up the pace and have the emancipation quicker. take his time, the country wasn't ready. when it was, when they came together it was a force and i do believe, tucker, when you read the book, you think about how much more they could have accomplished had john wicks booth not pulled the trigger because i don't think we would have needed the 1960s if they had to live through and lincoln was able to live through the 1860s and you put grant in that factor, we are a much better country. still, see the journey america takes, always getting better. always trying to level the playing field, and great men along the way who came from out of nowhere let us through. the question is who's going to lead us through now. who's out there to bring us through this other difficult time? not nearly as fractured as then, but certainly important now. >> tucker: it will take an extra ordinary person we are always looking for one. brian kilmeade, great person, i appreciate you and this book, thanks for coming on.
5:53 pm
>> go get them, tucker. >> tucker: over the past ten months, julie kelly is really one of the only reporters in the united states to look forensically at what actually happened on january 6th. cannot overstate how important the reporting she has done is. if she joins us next to tell us what she's found. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: as we've noted a couple of times, we are releasing the series of documentaries this week, "patriot purge," on fox nation and we want to talk to some of the people on whose reporting we relied. we did a lot of our own but we also used the work of others and one of the people whose work we used extensively is julie kelly, really done more reporting, more honest reporting in january 6th than anyone. we spoke to her on all three episodes that are premiering this week and here's part of our conversation. ♪ ♪ >> people really have to understand that this is a war on terror, the democrats, the biden
5:59 pm
regime is turning against americans on the political right. i mean, when you have chris wray on march 2nd go to capitol hill and call january 6th an active domestic terror, that opens up all sorts of opportunities for every federal agency to run with that, which is exactly what they've done. >> tucker: can i ask you to prosper section? chris wray, the head of the fbi, uses the phrase "terror," that has bureaucratic implications, that is not something he said accidentally, correct? >> he said it by design because then it gets -- with the prosecutors are doing so we now have more than 650 americans who have been charged with the capital breach probe, as they call it, so it's okay then prosecutors, which they have called some of these people terrorists in court. they want to add terrorist enhancements to their sentencing, even for people charged with nonviolent crimes, and so it's not an exaggeration to call this a war on terror
6:00 pm
against americans. that's exactly what it is. >> tucker: that's horrifying. >> yes, it is. >> tucker: there is so much going on in this country right now, we really believe the only way out is to tell the truth calmly but relentlessly. so we are going to. episode 2 of "patriot purge" is out in the morning, you can watch all of it free, go to we will see you tomorrow. sean hannity right now. >> sean: tucker, bank you. welcome to "hannity." >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines stay 79. >> sean: november 1st, still hundreds of americans trapped behind enemy lines, thousands of green card holders, allies, 92 days since joe biden promised not to abandon them, and he did, and joe biden who is now once again today humiliating himself and our country on the world stage. this trip to europe has been a complete and total disaster. it's sad, it's embarrassing, it's you million, but joe biden,
6:01 pm
pictured, as you


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