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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 3, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> america. voters cast their ballots for mayors, governors and local measures. the results could make this far from a typical election day with far reaching consequences for both the republicans and the democrats as they prepare to face off in the midterm elections. we continue coverage of decision day 2021.
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we continue coverage from yesterday's races and i have to say it was a wild day from start to finish. you figure republicans should win some races, democrats will win others. i don't think people saw what happened in virginia and what happened in new jersey happening. >> a shock for everyone, glenn youngercan claiming victory over terry mcauliffe. will tell you why the outcome of this race should have democrats worried as they try to hold onto their slim power on capitol hill and president biden's ability to lead. >> we won this thing. >> as wild as that was, another nailbiter of the race for
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governor in the garden state of new jersey, governor murphy in a dead heat with his republican challenger jack ciattarelli and this is when we will be watching for the next several days. jason chaffetz joining us and leslie marshall, another fox news contributor and democratic strategists which i took a look at those numbers and when you are talking a margin of less than 2000 votes reminds me in some ways of election night 2016 when you were just watching every last vote come in. are you surprised as most people are to see this race so close from the garden state? >> yes, going into this, governor murphy was 9 percentage points ahead and if he does pull this off and i think he will although it will be very close, much closer than i feel comfortable with, that is a call to democrats.
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i said this before and wrote it in my piece for fox, whether mcauliffe lost virginia or won virginia, if you win, by a very tight margin and either party knows this it is a red flag. there is an alarm that goes out and you've got to say what did we do wrong, what can we do better, how do we not repeat this and that is the same thing going on in new jersey. in new jersey we have middlesex, s6, bergen have votes coming in, they still have mail in votes that come in and all of that does typically lean democratic and i think we take murphy over that 2000 point spread into go higher but again, not as high as we would like to see like a 9% lead like he had going into this election. >> what a when it would be for the gop of jack ciattarelli can pull this one off not just because he is a dynamic personality but because it says a lot about what people in the
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garden state think about the job phil murphy is done and maybe more broadly the job president biden has done. do you think the executive in washington has been a drag on races like we've seen in new jersey and virginia my reading too much into that? >> terry mcauliffe said they were head wents president biden was bringing into the race. if you listen to the candidate himself there were head wents because president biden and kamala harris are poor communicators, their policies are we, they don't resonate with the american people, democrats 12 months ago handily won new jersey and virginia by double digits and here they are fighting for their life in new jersey and lost in virginia and you only get there by not only having the enthusiasm for your party but as i said earlier the independents weighing your
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direction in big numbers, suburban women in virginia, lots of stories how strong republicans were with suburban women and that is a reflection of not only local policies with school but has to do with the economy, what is happening in the southern border, immigration is an issue that affects people, law and order, there's little to nothing the biden harris administration conducted to as they tried to close these races and push them over the edge and they lost in virginia so biden/harris administration is in deep trouble, their agenda is on the brink of collapse. >> let me ask about this issue
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of national issues being distilled to the local. we saw and most people as they do their postmortem on what happened in virginia, maybe it was a miscalculation for terry mcauliffe's campaign to make it all about trump and yet jason makes a strong point when talking about inflation which is a national issue, illegal immigration which is a very important national issue and it resonates and we saw this with hispanic and african-american voters, democrats have to be careful to have a handout, we have policies we think will help but be careful not to alienate some of their base. i are how concerned you are about that as part of the perhaps outcome tonight? >> whether you are democrat or republican it is always a balancing act. you don't want -- for my party you don't want to anger the progressive caucus, republicans don't want to close the door on the trump supporters. what we saw youngcan do is a balancing act. i went to speak to the numbers
