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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 3, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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walk, tinkered around with it and it works. and it it's brilliant. carley: a positive message positive show on incredible day. todd: i'm sure you will be talking about the elections on day job 9:00 a.m. fox business. appreciate your time. thank you, see you tomorrow at 9:00. carley: thank you for joining us. what day, what a night. more coverage to come when "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> thank you, virginia. we won this thing! [cheers] >> glenn youngkin will be the governor elect of virginia. >> this is a very bad night for joe biden and frankly a great night for america. >> race for governor in new jersey is still too close to call. >> have to wait a little while longer than we had hoped. >> i'm here to tell you that we are winning. we are winning. really won great race. >> president biden arrives home massive climate summit in scott land. >> things are a hell of a lot better and wages have gone up higher faster than inflation.
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>> inflation running at the best pace in 30 years. >> west side swanson to first. [cheers] world champion. damage. brian: a lot of cheering going on and a lot of, i guess long face depend on how are pulling for if you are an astros fan or if you are a democrat. so much went to the production' way last night i will read the script now. virginia stunning the nation this morning as fox news projects republican glenn youngkin will be the next governor of virginia. steve: incredible upset serving as a stern warning for democrats in a state virginia that president biden won by 10 points just a year ago. >> we're empowered by a conviction, a righteous conviction in our children's future. >> let's reinvigorate this
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amazing commonwealth of virginia. >> we are also keeping an eye on the too close to call governor's race in new jersey. neck in neck there where republican jack ciattarelli. ainsley: so far outperformed expectations in his bid to unseat governor phil murphy. griff jenkins is live at the virginia capitol. hey, griff. >> hey, ainsley, brian, and steve. good morning, it appears a red wave may be sweeping into the capitol behind me here in richmond. that red wave led by glenn youngkin becoming the first g.o.p. governor elected since 2009 defeating tear mcauliffe by 2 points. go to the race board and show it to you. fox news has it at 50.2022 youngkin to 48.6 for mcauliffe. youngkin as you mentioned, steve, came back just a month ago.
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mcauliffe was trawnsing him he surged among other things on the issue of education and putting parents in the driver's seat. something that he hit on last night at his victory speech. listen. >> we're going to introduce choice within our public school system. [cheers and applause] we're going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. [cheers and applause] griff: fox also has the lieutenant governor g.o.p. candidate winsome sears. if she wins she will become the first black woman elected to statewide office. she is jamaican born a former marine. she basement first black woman elected to the house of delegates in 2002. here is some of what she said last night at her victory party. >> what you are looking at is the american dream. it's a historic night yes it is. i didn't run to make history.
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i just wanted to leave it better than i found it. [cheers and applause] >> and, guys, history may not stop there fox also has the attorney general candidate jason leading. if he wins, he will become the first hispanic elected to statewide office. now, as we have said. fox has him leading. fox has not called the race for them. those races are very close here in the state of virginia. there is a recount rule if a candidate is losing by no more than 1%. of the losing candidate can call a recount. we will see where that goes. buff, one thing that we're also watching is six g.o.p. house delegate races. if they all win and they're leading right now, it will flip the house of delegates back to the republicans so a massive change here possibly happening at the state capitol. meanwhile mcauliffe campaign tying youngkin to former president donald trump. it vice president harris came to
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the commonwealth said what happens here in virginia will be a bellwether for what happens next november. well, one thing is for sure, democrats had better take note because the playbook to victory lies in glenn youngkin's pocket and we are already seeing a little bit of push back on the democrat side. a group called the progressive be change campaign putting out a statement saying that democrats can't win with backward trump messaging. we will see where it goes. no doubt a very, very significant event hang here in virginia. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: no kidding, griff, thank you very much. i'm looking at the politico app. right now. the top story is democrats' nightmare, republicans resurgence. and the second story is shocker in new jersey: governor's race a nail biter where phil murphy the incumbent democrat hoping to become the first democrat to win back-to-back terms. the chit relevantly is leading
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by 1100 votes at this point. ainsley: incredible. what is that about? you live in new jersey. brian: i think the covid virus. people give murphy it business owners we talked to sitting there ruthlessly shutting them down and getting them. ainsley: against the vaccine mandates. steve: main thing for ciattarelli new jersey has high taxes. you see with where jack ciattarelli slightly ahead i think it's 1100 votes. ainsley: more money in pocketbook or wallet if he wins. steve: in new jersey, there are a million more democrats than republicans. so this number is extraordinary. however, there are also a million independents. and so the people have been looking at the message and the message locally in new jersey has been just like in virginia, i can't tell you how many times somebody running for school board has come and knocked on my door and said do you know what they're teaching in the schools? i think part of the message
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intended for virginia seeped into new jersey and that's why jack ciattarelli right now is leading. still too close to call. ainsley: referendum on biden because people are remembering what happened in afghanistan when the open borders, paying illegal immigrants a million dollars for a mom and a daughter. steve: phil murphy kept mentioning trump, trump, trump which is what mcauliffe did. ainsley: that is not a winner. people are not for crt, what's being taught in the classrooms. this really was a vote about suburban moms and dads. their voices were heard by certain candidates. they went out and pulled out all these stops to get these candidates elected. brian: in new jersey republican pockets they might have flipped two major counties red to blue. murphy wanted to use this win to run for president. man, chris christie was on yesterday about 23 hours ago and said keep your eye on this race because chit refusally is closing in.
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listen. >> no democrat has been reelected governor in 44 years in new jersey. during that time three republicans were elected. you think about what he has done in the last month. most of the major polls had this race at about 15 points a month ago. and now this race is within the margin of error. if the republican voters turn out and if jack is able to win about 60% of independents, what we did in 2009, then jack ciattarelli is going to be the next governor of new jersey. this is going to send an earthquake politically around the country. brian: i think the race board shows 88% of the precincts are reporting. roughly they say the precincts that have not reported yet are more democrat than republican, but we will see. there is nothing format i can about what has happened so far
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in major races. i think people like you said are fed up with the direction the country is heading and these aren't natural disasters. these are man made joe biden disasters democratic sphblats showed up. brorge, stacey abrams, kamala harris, joe biden, jill biden they all lose because they thought they saved the day. ainsley: parents are saying they are more of the same of what we already have. we don't want that. we want to go in a different direction. when i was in virginia they said we want a fresh face and we love what he stands for when they were talking about youngkin. he promises to embrace parents not ignoring them. excellence in schools. cut gases on tax retirement. fund law enforcement. keep communities safe. cut taxes on retirement income for veterans. higher salaries and better equipment for them. ban crt and opposes mask and vaccine mandates. steve: if the youngkin wins the
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two warring factions of the republican party are both going to declare victory. never trump errs are going to say a republican candidate can win without trump. and then trump supporters will say that donald trump dragged dunkin' over the line. ultimately donald trump did take credit for it he put out a statement yesterday he said would like to thank his base for coming out in force and voting for glenn youngkin. ainsley: his base did help. the independents, the ones that haven't decided yet there were a lot of democrats that voted for youngkin as well. steve: speaking of democrats, we are in new york city, which is a very blue city and a former police officer eric adams has been elected the 110th mayor of new york city. one of the main parts of his campaign appeal was i'm a former cop. i'm not for defunding the police. i'm for law and order. and that helped him cross the line. ainsley: when you look at race, we geraldo a lot about race in
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these elections. eric adams is the second black mayor in new york city. michelle woo is the first female asian-american mayor to win in boston. when you look at virginia. wins some serious she is leading according to the a.p. they haven't called it yet. she could be the lieutenant governor of virginia. first woman of color lieutenant governor. you will interview her this morning. her father was an immigrant jamaica. first latino a.g. in virginia is leading as well. brian: yeah. eric adams when he got the nomination on the democratic side, he really won the seat. what is he going to do is he has got a lot of hills to climb. the good news for him is he is replacing the worst, most disinterested ineffective mayor in new york history. when he goes out there, he has a shot at making himself a national figure because he is saying even though he was a big critic of the cops when he was a police officer, he is saying i understand law and order. the need to rid our streets of
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crime. he also i talked to mayor bloomberg at that al smith dinner and evidently mayor bloomberg set up mayors conferences. he has been in constant contact. whatever you think of mayor bloomberg, he was organized. evidences had a mission in new york. one thing about this city. it was running. you might not agree with it he knew how to do the job. he said adams has been great student and he is looking to jump right. in i don't think he wants to necessarily alienate republicans. it might be the formula that joe manchin formula for democrats. yeah, i'm democrat but i'm not unreasonable. i'm not nancy pelosi or a.o.c. ainsley: i think the main reason he won is because of law enforcement background. i live in the city. all of my friends are worried about crime. steve: it's sad. ainsley: exactly. people being jumped for no reason. did you go into the subwaist people are avoiding the subways. traffic is worse because of that de blasio put in all these bike lanes made traffic in the city
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worse. he. steve: very complicated. brian: can we say one other thing about minnesota. voted down reimagining police movement. 57 percent said leave the cops as they are. which is a good sign in america. steve: they are going to need plenty of cops in atlanta for the big parade. ainsley: whoa. that was not atlanta. steve: they will need a lot of cops in atlanta for the big parade. last night the atlanta braves won the world series in houston, which is delicious irony given the fact that major league baseball took away the all-star game from atlanta. they had to win on the road but that is where, look at that right there, that is where minute maid park is in whitney houston a retractible roof i understand. no dome but retractible roof. lawrence jones is there lawrence, it was a big night for atlanta and braves fans everywhere. lawrence: that's exactly right. good morning, family. let's talk about that roof. the astros hoped that if they kept the roof open because they this some success, that it would
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help then in this game. well, the braves just weren't having it what a comeback after a tumultuous year, the first time since 1995 that they won it all. such raw emotions last night. i had the opportunity to talk ton solve the players. we will show you a little bit of that footage later on in the show. guys, a big moment for atlanta. injuries, having the all-star game game canceled it was just a moment for them. steve: ultimately atlanta on top. but, you know, houston did great job, too. it was a great season to remember. lawrence, a great coverage this morning. we will hear from some of the fans a little later on here in the telecast. thank you, sir. ainsley: celebration today. brian: everybody was talking about the giants. everybody was talking about the dodgers, talking about the mets leading the division the longest time without winning the division and atlanta wins the division and takes the championship. ainsley: if you are a republican and braves fan if you are waking up in atlanta happy this morning.
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brian: a lot to discuss. we just scratched the surface i'm glad you let us scratch it. while containers forced to sit. guess who is feasting on it. thieves taking the advantage. new crime spike fueled by the supply chain crisis. ainsley: inflation is surging and americans are paying more for everyday needs. president biden says things are only getting better ♪ you know i'm here for the party ♪ i ain't leaving until they throw me out ♪ going to have a little fun ♪ you know, i'm here ♪ i'm here for the s party
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in an instant. well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. carley: good morning, we are back with your headlines, overnight the las vegas raiders releasing henry rugs after allegedly killing a woman in a drunk driving crash.
