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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 1, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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against americans. that's exactly what it is. >> tucker: that's horrifying. >> yes, it is. >> tucker: there is so much going on in this country right now, we really believe the only way out is to tell the truth calmly but relentlessly. so we are going to. episode 2 of "patriot purge" is out in the morning, you can watch all of it free, go to we will see you tomorrow.e sean hannity rightht now. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines day 79. >> sean:ca november 1st, still hundreds of americans trapped behind enemy lines, thousands of green card holders, allies, 92 days since joe biden promised not to abandon them, and he did, and joe biden who is now once again today humiliating himselfp and our country on the world stage. this trip to europe hasil been a complete and total disaster. it's sad, it's embarrassing,
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it's you million, but joe biden, pictured, as you can see there, taking a little nap in public during a meeting about climate change. joe just couldn't seem to keep his eyes open peacefully sleeping, not a care in the world and then of course and eight has to rush over about -- joe, joe, hello joe, wake up. this was the latest two mill hitting moment out of biden. i guess donald trump was right. sleepy joe living up to his name. this week when biden wasn't dozing off, he was busy apologizing, including a blanket apology to europe for america's evil ways. the same america that saved europe. let me figure that out while you watch this. a >> president biden: i guess i shouldn't apologize, but i do apologize forsi the fact the united states in the last administration pulled out of the paris accords. >> sean: really, joe? it was the united states of america? we saved europe and the world, joe biden and under donaldld trump, net emissions,
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carbon emissions went down and w went down dramatically. as a matter of fact, joe, donald trump led every single country in reducing carbon outputs, so instead of joe biden apologizing to europe, he ought to be showing them how we did also, joe, you pushed our western european allies right into that hostile actor vladimir putin's arms giving vladimir a special pipelinen waiver while simultaneously taking away high paying career jobs for americans on the keystone xl pipeline, other energy industry jobs. great job, joey, and now he's reduced our supply of oil and gas and atpp the very same time now for the second time, he is begging opec and saudi arabia and the middle east and vladimir putin to pump more oil. senator burr also says we get more oil from food and then we are getting from alaska. does that make any sense? take a look. >> presidente biden: when the cost of a gallon of gasoline gets to about 330 -- 300 --
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$3.35 a gallon, it has profound impact on working-class families just to get back and forth to work. so i don't see anything inconsistentac with that but i o think that the idea that russia and saudi arabia and other major producers are not going to pump more oil so people can have gasoline to get to and from work, for example, is -- is not -- is not right. but -- and what we are considering doing on that, i'm reluctant to say before i have to do it. >> sean: joe, you got rid of energy independence that donald trump handed you. you single-handedly reduced the supply on the world market because you went with new green deal radical socialism. here's a question. does that make any sense from an
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economic standpoint, a national security perspective, an environmental perspective? producing less oil here at home and then import more oil -- and you're concerned about climate change? well, if the oil is being pumped here instead of there and we get it cheaper when we pump it here, it's going to still have the same net effect on the environment and on the planet earth that you love so much. and by the way, now we have to go to countries that hate our guts and begged them to produce more oil because you artificially reduced our supply? because that's exactly what is happening right now thanks to joe, or joe's hse handlers, or whoever is making the decision these days. more pollution, higher costs, fewer american jobs. but don't expect joe to have to answer any tough questions about any of this because during his only press conference in europe biden once again first set i'm not allowed to talk, they get mad at me and everything and then set all right, i will call in a small list of reporters, preselected, prescreened as per usual by his staff. you can't make this up. joey, you're the president, you get to decide. >> president biden: please sit down, i apologize for keeping
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you waiting.. we were playing with elevators. [laughs] long story. any rate, good evening. and now i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with ap, zeke miller, do you have a question? didn't recognize you with the mask on, i apologize. >> sean: i'm told i should start. joey, you're the president, joe, you get to decide. your staff shouldn't be making that decision for you. right now america is facing slow economic growth, record-setting inflation, a massive worker shortage in part because of your policies, a r supply chain fiaso because of your support lessees, high energy prices, which means everybody's paying more for everything. americans were banned in afghanistan, a crisis you cost of the border but joe biden is either unwilling, unable to have a lengthy, open, unscripted
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discussion with the press and according to new nbc news poll, 71% of you, the american people, believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, including a majority of democrats. get this. mpr, marist poll finds a plurality of democrats think that replacing biden in 2024 will give them a better shot at winning. they are not wrong. the numbers a are so bad that en one of msdnc's top democrats, chuckie todd, he's trying to sound the alarm. listen. >> good sunday morning, happy halloween, we have a brand-new nbc news poll out this morning that is filled with some scary news for the democrats. the overarching message, americans have lost their confidence and present a biden and l their optimism for the country. at least they have right now. just 22% of adults they we are headed in the right direction. a shocking 71% say we are on the wrong track and that includes a near majority of democrats. republicans, believe it or not, have double-digit leads in
