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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 3, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert. a political shocker setting in and setting off alarms for the democrats ahead of the new midterm election. while dealing a devastating blo for president biden and we now await the results and the still too close to call governors rac in cobalt blue jersey. it eels on the heels of shakeup in virginia where republicans glenn youngkin just pulled up a big upset and the governor's race beat terry mcauliffe a of former governor, a democrat and turn that blue state red.
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>> we are going to go to work o day one bear he there are alway those, there are those that say that that hill is too steep to climb, but we are empowered to. we are empowered by conviction, righteous conviction in our children's future we are strengthened by our collective beliefs in the virginia promise let's climb that hill together. let's reinvigorate our future. let's reinvigorate this amazing commonwealth of virginia to get your watching "outnumbered" ver my cohost emily compagno and ka timpf are here. martha maccallum is here. and in the center seat, fox new political analyst juan williams. a stunning victory last night i raising all sorts of concerns now for the democrats about their chances in 2020 to especially since the democrats
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terry mcauliffe brought out the big stars to get there. they just weren't enough to tur things around very which must have come as to president biden given his comment yesterday. >> we are going to win i think were going to win in virginia. the race is very close. it's about who shows up, who turns out. granted, i did win by a large margin, i don't believe, and i've not seen any evidence that whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i've got my agenda passed or not, is going to have any real impact o winning and losing. >> he did win that state, by te points, and that county that counted so heavily come out lou in county he won by 15 percent. what happened last night and ho much of president biden's mojo was put on display.
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>> it was fright night for democrats. i think it's a late halloween. they say a hot mess, a dumb state friar, not a good night for the democrats. and i think you're seeing it this morning in terms of democratic reaction which is really, one of shock and remors i think as a result you see mor action right now in washington on all the bills that have been delayed. i think there will be an urgenc about that. what i think in terms of virginia especially, but also boy that new jersey race is shocker to. i think that i think that what you've got to see here is that for republicans, youngkin was a optimistic guy. a millionaire billionaire type from the head fenced and i thin people like winners and they like optimism right now given
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the democrats and washington, they don't have the results to show from biden or democratic control of the senate and house of representatives. paid leave for maternity, from preschool, children. >> that's not if they think tha it is so popular and they can't sell it. that's what i meant. >> i think you're onto somethin there. i think the messaging is off, especially, they already did th covid bill without any republican support. covid didn't really prove to be a major issue in virginia or in new jersey. i think right now this election came at a bad moment in terms o the timing for democrats becaus they haven't passed these last two bills, and because biden's numbers are low. >> i want to get back to when you bring in the rock stars, martha, and there is no concert
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for you. like you bring in everybody, barack obama, you bring them al in, and then when the singing stops, the crowd is like that somebody play? >> harris, i think there is a big message and last night's election, which is continuing today and that is that democrat and the people you see up on th screen right now from the forme president, obama on down, they can no longer rely on the suburbs and the blue-collar workers of america to be in lockstep with them. i think that one of the things we learned last night in lookin at the exit polls is that they want something that is they are not getting. they're is a big wake-up call. especially in the suburbs where you see white women making a
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different decision than they made in 2020. in looking for someone who kind of speaks their language a little bit more in terms of education and issues they care about inflation, economy, jobs those are the top-performing issues that we're decision-makers last night grea i think if democrats think that they should move forward and with urgency as he just said trying to get the bills passed, i think they better take anothe look because 60 percent of fox news pulled in the fox news pol said they didn't think passing this bill was going to help the economy or it might have no impact. i'm not sure that passing this bill with urgency is necessary good political strategy. >> it still down and some of th polling, what people are also saying is they don't know enoug about them to know whether they'd help her not so they're just not going to trust that fred. >> that again is an issue thing. we've artie seen it, even the progressives are upset because there is no legislative text.
