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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 3, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> we are empowered by a righteous conviction in our children's future. >> this amazing commonwealth of virginia. >> it is wednesday november 3rd at the big day for republicans as fox news projects glenn youngkin will defeat democrat governor terry mcauliffe in virginia. todd: a statewide election with
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national implications and a warning sign for the democratic party and blow to president biden. jillian: we are keep an eye on the nailbiter governors race in new jersey where republican jack ciattarelli has so far outperformed expectations in his bid to unseat your mercy. that race remains too close to call. todd: what a wild night. todd: it came at 12:30 in the morning when glenn youngercan was called next governor of virginia. >> you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: we have live team coverage this morning. marianne referee, bad news for biden, former virginia state senate candidate ron meyer will react to it all. todd: we begin with jenkins wrapping up the results. >> reporter: good morning. it appears a red wave is
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sweeping the state capital behind me in richmond. fox is watching, close calls with the lieutenant governor, attorney general, i will get to that but glenn youngkin defeating terry mcauliffe, former democratic governor. let's go to the race, you can see 3 point margin, 50.7, 248.six. if you want to know where the republican playbook in november of next year lies it is in the state capitol binding, youngcan become the first republican going to be sworn in in more than 12 years, this is a significant when, several voters that played a role, youngconsidering while ac/dc blurred thunderstruck 25 miles west of dc image into the suburbs. a little bit of what he had to say at his victory speech
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talking about that issue that won it for him, education. >> we are going to introduce choice within the public school system. we are going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. >> back to the red way of, winston sears leading in fox polls, if she wins, the first black woman told statewide office in the commonwealth, and ask marine. some called the race for her. we will see where it goes. one thing is for sure, she was celebrating last night. here is what winston sears had to say. >> what you are looking at is the american dream. a historic night but i didn't run to make history, i just wanted to leave it better than i found it. >> history doesn't stop with her. fox as jason me are a leading for attorney general, he would
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be the first hispanic told statewide office as well as he does win. we will analyze all day long how terry mcauliffe, former governor bucked the trend of pretty shifting after presidential for governor, he did in 2013, fell short this time, brought in president biden, vice president harris, former president obama and ran on a ticket tying it to donald trump and it fell very short. there is also a red wave element, 6 delegate races where it appears republicans are leading, if it holds true would deliver the house of delegates back to republican control. it is a big night for republicans here in virginia, in richmond. if democrats see it as anything other than a big blow depending on where things end up here
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later today, they do it at their own peril. >> is glenn youngkin stepped up to the mic to claim victory president biden got of air force one, the democratic candidate he supported suffering defeat. >> exclusive fox news analysis reveals dc politics played a role in key races. >> indeed it did. listen to president biden just hours ago downplaying his influence on the race. >> i don't believe, i've not seen any evidence that whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i've got my agenda passed or not is going to have any real impact on winning or losing. i think we're going to win in virginia but the off year is always unpredictable. >> as we now know the race was projected as a win for
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republican glenn young to begin shortly after that. is much as biden claims his hands are out of it a fox news voter analysis survey shows majority of voters in the commonwealth, 52% disapprove of the president's job performance, even more, 64% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. these voters say the most important issue, number one, economy, and jobs, number 2, handling the coronavirus and third education. problem is a big chunk of these voters feel biden is failing on all these issues, the data showing the overarching majority of virginians who feel the country is going in the wrong direction for the youngkin. >> former trump white house chief of staff mark meadows says what many i thinking, youngcan's victories and a clear message to the commander-in-chief and his party. >> the only thing uglier for team biden is hunter biden's artwork.
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this was a seismic shift, a tsunami. it is a bellwether, from here we go to nevada and wisconsin and other states. it is a reminder of what works and what doesn't work which when virginians go to the gas pump and they are pumping their gas and paying more for gas than they have under donald trump it is a reminder that these are failed policies. >> let's bring in ron meyer, state senate candidate. you could imagine democrats across the country including president biden are thinking my gosh, we need to change our strategy. >> this is a harbinger for 2022, no doubt what happened last night will go into next year and shows terry mcauliffe's strategy of calling glenn youngkin donald trump for the past year hasn't paid off at all.
