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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 2, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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tomi, we know you will be leading the charge on that and for good reason. tomi, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it? >> thank you guys, have great day. todd: big day. carley: big day ahead. it's not only a tomi tuesday. it is election day in virginia and new jersey and across the country. and there is going to be a lot to talk about tomorrow because of it. todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> it is election day in virginia. let's bring this baby home. >> if youngkin wins it will be an earthquake. >> senator manchin says he is no on president biden's spending plan. >> i will not support without knowing how the bill will impact our debt. >> he is single-handedly stopping the joe biden plan. >> sleeping during the crisis on climate change. >> a crisis, joe biden nap through exceedingly
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embarrassing. >> judge backing the blue and challenge in the vaccine mandate. >> what came out of cooke county those were not anti-vaccine they were anti-mandate. >> open up throwing. it's caught, touchdown. hill and the chiefs it ♪ ♪ steve: it's election day coast to coast. this is tuesday, november 2nd. the polls are already open. they just opened a minute and 20 seconds go here in new york city in virginia and new jersey in addition to statewide races in new jersey and also brian's.
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brian: voted in virginia does it feel like election day. ainsley: definitely feels like election day. we went to a grocery store and stood outside and talking to parents. steve and brian, they were so passionate. definitely either voting for one candidate and the other there was no in between. it's really about crt here and education. a lot of these parents have never been super involved in politics or school board meetings and we have been covering all of that we have gone from concerned parents to now they say we feel like we are being labeled as domestic terrorists when really we are just concerned about what our kids are learning in the classroom. they are calling this the momma and pappa bear movement and protecting their baby bears and making sure education is just right. brian: terry mcauliffe did bring up education. the need to get less white teachers among those teaching in public schools. that's an interesting way to approach the final day of election nearing. steve: then he wound up canceling one of his final events. we will play that soundbite in
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just a minute. it's 6:02 here in the east. brian: now that ainsley is no longer in front of the supermarket but now in a controlled setting. who is going to be talking. ainsley: i have 10 people here we will be talking to them. brian: absolutely. who went shopping already. let me tell you right now to thin this theme. the polls opening at the top of the hour which is where we find griff jenkins. hey, griff. griff: hey, brian, good morning. steve, ains liberation good morning. here at the elementary school in glen allen, virginia, a suburb of richmond. the voters just walked in and there start casting their ballots as the entire nation's eyes are on this race because, let's be honest, anything short of a decisive win by mcauliffe who a month ago had this in the bag will be seen as a devastating blow to president biden as this is the first referendum test of his presidency here. now, this race has come down to the wire. between the former democratic governor and the republican newcomer and businessman glenn
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youngkin, he has done a very good job of making education a top priority here in the state. he was making his closing argument in this area yesterday. talking about just that issue. here is some of what youngkin said. listen endorse him. but mcauliffe is taking heat for some voters about what he said about teachers on sunday. listen. >> 50% of the students of virginia schools k-12. 50% are students of color and yet 80% of the teachers are white. we all know what we have to do in our schools to make everybody feel comfort be in school. so let's diversify. griff: brian, you are right. turnout will be the key. the race has seen 1.1 million
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cast. most expensive race in the state's history with more than 105 million spent combined. we got out yesterday and took a a bit of a pulse of the voters. here's what they told us. >> it would be mcauliffe, democrat. he has been in office before why have seen his track record. >> youngkin, majority. >> the majority the young 18-year-old voting for the first time saying many of his friends are voting for youngkin. will republicans have not would be statewide race here in a dozen years. it is where ainsley is in northern virginia where both candidates think they have the best chances of closing the deal. but here we are enhenrico county will play a big role in the final vote county as well, brian, ainsley, steve? >> all right, griff, thank you very much.
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donald trump had a tele rally and he urged his supporters to vote for glenn youngkin. their chance to send a very strong message ahead of next year's midterms. youngkin did not take part in the tele rally he was traveling and throughout the entire event after he did win the nomination from the republican party, mr. youngkin has kept the former president for the most part at arm's length. brian: ainsley, what's your take on terry mcauliffe closing out talking about diversifying the teaching ranks? ainsley: um-huh. if he can pull this off, it's goings to be such an i understand quhation we can see in the midterm election, group in front of me we will introduce you to. i was involved in that grocery store last night. you are familiar with falls church. you used to live in this area. it was about 5050. they said that's pretty amazing. falls church is extremely liberal. if you have liberal people there that's an indication of what could happen.
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many people said they were democrats before and some of them said that they never voted for trump but in this situation because of what is happening in our schools, they are going to sphrort youngkin. they said it's a fresh face that terry mcauliffe they mentioned controversy that he had been in the past and times he wasn't being truthful. they said he used to be our governor. fresh fate face and someone new. if you look at the rallies, if that's any indication, when youngkin goes out to speak he has at least 1,000 people at each of his rallies and maybe that's because they want to get to hear him and hear his messages. if you compare that to terry mcauliffe 30 to 100 people. he has name recognition and going to the youngkin rallies to see this. is such a close race it's going to be be pretty fascinating. brian: couple things play a factor. virginia's proximity to washington. how many washington plights showed up from the president to the first lady to stacey abrams to the vice president of the united states and the former president the united states. so the link is there then you
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look at what is happening in washington. there is nothing on the shelves. not democrat or republican. and know everything we order is late. we know every time we go for gas it is high. all those things have happened over the last nine months. then you look at what has been accomplished. the democrats can't even deal with other democrats. they look around and say look, we gave these guys power. and what had have they done with it? newt gingrich weighed in and said it all plays in to youngkin having a chance and what it would mean for 2022 if youngkin wins it's an earthquake. if youngkin almost wins it's an interesting tremor but not shake things up. i hope the republican national committee has lined up a commercial. kamala harris comes into virginia and says if youngkin wins that tells you we are going to lose in 22 and lose in 24. if he does win i hope he will up hope by thursday kamala harris was right. youngkin won, goodbye democrats.
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i think they will panic. i think most of the socialist big government program is going to actually be stopped in its tracks and you will see the democrats in the congress start biting each other in a real sense of fear this is the beginning of a tidal wave. steve: they nationalized the election. to anxiously's point. the people, there are democrats and independents voting for mr. youngkin and it's based on the issues. they like the way they are talking about the curriculum and education joe biden wouldn't commonwealth of virginia by 10 points. we know that he got bad news yesterday from a brand new npr poll. nearly half of all democrats, these are democrats. nearly half of all democrats want somebody other than joe biden to run. 44% of democrats want somebody
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else. only 36% want joe biden, the current president, to run for re-election in 2024. ainsley: do you know why? brian: the reason didn't hear it he was sleeping at the time. go ahead. ainsley: i know. i know. well, i will tell you we all talked about this the other day i read an article i think it was a referendum. you snooze, you lose. that's the cover of the "new york post" this morning. there was a referendum on trump, 100 percent. a lot of folks were tired of trump. they didn't want him in office. you have the extreme on the right that love him and still love him and want him to run again. a lot of the moderates wanted someone different. that's why they want joe biden. he is safe we know where his politics are seems like a nice guy. then he came in office away with the pipeline, afghanistan, open borders, you're going to pay, your taxes are going to pay $450,000 for every immigrant that's separated at the border. a million dollars per family. meanwhile you are having a hard time putting gas in your car and food on your table.
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they get money and they're here illegally. those are the issues people are tired of. brian: people can get gas in the car. they need a small business loan to afford pay up the tank. steve: my gas station has a loan officer which is new. brian: fantastic. ainsley: don't you remember like 70 cents in my ashtray. i would go in and put that in my tank. steve: filler up. ainsley: wait for paycheck at the end of the week. the way most americans live. brian: i made the mistake telling my dad i liked pumping gas i had to do it the rest of my life. huge military contingent they saw what happenedden in afghanistan. it. ainsley: shaking their head, yeah. brian: i think that plays a role. steve: other elections as well in new jersey. they have statewide race for governor. here in new york city the mayoral race is on the line as is the case in atlanta. and seattle. and minneapolis, and austin is voting on whether or not to increase the number of cops on
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the beat. it's also, to ainsley point, very, very important this election season. ainsley: that's a big issue in, no. surprisingly enough. people have seen crime go up. they like democrats and republicans like eric adams because he used to be a police officer. steve: speaking of new york city, cops are forced to hand in their badges for defying the vaccine mandates. nearby suffolk county, new york is stepping in to get some of those officers back to work and work for them. brian: and the world series giving the georgia g.o.p. a chance to play hard ball. governor brian kemp will join us live. but, first, our own lawrence jones is live in houston gearing up for tonight's world series game 6. lawrence, journey is your chosen song to tell us what's coming up. ♪ ♪ lawrence: hey, good morning, family. it is a must win for the astros today. do they have the will to win it all or will the braves come back and win it?
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we'll see coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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carley: we are back with headlines, president biden wrapping up the final day of climate summit. preserving force in america. the speech comes hours after biden appeared to fall asleep during a speech yesterday. biden had his eyes closed for about 20 seconds before an aide approached him. the president will be speaking later today as well and is expected to take questions. cdc adviser could like the
3:18 am
covid-19 vaccine for kids as young as 5 years old today. the fda authoring it last week following a review by independent scientists. now, if the cdc agrees, vaccination for kids 5 to 11 could begin by the end of the week. in response, pfizer announcing it is shipping 15 million doses from freezers to distribution centers. and one popular grocery store chain in california announcing new limited hours amid, quote: off the charts shoplifting. safeway is suspending its 24 hour supervisors at one san francisco location. a local leader believes the surge is, quote: an equity problem and admits many other retailers in the area are experiencing similar issues. >> appeared in monday night football the kansas city chiefs getting back on track beating the new york giants. >> fourth and 15. last call for the giants. all sorts of trouble and he's
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down. carley: frank clark sacking quarterback daniel jones to seal the deal for the chiefs the 20-17 victory move. kansas city to 4-4 while the giants drop 2-6. those are your headline, steve, over to you. steve: thank you very much, carley. >> they showed up every day to work during the worst of the pandemic before vaccine even existed. now new york city's unvaccinated officers, police officers are going to be forced to hand in their badges. so suffolk county, new york is stepping in, hiring more than 700 law enforcement officers who do not want to get the shot. here with us right now is the president at arms suffolk county police benevolent association michael simmon netty. michael, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve great to be here. thank you for having me. steve: great to have you as well. new york city, they have a mandate,according to the "new york post."
3:20 am
out on day one. a lot of people didn't show up. they called in sick. anyway, they have got the mandate here. you don't have one there. why? >> we sure don't we believe in freedom of choice in suffolk county. we don't have the self-imposed disaster that mayor de blasio has brought it new york trying to mirror president biden self-imposed disaster in afghanistan. now we welcome our my academy class back in 2,000 i came through. i came from the city. i was six months on. i got the call to came out to suffolk. half of my classmates were from the city. we welcomed the wealth and experience coming out from new york city to our job. steve: sure, absolutely. it's a much safer place when you look at the numbers. the number of murders. it's so much less in suffolk county than it is in new york and robberies and everything else. meanwhile, i'm sure you are
3:21 am
noticing today is election day coast to coast. whether it's buffalo, new york or austin or seattle or minneapolis you tries to defund the police a year ago now are trying to essentially refund and are backtracking because they realize hey, wait a minute, it seemed like a good idea last year but there is so many crime now we have got to go the other way otherwise we will all get swept out. >> right. yeah. it's a losing stance. the murder rate in america had the single largest annual increase in 2020 in 60 years. and in new york city -- nationwide it went up to 21,500 approximately from 15,000. these cities, the people are seeing that their neighborhoods are being destroyed. it's no longer safe so go out in them. this is what happens when people don't come out to the polls. de blasio was elected in 2017. i think only 24% of the eligible voters actually came out and voted. of that he only got 66%.
