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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 2, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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saying that is on me, referring to the interception. should have taken a knee, should have gone down. he broke three ribs and that is why he should have left became but he wanted to carry his team as he has all season long. we wish you a quick recovery. gutfeld is next. >> this is a movement led by parents, but by virginians. the main reason, i want to build the best education, want every child to have a world-class education. jillian: tuesday november 2nd and election day in virginia where polls are set to open a race that captured the attention of the nation. the path forward will be determined by the people. griff jenkins is live outside richmond. laura: there is this.
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>> it is obvious compromise is not good enough for a lot of my colleagues. enough is enough. >> senator joe manchin stand between his party and a victory lap saying he won't support the spending bill without a thorough review of his economic impact. progressives and the media are heading back. >> president biden calls climate change in excess potential threat so why does he appear to be not enough of the most important climate conference on the planet? >> you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning and happy election day. carley: virginians will hit the polls this morning and an election seen as a referendum on biden's presidency as a bellwether for elections to come and it is taking place against the backdrop of biden's agenda stalling in washington and suffering another blow from members of his own party.
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>> alex hogan live on the ground in scotland where the president is set to speak before returning home. jackie ibanez has details on the latest roadblock to biden's agenda but we begin with griff jenkins in the suburbs of richmond, virginia. >> it is election day in the commonwealth and the polls in the elementary school behind me just under two hours as the nation's eyes are on this race, a bellwether race. we are in the richmond suburbs in glenallen, very important county of this race, comes down to the wire between the former democratic governor terry mcauliffe and political newcomer and businessman glenn youngkim. youngcan surge delayed in his race on an issue that has become a top issue in the stated that is education. here's what he said yesterday.
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>> for us to recognize this is no longer a campaign. this is a movement led by parents, led by virginians. >> mcauliffe has sought to tie youngcan to donald trump pointing to his inexperience and mcauliffe has said he wants to take -- pay teachers more but made statement on the education issue that have some raising eyebrows. >> 50% of students at virginia schools k-12, 50% are students of color and yet 85% of teachers are white. we all know what we have to do to make everybody feel comfortable in school so let's diversify. >> the key to the race is turnout and this race has seen 1.1 million ballots cast, the most expensive race in virginia's history, combined $100 million spent. we got out yesterday and talked to some of the voters and here's what they told us. >> it would be mcauliffe, democrat. he has been in office before.
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seen his track record. >> youngcan, he is stronger. set for the majority. >> reporter: republicans have not won statewide election in a dozen years and while both candidates will be in the northern virginia area, where i am in the neighborhood of chesterfield, key counties that will come down to the wire when they tally up the votes. polls opening up soon and we will get there a little after 6:00. >> will be a close election and an exciting want to watch as it all unfolds. thanks for kicking us off. todd: newt gingrich says if glenn youngwins the gubernatorial race in virginia it will send shockwaves across the country. >> if youngkin wins this is an earthquake. if he does whenever i think he will i hope by thursday we haven't and additives kamala harris was right, youngkin won.
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i think they will panic. i think most of the socialist big government program is going to be stopped in its tracks and you will see the democrats in congress start biting each other and in a real sense of fear because this is the beginning of the tidal wave. >> fox news will follow the race closely is results trickling including special coverage of the virginia showdown starting tonight at 7:00 pm eastern with brett and martha. >> the president is overseas, house democrats are trying to deliver him a win, progressives push to link infrastructure and social spending suffering a major setback. >> reporter: drama it is. senator joe manchin saying it is time to stop playing political games with the infrastructure bill, forget about coercing into supporting the build back better agenda.