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and then senator joe manchin wh gets credit for being a moderat and the party says i don't have anything in writing. i'm not signing anything. it seems to be the nancy pelosi way of doing, passage, and then you'll find out what's in it an people of had enough trade they don't want to guess anymore. kayleigh, you have been in the white house, you're in the whit house trying to figure out what the messaging should be to the people when you know you're not winning. you think maybe your agenda is popular, but you still can't sell select. you couldn't even sell at shots. you couldn't sell they shot tha the previous presidents came up with in record world time and saved so many lives fred you couldn't even sell it when it works. >> that's exactly right. so what is the white house doing ? it's really telling what the white house is doing today. no public event on the schedule. no press briefings to tapered the white house is essentially and hiding because they do not have a message other than doubling down on the spending
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bills which i totally agree should be reassessed given that they been rejected in our fox news bowling, given what happened last night, last night was a shellacking. to put this in perspective you had a political novice in one youngkin, somebody who had neve run for office. 2 percent name id defeated the entire democrat establishment, heat defeated them all and why? because of the failures of the biden presidency, which dovetails with the rise of glen youngkin. afghanistan happened in august, glenn youngkin started to rise. he took biden off of the mailers , he wouldn't stay face on the debate stage. joe biden. >> he did keep saying on the debate stage, i should say the stump.
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was donald trump. he even lied and said that donald trump was physically wit the republican candidates the night before. >> it didn't work out. >> he wasn't just a above, my mom used to say you can't even clean it up by all seven. so let me tell you this, what has changed in the blue states? or is it the candidates? he said the current election is about the current president, no the backed that's a lesson that he learned the hard way last night great all you need to kno about why he won in virginia is number one, who was in the audience in his victory speech. did you see the signs that wear there? appearance for youngkin, latino for youngkin. law-enforcement for ari. in my personal favorite democrats for glenn. the double down on what issues
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as polls reflected were most important to virginia voters. education, economy, things that matter to people that they see the value of the dollar, inflation, listen to them, he said i will listen to parents. remember how mcauliffe campaign. he said terns have no voice at the table. that's why when they brought ou the establishment, it didn't succeed because the american people don't care about showboating or performative action or what posters you can throw up on the stage. they care about what matters to them, what impacts them and tha is what youngkin and campaigned on. >> one other things that i noticed last night, is the republican who didn't win for mayor in new york city and a former republican who is now a democrat eric adams actually di win. you saw on the stage there with youngkin in this speech, i wrot
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up i'm talking directly to the people. the politicians are somewhere over here and down they are. inside him do it, i want everything to rise. >> just ahead, governor phil murphy can that with the republican challenger jack ciattarelli. his campaign signs still say governor jack. many weren't form aware of the former legislators last name. bill hammer is here to walk us through the numbers next. ♪ turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows.
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♪ >> of fox news alert, a nailbiter in the. phil murphy leading republican challenger jack ciattarelli by just a few thousand votes in th race for governor, but still to close to call. phil hammer hemmer is at the billboard to make out these numbers. >> it's a big room. >> i am going to give you a little tour of new jersey. terrence harris lives there so she knows it better than all of us, but this is where we think we are right now in the garden state, too close to call. the difference is 695 votes. no one really has is on the radar to be this close. why was that? new jersey did not get a ton of attention, but i have to tell you what ciattarelli has done very well here. we will take it a step at a time , let's show you where we believe the outstanding boat is still here. new york city is right over her across the hudson you go into essex county. we believe at the moment 10
9:17 am
percent of the precincts are still outstanding with the absentee ballots or late counters, there are if you really want to get technical, there's 553 and we can account for 494 of them. so that's the outstanding balance in essex. its highly democratic in newark. we would expect to go in favor of bill murphy. hang onto that idea when you're talking about a margin of less than 700 votes. popped on her to camden, new jersey,. we believe 12 percent of the precincts have not yet been counted. they're is 345 precincts and 30 accounted for. you have that? that's 12 percent. pop out here again and i come back up to the northern area. this this is union county, new jersey. you have at the moment only 4 percent of the precincts have yet to be tabulated. the union looks to be a little more filled than some of the others.