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jason talked about, women, college educated white women support mcauliffe larger than they supported president biden, suburban college educated white women but non-college-educated white women went for youngkin more than double what they went for trump. trump was not popular with women. he didn't do well with women but youngkin did and distancing himself from donald trump was a smart way to do it and education which women are concerned about. not saying the guys aren't but in my household, i love you, honey but it is me helping kids with the homework and meeting with the teachers and doing things at the schools. something else about new jersey. if governor murphy is reelected it will be the first time in 44
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years democrat has been reelected. democrats have struggled in the past even if they are doing well and pulling well and getting reelected, not getting elected, getting reelected as governor in the state of new jersey. >> excellent point. i'm curious, when you said governor elect youngkin did well in particular among women, suburban women, did very well statistically speaking and i'm curious, if you are the gop why wouldn't you use this as a template, can you draw on this is a template moving forward. is this the playbook now or does the gop need to do much more to captivate that audience. leslie's point is an important one. if you don't win the suburban women vote, perform at least better than donald trump did that could hurt the gop across the country. >> of got that a great candidate who works hard, who is likable,
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can relate to people and certainly youngkin did and the lieutenant governor candidate was wonderful in terms of relating to people but then you've got policy, policy was such a driving issue here, not only school choice but as you were talking about the suburban women i got to tell you there are a lot of military families in virginia and afghanistan could not have gone worse. my guess is tens of thousands of women were directly affected, had a relative who served in afghanistan who were totally offended by biden and harris and how they handle the extraction out of afghanistan. that is a huge issue for military families in places like georgia, florida, south carolina, north carolina, virginia, those types of things come back to bite you because then they tried to say terry
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mcauliffe is our guy and everybody just looking at him and that anger about afghanistan that radiates out onto mcauliffe. >> you mentioned the newly minted gop lieutenant governor in the commonwealth of virginia. i could almost feel the heat of frustration when you were talking about rolling out these for lack of a better description retread candidates, what gives? why aren't democrats getting out there? they got fresh faces, not so in the gubernatorial races. in new governor murphy - >> - >> the incumbent obviously. i don't know. i was surprised when i heard terry mcauliffe was going to win.
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the number one reason somebody votes for an individual's name recognition, doesn't matter if you are democrat or republican. that is why celebrities like donald trump or ronald reagan can toss their name into the ring and do well. larry elder for example. leaning among a field of 50 people, trying to run against gavin newsom if the recall was successful in his name rose to the top because people knew who he was. name recognition people knew who he was and very different from the candidate republicans are putting forth. and very different in the sense of he is just like donald trump was not an establishment guy, after four years of that the country was like i guess we do want and establishment guy and went back to a very
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establishment guy, and joe biden and democrats were looking at the success they had in the general election after trump, even though it was ralph northrom, started out to be trump and non-trump until youngkin's campaign did something very smart which was to make it about local issues that they start really caught on like fire, like a wildfire and that was education and tide that with critical race theory and democrats need to learn from that, you have to go with an issue but back to your point i don't know why people like to parade big names out there that may not win. then again there are republicans were very concerned about youngkin in the beginning and even a month ago, because he didn't have the experience, because he was a newbie in this arena but we all know the newbie can show up.
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i would like to say one more thing. jason talked about president biden not being a strong speaker. bill clinton and barack obama, two of the strongest speakers, even republicans would say, out there. incredible or raiders. they have stumped for people that lost. the reason for that is it is not bill clinton or joe biden or kamala harris or barack obama or donald trump either. it is that doesn't help them. that doesn't matter. it is the candidate, it is the issues and it is the campaign they run the race they run. you can have celebrities galore show up. at that does not move the needle and we see that election after election whether it is the end gubernatorial election or presidential election. >> well said, we will get more from leslie and jason as we continue our coverage on fox news channel, thank you so much. a quick look at the numbers
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again before we head to break a last check, 1200 votes separating murphy and ciattarelli. as i take a close look, a little over 1000, 1200 votes. the gop candidate hanging on despite a number of votes still out. >> who would've thought neck in new jersey, is this wake-up call for democrats? we will have more in our continuing coverage of election night 2021 when we come back.
