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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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annual medicare enrollment deadline is just weeks away. find your fitscore and get your answers today to get the most out of medicare! call this number now or go online today >> this is a movement led by parents, led by virginians. >> i to the best education, want every child to have a world-class education. >> it is tuesday november 2nd.
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polls are set up in a race to capture the attention of the nation. griff jenkins live outside richmond. jillian: there is this. >> it is obvious compromise is not good enough for a lot of my colleagues. enough is enough. jillian: senator joe manchin standing between his party and a victory lap saying he will not support biden's been able, without a thorough review of its economic impact. how progressives in the media are heading back. >> hunter biden cause climate change in a crystal threat. why does he appear to be not enough of the biggest most important climate conference on the planet. carley: you are watching "fox and friends first" on tuesday morning. carley: virginia voters to the
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polls in a referendum on president biden's presidency and about whatever options to come. it is taking place against the backdrop of biden's agenda stalling washington and suffered another blow from members of his own party. carley: alex open his live on the ground in scotland where the president is set to speak this are. jackie ibanez with the latest power play by senator joe manchin but griff jenkins live outside a polling location near richmond, virginia where it is all going down today. >> reporter: the elementary school polling station behind me, one of the poll workers says she watches fox every day, giving a warm welcome in a race that has the nation's eyes on it because it is a bellwether, because of the referendum on president biden. a month ago if you had asked me the race would be an easy democratic win but it is anything but now as it comes down to the wire between former democratic governor terry
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mcauliffe and newcomer glenn youngkin, a businessman who surged late on this race on the issue of education which has become a top priority in the state. leslie youngkin making his closing argument on hannity. >> this is about parents coming together across virginia standing up for their children for quality education and they have not felt school boards or government have listened to them. >> reporter: mcauliffe is the tying him to donald trump wondrous youngkennedy fed his position on education, mcauliffe is calling for higher pay for teachers but he demanded the workforce be more diversified. >> 50% of students at virginia schools k-12, 50% are students of color and 80% of teachers are white. we all know what we have to do to make everybody feel comfortable in school, so let's diversify. >> reporter: turnout is going to
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be the key. the race has seen 1.1 million ballots cast, set a record is the most expensive race in virginia history, we got out yesterday and talked to some of the voters. here's what they told us about their feelings. >> democratically whole way. i don't want republicans to take over virginia. >> glenn youngkin. the democratic party is off-base, saying parents shouldn't have a voice in how their children are educated. i think that is totally ridiculous. >> reporter: republicans have not won a statewide race in a dozen years but now in the grace, certainly interesting to follow to see what exactly it means in next year's midterms
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and whether it is a referendum on president biden. candidates will be in northern virginia for their election day event but here in the area of richmond in chesterfield county it may come down to votes where we are standing. we will find out tomorrow morning. jillian: speaking of virginia, virginia congressman rob whitman. big day for your state and griff jenkins said this should have been an easy win for terry mcauliffe but it is anybody's race. how do you see today unfolding, what will happen? >> we will have record turnout today and the reason we all have record turnout is people are very motivated by the issues that are important across the commonwealth and glenn youngkin has checked the interesting points and people's mind including education, rebuilding our economy, making sure our communities are safer.
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glenn is the person people look at and can trust and say he's like my next-door neighbor and he has also been able to capture the deep level of frustration people have with democrat control in virginia. issues of education, making sure you put parents first and parents matter in these issues making decisions about their children's future, rebuilding the virginia economy, in the last quartile as far as states and economic activity, glenn being a businessman wants to regrow that and capturing people's interest in where we are with law enforcement, making sure we support shares department and police departments. glenn has been able to capture that and i think that will propel him to victory. >> i thought tucker carlson said it best last night, mcauliffe focused on roads and bridges he wins this thing in a landslide. why did he tell down on things that divide us, politics of division, racial division?