3:22 am
people need to go to the polls. they need to reject this far left defund the police movement even suffolk county. we had a republican legislator he met with the democratic socialist in america help them refine their defunded police message. me as a officer and military veteran i stepped in i announced i'm running on the conservative line. and i think as you have seen in virginia where people are rejecting this anti-american narrative at the polls we're going to reject the anti-police narrative at the polls in suffolk and cities nationwide two new york city cops lose their job here come out to suffolk county, long island, michael, thank you for joining us on election day. >> my pleasure, steve. thanks for having me. steve: you bet. up next on this tuesday, ahead of today's highly anticipated
3:23 am
virginia governor, ainsley is talking to folks just outside our nation's capitol. ainsley? >> hey, steve, yes. we have a panel of 10 parents and voters from loudoun county and from fairfax, virginia. they were just going about their day a few years ago or few months ago for many of you. then they became really concerned parents and became activists. they started several different groups which are represented here. they are speaking out against crt and what's hang in our schools. we are going to talk to them coming up and find out what's happening in loudoun and fairfax is affecting them and their family. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. tell your provider about vision problems or changes. taking rybelsus® with a sulfonylurea or insulin increases low blood sugar risk. side effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ainsley: virginia voters heading to the polls today as education takes center stage in the race for governor. this morning i am speaking to parents from virginia how education is shaping their vote. joining me now we have asra and
3:28 am
harry and derek paul elizabeth tom yvette fred and jessica. and they are all from loudoun county. good morning to all of you. thanks for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: jessica we have had you in the show before jessica is in the back army green jacket. fight for schools. vice president of this organization. you started this and you are a member of the facebook page anti-racist parents of loudoun county. you say i will always stand up for my kids. what has been the backlash of speaking out for your children? >> the backlash, wow, where do i start? first it was my neighbor flipping me off. ainsley: being interviewed by fox. >> on my front porch about critical race theory. then i was walking to the bus stop just about two weeks ago and she verbally assaulted me and called me a racist, said f.u. flipped me the bird again. screaming at me. telling me that i am never to call her a good friend again or
3:29 am
she will sue me. just horrific. ainsley: why is she so angry with you? >> she is angry because i started to speak up. we were friends. we were friends for years. as soon as i decided to stand up for what i believe in and take stand, then she had a problem with me. ainsley: what do you believe in? what's your stance? >> i want to fight for my children. i want them to be able go to schools five days a week in person. i want them to have a good curriculum that teaches them how to think and not what to think. i want non-inappropriate books in the schools. now i have to worry about their safety. ainsley: seems pretty reasonable as a mother. tom, you are in loudoun county, three kids, 10th grader, 12th grader and another child that graduated from loudoun county. i was talking to you during the break. if you look at the timeline of what has happened here in virginia, first the kids were isolated. i was down here talking to many of you about the masks and vaccines in schools. then we started talking about
3:30 am
crt in the classroom. then the school board basically labeled you all. they later apologized as domestic terrorists then there was the little girl who was raped in the bathroom. that person who did this was sent to another school. you say it was covered up by the superintendent. that parent of that child was arrested. the school board meetings have become heated. the fbi called in. y'all have had enough, haven't you? >> [laughter] >> way, way enough to say least. but just the fact that they willingly and knowingly, you know, covered up a rape to do nothing but to push along their own policy that they were looking to install. ainsley: you think the superintendent knew about it when he originally said no. >> i believe there is no doubt he did. i know there were foia requests that were pulled to take a look at the emails. he responded to an email. so, i mean, there is no doubt in my mind that he knew. and i think beyond the school
3:31 am
board as a whole, i think you have to take a look at, you know, the prosecutor and the sheriff, also. all of that together was covered up to do nothing but push a policy along. ainsley: elizabeth who is right next to you, you are in fight for schools as well. i know there are four members here. you weren't involved in school board issues after the all until this all happened in your county. i know that you have two children a 10th grader and 12th grader loudoun county. and tell me what's happening to your husband and to you at home. >> we were put on the original hit list in march. ains explains that to me. >> we wanted to find out where we live so they have people taking pictures of our home. they have wanted to find out where we worked. where our spouses worked. they were going to target us. they were going -- mailers to our neighbors calling us racists try to get us identified with our employers. ruin our businesses. my husband's cell phone was hacked. my computer was hacked.
3:32 am
it was. ainsley: they were trying to silence you. they do not want it you to speak out. >> specifically sent out a message saying they were going to silence the opposition. ainsley: who is they? do you know. >> part of the group called the anti-racist parents of loudoun county of which six school board members were members as well as the commonwealth's attorney. and a commonwealth attorney later went on when they were trying to identify who our children were, they wanted to go after our children's facebook our our children's instagram and twitter and tiktok account to find out if they had done anything wrong so that they could ruin their lives because they had such awful parents that would actually stand up for them. and my whole thing for this is to the attorney general who last week said numerous times that going after someone online and harassing them and threatening them and intimidating them online is a crime when it's done to a government official. where were you when we were being targeted? i can't begin to tell you how
3:33 am
dismayed i was when i heard that. because your outrage going one way is political. ainsley: that's why this election is so important today. how many of you have -- were democrats or are considered democrats registered democrats that are voting for youngkin? okay, tell me why. >> why am i voting for youngkin? >> i'm accidental activist. when i saw what occurred in school board meetings in september where i saw activist alumni organizationville mannized. the community thomas jefferson pushing for admission reforms merit lottery made the school a white blur rationalization government school represent the demographics of. which is not its purpose. science and technology is to provide education for students that are above their peer group and have an aptitude not just an
3:34 am
interest. i have been involved in other aspects working with the black student fund. i'm very familiar with the pipeline issues within fairfax county. i know it's due to neglect of the democratic party. using to cover one a band-aid by having this proprietary process. new admission process we have in fairfax county. where they don't tell us how they are evaluating students. but they are coming up with a secret sauce where they are going to the highest common denominator to have a racial balance in the school. i stand against that i'm pro-merit. ainsley: introduce you. this is harry jackson. he is with education matters. he has a show calls education matters. three kids fairfax county. i know you have spoken out and you want to end crt. let's go right in front of him please with the microphone to derek hess. two daughters in school as well 13 and 16-year-old. you have had enough with loudoun county schools. you pulled them out. >> absolutely. in march of 2020, the kids were sent home. the board promised us they would do everything possible to be back in the school in the fall
3:35 am
and september rolled around and they said no, sorry, we will go for january. january of 221 rolled around no, sorry. by march of 21. the kids were really struggling so, yeah. we just felt like for us we couldn't really trust the lcps anymore. we pulled the kids out and put them in private school. ainsley: had to be heart breaking especially for teenage girls in high school. >> difficult thing to do but rights thing to do. ainsley: how are they doing now? >> doing well. ainsley: this is demis christofee. >> your story amazing. you have grew up in iran you are a christian. you said in your country you grew up with a government trying to indoctrinate the kids and teachers would not allow it here we are seeing the reverse on this, right? >> absolutely. to he going on outside the school by the mull also a. and separate entities. but here it's now entire education system it has turned
3:36 am
into a propaganda system. so the department of education, i think they should be eliminated. they should be -- the school system should be locally controlled. because that way we can control what's being taught to our kids. and all the curriculum that they're pushing out it's not crt,it's equity and equality. they just use manipulate everybody around them. >> are you worried about the direction of our country. >> of course. we came here to be free to express our way of thinking. buff the whole purpose of this country being free is for people to act and think the way they want but not to push it on others. if you want that, you go to a dictatorship. you go too communist. because they push their ideology on you and that's how you are supposed to live. here you have the ability to be free and think for yourself. so i don't like your attitude or like the way she thinks, i don't
3:37 am
have any right to push my views on her and tell her tough act the way i do. that's not how it is here. we didn't come here as immigrants to be forced back to where we came from. i don't think my ideology that i left to here. so and after this whole thing i started my own show on youtube. i tried to, you know have a little bit -- a larger section of us our voices to be heard by other people around the country. we don't have platform. we, you know, our concern is very limited nobody really talks to us put it out on social media and others hear about it. ainsley: your youtube channel is immigrant corner? >> yes. ainsley: teacher from loudoun county. the football coach in the back. talk to him about how this is affecting him at work and some of the parents that are giving him the high five as the kids are being picked up from school. we have so many different, wonderful stories here. we will continue to talk to you all.
3:38 am
we did half of you all for "fox & friends first." i just got to the rest of you all now it's free game we'll interview all of you. still ahead lawrence jones is up at bat. is he live from houston. get ready for game six of the world series. hey, lawrence. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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brian: world series in final stage end tonight or tomorrow. braves taking on the astros in game six. steve: big game going down where it all began at minute maid park that's where we find "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones back in his home state of texas with a preview of tonight's festivities. lawrence? lawrence: that's right, good morning, family. so, let's do a quick recap. this is game one.
3:43 am
a lot of folks have a lot to prove. the astros as well as the braves. the braves haven't been to the world series since 1995. they come in and they come out swinging. they win game one. then game 2 thes astros couldn't let the naysayers have it they got to win one game home. game 3. back in atlanta. the braves take it home. game 4. they take it home as well. and then we go to game 5. this is a must win for the astros. if you went to bed in the third inning after that first inning grand slam, you think that the braves win it all. that they are going to win the world series. but if you woke up the next day you know that grand slam just wasn't enough. the astros come out swinging and they win it now tonight is the big test. game 6. back in houston. must win for the astros. but will the braves pull it off? we'll be able to see it tonight
3:44 am
only on fox 8:09 eastern time the station that you trust for your sports. steve: that would be fox. brian: i love that new slogan lawrence jones just coined. we will see if that we get that emblazened on your shirt. lawrence: they should hire me in the marketing department. brian: do a barack ground check and see how you do. see if you can get you a duel dl paycheck. washington game. brian kemp show for. join us at 7:00 a.m. steve: i have an idea. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for a preview of election day where. >> absolutely, taking a look at it cold for much of the country to be quite honest with you. we have the coldest air of the season so far. for fall. 32 right now in fargo. 33 in chicago.
3:45 am
there is election day forecast. we have a lot of states that are heading to the polls. so across portions of the rockies in towards the plain states rain event but very cold across the northeast. we could see showers for virginia. that your election day forecast. not a big storm system. it should not affect your day to go out and vote. the freeze and advisors advisories are you know, quite impressive, widespread across portions of the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast. so it's chilly. you are going to have to bring your jacket today and there is your forecast. warm air is really just around the gulf coast in florida. that's where to be. and then the rest of the country is cooler than average. we will keep you up to date throughout the day today with fox weather steve and brian, back to you. steve: feels like november 2nd. all right, j.d., thank you. still ahead, former governor of new jersey chris christie. leo terrell all coming up live.