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>> i want to tell you that we won but i'm here to tell you that we are winning. we are winning. we won, we won every legal vote counted. and you on though the way the provisionals worker we have to make sure every legal vote is counted. i'm confident, i stand before you and not say we are winning, i can say we won. >> we are sorry tonight could not yet be the celebration we
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wanted it to be but as i said, when every vote is counted and every vote will be counted, we hope to have a celebration. thank you all. may god bless you all and may god continue to bless the great state of new jersey and the united states of america. >> the race for governor in new jersey too close to call and fill murphy in a dead heat with jack ciattarelli in virginia. glenn youngkin is projected winner after defeating former democratic governor terry mcauliffe. we are joined by gop strategist matt gorman a democrat strategist, former obama campaign communications advisor and author of patriot 2 nation. i want to start with you, spencer. we've been talking about this, is this wake-up call and how will this change the strategy
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moving into 2022? >> it certainly should be and i am a little bit worried that democrats might take long lessons from this. i often say democrats are really good at policy is not very good at politics and i also say your enemy is not your enemy, your enemy is your teacher, republicans keep giving democrats free lessons and now to do politics, without making everything about the details of policy and democrats seem not to be learning that lesson. that's not true of all of them. we have great exceptions like a rock obama, bill clinton, president biden leads from the head and hard but in general democrats tend to be stuck in their head and want to argue over should we be farther left, more to the middle and that's a pleasant to take from this. >> mcauliffe campaign brought in quite a few well known democrats to campaign for them.
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why wasn't that enough? >> i heard leslie say over it is seldom enough and that's a really good point, just because somebody is famous and well-liked does not mean the global transfers from them to another candidate. you will generate press coverage and all that sort of thing but i'm not sure it can be proven to make a difference to voters, voters need to feel like they have what at least feels like an authentic, emotional connection with the candidate. they are not keeping track of the policy details or which famous people endorsed more don't endorse them. what they want to know is you deeply care about them and you are a strong leader who will fight for them. that's the message you need to get across. >> on that note you talk about big names, throughout the campaign it seemed like glenn youngkin was trying to distance himself from donald trump. even when donald trump held a rally for him he kind of backed off and didn't want any part of that. good move on his part?
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>> reporter: glenn youngkin had no surge coming into nugent diminish virginia, he was campaigning with virginians for virginia, terry mcauliffe, stacy ms. barack obama, all these people that weren't actually from the commonwealth and to the broader point terry mcauliffe wanted to nationalize this race, he wanted his opponent to be donald trump. the reason we are sitting here with governor like youngcandidate is he focused on kitchen table issues, economy, crime, education that voters cared about. >> he actually said in his acceptance speech tonight on day one he was to start transforming
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education and restoring excellence in schools, hiring teachers, special education, really wanting to focus on the education it you which is what seems to have really put him over the edge in this election with suburban moms? >> it has and that is the theme he has been hitting on since he started this campaign. we've seen this issue bubble up in loudoun county with the school board, with parents voicing their concerns, we bubbled up in virginia beach and two areas that were pivotal to him, both those places, and it is indicative of the strategy and never wavered off of those messages. >> youngkin talked about cutting taxes, putting more money in people's pockets. that's a huge issue and i'm sure that is something other republican candidates will latch onto as well, wouldn't you say? >> i would and you can say it doesn't take too much out of people's pockets but it adds up and makes you, looking proactive in looking for civilians to lower the price of everyday goods.