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police say 22-year-old was speeding when he hit the back of a car causes it to catch on fire. will russian is expected to face a felony dui charge expected to face 20 years behind bars. 40 unvaccinated service members and two dozen new recruits are discharged for refusing the covid vaccine. the recruits were kicked out of boot camp for noncompliance. this as another 10,000 service members face removal if they do not get the shot. the air force is the first branch of the military to enforce discipline on unvaccinated members. listen to this. in california, cargo theft spiking by 4 o0% amid the supply chain crisis. the ports cannot guard some containers ready to be unloaded because of the backlog of ships in the pacific. this as the supply chain crisis causes tons of problems for americans. it's led to more expensive consumer goods and could impacted your christmas shopping this season as well.
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facebook putting end to facial recognition technology the company now known as meta will delete 1 billion facial face prints and no longer auto recognize friends in pictures and videos. facial recognition can be helpful but needs to be weighed against growing concerns about the use ever the technology as a whole. so now you are going to have to remember your passwords, guys. ainsley: i love the facial recognition. brian: i know. steve: it's easy. ainsley: you know they're watching us all the time. steve: seeing all of our faces and now they are gone. carley: so they say. ainsley: it is called facebook shouldn't it be about faces. brian: used to be now it's about meta. steve: according to that movie it was who are those people in my class. talk about the story before the facebook story. that was carley said they cannot guard all these shipping containers that they take off
3:22 am
the container ship thievery is up had 40% which is extraordinary. keep in mind, we are having enough trouble with the supply chain stuff because china is turning off the electricity because of the coal problems out there. that means their plants are not running two or three days a week. that means less stuff. but then it gets here and they can't take it off the ships. shipping container ceo said we are building more ships and the good news is the ships will be ready by 2023. ainsley: if you don't get your items, we thought originally it was because they were on these barges. but now it could be because they are in someone's car who is running away with your stuff. steve: car go. brian: china didn't show up at the green conference. trying to get a little bit greener and now running out of energy building more coal plants faster than we can mine coal. if anyone wants to clean up the earth from our perspective, it doesn't really matter as long as china is dirtying up the planet
3:23 am
and doesn't show up for conferences. don't worry will decrease by 2060. the president of the united states did call out china from glasgow with 400 private jets and a caravan up to 80 plus cars wherever he went. and then he had a painful press conference where he tried to answer some questions about the most pressing issues in our country. first and foremost the economy. and inflation. so why not, if you don't have good answers, make them up. case in point, watch. >> the significant reason why prices are up is because of covid affecting the supply chain. look at this coming thanksgiving, you know, we are in a situation where we find that, um, we are in a very different circumstance. last thanksgiving, um, you know, i -- as i said, this year we are working on supply chain issues. last thanksgiving i sat down with my wife, my daughter, and
3:24 am
my son-in-law. this thanksgiving we'll are all in very different circumstance. >> things of are a hell of a lot better and the wages have gone up higher -- faster than inflation. and we have generated real economic growth. brian: brian i'm glad. ainsley: look at your own situation. have your wages gone up more than inflation have? wages have gone up 0.06% in september. stats show inflation has gone up 5.4% in september. that prohibits the american worker from reaping the benefit of higher wages. brian: that's not true. ainsley: it's false. steve: it could be true for some but not for all. brian: not for the country as a whole. ainsley: for the average american. steve: he was comparing lock down covid thanksgiving 2020 with our thanksgiving 2021. the headline there is there is a vaccine and people can co-mingle according to everybody now. but the headline is that everything that you buy for your table on thanksgiving is going
3:25 am
to cost a lot more. i thought cnn must have killed them. they actually did a story how this could be like a record price for your thanksgiving dinner. which goes to show why the number one issue in virginia, according to the polling, was the economy. and it wasn't even close. ever time people go to the grocery store go. somewhere to buy something. especially was gasoline, it just hurts. and joe biden said two weeks ago, he said yeah, regarding gas, there is nothing i can do in the short-term. ainsley: yesterday when you all were talking about the 400 -- who were reinterviewing the 400 private planes being used to go to the climate summit. brian: that was jeff bezos led a cadre 400 private jets. ainsley: knows moms and dads in virginia they said oh, they don't care. they are such hypocrites. they are at a climate summit. they can get their private jets they are going to use them.
3:26 am
brian: it's a joke. measures were asked what do you think of the economy. only 35 percent said they like the way things are going. 65 percent said is there another question there? i'm not happy. 64% also went on to say they believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. that is why in the last 10 months this president has presided over cataclysmic downfall of this country. almost everything he does was preventable. this is not natural disasters. keep in mind when it comes to the coronavirus, when it comes to cases in death. they ever higher than last year at this time. steve: that is why there in the oval office there is a big red warning light flashing right now after what happened in virginia with the republican winning. and with new jersey, where the republican currently is leading the incumbent democrat, democrats all across the country are going hey, wait a minute, regarding joe biden's agenda and those two bills, if we pass them, are we going to cook our own goose? brian: right. ainsley: do you think democrats will take what happened yesterday and learn from it or
3:27 am
will they continue to push this progressive agenda. brian: what are they learning? to pass the spending bill or not to. depends on what they want to glean from it. ainsley: learned parents want to be involved in kids' education. crt is not welcome in the classroom. we are all equal under the eyes of god. we should get jobs based on how well we are qualified. how well we do if we're qualified instead of other factors. brian: spending palooza should we pass it or not? steve: it's up to the democrats as they decide whether or not to pass it out of the house and what's it going to do in the senate and ultimately is it too expensive for america because today america is deciding. meanwhile, we're coming up on 6:30 here in the east. education taking the spotlight as republican glenn youngkin declared victory in the commonwealth of virginia. up next, why parents in his state say his win should send a clear a message to the democrats we were just talking about.
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>> we're gonna invest in teachers, new facilities, special education. we're going to introduce choice within our public school system. we're gonna press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents input, a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can teaching them how to think and enabling their dreams to soar. ainsley: following stunning upset over democrats virginia governor elect waste nothing time doubling down on his promise to put education first. here to react is asra nomani afleek a loudoun county mom. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> shay, i will start with you. how are you feeling? >> great. [laughter] >> as a person.
3:33 am
ainsley: for what? >> as a person never involved in political campaign. i worked so hard for youngkin's campaign yesterday. i stood in cold wind for nine hours handing out ballots. i did it because i believe in youngkin. i'm sorry. ainsley: that's okay. take your time. it's been emotional. you have been allot in your life. >> i did. to me, this race became youngkin and mcauliffe is a race between american ideal and the marxist ideology. it became freedom and totalitarianism. ainsley: you lived it in china. why the emotion? >> youngkin wins this campaign because he focused on parents and education. ainsley: gave you a voice. asra, i was with you yesterday,
3:34 am
you said you didn't know any of your school board members before you got involved in this. when you started seeing what was happening in your schools and your school district in fairfax, you were just appalled. how are you feeling today? >> oh my gosh. >> i feel now. oh, sorry. ainsley: let me ask asra. asra, how do you feel? >> no, i'm so excited for xi. i just so understand everything that she is feeling right now. because yesterday it sort of felt something like for every mother out there, you are about to, you know, just have the best day of your life but you are afraid it could become your worst day. right now there are so many parents in virginia and across the country that are just waking up with a big smile on their face like we are. because this was a referendum on parents and the entire ridiculous woke ideology that has it leaked into our school system. what she is express something exactly what parents are feeling
3:35 am
so much. we have felt so ignored as you said, ainsley, since months and months ago when we would first go before our school board. i brought just one of the signs that you know, has become sort of symbol, parents for youngkin. until last night, i didn't want to tell anybody how i had voted but i am an immigrant muslim liberal democrat. and i voted for glenn youngkin, because glenn youngkin actually did something that so many politicians and policy makers have done and this is honored parents. and right now i know i'm getting messages from oregon, to maine where parents are just so happy about this because they feel like they finally have been heard. and i want to just tell all of the momma bears and papa bears out there that can you do this in your school district. you can do this in your state. can you take it back. ainsley: i heard last night when he gave his victory speech he said i will listen to you.
3:36 am
and yesterday in virginia, that's what asra and all the parents were telling me. we just feel like he listens to us. tell us what our country stands to be like. i know you came from communist china. i know you are worried about the direction of this country. but this has to give you some hope. >> yes. i think to win education is to win the war. the culture war against wokism. now youngkin as governor, we the parents are l. take back the education one school district at a time. i'm just so happy today is a great day for virginia and for america. i'm just so proud to be a virginian and to be american. ainsley: i love both of your passion and story that reminds us of how great our country is we do have a voice here and our votes do matter and do count. god bless you both. thank you. >> thank you. >> everyone stay strong and fight in your school district.
3:37 am
ainsley: thank you as raft. the atlanta braves winning first world series title in more than 25 years. lawrence jones spoke to the fired up fans. >> represent from atlanta, georgia. we came out here to get the win. >> braves number one. [cheers] get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. >> left side swanson to first. a world champion. brian: there you go atlanta braves are world series champions defeating houston astros. first title since 1995. steve: 7-0. the final game going down to where it all started minute maid park in houston that's where we find "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones on this wednesday morning with a wednesday morning wrap-up. >> hey, good morning, family. what a game last night.
3:42 am
so much energy. so much raw emotion. the players hugging their family. these are guys that have worked their entire life for this moment. i had the opportunity to talk with some of the fans and those players yesterday. you have got to take a look at it watch. [cheers] >> go braves. >> 2 years. >> it's amazing. >> been a long time coming for sure. >> exhilarating. feels great. we are on a high. >> represent tistles from atlanta, georgia, we came out here to get the win. >> braves number one. >> i like to see somebody win but i was hoping it was the astros for sure. >> it hurts but i wasn't expecting them to come out and, you know, put a zero up on the board. a good series all around and come back next year. lawrence: do you think you guys will be back. >> oh yeah we will be back at least one more time. >> lawrence: how does it feel to be a champion, sir?
