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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 3, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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will see it here live on fox news channel. keep it here. for now, thank you for watching "outnumbered." "america reports." >> a fox news alert now as we kick off "america reports" on this wednesday afternoon the da after two pivotal governors races. republicans coming up a big win in one of them while the other still hangs in the balance at this hour. welcome everyone. i am sandra smith in new york. >> good to be spending wednesda with you, i am john roberts in virginia at the republican glen youngkin celebrating victory ou of after defeating terry mc auliffe. youngkin term pulled it off by making inroads with key democratic constituents. >> in an even bluer state, new jersey, the governors race ther is in an unexpected nailbiter. incumbent democrat remains
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locked in a contest still too close to call with his republican challenger jack ciattarelli. >> what to make of all of this and where is it taking us click senator martha blackburn will talk join us to talk about the implications for the midterms. alexandria hoff is live in chantilly, virginia. >> live from jersey city with the very latest on the garden state governors race. what a night and on into the da now. >> good afternoon. the nailbiter here, most of the people we talk to, voters in ne jersey said they did not expect the governors race to be so close here in the state of new jersey. early results show democratic governor slightly ahead by several thousand votes, those ballots still rolling into let' get to it. phil murphy running for his second term here in new jersey. has long been considered the favorite in this race. the challenger of former and local in new jersey has been running at the moderate republicans. right now an estimated 89
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percent of those votes have been counted. a solid progressive lab while ciattarelli tried to paint murphy as being completely out of touch with the average voter. murphy has tried to rally support with appearances by senator bernie sanders, former president barack obama and vice president kamala harris. he holds the lead early in the night but as a result kept trickling in, the race kept getting tighter. >> we are all sorry that tonigh cannot yet be the celebration w wanted it to be, as i said, whe every vote is counted, and ever vote will be counted, we hope t have a celebration. to get those votes are still counting. this morning registered democrats outnumber registered by more then a million, but the race is still too close to call. ciattarelli tells us he is stil optimistic. >> the great news, guys, as we
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have sent the message to the people of new jersey. what i love about this state, and although it was not my intention, we have sent that message to the entire country. >> the ciattarelli campaign say they are still focused on makin sure all of those legal votes are counted putting out a statement about an hour or so ago. here in new jersey there is no automatic recount, but either side can ask for a recount, so we will get word on that here this afternoon. they're are still tens of thousands of ballots that still need to be counted here in new jersey. watching this very closely, but people once again saying they had no idea when they cast thei vote here for the governors rac that it would be undead being that close. >> we will stay in touch with you, thank you. >> a tight race continues to unfold we take you across the street from where we are to the capital where the house gop leadership is speaking on the election results let's listen
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here. >> finally lake up and listen t the american people who have rejected this far left agenda. unfortunately, what leucine is the answer is no, this morning they are doubling down. what can we learn from last night? we learned that parents should be empowered to make decisions about their children's education , not the federal government. we've learned that americans want more jobs, not more government welfare in reckless spending creating inflation. americans want to fund their police department, not defunded them. americans want freedom, not far left socialism. this is a message that united americans across the country from new jersey to new york, tw virginia, two texas. eight united americans behind republicans last night in is exactly what house republicans have been saying for months. republicans are the party appearance, education, of small businesses, of freedom, and a family. democrats are the party of big government socialism creating
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crisis after crisis. even after their losses, nancy pelosi doubled down on her agenda yet again this morning prayer that is exactly why she is a lame-duck speaker of the house. republicans have a better optimistic vision for our natio and we will continue to talk about the issues that mattered to the american people. we are going to hear from a number of my colleagues today was special guest from the virginia delegation but first i want to hand it over to my colleague the ranking number member of the education workforce. >> thank you, representative stephani berry. last night's victory in virgini proves that the voices of parents matter it proves that parents will not and cannot be silenced. education is at the forefront o voters mind because it matters. it matters what our kids learn in school. it matters what i being in the school library.
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most importantly, it matters what our kids believe they are capable of achieving. the left has tried to take education out of the hands of parents. local government and the state for too long. noted critical race theory, and no to identity politics. republicans believe that policies that unitas, not divid us. we know when parents have choice , that is what we are fighting for. no child should be denied the opportunity to fill fulfill his or her potential. it is past time to support student focused education. they prove this code districts
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never have to count them to teachers unions the days of caving to powerful unions is over, the parents have awakened and are ready and willing to fight for their kids. now i yield to rob whitman who will speak on behalf of the virginia delegation. >> what a great day today from the outcome of the races in virginia yesterday. i want a poet to my colleagues. they are all part of an excitin evening yesterday. very historic. yesterday sent a message, not just across the commonwealth of virginia, but across the nation that it's parents that matter, its parents that should be in charge of their children's destiny in school systems. that it's about small businesse empowering them to make sure they continue to build this
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economic engine we know right now has been stifled. we know to that yesterday was about empowering communities to work with police departments to make sure they have the resources necessary to make our community safer. yesterday was historic to. the first black female elected statewide office in our new lieutenant governor winsome sears. the first latino elected to in our new attorney general jason be ours and we have a new majority in the virginia house of delegates. a new day that speaks volumes about empowering people, not government, about putting thing back into our local communities where they need to become aware they should be, not in the hand of washington not in the hands of richmond. this is a watershed moment that pokes across the nation can loo to you and say let's take our commonwealth back here in virginia, but other states will say the same let's take our nation back. let's empower the people we kno are the owners of the government
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. the people across our great nation. now i would like to turn the floor over to my colleague congressman tony gonzalez from the great state of texas. >> lots of smiles on our side o the aisle today. it's a great day to be an american and it's a great night to be texan. all constitutional amendments passed in texas also historical we the republican party flipped the seat that is predominantly hispanic it hadn't been flipped in a very long time. what does that show? it shows that americans have ha enough with the socialist policies biden socialist policies. in particular, this failed border amnesty proposal is dead on arrival. it also showed that people like rnc chairwoman who invested in these outreach centers in san antonio make a difference. it's how we win elections. we won the election for two reasons, one americans have had
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enough with this administration from the house to the white house. to, people like jamie and frank who lived live in inner-city seen antonio that go out and door knock and help candidates when at all different levels. we need more people, the republican party needs for people like jamie and frank wer going to take back the house. now i would like to turn over t julia ludlow from louisiana. >> thank you congressman. as a single mom of two, a forme educator, and a concerned american, education is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. it is no secret that our nation faces tremendous challenges in education and during the pandemic this last year, many o us joined our children in the virtual classrooms and found ourselves concerned with the curriculum we witnessed. the other proposed solutions to nationalize the curriculum and puts a one-size-fits-all approach to education has prove to fail time and time again and
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is clearly not the answer. as a republicans we believe tha education is a true partnership between parents and the learnin environment that works best for their children. we don't think that the relationship between a family and educators needs to be adversarial. we want schools to work hand-in-hand with families bringing new ideas and innovations to the table that will truly put our students first. the commonwealth of virginia spoke loudly and clearly last night, and they agreed with us. i think the problems we have with the other side's education proposals are indicative of man of the larger issues. the other side wants to shut parents out and have government do the jobs that simply doesn't work because these are our children, not the governments. parents should not have a curriculum forced on their children or fear indoctrination by a federal agenda. instead, they should be able to choose one that fits with their beliefs in their values. thank you. i would like to turn it over to my esteemed colleague from
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louisiana steve schooley's. >> thank you, julia. thank you for all my colleagues for being here. i want to congratulate governor elect youngkin for running such an impressive campaign. it was a campaign that was focused on optimism. it was a campaign that was focused on empowering parents t take back their state to take back the ability to have contro from the very union bosses who we're trying to keep kids out o school. trying to keep parents out of school board meetings, that's kind of big government socialis was rejected overwhelmingly by the voters last night in virginia also, big government socialism was rejected in a number of other states, new york , use of record numbers of republicans getting elected to school boards where parents are getting more and more engaged a the local level. concerned about things like critical race theory, being
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rammed down their kids throats, trying to teach hatred of america, that is un-american an that was rejected last night. something else rejected last night was the democrats radical crazy defund the police movement . overwhelmingly rejected by voters in states like minnesota. it was so encouraging to see people take their government-backed. that is what you saw last night and yet here in washington, thi same big government socialists who we're rejected in states like virginia are doubling down on their failed policies. joe biden and nancy pelosi did not get the message from what happened last night. may be more of their members will look in the mirror and say i don't want to be the next terry mcauliffe, but if they keep voting for big government socialism they're going togethe same way. if you look at a state like virginia, it was a d+ ten if yo think about the readings.