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dealing with border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy, and shockingly, on getting things done. >> sean: even more shocking, 22% of americans think the country is going in the right direction. isat direction is right? now, there's no plan whatsoever to fix any of the biden demonstrations self-inflicted crises. for example, the administration seemingly -- you know, the only plan to fix the supply chain is just call fedex? we get lectured again to call fedex? i guess we should x lower our thermostats and put our sweaters on and go right back to jimmy carter's factor. biden's commerce secretary over the weekend. >> therere are reports that whie the president announced the 24/7 opening that that's not actually happening out in california. that there are still backups, the business community has been complaining about that. >> there are backups and like it said this isn't something that
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can be fixed overnight. the important thing is fundamentally supply chains and logistics are run by the private sector. people say to me, will christmas gifts be delivered, to which i say call fedex. you know, that isn't what the government does. >> sean: let me translate, you have no plan, you're on your own, shop in october for christmas, settle for less, pay more, unless of course you're an illegal immigrant, l then you gt special rules applied to you. as a matter of fact you saw it was bad when they are not covid testing are having a vaccine mandate, preferential treatment for illegal immigrants. now youga will love this. as we told you last week, the biden administration is now out there with a plan to give certain illegal immigrants $450,000 each for their pain and their suffering -- pain and suffering, by the way, that they caused themselves because they didn't -- they decided to violate our laws and not respect our bordersrs and our sovereign. that i guess is fairness in the minds of the joe biden democratic socialist party.
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and by the way, it's only one small part of the biden demonstrations plan to spend trillions and trillions of dollars on this new greenfield, social welfare old back worse programal of his that will cause backbreaking stagflation, transform the country into of socialist train wreck, it's wife every single election, national, state, and local, is important and especially tomorrow. in virginia, new jersey, americans can send a very important message. we can begin the process of getting this country back on track. you have to go to the polls, you have to show up. coming up we have a live report from virginia. our own ainsley earhardt is on the ground. glenn youngkin is with us. check to the rally will also join us, he is running in the great state of new jersey. but first come here with reaction for such a time as this, kayleigh mcenany along with fox news contributor
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lara trump. lara, we will begin with you. the one issue of energy alone i think -- and i've said this before, your father-in-law did not get enough credit for. keeping prices of production low. the cost of filling our tanks had never been lower. heating and cooling our homes had never been lower. that means the cost of transporting goods has never been lower. now everything is flipped and flopped, and it's never been higher. >> that's right. well, you heard joe biden happy to give out an apology earlier about the paris climate accord. he does owe quite a few apologies and he could probably start with the interview workers. remember about a year ago he lied to saying you are not going to have to worry about it, you're going to keep your jobs. what does he do? day one canceling the keystone xl pipeline putting thousands of energy workers out of a job and to your point, making sure that america was no
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longer a net energy exporter, no longer energy independent like we were under president trump, we are now relying again on the middle east, on russia for our oil. i mean, think about the applications of that from a national security standpoint, forget just what it does costwise here in the united states, but how about also, sean, if you can apologize, i don't know, of the family members of the 13 soldiers killed during his botched departure from afghanistan. how about an apology to every single border state, border town, i don't know, basically every city and town in america right now, because these people are overrunun with our fully opn borders. he has not just allow people to come into america illegally, he and kamala harris invited them in, when they came in they said come on, doesn't matter where you're from, come on over our southern border, if you have to
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follow any rules. he could also apologize may be to the mom-and-pop shops out there who have had to close their doors now after they survived an entire pandemic because of the supply chain shortage that he himself and his energy policies have caused, as you just pointed out. how about the thousands of workers out there thanks to his vaccine mandates who are without jobs. these were the heroes of last year, our front-line workers, our nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers who now are without a job or are about to lose their job because of his vaccine mandate. he could also apologize to our children, because her children are being indoctrinated all across this country thanks to joe biden and the democrats and what they believe in with critical race theory, a poison that teaches our kids to judge one another based on the color of their skin, not on the content of their character, tote hate one n another, hate their country, and then to label theia parents as domestic terrorists for trying to find out what their children are learning in school. so joe biden could offer up quite a few apologies, sean. those are just a few he could start with.