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>> i'm not sure and that is where glenn has been on the opposite side, creating a unifying vision talking about how to empower people, families, how to bring out the best in people and make sure our communities are not based on one person telling them what to do. our communities should be based on what people in the community tell us that they need and the government needs to be doing to help them or to get out of the way. i think those are the things glenn has been able to capture and the level of frustration in what people see not just in richmond but in washington is behind the motivation to come out and vote for glenn. carley: we will have to wait and see what happens. there has been a record number of early voting, that happened before terry mcauliffe made some controversial comments about education. we will see if that factors in as well but we have to leave it there, thank you for joining us, appreciate it.
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todd: the president is overseas, the progressive push to link infrastructure and social spending suffering a huge setback. >> jackie ibanez has details all the drama and it is a dramatic situation on capitol hill. >> reporter: something we are getting familiar with. joe manchin telling progressives it is time to stop playing political games with the infrastructure bill and forget about coercing him into supporting the bill back better agenda. >> i not support the reconciliation legislation without knowing how the bill will impact our debt and economy. i urge my colleagues in the house to vote and pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. holding that bill hostage is not going to work to get my support of what you want. >> reporter: the plan to move manchin to the left derailing, some progressives lashing out, representative cori bush,
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command high black, anti-child, anti-women and anti-immigrant but how progressives respond with more optimism, deeper into the president to get enough support in the senate. >> we are ready pending final negotiations, we will be happy to vote both those bills, the president thinks he can get 51 votes for this bill, we are going to trust him. >> reporter: manchin stressing his primary concern is the spending plan would increase inflation and sink the nation further into debt. dismissing biden's top line number of $1.7 trillion last week as a, quote, shell game and track. republicans say manchin understand what they have known all along. >> this was a powerful moment. we know this bill is that, to avoid joe manchin those too. he pump the brakes on the biden agenda. >> reporter: the liberal media criticizing manchin, one cnn reporter says he is, quote,
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seizing the chance to damage a president just as the president tries to rally global action against climate change. democrat leaders say the infrastructure vote is likely this week even as progressive support remains unclear. while his legislative agenda stalls, president biden is making waves for apologizing on america's behalf, appearing to does off at the climate summit on the planet despite typing climate change as an accidental threat to humanity. todd: the president prepares to head home today. >> it is day 2 of 26 in scotland and some protesters are calling climate hypocrisy for the world leaders who traveled all the way here on their private jet, limousine or caravan, 400 private planes arrived and nearby airports, what scientists call the last best chance to
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combat climate change. for every one hour in a flight in a private jet, it emits two son -- tons of co2. delegates are facing criticism for their warnings and gloomy outlook on climate action projections while themselves using such environmentally harmful forms of transportation. president biden took to the stage yesterday, you catching him appearing to does off or at least close his eyes briefly. he did apologize for the previous administration's actions. change i guess i should apologize for the fact the united states in the last administration pulled out of the paris accord. >> reporter: nearly 25,000 delegates from 200 countries will attend proposition 26 in these two weeks. face-to-face time giving countries large and small platform to present solutions to climate changes already being experienced in different parts of the world. the climate conference comes on the heels of the g 20 summit. xx countries account for 3
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quarters of global emissions with you today, 100 world leaders will say they will commit to a pledge to ending deforestation. this means pumping and funding to plant more trees, tackle wildfires, restore damaged areas and protect indigenous communities. there was a similar meeting in 2014 in new york, this was a un summits that led to a similar pledge. climate activists and scientists around the world are saying they are skeptical but hopeful that this time there will be real change. todd: new york city mayor bill deblasio denying his vaccine mandate is to blame for staffing shortages among first responders. >> a lot of people claiming to be sick or not is not acceptable. come to work, protect people as you took an oath to do. carley: talking to someone who
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you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at >> the deadline for members of the are forced to be vaccinated, 12,000 servicemembers defined orders to get the shot. not clear how many are seeking exemptions with air force leaders trend to dismiss or
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charge those reviews to get the shot was the pentagon says 97% of active military service members have gotten one shot. >> mayor bill deblasio denies his vaccine mandate are behind staffing shortages and criticizing first responders. >> when city employee puts other people's lives in danger that is a serious thing and there will be consequences for that. >> the vice president of fdny uniform firefighters association is live with me to react, good morning to you. you just heard mayor bill deblasio say firefighters to call out sick to avoid the vaccine mandate are putting people in danger. how do you see it? >> discussing to accuse members of faking any injury at all.