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>> i will not support the reconciliation legislation without knowing how the bill will impact the country. i'm urging my colleagues in the house to vote bipartisan infrastructure bill, holding the bill hostage is not going to work to get my support of what you want. >> the plan to move manchin to the left derailing, some progressives lashing out. representative corey busch accusing him of anti-black, anti-child, anti-woman and anti-immigrant, the head of the progressives responding with more optimism detouring to the president to get enough support in the senate. >> we are ready, final
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negotiations, we will be happy, the president thinks he can get 51 votes for this bill, we are going to trust him. >> manchin stressing his primary concern with the spending plan is that it would increase inflation and sink the nation further into debt dismissing the number of $1.75 trillion last week is a shell game and trick. republicans a manchin understands what they have known all along. >> this was a powerful moment, we know the bill is bad, so like joe manchin does too. it pumped the brakes a whole biden agenda. >> the liberal media criticizing manchin. one cnn reporter saying he is, quote, seizing the chance to damage the president as the president tries to global action against climate change, democrat leaders infrastructure vote is likely this week as full progressive support remains unclear. carley: thank you. todd: president biden making waves for apologizing america's behalf and appearing to those off at the biggest climate summit on the planet despite typing climate change is an essential threat. >> alex hogan is live at of the last day of biden's trip. >> good morning.
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it is a beautiful morning in scotland and leaders from around the world arrived yesterday and many meetings will take place at some people pointed out the irony that the severe flooding caused a lot of trains to be canceled preventing people from getting here, delegates from around the world traveled in by private jet, by limousine or motorcade. at least 400 private jets arrived at nearby airports and co2 emissions from an average private jet are much smaller than air force one are 10 times higher than commercial flights, 50 times higher than trains according to the european group transport and environment. along the back lash, senator barrasso responding, quote, it is perplexing that in the new age of digital communication and during an ongoing pandemic, executive branch department and
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agencies are unnecessarily choosing to contribute directly to carbon emissions and risk exposure to covid 19. secretary of state liz trust defending the fleet arguing there was a necessity of face-to-face dialogue. president biden addressing the summit apologizing for his predecessor pulling out of the paris climate accord and touching on the critical role the us will take on the world stage in combating climate change. >> this is the challenge of our collective lifetimes. the existential threat to human existence as we know it, and every day we delay, the cost of inaction increases so let this be the moment we answer history's call here in glasgow. >> outside of the event protesters gathered creating such a backlog, it took people up to an hour and a half to get inside and some attendees were asked to attend the conference
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via zoom creating a lot of frustration for people who travel here from all around the world. carley: thank you. there is a video getting play on social media. if you're wondering why sleepy joe is trending on social media because the president appeared to be dozing off at this climate change conference and i don't fault him for falling asleep, he is human but he did call climate change the greatest threat to national security in the years to come so this is an important conference according to him and yet he appears to be sleeping but i do think his comment, saying climate change is the next threat to national security is the really curious thing when you consider people may not be able to afford to heat their homes because of his climate policies or the fact that there are terrorist threats, isis could attack the united states
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within 6 months because of his afghanistan.. is laura trump on what president biden should be talking about. >> maybe you could apologize - a family member, 13 soldiers killed during his botched departure from afghanistan, how about an apology to every single border state, border town. basically every city and town in america because these people are overrun with our fully open borders. he could also apologize to the mom and pop shops who had to close their doors after they survived an entire pandemic because of the supply chain shortage that he himself and his energy policies of cost, how about the thousands of workers out there thanks to his vaccine mandates who are without jobs. >> if you think climate change is the single greatest threat to national security, let's not forget about china and russia, pound arrival before you