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>> sean: i look at this -- for example, we're looking at the video of joe taking a little nappy today, kayleigh, and i know you have a young one at home, so i know some people need sleep. president trump used to refer to him as sleepy joe, but he needed an aide to walk over and wake him up.p that's how bad it got, and then he apologizes to america. so i'm not really sure what i am more embarrassed about, our president falling asleep and needing a wake-up call, or the president apologizing to europe when we have the lowest net emission standards under donald trump and he could have been lecturing them about how we were able to accomplish this. >> well, both are embarrassing. i can say this, sean, it appears in this video here that apparently joe biden naps longer in public than my daughter, who naps on any given day. i mean, that was a rather long time to have your eyes closed during huge climate change
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summit. remember, sean, this is an existential crisis, one that is such a crisis that we need an 80 car motorcade for joe biden and we need john kerry traveling on private jet with his family emitting more co2 in just six months than the average american drivingmo the vehicle. it is such a crisis as joe biden in fact will nap through it. this is exceedingly embarrassing, it's why in the polling from nbc today it's not just democrats underwater on nearly every issue, the economy, historically underwater, underwater more so than any time since 1991, but systemically people believe this president is incompetent, he can't handle crises. on each and every metric to be able to lead the nation, he does not prevail. and one thing i can say never happen to me at the podium, i never stood there when republicans were saying they wanted another nominee other than president donald j. trump. jen psaki, next time she goes to the podium, shall be going there with more than 60% ofal democras saying maybe we should look into
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someone else as our nominee for president. wow, what a state of affairs for joe biden. >> sean: and donald trump would say no, you're going to pay your fair share, we're not going to sign trade deals anymore in europe ended up doing anything president trump wanted and made better deals for the american people. thank you. tonight we turn to the race in polls show it is extremely tight, but according to our sources, late deciders now are breaking and masco republican glenn youngkin. terry mcauliffe is in panic mode, turning to the oldest trick in the democratic playbook, we talk about this every two years, four years, republicans are racist and sexist and misogynist and homophobic and xenophobic. anyway, late last week, vile stunt, several individuals reportedly democratic staffers dressed up as tiki torch-carrying white supremacists pretending to be something they're not. that's glenn youngkin supporters at a campaign stop in
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charlottesville. turns out the lincoln project, remember these guys claiming that they are great republicans, but they just don't like donald trump? they are taking credit for this stunt. meanwhile, terry mcauliffe was busy calling virginia parents racists, quoting terry, the outrage of critical race theory is a racist dog whistle and crt has never been taught in virginia schools. the only problem with that life is the phrase "critical race theory" actually appears multiple times on the virginia department of education website, including a presentation from 2015 when he was the governor of the commonwealth of virginia,rd encouraging teachers to embrace crt in order to reengineer attitudes and belief systems. now terry's closing pitch to the people of virginia, there are too manyoo white teachers in virginia that's the problem. listen. >> with got to work hard to diversify our teacher base.