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it is wildly known, a lot of members are injured, walking around walking, members of been working, hundreds of overtime, going above and beyond day in and day out, putting them on leave without pay. a lot of these members announcing treatment, they have actually supplied the mandate and widely known flulike symptoms overseeing the vaccination.
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>> mayor bill deblasio said 9000 city employees are on unpaid leave for not complying with the vaccine mandate, some are firefighters, police officers, some say it won't affect public safety. will it? >> how can it not affect public safety? there contradicting themselves, the fire commissioner said the sick leave is affecting them, you knew you they wouldn't be available. >> how does it end? is there going to be a vaccine mandate in place for life and then you talk about the booster shot, put on unpaid leave for not getting a booster, so much going on here that could complicate things in the future. >> one of our biggest issues is we are supposed to have collective-bargaining right,
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give them a choice and every single citizen, to get the booster. and public safety, not taboo to know you could get covid if you have the vaccine. and underlying conditions, seems to be universally recognized. >> what the danger was, stops testing. they are testing people. >> seems a reasonable solution. and the majority of firefighters a those who don't want to, could have a vaccine masking option as well. we do appreciate it.
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>> democrat gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe sparking outrage by accusing glenn youngerkin of trying to ban black authored books. >> the first woman of color, joining us live after the break.
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>> he is going after the most preeminent african-american female writers in american history, all the hundreds of books you look at why did you take the one black female author? he is ending his campaign on a racist dog whistle.
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todd: terry mcauliffe making a bold accusation against glenn youngerkin, part of his efforts get supporters to turn out at the polls. lieutenant governor candidate, big day for you. appreciate you kicking it off for us. youngkin trying to ban books by black authors? >> of course not. i tell you, i am at a loss for words because if i speak what i'm thinking it is not going to be pretty. this is what democrats do over and over again. they come into the black community and try to gin up our anger over some supposed threat or supposed slight and we are supposed to run out and vote for them because they are coming to save us, political saviors. they are the cavalry, thank god for them. at some point this is going to
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get old and the year is going to get old because we are sick of it. we want them to go find another victim. only at election time. after that they are gone again another four years. like the cicada. todd: as you hit the campaign trail are you seeing a shift among black virginians away from the democrat party saying telling you they are going to vote for you or the republican slate. >> people are voting for their children. mcauliffe told us parents don't matter in education. what? whose children are they and the virginia constitution tells us as it is written that parents are responsible for the
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upbringing of their children and we don't need the constitution to tell us that. we already know that. so many other things, jobs are leaving because we have right to work. it is one vote away in the senate from that. we don't want that because if that happens we are going to lose the 11,000, i'm sorry, $11 billion worth of investment immediately and 40,000 jobs said by the virginia economic developers partnership. we can't afford to lose that. i know of at least one company manager who told me they are going to build a plant in virginia. but only after they see the results of the november election which are today. >> does the black community see for the base that is race baiting by the mcauliffe campaign and supporters?