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that means a d plus ten states became an art plus to states, that a 12-point swing. which means their districts all across the country that are represented right now by democrats in at least d+ five, six, seven, even d+ ten districts that have to be am i going to keep voting for this. they're going to have a reckoning it's time to start working with republicans on solutions that actually address the crises that families are facing. to address any of the crisis families are facing like inflation, like high gas prices like the border crisis, their a answer is to go the opposite direction. they want to tax people more so that they can give up $450,000 checks to people who come here illegally. people are rejecting those kind of radical ideas all tell you, as republicans are focused on this commonsense agenda to get this country back on track, to
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work with those parents who wan to take their schools back, our leader has been leading that charge two lay out that bold vision. meeting with parents, meeting with families, talking about an agenda that actually helps the hard-working families who are struggling today under the weight of president biden and speaker pelosi's field agenda. he was very involved in the victory helping the campaign, our leader, kevin mccarthy. >> good afternoon. what a night it was. it was a night not just about virginia, it was a night about america. if you've heard from other members here, virginia, new jersey, new york, minneapolis, seattle, texas, today is a wake-up call for washington to
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abandon the partisanship, the extremist agenda, the washington-based programs that cost trillions of dollars and don't have programs. we have learned speaker pelosi almost every day since she has been in the majority this year she saw it time and again. she watched the school board would parents would come and as to have a say in their children's education. what was the democratic answer? to pressure attorney general. even if your child was in a bathroom. we watch people fearful of the rising cost of inflation. that democrats answer? to spend trillions more.
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as we watch for the cameras as republicans went to the border, lead many times by tony gonzalez , the fear of what was happening with their new policies along the border. more than 1.4 million people have come across. more than 160 countries. people that are on the terroris watchlist being caught in the democrats continue to ignore it. crime rising across america to the cities that asked to defund the police based upon democrati policies. just in my home state, not far from nancy pelosi our speaker's house, five walgreens closed because they couldn't stay open just because of the theft that continues to thrive. what was her answer? more of the same. just last week they had a ball they talked about the biggest concerns that americans had.
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when you look at governor elect youngkin. he didn't bring past politician and he listened to those in virginia. he didn't take political consulting advice he took parents advice. on his closing night, he talks about reforming the dmv, regardless of the party of er, if you live in virginia there going to answer the phone it's fundamental belief that americans, that parent should have a say in the children's education. they should be able to know wha the curriculum is good the one thing that we have found time and again the democrats believe that not to be true. when i came in today, i expecte they would have a change of heart. but doubling down with the new
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promise, to vote again on all the things that the election last night told them not too. when you think about it, in virginia, the republican governor was elected after 13 consecutive statewide election losses, just a year ago, president biden one by more tha ten points. as you heard, the new republica lieutenant governor winsome sears. in new jersey democrats are underperforming even worse by more than 15 points. it's not just in the governor's race which many of you don't follow, the senate democrat president lost to a republican who spent less than $200 on a campaign. what i would take from that is policy matters. in san antonio, as tony talked about, it's not the first time
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he took a seat that was 73 percent hispanic and a republican one. tony has led that charge. the state house seat that is 73 percent they carried by joe biden by 14 points flip to republican. in seattle, washington, clear across the country, you heard that right, a republican is winning a race for city attorney . how many nights has there been riot in seattle, washington. she is poised to be the first woman in that role. all of those elections and also something else happened last night. we grew our conference one more. we are now to hundred 13 and it only takes 218 to be the majority. i don't believe these races are just about republicans, what
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it's about his failed policies of democrats continues to push. i'm not sure what the speaker will do, i know we are on break next week in she's off to another european trip, i think that would make three and three months. if i was a democrat today, one thing i would there is going to be a lot of retirement either before the election or in 370 days. if you do not change course, yo do not start listening to the public, if you do not understan the policies you are pushing making prices more expensive will be marked most expensive thanksgiving ever come out with the gas and the price of gasoline is higher than we watched in seven years. of border that's unsecure with
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no intention, trillions of dollars you want to push with n money there to secure the borde and your education policy was t push the attorney attorney general to investigate parents. you didn't know that was full failed by the polling, if you didn't know that was a problem by the calls of americans to your office, you should have woken up after last night because it wasn't just in virginia. it was a new jersey, it was in minneapolis, it was in texas, and it was in seattle. one thing i will tell you, as republicans listen. we hear you. we know the places we can improve, we make this promise t you, we will soon unroll appearance bill of rights. it doesn't match your wealth, color of your skin, once you have a child, it is no longer what you become, it is now what opportunities your children wil
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have. you have the right to know what is being taught in school. we have a right to participate. education is the great equalizer . we are all created equal. we are going to make sure we make that happen across this country. with that, let's open it up for questions. yes ma'am. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> the first is i guess i can't be surprise the morning after republicans went across the nation's immediate wants to try to find division. i watched the republican party more united, more people joinin it, based upon policy, policy matters.
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i think when you saw the last ten months, the policy of the democrats, i think people were open to trying to find somethin much better. we have had that experience under the republican majority and with president trump, i don't think after winning all these races that is the questio that would come before us. i think that's just another political ploy. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> a second question about trump. >> [inaudible reporter question have you ever run for office? okay, so you're question is about trump after we just held an election where inflation is higher than we've ever been a part. we have a president that shuts down a pipeline with american jobs losing more then a million but allows greed to produce foo in is now bringing his own military to the border of the
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ukraine, we watched this president change by executive orders the border, where the security is now gone. we watched parents come to school board meetings craving t have input. of father getting arrested when his daughter was molested in a bathroom. we watched republican after republican one that only spent $200 to take down a sitting president of the senate. this is about policy, this is about a united party. to me, if there's anything the press should learn, we should learn from terry mcauliffe, all he talked about was trump a well. >> [inaudible reporter question]
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>> all politics are local but who was in washington defending the parents? who is in washington question o the attorney general. he was in washington after asking him to resend going afte the parents when we found out h was one letter from one organization and they actually apologized after that hearing. who has been in washington saying don't defund the police. who's been offering the legislation? yes, it's local politics, but we're all elected locally, so w bring those policies here because we listen to our constituents. they're is a contrast between republicans and democrats. they're is a difference of beliefs. i think that displayed pretty greatly in the election last night. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> i think education is always top priority.