9:18 am
a lot of the outstanding vote will go and drop in murphy's favor. if that's the case it's good news for him that it might go t a recount. let's hold on that for a moment. why did the republican do so well and where did he do so well ? i will show you 2021 and i will show you 2017. you see down here in this red area? let me show you where it was four years ago. do you see that difference? it was all democrat. i will just put a little circle here. in the southern half of the state. you see what ciattarelli did come he flipped all three of these counties. we believe those numbers are going to hold up because it's very impressive for a man who let's be honest, did not give a lot of attention. some of the money that we spent outside groups, pro- murphy groups, how much money did they spend? $18 million. how much did they spend on
9:19 am
ciattarelli. outside groups outside the stat of new jersey, less than 3 million. what a disparity that is. you think how could you do so well in statewide ballot. it almost started to think whil people were in that familiar with ciattarelli, who were they voting for. in all likelihood in new jersey they were checking the arm box when it they went into the polling station yesterday. i see your hand up, go ahead. >> at think that's a big part o it. i think they wanted something different. a lot of people would come up and say how do i pronounce his last name and they would say we just call him jack. i don't know if somebody was listening, but there were signs all over the state that said vote for jack. if his name was on the sign he' a lot easier to remember then this. >> you can spend $3 million on an aunt if you take a quote fro
9:20 am
the other guy who says if taxes aren't your thing it, this stat of new jersey is not for you. a lot of people said wait a minute, where all tax, how did that work out. >> i don't think it was just taxes. murphy did all these press conferences at the same rate that governor cuomo did them in new york, but really the rest o the country did not pay attention as much as they did o taking a few other things. when i went home at 1:30 a.m., bergen county was red. these are the suburbs of new york city. a lot of folks who live here work in the city and go back an forth across the george washington bridge. all show you what murphy did four years ago in bergen county. 15 percentage point win in that county alone, and now in 2021, you can see it's a difference o four or five points which helps explain why the race is so close . you get a two-point edge, where was he four years ago?
9:21 am
look at that. 22 points. 22 points compared to 2021 wher it's just a two-point margin of difference there. again, camden, a little bit in essex, a little bit in union county to determine this if we even can. >> bill, to that point, what do they need to know about whether this is an automatic recount state and what exactly will thi would be called. >> listen, honestly, frankly, new jersey is not a state that we study. work kind of doing crash course right now. state law has no requirement fo an automatic recount. if you want to contest the rules , sorry, if you want to contest the final votes, whethe you're a candidate or another individual, you can do that. you're probably going to have t pay for it as well but there is no automatic recount set, which is different from virginia. virginia was 1 percent recount,
9:22 am
and then half a percent for the recount in new jersey you have no such rules. we will look for you to update throughout the day. >> at martha, i want to get to you now pray tell us about how this can be such as stunning frankly overturn nailbiting conclusion in an state that biden won by 16 points. >> i must say that i have alway been rallying for more coverage of this new jersey race great i live there, i saw jack signs everywhere i went. i think that people paid a lot more attention to this race in new jersey than we did on the outside of new jersey. no one wants to open a new business in new jersey. its very onerous, there's a lot
9:23 am
of taxes and regulation. you see what's happening in places like tennessee and texas that hasn't been happening in new jersey and new jersey business owners, people who wan to open businesses in new jerse see that. we talk about blue-collar jobs, you talk about also covid and education with their suburban parents with the big issue. i also think once people starte to see what's happening in virginia they saw the polls timing there and started to fee like welcome it may be that could happen in new jersey too. i think there was a lot of back-and-forth there in terms o the voter sentiment. in 2009 that was a big year where chris christie one in the governor's race in new jersey and virginia. they're are similarities in those states they are both outside of both metropolis area and they feel their sort of impact of that in their daily lives. but i think that taxes are your issue. it was a quote from governor murphy that said if taxes are your issue, we are not your state.