2:29 am
>> we have but we have felt we didn't have anyone to vote for. here i am saying it is okay, come in, water is fine. there's nothing wrong and so many have gone independent. you have someone like president biden saying to us, republicans will force you back in chains it causes fear. we are bridging that gap because we have the solution, the ideas and finally every one knows the schools are failing, we have to face teachers more and keep communities safe. unfortunately it looks like it is a majority. overwhelming majority of black people who want police gone is not the case. 80% of black people want the
2:30 am
police, they don't want them defunded. get rid of the bad apples. lawyers, doctors, media. get out of the bad apples and keep the rest. >> hope you're not implying, i would be hurt. >> talk about the mainstream. >> got a big day ahead of you. we certainly wish you the best of luck. big day ahead. great to see how it turns out. try to get some rest. thank you very much. >> good day for virginia. >> the mainstream media is melting down over this anti-biden rally cry. [chanting] carley: you have heard it before. todd: before it gets too far out
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of their grasp. joe concha, let's go, to react. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™
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do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. >> president biden turned 79 later this month with his eyes closed for period of time. can be an embarrassing situation. contrast of leaders including president biden calling for the
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urgency of these issues addressing climate and a moment like that can be a political obstacle. todd: abc rushing to defend president biden after he seems to start taking a nap at the un climate conference. carley: fatigue sitting after he called climate change the greatest threat to security. you have to wonder what the media's reaction would have been if donald trump fell asleep on the international change. carley: carly. sorry. >> watching that again. the fun never stops. when you replace mister biden, donald trump or anyone with an our next to their name imagine what the media reaction would
2:36 am
look like a something like trump insult the world, falls asleep during crucial climate conference, something along the lines of a chilling reminder of a president asleep at the wheel of the greatest threat of our lifetime. back to reality this was an actual headline from trump's presidency from the washington post editorial board i asked your crack produces to draw up, it is amazing. there tremendous and the editorial board basically said the situation, if trump cares about hurricane florence, his policies don't show it. another said he was complicit in hurricanes hitting the us. that is what we had when trump was actually president but back to the current president, biden, what we don't -- energy and work effort, we have a crisis at the border but the president can't
2:37 am
be bothered to visit the border into what presidents do, talk to people on the ground with necessary resources to the area. in long beach or los angeles or savannah or new work, pete buttigieg is talking about paternity leave to focus on fixing that catastrophe impacting so many americans at a recent cbs poll finds majority of americans believe this administration is not competent, focus are effective enough to run the government and it is painfully apparent. todd: the anti-biden rally cry causing mainstream media to melt down as the left scramble to control the narrative, a nice clean way of getting into this. take a listen to the mainstream media losing their you know what. >> the mainstreaming of a chant that is about half the president of the united states is not patriotic, it is stroll is. free speech folks can do what
2:38 am
they want. when members of congress bring that language, you can't talk about the need for civility and respect for the president when he is from your party. >> this is the let's go brandon. todd: i wasn't going to go there. there are calls for a southwest pilot for in joking brandon on a flight over the loudspeaker. and robert they niro saying at an awards show it is just fine. >> whether it is they niro or madonna 5 minutes after trump was elected saying she wanted to blow up the white house, whether it is kathy griffin holding up a severed head in the likeness of donald trump and going on tour not long after that to talk about the severed head and how she was the victim i could go through the list of people particularly on the network
2:39 am
where one primetime anchor said if you voted for donald trump you are a racist, all 74 million people. you could go on and on about this but a cnn analyst talked about the southwest airlines pilot saying let's go braves, hard to tell the difference between braves and brandon when you listen to the audio but one cnn analyst comparing it to say in the loudspeaker if you are a pilot long live isis which is not a good choice of words when you consider what terrorists have done with the planes in the last 20 years or a cnn analyst saying the pilot may suffer substance abuse, anger issues, making a joke, that is where we are now. one pilot makes a joke and that is a threat to civility, the other side goes far worse and it is okay because of who the target was. carley: joe concha, thank you very much. let's go joe, we got to go. carley: clapping at the end, that is a win. american airlines rough weekend stretching into monday as some
2:40 am