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the one thing you will find as the republican party as the party of education. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> have you spent any time with virginia fox or congresswoman let low? you know what their life has been and what they spent, this isn't the first time we've been fighting and talking about education. it is time that we have worked great deal on, and i think it will only be highlighted based upon. >> [inaudible reporter question] >> if i was at a democratic conference today, and you wante to surely look at it from a political science point of view. if you are a democrat, and president biden when your seat by 16 points, you are in a competitive race next year. you are no longer safe rate it'
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no longer of the competitive seats be small. it will be more than 70 democrats that will be competitive. they're are many that are going to lose their races based on walking off a cliff with nancy pelosi pushing them. she might not care if she loses she lost 63 the last time she had a losing policy the country didn't care for. many believe she won't stay around, so is she going to be there to defend you? are you going to bring private president pipe president biden in with your disk into your district to defend you. are you going to bring the vice president in? terry mcauliffe did, and look at what happened to him. i don't believe they can be helpful, but i think if they continue to push these policies it could be one of the biggest election losses for democrats. i don't know, i thought last time the speaker losing 63 coul be a record, but could be more
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as well this time. >> as we saw last night, there were massive waves, the last time we saw some of these waves was in 2019 and shortly after that. are you having conversations with some of these moderate democrats who are competing for seats next year to come on over. especially those in opposition to the reconciliation. >> and remember sitting in this room one time with people laughed at me when i said there were some democrats who wanted to reregister republican. i believe the party as a big tent and everybody is welcome. he left the party in the majority. they did it when history was saying we were going to lose races and seats. there was going to be competitive. they had a competitive race. he did it because he said the party has left him.
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i think that discussion and i know i've had that discussion with quite a few on the other side. don't be pushed to do something you don't believe. the policies are wrong. you have been reluctant right now, but our party is open to have other people join us. thank you very much, have a goo day. >> the house gop leadership there reacting to the results last night, and virginia and th close race is still underway in new jersey saying that it portends well for them and badl for democrats with the midterms next year. we will see. >> taking a victory lap. for more on all of this blitz bring in marsha blackburn. senator, i believe you were hearing everything they are fro members your own party includin the republican from new york wh said the question now is whethe democrats will wake up worried what you think the answer is? >> what we are seeing is that they are planning to double dow on the failed agenda and the
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american people are looking at this and sandra, they are sayin if you believe in lockdowns and mandates and higher taxes and inflation and government contro of your kids and your school an your healthcare in your bank account, the democrats are the party for you. they are saying if you believe an opportunity, if you want to freedom in to celebrate that an to weigh in on your kids education, build your own business, live your american dream, the republican party is for you. we have seen coast-to-coast the american people chose last nigh to line up with the republican party, indeed i think the republican party should focus o having gop stand for great opportunity party. because that is what parents want, we all want the best for our children in our grandchildren. we want every child to have the
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opportunity to live out their american dream, and i have neve seen an election night make tha argument more precisely then that results from last night. >> senator, the president and the vice president suggesting this could be a harbinger of things to come. president biden on thursday sai i don't think it's hyperbole to say that house and senate majorities in my presidency wil be determined by what happens i the next week. they said this on the campaign trail. >> what happens in virginia. in large part, determined what happens in 2020 to and 2024 and on. >> what do you think this portends for next year. could this eclipse what happene to president obama in 2010 when he lost 63 house how seats? >> oh, yes. we are looking forward to majority in the senate in in th house as you saw in virginia with the house of delegates, th
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republicans taking control of there. you are going to see this as people say look, we voted for joe biden, he turned out to not be a moderate, he is a radical. we want to get past this. there needs to be checks and balances, and what they are looking for all of those checks and balances and the republican party will provide those. >> senator, something else we just heard their, it was from kevin mccarthy, the republicans are the party of education or the party of parents, he referenced back wit harvey did to the glenn youngki message friday stuck to that message of his strategy all along has been to listen very team made the case he's been listening to on the ground in that state he want to reopen their doors, they want less restrictions, they want to be able to operate as they choose. he was listening to the parents that spoke up in the school board meetings for the children. i just wonder, kevin mccarthy
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just said this, we will soon unroll of parents bill of rights . do you believe education will emerge as the key issue for you party in the midterm election? >> parents having the ability t weigh in and pushing education more towards decision-making. local school boards being able to have that control, in tennessee last week, during our special session, the legislatur voted to make the school board races partisan so that people can know what kind of philosoph a person running for school board is bringing into that decision-making process because as we have gone through this issue within national school boards association, they are tagging of parents showing up t question elected representative on a public school system and they tag them as domestic
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terrorist? think about the message that is sent. and people all want the best fo their children. they want to weigh in on curriculum, safety of the children during the school day, extracurricular activities, the type of mandates, the positions of the teachers and what they are bringing into the classroom that will influence those teachers. if i've heard it once, i have heard it time and again from tennesseans, we want our children to be educated, not indoctrinated. that is what came out yesterday. this is what we're going to see from parents who say no, no, no we are the ones who are in charge here and you've got a lo of mama bears and pop a bears who are sending that message, and i think they are going to stick with it. >> the big question as we weigh the outcome of the elections an what it means going forward which is what does it mean for the joe biden tax-and-spend
10:36 am
agenda in particular that massive reconciliation bill tha nancy pelosi suggested earlier today nothing is going to change . listen here. >> are you going to change the agenda? >> know. she says no, it's not going to change the agenda. if we see what has happened las night it was going to strengthe the head of moderate with the reconciliation bill and for people like joe manchin who say i'm not going to vote for something unless i know through a sorrel thorough examination with the overall impact is goin to be. >> nancy pelosi and the white house, those two are running th show over there, they are doubling down. they are saying all right, time is running out. if we're going to get the green new deal, if we're going to get all these social programs on th books, we've got to do it fast, fast, fast because they know time is running out on them. i think that what has happened as the moderates have strengthened hand getting that cbo score, being able to tempt
10:37 am
back and not push forward any o these programs. today the democrats are further away from getting a deal on bernie's budget package than they were a week ago. they are further away from the infrastructure bills than they were a week ago because the american people have said no to their radical policies, no to socialism, no to the green new deal, no to higher taxes. basically they said we don't want any of this and if you try it again, we will send you another message brachii wonder how many other democrats were silently standing behind senato manchin. it's amazing how long ago it feels like that he stood up behind the microphone, probably a couple of days but that's politics, right he said i can't in good faith pass off on this at least until i know how much is going to cost. wondering who all stands behind him. this is interesting. this is senator warner just sai that a few moments ago.
10:38 am
>> we have got a show that weakened deliver in a pragmatic way. >> is that a sign that perhaps democrats are waking up after last night? get my hope would be for the good of the country that they would wake up. we know that there are several in the senate who are kind of standing there behind joe biden and they don't want to vote on bernie's budget bill. they don't want to vote on a socialist agenda because if the know they are going to lose their seat, when we go to the polls in 2020 to, and you are going to hear from the democrat who are going to double down, you will hear others that say w have to back off and i think it will be interesting to see how many of those moderate democrat go you know what, the democrati caucus has gone so far to the
10:39 am
left, i'm going to consider myself an independent and separate myself from them and sandra, i think that just as we saw back in 2010, after the obama care bill, you are going to begin to see that from many of these democrats this time, the issue as a very emotional issue because it is your children that are at the center of this fight and what the democratic caucus is wanting to do is take one vote, government control of your children, of your education, of your healthcare, of your bank account , your small business, give you the green new deal. they thought they could make this happen and achieve utopia. the life of linda as they are now broadcasting it would be there for everybody. total government dependent. cradle-to-grave, that is their goal and the american people ar saying oh no, you don't. we like our freedom.