3:43 am
[cheers] lawrence: how does this moment feel? >> it's encouraging. it's everything i dreamed of. it's wild. lawrence: did all of 9 hard work pay off? >> absolutely. all of it. >> i'm just so thrilled we were able to bring the championship home. >> let's go atlanta, can't wait to get back, party time. lawrence: guys, it's going to be a big party in atlanta as you guys know. they didn't have to get to have that all-star game. i think this is going to be better. going to be a parade. i got talk to yohan from panama. he was hugging his dad. he couldn't speak much english he wanted to communicate how proud he was of his son. i also saw another player with his dad in the stands just stretched out and be taking a moment guys. it was truly a site to see. probably one of the best assignments i have been sent out. steve: no kidding. you got the hat you get to keep it forever. >> oh, yeah, and i puts it on
3:44 am
the company. steve: of course you did. lawrence: you appreciate it. steve: at least that one is not suede. ainsley: match your suede coat? brian: as long as you wear it on camera. anything else you bought just put it on camera and a officially get a column in the expense reporty. ainsley: i don't think that's true. lawrence: they gave me approval to put it on the brian kilmeade budget. i hear you have the biggest budget in the company. brian: i'm a little overdrawn it's been a long pame year. lawrence, the other thing, all the great teams atlanta had in the 90's who would think this is the team that ends up winning it all. unbelievable. lawrence, the bad news is you have got to come back to new york. lawrence: that's right. sometime this week. ainsley: thank you so much, lawrence. steve: what should he wear when he comes back to new york? let's talk to senior meteorologist janice dean for the "foxcast" for this wednesday. janice: i'm wearing a winter coat because it is cold out.
3:45 am
cooler than average. let's just say that and it is november. take a look at where we are seeing that cold air as far as south as texas, my friend. even north texas getting into the cooler temperatures with daytime highs in the 40's and 50's. that widespread chill is moving into the northeast as well as the midwest. and as far as south as parts of the southern plains. temperature around the freezing mark and around the great lakes cool air moving over the warmer waters of the great lakes close a foot of lake-effect snow. it's happening. other big story watching texas can get flash flooding around the houston area. that cold air is moving southward. lawrence, coming into the northeast, it's not going to be much different. here is the forecast in and around the houston area i am concerned with flooding. keep that in mind. the rest of the day's forecast, a new system moving into the west and that's going to bring some coastal rain and mountain snow. for us in the country not too
3:46 am
bad. lots of sun shine. s temperatures are going to be cooler than argue. we are getting used to what's yet to come. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: it is november. ainsley: didn't have a lot of snow last year. steve: that was oak. brian: best news is it's too cold to use the jack hammer because that's what usually accompany they are done with the jack hammer? ainsley: done with the work outside our building. brian: more on that a little bit later: i didn't know. republicans score a major victory in virginia and could spell troubling for democrats in the midterms. we are diving into the voter analysis. and america is facing a truck driver shortage dash dash in need of 80,000 drivers. now as the actual map dates come down the pipeline the trucking crisis could get even worse. someone get behind the wheel ♪ in the middle ♪ in the middle ♪ take a step back for a minute ♪ and into the kitchen
3:47 am
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3:50 am
♪ brian: we got a new fox news analysis painting a picture for democrats as virginia voters elect republican glenn youngkin to be governor. todd piro breaking down the numbers. todd? todd: let's set the stage by listening to president biden a few hours ago down playing his
3:51 am
influence on the race. take a listen. >> i don't believe -- and i have not seen any evidence that whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i have got my agenda passed or not, is going to have any real impact on winning or losing. todd: but the data says otherwise. check it out. fox news voter analysis finding 52% the majority of voters in the commonwealth of virginia disapprove of the president's job performance and 51% have unfavorable view of the commander-in-chief. even more, look at this. a massive 64% believe our country is headed in the, quote, wrong direction. these voters say the most important issues are, number one, economy and jobs, two, handling of the coronavirus and third education. problem is big chunk of those voters feel joe biden is failing on their top issues. the data showing the overwhelming majority of virginians who feel the country is going in the wrong direction voted for glenn youngkin. back to you. brian: all right. thanks so much, todd. with the power invested that
3:52 am
todd gave me maybe by mistake i'm going go steve. steve: okay. thank you very much brian and todd. meanwhile, let's talk supply chain. trucking experts send grafing warning that federal vaccine mandates could worsen the supply chain crisis before christmas. great. in a letter the biden administration, the american trucking association says a federal requirement for federal contractors to get the jab by next month will, quote: create a workforce crisis for our industry and the communities, families and businesses we serve. joining us right now to react is sierra nicole and austin carter, two truck industry veterans launching the elite trade academy down in texas. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> sir remarks let's start with you. we just heard from todd number one issue for voters is the economy and jobs. regarding the economy one of the problems right now is the supply chain issue, and part of it is and we have got graphic, we need
3:53 am
more truck drivers, don't we? >> yes. absolutely. there has been a truck driver shortage for several years. but this past year and a half it's reaching almost crisis level. we are short about 80,000 dryers right now. steve: we put that up on the screen although we had one too many zeros. over the next decade carter they say they are going to need a million drivers. one of the reasons for that is the fact that the current average age of a driver in the united states is 55. and they are thinking about retiring. >> yes. that's true. with a lot of drivers that are phasing out, there is not a lot of younger generation to fill the gap. so, what we're trying to it trying to highlight to get more of the younger generation and specifically more women into the industry. steve: yeah. that's key, sierra, i can't tell you how many times i will get out on the highway afternoon there is a woman driving. the reason i in the that is because we had a segment about six months ago where a woman was
3:54 am
in a driving academy and she said you know what in the beginning i was kind of afraid because it's such a big truck but after she took the training she realized she can drive just like anybody else. you have a situation where it's not just hands on but do you start with a virtual trainer so you are not actually behind the wheel of an actual 18-wheeler in the beginning? >> well, in the beginning, you will actually be studying for permit test for first two weeks, second two weeks in a real truck with a trainer learning how to get comfortable and back and thrive. safety is number one priority. steve: absolutely. austin, i understand there is a waiting list, a waitlist for people to get training because there are some jobs available right now. tell us a little bit about that. >> well, with the weight of it like anything else can you imagine with the industry with a demand right now. a lot of schools, including us,
3:55 am
we have a large waiting list because we just can't service enough students in time. so, with that being said, we need more drivers out there but we also need to be -- we also need more schools with training to be able to service. steve: sure. and sir remarks once somebody greatest graduates, not only do you help them find a job, which is critical, if they want to set up a trucking business, you will help them do that, too, right? >> yes, absolutely. in 2021 alone, we have helped 4,000 truck business owners start up their business and it, you know, being an owner/operator has so many great benefits. if there is a student who wants to go that route we make sure they have all the resources they need. steve: how much can somebody make driving a truck these days? >> yes, as a company driver, especially these days, companies are paying 20% to 30% more because of the demands. you can make anywhere between 50 and 60,000 first year as company driver and over 100,000 as an
3:56 am
owner, operator. steve: that sounds fantastic. austin, what's your website if people would like to get in contact with you. >> you can get in contact with us at elite trade steve: all right. sierra and austin, we thank you for joining us today from dollars, texas. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. steve: that's great. she is on the verge of history in virginia, winsome sears is leading currently. will she win? a conversation with her coming up shortly. ♪ ♪ there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go.
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pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $500 purchase allowance on buick suv models. ♪♪ >> just left the commonwealth of virginia are. todd: glenn youngkin has stunned terry mcauliffe. >> i'm a democrat, muslim liberal democrat and i voted for glenn youngkin. >> today is a great day for virginia and for america. ainsley: we are keeping an eye on the too close to call to call new jersey. >> jack ciattarelli. >> if jack is able to win this is going to send an earthquake politically around the country. >> voters in minneapolis rejecting a to replace the city's police department. >> that measure is based on the accomplish the police movement in the wake of george floyd's death. >> high fly ball to left and
4:01 am
goodbye. quest side swanson to first. world champion. >> we start with a big win for republican overnight. voters electing the political newcomer to lead the commonwealth of virginia. brian: looks so fresh for a guy on the road for 100 days and up for 20 hours. upset stern warning for democrats according to some in a state president biden had just won 10 months ago by 10 points. flipped in one year. steve: republican race too close to call jack ciattarelli in the bid against phil murphy who people thought would be a cake walk. it's not a cake walk. brian: only 50 votes. my goodness. >> griff leads our coverage. hey, griff. griff: hey, brian, ainsley and steve. good morning, looks like a red
4:02 am
wave is sweeping into blue virginia and any republican looking to get elected next november may want to pay attention to the guy at the front of that wave riding it 54-year-old glenn youngkin, a political newcomer, a businessman who just rewrote the playbook on how far to get elected with one clear message and that is that parents. terry mcauliffe go to that race board and show you it's by two points. it is a 50 pointed 7 to 48.6 according to fox news youngkin came surgeoning back as you remember a month ago mcauliffe was way up. he put the education front and center and putting parent in the driver's seat. now he is vowing to take immediate action. listen. we're going to embrace choice in our public school system. we are going tomorrow brace our patients not ignore them.
4:03 am
>> fox also has the g.o.p. lieutenant governor candidate winsome sears leading right now. they have not yet called it. but, if she wins, she will become the first black woman elected statewide office. jamaican born. form were marine. first black woman elected to the house of delegates in 2002. shear is some of what she had to say last night. >> what you are looking at is american dream. historic night yes it is but i didn't to run make history i just wanted to leave it better than i found it. griff: history may illinois not stop with her fox has jason leading right now. if he is elected he will welcome the first hispanic elected statewide as well. we are watching that very closely along with six g.o.p. delegate races who are currently leading. if they hold that will flip the house of delegates behind me red
4:04 am
again a big, big night. a big take away from last night. it appears that joe biden mattered a lot more that donald trump. it mcauliffe his campaign on tying youngkin to trump that didn't win. another take away is when vice president harris went down to norfolk on friday and said what happens here is going to matter in 2022. well, democrats may want to go back to the drawing board and analyze exactly how they were so strongly defeated tonight. now you guys have winsome sears coming up here in about half an hour it will be very interesting to see what she says about what made the difference for her. brian, ainsley and steve? steve: griff, i have a quick other take away for you and that is both joe biden and terry mcauliffe made fun of glenn youngkin's fleece vest. who is laughing now?
4:05 am
griff: that's a good point we are in virginia. fleece vest are very vogue and stylish and still will be a decade from now. ainsley: really smart of them appeals to the suburban dad. my dad loves a fleece vest is he in almost one every day. steve: not a whole coat. ainsley: warm but arms have -- like when you sleep in the bed and you put one leg out. steve: when you have your foot sticking out from the covers. that's a fleece vest. brian: i remember i renewed my "time" magazine subscription and i got complimentary vest first ever a little big. ainsley: what's the other commercial has all the pockets in it. brian: the scottevest. i couldn't get my ipad out of my back one time. let me tell you what happened last night. so many differential elements to this. everyone says well, a state vote is a state vote and that's it. i think very few people look at this think this was just about
4:06 am
virginia. will. ainsley: happening in new jersey. brian: one thing bring out huge risk and bad obviously tactic for mcauliffe to bring out the former president barack obama. stacey abrams who was the rock star of georgia to bring out jill biden to ask kamala harris to cut a tape and go 300 churches. ainsley: help him more than it hurt him. brian: people of virginia at this point in time to be about virginia. you may not like me look how popular my friends are. and in the end now they all lose. they go down with mcauliffe. and actually president obama worked in new jersey and, man, that didn't help. ainsley: also about the issues. down in virginia so worried about what's happening in their schools. i think this is a referendum on biden and on progressive movement and on crt. i think that all these suburban parents are speaking out. they're getting involved for the first time. these are parents that never really were involved in school board issues. not involved in politics at all.