9:24 am
in other words, if you don't want two live in the highest ta state and the entire country, this probably isn't the place for you and i think that was something else that really got lot of people's attention where jack was concerned. >> martha mentioned the assumption that new jersey was blue. a lot of those assumptions last night were blown wide open. >> i think in new jersey, one o the realities emily, is that democrats didn't take it seriously. it turns out it was a real race and i think also not only taxes but bigger than taxes. just overall at the political structure. they just tire of this virus in democrats are paying the price for its. >> if you didn't know jack before, you sure know him now.
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9:30 am
potentially white identity politics that works for republicans. >> education, which is code for white and stone like the idea o teaching about race. unfortunately, race is just the most palpable tool in the toolkit. >> the real ominous thing is that critical race theory, whic isn't real, turns the suburbs 1 points to the trump insurrectio endorsed republican. >> whether it be crosstown bussing or whether it be defund the police, this original of america keeps evolving and critical race theory is the mos latest and most eloquent. >> we have seen the emergence o the delta variant of trump -ism? >> we bought talk about all tha great i hope they double down o this kind of language because i think it's going to help republicans. we have a fox news headline fro
9:31 am
our fox news voter analysis critical race theory was a top factor for 25 percent of virginian voters. 70 to percent called it an important factor. to the left, 70 to percent that this is just all imaginary and was all in their heads? >> i think there is no evidence that critical race theory is being taught in the schools. >> they're is a ton of evidence. hebb you gone on the department of education's website? the virginia department of education on their website righ now showing crt is currently there is a best practice that i on the website. that's the memo that went out also praising critical race theory. we have a picture of that. it's being taught in 70 to percent of americans are not crazy. >> i didn't say anybody was crazy because i think this has been a culture wars issue and i has tremendous residence with parents who are upset about
9:32 am
everything from having to call children transgendered children by pronouns and questions about sexual assault at schools, all of that, but i don't think there's any getting away from the idea that slavery was of war . i saw martha do an interview yesterday when they said i understand people are under upset about that critical race theory, really, how are you supposed to teach americans history without mentioning race and slavery. critical race theory does is no even taught in those schools. >> let me jump in here if i may. i have never heard of any paren suggests that they don't want any discussion or education on slavery in the united states, nor have i ever heard any of these parents say that they don't want their children to be taught about race issues, about some of the great heroes who
9:33 am
lead to civil rights in the united states, to the abolishment of slavery in this country. that is not what's happening here. what happening here and whateve label you want to give it, when people talk about crt it's easy to pigeonhole that as a legal theory and say it's not taught in the lower grades. what is being taught and what w have clear examples of our third-graders asked to dissect your own ancestry and the brake yourself as as a power and privilege in terms of white power and privilege. this is what these people's radars go up whether they are black or white or whatever colo they are and say this is divisive, this is not bringing our picture together, this is divisive. that's what you saw people tap into in this election cycle. >> to focus only on what divide them and not look for things that make us all rise as a nation, as a society, it just makes people stupid. i don't want my kids to be stupid.
9:34 am
i want them to learn history th way it happened and to be able to understand that you measure the presence in change by knowing the history, appreciating the journey, and being part of the solution to take it further for a better day . >> that's exactly right. well said. parent showing up at school board meetings, we have a clip of one of these mothers, their not just showing up out of some faux fake frustration, they absolutely bring. >> it is not my idea where they literally have said that whiteness is a deal with the devil. so what you have is whiteness i a bad deal as a concept and a contract with the devil. >> that's after a. >> as we've been talking about there in louden in virginia, that was kind of the patient zero petri dish of what's going on in the country which is parents want to be invested in
9:35 am
their children's education and know what they're being taught and participate in it bird that is why it was such as start slamming door shut to have mc auliffe say you have no place in the conversation under my watch grade they can argue the details of crt, they can overgeneralize it and put it into a box in which it doesn't exist with the reality is it wa the parents who we're digging i and drilling down and saying what exactly is being taught to my children and how can i participate in what is okay. they are not standing for what their parents or what their children should be taught, they are standing for teaching them how to think on their own. i just want to say that this whole night, this whole experience is electric shock therapy for democrats is what called it. one at the left-leaning mainstream media outlets had on the bottom of their screen headline, education, economy, top issues for voters so it seems that may be they are finally seeing the light.