10:40 am
>> not to mention the very pocketbook issues like inflatio that are so tangible for the american people. thank you for your time, he appreciated. >> thank you for hanging with u during the press conference. more analysis on all of this. when you look at the turnout fo youngkin last night especially in the rural counties where he was up even beating trump numbers he was up 80-85 percent and when you combine that with democrats losing votes in some of those big blue counties like loudon, fairfax, what does that portend to you for it next year 's midterm elections? >> obviously, it's a great time for republicans and a real warning shot for democrats. this was a promise he was the least of the candidates in the primary he said look, i'm the candidate you confused and win back voters in the northern
10:41 am
virginia suburbs and that's wha he did. in fact, as you mention, rural turnout was through the roof, h did win back particularly suburban white women was was a demographic that had moved away from the gop over the last couple of cycles so again, we saw the same thing happen in ne jersey. i think that's what is also probably getting more deserving for democrats is they didn't have the education that was a brush fire as much new jersey and they still they really collapsed among working-class voters. all of them bode well for the gop in not so well for democrats . >> so youngkin threaded the needle quite masterfully. he didn't fully embrace trump i the closing weeks of the campaign, but he did not alienate the trump base voters and at the same time as you mention, he didn't alienate those moderate suburban voters who voted against trump in 2020.
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you expect that will be a template across many districts. they are going to predict he wa comfortably ahead in this phase until that debate, intel he sai the thing about education that parents shouldn't be involved i the education that is the fuel for the youngkin campaign. he exploited that very well in very strategically and from tha moment on he was gaining momentum away through the final days of this race because he wa able to really hone in on a topic again that hit suburban women, but then it also crossed crosses boundaries it crosses economic boundaries, it crosses racial racial boundaries, and s i expect the republicans are going to fine-tune that message and tried to take it national for the midterms next november. >> when you take a look at what
10:43 am
he said, he pointed out in the last debate he doesn't think you're in should be telling schools what to teach in that you have barack obama come alon and say this is a phony trumped up culture war. our people looking at these politicians insane you're not listening to me coming you don' care about my concerns, you are not reflecting my ideals and my attitudes. >> that's right mcauliffe ran a terrible campaign. instead of backtracking he trie to defuse the issue he doubled down, tripled down, quadrupled down, closed his campaign in hi it that teachers union there. he really mocked that great i think democrats will look at that and rethink that issue moving forward. your right, they have to get in touch with voters. it was education, but it was also the economic issues the economy was number one the number one issue for virginia the voters in the biden administration has not presente any sort of coherent policy on dealing with inflation, rising food prices, rising gas prices
10:44 am
and they've been mocking and dismissive when they have been questioned about it. they are out of touch with republicans which is something that the democrats have to rectify. >> i was just to put up on the screen are voter analysis of th list of issues that they were concerned about when it went to the bulls. economy is number one followed by covid, education comes in third healthcare, climate change , racism and law enforcement. all politics are local, but people across the country do share concerns, do you think that this wave that we saw in virginia could turn into se nam a year from now? >> if things don't turn around, as the economy doesn't turn around, and if they democrats don't get back in touch with bu what voters are thinking it could be an absolute tsunami. no question about that. again, on the issue of inflation , the biden administration, the democrats have this belief that they coul just get these two huge spendin bills passed, it's going to be cure-all for all of their
10:45 am
political woes, i don't believe the data supports that i don't think it's true, the latest ful showed that two thirds of voter think even if the bills are passed they will either not do anything for the economy or mak things worse. at think democrats have to rethink their strategy and most importantly, get in tune, get back in tune with voters on these kitchen table issues because they clearly have been out of touch at least for the first ten months of this administration which is why you see this date go there at. >> we finally get to see that score and they will have to get one when it gets to the senate. if joe toebbe three is right, that really could change the equation. >> it is time to bring in bill hemmer, he is taking a spin on the touchscreen forest. you have got the latest, the very latest data on the deadloc race in new jersey. >> the votes, the final vote is stubborn to be quite honest wit you. i will show you here.
10:46 am
this is really the number we ar thinking about. 14,891 is the difference betwee murphy and he took republican counties the jersey shore over here and really just to terms o raw votes he just drove up the turn out great i will show you this year and i will show you four years ago. raw numbers there. look where we were for four years ago, 97,008 how did murph do? murphy was at 56,000 roughly an as of now, he is about, so his increase was considerably what he turned out. i will come up to shorebird thi is big counties by the way. ocean county ranked third out o 21.
10:47 am
it will show you just the raw number. your 130,000 this year, murphy was just about at 82,000. four years ago, murphy was just shy, so murphy increased his vote totaled by about 2,503,000. in this county alone. that was the republican four years ago, and this year ciattarelli increased his buy votes in one county that he really need to get the performance out and he did it. >> what are we waiting on? why can't we make a call here? what's the 15,000 votes separation? we believe new york city is a pure peer, philadelphia across the river here. we believe 16 percent roughly o the vote is still outstanding.
10:48 am
that might be, in a democratic county, that might be in favor of murphy, we will see when tha comes in and whether or not tha projection holds up. this is essex county. three out of 21, heavily democratic. murphy at almost 73 percent. in newark, new jersey. essex about 25 percent of the vote still outstanding in that county. this is union county. a lot of great neighborhoods there. right now, union has 12 percent of the vote outstanding. i just leave you with this, i don't know what they're doing, but there is nothing rolling in right now and that is why we ar kind of stuck on something ther in the swamps of jersey. >> as you mentioned, some two thirds of the vote and the counties was cast on election day, typically election day voting favors the republicans where as early voting favors th
10:49 am
democrats there he unclear whether there may be enough to turn out the growing need that murphy is getting. what is your sense of it? our there boats out there that can close the gap or is it too big? to get it's possible. it's kind of like late into the night last night, as midnight goes to one and viewers are wondering why can't you call virginia? it just because that outstandin vote as too much of them of the possibility to cross over to maybe not murphy win, but a ciattarelli when. last night it was can youngkin be caught by mcauliffe. that was the determination in the 1:00 a.m. hour, that was impossible. just to be clear, we believe tw thirds of the 16 percent that i outstanding in camden alone was cast on election day. your right about that republica senate votes on the day of the vote. i don't know what that means in a county that is decidedly blue
10:50 am
here. let me just see what camden did. murphy got 67 percent of the votes. i would say that's pretty much democratic county here in camde across the river from philadelphia. i will leave you with one more thing here. when we checked out at 1:30 a.m. , this was bergen county, suburban park northeastern, new jersey,. a lot of folks work in the city of new york this was red when i left you last night. today it's obviously blue. it is blue. i just wonder what changed during the vote count overnight for murphy, he is hanging onto that part of new jersey there. i will show you one more thing great when you see down here th southern part of new jersey. i talked about how well ciattarelli did. look at what this was doing for years ago. it was all blue. in 2021, he has flipped all these counties there.
10:51 am
i hope that helps a little bit, it hasn't moved. still there. >> checking with you guys next hour, i will let you know if anything changes brickey keep that screen warmed up, bill. we will come back soon. as you heard me talking off-camera, it was because i didn't know and i was asking yo i said brian, we are watching this race, he watched bills updates on the screen there thi has been a nailbiter all night. this is disaster for democrats. he says look out, they tend to pull a little bit to the left ear. he evidently was really resonating. but the panic among murphy's group.