3:46 am
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brian the president and the freedom fighter is out today in a couple of hours. a special coming up on november 7th. abraham lynn condition on frederick douglass the battle to stave america's soul. have you heard me talk about this for a while. the book is about abraham lincoln and frederick douglass. brian: right. steve: their relationship through the period of the civil war. brian: what they meant to america especially when we talk about race on daily basis. i think it's important for people to have a perspective. ainsley, with your permission, we have a special on sunday that's going to air at 10:00. here's a little of the package in which you under what can expect in the book. ainsley: i grant you permission. brian: the american civil war over 600,000 would die over the course of four years. for the united states to survive. then reunify and become for the first time a nation free for all, they would need extraordinary leaders. two emerged above the rest.
3:51 am
abraham lincoln, the president, frederick douglass, the freedom fighter. together, they would make america a more perfect union. >> america has been blessed to have the right people at the right time. >> you think back to those days in the civil war where brothers literally fought blood brothers. fathers fought their kids because they wanted the declaration of independence and this notion that all men were created equal to be real. brian: in abraham lincoln you had a person with the odds stacked against. brian: bill, how can a young man born to illiterate parents in abject poverty, with only one year of formal education, emerge as one of america's, perhaps, best presidents who would lead us through a war and emancipate all enslaved people? >> he was an amazing person. i guess today we would call him gifted. he had a vision and he had
3:52 am
ambition. brian: as tough as abraham lincoln's first years were. frederick douglass had it worse. he had to escape to it will his freedom. he would want freedom for himself and freedom for all. once freed from bondage he would continue self-education. esteemed be a littlist. write biography and be a lecturer around the world. >> as flawed as american was for the african-american. he didn't want another country. he wanted to make his stand here. almost in biblical terms. he saw the promise of america which is hard to do when you are being beaten. so douglas' gift was he never left the slave owners own him. brian: began to rise in stature miles apart. america was coming apart. >> north and south were divergent on the issue of slavery. the status quo would not stand. paving the way for the ener
3:53 am
general's of a new party, the republican party. seizing the opportunity of one term congressman, lauper, from the midwest. abraham lincoln. the rail splitter from illinois would grant nomination and presidency but by the time he arrived at the white house seven states had left the union. for lincoln succession was not an option. the war was on. >> he took over a divided country did. he actually know what he was getting into. >> i don't think so but lincoln knew the law and he knew the constitution backwards and forwards. and so he realized after fort sumter happened and a lot of the country wasn't accepting him as president. correctly diagnosed union, union, union keep the country together. and then the abolition of slavery two grand causes of the civil war. brian: as for frederick douglass lincoln's win was all about hope. when he didn't immediately free the slaves, frederick seized. >> the whole story is that
3:54 am
progress takes patience. douglas should have been, rightfully so, angry at the lack of progress, pushing lincoln to move as quickly as possible. at the same time, you have to admire and respect lincoln's patience. brian: the white house look as lot like it did in 1860 when lincoln was president. brian: line up on the porch and hope the president would see you one-on-one. that's what grikd douglas decided to do. he didn't have to wait long. >> lincoln was smitten with douglas. he knew he was a figure and carried baggage with him politically. he wanted to meet douglas. >> after the initial meeting. a bond was formed, lincoln released the emancipation proclamation. douglas traveled the nation, recruiting blacks into the army for the first time. the most prolific unit the 454th massachusetts infantry. own success. served in the 54th. i'm amazed how important the
3:55 am
american flag was. when they were being shot at, the african-american holding the flag doesn't want it to touch the soil because it was so important to the defend our flag because it was defending our nation. >> lincoln and douglas would meet a total of three of times face to face and together help lincoln win re-election. douglas a special guest at inaugural. the union would go on to win the war, free an entire race from slavery and allow our nation reunite. with so much work left to do together. john wilkes booth assassination robbed frederick douglass of a partner to do that work with and america of its greatest president at a time of our greatest need. frederick douglass out lived abraham lincoln 30 years staying near rochester new york until 1872. major mark on american history came alongside our 16th president. individually, they were great men. together, they were unstoppable.
3:56 am
steve: looks like a great special. fantastic book available today. ainsley: that was amazing. that was wonderful, brian. brian: south carolina was the back drop, of course, where you grew up. sitting battery overlooking fort sumter and 54th had their biggest battle. i will be in manhasset, wednesday night thursday and staten island. friday lawrenceville outside of atlanta. saturday in kentucky and sunday west virginia 4:00 on stage. just go brian hope to see you on the road. steve: congratulations. ainsley: brian gave us the book. the book is wonderful. i learned so much in that segment as well. sit at our table with both of those men. fascinating. brian: thanks for saying that. steve: the president and the freedom fighter available today everywhere.
3:57 am
3:58 am
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4:01 am
parents from virginia. >> we are momma bears and papa bears and we started a movement. >> i saw the curriculum that sent a chill down my spine. >> our education system has turned into a propaganda system. >> world series final staining. >> game 6 back in houston, must win for the astros. but will the braves pull this off ♪ these are the days of america ♪ mothers and brothers. brian: there you go. it's voting day. off year election. people say why should i pay attention? this year is like any off year that i remember especially when you think about virginia and this governor's race. as glenn youngkin not many people know much with him or give him a chance. predominantly blue state. big time red state. a lot of expert scratching their heads saying what happened to this layup terry mcauliffe was supposed to convert. steve: as we look at the polling place that opened an hour ago in virginia beach. a lot of people may not be
4:02 am
showing up first thick in the morning because early voting in the commonwealth of virginia i do believe has broken any off year election records. ainsley is down not too far from our nation's capitol just out west on route 665 little bit. ainsley, it's interesting, because you were talking in the first hour with some parents who are not motivated by their party politics, they are motivated by the issues impacting family. 10 of these individuals right in front of me. we will be talking to them all morning long. every single one of them said they were not involved with politics in the classroom or in school. not involved in school boards until everything that happened in fairfax, virginia appeared in loudoun county. and some of them are democrats and they are going to be voting for youngkin today so tired of the progressives and of the radicals pushing and pushing and pushing until they get their way and that's why you can see on asra's shirt right here momma and papa bear movement. they are protecting the little
4:03 am
baby bears and making sure education is just right for their kids. they say no crt. we would education, we want math and science. we want this make this world a better place. we don't want you to think about how to think about race. we don't want you to cancel our children because they are white. we don't want to fight racism with race. that's why they are speaking out. they have had enough. moms and dads from the suburbs that are fighting. young kin it looks like could very well pull it off today because of voices like this. brian: ainsley, do you mind if we split the screen with somebody else? ainsley: i don't mind at all. who are we inviting in? brian: how about new jersey governor chris christie. ainsley: perfect. brian: governor, i know you are not a bystander in this race. very much involved and probably going to get involved in the next president election. that -- what do you take before we talk to new jersey, what do you take for what's already happened in virginia?
4:04 am
>> listen, brian, good morning. good morning, ainsley. great to split a screen with you, too. i will tell you guys, this all momentum is in glownk's direction. if youngkin wins tonight we will look back and say the key moment of this campaign was when terry mcauliffe told the truth when he said he didn't think parents should be involved in deciding what their children are learning. and that's the truth of the liberal progressives. that's the truth of their masters, the teachers union the aft and the nea who want their radical agenda taught to our children each and every day. you guys remember. i started this fight 12 years ago. will saying the teacher's union influence on our children's education out of control. we fought it 8 years in nuke. glenn youngkin will be the key issue that people will be voting on in virginia.
4:05 am
youngkin has won a smart campaign. the wind is in his direction. he will win tonight. steve: in addition to the race for the governor's job in virginia and the state we live n new jersey where it's phil murphy vs. jack ciattarelli, it's interesting because you won, i believe, i believe in 2009, which would have been one year after barack obama won. here we are one year after joe biden won. you were able to win a very traditionally blue state and kept that job for a while. >> look, it's very, very possible to win the governorship. in fact, no democrat has been reelected governor in 44 years in new jersey. and during that time three republicans were reelected. tom kaine, christie whitman and myself. jack ciattarelli has won a great race. you think about what he has done
4:06 am
in just the last month. most of the mainly polls had this race at about 15 points a month ago. and now this race is within the margin of error. and just like with youngkin, all the momentum is with jack ciattarelli. this will be a turnout race in new jersey. if the republican voters turn out and if jack is able to win about 60% of independent, will did in 2009. jack ciattarelli will be the next governor of new jersey and this will send an earthquake politically around the country. that's what bob mcdonald and i did 12 years ago. and let's remember something. barack obama was 21 points to the favorable side when i won in 2009 in new jersey. this morning, joe biden is 6 points to the negative upside down in new jersey. in blue new jersey. so jack ciattarelli has a real chance to win this one tonight. i think youngkin has a better chance because he has moved up in the polls.
4:07 am
but jack is closing strong and fast. it's happened in new jersey before. and i have my fingers crossed that i'm going to have a new republican successor when the polls close tonight. brian: really? ainsley: then there was crt and little girl raped in the bathroom emany by a boy wearing a skirt and transferred to another school and they ignore it and hide it the dad gets arrested for fighting back at school board meeting. then they are bringing in the fbi. i get it here why youngkin is doing so well. people hear that story and that narrative over and over and over and they want to vote against it. they want to stand up for children, the momma and papa bear movement. are we going to see this across the country when we face our midterms? we will see -- i get it here.
4:08 am
are we going to see that across the country? ainsley we better as a republican party if we want to win the midterm election. i think our children's education is simply the most important issue going into 2022. and house candidates, senate candidates, gubernatorial candidates from the republican party across the country should be forcing this issue and let me tell you why. first. is because i'm a parent of four children. there is nothing more important to me than my children's education. because i know that education is the key to their future success. and also their future love of our country. and participation citizens. and if we have the teacher's unions forcing this radical agenda on our children. not only with education be degraded but love of our country will be degraded. secondly, as a practical political purpose, this is an issue that just absolutely brings together republicans,
4:09 am
democrats, and independents. because in the end, none of them want this for their children. as a parent, the presidency two most important things with your child are their safety and their education. and this -- this brings both of those issues together. and this doesn't matter what party you are registered to. you want your children to get the best education they can. and you don't want them taught to hate their country. and that's exactly what's going on here. you don't want -- considers sait well a condoleezza rice. said it couple weeks ago i don't want children to be made to feel guilty. black children are not empowered by making white people to feel guilty. everyone should be empowered to be the very best they can be. that comes from someone who grew up in segregated birmingham, alabama. that's what republicans should be talking about, ainsley. if we do, we are on our way to big victories in the house, the senate and state house us across the country. steve: governor, we would love
4:10 am
to get your opinion on a couple more things. stand by right there. meanwhile president biden is wrapping up his overseas trip to address climate change. ainsley: right. brian: right. what he remembers of it what he was doing capturing international headline. ainsley: brian, alex he had began is live as the president prepares to head home today,. >> good morning. it's a beautiful day in scotland for the second day of climate 26. they were met with many protesters arguing about how they got here in the first place about 400 private plains flew in for conference. the ce omissions from a private jet 10 times higher than commercial flights. and 50 times higher than trains according to the group are transfer and environment.