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basically the strategy that democrats of adopted of calling every republican trump hasn't worked in 2021, failed in virginia, it will fail in 2022 unless they run on something. if you look at president biden's record, the things people showed up yesterday and said they were frustrated about, those things don't seem they are being addressed by this administration and aren't going away. that is going to go into the 2022 house races. things are looking a lot better for republicans and some moderate democrats in key races are really afraid based on what happened yesterday. in virginia we needed a perfect storm for republicans to win this state and it happened, biden's numbers, mcauliffe's lackluster campaign, youngcan brought back some anti-trump republicans and excited the pro trump base and created lightning in a bottle. this is a blue state in virginia that turned red because of perfect circumstances. >> is this a warning to democrats not just in virginia but across the nation that you
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need to give the middle and upper middle class suburban voter what they want and need or you will lose? >> look at the suburbs. i used to sit on the county board, swung 16 points toward glenn youngkin versus 2017 because of these education issues. loudoun county education issues, glenn might not have won loudoun county to close the gap by 15 points and had larger turnout downstate. at the model for nationwide republicans, education issues where democrats are trying to use divisive tactics in our schools and elsewhere is going to backfire on them. when you combine that with the economy, it is not a winning strategy for the democrats or republicans if they stick to these bread-and-butter issues that parents care about, issues that people from all demographics care about is a winning ticket for them rather
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than focusing on personality. if you get into these issues that is going to make 2022 good for republicans. >> we will be talking about how glenn youngkin went from a 2% name recognition to winning the race for years and one thing a did, he remains attractive to trump supporters while also getting people who supported president biden to vote for him. >> when i was working the polls yesterday there was a guy who drove up in a tesla, took a republicans have about insulin voting republican this year, i voted for biden last year and you wonder why, you talk to voters like that and it is exactly these issues, they are tied of what is happening with the economy, tired of what is happening with our schools, this
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is the shift, these tesla driving people who voted for president biden considering republicans, people being open-minded again, the post trump hero for republicans especially in virginia where trump wasn't well-liked, there is a lien for victory and nationwide the trump base, if you can excite the trump base, brought new people into the party and bring back people who didn't like his personality, that's the ticket, that is a big base of people you could win for years to come. >> we will be allies in this race for years to come. our show will join us for the next hour and 15 minutes. appreciate it. >> in new jersey the race for governor is it that he felt republican jack ciattarelli and democrat incumbent phil murphy within 1200 votes with 88% of the votes counted. ciattarelli over performance expectations as he spent most of the last few months down double digits in the polls. governor murphy was expected to run away with this election but i republican enthusiasm and the state of shifting opinion on president biden weighing heavily on the race, thousands of folks
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from democrat leaning areas yet to be counted but one to watch for sure. >> we will talk about this all morning long. some other elections to tell you about, in ohio, the trump endorsed candidate beating alex russo for the state's fifteenth district seat, replacing longtime republican who stepped down in may. in the state's eleventh district, democrat brenner, the seat remaining blue. >> democrat eric adams claiming victory in new york city's mayoral race defeating republican curtis sliwa. >> we are missing the beauty of our diversity. we put on one jersey in new york. >> adams, retired nypd's and
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practices the surging office. >> president biden facing a number of problems as he arrives overnight on the heels of the massive climate summit. jillian: the claims the president made about inflation, the light chain crisis and more. >> a lot of stuff. president biden is back on terra firma at the white house after a 5 abroad, with world leaders at the g 20 summit and the top 26 global warming conference in glasgow. key take aways from scotland include pledges by over 100 countries to cut emissions of greenhouse gas methane and work to end global deforestation. the president tangled with questions from the press including things like supply-chain difficulties and rising energy costs. >> the significant reason it is up is covid affecting the supply chain. if you look at gas prices and
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take a look at oil prices, that is a consequence of russia or opec nations to pump more oil. >> leaders of two countries directly linked to two of those issues, xi of china and putin of russia were no shows at the summit. president biden called them both out saying they missed crucial face time with him and others. in attendance, a huge contingent of white house officials and other political figures. noted the expense to the environment, and house all of these folks. >> when will the democrats understand the policies they are pushing, policies they are implementing is hurting americans who are on the brink
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of being energy independent but with the biden administration shutting down american jobs, letting putin avenue pipeline and asking opec to produce more but not america. >> specifically being called out is controls on the energy industry to meet these climate goals and there is that more than half $1 billion in funding that has to be approved in one of the bill still sitting on capitol hill to meet these climate goals. >> that bill in jeopardy this morning throughout the week. we appreciate it. >> the atlanta braves of the world series champions. >> swanson to first. >> congratulations to them. the party just getting started as the championship race will be held on friday, this win marks
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atlanta's first title since 1995 close to two years ago but tom brady had something to say about that. after the home run against houston including one in minute maid park, overcoming a number of key injuries to win at all. they lost a picture to a broken leg in game one of the fall classics, he did not play in the postseason after taking his acl in july and lost their star pitcher before the season started. amazing win for the braves. jillian: got to feel for the astros fan but it is because i was in the park. my batting took care of all of it. >> we will talk to the braves and see if they can get you in the world series and scooter, what is the guy's name? the mascot. carley: naturally. 16 minutes after the air. new york city's outgoing mayor
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lashing out over resistance to his vaccine mandate. >> several unions have been coming in my view downright unpatriotic the way they've handled this. carley: one new york county stepping in to hire some of the nypd officers who were forced out of the job. todd: continuing our election coverage all morning long with former virginia governor george allen who knows something about the scene there. joe concha and stuart varney, do not go anywhere.