begin their week with long waits at the airport. todd: cheryl casone from fox news on those cancellations. we continue with this. >> reporter: trouble in the sky and it has been continuing as american airlines canceling more flights. late monday, 340 flights canceled in addition to the 2000 flights that were asked over the weekend, the airline blaming heavy winds in dallas and staff shortages as the vaccine mandate fast approaches, you spoke with pilot at united for an exemption. >> i asked for a medical exemption for natural immunity and they did accept it. last week we got notification, limited my medical exemption to 90 days from the date i was diagnosed. >> reporter: scott kirby, chief at united airlines said they are working with their employees, they expect to have their flights available to not go through american passengers and
2:41 am
to add the travel demand is picking up. covid numbers are falling. 1800 flight attendants to return this week, more supposed to come back december 1st. southwest, spirit had similar issues in the past, just want to give a shout out to those who have not had this massive issue as of yet. fingers crossed as we come to thanks giving and christmas. jillian: this never gets old for me. all of these rich people hopping on private jets to talk about climate change. >> reporter: going after people sunday, 15 years ago, started at fox for driving suvs. rules for thehe, not for me, jeff bezos on his private jet to attend a climate change conference in glasgow but he says climate change is the biggest threat to our planet and he wants to work with others on the issue. critics like nigel farage say every world leader in dignitary
2:42 am
that arrives to add cop 26 is an eco-hypocrite. another road cop 26, the load is hypocritical garbage, 30,000 climate alarmists flying on their private jet saying in luxury hotels while telling everyone else to give up, can stick their order with that sign. it made me laugh this morning. carley: i want to hear about sundance. >> they land in salt lake or park city, utah, for several years, and an suv for one celebrity for whatever film and don't want to harm the environment, you just did. it makes too much sense. >> saying that on national tv the -- 42 after the hour, some in the media taking aim at new york city police officers who
2:43 am
refuse to get vaccinated claiming it was for attention. tomi lahren standing up for those who work here, the dangerous things coming up. jillian: ainsley her heart live in virginia on election day, sitting down with a panel of voters to discuss how education is shaping their vote. ♪♪
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>> a poll in virginia opening and 15 hours. >> education taking center stage in the race for governor. ainsley ehrhardt is live talking to voters. >> reporter: we are back coming in loudoun county, fairfax represented here because there is a big race for governor. these are parents. how many of you were involved in school board events before this happens. not one of you. now you're all involved in starting these different organizations, you've been on the show so many times. talk about your organization. >> a year and a half ago, a pta mom and accidental activist.
2:48 am
and mostly immigrant parents, started a group called parents defending education and everywhere our mama bears and papa bears and we started a movement that will be expressed today. >> finally speaking out. you are a teacher at loudoun county, your supporting glenn youngkin, what the reaction at school? >> people disagree and it has been respect for. a lot of times it gets misunderstood about the schooling but big leaders in schools, the leadership from the top, for me, it has been about speaking out. >> nervous about doing that? >> absolutely.
2:49 am
i will be taken care of. at this point for my kids, teaching them to stand up and speak when you disagree or support something, my school has been supportive but loudoun county as a whole is lost in translation from the top. >> teachers in the hallway saying you keep fighting. >> i do car duty and moms are -- so. it has been good. people disagree, we have good debate and it has been productive. jillian: you have, seventh grader at eighth-grader and you are in loudoun county. what was your issue? >> when we were doing virtual schooling i saw the curriculum being taught and looked at the power point, and had a chill go down my spine, there are other
2:50 am
kids, they will be fine. they hear how much they are loved but kids in the county don't have it every day. got to get involved for them. jillian: you got involved because you have a young child, what grade? >> first grade. carley: what did she learn that you have a problem with it? >> it was one of her neighbors, checked out a book and felt uncomfortable about this book. after further examination, the book goes under the guise of it is about soccer. you read the entire book, the summary is basically go ahead and quit and it is okay at a young age, this is promoting from fifth grade younger, it is okay to kiss your buddy at a
2:51 am
sleepover and everything that is inappropriate and i can't wrap my mind around it. it is not appropriate. jillian: the child hears that and it is in their head if they think it is okay. how about you? in the redshirt in the back. tell us about your show? >> my shows education matters on nova do but i started getting involved in this journey with other groups, other concerned parents concerned how they are destroying meritocracy for admission to governor schools, concerned about the school libraries and these issues and others in the interest of parents. carley: you have 3 kids, anything or the 10th-grader, in fairfax county, we look forward to talking to all of you. it is a good tease to watch "fox and friends" because we are going to talk to all of them that are not involved. all the stuff has happened in
2:52 am
loudoun county. we will talk to them throughout the morning. >> reporter: they are so engaged it and that is driving this election. carley: thank you for bringing them to us, the mama and papa bear movement, what is happening, we will talk to you. carley: time is 52 after the hour. republicans shredding a plan for the white house to give massive payments in taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants. carley: tomi lahren has thoughts about it and joins us live next.