4:11 am
harsh warnings and gloomy output. while themselves using harmful forms of transportation. this morning joe biden kicked off his last day of the u.n. summit speaking on -- about 100 countries promising to reinvest in world's green spaces as well as protect indigenous communities. >> through this plan, the united states will help the world deliver on our shared goal of halting the national forest loss and restoring an additional 200 million hedges of forest and other ecosystems by the years 2030. >> today biden will unveil his pledge to slash methane emissions by 30%. the leading source of methane in the u.s. is the oil and gas industry. proposal would target existing oil and gas wells. currently 90 percent of the nation's 900,000 well sites remain unregulated. also on tap today about 90
4:12 am
countries are joining the global methane pledge promising to cut emissions by 30% by the end of the decade. not joining the coalition, however are china, russia and india. video yesterday as you just showed earlier catching the president appearing to dozen off for at least close haze eyes briefly yesterday. he did, however, apologize for the previous administration's actions. >> i guess i shouldn't apologize but i do apologize for the fact that the united states in the last administration pulled out of the paris accord. will. >> of course the key difference between the paris accord and cop 26. many sign pledges get them to put all of these pledges into action. of course there are still some road blocks we could see in the u.s. west virginia democrat joe manchin says he will not support a $1.7 trillion spending plan. of course, president joe biden
4:13 am
will return today. so a lot to see ahead. guys? steve: all right, alex, thank you very much. bring criticize christie former governor back. in governor, the cover of the "new york post" you snooze you lose talking about joe biden. he apologized for trump. did not apologize for, perhaps, falling asleep. >> look. steve, what you see out there is continuing work of the biden administration. and this president in particular. who are running around the world and apologizing for the united states. that's not what a president should be doing. and it doesn't make us have a greater standing in the world it makes us have a lesser one. when you combine with that that our president falls asleep during what he says is an extraordinary vital climate summit. that's just the wrong image to send about america's vitality, about america's energy. about america's lynn in the world. and so i don't understand what this president has done.
4:14 am
he ran as a uniter. he ran as being moderating force. and he now has become the fun one voice of the liberals and progressives. what i say to everybody this morning. i have known joe manchin now for 12 years. i met joe when i first got elected governor in 2009. he was the governor of west virginia. when joe manchin says that he is going to stand up for the truth. is he going to stand up for honest. he is not going to vote for a bill that he hasn't red and not going to support some of these things people should take his word for it joe manchin is the most popular figure in west virginia politics. and has been for nearly 20 years. he is not worried about the liberal progressives are saying about him in washington, d.c. he cares about what families are saying about him in wheel, west virginia. brian: governor, such a great point. joe manchin is the mvp of american politics right now. he went to the wharton business school do the math for me what they're proposing. they are low balling all the
4:15 am
costs and they are upgrating all the pay fors. and he got details of it and he is outraged and not going to be bullied. cori bush decides to take him on. this is their party problem. but seems like joe manchin is putting the country in front of his party which too few people are doing. governor, we ask asked you to stay twice. can i ask you to stay one more time because your favorite topic is coming up right after. this amen. you got it, brian. brian: is that a yes? that was a yes. steve: he said you got it. >> absolutely. amen. brian: all right. good. let's go over to carley shimkus now who i believe has an update for us. is that correct? carley: i do. i don't think i do. brian: you don't? carley: we do now. there we go. there was a bit of a prompter issue but we are back on track and start with headlines with this. today is the deadline for members of the air force to be vaccinated. up to 12,000 service members are defying orders to get the shot. it is not clear how many are
4:16 am
seeking exemptions. airlines leaders are threatening to dismiss or even charge those who refuse to get vaccinated. the pentagon says about 97% of all active military service members have gotten at least one jab. american airlines canceling more flights today as the airline struggles to rebound according to flight aware to 93 flights will not be taking off. another 57 are dlavmentd this weekend over 1,400 flights were canceled wind out of texas hub but a flight attendants union blames them on staffing strains. close to 2500 flights have been canceled since friday. a georgia woman stunned after learning she something charged almost $700 for an e.r. visit in which she received no care. the woman saying she left emery decatur hospital after waiting seven hours for treatment for
4:17 am
head injury. she says the hospital build her weeks later and when she challenged the charge they told her it was, are quote: hospital protocol and no error was made. the hospital now says they are looking into the matter. that is not good. they certainly should be looking into that matter. guys. steve: it was verify thing fee. and they want their money. >> they didn't even take her vitals. outrage. ainsley: don't you get it get a bill you get a bill know it's way too much. you have to call make a phone call on hold forever and transfer to you million people. >> how annoying. brian: can you multitask when you are on hold i always love the music they put on while we wait. thanks so much, carley, can you go about -- this can be play time for you for 20 minutes. check in with lawrence jones live outside of minute maid park game six. lawrence, say something interesting. lawrence: hey, good morning, family. it is a must-win for the astros
4:18 am
today as you guys know. if you went to bed early the braves won that last game -- i'm sorry the astros won the last game after the braves grand slam in the first inning. we have live coverage here at minute maid park. more "fox & friends" coming up. brian: thanks, lawrence. appreciate it now let's go to our special envoy to game 6 of the world series to point. is he on the board of the new york mets. his son might have an important job also with the new york mets, governor, the mets were in first for a long time ahead of the braves. odoes it kill you that the mets are not in the world series now do you believe you want the braves to lose because of that? >> look, it does kill me that the mets are not in the world series. but, being a mets fan for all these years it's a feeling that i'm used to. we are getting ready for next year and not worrying about what's happening in the world series as mets fans. look, what i want is competitive world series and i think we have got one.
4:19 am
i do believe the astros will win tonight. i think the teams are so evenly matched this was destined to be a seven game world series. it's going to be a very, very exciting next couple of days as baseball fans. steve: unless the braves win tonight. you must love the enact that after major league baseball took the game, you the all-star game game away from atlanta. atlanta won the big game back. >> well, look, this is what america is supposed to be a meritocracy, not politically made decisions. on the merits, even so they are from our division and we were leading them as brian said for a while they deserve to be in the world series. you can't take it away from the deems earned it. >> braves earned it this year. congratulations to them and the fans in atlanta deserve it. ainsley: governor, thank you so much for being on with us. >> great to be on with all three of you.
4:20 am
steve: you bet. brian: i believe he sincerely meant that america's crime surgeon not just impacting public safety but could also decide if voters will support their beliefs. leo terrell is up next as policing is on the ballot coast to coast. ainsley: we have break. our retirement plan with voya, keeps us moving forward. hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... hey, graduation selfie! well done! and voya stays by our side, keeping us on track for retirement... us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. you ready for your first day on the job? i was born ready. go get 'em, kev. well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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steve: it's election day 2021. policing measures on the top of voters minds in major cities as they see a surge in violent crime oea mid a push to defund the police that we have seen over the last year. what can we expect? fox news contributor and civil rights attorney leo terrell joins us from los angeles. hey, leo, good morning. >> hi, steve, how are you? steve: i'm doing okay. in minneapolis they are
4:25 am
considering question 2 on the ballot that would replace the police department with a new public safety department which is different. they would not send cops out when there are emergencies per se every time. and in austin, texas, proposition a would hire more cops. currently they have got 1.6 cops per thousand residents. they would up that to two cops per thousand. so, in other words, after the big move last year to defund, now essentially they are talking about refunding. >> they are trying to see -- do you know what? they have tried to refund all these police departments but minneapolis hold out. minneapolis wants to change the whole concept. let me be clear. they were forced. democratic cities were forced to refund the police. it is political suicide if they come out, steve. have you heard any of these democratic leaders say i want more police officers? i want more, more, more money for police? they can't say it because it's
4:26 am
political suicide. so you are fighting in minneapolis and in austin to restore funding. two officers per 1,000 people in austin. they want to change the whole concept of police in minneapolis. what i'm telling you is that the democrats do not really support the police. they were compelled to do so because of all of this crime in the nation. steve: right. meanwhile, down in atlanta, the current mayor quisha lance bottoms is not running for re-election and number of people who running to get that seat. they are talking about fighting crime. and what's interesting is the buckhead neighborhood of atlanta, given the fact that the crime rate is soaring. they are talking about it ceding from the city because it's so bad. >> that's the point, steve. democrat this is a term reimagining. again, they were compelled, buckhead wants to leave atlanta,
4:27 am
why? because throughout the entire country, crime has spiked. murders have gone up. and i'm sick and tired of them using george floyd as a basis for trying to cut the police or reimagine police departments. buckhead is a perfect example crime is rampant. every city we talked about is democratic cities. if you are a democratic politician you cannot support the police in the open. steve: meanwhile on the west coast where you are in seattle, the mayor there jenny dunkin' is did youknow -- jenny durkan thao say. she is offering incentive for cops to hire them back to the tune of $25,000 a person if they will rejoin but the unions say hey, it's too little beings too late. >> of course, remember seattle was the love zone. the whole west coast is a disaster for law enforcement.
4:28 am
what is happening is these officers have basically had enough. they cannot do their job when he they're basically being limited by democratic mayors in california you noticed stores are closed because shoplifting and crime is r56r7 pant. it's horrible in democratic cities and states, steve. steve: police something definitely on the ballot today. all right. leo, thank you very much for joining us today from los angeles. >> thank you, steve. have a good day. steve: indeed, go virginia where they have a big race for governor. ainsley: oh my gosh, you are right. thank you so much, steve. yes, that is the topic of conversation all over fairfax and loudoun county which is where we are. all of these folks represent these two counties. they have been in the news a lot. today is the big election. how many of you may have voted democratic in the past or independent in the past but are voting republican this time? raise your hands high. okay. i will start with you right here on the front. this is yvette, she has one daughter in the first grade. crt, you say, is insane
4:29 am
narrative. you are a loudoun county mom. why are you voting today for youngkin? >> well, i think he stands for teachers. i think teachers need more respect and need more money. i also think that some of those materials don't belong in the schools. no politics belong in schools at all. i believe that that's a parent's job and absolutely parents do belong in education. ainsley: that really made you upset when he said that. >> absolutely. ainsley: he said scr rt not in our schools. asra has been on our show a lot look at her shirt it says momma and papa bear movement. is crt in the schools. >> these are revolutionaries. they are amazing brave parents that should inspire everyone. ainsley: know wasn't two years ago anyone any of my school board members. they came after my son's school. they came after the idea of merit and the american degree. i came here as a 4-year-old girl from india believing in the american dream.