10:52 am
>> i'm not sure how bernie sanders helps you, i didn't kno socialism had real roots in new jersey but when they start bringing in the superstars at the end, up 6-8 points and you wonder what's going on. in the state, ciattarelli is resonating because people are giving murphy credit for his crackdown during the covid virus , which technically is still happening for you he destroyed businesses, schools, families, all because he wanted to keep everybody safe people lost control of their lives in new jersey. this is their chance to speak u and shout out very that's what think is happening here. the fact that we are splitting hairs, he should be in a bar right now and should not be talking about new jersey. >> we are so thankful for everything he's been doing on that. brian, i want to make this a bigger picture as we look at some of these aggressive policies assigned last night that voters, this is not workin for democrats and republicans just did a victory lap a second
10:53 am
ago. in minneapolis, the police ballot question that was ultimately rejected by voters there they struck down this proposed charter amendment that would have eliminated the city' police department and replaced it with the published safety agency. you have to wonder how that would work. 57 percent of voters were devoted know versus 43 percent for yes on that ballot. >> it started with the black lives matter, it was mobilized when george floyd killed. people were fed up. you know what happened in the minneapolis, for carjackings before adm. it is the wild west out there. it is lawlessness. cups are running for the hills and for a year we tried it. for a year minneapolis looked around inside my life is markedly worse so i think if yo want to go with my public safet initiative, i think we should g somewhere else. 50 fibers sobered up enough to know that police officers are absolutely necessary. if you want to talk about different weapons and cutting edge techniques, that's where you should be heading.
10:54 am
you should not be heading towards disbanding. a little disheartening in austi they voted not to get more police on the job. happy in buffalo where these socialist mayoral candidate in the democratic side i'm going t run on the defund the police pa platform, thankfully. >> by the way we are celebratin the president and the freedom fighter, also the special on it and you are just about everything taking tours all ove the place. >> i actually have a life signing in 30 minutes, so the pandemic version of the book tours of go click and we could talk virtually around the country. >> it's fantastic. brian, we're going to have a lo to talk about a lot happening all over the country. it stands out to me that mark warner a few moments ago, a democrat it up and said we have to think about what happened last night. i wonder how many more democrat will step forward and say we need to reassess strategy
10:55 am
heading into the midterm election. if you believe one point to should be voted on by the house why can't you stand by his side. >> maybe he is standing right behind him. >> he said i'm worried, not jus in virginia i'm right across th country we have to show that we need to deliver in a pragmatic way that affects people's lives. we will have more from him in a little bit. >> i heard you, brian, he is the . >> you will never have that on may brickey get the jeep new jersey's governor's race is still too close to call. sending a strong message to democrats ahead of the midterms with control of congress on the line. our all-star lineup of ari fleischer, senator ted cruz wil wait and on that while other major takeaways from last night and what is up with china
10:56 am
holding nukes at a breakneck pace? that's all coming up in the nex hour. e
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10:59 am
veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr.
11:00 am
newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> fox news alert. present by missus agenda settin the stage for control of congress and beyond. sandra, good to spend another hour with you. >> good afternoon for you. they sent a clear and decisive message that democrats still ar not listening. >> americans across the country projected president biden and speaker pelosi radical socialis agenda even after their losses, nancy pelosi double down on her agenda yet again this morning. that is exactly why she is a lame-duck speaker of the house. >> yesterday, sent a message it is parents that matter, its
11:01 am
parents that should be in charg of their children's destiny in school systems. joe biden and nancy pelosi did not get the message. may be more of their members will look in the mirror and say i don't want to be that next thierry mcauliffe. >> today is a wake-up call to washington democrats to abandon the partisanship, the extremist agenda. washington-based programs that cost trillions of dollars. one thing i will tell you is republicans listened. we hear you. >> clearly the gop gearing up after a shocker in the garden state. a race that was never supposed to be in question. now too close to call it even a this hour and after governor murphy divisive challenge, analyst say the statement is already made. >> same thing down i-95, a disaster for thierry mcauliffe , extending comeback for glenn youngkin. >> we are going to win.
11:02 am
i think were going to win in virginia. how we win, virginia while in large part determine what happens in 2020 to, 2024, and on . >> a great lineup coming uprigh helping to digest a big day in politics. ted cruz and doctor belt and ar all joining us just ahead. >> also ahead, ari and fleische in the message that voters just sent. we begin with our correspondenc on the ground starting off with life in virginia covering that race. >> former governor has congratulated the now governor elect glenn youngkin in his concession statement he wrote i part, while last night we came up short, i'm proud that we spent this campaign fighting fo the values we so deeply believe in. the republican took to the victory stage last night celebrating the conclusion of a
11:03 am
fiery race where he was once considered a long shot. >> alrighty, virginia, we won this thing. i wanted think my beloved commonwealth of virginia. >> the farmer businessman has bent seen as sharp turnaround and the bulls in recent weeks and he credited the momentum to his focus on what he called kitchen table issues like taxes jobs, community safety, and of course schools. it was on that issue of parenta involvement and public educatio that he found enthusiastic support. >> we are going to press forwar with a curriculum that includes listening to parents inputs. at curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar,.
11:04 am
>> ciattarelli made it youngkin made it a parade durin his 40 stop us to her he spent an entire day in far southwest virginia that was one of the regions where republican turnou exceeded expectations verity also left big-name party player off of his campaign trail which of course is something that the mcauliffe did not deal. he's also been criticized for his attempts to focus much of this election on former president trump that in turn backfired and instead of doing that he did that instead of clarifying his own messaging. that is something they will be looking at is they move until the midterm. >> they will be looking at lots of things. gigging. >> now to the white house. life in the north lawn one, another busy day in washington. >> these election just today th president had been claiming if things didn't go his party's way , wouldn't be his fault. >> i have not seen any evidence that whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether i've go
11:05 am
my agenda passed or not, is going to have any real impact o winning or losing. if we have even if we had passe my agenda i wouldn't climb we had one because the biden agend passed. biden said it would be bad for him if anything pushes the progressive spending bill back any further. he told democrat six days ago i don't think it's hyperbole to say the house and janet and my presidency will be determined. how it happens in the next week. that is almost up, the presiden talk so much about how polls show voters support this spending plans, but as the old adage goes, the blue states, virginia voters rejected democratic priorities. they never ending mandates and restrictions because of covid using our school system for indoctrination instead of high-quality education in than the failures from afghanistan t
11:06 am
the southern border, gas prices inflation, supply chain. >> as of right now, he has no public events on the schedule and there is no press weaving o the schedule either which means no opportunity for us, camera reaction or explanation about what exactly they think went wrong for them last night. >> live at the white house forest very thank you. >> i wonder where the questions would go if there was a briefing . let's bring in ari fleischer. and analyst, juan williams. one, let's start off with your bird was this a referendum on terry mcauliffe, joe biden, or both. what does it portend for the midterms? >> obviously, the overall message is it's a chilly awful night. i said earlier i think it's lik a late halloween, a real trash dump fire if you will for democrats and it's resounding throughout washington today wit people having to sort of reconsider, not only their
11:07 am
politics going forward as you know in terms of the senate and house in 2022 for the midterms, but even right now in terms of actions on capitol hill and urgency now about getting something done with regard to these social spending bill as well as the infrastructure bill to show that democrats are taking action, that they can deliver, and it's not all about inviting among the democrats. if you ask about a referendum, john, i don't think there's any question that people want to se results insofar democrats have not delivered. >> 's so let me get you to comment on what juan just said, is the recipe for a come back here for democrats to double down on massive progressive spending and ignore it moderate who say wait a minute, this stuff is way too expensive, we needs bbo scoring here we need to know what the effect of the economy is going to be. to get the democrats policy are an impossible position. they're is no way to reconcile this issue.