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50% of our students or students of color buried 80% of the teachers are white. >> sean: forget the dream, i guess, of a call upon society. -- color-blind society. other than having too many white teachers, terry seems to think virginia schools are perfect even though he sent forth his kids, 4 out of 5, to private school. here with reaction, a brand-new book out today,,, a bookstores ever were, it's called "beyond biden, rebuilding the america we love," it's everywhere that books are sold. fox news can be your, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. you know, if things go well tomorrow in the commonwealth of virginia, i would argue if youngkin wins, he's going tonewt join us tonight, that will be the equivalent of you taking that congress after 40 years in exile.ig that would be a big deal. but it would also be the beginning of what your book title is, beyond biden. we'd start -- it could start tomorrow.
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>> well, in a sense, glenn youngkin's campaign fits the book beyond biden because it's a positive campaign, it's a solution-oriented campaign. it didn't focus negatively. it focused positively on the kind of virginia that youngkin would like to help create.n' i do want to make one comment about something you said.e the most racist single comment in this entire campaign was mcauliffe saying there are too many white teachers. i mean, talk about breaking down, forgetting the content of your character. let's go straight for the color of your skin. how can somebody run for governor basically complaining on a racial basis not that they are competent or incompetent, not that they work hard or they are lazy, but they happen to be white, and i think it just tells you the depth of fear that in order to pander to the african-american vote, he made that statement which i think is an incredibly racist comment. by contrast, i think it's been e
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fascinating campaign. youngkin decided he was going to rungi a virginia campaign focusg on virginia issues and then mcauliffe made this crazy comment in the debate that he didn't want parents to be involved in schools. that began to eat him up and then the school system -- the loudoun county school system turned out that they had actually lied to the parents about a girl who was raped in the girls room by a guy in a dress and doctor was transferred to a different school without telling them about his problems and he attacked another girl in a different school. so people felt that the whole system was lying to them, and i think brilliantly, the youngkin team had an ad up less than 12 hours after mcauliffe made this mistake and they had been pounding away education in the last poll is the number onedi issue inn virginia, more than te
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economy, and both of those, frankly, hurt mcauliffe. i think you're going to have -- as you put it pretty well, this is the first beyond biden election, the outcome occurs the way we think it will, for governor or lieutenant governor or attorney general end assembly, this is going to be a very historic moment tomorrow night. >> sean: does youngkin me to win for this to have the maximum impact? h what if it's really tight? >> first of all if it's really tight they will feel it, so you can't afford to have a really tight election so you have to win by a big enough margin that they can't steal it. second, the difference -- if youngkin wins, i think you will of everybody turns out to vote tomorrow, if youngkin wins, this is an earthquake. if youngkin almost wins it's an interesting tremor, but if not going to shake things up. i thought -- and i hope that republicanot national committee has already lined up a commercial because kamala harris
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comes into virginia and says you wins, thatungkin tells you we are going to lose in '22 and losing '24. if he does win, and they think it will, i hope that by thursday we have an ad that says kamala harris was right, youngkin won, goodbye democrats in '20 to end up ostrich 24. i think they will panic. i think most of the socialist big government program is going to actually be stopped in p its tracks and you're going to see the democrats in the congress start fighting each other and in a real sense of fear because this is the beginning of a title wave. and by the way, i'm really glad you have the republican candidate of new jersey on. that race suddenly become much closer than we thought it would be ande' he has a real shot at winning. >> sean: we've got our pollsters coming up. mr. speaker, congrats, beyond biden, new book at bookstores all across the country, thank when we come back, on the ground tin virginia, our own
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ainsley earhardt, she will join us with the latest ahead of tomorrow's election. also virginia gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin, the barnstorm in the entire state. he will join us. the new jersey governor candidate jack ciattarelli will also join us as they make their final pitch before election day. se♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: tomorrow is election day in the virginia governor's race, the gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin will join us in a few he continues to surge in the polls. he continues to energize voters. terry mcauliffe seems to p imploding, especially on the issue of parents and education saying that parents should not be telling schools what to be teaching their kids. by the way, brags about well, our kids went to schools in out of 5 went to private schools. anyway, can a deep blue virginia really turned read tomorrow. how real is this? cohost of fox & friends ainsley earhardt, she will be hosting a town hall, she was out with virginia voters tonight and here's what they had to say. >> who are you voting for f tomorrow? >> i'm voting glenn youngkin tomorrow.s >> i've already voted, i voted for glenn youngkin. >> i would support mcauliffe. >> i'm hoping terry mcauliffe wins.