4:30 am
this is what they say is taught in law school. critical race theory. but, thank you, in our little show and tell i will show you a is for activist. this is the book that is becomes what our children get in our school system. and you can see here, ainsley. this subtle image of a militant and this is what they are turning our children into. militants. ainsley: are these books that are in our classrooms in virginia? >> they are in virginia. woke baby. gender queer. this is where they then start messing with issues of sexuality. not my idea where they literally have said that whiteness is a deal with the devil. and so what have you is whiteness is a bad deal as a concept. and then a contract with the devil. and so what these brave parents have done is they have stood up and i just hope that everybody watching just sees that courage
4:31 am
is contagious and that they too stand up. ainsley: we hear about these books but i don't think i have seen them held up and realize the age groups. asra started parents defending education. her son graduated from fairfax. you have been so outspoken and thank you for standing for these kids, really. the other parents and kids. fred is sitting next to you. fred reggae he is with fights for schools. two daughters seventh and eighth graders. you say even if it costs you everything, your number one agenda and mission in life is to protect your girls. >> i have one job, ainsley. and it's my daughters. first of all, let me say this is the most diverse group of white supremacists i have ever seen. [laughter] i want to thank you for having me and thank my fellow panelists here for their courage. my -- between two ideologies, you have this ideology of america great place created by white men a long time ago. these crt proponents relace that
4:32 am
with an ideology from a white man like happens to be a german philosopher, critical race theory is part of critical theory and karl marx. i'm sorry, i'm just not buying it. if you want me to talk about what philosophy i believe in. there is black preacher from georgia dr. king, you know. i think i would rather side with him i want my daughters and other kids in loudoun county to have the idea and the concept that you can do anything. that you can achieve. you have agency. you have opportunity glass is half full glass for them is also half empty. for me i would rather look at things with a country with a glass that's half full. ainsley: i think we all agree with you on that. ainsley: we were talking about mcauliffe bringing in black leaders stacey abrams the former president obama. vice president or president biden now. when he brings in these big leaders in the black churches, i have heard some of our black friends that have come on each morning say but then they don't
4:33 am
show up again for another four years. how does it make you feel? >> it makes me feel like they are pandering and don't care about the black vote. african-americans are waking up. things are breaking. i saw some polls recently where biden received 90% of the african-american vote in virginia. and now youngkin is trending towards an 8-point gap into that. so, mcauliffe only 82% of african-americans. even higher for african-american males. african-americans are tired. we're sick and tired. i have friends who tell me hey, i'm voting for the other guy. but don't tell anybody. they don't want their family to know. because it's, you know, it's not cool. it's not what you do if you are black. joe biden said if you don't vote for me, you are not black. i'm sorry, i took a shower this morning. i'm black. okay. ainsley: right behind you is tom. tom, you were telling me during the break you know some teachers that have just left the job because they don't agree with
4:34 am
what's what is being taught in the schools or what's being forced to be taught. >> a general message getting pushed down to them that they don't agree with you know, the values that they are being told that they have to push onto the children. you know, and that's the parents' job. it's my job with my kids to, you no he, teach them the values that, you know, are we all grew up with. it's not the school's job. ainsley: paul is on the end. paul is the football coach after the one of the schools in loudoun county. and you are a teacher in loudoun county. >> yeah. >> you are in the young ads. >> yeah. >> how are people reacting with the school? how is your boss reacting and principal. >> my principal hasn't mentioned it. i'm sure she has seen it or heard about it co-workers have said some things. kids are like i saw you on tv. that was a different person. but. ainsley: tell me why you like him. >> i just think that he represents something that i as a parent and the teacher can combine and get behind. i really believe that our school
4:35 am
systems need to have choice. i think that parents are wanting like anything in their lives to have a choice. and your zip code shouldn't determine where you go to school. i think for me and my family. we have chosen the home school route. i think there is a lot of things with that that if the other guy wins there are things my kids won't be allowed to do. i think for all of us, just having a choice whether it's where to go to school. what to put in your body. i think is very important. i think liberty is the most important thing. liberty is on the ballot for me. it always is. so that's why i like youngkin. ainsley: are they forcing this equity training on you. >> we always had inservice about equity. when it first came out. we got -- it got pretty hard i think what's interesting last friday we had a recent equity training. i walked app. way and i talked to one of my friends my colleagues, that was just how to be a better teacher. and they are almost now flipping the mode so they can cater to
4:36 am
whoever is telling them to do it but now they are saying oh, yeah, we can't go that far because we know there is some pushback. so there wasn't thatch equity. it had nothing do with race. but they labeled it equity. at the end of the day i was just how that was how to communicate with parents better. answers ains maybe they are listening to you all and changing their tune. we will see. we will check back in with you later on. lawrence jones is live from houston game six of the world series. he has a preview coming up next. hi, lawrence. georgia republicans are now playing hard ball after the mlb's all-star snub earlier this year. and governor of that great state brian kemp is on deck. is he in the studio with brian and steve. stay with us. ♪ ♪
4:37 am
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4:41 am
end end tonight or foam as houston astros take on game 6. brian: been great to have fans in the stand and electric. go down to where it all gain lawrence jones in minute maid park in houston. they did what they had to do won it force a game 6. lawrence: you are exactly right. this is a must win for the astros. as you guys know. back in 2019, it was a big contest between the nationals and they weren't able to win at home. and so they are afraid that this may be a repeat of the 019 season. and, of course, if they lose tonight, then the braves are taking the trophy back home. so there is a lot of anticipation with the fans here. of course, the braves are a pick to win it all. but, you know, texas just don't go down too easy, guys. steve: all right. lawrence. thank you very much. watch game 6 tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox.
4:42 am
brian: ainsley, we have been jealous of you all morning long with that great forum. but i want you to be jealous of us we have in our studio the current governor of georgia, brian kemp as the braves hope to bring home the commissioner's trophy janes janes i know. brian: would you like the first question. ainsley: oh, i would. my question is, brian, will you go over and hug him for me. tell him welcome to our studio? i would do that if i were there. steve: there is a pandemic. we just gave him a fist pump. brian: i'm irish we are not big huggers. ainsley: you barely wave to our audience. steve: explain why you want to hug. ainsley: my best friend lives in atlanta. she loves that state. and your state and your politics and your policies have made her so happy. she is raising beautiful children there. one happens to be my goddaughter. and she just really proud of all the successes that you have brought to that state. so let's ask you about this because your state wassage
4:43 am
snubbed with mlb at the beginning of the year. how do you feel now. >> look, it's very gratifying, poetic justice in a lot of ways. and like your friend, marty and i are raising our three daughters in the great state of georgia. it's a great place to live. and i think it was just poetic justice. i have been telling people it's great win for the organization. certainly the team. what they did looking back where they were in august how they finished it's been great. it's been great for the fans. it's been madhouse the three games in atlanta which was great to see but also great for small business owners. i know we talked about back in the all-star decision was made. that's gratifying. the people that got a raw deal back in summer it more than made up for it now with having the world series. that's a testament to the braves organization. steve: are you going to win tonight or make it more dramatic for fox. >> we need to get this over with tonight. these games have been so late.
4:44 am
taking a long time. everybody is traveling. we need to get it done tonight. come on back to the great state of georgia. brian: longest time braves dominated in the 90's. this would be the year to surprise everyone and got rest of the way. see how the story line goes. talk about the vaccine mandates. riled this city in particular. you have 10,500 city workers we are told go do something else. it's a big stand up fire department and cops. you have to deal with the same thing. only you are a governor, unlike this one unlike our mayor. that does not want the mandate. even though you are pro-vaccine. >> well, definitely pro-vaccine. look, mandates the whole pandemic have only been dividing people. to me that's what we don't need right now. you know, the president said he was going to be uniter. he has done nothing but divide people. he said he was not going to do the vaccine mandate. now you have the mandate. we are suing over it. brian: who are you suing? >> we are suing the biden administration and the rule. this is over the federal part of
4:45 am
the mandate which they are threatening federal funding. the universities and other. you know i had a paving contractor call me the other day because he does work for a military base. so he is subject to the vaccine. is he saying that he is going to lose half his workforce. brian: if you are a contractor ha does business with the federal government you have got to get all your staff. >> businesses don't have time to try to figure this out much less implement it. they are doing all they can. everybody needs more workforce and this is just dividing people. i mean, companies will can figure out how to do this on their own. they already have the. but forcing the federal mandate ♪ the way. to say me it doesn't really have as much to do with the vaccine. it's just more federal government overreach. it doesn't matter what the mandate is. businesses don't need that right now. they are consumed with everything else they are dealing with. steve: sounds like the biden administration and osha are going to come out with their federal rule probably later this week. but, before you go, since today is election dated, let's say --
4:46 am
let's take a look at virginia. if glenn yownk beats terry mcauliffe. the establishment candidate, what does that mean about american politics i couldn't know year after joe biden won? >> i think youngkin is going to win today. i think he has all the issues on his side. the other side is just tone deaf when it comes tour kids. they will don't want a governor telling parents what their kids need to do. they want to decide that for themselves. they want schools open. they are tired of having politics on the baseball field and in our school systems and with our kids. i think they are going to be a big backlash. you know, when the other side has complete control in d.c. they are overreaching. i think a lot of that is playing out in the virginia's governor's race. brian: real quick, are you surprised that governor mcauliffe said stacey abrams really won that race? they're still bringing up the race that they had. what does that do for you doing your job? >> no, i'm not surprised. that's what they have been saying for two, three, four years. stacey abrams has, you know, been padding other own wallet
4:47 am
with this theory that's out there. it's not fact it's just theory. in the 2018 governor's race we had the largest african-american turnout in the country. do you ever hear anybody say that? no. they are just saying that people are suppressed and they said the same thing about our voting bill which is not the truth. we are simply adding voter i.d. for absentee ballots and making sure we have secure elections. they are also going to be very fair and accessible. steve: today ♪ only election day. it's your birthday. happy birthday. brian and ainsley and i are now going to sing happy birthday. [laughter] >> this is great. [buzzer] ainsley: we will say this we are so glad you were born, governor. check in with janice dean for fox weather forecast. hey, janice. januaryian good morning. take a look at it your election forecast in screa. we will see scattered showers in the area. not a big storm system so no reason for you not to go out and get the vote on.
4:48 am
48 in harrisonburg and 53 in richmond. there is new jersey, cloudy skies for you. south new jersey potential for showers. again, not a big deal. should not, you know, prevent you from getting out there. in the great state of georgia, a beautiful day. so absolutely no reason not to cast your vote. the big story today is going to be the widespread freeze, i mean the coldest air so far of the season. so you can see 20's and even teens across portions of the great lakes. that's going to continue for, you know, the next couple of days. get used to it for the world series, i know a lot of eyes are going to be on what's happening in houston. so i think there is a dome. i'm pretty sure. in any case no, rain in the forecast which is good news. all right, steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: i don't think there is a dome. janice: no dome? good forecast then. steve: perfect. absolutely. love it we can see the moon. meanwhile, it's election day on this tuesday. and republicans hope a red wave can flip democratic strongholds.