2:53 am
. .
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which can lead to coma or death, may occur. side effects may not appear for several weeks. common side effects include sleepiness and stomach issues. movement dysfunction and restlessness are also common. you are greater than your bipolar i. ask about vraylar. todd: stephanie raúl does not approve of officers vaccine in new york. >> tweeting this is not how you call out sick. this is how you put on a show for attention tomi lahren fox nation host here now to react. is this a show for attention? >> i got some news for stephanie. law enforcement officers across
2:57 am
the country, like other social workers. other heroes and other hardworking americans are being forced to choose between a vaccine they don't want and unemployment. for some unemployment might sound like a katyushay lifestyle they take part. in for officers who value their communities and the sense of accomplishment in those communities, these impending forced vaccination policies are a living nightmare. those officers have already had covid at least once. they have high immunity to it at this point and some of them do not want to get this jab. why have some of these officers had covid and natural immunity they worked through the deadliest and most dangerous time of the pandemic while many of us were in our pajamas on zoom. now they are being treated like criminals or vale alans to get a vehicle seen they don't want or need. in a time streets lawless, they have been demoralized and defunded. the last thing any so-called leader or someone who considers themselves a journalist in the media should do is shame those who don't want to get a vaccine.
2:58 am
those employers who want to make vaccination a condition of employment that's the last thing we should be doing in this country right now. todd: republicans ring joe biden for the $450,000 payments to individual illegal immigrants are ron desantis leading the charge. take a listen. >> you have had all kinds of really bad policies throughout our country that is limited freedom. and you are going to do 475,000 for an individual? that cage illegally to this country? if that is done that is a slap in the face to every hardworking american. todd: tomi, of all their ideas, is this the worst one from the biden administration. >> well, every day it's a new crisis. every day it's another poor decision made by this administration. but i will tell you this: i agree with governor desantis wholeheartedly a slap in the face to americans. slap in the face to legal immigrants. the fact that we would be shelling out over a billion dollars to not only reward but
2:59 am
incentivize people crossing the border illegally. so long as we have needy americans and homeless veterans on our street corners, the last thing we should be doing is handing payouts to people who have no legal right to be here. americans should come first in our own country. the last thing we should be doing is rewarding this behavior and incentivizing more come across our border illegally. we already have tens of thousands pouring over. carley: tomi, this would be more money than gold star families get loved ones dies fighting for our country. >> it's a huge slap in the face not only to those families but for average, every day hardworking americans struggling right now due to joe biden's economy. soaring gas prices and inflation and now we are going to pay people who have flow legal right to be here. it's indicative of the priorities of a democrat. luckily we have a chance to fix that not only knowed elections but coming up in 2022. car carp that price tag would be a billion dollars overall. unbelievable. so much outrange rage.
3:00 am
tomi, we know you will be leading the charge on that and for good reason. tomi, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it? >> thank you guys, have great day. todd: big day. carley: big day ahead. it's not only a tomi tuesday. it is election day in virginia and new jersey and across the country. and there is going to be a lot to talk about tomorrow because of it. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> it is election day in virginia. let's bring this baby home. >> if youngkin wins it will be an earthquake. >> senator manchin says he is no on president biden's spending plan. >> i will not support without knowing how the bill will impact our debt. >> he is single-handedly stopping the joe biden plan. >> sleeping during the crisis on climate change. >> a crisis, joe biden nap through


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