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teleconference like this. you heard some in mainstream media say he is approaching 80. that's not an excuse. if you can't stay awake for the job don't run for the job to begin with. that is a key point the mainstream media is trying to gloss over. nobody forced president biden to become president. this is the leader of the free world. if you are not up to it and all it entails don't do it. all of this leading to a further erosion of our standing in the world and on the world stage, nigel farage explaining that on this show yesterday. >> ever since the afghanistan withdrawal done without any consultation with long-term allies america's reputation is down the tubes and i think president biden looks posturing, ineffectual and i'm sure boris johnson who is chairing this is pleased that biden is there because he has gone absolutely crazy on this green agenda but
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most people saying what is the point of us closing down industries, putting up everyone's fuel bills at home if india, china and russia aren't going to play the game. >> nigel farage is right about the afghanistan withdrawal, that is when you see president biden's poll numbers go down and members inflation, high crime, critical race theory, no wonder according to the latest nbc news poll, 71% of americans think the country is heading the wrong direction. as it relates to him falling asleep, i think that's a domestic issue. there's a difference between the way the president is viewed on the world stage and personal infighting in the united states, when donald trump or president
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biden walk into a room at an international conference the united states is still the greatest country in the world and he commands that presence regardless of that being a bad optics pr situation that is going to get press today and the rest of the week. i think that is how americans view this president is aging and falling asleep, that's a good thing but i don't think it rises to the level of that being something that would diminish the united states on the world stage as much as the way he handled the afghanistan withdrawal or other things. >> am not diminishing afghanistan but you think xi jinping will follow through? he comes out - >> a bad moment in time for him and he will be able to overcome that. you don't want to blow this out of proportion but other things like afghanistan withdrawal and the way he is handling climate change, the greatest 6 essential threat to the united states, those issues are the things that really hurt the standing of the united states on the world stage. >> president biden together democrat politician, eric swallow in high end restaurants,
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private jets, the latest report showing the democrats spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol delivery. a little drizzly. previously facing calls to resign from the insulin homeland security committees after module report revealing his close relationship with a woman accused of being a chinese spy. >> cdc could greenlight the covid 19 vaccine for kids as young as 5 years old today. pfizer's shot would be a lesser dose but is said to be 90% effective. the fda authorized it last week following review by independent scientists. if the cdc agrees, vaccination for kids 5 to 11 could begin by the end of the week. todd: my efforts failed. monday night action kansas city chiefs getting back on track but if things get back on track.
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>> last call for the giants and all sorts of trouble and is down. todd: fred clark sacking daniel jones to seal the deal for the chiefs, 2017 victory, 2 and 6. we like to win a game a month. we win a game a month. here comes four, 13, 17 days this year. >> you were happy twice during this football season. jillian: the time is 16 after the hour. minneapolis voters are set to decide the future of policing in the city, we are talking to one man who dedicated his life to upholding the law about what scrapping the force would mean for public safety. todd: eight big shows ahead. congressman rob whitman, joe concha, ainsley ehrhardt
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constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. laura: we are back of the crime crisis, 12 people killed, 64
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hurting these shootings over halloween weekend, it will reporting the highest with 20 injuries and two does. two shooters were taking aim at a party attended by 200 people. eyewitnesses report seeing a gunman from an elevated position. illinois judge backing the blue and the chalice to the city of chicago's that the mandate blocking lori lightfoot's orders to fire any member of the police union who does not get the covid 19 vaccination by december 30 first. firefighters face a new year firing as of now. officers who are not vaccinated on no pay status and one business owner in austin, texas pleading with voters to say yes to a new police ballot measure after multiple burglaries at his store. he says a new city policy stops officers from helping unless robbers attack him. >> they can do whatever they want, they try to attack me, i call 911, they can't do anything. >> the policy past last month
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limits police response times 2911 call to help alleviate staffing problems. the ballot measure asked residents with you to police police presence in the city. carley: the police department in voters hands as they fled to the polls to decide whether to replace the force with a new agency that would be responsible for, quote, comprehensive public health approach to safety is minnesota congresswoman ilhan omar blames the spiking crime on the police. >> not fulfill their oath of office, the police department, functional police department in our state and country. >> the retired sheriff, good morning to you.