4:07 am
and they might have voted one party or the other based on their families, but this was about the issues. steve: right. and for the parents who lived through the pandemic where the kids were at home, they looked over their shoulders for a year and they said okay, wait a minute, what are you learning? and then they say hey, what are you teaching them? and it's like we are not teaching them that. they said i saw it with my own two eyes. according to the exit polling in virginia. number one issue by a long ways was the economy followed by coronavirus and then, of course, education. when you look at how terry mcauliffe nationalized this by bringing in democratic all stars which clearly backfired people want the to talk about the local issues. for the most part glenn youngkin kept donald trump arms length through the campaign. what's interesting when you look at "the washington post" this morning, in the reddest part of virginia, way out in southwest virginia about where lawrence was yesterday out in roanoke,
4:08 am
coal country, glenn youngkin actually got a higher percentage of the vote than donald trump did in 2020 because he made it about the issues of interest to people in the commonwealth of virginia. ainsley: a lot of folks that we interviewed yesterday. steve: look at the map right there the blue are the terry mcauliffe counties, and up in the extreme northeast, that is where the virginia, those are the suburbs just outside of washington, d.c. fairfax and loudoun county. ainsley: we also interviewed a lot of people that this h. migrated into our country. they are citizens, they're able to vote here. they said they are so fearful that for the direction of our country, they don't want our country to end up like theirs, the countries that they were fleeing from. earlier on the show morning. we interviewed two of those individuals, two parents in loudoun county or in fairfax, virginia. one is xi van fleet and the other is asra nomani. listen to their story. >> as a person never involved in political campaign, i worked so
4:09 am
hard for youngkin's campaign. yesterday i stood in cold wind for nine hours handing out ballots. i did it because i believe in youngkin. um -- i'm sorry. ainsley: that's okay. >> for me, this race between youngkin and mck4r5u6 is a race between american ideal and marxist ideology. >> this was a referendum on parents. and this entire ridiculous woke ideology that has sweeped into our school system. i'm an immigrant muslim liberal democrat, and i voted for glenn youngkin because glenn youngkin actually did something that so many politicians and policy makers have done and that is honored parents. brian: those are some of ainsley's interview from earlier that talked about some of the impact. i think it's pretty cool, too,
4:10 am
on sunday nbc had a poll and probably outraged by the results it didn't run for them it turns out of the republicans have a double digital lead when it comes to who do you favor in terms of border security? no kidding, inflation to handle that the economy, national security, and getting things done. overwhelmingly double digital advantage for republicans, the party that just barely lost the senate, closed the gap in the house but lost the white house, one year ago. so it's a pretty remarkable transformation. but i also think to drill down on what barack obama said when he came. instead of acknowledging that there were issues with schools and we should look at them, he called it a trumped up culture war where president biden came, had a 60 minute speech. he mentioned trump dozens of times. nobody really thinks donald trump had anything to do with it. and when mcauliffe said instead of crt here's how i would change it. he said it didn't exist. he also said parents have no role in education. that the teachers faces are too white and then, of course,
4:11 am
linking trump and charlottesville together fell flat. he never adjusted which is astounding. because this guy was a strategist getting other people elected, he couldn't handle a re-election for the most part because he won the first time in a state that he was supposed to have known so well. steve: terry mcauliffe was establishment candidate. he has been establishment candidate and politician his entire career. with quite understandably the establishment media when it was quite clear that republican in the fleece vest was going to win well, did they like this it? pow be the judge. >> when this election is over in virginia we will know we seen the emergent of delta variant of trumpism. same disease spreads a lot faster and get a lot more places. >> the exit poll shows interesting that the coronavirus or that the virus was low importance to many voters. >> fascinating. >> education which is code for white parents don't like the
4:12 am
idea of teaching about race. >> he flew an unresurrection flag at his rallies. he played dumb at a zoom rally. he did not really put much distance between himself and donald trump on the big lie or the deadly insurrection. >> the announcement that joe biden will not be happy to hear and that also shows how incredibly divided this country is. >> steve: so last night was a wake-up call. "the washington post" talked to a couple of current operatives. for democrats, the historic virginia turnout, which was over 3 million, which is bigger than it's ever been in goob toler race. the historic voter turnout showed alarmingly high enthusiasm in conservative strong holds and a shift in the kind of suburban areas that powered the democrats to win in 2018 and 2020. it shows the republicans got the suburban independents to vote for republicans. it's the independents who you have got to get on your side.
4:13 am
suddenly after it being billy blue for a long time, virginia is a swing state. ainsley: i wonder how many teachers in virginia supported youngkin. he was speaking out about higher wages. more special ed. he wants to build more of these charter schools. he says i'm going to have 20 more charter schools. steve: terry mcauliffe said glenn youngkin was going to fire like 40,000 teachers which was not true. ainsley: as far as the military is concerned cut taxes on retirement income for veterans. higher salaries for them. better equipment for them. ban crt opposing the mask mandates and vaccine mandates. brian: he won't embarrass the nation by pulling out of afghanistan the way he did. just real quick because i know carley shimkus has a temper if we don't toss to her right away. joy reid called white parentsehn schools. andrea mitchell says youngkin textbook case of dishonored culture warrior got him victory.
4:14 am
dishonest? it was parents speaking at a school board. that's unbelievable to me. ainsley: joy reid's point the parents we talked to in virginia they are all for teaching history but they just don't want their children and they pulled out some of the books that actually showed us, showed them to us that said you basically need to apologize if you are a certain color. steve and the other big news story aside from the world series, is that the fact that in new jersey, according to the a.p., the republican is still leading by 1100 votes. and if he were to win, you know, people have said if glenn youngkin wins it's going to be an earthquake. a global tsunami if jack chited really wins and he is leading rights now. but there are still a lot more votes. ainsley: do we know when that race will be called? steve: up to close to 90% of the precincts reporting. brian: the three of you was will decide when it's over. steve: we rely upon the
4:15 am
associated press. brian: we rely on carley. carley: it has to be postmarked by yesterday but but it can be brought in until friday. brian: oh my goodness, really? carley: yeah, did can drag out. turn to headlines, shall we're? start with this. a growing number of pushback from employees request from evangelical seen mandate. workers have staged walk outs. 200 boeing employees near seattle walked off the job and estimated that 40% of tsa workers remain unvaccinated. federal contractors have to be fully vac sin nateed by decembe. children across the country may receive their first covid-19 shot as soon as this morning. the cdc approving pfizer's vaccine kids 5 to 11. cvs, right aid and walgreen's ready to administer doses. the vaccine is a lesser dose than what teens and adults receive but said to be more than
4:16 am
90% effective. listen to. this day care company kinder care calls for anti-racism training for kids as young as six weeks old. its website reading, quote: never too early to learn about diversity, equity and inclusion in the home. the company calling for parents to read multicultural books. point out same and different physical attributes and feelings towards each other to interrupt biases before they start. zillow is laying off a quarter of its workforce. the real estate firm also quitting the home flipping business saying it cannot predict the prices of homes and flip them. zillow pointing to labor and supply shortages. zillow's premarket stock price is down more than 20%. so not good news for that company, guys. steve: well, you know, they had been snapping up so much real estate now they are going to stop doing that. ainsley: that's a shame. i hope the web sight doesn't change. carley: you like houses?
4:17 am
ains line much. brian: in between hits that's what lawrence jones does. steve: he doesn't have time to live anywhere. brian: do you know how much enterprise reporter makes? they are loaded. how much do you make? lawrence: i get sub is i dyed through you guy's salary. brian: that's right. there is no i saw that. steve: congratulations to the atlanta braves. lawrence: that's right. a complete shutout. these guys endure so much injury after injury, star players down. they are still able to get a great turnout yesterday. and they are going to be heading back to the peach state to celebrate today. after the all-star game was canceled now bringing the big trophy, guys. all i can say is oman, oman. steve: it's fantastic. ainsley: that's great. thank you so much, lawrence. brian would like your salary,
4:18 am
your age, your agrees, your cell phone number and social security number. brian: you will be back tomorrow i know that for sure. lawrence: trying to steal my identity. steve: there is only one lawrence jones. ainsley: everyone wants to be you lawrence. brian: all right, lawrence. go get some shelter. minneapolis voters soundly rejecting plans to replace the city's cops with a, quote, department of public safety. pete hegseth joins us next to talk about the pushback nationwide on the defund the police movement. man, pete looks happy. ♪ ♪
4:19 am
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♪ >> i think we are going to win in virginia. >> the election of who will be governor of virginia has an impasse. ing with a vision. >> we will do it again, in fact we are taking a page from terry's book when he was governor and when he will be governor next time. >> what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in ^20 22, 2024 and on. brian: okay. i'm pretty sure she was off prompter on that and wants that statement back like so many others. president biden and vice president harris predictions for virginia not easy to face this morning, i imagine. democrats reeling from a stunning upset as republican glenn youngkin wins the state's governor's race. so what does this say about the voters message for this administration. pete hegseth. i think we have a lesson. i sense the vice president went off prompter. i think you and will could learn
4:24 am
that over the weekend. stick with the prompter you stay out of trouble. now this is going to be an ad for republicans about '22 and '24. >> absolutely it will. terry mcauliffe was an "avatar" for joe biden. yes, the race in virginia was a lot about education. and youngkin was sparked to makt about that. i hope republicans run on that. it's not just virginia it's everywhere. ultimately a referendum on the priorities of national democrats who reflecting their left wing base talking about things like climate change in glasgow in bed with the teachers unions when it's public safety like we saw in minneapolis. when it's securing our borders. when it's inflation when it's what are my kids taught in school and am i in charge of that? virginia is a bellwether. they said it right there a couple of days, democrats and then voters responded. look at new jersey, too brian. a toss-up in new jersey. what does that tell you about
4:25 am
what voters want from democrats. covid fatigue played a sleeper role in both of those races as well. brian: governor murphy gets high remarks on covid. really? he locked everything down and kicked kids out of school. only reasonable he didn't put a mandate in place because he knew he was running for re-election. good luck with that philosophy. i hope everyone understands while governor cuomo tries to find something else to do. governor murphy holds on to his life for primarily democratic state. another state you know quite well minneapolis. that's where the defund the police movement started that was on the ballot. minneapolis had a measure to replace the police. it got rejected 56% to 44%. it would have replaced the police with a comprehensive public health approach to safety. not so much. >> it went down resoundedly, brian, you mentioned it. 13 points. this is overwhelmingly democrat
4:26 am
city. 70%, 30. democrat republican heavy minority population. what this says is you can have a black lives matter sign on your lawn or a black lives matter written sign in front of your business but ultimately when you go into that ballot box, you are probably voting your own personal and private interest. which is policing isn't perfect. but what i don't want to do is scrap the police department get rid of the number of number of police officers which is also public safety, which the mayor city council would determine what it looks like. by the way, city council members also in minneapolis who ran on defunding the police got beat big time last night and supporters of the police were winners, and so this is -- slogans don't affect people's lives. police do. and minneapolis, thank goodness found some common sense last night even democrats voting to keep the police department. while this was happening in yesterday morning. three major carjackings right in
4:27 am
minneapolis. one at 6:14. one at 6:52 and one at 7:48. that's what happens with your public safety program. hopefully start filling their ranks in their academy again to get cops on the street. pete: people don't want to call a social worker. they want to call a police officer with a gun if they are threatened. brian: i feel like i won the lotto i had the pete hegseth interview on "fox & friends" during the week. pete: you are welcome. brian: everything else is just gravy. go get them. >> thank you. brian: straight ahead, barriers about to be broken in virginia as the first black woman lieutenant governor is expected to be elected. >> i didn't run to make history. i just wanted to leave it better than i found it. [cheers and applause] brian: winsome sears joins us next with her plans for the commonwealth. ♪ ♪
4:28 am
4:29 am
4:30 am
4:31 am
>> what you are looking at is the american dream. i am not even first generation american. i was in the marine corps i was
4:32 am
still a jamaican but this country has done so much for me. i was willing, willing to die for this country. [cheers and applause] it's an historic night, yes, it is. but i didn't run to make history. i just wanted to leave it better than i found it. [cheers and applause] steve: on the verge of making history. winsome sears is expected to be the first black lieutenant governor of virginia. she joins us now. congratulations, winsome. >> thank you, steve. good morning to you and your viewers. steve: how did you do it? >> it was a god thing, steve. >> i can't find the words because still processing it. we had a rag tag staff. >> we have little money, outspent, outgunned if you will, out endorsed, out everything.