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>> the cdc signing off on pfizer's covid vaccine for kids age 5 to 11, the final approval needed for children to begin getting vaccinated across the country, kids can start receiving lower dose vaccine as soon as this week. pfizer's vaccine said to be more than 90% effective in stopping kids in the age group from getting infected. the san francisco police department is placing 54 officers on leave after failing to meet the city's covid vaccination deadline. the dependent claims the staffing shortages will not impact their ability to protect the city's residents has crime surges in the city with homicides up 9%.
1:22 am
>> long island to beef up the thin blue line by recruiting officers were furious with the vaccine mandate. >> announcing the largest hiring of police and law enforcement officers in several county history, more than 700 police officers and law enforcement officers in this county. todd: new york state assembly live on long island, thanks for being here. what message does this move send to those who push fake public safety at the expense of actual public safety? >> this is a message that we will gladly accept any of the police officers mayor deblasio wants to push away. several county is one of the safest counties in the country. we will gladly take those brave and well-trained nypd officers. while crimes going up in new york city the last 2 or 3 years
1:23 am
suffolk county has remained safe and we have taken in so many refugees from new york city. todd: outgoing mayor of new york city, expressing his anger toward police unions. >> several unions have been in my view downright unpatriotic the way they handled this, they put their own internal politics ahead of the needs of the people. todd: your response? >> disgusting comment from mayor deblasio, go on tv and call the nypd unpatriotic after what they've done for the city, they were a source of hope, they were working on that pile, still feeling the effects of 9/11 today so for mayor deblasio to call them unpatriotic because they are not comfortable receiving the vaccine, new
1:24 am
yorkers are rejoicing he is on his way out. todd: eric adam is won yesterday. will he be better? >> i am an optimist. i'm not holding my breath but i will say insightful county, we had a massive red wave last night and part of it is people are fed up with the anti-police pro-criminal agenda new york city democrats have been pushing. i'm hoping eric adams will be an improvement on mayor deblasio but that remains to be seen. heather: make this policy in place forcing officers to say suffolk county, not a bad place to live. >> he would be a full if he keeps the policy in place, the nypd is so well-trained and one of the nation's premier police forces. we are no slouch in several county, one of the best trained police forces as well so we welcome any nypd officers who want to make the move out of suffolk county. todd: do you expect to see the small copy throughout the country in suffolk county, in
1:25 am
florida? >> ron desantis said that someone offering police officers $5,000 to come to florida. it is appealing. i think police officers deserve a government that has their back and welcomes them instead of demonizing them. todd: you are not just going to have a lot of officers in several county but folks in the city who don't want to get shot moving to suffolk county, appreciate your time this morning. jillian: the time is 25 after the hour. if you are just waking up, republican glenn young the kin is the governor elect of virginia. todd: keeping a close eye on the race in new jersey, still too close to call, do not go anywhere.
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republican jack ciattarelli and phil murphy get 1200 votes. 81% of the voters county. ciattarelli outperforming expectations, spent most of the last few want down double digits in the polls. murphy was expected to run away with this election. will: republican glenn youngcan will be the next governor of virginia in a stunning upset for democrats. >> we will introduce choice in the public school system. we are going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. >> republicans leading the race for lieutenant governor and attorney general, several other virginia republicans leading for the state house. vice president kamala harris saying the virginia race would predict outcomes in 2022-2024, that is the case a dems could be looking at a tough road ahead.