1:23 am
people heading to the polls, are they voting to completely get rid of the police department and replace them with mental health counselors, is that the plan? >> ballot measure number 2 would abolish the local police department as we know it, replace it with a to permit of public safety that may or may not include license police officers at a time when local crime rates have skyrocketed in minneapolis. >> if this happens what police officer will want to work in minneapolis. >> they are down 300 officers, a third of their force. less than 300 officers working on the street, in 5 neighborhood precinct. it is unbelievable. residents have to take matters into their own hands and look at the number of murders, shootings, carjackings, it goes on and on and on. a failed experiment at best. >> this issue has divided
1:24 am
minneapolis but there is a significant amount of support for this. a recent poll so 49% of support for getting rid of the police department entirely so this is a realistic thing that could pass today. >> 49% of white residents to defund it, 40% said don't, 10% undecided. what was really interesting was 75% to 80% of african-americans said we don't want to less, we want more police in our neighborhoods patrolling our streets. jillian: we have a soundbite from one of those people, minneapolis reverend named tim christopher, listen to what he had to say. >> we are talking getting rid of the police. are we going to get one of the police, the next day after the election if that goes to run the police walk away what do we have?
1:25 am
exactly. they have no clue what they have. we need police. >> he says the community needs police. if they don't have police, what happens to the community. there is an increase in crime right now. how much higher with that number go up? >> we are sitting at anyone murders this year, 84 was the high last year. we have a couple more months to go, 650 people have been hit by gunfire already this year, 150% increase, not the least of which, 500 carjackings, 6 in the last couple hours so it continues to go up and up. reverend christopher is a good guy, he and his soldiers have patrol the north side of minneapolis and sent a letter to the governor of the state of minnesota saying please, declare our neighborhood a war zone, sent us national guard troops, state troopers, we need help, we are besieged. they got nothing in return and here we are, it is election day
1:26 am
in minneapolis, abolish and defund. carley: ilhan omar blaming police for the rise in crime when she recently sent 22,$000 on her own private security. this is deadly serious, you got to hope this doesn't pass. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> a group called flightfor that has educational materials on this, please, encourage people to go and take a look at it, see what it says and vote no on this ballot initiative. todd: thank you, richard. >> 26 after the hour, the migrant caravan slowed down by heavy rain and a fever outbreak but thousands are expected to arrive in mexico city. >> adam kinzer becomes the second house republican who voted to impeach trump, decided not to run for reelection. catalina loss is running to replacement embracing trump's
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policies, she joined us next.
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>> the caravan of migrants heading for the southern border slowly shrinking with organizer say 3000 people have completed the 10 day trek but mexican officials say 6 people including 5 children have come down with a mosquito borne infection. several children are dehydrated and have fever. the weather is impacting travel as well. heavy rain strapping the group for two days. todd: 31 after the hour. adam kinzer the second house republican who voted to impeach donald trump decides not to run for reelection. >> i cannot focus on a reelection to congress and a broader fight nationwide. i want to make clear this is in the end of my political future but the beginning. >> catalina joins me now.
1:32 am
seems to me if you need to save the republican party staying in congress would be the way to do that. he's chosen a different angle. did he decide not to run because he thought he couldn't win? >> absolutely right. he lost his base a long time ago. a very trump area, republican area in northern illinois part of the state and ultimately this guy spent his last term in congress instead of fighting and using his platform to fight against the radical progressives he was supporting and defending and voting with them. where was he with the small business owners when their businesses were shutdown, where was he standing with the parents, moms, dads, the public servants, the teachers against forced vaccine mandates that now a lot of those are losing their jobs. where was he fighting against
1:33 am
the border crisis and abysmal policies this administration put on all-americans in our country, the sky was on msnbc, cnn boosting his profile instead of standing with constituents that gave him the opportunity to be there and americans are sick and tired of this elitist political class that doesn't understand kitchen table issues, what they want and how their voices are going to be heard but instead are using their own platforms to boost themselves and people are tired of it. laura: one of your main issues is legal immigration, you are the daughter of a guatemalan woman who came here legally. if the republicans when the house and senate next year in the midterms, what does the republican need to do asap to fix the border problem? >> first and foremost secure the