4:33 am
and we just worked and worked and what we did we went to the voters. knocked on doors. and had a little conversations with people about the issues. we went and talked with men and women who were formerly incarcerated trying to come back used to run a men's prison ministry for two years. every wednesday at 6:00 i delivered a message of hope. you know, america is the land of second chances and that's how we did it. steve: sure, i know that your opponent kept referring to glenn youngkin trump wannabe and mentioned trump, trump, trump and joe biden the same thing. this is a brutal blow for joe biden and his agenda. and i know you are not concerned especially with what is going on in washington. but, you know, when you have been out on the stump in the commonwealth of virginia. hasn't there been just a feeling, as you talk to the
4:34 am
people, that the progressives in the democratic party have pulled the nation toward the left and yesterday what happened is n. virginia was essentially saying, hold on. we don't want to go that far to the left. >> actually, what happens in washington serves us greatly in virginia. as you know, nato is hawnked in virginia as well as we have the largest naval base in the world. pentagon in virginia. glenn youngkin as the commander-in-chief as governor would be also commander-in-chief of the virginia national guard. so and i would be his second. so we're concerned. but, i think what has happened with the progressives is that they have pitted all of us against each other so that they can swoop in and be our political savior. and we are saying that, you know, we have to be one virginia. i have one many lieutenant
4:35 am
governor. i'm not going to be representing republicans only. i'm republicans, libertarians, green party, democrats, everybody. we have to learn to live together and get along so we can have peace. steve: winsome, when you look at exit polling it shows not only were you and it glenn youngkin able to motivate and enthusiasm the republican party to show up but suburban independents. >> important message was, obviously resonated with them. >> absolutely. because we were talking about the bread and butter issues, we are talking about parents who want to have a say and should have a say and by right have a say in the way that their child is being educated. and you don't want to get between momma bear and her cub and pappa bear, too. for that matter. we are concerned about the education. we are concerned about safety. our communities, are they safe? are our neighborhoods safe? that's job number one and then,
4:36 am
of course, we want to ensure that we have a business environment that allows businesses come to virginia. we can't afford the right to work. we have talked about that. there are so many things that we can do together rather than being at each other's throat. winsome z looks like you will be probably declared the winner a little later on today. thank you very much for starting your day today with "fox & friends" and congratulations. >> thank you for having me. and thank you, virginia, for our future. steve: there you go. okay. thank you. all right, meanwhile. let's move down a couple of states from virginia to georgia. and the atlanta braves are the world series champions after winning first title since 1995. lawrence jones live in houston with a big party last night and today people are smiling. ♪ lawrence: that's right, a complete shutout and the braves
4:37 am
are the world champions, live reaction from the players last night coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
4:38 am
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4:41 am
>> west side swanson to first. the braves are world champions. steve: that was it. the atlanta braves world series champions defeating the houston astros with a shutout 7-0 in game six. their first world series title since '95. ainsley: it didn't seem likely in the beginning of august. final game going down park in houston that's where we find "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones with a live recap. hey, lawrence. >> hey, good morning, family. let's start from the very beginning in the third inning. you got with the home run he says do you know what? i'm coming back with a vision.
4:42 am
vengeance. swanson coming up with a home run. oh he says you need a little bit of help in the fifth inning so he came out with this home run and then the moment everyone has been waiting for the celebration. the braves are the world champions for the first time since 1995. i was three years old, guys. so they're celebrating hard. also after the game, guys, the raw emotions of the players with their families. getting the chance to hug each other. it was a tough season for them. i had the opportunity to talk with some of the fans as well as the players. take a look. ♪? go braves. >> representing from atlanta, georgia. we came out here to get the win. >> braves, number one. >> i like to see somebody win
4:43 am
but i was hoping it was the astros for sure. >> good series all around. congress back next year. >> all the fans here in houston have been so gracious. >> i don't want to beat houston but i want to beat houston. [cheers] >> crazy. everything i dreamed of. >> i'm just so thrilled that we were able to bring the championship home. >> let's go atlanta, can't wait to get back. party time. >> and guys, as i was leaving the field yesterday. one of the players got in the stands with his pappa and just stretched out and was just enjoying the moment. something they have worked their entire lives for and i'm sure the atlanta fans with going to be quite happy. i will send it back to you in new york. steve: i'm sure they were shouting last night as well. ainsley: a lot of atlanta fans were there astros could look a lot different next year. i'm reading that the manager, his contract is up and three players are free agents we will
4:44 am
see. brian: see if the mets go sign dusty baker. i have got say goodbye to lawrence. goodbye, lawrence. to janice dean for the fox weather forecast. janice: i have ainsley fans out here. columbia loves ainsley and "fox & friends." what's your name. >> robbie. >> you are from south carolina, obviously. >> you are from columbia. >> florence. >> you are wearing warm clothing in new york i love it take look at the map shall we here in new york city? yeah, it's going to be cold today for much of the country even as far as south as south carolina. can you see temperatures minus below 6. minus 19 in memphis. minus 22. this is the high temperature departure from average. and that's going to continue not only today but through friday. even for parts of north florida.
4:45 am
just get used to it. you know what? lots of freeze warnings and watches in effect. we will see the potential for heavy rain along the texas coast in towards louisiana. i'm concerned about houston and some flash flooding there just keep that in mind. the rest of the country looks pretty good. next storm system moving out west. i think ainsley is going to come out and say hi. will you stay? >> yes. >> and brian kilmeade will buy us coffee. brian: i bought everybody else coffee today. thanks, janice. all right. appreciate it 50 minutes before the top of the hour. >> we have excited one day since the president and the freedom fighter came out. the battle to save america's soul. i think it's an american story you are really going tomorrow brace. we are bringing it to video, to television 10:00 november 7th, this sunday at 10:00. here is a clip from the special you are going to be watching on sunday. >> abraham lincoln evolves in the course of the civil war he begins to have awakening about
4:46 am
the need to accomplish slavery and move beyond that this divided nation racial lines to politically equitable nation. of so the men change and i think does deserve credit for that ♪ ♪ >> for frederick douglass lincoln's win was all about hope. >> that's just it. how both men grew up separately, came together right at the right time for lincoln's re-election along with the end of the civil war. meanwhile, the 39 freedom fighter is available now but also going to be on the road. i hope you can join me in manhasset tonight at public can. staten island tomorrow my first visit to staten island i can't to wait go to barnes & noble. just out of atlanta see you there early at 6:00. lexington, kentucky, driving to charleston, west virginia to 4:00 to do a show on stage talking about all my books. go to brian
4:47 am
orlando some tickets remaining. 3rd and 4th are virtually sold out mclean, virginia after that. virtual signing today. carley shimkus and i brian and we are going to do a virtual signing today at 2:30. i have never done this before but you have a chance to call and talk. that's the way you do it through the pandemic. steve: it's a lot of fun. ainsley: people send you questions and talk while you sign. brian: go to my website and on it and people will tell you where to go. ainsley: people are so nice. brian: let's hope. steve: did i one at 6:00 there could have been an adult beverage. ainsley: off to the side? steve: it was right there. it's online, come on. ainsley: get your adult beverage and chat with brian. steve: brian the book is out by today. meanwhile glenn youngkin is victorious in virginia. how did the republicans earn the win? we will look at the issues that matter most to commonwealth voters coming up. you are watching "fox & friends"
4:48 am
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♪♪ ainsley: a new fox news analysis is painting a grim picture for democrats as virginia voters
4:52 am
elect glenn youngkin to be their governor. todd piro is breaking down the numbers. >> let's listen to president biden just a few hours ago downplaying his influence on the race. take a listen. >> i don't believe, and i've not seen any evidence, that whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i've got my agenda a passed or not is going to have any real impact on winning or losing. >> but the data says otherwise. fox news voter analysis finding 52%, a majority of voters in the commonwealth of virginia, disapprove of the president's job performance, and 51% have an unfavorable view of the commander this chief himself. even more, a massive 64% believe the country is headed in the, quote, wrong direction. these voters say the most important issues are economy and jobs, handling of the coronavirus and education. a big chunk think joe biden is failing on their top issues. the majority of virginians going
4:53 am
in the wrong direction for glenn youngkin. ainsley: thank you so much, todd. here with more if about these results, what it means for our voters and our country, national spokesperson of gun owners of hurricane. good morning to you're welcome antonia. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: what's your reaction to these races when we're seeing the numbersesome. >> first of all, i will admit that i live in houston, so i was kind of caught up last night with another game -- [laughter] but this, force fortunately, was a better outcome than the one we had yesterday. but most of all, most importantly is that we are very excited that we have this governor now who who we can acty work with, repeal many of the gun control laws that have been passed in the last couple of years this virginia. ainsley: there's going to be a
4:54 am
case in the supreme court that's going hear about we know in some states like new york and around the country it's really hard to get a concealed-carry emptier. you have to prove your -- permit. you have to prove you are this danger, so the supreme court's going the take this up. what's at stake here? >> yeah, this is a really big case. unfortunately for a very long time we've had in this country when it comes to not conceal-carry, but carry in general, able to a acquire outside of your home. unfortunately, we've had states like california and new york who have said it's going to be a matinee issue. so they will probably, more likely not, give you -- issue you a permit. that's what this case is about, to settle it once and for all if you have a constitutional -- well, human rights, rather, being able to carry your handgun
4:55 am
outside of your home without restriction. ainsley: the second amendment, we all have the right to bear arms. >> absolutely. unfortunately, that's what we've seen in new york state for a long time is really the elites are able to actually get the permission necessary to be able to get that permit and then afford, carry healey. unfortunately -- legally. unfortunately, a lot of law-abiding citizens who should have that right shall not be infringe pd, but it has been for a long time now. ainsley: how do you think they will side? >> you know, this actually is not the first time the new york rifle association actually tried to get a case through, and new york changed the law not too long the afterwards in order to have their own agenda pushed through, so i think this one because they took up this case again was very calculated to make sure that we would have finally this dedication to the second amendment where people know once and for all what this
4:56 am
is going to look like. we hadn't had a big case since mcdonald v. chicago, so it's going to be huge. ainsley: how did you get involved with gun owners of america this. >> well, i've been my if own personal advocate for a long time when it comes to female empowerment. i'm a sexual assault survivor, and so years ago i started as a woman who wanted to help empower other women, so now i focus on empowering women. gun rights are women's rights through goa, which i do director of operations for. ainsley: so sorry that a happened to you, but no one's messing with you now. thank you so much, antonia. more fox and friends coming up. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains. any further questions? uh uh! one up the power of liquid with tide pods ultra oxi.