1:31 am
jillian: leo terrel said mcauliffe made a fatal error in the final stretch of the campaign. >> the race card is dead. at the last minute out of desperation mcauliffe tried to use the race card. this was about education, the race card is no longer applicable. i suggest to the democrats go back to the drawing board. people like myself of left the democratic party. when they don't play with fact they throw up the race card and that is a surrender sign. jillian: here to react is janel king. >> thank you for having me. carley: terry mcauliffe made the race about race, virginia -- virginia needs your white teachers occluding glenn youngkin, a black author, it didn't work.
1:32 am
>> the race card is dead, my favorite economist, racism is on life support, always kept alive by racist letters, and and a dangerous game. and to give a good life was at the end of the day that is what matters. he spoke to everyone, a message that is broad versus singling out eliminating certain people based on whatever the ideology. and look forward to seeing more. >> this race had a lot to do with education and critical race. i'm reminded of what
1:33 am
condoleezza rice said, that she wants black children. and with glenn youngkin, is this the beginning of the end of critical race theory. >> i hope so. going into 2024, don't put anything past the democrats, they will revamp and come back with a different angle which is why we need to - against democrats. my husband is running for u.s. senate in georgia. when it comes to making these decisions, that is where we are. i hope we will move past this, that is how you win voters. race hustling, trying to cause
1:34 am
people to, >> >> virginia's first female lieutenant governor. he made a speech at 12:45 this morning. she was talking how her father came from jamaica. he came to the united states and the height of the civil rights movement, he said he did that because america is the land of opportunity and became a marine, and you talked about how glenn youngkin's message was light and terry mcauliffe's messaging was dark, that is another good example of that. >> we have to focus on the positive and that is where policy comes into play. and talk about our platform.
1:35 am
this is based on the constitution. the constitution is not a few random pieces of paper but what protects us and protects our rights and something everyone can get behind as long as you are an american. i'm excited about it and also the fact that the atlanta braves won the world series. carley: the world series could have been our lead story if not for a more important story and the virginia election. i want to draw your attention to a tweet by corey busch who posted this about joe manchin saying joe manzo which in's opposition to the bill that correct is anti-black, anti-child, anti-woman and anti-immigrant. there's a lot of talk about how, that could impact the social spending plan.
1:36 am
>> the rhetoric does not meet the reality. that is what we are seeing in georgia and the united states of america. to create these narratives is just thoughts but i will tell you what is anti-black is making them solely purpose for vote only at nothing else, promising random promises and never living up to anything, promises that are not beneficial for the community anyway. that is anti-black. they are anti-american and that is where we need to get back to. we need to get back to american policies and policies that allow us to lead in the world this far. >> we so appreciate it. >> 36 after the hour. as we head into 2022. talking to a panel of first-time voters. why they voted for glenn
1:37 am
youngkin in this election. >>
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1:42 am
a public safety agency. the amendment was drafted in response to calls to defund the police following the murder of george floyd in may of 2020. this comes as minneapolis struggles with rising crime, homicide in the city is up 9% so far this year. todd: virginia governor elect glenn youngcan looking to make changes on day one particularly in state schools. >> we are going to press forward with the curriculum that includes listening to parents input, a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar. we are going to reestablish excellence in our schools. >> joining me, 3 first-time virginia voters about youngercan, spencer hudson, emma potter and freshman at virginia tech eric davis. thanks for being here and congratulations on voting for
1:43 am
your first time. why did you pick youngkin? >> because he is for things we can get behind, funding the police, funding public schools. i attended 2 of his rallies and standing with him. todd: young people historically vote democratic. this voter analysis about this race they asked what is your age and people should know their age and terry mcauliffe does have a 9 point edge over youngkin but this is an age group that by and large resoundingly votes democratic always has. my guest tells me probably always will but why did you vote for youngkin? what changed in you being a young person voting for glenn youngkin? >> i was able to hear him speak twice and i come from a law-enforcement family so him supporting the police was a big
1:44 am
thing for me, we all know college is not cheap so if he can cut back on the cost of living that is something i will get behind and i've been in both private and public school setting. i've been on both sides of the fence and i think there needs to be some change and especially the public school setting and something he supports and has virginia's best interests in mind all around. todd: let's build off of a's answer, someone who just graduated high school like yourself, how do you see youngkin changing education in virginia, changing the experience you went through for four years. >> he has a plan about keeping politics out of education, that is what is important and i agree with what she said about how lower cost of living is going to
1:45 am
help all virginians get through school. >> when you talk to young people your own age about this election do they have the same sentiments as you and if not, what were they talking about? what were the big issues to them? >> it is very split. i have a politically diverse friend group. a couple people for youngcan in some for mcauliffe. i believe the people who supported youngkin were thinking along the lines of his economic policies could benefit and i believe my friends who supported terry mcauliffe were thinking along the lines of how mcauliffe's views on diversity could help americans or virginians.