4:49 am
meet a candidate hoping to change the tide in one texas district from blue to red coming up next. ♪ ♪ people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better
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♪ brian: former sheriff's deputy, business owner who's aiming to fill a vacant seat in the texas house of representatives, district 118 has long been considered a democratic stronghold, but republicans have been working overtime to court hispanic voters. gop candidate for texas district 118 john lujan joins us right now. this has the tradition of being a democratic seat. what do you think republicans have not been doing that you've within doing that gives many people, many experts believing you have a real shot this time? >> well, brian, i think the big difference right now is the whole climate, right? faith, family, country, those are traditional values that the hispanic community holds dear, especially the mexican-american community. and when that's being challenged
4:54 am
and people are just starting to come out and vote and they're seeing something different. this election has just been about talking to folks. we have a lot of first-time republican voters and people switching over and coming on to the republican party mainly because of what we stand for. brian: rio grande valley is one of the big sieves of our border. does it matter to voters in. >> oh, it matters. it matters big. in fact, a lot of people here in my district have family from the border. just hearing the horror stories and the things that are going on over there, it's very fearful. it's the really attacking not only just -- it's crazy is. but also because the finances involved, the hospitals, the sheriff's department, everybody's taxed by this, and it's really crazy. and you would think, people kind of think, oh, the hispanic communities are all democrat. they're very us from are traited about this, and they are -- frustrated, and they are starting to switch that vote to red. brian: i know biden's to under 50% with your district. how much does the border have to
4:55 am
do with his plummeting ratings in people on the outside say, well, the hispanic community would like to see more hispanics, most are from central and south america what's the problem? >> well, the problem is it's not just from central and south america. you know, myself, i'm all about good immigration policy, but we need to have this architected in a way where people can have that path to come in here but not just an open border where there's chaos, and every day people are just working different ways. there's no set ways to do things because of the influx of people. that, to me, that's been a big concern here. education, police, all those things that are near and dear to run a good society are are being threatened by this. brian: right. and it's very interesting because republicans think there's a lot of people say, well, more hispanics, less republicans, you're saying that is not the case, and we'll see. going to be very interesting. john lujan, best of luck.
4:56 am
>> thank you so much. i appreciate -- thank you for letting me be on. big fan of "fox & friends." brian: thank you very much. we appreciate it. we would be nowhere without texas' support, especially san antonio. the los angeles sheriff issuing a dire warning about the vaccine mandate. why he says public safety is under threat as violence crime rises. ♪ ♪ just because it's over doesn't mean it's really over -- ♪ ♪ new patients, get started with a comprehensive exam and full set of x-rays with no obligation. and if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus, get 20% off your treatment plan. enjoy flexible payment options and savings when it matters most. we're here to make your smile shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental 7 days a week or book today at ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> all eyes on the race for virginia governor. >> let's bring this baby home! >> america's watching. >> all the momentum is in glenn youngkin's direction. >> president biden is wrapping up his overseas trip to address climate change -- >> but it's what he was caught doing catching headlines. >> it's embarrassing. >> he has pledged not to enforce mandates. >> it makes me almost a year and a half to replace an entry-level worker. >> this morning i am speaking with parents from virginia. >> they came after the american dream. >> no politics belongs in schools at all. >> mahomes waiting for something to open up. it's caught, touchdown, tyreek hill, and the chiefs score first! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ r-o-c-k in the usa ♪♪
5:01 am
steve: yep, this november 2nd, it is a tuesday, it's election day. big races in new jersey and the commonwealth of virginia where already 1.1 million early votes were cast, and what's going to be different is tonight the polls close at 7:00, but the legislature in virginia authorized them to be counting the votes all week long. so tonight at seven, ainsley and brian with, we'll have a pretty good idea who got the absentee votes. brian: that's interesting. this is a record number of voter turnout, and that usually is to the benefit of democrats. that gives mcauliffe more than a little bit of hope, i guess. ainsley: listen, they are so passionate in this state. this election is so big, and it is such an indication of what we could see down the road for us,
5:02 am
for us us all with the midterm elections. we are talking to a panel, we have ten moms and dads that have kids in these counties, in loudoun county or fairfax county or some of them have graduated. they were concerned parents a few months ago. and then when everything started happening with crt, being called domestic terrorists, with what happened to that little girl in the bathroom when she was raped by a boy wearing a skirt and it was ignored and covered up, they are sick of it, and they are speak out. they are representing their little bears because we have a shirt right here, this sweat that says -- sweat shirt that says mama and papa a if bear movement. they are speaking. let's start with the back with harry jackson. he has a show called education matters if you're interested in listening to it online. he has three kids, fairfax county. you want to end crt. and i was asking you, i said the african-american community, many of your community are going out this support of youngkin. why?
5:03 am
>> well, i can speak to my personal truth as to why i as a black man am voting for a republican where i've been a lifelong democrat voter. i've observe ised the democratic leadership within fairfax and loudoun county, and it's very disturbing. most of it's run by far-left, white progressives that think that they own our votes. they straight up colonize the fairfax, this aacp and -- naacp where the vast majority of those communities are white, and they are directing the agenda of that organization. and i'll give you a good example. we talked about thomas jefferson high school for science and technology, the nation's number one high school for the last two years. wiz elected -- i was elected as the first african-american parent of the parent-teacher association. i had to deal with the fairfax naacp who i first came across and realized that when i saw asian parents protesting being
5:04 am
discriminated against, racial discrimination, and i also wanted to point out that their advocacy for a lottery system was basically harming gifted students. they were being grouped in the same pipeline as the top of the other top performing schools, limiting their opportunity. i pointed it out to them. they were crab barreling the top black and hispanic students this fairfax county, and it fell on deaf ears. and when sean perryman who was the president at the time, he didn't care. he just wanted to harm the asian community. that kind of woke up my eyes to that. also when i talk about the fairfax naacp, a lot of the two are cross-poll may noted into parent-teacher association, we talk about it with michelle lee. she was recorded speaking outs of the luther jackson middle school where she was proclaiming if you are anti-crt, you are
5:05 am
basicallyville and she wanted people to die. i saw her speak to the crowd of white progressives. and in crowd was the fairfax democratic chair. they were all standing with a cheering ovation. this is why they lost me as a democrat. this is why i'm voting for youngkin. yes, being pro for democracy, anti-crt, but it was these interactions with our local democratic leadership. and then i was talking about the virginia pta and how i was the first african-american. did you know, most of you may not be aware that before i even took office, they placed our school on probation because myself and our slate of candidates, we were anti-crt. so before we even had our first board meeting, we were placed on probation. the leaders of the virginia pta have failed -- ainsley: we're going to have to leave it there. we're going to come back to talk to all of y'all, we have all kinds of stories, people are come to their house, taken ache
5:06 am
pictures, we have a coach and a teacher at one of the loudoun county schools, paul in the back, they all have wonderful stories. one of the headlines this morning, if youngkin pulls off a win, he's likely to have asians and hispanics to thank, and she is an asian-american, we'll talk to you too. just fascinating stories. thank you so much for being here. back to you. steve: absolutely. great stories. and when was the last time the eyes of the nation were on one statement's governor's rate -- state's governor's race? it's a crucial election playing out in the commonwealth of virginia that could reveal the pulse of the country as we head into next year's midterms. griff jenkins is live in virginia talking to voters and, griff, it's not so much about party this time as it is about the issue. >> reporter: it sure is, steve. good morning, brian, ainsley, good morning as well.
5:07 am
here this rye coe county where we have in the suburbs of virginia, we're at the river's edge elementary school. let he show you around, you can see voters coming in to check this right now, and if young kip does pull off a win here -- youngkin does pull off a win here, it will be the first time the gop has won statewide here in a dozen years. barry moore is one of the voters here. you just voted, i just grabbed you before you're off to work and get breakfast. quickly, can you tell us how you voted and what drove your vote? >> i to voted for mr. youngkin, definitely. virginians hate division, and they love unity, and i thought that will mcauliffe was going to take us down more disunity rather than unity. so i voted for youngkin, and i'm proud of that vote. >> reporter: barry, we're in a school. education came from the third most important topic to, clearly, the most important here in the state. did that play a role in. >> well, there's no don't if
5:08 am
you -- no doubt if you get in between children, puppies and kittens, people don't like that. some of the things that have been taught in the schools for a good long time now just got the light of day on them. and crt and other issues, masking and so forth, mandates, it's just not what virginians in general like. virginia januaries this general like -- virginians in general like to be able to reinforce what's going on, and they like to be able to look at their neighbors no heart what color they are -- no matter what color they are, sex, creed, national origin and feel comfortable with that. we're just folks here in virginia. we don't like politicians that work hard at dividing us just for the sake of power ask votes. >> reporter: thank you very much. brian and steve, it has been mcauliffe's attempt to really tie youngkin to president trump. president trump endorsed him although he did not make a visit here in the state. he did make a few headaches though perhaps -- mistakes
5:09 am
talking about the education issue that drove this to be the top issue. i know the candidates are going to be in northern virginia tonight, but here in the richmond area that might make the difference. ainsley: i love what he said, we're just folks here. the folks just want to be heard. brian: right. thanks so much, griff, appreciate it. ainsley, i don't know what you're going to find in your forum, it's very interesting to see what a guy like terry mcauliffe closes with because he's an operative. he ran the dnc. he decided in the end i'm focused on the diversity of the teaching corps. so let's find out how many white people are teaching in virginia schools and say we're going to broaden them out, and he thinks it's going to get him more votes which is interesting because the teachers union is already in his pocket. to go ahead and critique the racial make-up of the teachers, you know, the people who make up these public schools is
5:10 am
unbelievable while i saying he loves the public if schools and putting four of his five kids into private school. chris christie weighed in on what it means in the big picture mane meaning that virginia is the small picture. >> all the momentum, all the momentum is in glenn youngkin's direction. and i think if youngkin wins tonight, what we're going to look back on and say is that the key moment of this campaign was when terry mcauliffe told the truth, when he said he didn't think parents should be involved in deciding what their children are learning. and that's the truth of the liberal progressives. that's the truth of their masters, the teachers unions. i think that our children's education is simply the most important issue going into 2022, and house candidates, senate candidates, gubernatorial candidates for the republican party across the country should be forcing this issue. steve: it's interesting because in addition to the commonwealth
5:11 am
of virginia, new jersey is having a statewide race for governor as well. chris christie, one year after barack obama won the white house, chris christie, a republican, won the very blue state of new jersey. so it's interesting. today what is on the ballot there is you've got the current governor, phil murphy, against jack ciattarelli. and on election day we don't get the polls, but we can say just generally over the last couple of weeks jack has seen an uptick this his numbers, and he also -- just like in virginia -- talking about education and the economy. and when he was on with us last week, he was talking about how new jersey is the hardest state in the union to do business in. and the he gets elected governor, he's going to do the something about that. ainsley: yeah. i mean, we think about all of our stories and what our parents have done for the us. i know your two the stories, i know my story. we didn't grow up with a lot,
5:12 am
you know? we were blessed in so many ways, but our parents, they really, really enforced education for all of us. and i will tell you if it weren't for my journalism degree that my dad worked three jobs to put me through school, i wouldn't be where i am today, and that's what these moms and dads are saying. they all wake up early in the morning, and they miss out on a lot of what their kids do in the afternoons because they're trying to make a living to send their kids to these great schools. they live in a high-tax area. loudoun county and fairfax, virginia, they're known as wonderful education. so it scares them when they see crt or their first graders learning about sex ed too early. that's why they're standing up. and they tell me -- many of them were democrat, many of them did not even know they their schoold members, but they're voting for youngkin because he's the only candidate that's listening to them. brian? brian: right. the other issue that's going on that definitely affects the
5:13 am
people in your room, our room and outside these walls is what's going on with these vaccine mandates. they're put together in so many liberal cities basically demanding 100% compliance or you're fired, you're finished, you're through. in new york in particular, there's 12,000 exemptions applied for, 21,000 unvaccinated, and so far 10,300 are put on leave, you cannot apply for unemployment for. the fire fighters to the tune the, cops, 84% have gotten the vaccination, 77% of fire fighters. 88 of medics and 81% of sanitation the, but that is not good enough. and if sudde this zero tolerance situation for alex villanueva who's an l.a. county sheriff, he says know about the mandate, but i am not enforcing it. i can't afford to lose any more police officers. listen. >> i have a 20% increase in people that are putting in to retire early. i have 238 deputies now applying
5:14 am
for out of county jobs that do not have vaccine mandates, and i have 1600 potential people that have 28 years or more of service, they could just walk away and not even look back, and that is a huge threat to the department's already severely understaffed. it takes me almost a year and a half to replace an entry-level worker. to replace a veteran, 30-year expert in whatever capacity the, for example, homicide investor? >> yeah. >> those are decades. you cannot quantify the impact that is on public safety. but guarantee you, homicides will go up, a lot of things will go up, and response time's going to get longer and longer. steve: absolutely. it's hard to quantify when you lose one person, their personal history and what they've learned, and it takes a year and a half just for an entry-level person to get them up to speed. he worries they could lose up to 0% of the force out -- 30% of the force out in l.a. county's sheriff's d..