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right now we have president biden claiming gas will be a 3 gallons until next year, looks like he is reacting were youngkin, the republicans going forward. >> back to you again, what you think democrats are doing as far as changing pace, changing the strategy, are they going to focus more on issues that really seem to matter that put these candidates over the edge in these races most people thought would end up going to the democrats and did not? >> democrats are strong on the issues, not just the soundness, disturbing pattern that has shown up repeatedly over the years, americans generally speaking like democratic policy positions but not sure they like democrats. that gets the heart of what i'm saying, issues are important but
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it is not the issues that lose voters but the way those issues feel. talking about the impact of taxes, to get into a debate, who those taxes affect and yielding a higher return on investment and that is missing the point, texas just feel like money is being taken away from me and i don't like that and you need to communicate that you care about what they care about and you don't get that feeling by debating the details of taxes. >> all the issues that mean so much to people, although school board meetings with passionate parents, people want more money in their pockets, all these things resonate and other races right there in virginia, the first black female lieutenant governor in that state's history, former marine, people seem to relate to her like
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youngkin, she was talking directly to them. >> that is important and you mention all the anger at school board meetings around the country and that's another good case in point. if we respond to all the upset about critical race theory by arguing with people about what critical race theory means, whether there is race baiting behind it and whether we should just have an accurate curriculum on the history of race in this country, all of that loses the connection over the emotion which is people are worried about what critical race theory sounds like to them and what it is made to feel like to them and you need to connect more on the level of listen, no americans are in favor of unfairness, we want everybody to have a fair deal so when we talk about race, we are talking all-americans being equal and everyone having a fair shot, when we talk about history were talking about the actual history of this country
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which includes the progress we've made but if you respond by debating what critical race theory is you expect the proposition that something needs to be carefully analyzed because it is kind of worrisome. >> do you think this will get some democrats to move further away from the right thing what happened in these shock elections? >> it's a mistake to think the lessons from this election or most elections is that you should move away from the right and more towards the left or vice versa. this is not the debate in the democratic party, a symptom of the problem i'm most worried about because one of the things trump has shown us and other leaders have shown us, you can look at trump's policies, some of for pretty far left wing, you have these tariffs and redistribute wealth for farmers who were impacted by those tariffs and then other ones were pretty far to the right and others you couldn't make sense if they were left or right, they
12:29 am
were just populist or just some performance of a policy and his supporters didn't punish them for that because one of his strengths is he connect with people emotionally and at least appears like he cares about them and at least appears like he's fighting for the. i would argue that he doesn't and he isn't that he is convincing and these convincing on the level of emotional authenticity. the more i see democrats arguing about we need to appeal to the democratic base more when the lesson is we need to appeal to moderates more makes me worry because they are just continuing to miss the point. you can have a wide range of policy positions as long as voters feel like you actually get them and care about them and you're going to fight for them. >> that is the key. thank you for being with us. >> we are so divided right now, we are missing the beauty of our diversity. we have to end all of the division of who we are, what did
12:30 am
we wear. note:today we take off the intramural jersey and put on one jersey in new york. >> i will tell you this. in the aftermath of bill deblasio who single-handedly destroyed the city that we love, single-handedly, i am pledging my support to the new mayor, eric adams because we are all going to have to coalesce together in harmony and solidarity if we are going to save this city that we love. >> the mayoral candidates, and tonight the man who comes in a very distant second losing to the former brooklyn borough president and former cop your new mayor, eric adams in the spirit gotham, a huge win for him.
12:31 am
he is going to have a range now for $100 billion budgets. he has promised to spend more wisely and to improve on the outgoing mayor's performance, bill deblasio which by most voters opinion but not be a difficult bar. we continue live coverage on the fox news channel as we watch what has come over throughout the day. i just want to show you something i just learned about, they be an hour ago, we have been watching the seattle city attorneys race. a lot of people talking about what might happen in that race. nicole thomas kennedy, very controversial candidate who had some very controversial things to say about law enforcement and full of law in general ends up with 41% of the vote in that race, 59% going to the winner, and davidson, but a surprise in the emerald city. >> another surprising race, one
12:32 am
to keep an eye on it more continuing coverage of election night coming up.