11:08 am
if joe biden had begun his policy by governing down the middle, but really being a centrist and assembly a bipartisan coalition bird that could've been successful but that has gone down this path, the he's only thing that happen is to watch the split between the progressives and the moderates and to see if they ca get 50 percent of the vote on anything. they are stuck with that. the real lesson in new jersey i what happened in new jersey is just not i'm sorry, in virginia is not just virginia, it's new jersey, it's long island. its the return of the suburbs for competitiveness. that is the huge take away. democrats have lost for rural areas, they are not coming back. the suburbs are the swing area now and republican show that they can compete in the suburbs. >> one of the big issues for people in the suburbs was this idea of what is happening in th schools which democrats seem to just dismiss the concerns of parents were not teaching critical race theory, even though there are presentations on a.
11:09 am
four people teachers to embrace critical race theory. doubting in the new york times said republicans called the lef in virginia the approach isn't going to cut it. you can tell people that crt is a right league fantasy all you want, but this debate was actually instigated not by righ wing parents but by an ideological transformation on the left. the very fact, one that the las rally was with randy weingarten from the american teachers federation, what does that say to parents and what does that say to independent moderate voters across the country? >> i think it is clear that fro the perspective of he saw the teachers as an organizing force in the fact that randy weingarten was there to help ge teachers to turn out, that was about the mechanics of politics john. the larger issue here, critical
11:10 am
race theory. to me this is just straight out culture wars. to my mind, the last time there was it was all about don't take on the confederate statues, it' a matter of heritage in than it was about immigrant gangs. these are culture war issues. yes they work, but they damage and devise the society. i don't think it's good. >> is this of phony trumped up culture war as former president obama said it or is this a lot of parents who become very concerned mostly through remote learning finding out what their kids were actually being taught and told that didn't exist in high schools, being denied advanced placement courses in ninth grade is this a culture war or is this a real concern? >> why is it every time
11:11 am
republicans have a righteous heartfelt sentiment about a social issue, the democrats dismiss it as culture war? the democrats just don't see ho they look down their noses and speak derisively of those peopl who intelligently have come to other conclusions. it is a good conclusion to come to that when the democrats the school boards teach that americ is a systemically racist country , that we should fight against that. when school boards teach and democrats preach that the only way to be successful in america is to be dependent on what category you were born into, as opposed to who you are as an individual, and especially when the democrats have the categories as racial. this is heartfelt by republican to preach and the american sens of individualism and equality has nothing to do with war, it has nothing to do with culture, it has everything to do with intelligent heartfelt thinking winning in the suburbs because the democrats in the progressives have gone too far.
11:12 am
>> we will have to leave it there. one, good to see you. >> thank you both. >> see you again soon. >> this conversation. you can look at this whether it's a referendum on joe biden, a repudiation of his policies, you can also asked the question whether or not democrats overplayed their hand after winning that white house, the house and the senate did they g a bridge too far when they attacked american values and those parents who do care what their kids are learning in the classrooms. >> in this idea of dismissing i as a phony trumped up culture war. they're are many parents across the commonwealth of virginia that we disagree with that just say the one thing that i do as parent is to make sure that my kid is learning what they shoul be learning, has an appropriate place in society, and feels goo about themselves and they are not seeing that reflected in a lot of the attitudes of the virginia department of educatio and a lot of the school board spread. >> they showed up yesterday to cast their votes.
11:13 am
house speaker nancy pelosi insists nothing has changed whe it comes to her party and its agenda. >> congressman jordan has a few things to say about that. he is coming up next. stay with us. now's the time to refi and take out cash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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>> house speaker nancy pelosi doubling down after nap last night's huge loss in virginia saying democrats will stay the course despite the fact that terry mcauliffe took it on the nose last night. listen here. >> are you going to change her gender in the house? >> no parrot. >> reaction from jim jordan coming up into just a moment bu the first to hilary vann live o capitol hill where nothing has changed. >> not really at all. if voters in virginia we're
11:19 am
trying to send democrats in congress a message by picking a republican for their next governor, not all democrats in congress are actually listening. no one that we have talked to i rethinking their plan, to show through a massive government social spending package with no republican support, even those up for reelection in 2020 to like senator richard blumenthal tell us that democrats need to instant double down and deliver. >> i need results that i can show the american people that congress can deliver a. >> 's it results that voters want because progressive policies are so pol so popular why did they elect great. >> it's not about a label, it's about the people can see with their own eyes. >> does it give you pause that people are rejecting this push towards more progressive policies? >> i don't believe they are. >> after today's loss progressive and moderate
11:20 am
democrats are even more duggan no one is backpedaling and instead are plowing forward wit the social spending package, pelosi announcing today paid family in medical leave is goin back in the build back better bill in key moderate vote in their senator senator joe manchin against the idea was kept in the dark about it. they say democrats our in denial . >> i think that is so keep it u if you think you need to be mor liberal, be my guest. >> house minority leader kevin m ccarthy says he thinks the past two the nrc see today 13 new targeted house seats that they are targeting a vulnerable democrats that they think they can win in the midterms in the chair of that committee is saying that no democrat is safe in 2022. john? >> he was saying even democrats that enjoy a 16-point advantage may not be safe. they have year to suss it out.
11:21 am
>> a lot of good stuff to dig into there. a member of the house oversight committee, congressman, great t see you. i was going to hear that reporter there asked the question well, if these progressive policies are so popular, as blumenthal was trying to make the point, then why did a republican win in virginia last night. >> it turns out when you run a campaign that says government i smarter than parents in we're going to defund the police come at the american people disagree with you. that exactly what happened in every policy they have done in the biden administration has been a disaster for the country. the latest polling shows 71 percent of the country thanks we're on the wrong track. i think the real question is wh is the 29 person to think were on the right track, do they lik inflation, do they like $3.50 gas. you could just go down the list. i think all of that together,
11:22 am
the wrong message, attacking parents, saying we're going to defund the police and coupled with a disaster that has been the biden administration, that is why glenn youngkin one yesterday and democrat did it they are going to camp keep pursuing their left-wing agenda even if it means losing the election which i think they are going to next year. gig at the emerging talking points among democrat seems to be we can get everything back o track to get this tax and spend past. they are sending a letter to nancy pelosi saying we are not going to support this thing without the cbo score. it provides the true cost of a live you don't have to do if they blow ahead with this thing are they listening to just what happened. >> you would expect that member
11:23 am
of congress would want to read the bill and know what it cost before they vote on it, may bea nancy pelosi doesn't think that what i think the american peopl understand that great i hope this thing doesn't pass it's ba for the country. four times now four separate times nancy pelosi says we're going to have a vote we have th vote and she had a date. she missed everyone. twice she has told the presiden in the united states to come to capitol hill to close the deal. they are 0-6 and the reason the are 0-6 is because this package is bad great let's hope it stay this way and let's hope these individuals hold out. let's hope they do the same in the senate and this does not pass because it's not good for the country. >> when you mentioned the senator there and what he has been dealing with in the wake o standing up and saying no to this until he has a score on that. he is getting attacks like this from progressive congresswoman
11:24 am
>> she said this the opposition to the build back better act is antiblack, antichild, anti- woman, and anti- immigrants. we ask who was on the program yesterday congressman, we asked her to respond and she said she would not speak for another house member, that was not her role. would you care to respond to that attack? >> this was today's left. if you disagree with the policy they just call you names. they call you racist in all kinds of things. they don't want racist hate america curriculum. they show up to speak against i and what does the attorney general do, treats them like domestic terrorists. this is why i think one of the other key takeaways from yesterday as we as republicans, people they care about this great country, we have to keep standing up and defending that because the left is not going t back down. they will continue to do they'r
11:25 am
crazy things. they are the ones that we're saying america is a racist country when you have to teach. it drives americans crazy and you saw it play out yesterday. moms and dads saying no, we're not going to put up with that. we are going to defend the righ we have to make sure our kids get taught the right thing and they showed up in a big way. gig obviously were going to hea about all of these issue for th next 11 months, and kevin mc carthy this morning very optimistic projections suggesting that even members of congress who were d+ 16 in thes deep blue states may be vulnerable. is that a little overly optimistic or do you think it could get that bad for democrats ? >> no, it's 50/50 in new jersey. that's a d+ 16 state. i think the leader is right on target.