1:46 am
i would say that we can get along in person our political views are very different. todd: what do you expect to see glenn youngkin change in schools? >> i hope he gives a voice not only to the kids but to the parents because their child's education and i hope all kids will have the choice to go to school, get the right education because that's not offered for a lot of kids. todd: close us out. what do you make of your first election? >> i thought it was cool to vote for what i believe in because it has become more relevant to my life as i get older and go to college and hopefully graduate and have a career one day and youngcan will help me through the process best. todd: great to see young people engage in this process. when i was growing up i did not have this level of engagement, great to see it in you 3. thank you.
1:47 am
carley: still had a death row inmate sentence committed after hollywood weighed in on the case of the victim's family is devastated. we are talking to the next. todd: our election coverage on glenn youngkin's stunning win continues. stuart varney and doctor carol swain join us for a breakdown of the race. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> trying to hop off the bridge right now and just jumped off the bridge. todd: incredible video showing the moment the suspect jumps off a bridge in florida after leading authorities on a chase, driving a stolen van and lost control. crashing into a guardrail. he was in the water 10 minutes later. the las vegas raiders releasing wide receiver henry rubs after he allegedly killed a woman in a drunk driving crash. the 22-year-old was speeding when he hit the back of a car causing it to catch on fire. he will face a felony dui charge which could result in 20 years behind bars. todd: oklahoma school board
1:52 am
implemented in clemency to julius jones, death row inmates sentenced in the 1999 murder of paul powell. the family is speaking out against the decision and the widespread celebrity support for jones. joining me, clayton how and austen green hostile, nephews of paul howell. good morning to you all. join us with what happened in 1999. you were a little girl back then and you witnessed and you witnessed your father's murder. >> yes i did. i was 9 years old at the time and we were on our way going to school, about the start. and then we got ice cream on the way home, and my dad and we pulled into the driveway and i signed african-american man walking to the car and shot my dad in the head. >> you are 9 years old at the time but your aunt was there and
1:53 am
was an adult, both of your confident the man who killed your father was julius jones. >> he is. the overwhelming evidence against julius jones has proven his guilt in this crime and we are confident it is him. >> julius jones talking to the parole board, he says he is innocent, listen. >> i'm not responsible, i was not involved, and i did not know about that until afterward. >> now the parole board voted a recommendation change from a death sentence, life in prison with parole. they say they have doubts about the evidence in this case. what is your reaction to that? >> we are disappointed with the recommendation but to say we are surprised is not true.
1:54 am
on the same board a couple months ago they voted the same, the evidence and facts but was we are most disappointed in the parole board is 22 years to hear from julius jones and that they would ask him hard and worthwhile questions and one member who had done their review of the case, a single useless question was asked by the other board members, no question about the mountain of evidence against him, no question about his continued illegal activities while in jail and they didn't ask about his influx of money which became mainstream. jillian: why do you think that is? >> they had their minds made up before they got to that your ago. being attentive and thorough
1:55 am
job, they asked one single question. after 22 years, slap in the face to our family. one question. jillian: we want to give you a voice this morning because julius jones has a lot of celebrity support with kim kardashian tweeting about him and other celebrities, we wanted to hear your side of the story. thank you so much for joining us this morning, appreciate it. >> her description turns your stomach, our parents school supply shopping, coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first" something no one expected in new jersey, the governor's race in a dead heat. >> glenn youngkin turns virginia red, breaking down the race with joe concha, doctor carol swain and stuart varney joining us live next.
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>> empowered by a righteous conviction in our children's future. >> wednesday november 3rd, big dave for republicans across the country, will defeat terry mcauliffe to be the next governor of virginia.


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