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>> welcome back to continuing election coverage recapping the top political story republican glenn youngkin pull the major upset defeating terry mcauliffe in the race for virginia governor. it was a in neck race in the week leading up to last night's election, youngkin who has never held political office was able to fit terry mcauliffe making education a top issue in his gop campaign, the victory was possible long-term consequences for both parties. griff jenkins joins us. good morning. do we have griff? not sure we've got him. as we were telling you we are
12:38 am
recapping, glenn youngkin pulling off a major upset defeating terry mcauliffe. unbelievable when you look at these numbers and you see how close this race was. >> razor thin margin. what i found most interesting was the crazy flip when you consider where donald trump finished in the race for the white house and the commonwealth, compare that to where glenn youngkin finished. it speaks to perhaps as we talked about in our conversation with jason chaffetz and leslie marshall a template moving forward for gop candidates around the country as we welcome them into the conversation. i would say this. one of the things i really enjoyed about watching this unfold tonight was this idea that the people's voice really did matter. this wasn't about party line,
12:39 am
people were democrats, people who were republicans back to the car, this was something people were coming over to one side from both parties and that speaks to the issues that resonated with the parents in particular tonight and maybe that was the big difference in the state of virginia. who knows if that will be a big play when we get closer to the midterm elections in 2022. >> a lot of voters saying they felt glenn youngkin was speaking to them, they got to know him and that gave him an edge, helped push him over the edge and that is for sure. we show those numbers to people, there's a lot of shock among democrats when those numbers come in and when they saw the final vote that youngkin pulled off the win, everyone wondering if this is a wake-up call for democrats but recapping a neck in neck race in the weeks
12:40 am
leading up to the election and youngkin never held political office before but he was able to do it. griff jenkins joins us with more. >> i was listening to you guys talk about whether this is a sign for democrats but make no mistake, this was a blow to democrats. it looks like a red wave is sweeping, fox calling the race for glenn youngkin but also has the lieutenant governor meeting as well as the attorney general, that would be not only significant because of the republicans we thought it would be but there would be so many ceilings broken, the first black woman, jamaican born next marine, would be the lieutenant governor and the first hispanic to hold statewide office in virginia, with jason euros as
12:41 am
attorney general the going back to the glenn youngkin victory and how significant that is remember mcauliffe brought in the help of president biden, vice president harris, former president obama into the race as he sought to tie youngkin to trump and fell short. we were at the polling station, we talked to many of the voters, many of whom were voting for youngkin and one of them told me i am voting down the middle but voting for youngkin because the democrats aren't the same democrats of old, clearly an indication people are watching what is happening in washington, progressive stronghold the democrats have on the negotiations playing a big part in addition to the education issue. if we had this conversation a month ago terry mcauliffe had a
12:42 am
landslide, for decades we've always had a switch of power from the president's party to the next person to win governor, terry mcauliffe in 2013 was the first to break that. he was the kid that could do no wrong. now he is the one who has lost and it is going to be a reshuffling of the deck for democrats as we head into november how can we correct the mistakes made here. youngkin a political newcomer did a very good job of catalyzing on political mistakes mcauliffe made mainly in the debate when he said the difference between parents and their kids the choices parents can make about what their kids are taught in school but it is larger than that and any democrat running for office next november the doesn't recognize that could be looking at a real uphill battle.