11:26 am
standing up for common sense. we had a democrat number of congress tell all the oil and gas companies will you pledge t decrease production. that is the dumbest thing i've ever heard telling american companies there is no common sense, no logic left so we better speak out the american people get the truth and i thin the leader is right on target. it will be a big wave i think for republicans when you're fro now. >> lindsey graham speaking to a reporter, hilary vann just a moment ago said the wind is at our back, the wind is in our parents being involved in education is a good thing. critical race theory going over like a lead balloon. called it good news said the senator just a moment ago. congressman, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you sir. did the vote warriors just get wake-up call and will it make a
11:27 am
difference? senator ted cruz on that coming up. stay with us.
11:28 am
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11:32 am
>> said last night's results solidify that wilkie should be on the way out? and will the left listen? ted cruz on that moment the way. first from a voters in minneapolis rejecting a plan to replace the city's police department with a new departmen of public safety coming as the far left continues its calls tw defund the police, despite the spiking crime in that city. here it is life there in minneapolis for us. hi, garrett. >> sandra, voters here sent a strong message last night, they do not support dismantling the police department, and they wan city leaders who are going to improve policing not to try to get rid of it to 56 percent of voters rejected question two an of the eight city council members who supported
11:33 am
dismantling the police department, two of them are now out of the job in as results come in, that number could go t as many as five. mayor jacob fry who opposed the question two also opposed appears poised to win a second term. >> we need deep and structural change to policing is america. we need police officers to make sure they're working directly with the community to keep us safe. all of these things are true. >> it's important to remember minneapolis is a heavily democratic city and this was th first citywide election since the death of george floyd work minneapolis became ground zero for the defund the police movement. to some of the strongest suppor came from voters in black neighborhoods who experience th city surge in violent crime on
11:34 am
daily basis in political expert say this division and the democratic party. >> i think all eyes on minneapolis. first of all for the future of the democratic party how do conventional liberal fields wit progressives, who prevails when they fight, second of all, what is the future of police reform and law and order in major american cities. the minneapolis vote says a lot about both of those things. >> almost universally, those we've spoken to who voted against dismantling the mpd sai police reform is needed, no question, but they want to keep the police, not to get rid of them. this uncertainty gives democrat a lot to think about leading up to the midterm election. garrett, thank you. >> between minneapolis, virginia , new jersey, and other states, did voters sent a message for democrats to dump that woke policies?
11:35 am
let's bring in senator ted cruz who we welcome into the studio for the first time in about a year and a half. great to see you parrot. >> it's great to be in the studio. i miss this place. when you look at what happen across the river in virginia last night, what does that say about the policies the democrat are pursuing versus what voters are looking for. >> last night was a big deal. they're are a lot of democrats right now on capitol hill that are freaked out. he used more colorful language than i did, but the principle i the same. you look at virginia last night and glenn youngkin ran a fantastic campaign, but it was campaign that brought a lot of folks who had voted for joe biden back to the republican side, and a lot of suburban moms . you look at the issues that wer front and center, last night wa a manifestation of just how extreme the democrats have gotten whether it's embracing socialism in trillions in debt, whether it skyrocketing energy
11:36 am
prices because of the failed green new deal policies, whethe it's a chaos at the southern border or the issues that resonate in virginia, issues like parents having influence and control over what the kids are taught. the teaching of critical race theory, that louden school boar covering up the violent of a girl. and then the arrogance of the democrats saying parents had no control over that and even worse , the attorney general joe biden's attorney general callin those parents domestic terrorist . i think that directly lead to the result is night. >> he said they weren't domesti terrorist is national school boards association parrot get the school board letter cited the dad in louden his daughter was assaulted. they asked joe biden to use the patriot act to go after them as domestic terrorists and it really was stunning the nationa national school board sent that
11:37 am
letter in on a wednesday, five days later, the attorney genera issued a directive to the fbi t target and go after parents, an it was political, it was brazen. last week attorney general garland was testifying before the senate judiciary committee and i asked him about those, what decision-making went into it. he admitted he did no research he had no idea what the facts are coming had no idea what tha there was violence at the schoo board he didn't examine any of it, it was a pure political decision and, that is a reflection of where today's democratic party is. they are driven by the bernie sanders and elizabeth warren's and aoc's of the world, by the way, the answer those guys are given today is double down even more. virginia and new jersey are nec and neck right now for the extreme left, that hasn't gotte their attention, they are sayin be more extreme. >> perhaps, senator, some may b it's just that some democrats
11:38 am
might see this as a wake-up call . senator mark warner was speakin in the hallways a moment ago an said this. let's listen. >> i'm worried. not in virginia, but i'm right across the country. we have got to show that we can deliver in a pragmatic way. i've got to acknowledge what glenn youngkin tapped into in terms of concern about educatio at the local level. he touched on america. he touched a nerve. do you believe, and are you hearing that there may be other democrats that will see this as a wake-up call? >> i hope so. i'm encouraged by what mark is saying there, but you know, the proof is in the pudding, so it' easy to give moderate sounding rhetoric in there are a number of democrats that tried to soun moderate, but if senator warner and other democrats folks are o the ballot in 2020 to, people like mark kelly and arizona people like maggie heston in ne hampshire. people like catherine cortez
11:39 am
messed out in nevada, if they want to sound moderate until th voters back on their moderates, there is an easy thing they can do, they can join joe manchin i saying we are not going to support the bernie sanders socialist budget. right now, the only two democrats with the courage to speak out against it have been manchin and cinema and the left-wing of their party has been pounding the living daylights out of them. i hope we see democrats actuall say all right, take the foot of the accelerator here, the american people don't like the direction were going, let's mov in the direction of reasonable, that would be a good direction for them. >> how do you keep your foot on the pedal? how does your party capitalize on this moment and keep the win at your back and keep the momentum that glenn youngkin go going parrot. >> i think we keep focusing on issues that matter. we focus on things like the uncontrolled chaos at the southern border type and
11:40 am
repeatedly to the southern border, we focus on things like these abusive vaccine mandate spirit i hear from people all over the country that doctors and nurses who are being fired due to this illegal vaccine mandate. soldiers, salesman airmen in marines that are being fired because of this vaccine mandate. air traffic controllers, cops and firefighters, you look at the chicago police department union, which is saying that upwards of one third of cops in chicago are facing being fired because of the vaccine mandate. joe biden's answer is to fire the cops. by the way i asked marit garlan about that last week and he refused to answer whether or no he agreed with biden. in new york, the new york firefighters union is litigatin against the city of new york fo trying to fire at new york firefighters. the heroes of 9/11, now the democrats want to fire them. i think those are all extreme positions. if we embrace common sense with
11:41 am