1:34 am
border, provide resources, look at the way border patrol agents and law enforcement were vilified over the last four years and certainly during this administration there aren't enough resources, not enough, there's not enough pressure on making sure our borders are safe and secure, it's not just an economic issue but first and foremost about law and order and safety and security of americans and people like my family who came legally support that and it is going to be a huge topic for all legal immigrants coming up in midterm elections how this administration has poorly handled the border crisis and why we need to make sure we have safe and secure borders for all americans and making sure we go against what this administration was doing when they were campaign which was incentivizing illegal immigration, look under trump's administration those border policies worked, we need
1:35 am
to go back to that and making sure we have safety and security in the forefront of those policies. >> the district in which you are planning to run is being radically redrawn to favor the democrats. one year from today which is election day are you celebrating your win to the house of representatives? >> absolutely. the democrats believe they can govern via gerrymandering but they have an atrocious record they have to defend. i'm looking forward to seeing what happens. >> we just lost the shot but she's looking forward to being elected and we have one year to flesh all this out because one year from today we will be dealing with the midterms. >> election day today, a year goes by very fast. laura: appreciate your time this morning. >> 35 after they are, pilot
1:36 am
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>> welcome back. an attorney representing the assistant director for the movie rest contradicting an affidavit claiming her client gave alec baldwin the gun. >> those witnesses confirm they remember the armor's assistant brought the firearm onto the suits of this idea my client grabbed the gun off of our prop card and handed it to mister baldwin did not happen. todd: that attorney doubling down that it is not the responsibility of the assistant director to check the gun as baldwin and his wife a scrutiny, posting tables and inappropriate
1:41 am
pictures of their family on halloween. the actor is at a vermont rental home during the investigation into the deadly shooting. >> turbulence cancellations continue for american airlines amid rising concerns for travelers with a holiday season fast approaching. united airlines pilot who filed a medical exemption against the vaccine mandates. good morning. so american airlines canceled 486 flight yesterday. why are all these flights being canceled, what is going on? >> it was a holiday weekend, halloween and when crews get the time off on holiday weekend they tend not to want to come to work. i can only imagine they are not very motivated when their very livelihood is being threatened, get the vaccine or lose your job
1:42 am
so that makes it difficult to accept premium pay to come to work when you don't know what your future is going to be. >> do you think that morale is down across the board within the airline industry because of the vaccine mandate. >> absolutely. it is even affecting crews that are still working. i hear from them daily at united, crews that took the vaccine that really regret it. >> there are many major airlines with vaccine mandates for staff including united airlines, american, jetblue, frontier, you filed for a medical exemption with united. how did the airline respond when you did? >> initially because i had:i asked for medical exemption for natural immunity and they did accept it but last week i got notification they had limited by medical exemption to 90 days from the day i was diagnosed so my medical exemption will expire november 20 fourth.
1:43 am
i did also have a religious exemption on file so they are processing that. >> the religious exemption doesn't get approved does that mean you have to get the vaccine in 22 days or lose your job? >> yes. >> you are not alone in that and that is unfortunate for a lot of people faced with that choice of whether to get vaccinated or keep their jobs in the other thing is holiday travel. what are the holidays going to look like? >> most of the airlines are shortstaffed as it is. united is calling flights back. they were supposed to last into next year. they are getting callbacks to come back to work. we are expanding flights on a regular basis so we've got several hundred pilots currently on leave while we await
1:44 am
litigation and we would be happy flying this holiday season and taking passengers to their destinations to family get-togethers like we've done for decades. >> who do you blame for this? airlines are government contractors and if they want to keep contracts that are worth millions of dollars the airline says they have to follow president biden's federal vaccine mandates. >> i understand president biden has done that. it is an executive order, not a law and it is being challenged on many fronts including in texas they filed a lawsuit against that. my own governor issued an executive order prohibiting companies from demanding their employees get a vaccine to work. i think carley: outing court but some of the carriers, american and southwest, their ceos of pushed
1:45 am