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i worry about glenn youngkin and his agenda. >> what are the biggest issues for you? >> really taxes, regulation, things that affect the economy. >> i think the issue, obviously -- the big one is schools and parenting. >> climates, women's rights, criticalal race theory. >> terry mcauliffe's comments on not wanting parents to be involved in their children's education, i think that's really consequential. it really put me off as a voter. >> what did you think when terry i mcauliffe said crt is not being taught in the schools. >> i happen to know that's not true. i hear from my friends what their kids tell you. >> would you think will win? >> tomorrow i think glenn youngkin is going to win. i'm excited. >> i know it's a super close race and i hope everyone is going to vote. >> sean: joining us now, fox and friends cohost ainsley earhardt. tomorrow morning we will be interviewing the parents from a loudoun and fairfax counties. you know, when terry mcauliffe first said "i don't think parents should be telling kids what they should teach," that
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got everybody's attention. then he talked about his own kids in school, inferring that they went to public schools. four out of the five went to private schools. and now suggesting that if parents don't want critical race theory taught, which he denied was taught during his first term as governor, and it was, he is suggesting that somehow there's racism involved.g when you talk to people today, how passionate were they about these issues in particular? >> sean, they deftly have already chosen their candidates and if they were democrat, they were in his camp, they were in terry mcauliffe's camp and they don't d like what's happeng in the schools and their against critical race theory -- keep in mind, some people are foraged. you are that in some of those interviews but the ones who are against it and want to have a say and a voice in their children'sreyo schools, they are definitely pro-youngkin and if you look at their rallies, the numbers are pretty interesting. youngkin's rally, he's getting a thousand people at each rally in terry mcauliffe is getting
11:31 pm
anywhere between r 30 and 100. maybe that's because they know where mcauliffe stands. he used to be the governor here. this will be the first time, if youngkin wins, that they will have a republican in that office in more than a decade, but they are extremely passionate and we went to the grocery store today and talked to several people as they were coming out and we asked them can you get your opinion, they said oh, t yes, il be glad to tell you how i feel. republicans, the ones for youngkin, they really cared about education, crt, they are against it, schools, and taxes. and those that were for mcauliffe, they cared about the climate, women's issues, and they are pro-crt and i said well what about his comments that crt is not being taught, thats there is evidence that it is being taught in some of these parents are telling us and they said oh, what's happening is they are saying they are against it or they are for it and then they're taking a little bit of what they say in their changing it and spinning it, and many of those
11:32 pm
have been diehard democrats for a long time. >> sean: tomorrow, you're going to a town hall, do you have both sides? >> yes. yes. >> sean: okay. >> most of the people were going to be interviewing are people who we've interviewed in the past. we've been having conversations with these parents since the mask mandates went into effect in schools were requiring vaccines. we went to fairfax county, we've interviewed all of these parents throughout all of that, during the pandemic. then when all these school boards started to get heated and this race became so close, we came back a few more times and so a lot of those parents are going to be on the panel just talking about why they're getting involved, how when they were zooming or on virtual classrooms withh their kids they were hearing teachers sayge this they didn't approve of. some of them have said they have children with special needs and they needed to be in the classroom and we've had some people say they pulled their kids out of some of these public schools and put them into catholic or christian schools because they want that conservative teaching and training, but we are going to have all of them on the panel
11:33 pm
tomorrow, we have ten people, ten parents, we have a teacher, we have voters on the panel, and we are going to hear both sides and their opinions why this is such an import selection. >> sean: definitely interested also hearing about their reaction to the memo of the department ofir justice to lookt parents at some of these meetings being investigated as domestic terrorists. i don't think that's going over well. it certainly didn't go over well with the senate last week. ainsley earhardt, we will be watching fox and friends tomorrow morning, thank you for being with us. glenn youngkin has an opportunity to make political history in the state, the commonwealth of virginia. fgerepublicans haven't won a statewide contest in virginia in 12 years. youngkin appears he is now on the verge of changing all that. his supporters, they are energized, they are ready to turn out and vote and ready to turn deep blue virginia read and send a message to mcauliffe. his campaign, and to the destruction that is the democratic party under joe biden, that left-wing agenda that's failing all across the country. and by the way, if virginia can do it, what will it mean for the rest of the country?