9:36 am
in these parents do not want they're little daughters coming home as one mother said asking am i evil because the color of my skin. that happened. >> virginia gave us the governor , evil will say was he worried blackface or in the hood , my money is on the hood, that's what he could argue that he wasn't in blackface. this conversation started among the democrats and they couldn't close the door on that. it has opened up he's gone, you get the next democrat to step up , and he couldn't understand how to negotiate just teaching history race as a tinderbox for democrats, even though they don't want to admit it. spread. >> in why did parents call by his side the whole time. it was a bad move i think. but, a good point there, harris. coming up, why isn't the mainstream media all over this. the history being made in the lieutenant governor's race coming here from the republican mother of three.
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two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. is not shy about her support fo the second amendment this picture went viral of herself bearing arms at the gun range for each she also spoke last night of being a marine and an
9:42 am
immigrant in a patriotic speech great. >> i'm not even first-generatio american. when i joined the marine corps was still a jamaican, but this country has done so much for me i was willing, willing to die for this country. [cheers and applause] usa usa usa. you. usa. >> beautiful. you wouldn't have seen that speech if you are watching cnn and msnbc who choose not to eat every trait don't you think tha deserved airtime. that is a pretty notable achievement there. >> i just on an emotional level you've got to embrace her. by the way, much like neil love do you remember me a love he black congresswoman from utah
9:43 am
coming she is a haitian immigrant heritage, and here yo get someone from jamaican immigrant heritage, i think these are wonderful stories. let me say i think she didn't get many votes from democrats o even minorities, she lost to bobby scott when she tried to challenge him for i think it's the third district heavily blac area in that norfork area, but to me, this still stands out as a wonderful story. again, she is a republican victory and we have to see it a such great figures he's a republican victor which is why she doesn't get airtime on liberal networks. also, not hearing too much of martha is jason uris, currently in the lead for attorney general , he would be the first latino attorney general. this is a pretty diverse republican croupier in very hig achievement. >> based on our exit polls, the youngkin camp and all the regio
9:44 am
did very well with latino voters . what i think is really so worth pointing out come out with sear is another lane she said last night, she said in case you haven't noticed, i'm black, and i've been black on my life, but she said that is not what this is about. so she doesn't want to be, and think a lot of women feel this way, i think a lot of latinos feel this way, they want to be chosen and elected on their merits, on what they want to do and this case for the commonwealth of virginia, not because they want to be pointed out as the first this or the first batch. >> well said. what a background, she ran a woman's homeless shelter as well . in a remarkable woman birdcage she is a lot of things we consider as americans to be aspirational. when you talk about, i love the way martha put it. she is quoting sears of course. it's not about being female it' not about being the first black
9:45 am
or the verses, she is willing t do what many americans aren't, she's willing to put herself on the line for america. in that color is red, white, an blueberry tea don't get credit for that on the other outlets. if you do commit if we're missing it, somebody correct me but it doesn't matter about these other stations in these networks focus on if it's not going to be something that is positive. if they're going to point it out , and than not have it be actually something to celebrate. that doesn't take is anywhere. it's okay if they just sit down and be quiet for it. >> another thing there being quiet about according to voter analysis, guess what, glenn youngkin won the latino vote, a huge achievement that should scare democrats hitting into midterm spread. >> 10 percent of the voting population in virginia which i mentioned in the first segment, they were prominent at that victory speech you can see the
9:46 am
signs. she was a remarkable woman the first female elected to the house of delegates for ag also served on the virginia board of education which is a really important thing against those voters there that placed education as their top priority issue and she was the president bush presidential nominee or appointee for the veterans affairs board on women perigee has a remarkable history of service. what i found so fascinating as well in her victory speech, she said education will lift us out of poverty. she said were going to have safer neighborhoods, safer communities, and our children are going to get a good education. the point again is issue over some box she checked it safety in americans over some politica party, her #was vote for americ 2021. if you recall when then vice president elect kamala harris tweeted outcome in she said black women in this country are too often overlooked.