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ♪♪ brian: glenn youngkin will be the next governor of virginia. steve: he will change the directory -- >> we had a ragtag staff, ask we just worked and worked. we went to the voters. steve: meanwhile, the race for new jersey governor too close to call. >> the republican candidate significantly beating expectations. >> minneapolis voters rejected a proposal to replace the city's police department, a major blow to the defund the police movement. >> slow gabs don't affect -- slogans don't affect people's lives, police do.
5:01 am
>> swanson, to first -- [cheers and applause] >> >> [inaudible] steve: a similar reaction at the republican headquarters for republican candidate for governor for the commonwealth of virginia, glenn youngkin. overnight voters have elected the political new comer to lead the champion wealth of virginia as governor. ainsley: it was an incredible upset, serving as a stern warning to democrats in a state president biden won, remember, by 10 points just last year. brian: unbelievable. the race for new jersey governor, get this, too close to call this morning. and this is live. republican jack ciattarelli outperforming expectations in the bid to unseat phil murphy. steve: that's right. that is in new jersey. but let's head back down to richmond, virginia, where griff jenkins leads our coverage. griff, as folks this virginia are waking up, you know, the
5:02 am
polls indicated that youngkin would win, but it was going to be close. turns out, not so close. >> reporter: yeah, you know, steve the, ainsley and brian. we've got a leaf blower out here at the state capitol making way for that red wave led by political newcomer glenn youngkin who had a simple message, steve the, which was parents matter. let's show you the exact numbers. youngkin beating former democratic governor terry mcauliffe 50.7 to 48.6. youngkin won on the issue of education, and he hit on it last night. listen. >> we're going to introduce choice within our public school system. [cheers and applause] we're going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. >> reporter: fox also has gop if candidate for the lieutenant the governor leading, if she wins, she becomes the first black woman elected to statewide office, an achievement not lost on her in last night's speech.
5:03 am
>> what you are looking at is the american dream. it's a historic night, yes, it is, but i didn't run to make history, i just wanted to leave it better than i found it. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: and history may not stop there. fox also has the go, candidate for if attorney general -- gop candidate for attorney general leading, if that holds, he'll be the first hispanic elected to statewide office, plus we're watching the six gop delegate races. here's the big takeaway, it seems joe biden mattered more than donald trump. of course, mcauliffe tying youngkin to trump, that failed. now vice president harris may want to think hard about her comments last friday in roanoke. here's what she said. >> what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on.
5:04 am
>> reporter: and if that's the case, then glenn youngkin just rewrote the playbook on how to get elected next november. democrats may want to do some soul searching. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: griff, thank you very much. npr came out with a poll a couple days ago asking democrats do you want joe biden run for re-election? only 36% said, yeah. 44%, a plurality, of democrats said they would like somebody else. given what kamala harris said, they're probably thinking somebody else. ainsley: 36%, really? if. steve: that's all. unbelievable. brian: right. yeah, so everything changed after afghanistan. i mean, there's no coincidence. not saying that crt doesn't matter, not saying what he's done with the economy, his inaction at the ports, his inaction what's happening at the border, all that inflation are, he's making up stats that are
5:05 am
not legitimate and wages are rising and we're a victim of our own success. no one's buying that. but putting it all together, it started with afghanistan. no one could believe the president of the united states would leave americans behind, and guess what? they're still there. and the word is in the white house don't bring up afghanistan. he doesn't want to hear about it. that's not leadership. and it doesn't matter if you're democrat or republican, especially when it can comes to virginia, they're so military-oriented -- ainsley: yeah. and when youngkin says to the military point he wants to cut taxes on the retirement incomes for our veterans, that's a winning message. when he tells the parents i will listen to you, we're going to ban crt, that is a winning message. when he says he's going to cut taxes on gas and retirement, that's a winning message. he says he's going to fund law enforcement can if keep communities safe. he says that he opposes the mask and the vax mandates. those are winning messages for many people who are ready to see
5:06 am
their kids go back to the classroom without masks. steve: sure. and when you look at all the democratic all-stars who came out for terry mcauliffe, you know, a who's who of the democratic party. but what they did was they nationalized the election. to your point, ainsley, it's about bread and butter, local issues. it's about my school, taxes, how much i pay for gas. they brought those democrats in and ultimately, you know, as kamala harris said, as virginia goes, so goes next year and two years after that. it looks like the first african-american woman elected to be lieutenant governor in the commonwealth of virginia along with glenn youngkin at the top of the ticket. you have to vote for them separately. we asked her about 45 minutes ago, how'd they win in. >> i think what has happened with the progressives is they have pitted all of us against each other so that they can swoop in and be to our political savior, and we are saying that, you know, we have to be one
5:07 am
virginia. i have won hi race as lieutenant governor, ask is i'm not going to be representing republicans solely, no. i'm representing republicans, libertarians, green party, reform party, democrats, everybody. we were talking about the bread and butter issues. we're talking about parents who want to have a save and should have a shay ask by -- say and by right have a say. ainsley: and the she does win and the a.g. wins, they will have a why not governor, they will have a black lieutenant governor, and they will have a latino a.g. brian: right, and they're all republicans. i just love some of these headlines from these op-eds. one is terry mcauliffe wet on voters hating trump, turns out they hate democrats more. another one is why can't we beat these guys? yeah. and 64% of the country say we're heading in the wrong direction. that makes people search for something else. to glenn youngkin's credit, the guy, for a rookie politician
5:08 am
the, man, did he adapt well. i'm looking at him now i and even last night. usually these guys look ragged at the end, he looks like today is the first day the of his campaign. steve: he went out and shot some hoops -- ainsley: he played basketball at the university. he's 6-6. steve: he's a tall guy, and he's the new governor. meanwhile, in other races it's another shock to democrats as they wake up this morning, another brutal blow for joe biden, and that is in the state of virginia -- the champion wealth, in the state of new jersey across the river. right now jack ciattarelli, who was trailing 8 points according to the late olds as -- polls as of two days ago, phil murphy, they're neck ask neck. actually, mr. ciattarelli is leading by about 1,000 point according to the associated press. i didn't see a single yard sign for if phil murphy, but i saw a lot of jack signs. and in new jersey there are a
5:09 am
million more democrats than republicans. so for him to all this off, obviously, he was able to appeal to the suburban independents. brian: did you see the race board again? because it changed. now we're up to 88%. look at this, ciattarelli's opened up even more, and the theory was that some of the reported districts were not republican-friendly. but nothing seems to be the same. i think he flipped two separate counties. so he's got about a 200-vote lead. ainsley: he tried to say that murphy was out of touch, his leadership during covid, and he ran really on taxes. taxes are so high in new jersey. steve: tell he about it. iowans yeah, you know. and he ran saying he's opposed to the mask and vaccine mandates. and you saw it, remember our coverage during the pandemic when they were trying to reopen and they shut the water off and
5:10 am
did not side with them. steve there were also a couple of valid questions here in new york that are very interesting. during the pandemic they had to change a lot of the voting rules for a variety of reasons. well, this new york one of the -- in new york one of the questions was should we headache changes to redistricting, and republicans said that's just going to open up the various districts for gerrymandering. 61% said, no, don't change redistricting. should you allow the the legislature to pass same-day voter registration? it had been 10 days. you know what? the voters said, no, we don't want to change that. and should they allow the legislature to pass, no excuse, absentee voting where you could send votes to everybody to fill out. once again a majority, 61 of new yorkers -- 61% of new yorkers, said no. so regarding how you vote, voted down this new york. ainsley: democrats outthurm republicans 6 to 1, and our new
5:11 am
mayor is eric adams, and his picture's on the front page of the new york ohs, and he got the majority of the votes. with defunding the police a billion dollars, mayor bill de blasio defunded a billion dollars. and people are really worried about their safety in this city. brian: i've got to give curtis sliwa saying de blasio's been bad for if new york, i'm going to do everything to help eric adams. when he was an officer in the police force, he was a big critic of the, this ypd, and some people are wary of him. but to tell you the truth, new yorkers are depending on him because his message has been pitch perfect. he says i'm going to reestablish the anti-crime unit. he's saying, hey, new yorkers, come back from f. i'm going to do your best to lower your taxes. we've got to stop making wall street the wall street higher-ups pay a price for staying here. we've got to make it a place to
5:12 am
be able to walk the streets and it's safe for tourism. i mean, this is the message. the message for the democrats is the adams message if that was going to win this new york. it is i'm on the left but not way on the left. if the democratic party stays with the aocs and the squad, they're going to be a micro-party. adams is showing you the way, and if he does half of what he says he does, he's going to look hike a hero because he's replacing the most inept, ineffective mayor in history. steve: well, his message was i'm a former cop. out in the twin cities voters rejected after the last year given george floyd, there is a move to replace the police department with a new office of public safety or something like that. that was voted down. and -- brian: a bunch of hall monitors. steve: it turns out it was a generational divide.