12:43 am
>> will be see a domino effect? this is the beginning of what is possibly to come as we move on into 2022. you think democrats are nervous right now? >> i think they are and as we are talking in the dead of night everyone is watching what is happening in the garden state, in new jersey but let's not forget, the capitol behind me in richmond is going to be the symbol of what republicans should do. to paint the democrats as out of touch and not listening to the people's voices, parents and school boards, that's going to be the template, or are they will be at their own risk. you will see on january 15th glenn youngkin will be sworn in
12:44 am
in the building behind me, the first republican to be sworn in as governor behind me in 12 years and that is significant in a state that was years ago red, then trended blue. president biden won virginia by 10 points. ralph northron won in 2017 by 9 points. this wasn't necessarily a purple state, this is a blue state and glenn youngkin, a businessman came in and knocked it down. is there a chance for recall, there is knowledge under virginia state law there is no automatic recount. the losing candidate can challenge the winning candidate if the margin is one% or less. as foxes called it is two points, this one is in the books, you bet democrats are paying attention and we will see what happens in that close new jersey race. >> we've been talking about
12:45 am
suburban voters, do you think those passionate parents in the school board meetings for the last few months have a lot to do with youngcan's victory, sending them over the edge in this election? >> you bet. for you put your finger on it. it is the suburban voters. when youngkin claimed victory they were blaring ac/dc's thunderclap to a group of moms and dads in chantilly, virginia 25 miles outside. northern virginia suburbs trended blue, came to youngcan saying -- we will get the actual numbers but the indications are clear, even in places like richmond in the northern suburb where we were, the trended toward glenn youngcannons and data showing similar results in virginia beach the suburbs are the key. when we look back decades ago when it was about the soccer moms, republicans rode a wave under george w. bush for the suburban mom and pop.
12:46 am
that is in play in what happened in virginia. >> thank you very much live in richmond and if you're just joining us glenn youngkin pulling off a win, the new governor of virginia. is this a wake-up call for democrats. we will talk about this more. >> i say soccer because if you look at the polling two or three months ago and predicted glenn youngkin would have been here now i would love to buy you dinner. that was one heckuva rally, more on that race. more on another race that is still ongoing, the gubernatorial race in new jersey, to the governor's for the state house. it is still a republican leading, jack ciattarelli is up 1,000,1735265 so still -- i have to do my math but right around
12:47 am
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>> coverage of election night. >> i apologize. >> cipher that, go ahead. >> don't worry. i to remind everybody was curious what was happening in the emerald city, a republican by the name of van davidson has won the city attorney's race knocking on her challenger, nicole thomas kennedy. you've heard a lot about thomas kennedy, she faced heavy backlash after tweeting about her, quote, rabid hatred for police and phrasing violence on officers administrative rights of 2020. it is in davidson, a republican winning the city attorney race in seattle and speaking of races, too close to determine the rate state of new jersey gubernatorial race, still too close to call as jack ciattarelli continues to lead the incumbent, should make for an interesting few days ahead. >> you can't get tighter than
12:53 am
that race, getting tighter by the minute it seems like. let's go to our panel for some final thoughts. leslie, we will start with you. >> i do think governor murphy will be the first in 44 years democrats a be reelected as governor. when i look at the breakdown of what is left outstanding it is 99% of what is left outstanding our democratic areas where voters typically lean left and are blue so i think he will pull that out but as for my party they need to unite, they need to pass legislation, they need to show that they are in power and work together. that's what they were elected to do. >> final thoughts? >> watch some of the down ballot race related to crime. seattle city attorney, the defund referendum in minneapolis, the socialist buffalo mayor lost.
12:54 am
watch the san francisco district attorney recall, very far left, watch that coming next year. >> spencer, a thought from you? >> i think democrats need to ask themselves the hard question of why is it even close given the current state of the republican party? you are offered a choice from our point of you may life hand grenade for dinner or the chicken and asking how is the chicken prepared, wise it even close? we will find the answer by getting out of their heads and figuring out what is going on. >> the america first agenda works, at a dose of humility and you can have great success like the governor elect youngkin.
12:55 am
look at the diversity republicans brought to this, great night for hispanics and republicans, great night for african-americans, the democrats worst nightmare, they are losing on policy, democrats are losing with some of the other parts of the electorate they normally count on and just assume they are always going to win. >> thank you to the entire panel. >> appreciate it and thank you for joining us today as we watch the election unfold.
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>> we are empowered by a righteous conviction in our children's future. >> this amazing commonwealth of virginia. >> it is wednesday november 3rd at the big day for republicans as fox news projects glenn youngkin will defeat democrat governor terry mcauliffe in virginia. todd: a


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