5:15 am
it outside sounds like osha is o come out with a rule that says any business with more than 100 employees will either have to mandate their employees get the jab to keep the job or have weekly testing. ainsley: yeah. it's so reactive instead of being proactive. when you implement these man mandates, you have to think how is this going to affect my community. think about the worst case scenario. you have a fire in your house and you have your child trapped on the second floor, you're going to want that response time to be very quick. you have to think how they're affecting the future of your community. wouldn't it be better to test those folks who don't want to get vaccinated? just test them every day. if they have signs of covid, you keep them home. i would rather someone come to my house who hasn't gotten the vaccine and rescue my child from the second floor than to have a longer response time. brian: absolutely. you have got cops working triple
5:16 am
time, detectives are now working foot patrol to fill in the gaps because this mayor wants to run for governor, and he thinks it puts him in good stead with the democratic party, and he's going to be as unsuccessful running for governor as he was for prime minister, he got 0% of the vote -- president. a lot of those are very critical of those who won't get the shot. meanwhile, if you've seen this video, you're seeing a lot of the protests that have taken place over the last five days. is there some way to come together on this? you extend the deadline for a couple of months. you already have herd immunity the, doctors in medical communities say we're at between the natural immunity and between the 80% plus that have got the shot. correction, they can't afford to lose one more man or woman, corrections, can't you back up this the new year, see what happens in 2022, bring down the temperature a little bit the way
5:17 am
the virus is decreasing across this country? hospitalizations are down 2k0 % -- 20%, deaths are down 20%, cases are down 15. does anyone want to tell the truth that this vaccine, this variant is disappearing in our country and we've got to get back to work? we don't want to tear each other's eyes out. steve: well, business leaders would like to see the mandate be implementedded after the holidays because so many drivers, you know, we're already short staffed, and if there's going to be a short staff, have it after we all get our packages for the christmas holiday. although we heard from the administration, ainsley, a couple of days ago and they said, you know what? if you don't get your stuff, blame fedex. don't blame us. ainsley: right. brian: take that, ups. ainsley: let's hand it over to carly who has some headlines for us. >> reporter: president biden is wrapping up the final day of a climate change summit in
5:18 am
scotland. the president just speak about preserving forests in america. the speech comes hours after he appeared to fall asleep during a speech yesterday. the president had his eyes closed for about 20 seconds before an aide approached him. president biden will be speaking later today as well and is expected to take questions. new york attorney general leticia james firing back after andrew cuomo calls the sexual harassment investigation against him a sham. james sponged saying in part -- responding saying in part, our investigation included thousands evidence and substantiated and corroborate all of the allegations. i believe the women. cuomo faces a misdemeanor forcible touching charge by the albany county sheriff. iowa senator joni ernst proposing the fauci act. now, the fauci act would ban the u.s. from funding gain of
5:19 am
function research in china, facing backlash for saying the national students of health did not -- institutes of health did not use tax dollars to fund gain of function at the wuhan lab are. also calling for accountability for officials who intentionally misled congress. to how do you feel about this? a dallas bar is banning mariah carey's christmas classic until december. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪♪ >> reporter: they banned it, so we went ahead and played it early. the bar will only play the song once per night. i say the more christmas music, the better. steve: but first, one holiday at a time. let's get through thanksgiving before we hear the christmas music. brian: that's all we ask. >> reporter: no, i disagree.
5:20 am
steve: well, we just played it. >> reporter: i start playing christmas music after labor day. ainsley: me too. and what about a fire? i light a fire starting in september. >> reporter: well, i don't have a fireplace, but i put a yule log on my computer. [laughter] steve: lighting the garbage bags on fire here in new york city -- brian: no one's picking up the garbage. oh -- thanks so much. that was joel. coming up straight ahead, crime is on the rise in minneapolis, but today voters could soon replace their police with a public safety department. the dangerous impact of the defund movement still ahead. steve: but first, lawrence jones joins us live from minute maid park in houston gearing up for game six of the world series. hey, lawrence. lauren: hey, guys. whoever wins the world series, they will be celebrating on this field. i've inspected the field, and it's ready to go for the big
5:21 am
game coming up on fox. ♪ if. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> we are here because minneapolis and in cities across the united states, it is clear that our system of policing is not keeping our communities safe. >> we're going to bring this policing system from the upside down, ask we're all going to stand in the sunlight, and we're going to build this community together brick by brick, one by one. >> this council is going to dismantle this police department. [cheers and applause] steve: well, minneapolis city council members have spent the last year vowing to defund the police, and today voters there will decide if the their officers should be replaced, replace the police department with a department of public
5:26 am
safety. but with violent crime rising in minneapolis, is this really the smart option? joining us to weigh in, republican candidate for congress, cicely davis. and the pastor at new salem missionary baptist church in minneapolis, reverend jerry mcafee. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. steve: reverend, let me start with you. crime is rising there. is this the time to replace the police department with a department of public safetiesome. >> absolutely not. since george or floyd we've had over 140 people killed, over 800 people shot, and the majority of african-americans don't want this. these are progressives that's moving on their own agenda that i call a white supremacist agenda to define our reality, then force us to live under their definition. while they have the opportunity the to do some things that would reduce crime, they're still not doing it. they've given us something that has no plan at all, and this is
5:27 am
not good for the city, and it's certainly not good for the my people. steve: cicely, you know, when somebody picks up a phone when there is a crime in progress, you want the police to show up. i don't know exactly who's going to show up with a department of public safety. >> that is correct. and is so what you're asking, what is being asked, minneapolis residents are being asked to vote on a public safety amendment today when they know there's absolutely nothing in it besides a gutted police force the, layers of bureaucratic red tape and a panel of unqualified, woke imagineeers who are left to protect our state's most diverse city. that cannot happen. we absolutely have to have police show is up. that's who's qualified, and that's who's trained to protect the people of minneapolis. steve: reverend, you know, i get where the defund police started last year after george floyd. but fast forward a year, what do you think's going to happen with
5:28 am
the people of minneapolis? what are they going to vote for in. >> well, my prayer is, again, that the majority would vote no because some of the things that these groups are talking about we're already doing. one, we're already working on reform, and these people have never joined the table for reform with chief rondo, not one time. we already have healing and treatment centers out of zion baptist church with charlie adams in the 4th precinct access us all the time. so the things they say they want to do we're already doing, and they're not supporting us at all. steve: yeah. and, cicely, a question for you. if the people in your town vote no, that means they keep the police department. but will you get more money for more police officers? >> we will not. and so again, like i said, this is an unknown, unqualified panel of city council members. we are electing today a new
5:29 am
mayor, a new city council which is unknown. they will absolutely push forward with their radical agenda of eliminating the police force here in minneapolis. and with the death toll, what we're looking at is the russian roulette. this is nothing more than a game of russian roulette with minneapolis lives at stake. steve: we should know by this time tomorrow. cicely davis and reverend jerry mcafee, we thank you both for joining us live today. >> thank you. steve: coming up on 8:30 here in the east. still ahead, lawrence jones is stepping up to the plate as you can see right there ahead of tonight's game six of the world series. we're going to check in with him after the break. ♪ ♪ . this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it.
5:30 am
>> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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tide pods ultra oxi one ups the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up whatever they're doing? for sure. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains. any further questions? uh uh! one up the power of liquid with tide pods ultra oxi. ♪ brian: all right. world series, final stage ending either tonight or tomorrow. the atlanta braves take on the houston astros in game six tonight on fox. now let's head back down to houston where it all began, minute maid park in houston with a preview of tonight's game. lawrence are, it's got to be two in a row for houston or they're done. lawrence: it started here and it's going to end here.
5:34 am
no matter who is the winner, they're going to be celebrating on this field. who's excitedded? atlanta's fans. i was on a flight and they brought it from atlanta to houston. we had an opportunity to talk to some of them. take a look at this. >> it was amazing. we didn't think we were going to make it going through this year. but now it's like miracles are happening, we're leading in the world series. >> pretty exciting. it's a close game but, yeah, there's a lot of good energy. they're going really well. hopefully they can do it. lawrence: and you know who else is excitementedded about this? -- excited about this? the governor, brian kemp, who was on "fox & friends" earlier. as you know, they took the all-star game from atlanta, making sure those businesses didn't get all those millions of dollars. this is what he had to say earlier with you guys. watch. >> it's a great win for the organization, certainly the team, what they did. looking back to where they were in august versus how they
5:35 am
finished, it's been great. it's been great for the fans, it has been a madhouse, the three games in atlanta which was great to see, but it was also great for small business owners which i know we talked about back when the all-star decision was made. that's really the most gratifying thing, is people that really got a raw deal back this summer, it more than made up for it now with having the world series, and that's a testament to the braves' organization. lawrence: brian, as you know, business in texas is always bigger and better, but the astros want to redeem themselves. you know the controversy over cheating and all of that and in 2019 they lost to the washington nationals here at home. so this is their tame to redeem -- time to redeem themselves. brian: yeah. it's going to be interesting. it'll be a packed house, lot of emotion. houston certainly knows what they have to do. they've got the experience. lawrence jones, look forward to your coverage, and we'll watch game six tonight at 8:00 if that's okay with you.