back against the mandates. i believe the company can have a mandate but also have to follow the law and grant employs their civil rights under the law which is all we are asking for. carley: you say you love to fly and get people to and from their destinations safely and thank you for doing that and joining us, appreciate it. todd: still ahead on this election day, over an hour from polls opening up in virginia. carley: the state of schools on the line today, the role the governor's election is playing with virginia parents come next. ♪♪
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, i want every child to have a world-class education in the commonwealth of virginia. >> parents will have choice in the public school system. we will not have a political philosophy in the classroom and on day one i will ban critical race. from being in our schools. >> that is left the polls our smell in the virginia
1:50 am
gubernatorial election, neck and neck race between terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngcan drawing to a close with education center stage with to discuss, virginia parent and virginia mom of two, bethany time. why are voters regardless of political party flocking to glenn youngcan when if you look at this race a few months ago, just assumed mcauliffe was going to run away with it. >> really, local parents, we've lost trust in our school system and are looking at glenn, looking at him to restore our trust in our school boards and elected officials, not just restore our trust but hold those accountable but it failed parents, failed families and failed children over the course of the last 18 months. >> the mom that is key in this race, why do so many moms seems like glenn youngcan? >> he performed very well in this campaign, during the two
1:51 am
debates he was clear, concise, very professional and somebody who could get things done, someone it was attractive. >> people are clamoring to join in the middle of this segment. sandra davis has joined us, great to have you here, you are democrat, lifelong democrat voting for glenn youngcan. deal of any other fellow democrats following your lead? >> of course. a whole group of dems for glenn, when people hear that they think we are russian trolls or dark propaganda but we are real parents and terry mcauliffe thought he would stroll into virginia and take this election easily and when he figured out he wasn't going to he kept bringing more outsiders but glenn kept listening to parents. he didn't need outside help. he was himself and here we are today is the big day. >> but sandra i have to think there are a number of other
1:52 am
policy positions terry mcauliffe holds that are more appealing to you then glenn youngin. wisely issue of education so swinging the tide with you as a democrat and so many fellow democrats? >> we put our children first which would schools closed we watched school board meetings and making comments and tried to start presenting them with science to reopen schools and they ignored us, mocked us, made the time shorter that we were able to speak and we weren't having it. todd: globally, could this be the turning point in getting education back to the basics? the things we learned in school, english, math, science the things that prepare us for education and not things like crt that divide us? i will go to all three of you. >> i really believe and think
1:53 am
that after students especially in fairfax county they lost a year in the classroom, my daughter, a second grader spent most of her academic career behind a computer screen instead of in a school building and we need to get back to the basics, children need to be socializing with their peers and i hope glenn can do that for us and for our country. >> this will create a change. i believe republican votes republican candidates help keep schools open and i'm concerned about crt. what i'm fearful of his i don't want my children to have to zealously prove that their woke enough or antiracist enough to appease the woke adults in their schools. i to them to learn the basics and develop a sense of self before they get activated into
1:54 am
the social justice world. >> take us home. >> i would challenge anybody consider running for school board to not be a politician, to actually be an educator or a parent and if they don't, groups like our fairfax county parents association it was originally formed will put forth those kind of candidates in future elections locally. todd: today is the day, interesting to see how it turns out, appreciate you being with us throughout the process to let us know what the people, the voters who will decide this race think about all this, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we were down there this weekend. i was with our producers and crews studying this race, being at the rallies and enthusiasm for glenn youngcan was off the charts. what they talked about, education, we've said is the number one issue but why is
1:55 am
education? i talked to you man, 13 years old who said i haven't had an opportunity to learn in two years and when i do go back i am forced to learn all this crt stuff, i just want to learn real stuff so i can get a job someday. >> it will be a close race, if you believe in polls, if you believe the polling it is about split with youngcan ahead in many of them but glenn youngkin is don't base this, get out and vote so we have to see what happens later today. also, deadline day for the air force vaccine mandate. thousands of active-duty members who refuse to get the shot could be dismissed. todd: a huge show still at on "fox and friends first". congressman rob whitman from the state of virginia, joe concha from the state of new jersey, aims -- into the hard -- tomi lahren from nebraska, south dakota. all join us live, stay tuned on this election day.
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