11:34 pm
here to make his closing pitch, the man with all the momentum, republican gubernatorial candidate glenn youngkin is with us. you know, it's -- i see the crowd behind you and i'm laughing because i've been looking at terry mcauliffe's events and often he has more members of the press any actually has people showing up. he had an event yesterday, i thinkk 40 people showed up. >> yeah, sean, i just got to the airport and landed in these folks were just here to meet us. we are actually on our way to the rally and they just stopped by to cheer us on as we got on the bus to get to the rally. the crowds have been amazing. and it has been so much fun to travel around this great commonwealth of virginia and see virginians come together like never before. we are winning the independent vote by a bunch, we are seeing democrats walk across the aisles this is about unity and bringing people together and charting a new path for virginia. >> sean: let me get your reaction about terry mcauliffe. it all started with i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach their kids and then we find out that four of his five kids, they
11:35 pm
went to private school. now in the final hours of this campaign, he's brought race into the issue of educating our kids. i want to get your reaction to it. >> well, first of all, this is about parents, and terry mcauliffe wanting to put government between parents and their children, and we in virginia have a law that says parents have a fundamental right to make decisions with regards to their kids education. i stand for it, terry is against it, it's not clear, and voters are standing up and rejecting terry mcauliffe, and he's just running the playbook that he wrote. he's the godfather of the modern-day democratic party and he doesn't know what else to do other than introduce race into this. i don't tell you, sean, not going to be lectured by a guy on race who embraces someone who wore blackface and then asked him to leave and then gets him back and have somebody on his ticket who wore blackface. this isn't about race, this is actually about parents coming together across virginia and standing up forwo their children for a quality education, but
11:36 pm
they have not felt that school boards or government has listened to them and i'm going to stand up for parents, i'm going to stand up for kids, and going to stand up for teachers, we are going to do what virginia schools should do, which is educate our children to have a great life. >> sean: one of the big differences i've seen in the way you both have conducted yourself in this campaign is okay, terry mcauliffe rings and stacey abrams, terry mcauliffe brings in joe and jill biden and kamala harris and barack obama. he's tried p to make this a national campaign for whatever reason, i don't specifically know why. and you have pretty much stuck to local issues, state issues that impact everyday lives. i got to imagine that that's probably what has resulted in the surge. how do you explain these poll numbers that have now shifted in the last number of weeks dramatically in your favor? >> well, we've been focusing on
11:37 pm
the issues most important to virginians, low taxes, schools that deliver for our children, safe communities,el a growing jb market versus a stalled out one and oh, by the way, a government that will work for us and not tell us what to do all the time. and virginians have embraced this platform. it's been amazing, across the country we've been hearing from families inningg stand up for us too, virginia, because we don't get to vote this year, we have the same problems that you have. these kitchen table issues, this is what america is focused on yoright now. our website is blowing up. people come in and give us encouragement because they know virginia has a chance to stand up for our country as we go to the polls for these kitchen table issues about low taxes and great schools and great, safe communities. b this is what americans want. this is what virginians want and this is why we are surging ahead. but by the way, polls don't win ielections. votes do, so we are encouraging everybody, get out and vote tomorrow, have your voice heard and virginia is going to lead like we know we can.