9:47 am
i just wonder if she will reach out and congratulate her. >> good points. biden said he was looking for a black woman and, she said that she is looking to represent for america. >> it would be nice to have a vice president vice president taste something, but probably not because sears. extending blow to the defund th police movement. awoke push to reimagine public safety that is next. ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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pure protein bars and shakes. for every fitness routine. >> a political earthquake in virginia last night as republicans take the top two spots in state government. what does this portend for next year's midterms. we've got you covered with senators marsha blackburn and ted cruz. juan williams, tom bennett and new challenge to gun restrictions being heard by the supreme court, and what happene to a california mother who disappeared he disappeared two weeks ago? we will have all the afternoons breaking news for you. i'm john roberts, join us at th top of the hour for "america reports".
9:52 am
>> minneapolis rejecting defund the police. voters deciding to keep their police department in tact and not replace it with a woke department of public safety. it comes as a major blow to progressives and the defund police movement. the citizens essentially are saying we believe public safety necessarily includes law enforcement, that reform is separate from dismantling that community protection includes police encourage your thoughts? >> i thought you're exactly right in the way you laid it out . i think clearly people in minnesota state they still want at the police department, but i think people all over america, black, white, asian, everybody, the question is about police reform and people who want to g too far left on the defund staff , clearly they are being rejected, but yesterday you saw democrats do very well talking about police reform in boston, michelle williams, pittsburgh,
9:53 am
ed gainey. all over, democrats did very well in city elections yesterday . >> martha, it wasn't about police reform, it was about complete dismantling than the other rejection of that by the voters there. can keep my mind goes back to a interview on another network that was done with lisa bender she suggested if you have the anticipation that if you call i the middle of the night, you expect the police will come to your aid, that is showing you'r white privilege in that expectation. i spent time in minneapolis wit families who i had on the show last night who just really want increased police presence in their neighborhoods because the want it to survive the violence you see in a. think that's what you heard in minneapolis last night great gifts the raising of voices and
9:54 am
people that live in those affected areas we don't want zero policing, its those voices that have been heard now as opposed to the louder soda of media voices or the large bully pulpits that represented a minority of the population that didn't those who were the ones who were crying for the abolition of. >> they're answer is always we need to double down on this it' a huge mistake in some moderate have pointed out, now the polic department police department is a third smaller and the highest homicide rate in minneapolis since the 1990s. its extraordinary. they're is a really powerful go ad where the phone was ringing someone was calling the police, a woman in her home and guess what, the police didn't give an answer because they weren't there. it's a powerful ad and i believ you will still see that. >> the representative subpart o the so-called squad the progressive squad is still doubling down on that. even in the last 24 hours.
9:55 am
so my question is, isn't that the people that said they wante reform after the death of georg floyd, didn't get their point across to their elected leaders or did those elected leaders have an already existing narrative politically, and they just said, that allows me to ge done what i really wanted to ge done? we don't know. >> we will see. while she is doubling down she' also among those who pays the most out of pocket for security. more "outnumbered" and just a moment. has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind.
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10:00 am
when the race is called, you will see it here live on fox news channel. keep it here. for now, thank you for watching "outnumbered." "america reports." >> a fox news alert now as we kick off "america reports" on this wednesday afternoon the da after two pivotal governors races. republicans coming up a big win in one of them while the other still hangs in the balance at this hour. welcome everyone. i am sandra smith in new york. >> good to be spending wednesda with you, i am john roberts in virginia at the republican glen youngkin celebrating victory ou of after defeating terry mc auliffe. youngkin term pulled it off by making inroads with key democratic constituents. >> in an even bluer state, new jersey, the governors race ther is in an unexpected nailbiter.


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