5:36 am
lawrence: that's okay with me as long as you send me a copy of your book. brian: right. or i'll drop it off in your office because you're going to interview me thursday on it. i look forward to that. it's decision day in virginia, and ainsley is talking to parents ahead of the highly anticipated vote for governor. is that true, ainsley? ainsley: that is absolutely true, not fake news, brian. we're talking to this panel of ten individuals of. we have a teacher, we have a gentleman who took his kids out of loudoun county schools, we have parents from other countries that are trying to give their kids a better life than they had. many of them escaped their countries to come here, and they're talking about how important education is. so we have so much to get to today. right on the other side of the break we're going to be talking to these voters and these parents. stay with us. ♪ people living in my classes, while i was scheming for the masses ♪♪
5:37 am
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♪ ainsley: well, you are taking a live look at virginia beach right now as voters are heading to the polls to cast their vote for golf, and -- for governor, and this morning we are live in fair tax county talking about to parents. we have so many guests here, we have ten individuals all with different stories, and we'll start down here at the front. this is dennis. and dennis moved here from iran. you grew up in iran for 13 years. you were a christian. only 1% of that country are christians, so i think you had -- you've been through a lot. you said your dad was jailed. you brought your children -- you had your children here in america, you wanted to give them a better life. you said i was nervous about speaking out against hi school district, but i felt it was important. why is it important? you said no one messes with my kids. >> so just like any parent here, my kids are my red line. you can mess with me all i want, i have thick skin. i've been through thick and thin. it doesn't bother me, but my
5:42 am
kids with innocent. they don't know anything about this life yet. they're still growing up. they're very young. so when i see this kind of tough going on, when i see how dismissive these school board members are, i see how dismissive the education system is at this point, they're going to one direction, they're going for ideology, and they're not going for education. their education is ideology at this point. so my job as a parent is to the protect my kids. against any tyranny. doesn't matter what it is. you cross that line, you're dealing with me now. my kids are behind me. you're going to go through me before you get to my kids. ainsley: do you regret speaking out in. >> of course not. of course not. and this is why, as i said, this is why i started my last form to make that voice heard. and people need to step up. parents need to step the up. you have to realize, i didn't grow up privileged. we didn't grow up rich.
5:43 am
but we grew up in a free country. the opportunities that this country has given us, especially the immigrants that come here, we call them fobs, fresh off the boat, i'm one of them. i still have an allege sent -- accent. the opportunities this country gives to us is endless. it's up to us to choose if you want to take advantage of the opportunities. i put my life on the line for my kids. i will do whatever i can to give them what i didn't have growing up. that's their privilege. i'm giving it to them because i create privileges for myself. i buy what i want when i want. nobody's going to tell me you can't buy this or you can't do this. i have learned many skill sets as growing up because i was interested in it. i was able to spend $100 to buy a tool to fix something. ainsley: yeah. >> nobody stopped me, nobody's going to stop me, and i will never allow anybody to stop he.
5:44 am
and if my kids are going to follow in the same path, if somebody tries to stop them, they're going to have to go through me. i will do this until the day i die. ainsley: such a good reminder of this free country we live in. in the back is elizabeth. and, elizabeth, you were telling he that you are voting for youngkin because he actually listens to you and these other parents. >> that's right. terry mcauliffe has said that this was something that glenn youngkin created and that there was nothing to be had here. in actuality, before -- this started in loudoun county well before the convention that named youngkin as our candidate. and he sat down and he listened to us. we've been asking for the school board to have a town hall meeting where they would actually answer questions and have a dialogue. and they have yet to do so. so we know that when it's time to vote, we're going to vote for someone who has a servant's
5:45 am
mindset and that they want to be a political servant, they -- they want to be a public servant, not a political servant. ainsley: paul who's in the back is a football coach. i understand you trained some of the redskins? and you all could teach at one of the loudoun county schools. have they been forcing you to teach something you didn't want to teach in. >> well, as a teacher, you kind of fall in line and you go to train from things just like any other business. it's difficult to kind of -- you talk amongst your colleagues and you have debate. forced, i mean, it's required, so i guess that would be forced. finish i think that it just comes down to clarity from the top which has not happened. now, from the principals, i agree, they do a good job leading. i'm all for that and my principal's great. but from the top down, it's a message against law are. so as teachers, we're constantly
5:46 am
asking where's the disconnect, and it's vast across the country. ainsley: i love how you pour into these children's lives, and they need you in that school. i know you've been in a youngkin ad. let's go to the front, this is with derek, and he is with fight for schools, you have two daughters and you decided to pull them out and put them in private school. why did you do that? >> last spring the private schools in this area were being flooded with applications, so we needed to make a decision. we weren't happy, we didn't know if they were going to go back in the fall. the kids had already been out of school for a full year. the curriculum was all this leftist indoctrination. the school board clearly had that kind of slant on things, and so we decided we needed to make a decision, and we had to make it back then in "news of te world" to get -- in order to get into the private schools in the fall. we like it here and we want the schools to be good schools --
5:47 am
ainsley: told me your girls are happy there. it's hard to make a teenage girl change schools in high school, but you did the right thing, and you're a good parent. >> i think for us did the right thing. auction eans right here on the front, we have dimis. his youtube channel is immigrant corner, and harry jackson, your education matters is the show, right? thank you all so much. let's check in with janice for our fox weather forecast. janice: hi, ainsley. taking a look at our election day forecast, no big storm systems, but we cough some rain and mountain the snow especially if you live across the rockies, the coldest air of the season ticking southward except along the gulf coast and in the florida. frost and freeze advisories in effect for parts of the ohio and tennessee river valley, in towards the mid atlantic and the northeast where we have those freeze warnings meaning that extended length of time where we have below freezing temperatures, and that is going to be widespread for part if ifs
5:48 am
of new jersey in towards the northeast. there's your forecast. again, no big storm systems. we do have our next system poised to come onshore across the west, we could see some scattered storms over the southern and central is plains, snow in the higher elevations of the rockies and showers and perhaps a thunderstorm or two for parts of the mid-atlantic. as you can see, it's cold for a lot of these areas, but you know what? no big storm systems. we'll take that. right, ainsley? back to you. ainsley: thank you. that's exactly right. thank you so much is, janice. 8:47 here on the east coast and still ahead, a friendship that changed the course of history. how abraham lincoln and frederick douglass worked together, but first let's check in with bill hemmer, you've got to yet the book, bill. bill: brian did a great job on it, hats off to him. a lot of people are going to learn that story this hearn history. ainsley, good job in virginia. thank you. it is here, this is what democracy is all about.
5:49 am
it's election day, and we'll tell you what to catch watch from our team of experts. also we'll talk to glenn youngkin here with his closing argument here on election day. senator tom cotton, he's been waiting for an answer from the a.g. for a week. did he get one? we'll is ask him. it's a big day, america. come along for the ride. we'll see you in 12 minutes, top of the hour.
5:50 am
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♪♪ brian: well, about an hour ago the book two year in the making, it finally goes on sale, the president and the freedom fighter. i wanted to tell you about frederick douglass, abraham lincoln, how they coincided, and we thought we'd do it first in this piece. the american civil war. over 600,000 would die over the course of four years. but the united states to survive and reunitie ask become -- reunify, they would need extraordinary leaders. two emerged, abraham lincoln, the president. frederick douglass, the freedom fighter. together, they would make america a more effort if union. >> america's been blessed to have the right people at the right time. >> we think back to those days
5:54 am
in the civil war where brothers literally fought blood brothers. towers fought -- fathers taught their kids because -- fought their kids because they wanted the declaration of independence and this notion that all men were created equal to be real. brian: in abraham lincoln you had a person with the odds stacked against him. bill, how can a young man born to illiterate parents in abject poverty with only one year of formal education citizen emerge as one of america's perhaps best presidents who would lead us through a war and emancipate all enslaved people? >> well, he was an amazing person. i guess today we'd call him gifted. he had a vision, he had ambition. brian: as tough as abraham lincoln's first 14 years were, frederick douglass had it a whole lot worse. he was born a slave. he had to escape, but he wanted
5:55 am
freedom for himself and for all. douglass relentlessly continued his self-education, he started a newspaper and was a lecturer known around the world. as flawed as america was for the african-american, he didn't want another country. >> he wanted to make his stand here almost in biblical terms. he saw the promise of america which is hard to do when you're being beaten. so douglass' gift was he never let the slave owners own him. brian: in the 1850s as they began to rise in stature miles apart, america was coming apart. the north and south were diverging on the issue of slavery. the status quo would not stand. paving the way for the her generals of the republican party. seizing the opportunity a one-term congressman, lawyer from the midwest, abraham lincoln. the railsplitter from illinois would grab the nomination and
5:56 am
presidency, but by the time he arrived at the white house, seven states had left the union. secession was not an option. the war was on. did he actually know what he was getting into? >> i don't think so, but lincoln knew the law, and he knew the constitution backwards and forward. so he realizedded after fort sumter happened and a lot of the country wasn't accepting him as president, he correctly diagnosed union, union, union, keep the country together, and then the abolition of slavery as the two grand causes of the civil war. brian: as for frederick douglass, lincoln's win was all about hope. but when he didn't immediately free the slaves -- >> the whole story is that progress takes patience. douglass should have been, rightfully so, ang ily at the lack of progress, pushing lincoln. at the same time, you have to
5:57 am
admire and respect lincoln's patience. brian: the white house looks a lot like it did back in 1860 when abraham lincoln was president. you could line up on that por to to. and if hope -- porch and hope the president would see you one-on-one. that's what doug lass decided to do. >> he knew he was a prophetic figure. he knew that he carried some baggage with him politically, but he wanted to meet douglass. brian: after the initial heating, a bond was formed. -- meeting, a bond was formed. douglass traveled the nation recruiting blacks into the army, the most prolific unit? the 54th massachusetts infantry. >> it included his own two sons. i was amazed at how important the hearn -- the american flag was. when they were being shot at, the african-americans holding the flag, doesn't want it to touch the soil because it was so important to defend our flag because it was defending our
5:58 am
nation. brian: lincoln and douglass would meet a total of three times face to face, and it would help lincoln win re-election. the union would go on to win the war, free an entire race from slavery and allow our nation to reunite. with so much work left to do together, john wilkes booth's assassination robbed frederick douglass of a partner and america of its greatest president at a time of our greatest need. frederick douglass would outlive abraham lincoln by 0 years. his may -- 30 years. his major mark this american history came alongside our 16th president. together they were unstoppable. steve: what an interesting story that a lot of people don't know. brian, explain how they were alike. how were they similar? brian: both self-made men. the odds were stacked against them, obviously, more for frederick douglass as somebody
5:59 am
born into slavery, never knew his family, sold off, rented out and then manageed to teach the himself to read, write and become this prolific author and intellect. lincoln was worn to it literate -- born to illiterate parents, abject poverty. the special is november 7th. that'll be sunday at 10:00. here are some of the places i'll be, a live signing at 2:30. carly's going to help he out there. brian saturday in lexington, west virginia still hasesome tickets at 4:00 in the afternoon, maybe jim justice will be there. orlando on the 21st and clearwater on the 25th. mcclain, virginia, on saturday and then -- excuse me, on december 5th. so it's going to be a busy couple of months, but i look forward to talking to everyone about it. steve: congratulations. the book, buy it right now -- ainsley: congratulations, brian. steve: and go to brian
6:00 am
and, ainsley, you wanted to say so long to the folks down in. ainsley: i wanted to thank our panel. i've loved getting to know y'all. i wish you all the best. keep fighting, and we are going to be watching your state very closely today on fox news channel. god bless you all and your children, thank you. brian: all right -- ainsley: okay, everyone, i think that is the end of our show. brian, what's your web site again? brian: brine kill immediate --


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