11:38 pm
>> sean: you look at the early vote numbers we are going to go to our pollsters in a minute, just your thoughts on early voting. in the past, republicans have been reluctant to vote early. that seems to be shifting and i believe it needs to shift. i think republicans need to be as competitive and early voting as democrats are. what are yourd -- what are your models showing in terms of turnout tomorrow and how important isou the turnout tomorrow and very specific areas that you are looking at? >> we've done very well in early voting. we've encouraged people to go vote early and i think we are going to surprise everybody with the strong turn out that we've in early voting and by the way, the week turned out that my opponent has had. there's no enthusiasm for his campaign. in fact the only person excited about terry mcauliffe has been
11:39 pm
terry mcauliffe. and so we think we did very well in early voting we expect to do very well tomorrow, we are going to sweep our statewide office and march to victory and bring in a new house of delegates and make a statement of virginia is back in this early voting i think has been something that we embraced, we embraced, we encouraged everybody to get out there, bring ten friends andte s let's make a statement that republicans can vote early too. >> sean: we are going to be watching, glenn youngkin, it's going to be a very interesting day.e, you pull this off tomorrow, it is a political earthquake that the entire country will hear, it will resonate from coast-to-coast. we are going to be watching very we wish you all the best tomorrow and hope people in virginia get out and vote, every vote matters, everyone needs all hands on deck. thank you for being with us. now we head to the state of new jersey where in the final hours, polls have now tightened within theve margin of error wih republican gubernatorial ecandidate jack ciattarelli now closing the gap against democratic incumbent phil murphy and promisingat to undo murphy's job killing tax hikes, put a freeze on property taxes, reform
11:40 pm
education and make the state more business friendly. here to make his final case, republican gubernatorial candidate jack ciattarelli is with us you had told me that your internal numbers were showed a tightening. robert kaylee will join us later, shows it's now within the margin of error. i think this is probably even a bigger surprise than maybe the commonwealth of virginia. do youit believe this is now within striking distance? >> without a doubt, sean. internal polling in both camps has it is a dead heat and you know the history of new jersey, republicans of won six of the last ten governor races and no incumbentou democratic governor has been reelected in more than 40 years. not jim florio, and quite frankly, phil murphy is far left of all three of those combined buried so we are right where we need to be at this point in time. >> sean: one of the main issues that people have focused on there, obviously education just popped all over virginia and it went viral.
11:41 pm
it went national. one of the biggest bread-and-butter issues, v from what i can see, a lot of it is covid mandates. the nursing home scandal that was the equivalent of what happened in new york, although governor murphy seemed to get away with it more than cuomo did. and then the issue of oh, if you're against my high taxes, probably new jersey is not your state. >> newat jerseyans are the hight taxed people in the nation, sean, and this is a guy who said he wanted to make new jersey the california of the east coast but then he topped that and poked his finger right in the eye of jerseyans when he said if taxes are issue, we are probably note your state. he poked them right in the eye, so we talked all about property taxes, hours of the highest in the nation, and make new jersey a better place to do business, particularly for small business. year over year over year new jersey is ranked the worst place in the country to do business. we've also got a state government that is bloated, inefficient and it's been corrupted by special interests. those of the three main fiscal economic issues i've talked about all throughout this
11:42 pm
campaign and its resonated with you jerseyans. >> sean: we are going to be watching very, very closely tomorrow, it's a big raise end of virginia and new jersey flip tomorrow, wow, i can'tt think of what that will do to put the democrats into a tailspin, we wish you all the best. thanks so much for being with us. coming up, we have polls in both virginia and new jersey, massive late-breaking shifts in each case towards the republican party. we have insider advantage, our pollsters break it all down. that's coming up next as we continue. thanks for being with us. ♪ ♪
11:43 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: as we continue our hannity election coverage coming here to break down the state of the race both in virginia and new jersey, the latest poll >> sean: as we continue our hannity election coverage coming here to break down the state of the race both in virginia and new jersey, the latest poll numbers, making the predictions, chief pollster robert and the chairman of the polling group insider advantage, matt is withs us. to their credit, both of them nailed 2020 and 2016 and their georgia senate races. you have a great track record. interestingly, you almost have identical poles for the
11:49 pm
commonwealth of virginia. matt, we will start with you. >> well, robert does a great job and i'm trying to keep up with him. yes, virginia -- what happened in this race are two things, sean. you had the comment made by terry mcauliffe several weeks ago or whenever about the parents in the classroom, butre what really changed this race was the decision by the democrats to go heavy national and you heard donald trump's name in ads and discussed in every single speech they gave and all they did was turn this race from being a close race to being a not so close race. the last three days we saw that numbers shift for youngkin. the acceleration has been phenomenal as the democrats decide to make this about donald trump. it looks like donald trump is going to turn out a winner along with youngkin.