5:13 am
younger activists were pushing for it, some older leaders said it was too much of a gamble. senator aimmy klobuchar -- amy klobuchar said cannot get onboard with that. ainsley: and is 57% of voters voted against it. i would have replaced the police chief with a commissioner voted on by the city council. they were calling it a comprehensive public health approach for saferty. that means that social -- safety. social workers and therapists would deal with substance abuse, mental health and nonviolent situations. steve: they voted it down. ainsley: yep. brian: the california school board voted to bring police back to school campuses -- ainsley: that was in california? brian brian yeah, last night, approve a service agreement with the police department to bring back some haunter to the campussings. so -- law enforcement to the campuses. i think people are sobering up that we need law and order. ainsley: someone who is not
5:14 am
sober -- [laughter] steve: i wasn't going to say that, but you know what, ainsley? go ahead. ainsley: iowans no, i'm kidding. steve: you have sober news. >> yes, exactly. thank you, steve, for cleaning up ainsley's mess. ainsley: you said on day one, brian, i'm ready for some of your crazy cocktails. i'm just -- sorry. >> reporter: i wasn't expecting that. [laughter] ainsley: i've always seen you sober. >> reporter: you know what? let's go get mimosas after the show. [laughter] all right. we have to turn to some headlines, and we're going to start with this. 40 unvaccinated service members and theory two dozen new recruits are discharged for refusing the covid vaccine, another 10,000 air force if service members face removal if they do not get the shot. air force is the first branch of the military to force discipline on unvaccinated members. the supply chain crisis creating a shortage of glass.
5:15 am
in the city of san francisco, this adding to the woes of car break-in victims who say prices for window repairs have skyrocketed and become nearly impossible to fix in a timely american. people working in the west hollywood neighborhood of los angeles may soon make $or -- $17.64 an hour, more than $4 higher than california's current minimum wage which is $1 and would be the -- $13 and would be the highest in the country. great for people who are making that but bad for people who are going to lose their jobs because of it. ainsley! [laughter] ainsley: talking about the sauce. steve: and, you know, there are all sorts of bottle shortages because of glass. >> reporter: crazy. steve: and joe bind says shop last year. brian: as a nation, we should all buy a thermos and just refill. steve the, you're way ahead of us. steve: i've got a yeti.
5:16 am
brian: i remember my mom bought a they thermos with the glass, e first thing i did was drop it because i had a soft lunchbox. steve: the glass things did not last, now they are pretty much indestructible. ainsley: we give this to carley, she could go to bed with a drink in it and the next morning the ice would with in there. steve: right now outside minute if maid park in houston is lawrence jones where they last night it was a great night for the braves. they won when it was time to play ball. brian: from concentrate. lawrence: steve, that's a toss, brother. i mean, you really just nailed it, brother. finish but, you know who didn't nail it? the astros. i mean, they didn't even put up a fight, just home run after home run. the atlanta braves, for the first time since 1995, are bringing the trophy back to
5:17 am
atlanta. and i can't wait to hoe you the reaction -- show you the reaction from most players loving on their family. it was an incredible moment last night, guys. ainsley: and you don't remember when they won. how old were you 25 years ago? lawrence: i was 3. i've aged just a little bit. [laughter] brian: you know, in baseball they were supposed to win five, six world series with that pitching staff, they never were able to do it. they won the one and then they were frustrated. so the people of atlanta have been waiting too long. they finally got a championship again. thanks, lawrence. lawrence: that's exactly right. ainsley: thank you, lawrence. brian: lawrence could have rotate thed his cap every toss and got three hats. steve: let's rotate sports. awps ann okay. bubba watson is waking up early with us this morning. his new memoir on overcoming
5:18 am
challenges in the public eye. don't hiss that. brian: but first, a red wave rocks the ballot box. mike pompeo was the secretary of state, and you know he's here live. he might be running for president. to react to these results. ♪♪
5:19 am
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5:23 am
suburban votes that had shifted their way. running against trump is apparently not a winning formula despite what they did this new jersey and virginia. brian: but running against him is also fool a hardy. mike pompeo served as secretary of state, ncia director and joins us now. mr. secretary, thanks for joining us. i know you have a perspective that i'm sure you want to share about why things went so firmly the republicans' way as they are about to possibly grab the governorship in new jersey to join glenn youngkin in virginia. what is the reason why, do you think? >> well, good morning. first of all, congratulations to governor-elect youngkin. great races run in virginia, good campaigns. but in the end, parents matter if, education matters. the left has left them. remember, brian, in this place they closed the schools, they kept these kids out of schools, and when they let them come
5:24 am
back, they put them in the masks, and then they subjected them to the risk they might be assaulted in their bathrooms. these things mattered. then they tell parents you can't call them moms. they forgot who we are. it reminds me, brian, of when president obama talked about bitter clingers clinging to their guns and their bibles. they lost the central understanding of who we are as americans, and so the election are got away from them. i suspect when president biden woke up in glasgow this morning he sees this as a real nightmare because he knows his party has been hijacked by the progressive left. ainsley: yeah. and then mcauliffe said parents shouldn't be involved in the schools. do you think this is a referendum on biden? there are a lot of military folks that live virginia. >> yeah. i think basically both of those are true. i think this is definitely about parents reclaiming their kids. when it costs $100 to fill their gas tank, these are things that
5:25 am
strike at the heart of parents who want just the best for their kids. and here in virginia is, of course, it's the case so many soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines not only at the pentagon, virginia beach, author folk, even knows somebody -- norfolk, everybody knows somebody who served in afghanistan, and they are royally hacked off at the debacle this afghanistan. this is about incompetence and not understanding the american people, ainsley. steve: you know, mr. secretary the, it looks like polls got it wrong because this new jersey the day before people went to vote yesterday, i think mr. murphy was ahead by 8 or 9, and right now jack ciattarelli is actually ahead of him. ask then when you look at the commonwealth of virginia where you're at, you know, they said because of early voting, the early voting votes would benefit terry mcauliffe. so it's pretty much a real horse race. but ultimately, it looks like
5:26 am
glenn youngkin is going to win by 2 points. >> yeah. we should have given up paying any attention to these liberal pollsters an awful long time ago, i think, steve. we watched a race that was deeply about the american value set last night. just simple things about local school control and parents taking care of their kids, that these students aren't creatures of the state. mcauliffe ran a race where he embraced the seiu, the most radical teachers union, he talked about abortion, glenn youngkin punched back. these aren't fake culture wars. these are about how we live our lives here in the united states of america. we want a congressional -- we won a congressional race out in texas last night. this is an hearn phenomenon. i've been campaigning for the attorney general-elect for governor youngkin, i've been out all across the country, this is a national phenomenon where americans are reclaiming the country. really good news. you can tell i can't take the
5:27 am
smile off my taste because i think americans across a broad political perspective can see that we've been headed down a bad path with president biden, and they're about to change that, much like they did when i came to congress for the first time in 2011 when we won 60 plus seats in the house of representatives. steve: from the great state of kansas. mike pompeo, sir, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you, steve. brian: a four-seat advantage in the house, and this could be it for nancy pelosi. this was a off-year election, and it just has a ripple effect, i think, from here. steve: and you've got to wonder what's going to happen now with those two big bills of joe biden's. are the progressives going to say, well, this is a good reason to do it while we still can, or are moderates going to pump the brakes? ainsley: that's a good point, because the voters are watching. one more year. steve: meanwhile, from ballots to baseball, it was a big night. clay travis reacts to the gop sweep in virginia. amesest but first, the atlanta
5:28 am
braves scoring their first world series win this nearly two decades, and lawrence jones is live where it all happened. hey, lawrence. lawrence: hey, good morning, family. the first time since 1995 the atlanta braves are world champions. we have reaction from the players coming up. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
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>> left side, swanson -- [cheers and applause] the braves are champions! brian: the atlanta braves defeating the astros with a shutout win, 7-0, game six. first title since '95. lawrence jones back where it all began, minute maid park. lawrence, it it in per sect i have. perspective. lawrence: brian, as you correctly put, it was a complete shutout. they didn't have a shot, it looks like. but again, this is what the atlanta braves wanted. i mean, they had a tough season leading up to this, injury after injury, players missing, but they got it done. the raw emotion is what i want you to see from the fans as well as the players. take a look.