jobs and security and individua liberty, i think that's a winning message and i will tell you personally, i believe 2020 to is going to be in election very much like 2000, i think it's going to be a wave election . for a long time i said the odds of us winning the house are about 8020, last night i would up that to about 90-10. i think most democrats believe they're going to lose the house in november and the odds of winning the senate are 50/50 or better. it's going to be a really good year in november. >> probably write the press is pushing so quickly on this reconciliation bill. last night in several states seem to be a repudiation of wha politics. the ballot measure was rejected in minneapolis. two republican district attorneys we're elected on long island on the issue a bill reform. eric adams became the new mayor of new york. the one anomaly was in austin, texas where proper which would have increased funding and staffing for police failed by a huge margin. what happened? >> it was a shame what happened
11:42 am
in austin. it may have been they went a little too aggressive and a little too prescriptive and expanding the police department. it's one thing to be on defense and say we shouldn't abolish th cops, that gets widespread agreement, it may be that austi one of the popular hunt in austin is a beach on lake travi that's called hippie hollow. it's a beach. for the folks in austin, texas, they decided they didn't want t significantly grow the police department, but even austin, a few months ago we had a vote on a referendum that the democrati mayor of the democratic city council had allowed homeless people to camp just about anywhere they want. it was turning austin into san francisco and the voters have rejected that and said look, we don't want homeless people everywhere elon musk who is now texas, he said don't turn austi into san francisco so it's a
11:43 am
shame with the votes on the props, but i think that the broader message is abolishing the police as a really bad and really dangerous and really appalling message parrot gig go five seconds left, but there ar five minutes said that he just said i've got my fingers crosse that build back better in infrastructure will happen by the end of the week, fingers crossed from a this is off-camera. so the leader said that is my hope to vote on both bills this week. pelosi said she would be giving an update on the shortly just a real quick reaction to that. >> it reminds me a little bit o 2009 when pelosi with the democrats into voting for obama care and it lost the house. she may be able to get a bunch of moderate democrats in the house to charge off the cliff i they vote for it, they're going to lose and we will have a republican speaker after november of next year. >> things for coming in today. appreciate it. >> education helping deliver glenn youngkin big win in virginia, but is that state jus
11:44 am
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make fitness routine with pure protein. high protein. low sugar. tastes great! high protein. low sugar. so good. high protein. low sugar. mmm, birthday cake. pure protein bars and shakes. for every fitness routine. dq checking in on that race tha went from being a foregone conclusion to insanely tight.
11:49 am
at the billboard with the lates on the race. >> going to spin you around the state because frankly since we talked last hour, not a lot has changed. the difference in the vote last hour was around 14,700, now it' about 15,000. okay, a slight increase for murphy he subpoint six points here over ciattarelli. this is super stubborn bird we talked about camden county last hour. we still think about 15 percent of the vote is outstanding. appear, let's bounce out here a i can. essex county and the north across from new york i should say. newark, new jersey about a quarter of the votes had to be outstanding. that's a lot. that's a lot in a county that i three out of 21 in the state an down here in union county we project about 10 percent of the vote said to be still outstanding for it one critical thought here on this, these are all three that i pointed to, they are all three decidedly blue counties and we believe
11:50 am
among that outstanding vote tha up to two thirds of that vote could be in favor of the democrats murphy which would be good news for him. we will watch it and let you know gary just wanted to bring you up-to-date on what we're seeing in new jersey. it ain't much for the moment. >> you should do when my smart tv get stuck i unplug it and plug it back in hit refresh. >> tapping him over the top right let's bring in the former education secretary. i'm so glad to sort of circle back around with you on this. we had you before the election happened and we talked about th importance of education in that state, democrats typically do well when it comes to education. this time was zero so very different. >> republicans own the issue this time, they trigger of course was that louden accounting meeting with the school boards and so on, and
11:51 am
that horrible situation of the sexual assault of the girl in the unisex bathroom. and, the republican candidate ran very well on its. he was smart, he was skillful, and he engaged parents. gas prices are about today, but your children in their educatio is about tomorrow. so this is an issue that i thin republicans will seize the issue . does it travel to other states? yes, i think it does. they're is a movement out there and more progressive communitie just like abolishing the police they say abolish standards, abolish grading, abolish the whole idea of rigor, schools fo excellence are under attack, so this could travel some i welcom the republican party to this issue, it's a good one very democrats have owned it for a long time, but may be as one of your guests yesterday said, maybe they were just renting it and didn't really buy it so it'
11:52 am
now in the hands of republicans for it get you what i heard you say is i think republicans will seize on this issue, we just heard senator ted cruz say with the wind at our backs, they're going to capitalize on this moment and tried to keep the momentum and move it forward. on education specifically. how does the party do that? how do you this into a national bid for the republican party as the idea of education? to get you talk about achievement, and you talk about the fact that parents want schools to teach children how t read, write, count, and think. they want schools to be about math, history, science, art, music, they don't want discussions of critical race theory they don't want discussion in the early grades of what gender do you want to b today or this week. it's a real thing going on. in mentioned of course the unisex bathrooms heard the girl sports for example, it's an issue in education.
11:53 am
in the extracurricular, so ther is plenty they are. this is how we shape the future and i think it should be talked about. the extraordinary thing to me i i may say is that seemingly invincible ignorance of the democrats on things. they're just saying while, most of them are saying no problem. we just need to pass more of what we're doing. >> that was kind of the nancy pelosi message this morning to your point. i am running out of time. we will have you back soon. obviously this is going to be a big issue if not a key issue fo the republican party in the nex election. glad to have you here. thank you. >> okay. thanks. >> we have nothing, but time to talk about this. missing for more than two weeks her exited she seemed off the last time he saw her. what happened to her, and her dog turns up in what to seems t be a random high-rise. tes newday is holding the line
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>> mother in california missing 2 weeks last season after her son's football game. jonathan hunt with the latest. >> 2 weeks on from the disappearance of heidi planck investigators are no closer to solving the mystery. left her home on sunday with her dog this tow and traveled to downey to watch her son play football and her ex-husband said she left at half-time. the dog was found on the 28th floor of a luxury apartment building in l.a. with which she has no known connections and is several miles from her home. >> there is no sign of foul play in her place. what glyphs us a sign of being foul play is she would never do
12:00 pm
with our son.ives us a sign of foul play is she would never do with our son. >> a lot more to this story. we will tell you more when we get it. >> sandra: that was a heck of a couple hours. a lot of breaking news and lot to continue on fox news. >> john: down to martha with the "story." >> martha: the story live in our nation's capitol. president biden returned home in the early hours of the morning to changed political landscape. two blue states he won went upside down. rising stars glenn youngkin a name no one knew a few months back is the next governor of virginia and a man who goes by the name of jack is battled democrat


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