11:50 pm
>> sean: as i look at these numbers, we just put up the fox poll. i felt the pull, when i dug a little deeper, i felt that it was an outlier, do both of you agree with that? >> i think they were getting probably -- i don't think it's went to be an eight-point difference.e our fox affiliate that we polled four, we showed it at two-point race, it could've been a three, 3.5 if we waited it a little different but quite frankly i don't think we're going to get to eight. >> sean: robert, you've been in a 2-3 area, where are you now with your final pull? >> real clear rounds it to 2 but it's at 2.3 what we have it at. and we feel pretty confident with that. what we are seeing is the undecideds that there are, there aren't many, but they seem to be breaking towards youngkin and we definitely seeee this as a tren.
11:51 pm
there is no -- there's just no enthusiasm right now and they are trying to gin it up but it's just not effective. using trump wasn't very effective. >> sean: a friend of mine, robert, sent me a picture where the final rally is happening for youngkin after he did the interview with us and it looks like a mini trump rally. the crowd was massive. and anecdotally -- and you can't go by crowd size, what we've been seeing with terry mcauliffe events, very few peoplele showing up. in some cases more members of the press. one recent event i think yesterday or today, 40 people showed up. there doesn't seem to be enthusiasm at all for him and even when he brought in obama and biden, at best they had 2,000. you know, compare that to a typical trump rally, 40,000 that can't get in the stadium that's packed. >> absolutely. the democrats and to a lesser extent new jersey --
11:52 pm
seem to be about as excited as joe biden at the climate summit. >> sean: [laughs] when he fell asleep, i still can't believe the eight had to go over and wake him up. one of the things that i've complainedbee a lot about, matts the electoral map, because if you're a republican and you want to be president, you've got to win florida, you've got to win georgia, you've got to win north carolina. you've got to win ohio, you've got to pick off pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, or a combination thereof and then you've got a look at new hampshire. then you've got to go out and look at arizona and nevada and hopefully pick off states there. now, would this be a moment where we could have a demographic shift in a state like virginia? would we be reading too much into it to think that things might change now? >> we might be, but i think the
11:53 pm
greater lesson we would get from this change in virginia that takes place is that it's going to be representative of what's going on in other states that are even closer to being red states or purple states that could go read. i think you're beginning to see a wave. the biden ministrations polling numbers are disastrous. it's just been a complete wreck. you have two pieces of legislation sitting on capitol hill that don't seem to be going anywhere because of the two sides of the democratic party can't agree and if i'm joe manchin, there is no way i'm going to get near this legislation after a virginia defeat. n >> sean: pretty angry today about the phony accounting tricks the democrats are using, which is something we pointed out last week. so let's go to new jersey. what do you see happening there, robert?k. because you showed a tightening of that race. >> we do. we showed a lead around 4, i think 4.2 for murphy, but what's interesting is we haven't seen him get over 50 and what i find is if all the undecideds were to
11:54 pm
break against him, and he's an incumbent, undecideds don't tenr to favor incumbents this late, that race could go right into ai very close election and it could go either way, so the lack of -- the lack of ability to get above 50 and stay there on part of that incumbent really makes this thing a lot more competitive than people saw it. lots of talk, open-ended questions about vaccine mandates and there's a lot of cops and stuff like that, first responders from new york were very frustrated who live in new jersey. >> sean: any chance, matt, ten seconds. >> there's always a chance and even if it's close it's going to tell us something about the rest of the country. >> sean: thank you both. more "hannity" after this. ♪ ♪
11:55 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for tonight. tomorrow night, big night, high-stakes elections. we are watching the governors races in virginia and new jersey. we will have full coverage and results, we hope you will tune in buried in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham takes it from here. all weekend long. oh, please tell laura we love the little doggy. would love the little dog. >> laura: really? >> sean: can you invite the dogs on more often? >> laura: i will ibly19 i will make a little puppet and we will do a triumph the insult dog thing and it will be zoe and she will throw casual insults your way. >> can bring on ray arroyo when he can't speak and it will be perfect. ibly19 i will be out of the show altogether. >> i saw your highlight reel on your for your anniversary, it