5:33 am
♪♪ >> go, braves! >> 26 years. 26 years, we waited. >> it's amazing. >> been a long time coming, for sure. >> exile rated. just teal ifs great. >> representative from atlanta, georgia, we came out here to get the win! >> braves, number one. >> i like to see somebody win but hoping it was the astros, for sure. >> it hurts. i wasn't expecting them to come out and, you know, put a 0 up on the board. good series all around and come back next year. lawrence: you think you guys will be back? >> oh, yeah. we're going to be back at least one more time. >> whoo! lawrence: how does this moment feel? >> it's the crazy. it's the everything i dreamed of. it's the wild. lawrence: did all the hard work pay off? >> absolutely, all of it. >> i'm just so thrilled. >> let's go, atlanta, can't wait
5:34 am
to get back, baby, party time! [laughter] lawrence: and they definitely deserve that. after the all-star game they got the big w. the question is, brian, are you going to get the w with your book? i'm coming back tomorrow to interview you for the big book to make sure you're on the best sellers list. brian: thank you so much. you have frederick douglass tattooed on your arm, and i thought it would be great to talk about with you. i'll make sure your flight lands on time. all right. lawrence jones, thank you so much. meanwhile, today's election results are the first major test of voter sentiment since joe biden took office, and virginia voters are sending a big warning message, maybe new jersey too. clay travis wants to interpret that message. clay, what is the takeaway for democrats? >> the woke agenda, thank the lord, is dead. this was an absolute whipping
5:35 am
across the board. i've been waiting for this. virginia, the defund the police movement went down, you just had the atlanta braves on, by the way. rob manfred, the commissioner of major league baseball, said you can't host the all-star game, so the atlanta braves, chop on, baby. they came out and they won the world series and made rob manfred give them the rophie. and even -- trophy. and even in deep blue new jersey democrats are biting their fingernails waiting to see what the final results there are going to be. this couldn't have been a more complete repudiation of the progressive woke agenda in the democratic apparently, and it sets the table for what i think is going to be an absolute ass kicking in the midterms in 2022. it took ten months of joe biden for virginia to swing 13 or 14 points potentially. and for women in particular to completely leave behind the
5:36 am
democratic party. this is mom revolution. it's stronger than the tea party, and it's sweeping the nation. breep brian right. and youngkin in particular found out there is a way to run in a purple state. don't run with president trump, don't run from him, run for yourself. the other thing in long island, new york, it's very strong republican, and upstate new york they ran a socialist for mayor, and that socialist lost to a republican. but i want to bring in something else that straddles your world, sports, and your other world, news, and that's enes kanter, the center for the boston celtic. he continues to take on china and all those who won't like the league and lebron james. yesterday he took on hong kong. listen. >> we must do everything we can to help free hong kong. we hues -- must support hong kongers ask their struggle for freedom. and to all hong kongers
5:37 am
watching, please know that i stand with you. you are not chinese, you are not british, you are hong kongers. so, please, stay strong, stay brave. hong kong will be free. brian: how's the league handling this, clay? >> not as well as they should be. they unleashed this by deciding that everyone should get political. the problem in the nba is everyone got political about things that didn't actually impact their wallet in any way following the colin kaepernick example, and the league has continued to cash checks from china and to shut up and dribble for chairman xi. and i give immense amounts of crept to e necessary if canner -- enes kanter to have the bravery to step out. this is a guy who knows what it can be like to have basic human rights trampled. he's turkish. his family's been this prison. there's a warrant out for his arrest are. we talk a lot about bravery
5:38 am
among athletes. enes kanter is as brave an athlete as i can remember in the 21st century, and i just wish there were more players behave enough to join him in speaking out this favor of hong kong, in favor of the taiwanese and also challenging china's attempts to silence human rights around the world. brian: he's getting a pressure not to wear those shoes -- >> 100%. brian: and a dissident designed it who's living in australia who china wants to kill. where are you going to be this weekend? humor has it saturday you'll -- rumor has it saturday you'll be this tuscaloosa. >> that's right. one of the college football capitals of the country. we'll be there from 8-11 is central time there, locally 9-noon. big noon kickoff, look at all the different places we have been so far, lsu taking on alaska, -- alabama, next weekend
5:39 am
georgia/tennessee. it's great to be out and about. the entire nation, being able to shake the hands and meet so many different college football fans who are helping to return normalcy to our country by packing the the stadiums and living the best version of their lives. brian: you have got a bus tour around the college football stadiums. it's not easy, but it's great to be clay. clay, thanks so much. >> hey, thanks, brian. good luck with the new book. brian: thank you so much. download the fox bets super 6 apps. pick six outcomes, then watch to see how it plays out. download the fox bet super 6 app. find out what is clicking, and it probably will make great conversation in the locker room and boardroom. straight ahead, florida governor ron desantis reacts to the gop governor-elect glenn youngkin's big win and possible win in new jersey. and then the grass wasn't always
5:40 am
green for bubba watson is. he's opening up about overcoming life challenges through the course of his career. it's all in his brand new memoir, and he joins us live with a sneak peek. ♪ ♪
5:41 am
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♪ steve: all right. yesterday voters in virginia delivered a shocking blow to democrats and joe biden as republican glenn youngkin won the race for governor. brian: here to discuss this and so much more, what it means for the party and is this, indeed, a red wave is gop governor who won by 1 point but now he's running for re-election again, ron desantis. governor, welcome back. what is your takeaway from what might be happening in new jersey with a victory and what did happen in virginia? >> well, i think people are rebelling against what the democratic party stands for nowadays; never if ending mandates and restrictions because of covid, using our school system for leftist indoctrination if rather than high quality education and hen the biden regime failures from afghanistan to the southern border, gas prices, inflation, supply chain. i think you had glenn youngkin who really, i think, did a great
5:46 am
job, was a great candidate, and i think he really represented a contrasting vision that was much more appealing to the majority of virginians. and i do think, brian, this wave is building. i think it was strong the last night, but i think it's going to keep building all the way into 2022. and if you go back to the 2010 wave that republicans had, i think there's more dissatisfaction with what's going on in d.c. today than there was at this time in that election cycle. and that is good news for republicans, and that is bad news for joe biden and his regime. ainsley: governor, i know you have a precious little girl sitting next to you. she's a second grader at one of the palm beach county schools, and she is facing disciplinary action, has been suspended for 36 days for not wearing a mask. she's been disciplined over 16 different times. let's bring her in. fiona, are you there? >> yeah. steve: morning. ainsley: good morning, fiona. tell us about what's happening in your school and why you decided not to wear a mask.
5:47 am
brian: right. for a second grader to stand up like this is pretty impressive, right? and -- >> i'm not -- brian: go ahead. >> you touch it and you have germs on your hand, and then you put it on your face and breathe in all the germs. steve: that's right. so, governor, i remember in the summer you signed an executive order that mask wearing was optional in the public schools, but then the palm beach county schools said, you know what? you've got to wear a mask. so, you know, kids like fiona are caught in the middle. >> so we've had a lot of litigation since then. fortunately, we're winning all these cases, steve. and i'm going to have a legislative session coming, a special session primarily to deal with protecting people's jobs against covid vax requirements. but we're also going to address this issue of our parents' bill of rights and making sure that we have strong teeth in it so that if you have a situation where fiona's forced to do this and that's not something her or
5:48 am
mother wants her to do, then the parent ultimately makes the decision. so we are going to strengthen that, and we're going to to make sure that folks are able to go to school in the best possible way for them and for their learning experience. steve: fiona -- brian: what do your friends say? >> what do your friends say? about the masks? do your friends like to wear 'em or not wear 'em? >> well, they don't like to wear them, but they wear them at school. steve: yeah. ty cone that, it sounds like you may have to repeat second grade because of the days off and the discipline. how do you feel about that, having to take this grade over again? >> well, i don't feel good about that, and i don't want to take the grade over again. because i've also been doing most of the work at home also.
5:49 am
ainsley: wow. >> and this is something that the idea -- they're not following florida law. the school board members who defied florida law, a lot of them cavort around maskless all the times in situations where they're requiring fiona -- but to keep a child out of school for that long, that's totally unacceptable. and one of the things we'll look to do is give parents recourse so that if their kids are harmed from these out of control school boards, he was the ability to vindicate their rights and their kids' rights. ainsley: you would think they would have an alternative so that this young, precious child doesn't have to watch her friends go back to school and go on up to third grade and she has to repeat ask her friends move on? it's heartbreaking. let me read the statement from the if palm beach county school district. they said shortly after the current school year began, the palm beach county school district adopted a facial covering mandate to address the rapid rise in cases and to offset the imminent threat to the community and our ability to keep schools open.
5:50 am
students except those who were medically eligible to opt out must wear facial coverings while indoors. governor, we'll give you the last word. >> so all 67 counties, ainsley, have had huge declines in covid cases among school-aged kids. most of them did not have forced masking. so this is not something that's been proven to be effective and, obviously, as we see with fiona, it has caused some of our students harm. steve: governor, thank you very much is. fiona, good luck. >> thank you. steve: thanks for telling your story. straight ahead, don't go anywhere, golf legend bubba watson is sharing his new memoir on overcoming personal challenges in the public eye. ainsley: but first, bill hemmer and dana perino -- bill: welcome back. dana: hi, everybody. so glad to be back. a lot to talk about. election announcements coming your way. kevin mccarthy on his first reaction to last night's
5:51 am
results. bill: we'll get to him now -- dana: and ian primer, he helped lead the charge about education in virginia. bill: and what do the house progressives do now? maybe the essential question in washington. we'll talk to one of them. we have a big morning of analysis. come join us, 10 minutes away. dana: see you in a minute. so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> good morning, i'm janice dean with your fox weather forecast. much of the country colder than average, 46 right now in new york, 30 if in chicago, 23 in fargo, and we have widespread freeze alerts across the great lakes, the ohio valley, in towards the northeast, you know, as far south as texas the as well. temperatures 15-20 below what they should be this time of year. and then we have this frontal boundary along with an area of low pressure that could bring showers and thunderstorms to the region, we could see flash flooding in and around the houston area and that cold air comes in, the the coldest air of the season for texas. there are your forecast, you know, rain in inches up to 1-2 in and around the houston area and, again, flash flooding is going to be the big concern. the rest of the country is going to be cold but sunny, we'll take the it, and our next system moves into the west coast. we'll watch that as well. happy wednesday. back to steve the, ainsley and brian. steve: all right, j.d., thank
5:56 am
you. meanwhile, champion golfer one baa watson has a-- bubba watson has achieved immense success on the greens, but chasing and achieving that dream has come at a great cost. ainsley: in his new memoir, "up and down," bubba is opening up about the overwhelming anxiety and mental health challenges that he has faced ask how he found the strength to carry on through his family and god. brian: wow. it's all in his brand new book. joining us now, author, 12-time pga tour winner, two-time masters champion bubba watson. bubba, you're very honest and human in this book. how hard was it to it -- to put it down in something that is going to be so so public and widely read? >> so after going through it, first of all, thanks for having me on. but first going through it in 2017 is where my lowest point was, now writing the book a couple years later, it's so easy. it's so freeing to know where i was, to though where i'm going.
5:57 am
and so it's easy to put it down on paper now and share because i want to help people. not only help myself, but i want to help others out there. that's the whole goal of the book is to at least help one person go in the right direction. steve: sure. and i remember when you won the masters in 2012 just before you got the green jacket, you famously said i never got this far which impacted so many people. and to hear that you had suffered such anxiety and a lot of it was from the, you know, criticism from the fans and commentators and that just started to chew on you. how did that make you feel? >> it was, it made me feel bad, but there's a lot of other things in there, you know? trying to be a husband, trying to be the dad i need to be. right before putting on the green jacket, two weeks before, we adopted our first child. so trying to be the person i need to be for her, for my son, it's challenging. life is hard.
5:58 am
and then becoming a masters champ, time and energy is taken away from me, and, yeah, it didn't make me feel good at all. there's three key moments in my life, 2007, 2011-ish and then the darkest hour was 2017. so, yeah, life is hard. and then golf gets in the way as well. those three-putts really get me upset. ainsley: it's interesting because i remember interviewing you at the jockey foundation with your family, i had no idea you were going through any of this. your wife was there, and you write about what y'all have gone through to have children ask your anxiety. but i think it's important for the public to know, you know, they see you as one of the best golfers. you've won the masters twice, you were my dad and my brother's favorite. people see you that way and write about you on social media, and if you make a mistake, they say some of the meanest, cruelest things, and you read them, and it affects you. they're in their mom's basement, you know, writing all this stuff
5:59 am
on social media, and they don't realize it does i affect people. >> it really does. and, you know, we could be, we could be a professional athlete, we can be anything in the world, but we're still human. it doesn't matter what your job description is, we're still human. we want to be loved, we want to have respect, and we want to have kind words said about us. words do hurt. i know i've said some mean words in my past, and i'm sorry for those words that i've said to people. i apologize for that. but, i mean, it does hurt. and over time, over years and years it wore me down and finallied hadley darkest hour and, hopefully, i'm going forward and trying to share the word. it's not about professional sports, it's not about professional athletes or celebrities. this is about everybody that does a tough job and has criticism. we need help and we need, you know, love is the key that we all want and we all strive for. brian: brian congratulations, bubba watson -- iowans iowans thank you for doing this, very
6:00 am
brave. >> thank y'all so much. ainsley: very cathartic. he learned a lot just putting it down on paper. go buy the book. steve: especially somebody who's been at the very top and yet troubled behind the scenes. anyway, check that out. that's going to wrap it up for today. ainsley: bye, everyone, have a good one.


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